Angelina Jolie rejects the script for ‘Salt 2′, is scheduled to appear at Women’s Summit

There are several Angelina Jolie stories today, some of barely any importance, but some are interesting. First off, the script for the Salt sequel was completed and sent to Angelina – and she rejected it. She’s already signed on to make the sequel to her 2010 hit film, but it seems that Jolie has script approval, and since she didn’t care for this draft, everyone is going back to the drawing board to please The Leg.

Angelina is currently in NYC to attend the International Women’s Day “Women in the World” Summit. The theme for this year’s summit is “Empower Rural Women – End Poverty and Hunger.” Incidentally Angelina’s SUV was spotted pulling up to a hot dog vendor in New York and she seemed to grab some hot dogs to go. Allegedly, all of the kids were in the SUV too. There are also widely varied reports about Angelina’s Leg of Doom – some people say she’s still really upset, some people say she thinks it’s all a hoot. Whatever.

And Radar/Star Magazine just released this “exclusive” interview with one of Billy Bob Thornton’s ex-wives, who seems to want to dish some dirt on BBT’s most famous ex-wife, Angelina:

Angelina Jolie’s desire for a family destroyed her marriage to her second husband, Billy Bob Thornton, Star magazine has learned from the actor’s ex wife in a world exclusive interview. Melissa deBin-Parish was married to the Bad Santa actor for two years, from 1978-1980, and reveals that his bizarre relationship to Jolie ended when the actress decided she wanted kids.

“I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did not want to be around children back then,” Melissa told Star. “Look at the timeline: she adopted Maddox and then, [Billy] was gone.”

Melissa told Star that she believed Billy Bob’s marriage to Angelina was doomed from the start. “I think he cheated on his other wives. He had a problem with fidelity. Could you imagine cheating on Angelina?! That would be the dumbest thing in the world. How would he top that?”

She said she was surprised to hear that Angelina and Billy Bob were together because it seemed like an “odd pairing,” telling Star: “But you just never know with people. I always wondered why they were attracted to each other. Here she is, this stunning woman. The two of them are total opposites. I thought it was baffling. Maybe it was their creative minds or intelligence. He is very charismatic.”

After Billy Bob and Angelina split she told Barbara Walters that they had grown apart. “I thought he was amazing. And, now I just feel like I don’t know him… We’re not friends.”

They’ve apparently come a long way in their relationship though, as Angelina is reportedly writing the forward to his memoir, The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts, and that news shocked his first wife.

“I’m surprised,” Melissa said. “I just didn’t think that there was any interaction anymore. That’s a very big thing to do. I’m glad she did it for him.”

And, Melissa has nothing but praise for Jolie. “I heard through the family that Angelina was a very kind person and a wonderful humanitarian,” she told Star. “The family never said anything negative about her. I think the biggest bond in his life is theirs.”

Meanwhile, Melissa said that her own relationship with Billy Bob was also doomed from the beginning. “My daughter was 18 months old when we split up,” she revealed of their now 32-year-old daughter Amanda Brumfield, who is currently serving 20 years in a Florida prison for aggravated manslaughter of a child. Melissa says that Billy Bob’s goodwill hasn’t extended Amanda, who has tried to speak to her dad from behind bars but has been ignored.

[From Radar]

Eh. I mean, why are we still analyzing the BBT-Jolie split? Maybe it was about Maddox’s adoption, but I think it’s unfair to say that Billy Bob had no interest in kids – he had two sons who were young boys at the time of his marriage to Angelina, and he and Angelina had joint custody of them. I think becoming a step-mother to BBT’s kids made her want to be a mom even more. Just my opinion.

And here are a few photos of Shiloh and Vivienne from this past weekend:

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame.

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  1. watchingyoubitchh says:

    viv is gonna be really posh

  2. Gene Parmesan says:

    ‘aggravated manslaughter of a child’…im very scared!

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    I love Shiloh. I would love to have a daughter like her. She seems so laid back and cool.
    And please no Salt 2. The first one wasn’t that great.

  4. Hypocricy says:

    BBT happily and without any regrets relinquished ALL his father’s rightS, including his name from Maddoxx in the divorce deal.

    THAT alone explains it all and gives 100% credit to what his ex wife is saying.

    I mean no parent goes to that extent. He wanted a sex toy and when Jolie decided to become a grown woman with the subsequent motherly inclination, he didn’t recognized her anymore and rejected that new configuration.

    He always strikes me as the most immature of the two, she grew up and he stayed a toddler who didn’t want any interferences between him and his sex toy, wether that interference was a child or not. Classic case.

    That marriage was doomed the day Jolie decided to mature and become a responsible woman instead of acting like the eternal rebel teen he wanted at his side.

    • The Original Mia says:

      This was my take too. He wanted a young hot thing. When she became a mother & her affection was shared with her child, he was no longer interested.

      I’m glad she has script approval. I liked Salt. They’ve got to get it right to live up to the excitement of the 1st movie.

    • Camille (The original) says:

      I think you nailed it. That was my opinion of what went down too. I’m glad that AJ grew up.

    • pwal says:

      Couple that with the fact that after he ‘relinquished’ any rights to Maddox, he went on to have another biological child with a new girlfriend.

      So when I heard Billy Bob talking about his role in Maddox’s life now, I guffaw, especially when you look at the 20/20 interview when Angelina did her damnedest not to go into what really happened. And the fact that she implied that she was barred from talking about the whole thing… Angelina is a much better person than I am.

  5. Cerulean says:

    I actually thought the leg thing was funny and endearing. Kind of like a little kid playing dress up. People were way too harsh about it.
    I hope the sequel is good and she finds a good writer. Maybe Justin Theroux is available. That would be epic. Lol.

  6. Ashley says:

    Can’t wait for her another flop movie.

  7. mln76 says:

    To be fair BBT all but abandoned his oldest daughter had no involvement in her life and was quick to distance himself from her when she was convicted so yeah I kind of see why his baby mama thinks BBT wants nothing to do with kids (although he seems to be very engaged with his youngest daughter).

  8. Jayna says:

    This woman has been out of his life forever. What could she dish? She is so far out of the loop that she was surprised Angie wrote the forward to his book. For years they have both said in interviews they are friends and keep in touch. What a nonstory.

    • Katherine says:

      Maybe she’s trying to earn money for her daughter’s appeal. Can’t hate her for that. I wonder if BBT has contributed any help for her defense.

      But Angelina’s kindness and ability to get along with ex-wives has been mentioned before by Billy Bob’s wife who was the mother of his other kids. But yea except for things she may have heard I can’t imagine this woman has much info to offer.

  9. LoL says:

    Bbt had Maddox named tattooed on him along with his other sons names :-( wonder if he covered it.

  10. Cerulean says:

    Horrible story about his daughter. I didn’t know that.

  11. jojo says:

    Shiloh and Vivienne are such beautiful children! They look like twins!

  12. Hypocricy says:

    I loved SALT and can’t wait for a sequel with Chiwetel Ejiofor and a better development of the characters.

    It was a decent pop corn movie and since nobody but Jolie can pull those 100 millions female action movie, i hope they will have a better script.

    SALT and Jolie have gave an impulse for other female action stars like Zoe saldana or Gina Carrano. But it seems that whatever the script, the public still doesn’t dig them as action stars to replace or at least be in par with Jolie.

    I am really shocked that HAYWIRE with the strings of A list star to carry the movie, a good rating at RT bombed that hard. I thought Gina could have been a good incentive in the genre for athletic female star and now, she seems to fall into the category of a female Jason Stathman who struggles to have a hit in the genre while looking the perfect profile of an action star.

  13. Lis says:

    Salt was such a bad film.

    I suspect that AJ knew that and that’s why she has script approval this time around.

    I still think she was deadly serious about The Leg, and probably devastated that people thought it was ridiculous.

    But then, I’ve never liked her (or JA, for that matter) and I don’t get the fangurling she gets here, so we’re probably coming from different perspectives.

  14. Katherine says:

    Jolie is an incredible multi-tasker. She really seems to know how to use her time effectively. And it doesn’t matter that she has help. Plenty of people have help with their children and their lives and they still don’t get much accomplished in their lives. She is a doer.

    The only people who are being “harsh” about the Oscar pose are her typical detractors who in their dysfunction hilariously think “this is the end of Angelina and Brad” or that “this is the end of her career.” What fuels such delusion? If it hadn’t been this it would be something else to pick at and attack.

    Everyone else seems to have had a fun time of it. Reports from inside the theater are that the audience loved it. I am sure Jolie thought it was all a funny lark. Why would she give a hoot what people who don’t like her think?

    As for Salt 2 – I liked the whole premise of Salt especially the background story. I also loved seeing her be so physically aggressive adn Bourne-ish. Probably explain my Starbuck fandom – women kicking ass and taking names – perfect meme to celebrate International Women’s Day.

    • Rhea says:

      It gets overblown only because the screenwriter guy decided to copy her pose and other people–who love a good chance for tearing apart someone who seems so untouchable, perfect and have everything–right away make a jump at it to put her down.

      But soon people start to realized that there’s no big deal of that and getting bored with The Leg Gate incident or whatever.

  15. Jill says:

    I don’t know if anyone on here realizes it, but Salt was filmed with two different endings. Check the DVD, which has the theatrical release, the director’s cut and the extended cut. The extended cut is the one to watch. It has a radically different ending than the theatrical release, doesn’t leave any loose ends and wraps everything up very nicely. This is the one they should have shown in the theaters, but this version leaves no room for a sequel and maybe the studio wanted to keep that option open.

    • Hypocricy says:

      Both the Director’s cut and the extended one were better than the theatrical version.

      In any case a good sequel with character development and Chiwetel is a good thing.

      I know some people didn’t like this movie but i also know many more people who were mad, telling why we didn’t warn that it was that good. They were mad missing watching it in the theater because they didn’t thought it was as good as they discovered through DVD ultimately.

      I have sent the DVD to my brother and his wife and both were stunned that it was that enjoyable. I know many people like that who can’t wait for a sequel, having missed seeing the first movie in the theater.

      Though it had the unbeatable INCEPTION as a direct competition and was one of the biggest movie downloaded in the blackmarket in Asia (it was realeased there way too late), it still managed to beat both first and second BOURNE movie, the Expendables (released 3/4 weeks later and with a sequel in work) and ALL of Denzel action movie he ever did !

      I am just disappointed by the mediocre results of Zoe and Gina. I love Action genre and though few male stars can pull those 100 millions projects (Cruise, Smith, the old trio Scharzzenegger, Stallone and Willis at times…not even Damon outside of the Bourne) only Jolie can pull of alone a non 3D $100 millions female action project and generate $300 millions.

      I was expecting much more from Gina and hoped she will be a good alternative since Jolie will get old sooner or later for that genre…girl didn’t even generates $20 millions domestically and couldn’t even beat frail Zoe though she had Banderras, Douglas, Mc Gregor, Bill Paxton, Fassbender and a 82% rate in RT at her rescue and as major incentives.

      It will be a long time since we will have another female action star bar Jolie !

    • Katherine says:

      Gee, I guess I just disagree. There seemed to be plenty of loose ends. She was still on the run, considered a traitor and


      there is still a question of her loyalty. She may have killed the man she learned killed her parents and taken out and thwarted the people who killed her husband but that doesn’t really tell us where her ultimate loyalties lie. Those acts were personal revenge.

      There is also the question of if she is loyal to the US what converted her and will she convince the US and how will she do it. It’s very Bourne-like and that’s fine with me because I loved Bourne.

      I also agree that the extended cut and the Director’s cut are both better than the theatrical release.

      • Jill says:

        I liked the way the movie didn’t answer all the questions. We still don’t know which side she was on or if she was playing both ends against the middle. Leave something to the viewer’s imagination.

      • poppy says:

        Money ball took in Worldwide: $110 The production budget was 50million plus advertising which had a low estimate of around 20million and has taken only 16million so far in DVD sales. Don’t forget the theatre owners, DVD stores and distributors get their cut of these proceeds as well, a film needs to make at least twice its cost to break even ( most analysts say x2.5) which means money ball would need to have taken 140million minimum by this basic formulae to be out of the red, so far it has taken only 126million all up. So perhaps Jill you’re the one who should be doing your homework before posting.

        Ooops! sorry this reply is in the wrong spot it was meant to be in answer to this post further up the comments list.

        ” Jill says:
        March 8, 2012 at 5:11 pm

        So far “Moneyball” has made $110 million and counting. Most studios would love to have a flop like that. And I don’t recall anyone saying Mickey Rourke, of all people, is the most discerning movie critic.

        You really need to do your homework before you post on here.”

  16. Aiobhan says:

    I was surprised how much I actually loved Salt and am glad that she has final script approval on her films. I wish she would go back to more dramatic roles but I will take what I can get from her.

    This article makes Billy Bob look like even more of a hill billy douchelord (Not all hill billies are bad people btw) than I previously thought of him. He is disgusting. His ex-wife sounds complimentary of him but in a passive aggressive sort of way. She talks about his faults and need to be as far away from children as possible but does not outwardly say he is a terrible father. Instead she is adopting the tone of “he is who he is” And then mentions that their child together is in jail for the death of a child and that he will not speak to her. This story is fishy to me. This reminds me of the the Tracy Morgan story a few weeks ago.

  17. lisa says:

    Newer understand why some people that scream they don’t like her run to see her movies just to post how terrible they are.

    When I don’t like certain actors I sure as heck don’t spend my money seeing their films.

    so big thanks to the people that hated SALT. If there is a sequel I’m sure you will be here saying how you hated that one too.

  18. Jessica says:

    It’s aggravating how people say things like, “The only people saying anything negative about the leg are those who are already don’t like her.” I like AJ just fine. I respect her humanitarian work immensely. I also respect the way she raises her kids. And she’s gorgeous. But she is alarmingly thin, and the leg thing did seem very serious and a little pathetic. I’m not sure what the motivation was, but it’s over and done now. Anyway, point is: no only the AJ “haters” thing the leg thing was ridiculous.

    • Katherine says:

      ” the leg thing did seem very serious and a little pathetic”

      WHOA! Are YOU serious? A little vamping in a sexy dress is “very serious” and “pathetic”? See this is what I mean. How anyone can reach that conclusion is beyond me. Maybe YOU are too serious about the whole thing. Most of the world thought it was a bit of fun and laughed along. I doubt any “fan” of Jolie’s would turn a pose into a “very serious” issue.

      Only Jolie’s non-fans are using this for psychoanalytical fodder. I hope they’re all having fun searching for every single photo, from every single angle and blowing them up to supersize for their armchair clinical anaylses on how this symbolizes something “very serious” and “pathetic.” The mirror is your friend.

      • MB says:

        I think Jolie is awesome. I also think the leg thing was dumb & kind of embarrassing. Not really a big deal – most celebs I’m a fan of have done or said something that fell a little flat at least once. They’re human beings, not infallible gods.

    • JudyjudyJudy says:

      the leg thing was odd. Not bad, not funny, just odd.Is it true she is firing her stylist? Good move, the dress made her look like one of her own kids playing dress up.

  19. Hypocricy says:

    @ Jessica

    I thought the leg thing was beyong stupid, unecessary and futile to no end but didn’t thought it needed endless reports, news, outlets, ect.

    I don’t even know if there is a word beyond stupidity when a whole country tremble, analyze, dissect make outlets, news ad nauseum about Jolie’s leg like it’s a state of affair that require national attention, a national main news.

    This collective hysteria over her leg pose, to the point of make it a leggate makes this country looks like populated with nuts.

    I even read a peice of news saying : Look what drives Americans crazy : Angelina’s leg …they can’t stop talking and analyzing it !….all this with a tone of irony about the whole stupidity of the situation blown into unbeleivable proportions.

    It’s beyond stupid, it’s distressing and pathetic and tragic TO NO END…Just like when this country was paralyzed with newsflash about Paris getting arrested a second time around with her fans praying outside, making other people nodding with puzzlement abroad.

    The whole collective hysteria over it paint the whole nation and its relation with pop culture looks insane by comparison to the simpe leg stunt.

  20. spinner says:

    “Most of the world thought it was a bit of fun and laughed along”.

    ummmm…not from what I read. Also, not what people have been saying that I have talked to personally. She was trying to be sexy but looked like some very base person taking a piss. There was no sexy. There was no elegance. She looked scrawny, bony & raw. So where you get most of the world just laughed along…I don’t know. I guess love is blind.

  21. Maya says:

    I love how Shiloh is holding Vivienne’s hand. It’s such a cute, big sister thing to do – reminds me of what my sister was like with me when we were younger :)

  22. original sandy says:

    i loved jolie in salt, well in any movie, even if the movie is not that good, it’s her presence that make most of her films good, she demands command of the film. even if she barely speaks, she has such presence you feel like you are in good hands, (like she’s saying to you, i got this, i know what I’m doing), she’s in charge most of the time,, she can and does carry her movies and is good at it. can’t wait to see her on screen.

    • JudyjudyJudy says:

      now that is just silly. if the movies is crap dont make a sequel; spend the money on something good. and sure, if she is in a good movie I will see it. But if it is bad I have better things to do. dont you?

      • Hypocricy says:

        Crap is very subjective and i personally think most movies with sequels are crap (Underworld, The Expendables, Bad Boys, Transformers, Hangover, Resident Evil, Men In Black, Pirates, Zorro, Twiehard…)

        The thing is it’s not the tool one used to refuse a sequel.

        A sequel is made when a first movie generates enough revenues and is considered a blockbuster. So that the team may eventually renew the formula trying two policies : maximising on a fanbase or trying to better the previous one.

        Most of the time they just exploit the fanbase and butcher the project. But at times they upgrade the formula by delivering a better script.

        In any case if stupidities like movies i have mentioned can have a sequel, SALT deserve one too, hopefully with a better script.

      • Jill says:

        @Judyjudyjudy: ITA. I like and admire Jolie very much. But based on negative advance buzz about “The Tourist”, I waited to see it until they showed it on cable and was glad I saved my money. She was insanely beautiful in that movie but the plot was from hunger and the chemistry between her and Johnny Depp was absolute zero.

      • JudyjudyJudy says:

        anybody comparing salt to diehard is really ignorant. diehard was a huge hit.
        Salt was not. period the end.

      • JudyjudyJudy says:


        the tourist was a remake of a french film that was just okay, not great…so I passed on the remake.

        I dont hate jolie…but I wont pretend some really bad dumb script is wonderful.
        When money is given tot that kind of crap it is taken away from something else that might be good.

      • Hypocricy says:


        Twihard = Twighlight flicks not Die Hard

        SALT generated more money than Die Hard $300 millions versus $150 millions (bar inflation) and more than EXPENDABLES, THE two first BOURNES, both movies having sequels (in preparation for EXPENDABLES).

        Both SALT and Die Hard were blockbusters and financial hits, hence those who green lit it are in it for a sequel just like they did for the Bourne and Expendables…people may have perception, numbers don’t lie and executives that green lit a sequel only do it based on the financial success of the previous one.

        And by your definition of success Twighlight and Transfomers being even more successful than Die hard, they deserve more of a sequels in spite of being both absolute crapfest compared to both Die Hard and Salt.

      • JudyjudyJudy says:

        salt was not a blockbuster. now you can go on and on defending that piece of crap all you want. (very weird that you wont let it go by the way – you involved in it financially or something?) It went straight to streaming on netflix meaning it was NOT high demand for rental. That says it all darlin’

      • Hypocricy says:

        Why should i let go when you don’t and only offer PERCEPTION versus MEASURABLE VARIBALES like gains to define hits ?

        If you say movie A was a huge hit while movie B that generate two times more revenues wasn’t, i say to you huh, in what universe that kind of reversal logic is that ???? :

        PERCEPTION is one thing, NUMBERS are another one and those who decide to produce a sequel make it based on numbers.

        So you can go on about it not being a hit all you want, your take doesn’t hold any credibility based on numbers, the only criteria those in charge of deciding a sequel use. Since they decided that movie will have a sequel, they admit defacto that the first one was a hit.

        And I am not here to sugarcoat you because you don’t like your take being questioned.

  23. Kim says:

    This is VERY old news. Billy Bob and Angelina himself have both publicly said repeatedly he didnt want kids hence why the relationship ended.

  24. Sakyiwaa says:

    well, this lady is just too AWESOME for words… wow!

  25. Cel says:

    I liked the storyline of salt but found Angie being so skinny distracting – kept wondering how someone so thin could do the stunts without snapping in two.

  26. Kim says:

    I’d rather see a mr. & mrs. smith sequel than a salt sequel.

    Salt kinda sucked balls.

    • JudyjudyJudy says:

      yes, mr and mrs smith was fun.

    • Hypocricy says:

      I think Mr & Mrs Smith was not that good.

      What it has was being esthetically pleasing with a cocktail of sex appeal through an explosive pair, a comedy flavour, a Jolie at the height of her beauty and a Pitt who for some reasons has always refused every action role offered to him (The Bourne flicks included) though he has the perfect physique and the perfect comedy timing to fit those roles.

      I personally don’t see a sequel to that movie which is for me really sub par to the superb TRUE LIES, which is for me the best in the action comedy spying genre.

      Another Jolie/Pitt pairing in an action movie would be fun as long as the script isn’t butchered and doesn’t rely on their pairing to make big bucks.

      I even think that playing real ennemies opposite in an action or thriller would be more interresting.

      • JudyjudyJudy says:

        you liked salt – you have no taste.

      • JudyjudyJudy says:

        sorry, that did come off mean. I dodnt really care about mr and mrs smith or any of her movies actually – was just trying to be nice since I hated salt.

        so if you like one and not the other it really doesn’t mean anything to me and I should have ignored it. Just seemed like you wanted to argue for no reason.

        anyway, I am done here. Enjoy and best.

      • Hypocricy says:

        No offence but you have a serious problem in gossip exercice and lack of basic education.

        It’s a forum, it’s here for opinions and i don’t see how opinion about movies (taste) should trigger the type of agressive reaction of yours like you possess the only truth in terms of taste. How arrogant of you !

        There is no tool to measure taste eventhough SALT had still a better RT rate than Mr& Mrs Smith.

      • Hypocricy says:


        My post wasn’s even adressed to you but to the OP so stop with your persecution complex, thinking you are all that !

  27. Holden says:

    The first Salt was horrible, no way you are suckering me into watching another piece of crap like that. Seeing a 95 pound holocaust looking actress beat up grown men is laughable.

  28. Original Lucy says:

    I think Vivienne looks so much like Angelina…and I always think Shiloh looks like Jon Voight…Shiloh is my favorite celebrity kid…she always looks like a funny, goofball…and by the way, I would LOVE a Mr. and Mrs. Smith sequel…loved, loved, loved that movie!

  29. original sandy says:

    everything is subjective, but i stand by my original comment, i liked angie in action packed, killing spree, dramatic type movies, not so much..indies…like beyond borders, although i liked a mighty heart.

  30. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    To those complaining about Angie being too small to fight in Salt, I take have NEVER been in an actual fight and don’t know that size has Nothing to do with skill.

    Are you still believing that all big guys can beat the little guys? When clearly even other films disprove that.

    She played a trained fighter, not just some chick walking down the street destroying people. Trained since childhood to kill with her hands and the MANY weapons she used that also are not related to size.

    Maybe the complaints come from those who have not seen the film, but firing a gun, dropping grenades probably only require her hands and not her entire frame. The bottle scene and strangulation scene was just wicked.

    Anyway, this woman can do a fight scene even better than most men because of how she is trained, whereas the other woman can’t. They are trained like woman and she is trained like a man. Listen to her trainers and what they put her thru. Nothing frail and lady like about it. She delivers like no other, so of course they not only want a sequel, but a trilogy for Salt. They will get there too.

    She is the standard and everyone is trying to catch up. There is NO denying that. The MMA fighter movie was just sad she could not deliver. Zoe has tried twice to no avail. Charlize, was even worse and was injured in the process for what?

    So yeah, as someone up thread said “Jolie got this”.

    • Original Chloe says:

      Yeah, I was about to say something similar. I actually thought the writers came up with several clever solutions for situations in which a woman has to overpower a physically stronger opponent (putting aside the fact that being trained in killing since early childhood is what the character was supposed to be about). I liked a lot of scenes in Salt, I didn’t like how sloppily the story as a whole seemed put together (I’ve only seen the cinema version).


      I’m not gonna defend or criticize Salt here (personal preferences are personal preferences) but objectively speaking this movie did *not* bomb – it earned $293 mln worldwide, $140 mln domestically, $36 mln during the opening weekend (just went to check). Same with The Tourist (which to me was mostly an exercise in style) – it earned $200 mln, 16 mln during the opening weekend.

      Whether you like it or not, Jolie is a major draw for cinema goers and she can carry a movie like few other actors and actresses.

      • Hypocricy says:

        Like I said just based on numbers, Jolie SALT revenues are :

        1) Bigger (Usually by 100+ millions) than any action movie of Denzel who was considered in a recent article as a bankable star in the genre…and usually with a budget around the same amount.

        2) Bigger than the first two Die Hard, the first two Bourne…the second movies having the incentive of a fanbase already.

        3) Bigger (by 50+ millions) than the Expendables which was released like two weeks later and has a sequel in the making. Hence there were even a funny peice of news moking the 1O testesterone old icons versus the frail women who beat them at the BO, telling they should include her as the 11th member.

        4) 10, 4, 3, 2 times more bigger than any action movie featuring a leading lady in an action, non 3D sequel included.

        … And i could go on and on.

        But basicly points 2 & 3 are the reasons why there is a sequel. I remembered the team admitting that since it was a woman and it was a first installment, if that movie made at least as much as the first Bourne, they will consider it a major hit and will go for a sequel.

  31. impppy says:

    Shiloh looks adorable! Umm, also I am thinking I would NOT have contact with ANY family member who killed a child! I do not blame him, it is not his fault for her doing that, no matter what he might have done.

  32. Dagmar says:

    Big kudos to Angelina – didn’t she do Salt whilst she was in her first trimester with the twins? Throwing up which made her even skinnier but doing stunts as well – and note she had ALWAYS visited war torn places or refugee camps whilst she was pregnant and BEFORE her pregnancies were made public. She may have help but she does not sit on her butt!

  33. rick says:

    I think angelina should do a salt 2 coz when she got booted outta the airplane . i wanna see her survive and help america in every way she can . after all in the movie salt,S huband get killed by the russians and nearly killed her too. i think maybe she should team up with halle berry and kick asses outta the badguys. im sure it would b awesome and everyone wants to hire salt . but who gets her? i hope i get her lol

  34. rick says:

    if those of u dont like salt hire pepper .shes halle berry. lol