Enquirer: Selena Gomez told Justin Bieber to “man up” and grow a beard

Here are some photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spending the day in Malibu with his half siblings Jaxson and Jazmyn. As always, Bieber looks like a kid even though he just turned 18-years-old but still (optimistically) looks like the 15-year-old high school freshman who gets shoved into lockers in every random tween drama television show. On a side note, does anyone ever really get shoved into lockers? At both my high school and junior high, they made us stuff our crap into half-sized ones, so I’ve got no idea if that idea is based in reality or not. Someone clue me in, please.

Anyway, we all know that the Bieb looks younger than he really is, and it was mighty wide of him to think he could pull off the Mark Wahlberg role in a remake of Fear. I mean, the kid probably doesn’t even grow armpit hair yet, let alone have any need to shave his face. Well, this week’s issue of the Enquirer states (amusingly) that Selena has caught “beard fever,” and Justin is worried that Selena will dump him if he fails to grow some facial hair. The story even doubles down and says that Selena makes fun of him all the time for not being able to sprout a beard, and I kind of doubt at least that part is true:

Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is demanding that he “man up” — by growing a beard.

At 18, the baby-faced singer is old enough to vote and serve in the military, but he still looks like a kid. And that irks Selena, say sources.

“She told Justin that he needed to ‘man up’ and grow a beard,’” revealed an insider. “But he can’t get beyond the peach-fuzz stage. Justin’s a late bloomer and has taken awhile to get through puberty. In fact, Selena says that if she didn’t shave her legs, she’d have more hair on them than Justin on his.”

The 19-year-old beauty also jokes that she weighs more than Justin soaking wet.

“Selena is super-eager to ditch her goody two-shoes image, and she wants Justin to do the same,” said the source. “She’s hoping to shed her innocent persona in her next film, “Spring Breakers,” by playing a hard-partying young woman who ends up in jail.

Meanwhile, back in May 2010, The Enquirer revealed that Justin hired brawny Twilight star Taylor Lautner’s personal trainer in an effort to beef up his scrawny frame.

“Selena hates online chatter poking fun at Justin’s slight appearance,” said the source. “Justin is worried Selena will dump him for a hunkier, more virile-looking guy. He’s even considered testosterone suppliements to trigger hair growth. He’s working hard to become the manly man of Selena’s dreams.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, March 19, 2012]

Damn, this story is kind of mean, isn’t it? Bieber is so easy to pick on, but I really doubt that Selena would go there. She knew what sort of prepubescent wonder he was when they got together, and it would be ridiculous for her to demand that he grow a beard at will. Besides, I think that she really digs the guy (she’s stated how fortunate she feels to have found him), and it’s not like she looks terribly mature in a physical sense either. She could easily pass for a 16-year-old herself. So I’m calling this story fake news.

By the way, here are Selena and Vanessa Hudgens on the set of the aforementioned Spring Breakers movie a few days ago. This film won’t help either of them break out of their respective Disney shells.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. Tapioca says:

    Poor Biebs! It’s not his fault he still looks like a baby.

    On the other point, why is it that these teen stars always seem to think that the way to get an adult career is to excessively-sexualise themselves and get into the party lifestyle?

    Natalie Portman & Jodie Foster went to college and have Oscars, Li-Lo & Britney went the sex, drugs & rock n’ roll route and were washed up by their mid-20s. Go to school Selena!

  2. LeeLoo says:

    Well I highly doubt this story is even remotely true. But still testosterone can be dangerous, especially because he is not done growing yet. Sometimes testosterone for guys doesn’t hit until 21-24. If he takes it now it could mess him up 3-4 years down the road.

  3. Cathy says:

    You gotta love the Enquirer. The stuff they come up with. Where do the writers get their drugs?

  4. BK says:

    How’s this even a story? It’s silly and pointless. We need more Lindsay Lohan gossip instead… :)

  5. Dibba says:

    Maybe she figures if she has to BE a beard the least he could do is grow one

    No shoving into lockers at my high school. Probably more of a Hollywood stereotype.

  6. aenflex says:

    he’s 18? jaysus. aging well us an understatement

  7. normades says:

    Spring Breakers. You know they sold that one as The Hangover for the tween set.

  8. Asli says:

    I don’t believe the beard-story but… if you want to break out of your tween image shouldn’t you do movies by more respected directors or small indie films? How is being in a movie called ”Spring Breakers” going to break any of them out of their Disney shells? And honestly starring beside Vanessa Hudgens is really telling as to what kind of film it’s going to be. Go to college or at least take some more acting classes, Selena!

  9. twinkle says:

    Blind item said she had 2 abortions.

  10. Hubbahun says:

    I thought Selena WAS his beard ;P

  11. Esmom says:

    I call BS. Guys really do vary in their “ability” to grow facial hair and many still have mostly peach fuzz well into their 20s. A couple years ago our town’s NHL team was growing playoff beards and the variability in the amount of hair was kind of interesting and hilarious. Our poor team captain, who was maybe 21, got so much grief for his sparseness.

  12. skuddles says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine how foolish and creepy he’d look with a beard. This story sounds like total nonsense.

  13. tinks says:

    Just for the record, I *did* get shoved into lockers in high school, in Canada. I was a mouthy little punk, though.
    Also, this Enquiry story is beyond ridiculous!