Angelina Jolie appears at the “Women in the World” Summit, speaks about Somalia

Here are some photos of Angelina Jolie in NYC yesterday for the Women in the World Summit. Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and many influential and powerful women gathered in at the Lincoln Center for this summit. Angelina was invited to speak about the refugee crisis in Somalia, illustrating the ongoing Somali catastrophe with a story about Dr. Hawa Abdi, who runs a medical/refugee camp, which has been overrun by militants (who have ties to al-Qaeda). Jolie was also invited to introduce Rwandan genocide survivor Sandra Uwiringiyimana. When Ms. Sandra Uwiringiyimana came to the stage, she thanked Angelina for “taking justice into her home and hands and doing incredible things.” I’m including a partial video of Angelina speaking about Dr. Abdi’s camp in Somalia, and you can see more videos here at The Daily Beast.

As you can see, Angelina was wearing simple black pants, a silky-looking white blouse and a shiny white jacket for the event. I might be imagining things, but it seemed like The Leg managed to come out to play a little bit in some of these photos. The Leg was all, “I’m wearing pants, but you should still pay attention to me!” Speaking of The Great Leg Debacle (seriously, people are still talking about it), it’s being reported by some tabloid sources that Angelina is still “horrified” by everything that went down at the Oscars, and Angelina has settled the blame squarely on her stylist, Jennifer Rade. A source tells a British tab, “She pays her stylist Jen a lot of money to pick things that will make her look drop-dead gorgeous, but she felt the dress swallowed her up and she had to stick her leg, or it looked like she was wearing a bin bag.” Whatever. I mean, I’ve been hoping that Angelina would fire Rade for a long, long time. But I doubt it’s happening.

Last story – The Hollywood Reporter has a story about Angelina’s next project, Maleficent. That’s where the Sleeping Beauty story is told through the eyes of the villainess, Maleficent, played by Angelina. Allegedly, the film is slated to begin production in June, and Elle Fanning is being considered for the part of Aurora/Sleeping Beauty. Those fairy-tale re-tellings are getting so popular these days – I’m hoping that this one is more Snow White & the Huntsman as opposed to that crappy-looking Mirror, Mirror.

Photos courtesy of Fame and WENN.

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  1. HoustonGrl says:

    I love her style. Simple and elegant.

  2. heyhey says:

    she looks beautiful, i love this style

  3. stacey says:

    she looks very elegant & beautiful

  4. Cerulean says:

    She looks gorgeous here. A tad too thin but she always looks a tad too thin. But I like this outfit on her.

  5. phool says:

    It seems white was the colur of the night by most of the guest speakers GREAT WORK ANGELINA.

  6. Mie says:

    Too much shiny face and botex to her forehead!

    But nice jacket.

  7. marty says:

    Loving her simple look great for the occation

  8. Rose says:

    I think the lady in the last photo with Ang looks just as lovely as she does, what a well turned out pair.

  9. Guest says:

    Where is Wendy the resident Angie-hater who said AJ was having a hard time finding a job lol

  10. LeeLoo says:

    Ok Kaiser, seriously stop with “The Leg” stuff, it was funny at first but it’s gotten a bit old now.

    It never ceases to amaze me how smart Angelina is but then I wonder if she is actually smart and knows these places or just knows how to speak eloquently and has a decent speech writer.

  11. Megan says:

    Yuck. She looks oily and shiny. Last time I remember she was an expert in Bosnia issue and now she pretends that has someting to say about Somalia. What a fake bitch. She is starving for attention. She is just shallow homewrecker and using these poor people to create this saint Mother Theresa image.

    • LeeLoo says:

      At least she’s doing something to help others instead of constantly talking about her new boyfriend or houses.

    • Linda says:

      She has been doing charaties for over 10 years. Even before she met Brad. If she starves for attention, you would’ve seen her walking the RC in designer heels and clothes at every charities events. Have you seen any female celebs who travel to poor countries like Angie did. And I don’t mean once. I meant as many as Angie did. I know you hate her but don’t doubt her knowledge. Angie didn’t say she is an expert on Bosnia issue. Please provide sources where she said she is an expert. She couldn’t stress enough how the ITLOBH actors/actresses have helped her. Obviously, you haven’t been doing your homework. All you did is just attack this woman. Angie is not an expert on Somolia but she did her homework. Maybe you should try to do some research before you attack this woman.

      • di elepha beth says:

        you can talk until you’re blue in the face, type until carpal tunnel syndrome makes your fingers fall off, but if one person has set the mind on some perceived flaw or slight, it’s hard to let go.

        i mean, sister teresa of calcutta was severely maligned before and after her death. so what hope does angelina jolie has, really?

    • Jayna says:

      She always educates herself on the issues. She is very knowledgeable about her causes. Deal with it.

    • HungryHippo says:

      She has never been a homewrecker. And the respect she is held in by those in the UN and her humanitarian work shows she is genuine. So sorry you can’t move past tabloid lies and smear from 8 years ago.

    • Miss Sarajevo says:

      Megan, i am from Bosnia and she did great work. Bosnian people love her for her work! Shes very well educated, esp. when it comes to Bosnia, she knows more about Bosnia then the most bosnians believe me!
      You can educate yourself about these causes very easy if you just want. its easy to say oh she knows nothing when yourself donsnt know anything.
      Angelina is definitly very aware of what she is doing, shes doing this for 12 years!

      Agnelina je nasa kraljica :-)
      mi je volimo !!!

  12. olivia says:

    This “summit” is just another “pat ourselves on the back” cra*p fest which will produce nothing for anyone it claims to care about, but those on the panel are getting valuable PR.

    • Guest says:

      Well Olivia if you put your hate for Angie aside for a moment n actully watched the event last night you would learn some helpful interesting things. For example the story of the operator telling the girl who is forced to marry. That she should put a spoon in her underwear so that when she goes to the airport the alarm will go off n she can tell security she is not safe.

    • demian bichir says:

      Olivia ITA Sadly nothing is going to change.Trust me the same very people that say:”Hey let’s do a charity concert to end all the poverty in the world!”
      Are the ones who profit$(donations=tax breaks)from it and want it to stay that way(politicians,rich countries, big multi-national companies).Who really wants to share Somalia’s natural ressources (oil)with the Somalian people?From what i know NOT the Euros/US richs who don’t even want to pay taxes like their fellow normal US/Euro citizens to help the poors in their own countries.Yes i said it there are poor people living in the west too suffering!
      I don’t need NOBODY to educate me about what’s going on in the world.Somalia is the new trend now apparently i heard Cameron is interested in it too!

      • Jill says:

        I’ve noticed that the people who say they don’t need anyone to educate them about what is going on in the world usually don’t care what is going on in the world as long as it doesn’t affect them personally, so I give Angie props for reaching out to those who are interested in what is going on outside their narrow frame of reference.

      • Ahha says:

        The poor people in the West who are suffering don’t even come close to the poor people in Somalia. You are not just talking about poor people. You are talking about women who got raped, young girl sold to sex slave, children kidnapped use as child soldiers, women got acid attack because their families believe they dishonor them, etc. I am not going comment further but would love to see you travel to these poor countries and then for you to come back and say the conditions are just the same.

      • Linda says:

        A homeless child in America is still 100 times better off than a homeless child in Somolia, or Urganda..
        A homeless child in America still gets food, clothes or maybe a roof over his/her head and don’t have to hide from warlords. Where a homeless child in Urganda has no food, clothes, water and shelter and has to find a safe place to hide so he/she doesn’t get kidnap and force to do kill or get raped. So, before you attack these women and doubt their intention you should do some research or travel to these places to experience yourself before making your judgement. I guess it is much easier to sit in front of a PC and talk s hit than actually helping out.

      • pamela says:

        “I don’t need NOBODY to educate me about what’s going on in the world.Somalia is the new trend now apparently i heard Cameron is interested in it too”!

        So you are admitting you do need SOMEBODY to educate you about what’s going on in the world. That is exactly what Angie and others are trying to do. But something tells me thsi post will go right over your head. LOL

      • HungryHippo says:

        “I don’t need NOBODY to educate me”

        You certainly need education in the English language. You mean you don’t need anybody, not you don’t need nobody. Two negatives make a positive. Your English being as woeful as it is, I doubt you have the ability to educate yourself about world issues, therefore you DO need Angelina to educate you.

      • demian bichir says:

        Would you rather discuss with me in French instead! English is not my first language dumbass but feel free to corrige my copy!I’m just here to improve my english.Thanks celebitchies!SO now RE-READ I DON’T NEED ANYBODY TO EDUCATE ME ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE WORLD!
        That doesn’t un valid my opinion about the fakeass corrupted 1% system!”Therefore I REALLY DON’T NEED(college dropout)St Angie HO LOL.This B* is a big distraction, she works for them whether you like or not!

    • HungryHippo says:

      Better going to summits that are all talk but raise awareness than stripping to sell movies.

  13. Madpoe says:

    I want her as Lara Croft again. :’/

  14. The Truth Fairy says:

    Does anyone know if she has a stylist? Just curious if she picks her clothes herself or if someone does it for her as part of her ‘image’.

  15. Maya says:

    Meryl Streep was also there, wasn’t she? I wonder if they know each other.

  16. Franny says:

    I kind of believe that the whole fairy tell retelling is kind of lazy and easy. I don’t think its that difficult to retell the story from a different point of view, unless its something like Wicked, where 95% of the story has nothing to do with the original story. that being said, I would still watch it. guess that makes me cheap and easy too haha

  17. chloew says:

    is she copping a new accent again?
    this sounds more regal in nature

    I will take her 100% seriously if she enters into old age w/o plastics – then i’ll know she is for real and not a vain narcissus that I’ve always suspected she is

  18. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    After leg gate, Ang should just let the kids pick out her gowns.

  19. Dibba says:

    AJ should just dress herself. I am sure she could look the same if not better. I don’t like the shirt. Too much shiny stuff and white. Another color top that isn’t shiny would look fabulous. I appreciate all she tries to do to help others. I hope she can laugh about “the leg”. Your description reminds me of Glenn Close in “Fatal attraction”. “I won’t be ignored Dan!”

  20. Jill says:

    She always looks relaxed and a lot happier at these events. She looks bored on the red carpet.

  21. Talie says:

    If Angelina would have a bit more fun with fashion than wearing trash bag dresses wouldn’t be such a problem.

  22. teri says:

    So many wonderful and caring woman have brought so much awareness, I applaud them all. Does anyone have the words that M. Albright spoke?

  23. aenflex says:

    outfit: great. cause: even better.

    But head starting to look far too big for stick-insect body.

    I wish she would just EAT already. She looked so much better 10 years ago.

  24. watchingyoubitchh says:

    she looks nice, love the jacket

  25. Fair and Balance says:

    It would be good if those who snigger on Jolie or Aniston or any other celebrities put your photos up together with your CVs. Let us comment then do tell us how you feel. “What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others” (Confucius)

  26. LoL says:

    She looks great….and moisturized. She always looks better and happier when that old burnt toast isn’t around. Her kids do too.
    Her hatahas love anything she’s against so I bet they support alQuada and Joseph kony. Lmao

    Fyi She’s the perfect weight for maleficent!

  27. From France says:

    She is anorexic,her fans are blind

    • mineminemine says:

      her fans are not blind, even them wish that she would gain some weight. if you ever had contact with real anorexic patients, you would not say that. shes very thin yes but not anorexic, why, shes very thin for 20 years now. the focus on her body today is just bigger then it ever was. when she was younger she had more baby fat esp. in her face. we all know its not fortunate to be too thin when you get older. watch her brilliant movie girl interrupt, she was very skiny and that was in 1999 i guess.

      but you know what, nobody is perfect, not me, not you, nobody, so angelina isnt perfect too. thats our all fault right? she has everything, so its just fair that this is her issue ;-)

      I adore her for her great work! shes stunningly beautyful inside and out!

  28. sharylmj says:

    You can tell how much she cares about these causes. She gets chocked up just talking about it. I love her work and that she tries to bring awareness to the plight of these poor people. Don’t give up Angelina.. you are doing good work!!!

  29. Sara says:

    wow, I really love that outfit

  30. teehee says:

    The blonde looks better than her…

    And re: her arms in the 2nd to last pic– my arms lookjed exactly that flat and rectangular when I was at the meight of my anorexia.
    Seriusly people- there isnt an argument about it. She can be pretty (not my opinion) but she doesnt need to be that thin.

    • mia girl says:

      Yes her arms are really thin, but I’m thinking maybe they appear so much more so because she has rather big hands.

      I’d never noticed how long/big her hands are. Maybe in comparison to the hands, proportionally, the arms appear extra skinny.

      • Trek Girl says:

        Yeah, both Angelina and her brother, James Haven, seem to take after their father when it comes to their frames.
        The long limbs, the cheeks that, depending on how much Angelina or James weigh, can look very full or rather gaunt, and the length of their fingers and size of their hands are all very similar to their fathers, and I think that has a lot to do with why people have a difficult time understanding why she looks the way she does.

        Angelina and James Haven do look a lot like their mother, mind you, but I think it’s their father’s features that throw people off.

  31. clean T says:

    I love her, her interest in lesser privilage part of the world. To us down here in africa she is a role model and voice of the voiceless

    • demian bichir says:

      You don’t need any American or European role model!You can be your own role model and do good all by yourself big clean T!You came here on this site to voice YOUR opinion your NOT voiceless! You have a voice TOO you don’t need to be a celebrity to SPEAK to the world!

      • Mari says:

        So says actor (and Mexican celebrity) Demián Bichir, yeah, right.
        Let people find their own motivations, you kind of contradict yourself.

      • demian bichir says:

        Mari i really hope it’s just sarcasm “So said the MEXICAN celebrity”(?)blahblahblah.What do you mean here?Are you racist?From what i know Demian doesn’t go on big PR stunts fake missions with the UNHCR! He’s just an actor not a celebrity!
        A lot of people in this site don’t even know what he looks like or/and have never seen one of his films.
        LOL cray cray Brangeloonies!

  32. lu says:

    Please watch this video and share it with people. I think this is fitting for this post.

    As we know Angelina spreads the word and lets us know about this issues. I hope she jumps in the wagon with this one.

  33. Jess says:

    Isn’t Jennifer Rade the guest judge on Project Runway a few seasons ago who was so hateful? Between that and some of the questionable things she puts on AJ (except this outfit – I love this one), I don’t know why she still has a job!

    As for the Kony video, Kony is awful, but check out the piece on Gawker about why you need to be careful about the group behind that viral video.

    • lisa says:

      No that is not Jen Rade. She did another fashion show.

      Angie has worked with Rade for many years. She keeps pretty much the same people around her. Same guy has done her hair on and off the big screen. She has the same BG and driver. She keeps friends and associates for years. They all seem very loyal and trustworthy. You don’t see her or Brads REAL friends talking about them in the press. EVER. I actually like that about her and Brad. They have very long friendships. Friendships that are decades long.

      I like the outfit. I’m a HUGH fan of her and Brad. and yes as a fan I think she needs to put on weight. I don’t believe for one minute she is anorexic or that she is doing anything to harm herself. I think she is naturally thin and sometimes her weight drops. I hope she gains about 10 pounds. She and Brad have a few months off so hopefully they can just get away and unwind. This has been a heavy year for her. Promoting and supporting her film and Brad’s too. Not to mention the ugliness directed towards her, her family and cast. That has to take a lot out of anyone. But I love how dedicated she is. And how she continues to do what she thinks is right and doesn’t let others’ opinions sway her.

      I admire her a great deal.

  34. original sandy says:

    angelina,…she’s beautiful, caring, and well informed on issues that’s closest to her heart, she looks radiant, so far removed from Hollywood and their shallow fakeness.

  35. mimi says:

    Her lips look so much better. I’m glad to see she eased down the upper lip injection.

    She is way, way too skinny and her arms scare me, but good for her for speaking about important matters and drawing attention for worthy causes.

    Regardless of her motives or real knowledge, she is making an effort, trying to use her celebrity to shed light on serious matters.

    That is just wonderful. I just hope, someone would help her with her eating issues.

  36. jes_sayin says:

    Ugh, those clothes are AWFUL.

    Why does she want to look frumpy? How does she not see this?!

    Please get a NEW STYLIST – You’re too pretty for frump Angie!

  37. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    People question whether or not her work with refugees and the UNHCR was for selfish reasons, and I thought the same at first. But she’s been doing this for over a decade now, and I truly believe she’s found her calling in life. She obviously passionate about what she does. You would have to be in order to travel to such violent and dangerous places all over the world. I will always be a fan of angelina jolie and all the important work she’s does. However, the rest of hollywood can suck it.

  38. samira677 says:

    Kaiser you talk about Angelina’s leg all of the so I’m not sure why you’re shocked there’s still stories about it. I think Angelina only uses a stylist for big events not everyday life or charity events.

  39. Cleo says:

    I had no idea that she paid anyone to dress her. I thought all those wealthy women outfits were just an expression of her Brad Pitt situation. Remember when she was black t shirt girl hanging on Billy Bob.

  40. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Someone actually said she looked better 10 years ago? WOW! I can’t even try with that one. Someone else can have at that.

    Okay, this Angie business IS THE BUSINESS. She gets involved and is constantly invited because she is so fake and wants the PR right? What would be the organizers reasoning be in helping HER with that? Any celeb would do. When will her charade end? In another 10 years? Think people.

    How much she weighs is her business too. I would like more for her, sure but that’s my issue and I am not governing her weight. I respect her work, no matter how thin she is. Her power is in her DOME, not her pounds. She does her homework with or without a burger.

    Glad to learn of Dr. Abdi and her Dr. daughters. Glad to know others on board were already so knowledgable of her work, effort and now struggles. Fantastic, now the Dr. can get all the help she needs from these experts who are not faking it for PR. Pretty soon, we won’t need Angie to spread the word to all the know-it-alls and these horrific things won’t happen again. Right? You ARE donating massive amounts of money and taking up the fight and all already, correct? If not, then don’t begrudge others from getting the info and wanting to help, by forcing us to wade and fight thru all your nasty mess and comments.

    My goodness, this woman ruffles feathers like no other, by doing something kind without being forced and it’s questioned. What’s it to you what she does with her time, money and energy? What’s it matter to you how she gets her PR? As long as info gets out, that’s all that should matter. If 1 person is moved into action, it is a job well done. Angie thin is better than no Angie at all and I am proud of her. She may one day get Sainted or Win the Nobel Peace Prize herself and that will destroy you how? This woman is fierce and is doing her part. DO YOURS.

    Outfit is classy and just right for the occasion. Serious tone, not a red carpet full of celebs, not a fashion show and she is not on a date. Wore the heck out of it and did not seem to care what people want her to be upset about. Leg or no leg, she is STILL doing what she wants to do. Offers no apologies or excuses. No guilt or shame, but with her same boldness and confidence. Yeah, you better do you, because you can’t do her.

    • MS says:

      I appreciate all she does abroad however, I just wish she would do MORE for the Country that holds her citizenship….USA. There are many, many homeless families, children and Vets (you know the ones that fought for her freedom?)as well as, woman who have endured violence against them and their children. I could go on and on, but why? She prefers to concentrate on all that is happening around the world instead!

      • di elepha beth says:

        i don’t know about the other (homelessness, children), but with the US military (which I suppose includes vets also to a certain extent), she has been a long collaborator of USO ( which is a “a private, nonprofit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to support the troops” by boosting morale amongst other things. She has visited several bases too. But all her visits are obviously called out by her detractors either from being a PR stunt or actually hindering crucial work because they have to protect her scrawny behind instead (I remember one footage of her greeting wounded personnel on an evac-vehicle is actually greeted by hostile responses: she is disturbing wounded soldiers from their rest, when in fact footage shows that the soldiers seem very welcoming; other that or the soldiers are very good actors for welcoming her).

      • Katherine says:

        MS, seriously could you just make a tiny effort to inform yourself before attacking someone? You’r this close to being our very own Rush Limbaugh.

        For many years Angie funded a foundation that financially supported many, many programs and assistance for Native Americans. Or is that not American enough for you. She has also provided large sums to organizations which provide programs specifically for the children of veterans.

        Perhaps more importantly is that neither you nor anyone else gets to dictate to someone where their charity goes. There are so much largesse and assistance – both private and governmental – directed to the needs in the US already that most of it is redundant.

        Why do you even bother when you are clearly clueless about her and the topic?

      • MS says:

        I am not talking about visiting and smiling…. I am talking about writing a big fat check for housing or medical needs! Kind of like Denzel Washington di the other day. He was with his family (not solo) visiting a base where soldiers who are severely burned are sent. When able, they are then transferred to housing on the base, which can accommodate their families. Denzel asked how much one would cost to build, and wrote a check on the spot, to build two of them!

        He went un-announced with his family, toured the facility and there wasn’t a papz in sight!

      • di elepha beth says:

        if he went un-announced, (as in not telling anybody he’s going), how did you know? did he tell you personally, or do you work on the base he visited?

        also, i just remembered, about “children”, esp. children in the USA, she also has a long term collaboration with SOS Children Villages, which also has several sites in the USA (I think Illinois is one of them). And some of her donations to SOS Children Villages have been earmarked for use in these USA sites (in addition to ohter SOS-CVs world wide).

        Also Brad’s NOLA project (which, depending on who you listen to, is slow and ugly, or good and nice), and their donation to Joplin, amongst other places.

        I read somewhere that USO and the Armed Service YMCA have also been or are still receiving donations from her.

        Granted, I have no access to most recent reports of their foundation donations, where and how much, so I can’t tell you exactly who the recipients are and how much money they got.

      • Jill says:

        @MS: Jolie gives one third of her income to charity. Just as a talking point, how much do you give?

        BTW, Jolie doesn’t announce her visits overseas; the UNHCR does.

        You seem to have some major crusade against this woman, as evidenced by your need to see bad in everything good she does. Maybe you need a new hobby.

      • Mari says:

        @ MS, but you found out about Denzel, right? Not fair to criticize the JPs, they are most probably doing more than we get to see. Even with the detractors hating on them. She also has visited soldiers overseas.
        In this event, women from diff. Parts of the world got to share cases and stories. Good for her to be there.

      • HungryHippo says:

        America is a very rich country and can more than afford to look after themselves. I am so sick of selfish insular American-first attitudes like MS shows. Its why Americans are hated around the world. They think poverty begins and ends in their country. Their country is rich and spoiled and they should ask the govt what they are doing instead of Angelina. In these poor countries, people don’t eat for a week and have no running water. FAR WORSE than rich pampered America. You should always help those MOST in need and that is what Angelina is doing. Helping the poor countries, not the RICH. More Americans and American celebs need to help the poor countries and not think about themselves all the time. Angelina does a great job and its because she is a UN AMBASSADOR and not not your run of the mill celeb, that she has to have the paps there. Its part of her job duties. I wish people would educate themselves first before posting.

  41. Dredz says:

    This looks would have been better if not for that gold chain/link on the jacket… Oh, and FACE POWDER, seriously!.

  42. Sakyiwaa says:

    I SERIOUSLY disbelieve the story about her wanting “fire” her stylist. Those have been together so long and Angelina is a big ‘loyalty’ person. Jen Rade has been nothing if not loyal to her, right down to not blabbing to the press every five minutes about their work relationship. Angie does not do that either.

  43. Jill says:

    I think the chain link closure is a nice touch since the only other jewelry she is wearing are pearl stud earrings, a gold ring and a plain black strap watch.