Gisele Bundchen’s Esprit ad campaign: beautifully simple or tragically undone?

Here are some shots of Gisele Bundchen’s latest ad campaign, for the Summer 2012 line of Esprit. These are some of the most “undone” ads I’ve ever seen from a modern campaign. I can’t even tell if Gisele is wearing any makeup at all. She probably is, right? Some concealer and powder and stuff. It feels like this is what Gisele looks like when she’s at home with her baby – this is version of Gisele that Tom Brady married. Sort of.

I’ve always had mixed feelings on Gisele’s beauty. I think if I saw her in person, I would find her to be one of those unconventionally beautiful women who depend on lighting and angles. It’s the jolie-laide thing – Gisele can look very masculine at times, and she has some angles which are just… rough. I’m not sure this Esprit campaign really highlights Gisele’s strengths. That being said, with her modeling work, I tend to love Gisele – she reminds me of the models I grew up with, the Cindys and Lindas and Naomis. The girls with a strong “look”. Say what you will about Gisele, but she has an unusual beauty which has helped her enormously throughout her career. There aren’t that many girls who look like her, just like there will never be another Cindy Crawford or Linda Evangelista.

So, do you like these shots? I like that Gisele was brave enough to do such an “undone” campaign, and I like the “realism” of the campaign. But there does feel like something lacking.

Ad campaign shots courtesy of WENN.

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  1. nikzilla37 says:

    Without 2lbs of makeup, she’s really not that impressive.

  2. JB says:

    Not pretty at all. She looks ill.

  3. Jazzmin says:

    They over did it with the Photoshop on her face, instead of looking natural she looks like Mr. Ed on speed.

  4. hstl1 says:

    I think she is unbelievably gorgeous. But, people on this board like to hate on her, so I am sure 99 out of 100 comments will be negative.

  5. velourazure says:

    i’ve never understood why she’s been so successful. an androgynous praying mantis with an obnoxious attitude.

    • Molly says:

      Haha. I agree. And I also think you answered your own question! I seriously think in the next year or so they’re just going to cast teenage boys on runways to model clothes meant for women.

      • Minty says:

        That trend has already started. Sought-after male model Andrej Pejic models women’s clothes on the runway and did an ad for bras. He is starving himself to fit into the clothes.

        The fashion industry has been obsessed with androgyny for years. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s just odd-looking. Many top female models have masculine jawlines and broad shoulders.

        These days they are promoting an adolescent look. Male and female models are thin to an extreme, have barely any secondary sex characteristics, and look interchangeable as a result. Gone are the days when they looked like grown men and women (the 1980s-90s). That was the last time models were aspirational to me.

    • janie says:

      Androgyny is an asset in the fashion industry. She’s successful because she’s a fashion chameleon and a great clothes hanger. But I agree about her attitude. She always looks so smug.

      • Minty says:

        Gisele is tall, skinny, and has defined cheekbones and jawline. She knows how to pose, but she is NOT a chameleon. Linda Evangelista was a true chameleon. She successfully rocked several different haircolors and hairstyles every year, and was pale or tan, depending on what her employers wanted.

        Gisele’s look has stayed pretty much the same. She’s never worn her hair short, fer chrissakes. It’s always been long, brown, with highlights. She’s more like Cindy Crawford in maintaining the same image year after year.

    • Larissa says:

      She is successful because she had the right look at the right time and she worked really hard to get where she is today. She is really good at what she does and period, you people cannot contest that. You all may agree that she doesnt look “princessy”, but she sells and will keep selling for a long time.

      • Minty says:

        She works hard. I’ll give her that. She is successful in the fashion industry because she has the (androgynous) look they wish to promote. If they decide she no longer exemplifies the image they want to sell or, God forbid, she looks too old, you can bet they’ll stop hiring her and she will be yesterday’s news.

        Models don’t have much power in fashion. The ’90s supermodels achieved a lot of power and celebrity. They could dictate terms. Designers and editors didn’t like it and made sure that wouldn’t happen again. The power players in fashion control what is “hot” or “beautiful”. If someone like Lagerfeld or Wintour deems a man shaped like an adolescent boy (a la Andrej Pejic) has the ideal figure for women’s clothes, all the fashion sheep will fall in line and hire that person. They perpetuate the manufactured hype. It’s always been that way.

  6. Lenore says:

    I love the natural styling, but it seems dull against that boring grey background. It would work better in an outdoor setting, with natural light and some movement and activity…

  7. Belle says:

    Not a fan of the new photos… at all. I do think she has make up on though, it is just meant to look ‘bare’. No heavy make up, and no false eyelashes or anything like that… other than that, I see full ‘naked’ make up that has been applied with a light hand.

  8. Nicole says:

    She needs blush, it would change the whole look.

  9. spinner says:

    I think these are beautifully simple. Casual shots to go with the casual attire. I have never found her gorgeous but she really is interesting to look at.

  10. Liberty says:

    It’s a very German approach re makeup, lighting and background. A few shooters go this way for eu markets.

  11. Tiffany27 says:

    She looks like a zombie extra on The Walking Dead.
    Speaking of TWD: OMG Shane!!!!

  12. Noel says:

    I always feel strange because I do not find her pretty at all.

  13. The Truth Fairy says:

    I’ve always thought she was ugly. And she has no waist – her torso is like a tree trunk.

  14. Astrid says:

    I’m not feeling it. And I”m not about to rush to the store to buy the clothes. I’m not a stick figure thin amazon woman – these clothes won’t work for me.

  15. dorothy says:

    I have never found her all that attractive. She has a killer body, but not much else.

  16. Parisienne says:

    well, I have to see this campaign on a daily basis and I like it very much… it actually changed my view on that fashion brand and did not thought that this is possible…

  17. INeedANap says:

    That thing you feel is missing? It’s called charisma. As in, Mz Bundchen has none.

  18. Feebee says:

    She has an interesting beauty and I say that in a positive way. I like the photos for what they are.

  19. Franny says:

    I feel that this isn’t a clothing advertisment – these pictures look like pictures that would go along with an interview in a magazine. Except some of the clothes look photoshopped on – like the canadian tuxedo outfit. I find her beautiful sometimes, and think she looks very nice here, where she isn’t hardcore posing.

  20. Roxy750 says:

    whats with the death skinny look? What? It’s cool to not eat and be bony and look like you are starving? Don’t get it.

  21. fd says:

    Honestly, I think she looks great. I am really sick of all the makeup on models and actresses. It’s gross.

  22. Isa says:

    It looks like it’s perfectly made up to look not made up.

  23. Jayna says:

    I always love natural shots like this. So ’70s with a modern twist.

  24. Rhiley says:

    I wouldn’t mind looking like her for sure. Giselle and Tom Brady are boring, but I kind of get a kick out of Giselle interviews. She always manages to make some cocky, bitchy, weird statement and twist it as some kind of lost in translation moment. But I think she fully understands what she says and is very deliberate with her words.

  25. Lauren says:

    I think she is ok. These clothes- treacherous. They look sloppy, Ill fitting and just all over BLAH. The whole “natural beauty” is fine but so is a hairbrush . Looks like pics of her slumming it on a lazy Sunday.

  26. Tiffany says:

    I think her strength as a model is what she does with her body. She knows how to create angles and lines. Her nose is a bit big, but her body is completely amazing (skinny yet has boobs).

    I think she works these clothes better than others could, but they are kind of boring. I don’t think any model could overcome that.

  27. Maria says:

    she looks beautiful and classic. she’s young enough still that she can carry off simplicity. Love the clothes as well. Less is more.

  28. Joey says:

    I’m quite sure she has a lot of “natural” make up on. Why did her hair have to be such a mess it’s distracting.

  29. some bitch says:

    She has gorgeous features and an amazing body, but the photos seem so lifeless. There’s no character shining through.

  30. lucy2 says:

    Esprit is still around? I had no idea.
    She looks pretty in the 2nd photo, but not so much in the others.

  31. Mary jones says:

    Esprit is still around? It was huge when I was around 9.

  32. Turtle Dove says:

    This is a great campaign. The make-up and Giselle’s styling suit the casual, relaxed vibe of the clothes. After all the sugar pink, blue, etc. clothes designed after Mad Men, it’s nice to see some accessible clothes.

    What amazes me about Giselle is that she can take on any look, be it Esprit, Chanel or lingerie. She’s not a one note tune. I think that her overall look (body type, facial structure) work in all avenues of fashion.

  33. shaniqua nunyadambidness says:

    for the love…it’s her hair that’s so damn lacking!

  34. ladybert62 says:

    Nope – not pretty at all – with or without makeup, she is still not pretty.

  35. jingoJango says:

    Gross. She looks like a wishbone. He body reminds me more of a 14 year old boy than woman.

  36. Me says:

    I know what’s missing. Breakfast. Hers.

  37. Gossip PHD says:

    Since she took her implants out her figure (predictably) looks boyish (she has no curves). No waist. No Boobs.

  38. gee says:

    I actually like it. I don’t like her string bean body, but I do like her styling.

  39. sara says:

    She has a huge amount of makeup on – look at all the shading under the cheekbones, eye sockets etc and eyebrow pencil

    • kathie says:

      you’re SO right, Sara! as a professional make-up artist, it takes way more make-up to ‘create’ the look on Gisele’s face!
      *btw. i live in Boston & work in the hospitality industry. have seen both Mr. & Mrs. Brady several times.
      she’s cold as ice!
      NO smile with that genuine warmth that we associate with really, nice people.
      she may as well be made out of cardboard! :)

  40. harfang says:

    It looks just like an Urban Outfitters catalog I had ensconced in my bathroom about 3 or 4 years ago, but without the printed tees. This stuff looks good only on someone with that kind of body. Also, it’s boring as sin.

  41. iwannarock says:

    wish i’d look like that in jeans and whites… bummer. my life

  42. Cinderella says:

    Where did her figure go? Does this type of clothing warrant the stick look?

    She needs at least 5 pounds more on her to make this look appealing.

  43. SallyJay says:

    I have to say I can see why she is a supermodel – one of few “supers” from the current batch. (Although Doutzen K is stunning too I think). Sure Gisele is not conventionally pretty, sometimes she doesn’t even look attractive – hers is a striking, singular beauty. And that body! part of the physique is genetics of course, but I believe she works hard for it and I think she’s incredible. I really don’t see how people can consider her average, but of course, each to their own. But as for her personality…yeah…leaves a lot to be desired!

  44. Adrien says:

    W/o makeup, she’s just a tall Celine Dion. Not sure if it’s a good thing.
    It’s her body that’s special. She has the best butt in the business. Firm and cute, not big like Jlo.

  45. londonparis says:

    I totally disagree. Not only does she look comfortable, casual, and gorgeous, but I love that this is the direction that Esprit chose to go with for this campaign.
    Where are we as a society when this isn’t good enough? And what do we expect, especially with this brand? They have fun, casual separates. I know I certainly wouldn’t be wearing any of the clothes she’s modeling with full hair and makeup- THAT would look absurd.

  46. Lem says:

    The background is not a proper background for her coloring

  47. Karma says:

    Esprit still being around was news to me as well.

    And I see they still have the same problem they did way back then with the crotches, as well as, their pants being too short. Capris are one thing, and they did do a lot of those, but the crotches were messed up in those too. In every way possible.

    Too low, too much fabric, gathers in a poof when you sit down. And then horrible wrinkles which keep the excessive poof on display when you stand…ugh. Followed by flat-a**-syndrome with most of their pants, even if you have a nice rear. And last but not least, with those goofy knees that would often poof like cheap leggings, except they were solid pants/capris/jeans type fabric.

    And here years later, with Gisele, a supermodel, no less. All of those issues apply to her as well. Esprit needs a new tailoring aesthetic.

    This does feel like a new campaign direction, without a doubt, and I actually like it. But it highlights all of the reasons why I don’t shop there.

  48. Rux says:

    I have to say I really like this look/campaign. I am so sick and tired of magazines telling me I have to look like I am a “Sex and the City” chic. That shit is played out. I like my casual look so that when I do get dressed up it is “extra” special. I think Gisele has a look all her own and I don’t confuse her with other models. That is enough in itself. She looks beautiful here to me.

  49. normades says:

    Like Benneton, Esprit still has stores in Europe but both of these brands are considered so uncool that people looking for basics go to Uniqlo, H&M or American Apparel.

    While Benneton has gone the shock ad route (with little commercial success), I don’t think this campaign will do much for Esprit. It’s just too boring and Gis is not considered very fashionable.

    They should have hired Kate Moss who has proved her weight in gold when revamping “old” brands.

  50. Hypocricy says:

    I don’t like her too squarish too manish too androgyneous face but she has a singularity an quirckiness that makes her face pop out from the rest, just like Christie Turlington.

    She is beautiful in a quircky, androgineous way and has great long model type of body.

    I think she has the type of physique, the healthy skin and maintain a certain hygiene that will unable her to even do it in her forties.

    She is definitely supermodel material, especially in a sexy role when she expose those killer legs in stilleteos

  51. Hip-ster says:

    She looks like Eddie Redmayne in these pictures to me.

  52. Nudgie says:

    “My wife can’t MAKE the clothes and MODEL the clothes!!!” – Tom Brady, getting into an elevator at the mall.

  53. zenb!tch says:

    I’ve always thought she a “butterface”. These pics confirm my opinion. I know I’m suppossed to be focusing on the messy hair but all I see is that nare focusing on her worst features: her face and her lack of hips. She looks like a man in the dark blue outfit. Gisele is all boobs and legs. Whomever chose this concept for Gisele should be shot.

    I see eyeshadow, natural pink lipstick and light mascara.

  54. jr says:

    On a very sad note, Esprit has shuttered all 90+ of its retail stores in North America due to the poor sales in this bad economy. Even the online store will soon be kaput. Adieu Esprit : (

  55. Susannah says:

    I think she is more beautiful in these pictures than when she is all glitzed up. Her skin is gorgeous!

  56. bagladey says:

    Not good. She’s not pretty, so she can’t pull this bare look off. Without the make-up, glamour and props even she looks low-budget like the flyer at Target or Sears.

  57. alex says:

    I find her more attractive like this. We all know she isn’t ugly. Personally I’ve never been crazy about her, but she does have a SICK body.

  58. Heather says:

    These clothes are hideous! I would never wear these outfits regardless of who was modeling them. But nonetheless, I don’t find her flattering in these pictures at all. She is androgyneous looking. But I do think she can look pretty when she has makeup on and is photoshopped for the magazines!

  59. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    What is missing are hips and a hairbrush.

  60. Grace says:

    Rockin’ body, average face.

  61. Nami says:

    yes honey, there is something lacking and it’s some womanly features(bo*bs and stuff) on her body…Seriously, she looks like a man in Unisex clothes..Are these supposed to be women clothes >_>, seriously….I don’t know her or antyhing but i dislike these plain and boyish…

  62. Katelynne says:

    J Beibs has more womanly features than her.

    But seriously,has anyone noticed how feminine he is?

  63. Ann says:

    I love her look. I wish the women on here weren’t so keen on tearing other women’s looks apart. It’s so negative.

  64. Martina says:

    I would be more impressed with her “natural” beauty if I didn’t know she had a nose job…

  65. Dana says:

    Not only is she unremarkable looking, she’s also dumb as a stone and a bitch to boot. Says a lot for the character of Mr. Brady.

    • Sachi says:

      For someone so dumb, she sure makes tens of millions of $$$ a year on her “dumbness”, and not all of those money are due to her posing in her underwear, like most dumb people assume models do all the time.

      She’s a businesswoman. She may not have finished College, but she has street smarts and she knows how to do business. She has established relations with important people who can help her along the way and she learned how to manage her name and image. Her popularity around the world is enough that multiple brands ask her to be their face, and people buy the products she endorses.

      She has an active role in her business ventures. She doesn’t just lend her name to companies and then takes the profits for herself. She has a vision of what her businesses should be.

      Not bad for someone “dumb as stone” to bank $45 million a year and whose stock index is higher than the DOW.

  66. FormerLurker says:

    Gisele has never been my favourite (butterface or not), but I do understand why she has been so successful at what she does. Having said that, I think this ad is terrible because (ducking) I think that she is “too old” to pull off this “look”. That’s not to say that she’s over the hill by any means (although she is probably getting close from a fashion model perspective), but that this add looks like it should be targeted to women that are 7 – 10 years younger than she actually is.

  67. Itwillrain says:

    It’s nothing to do w makeup. She’s too old to look good that skinny, that’s the bottom line. Once you start losing the glow of youth, its a disadvantage to remain so thin. Thats why so many hollywood women go for the fillers, etc (which dont usually help). She looks gaunt and unhealthy.

  68. jelynn says:

    Yeah they went overboard on the Photoshop – that’s not what her face looks like. The whole thing would be fine if they’d do something with that hair.

  69. Suzy says:

    She looks seriously busted. That hair-blech!

  70. LC25 says:

    Giselle is not ugly at all, and I’m sure in person she’s got to be stunning. The only problem with a lot of girls like her who model,they get transvestite looking as they get older cause they’re so tall and skinny. Giselle (though attractive) is starting to look a little masculine and transvestitey. She also has a very horsey looking face, even though she’s no raving beauty, it’s like I said, I still think she’s attractive.

  71. Amy says:

    I don’t particularly like her as a person, but…

    I think my features are too mannish, so I’m a little soft for Gisele’s harsh angles. She’s definitely a handsome woman, but that hair is so tragic!

  72. jen7waters says:

    I love it! she looks beautiful like this.

  73. Cleo says:

    Eye of the Beholder casted Ashley Judd for a reason – Beauty is not subjective!

  74. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    She is a goddess among lesser beings. I love her!

  75. mvfd says:

    I believe bone structure is what makes you even get signed as a model when you walk into an agency to begin with 9aside from height and weight) ummm you can read twitter sitghting of her daily always saying how nice and stunning in real life she is. I dont tthink you get a modeling career like hers (once in a lifetime/iconic) from being “ugly” and a bad personality, give me a break!

  76. mvfd says:

    for example: “Gisele Bundchen, along w Kate Moss, is a phenomenon. I wish models knew they have to have a personality” -Anna Wintour

    “Today she is one of the best in the world not only because the beauty of her body, but also because she is a lovely person to be around.” Mario Testino

    -”Models today, she explained, don’t understand that to be successful you have to have a personality, intelligence, and issues that you support, and Gisele embodies these qualities.” – Anna Wintour

    -”The great thing about her is that she grew up from the “supermodel Gisele” into this responsible, amazing woman with an extraordinary and positive energy, ready to help anyone who needs it.” -Peter Lindbergh

    -”There are thousands of models out there who don’t become successful – you need to be beautiful, dynamic and clever. If your brain doesn’t work, you won’t survive. Gisele hasn’t changed over the years: she speaks a lot, she is funny and she is not scared of saying what she thinks.” – Dolce & Gabbana

    -”She is even better in the flesh. I think it was her first season in Paris when she came to do a fitting. I had heard about Gisele, but when she walked in the room I felt like my fingers had been put into the electrical socket, like, pwoah! Pure electricity.” says Dior designer John Galliano.

    -”What I love about her is her sensuality and energy. Gisele is one of a kind.” Donatella Versace.

    -She is friendly to everyone (down to the last production assistant), raids the cookie plate herself, and chats nonstop. She manages to keep it real despite the maelstrom of press reports chronicling her life. – Peter Lindbergh

    -Gisele is the only one who can increase the selling of any kind of product.” Dolce & Gabbana, GQ Italy September 2007.

    “The added bonus was working with Gisele.” Bekian states. “She is super cool, very down-to-earth, and genuinely a nice person.” The shoot ran flawlessly, and everyone enjoyed the experience of working with such incredibly talented and kind artists.
    Loyal Studios owner, Bob Bekian.

    -“Her personality really won me over,” “She’s filled with life.” Mario Testino

    -“Gisele is totally illuminated, and it comes from within,” “She is warm-hearted, good-humored, and has a lot of self-esteem.” Michael Kors

    Gisele is amazing!!! She’s beautiful, a pro, absolutely lovely & has beyond amazing energy!! Makeup Artist Pat McGrath

    “In Brazil, whatever Gisele touches, Gisele sells. In the Brazilian market, she has become number one, a total icon.” – Joyce Pascowitch, owner of Brazil’s Glamurama celebrity/fashion website

    “Perhaps more than a sunny personality though, Gisele is consummately professional. At our cover shoot she turns up dead on time (as always).” Harpers Bazaar UK 2008

    “She is extremely intelligent,professional and determined. Gisele knows how to show the best in each item of clothing, and this is what makes her different from other models.” Nick Knight, photographer

    “The key to her success, I think , is that she was and she has always been mainly Gisele. a happy Brazilian woman, physically vibrant, with long hair, sparkling eyes, freckles and a nose, totally her own nose. Her body continues to be athletic and with curvy lines (by the fashion standards) but the most important thing is that her personality is always winning.” Anna Wintour

    “No matter who the client is, Gisele Bundchen is always a top notch professional and gives her 110% to the day.” – celebrity makeup artist Terri Apanasewicz.

    “She hasn’t done a show in New York for over ten years. I’ve been a fan of hers since day 1. I was in high school collecting all her magazine covers. I think that there is an energy about her that really exudes past her physical looks. She just brings so much energy to a room, a picture. When you see her even without saying anything just such a great great model at that. She’s so humble, do down to earth. I love her.” Alexander Wang 2012

    “She’s Gisele. She gets the picture in fewer takes than any other model I’ve ever worked with. She knows her angles, she knows her light. She’s sort of the boss and everyone respects that. She gets involved.” Greg Kadel

    show me ONE model with all these accolades and her career….*crickets*

  77. mvfd says:

    Lets not forget her record setting successes:

    In 2000, Bündchen was dubbed the “Boobs from Brazil” credited for inspiring the 36,000 breast enhancement surgeries performed that year in Brazil.

    She has her own line of sandals with footwear company Grendene called Ipanema Gisele Bündchen. Forbes puts her 53rd on their list of the most powerful celebrities of 2007 because of the international success of her shoe line, making the brand Ipanema the most sold Brazilian flip-flop in the world, surpassing the legendary Havaianas.

    2001 She launches best-selling flip-flop line, Ipanema; in just three years, sales will top $30 million, with a portion of proceeds going to green causes.

    1.1 million pairs of Gisele Bundchen sandals were sold in their launch month in 2001.

    Gisele told Vitals Magazine in 2005, Business and Investing in Real Estate have been her hobbies since she was 18 years old. Since age 18 she has acquired real estate in New York, Los Angeles and São Paulo. She claims modeling is only 40% of what she does and the rest is contracting.

    May 2007 she Terminates contract with Victoria’s Secret; shares of its parent company, Limited Brands, reportedly fall 31.5 percent.

    In 2007 The Gisele Bündchen Stock Index, a comparative study by economist Fred Fuld, charts the performance of brands associated with the Brazilian bombshell. Fuld finds their growth far surpasses that of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, with each brand faring significantly better with her endorsement.

    After Brazilian clothier C&A hired her and started their TV commercials, the sales had an increase of 30%.

    Bündchen owns a hotel in Brazil, land in Brazilian city Trancoso, a villa in Costa Rica, and she is currently building a home in Santa Monica.

    Ipanema by Gisele, is available in 80 countries; her take from the 30 million pairs sold in 2009: about $8 million.

    The 2010 launch of natural skincare line, Sejaa has seen success–according to Forbe’s, it is rumored that it’s being courted by major cosmetics companies, including Shiseido, for acquisition.

    Edward Razek, chief marketing officer of Limited Brands, who worked with Bündchen during her Victoria’s Secret career told Forbe’s in 2011, “She’s an international icon who can also move product—from shampoo to couture.”

    In early 2011, Proctor and Gamble reported that Pantene shampoo sales exploded 40% in Latin America after Bündchen started representing the product.

    The Lingerie Brand “HOPE” of which Gisele has been contracted since 2010 discovered the power of Gisele to stimulate business. The company saw the search for its products duplicate in just two months, resulted, says the commercial director Carlos Eduardo Padula, of the visibility generated by the launch of Gisele’s personal lingerie collection the Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates. The sales in “The Day of the Boyfriends” also saw growth in 2011 by 25% in comparison with 2010, when it did not yet have Gisele representing the brand. Upon hiring Gisele for Hope since 2010, it’s been reported she has made the invoicing of the company grow by 40%.

    November 2011 Fred Fuld an American Economist who tracks companies Gisele represents since 2007, reported that she is still outperforming the Dow.

    The business-savvy Brazilian bombshell is well on her way to becoming the world’s first billionaire supermodel with a portfolio that includes her own line of lingerie, Brazilian Intimates, an eco-friendly beauty range, Sejaa Pure Skincare, a shoe line, Ipanema, and some major real estate holdings that according to Forbes magazine “including a hotel in the south of Brazil, land in the posh north-east city of Trancoso, Bahia, a villa in Costa Rica and a multi-million dollar house” in California that is worth $20 million plus alone…
    But it’s her lingerie line which has the potential to take her over the magic billion line — already a sell-out success in South America, Portugal, Japan and Israel — the 40-piece collection is due to be sold worldwide and judging by Brazilian Intimates’ previous sales records, a new supermodel lingerie empire is about to take over the world.

    Her July Vogue Brazil 2011 cover shot in the Amazon was the magazines highest selling issue ever, selling 70,743 copies. The record was later broken by fellow model Karolina Kurkova with her November 2011 issue selling 70,991 copies.

  78. mvfd says:

    and her charity work, we can’t forget. You can call me a crazy fan all you want for writing this, but at least I have legit FACTS to back up my opinions.

    October: Post-9/11, she appears with model Carolyn Murphy and actress Julianne Moore in print ads for the CFDA Fashion for America T-shirt campaign benefiting the Twin Towers Fund.

    Designed a limited edition necklace sold to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital cancer treatment efforts.

    Gisele donated her runway fee from the Ricardo Almeida show in 2003, to the “Fome Zero Program”.

    Her involvement with socio-environmental causes began years ago when she spent time with an Indian tribe on the Xingu River in the Amazon Rainforest. During her visit, Gisele witnessed the problems faced by the tribe due to water pollution and deforestation. After returning home, she called a footwear company she had been working with for years, Grendene. She worked with the company to use her flip-flop line to call attention to environmental causes and raise funds to sponsor environmental projects, especially forest and water related projects in the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforest.

    In 2008, she returned to her homeland to help make a difference, and together with her family, Gisele and her father launched Projeto Água Limpa (Clean Water Project) in her hometown of Horizontina. The project aims at implementing sustainable environmental management and promoting the recovery of riparian vegetation and the micro basins of the region. On 8 June, 2009 the first native trees were planted – around 40,000 saplings were planted during the first phase of the projects.

    From fashion to fanfare, Gisele finds a way to share her environmental passion in various aspects of her life. Aside from designing footwear to raise awareness, Gisele also dedicates part of her website to environmental issues. She launched a “green” blog in 2008 with the aim of “reflecting on socio-environmental issues that we can do something about”. In May 2009, she hit the red carpet to co-host the Rainforest Alliance’s annual gala to honor leaders in sustainability.

    In 2006 Bündchen became the face of American Express Red, part of the Product Red initiative to send a percentage of monies earned from the financial transactions of this credit card to Africa’s HIV/AIDS victims.In 2009, she appeared in 30 covers of the international issues of Elle magazines wearing (Product) Red clothing and posing with products from companies who support the same cause. Bündchen has also supported a variety of environmental causes, including clean water initiatives,environmental sustainability, and preservation of South American rainforests. In addition, Bündchen has helped raise money for cancer research and treatment,victims of Hurricane Katrina,and the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

    Gisele opened The Luz Foundation in 2007, a grant-making organization advocating the empowerment of young girls and a place where she donates a percentage of her money to help with different projects that come along.

    She was, in 2009, one of the celebrities to sign up for the auction fundraiser of celebrities autographed iPods to raise cash for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, organised by The money is for the Music Rising institution which aims to recover and invest in the musical culture of the destroyed areas.

    In 2009, she appeared almost simultaneously in more than 20 covers of the international issues of Elle magazines wearing (Product) Red clothing and posing with products from companies who support the same cause.

    On 20 September 2009, she was designated Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).In January 2012, Gisele made her first official visit to Africa as UNEP Goodwill Ambassador.

    In 2010 she Donated $1.5 million for Haiti earthquake relief.

    In March 2011, it was reported, Bundchen wrote a check for $1 million to the earthquake fund created by the Japanese Red Cross Society after Japan was struck by the most powerful earthquake to hit the island nation in recorded history and the tsunami it unleashed. It was also reported she sent $250,000 to the Pacific Tsunami Fund and Save the Children and another $250,000 to a Japanese Red Cross earthquake fund.

    March 2010 Launches her own eco skin care line, Sejaa pure skincare.

    December 2010 she launches her own cartoon for children, Gisele and the Green Team, an eco-friendly animated Web series for AOL Kids, launches online at

    Every year Gisele chooses a charity, to which proceeds of sales from her sandals are donated, with the 2011 donation going to ISA – the Socio-environmental Institute.

    May 2011 Gisele was named Harvard’s 2011 Global Environmental Citizen in recognition of her eco-efforts.

    November 2011 she was awarded Greenest Celebrity at the 2011 International Green awards at the National History Museum of London. Each year the Green Awards honors a celebrity who has been the most creative and innovative in the approach of sustainability of the environment. An online public vote took place and Gisele was the clear winner beating Former Beatles Paul McCartney and Miguel Bose.

    November 2011 Gisele made a surprise visit in Boston, MA to a group of teenage girls who were all patients at the Jimmy Fund Clinic at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute for a day of fun. The supermodel spent time with each and every girl, posing for photos and teaching them how to strut their stuff.

    Gisele was recognized as one of the most charitable celebrities in 2011 by The Giving Back Fund, which added her to their list of celebs who made the largest donations to charity according to public records.

    January 13 2012 Gisele visited Kenya on a goodwill mission. the Brazilian supermodel went to the East African country to experience firsthand the reality of energy poverty. As part of the visit, Bundchen spent a day with a family in the village of Kisumu and helped them tend to tasks such as carrying firewood to their hut – while also making sure to highlight the dangers of using firewood inside homes that do not have energy. She was also seen dancing with the locals and visiting various homes, as well as teaming up with UK NGO Practical Action during the course of her stay.

    Bündchen lends her support and image to a number of charities and humanitarian causes, such as the fight against AIDS and She promotes protecting the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and Amazon Rainforest water sources, donating to this cause a percentage of profits from her line of sandals.

    In 2003, Bündchen designed an exclusive and limited edition of platinum hearts, working with Platinum Guild International and Harper’s Bazaar, crafted by jewelers Gumuchian Fils. These platinum hearts were sold to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which specializes in cancer treatment. She served as the spokesperson and campaign model for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Bündchen already gave a São Paulo Fashion Week’s payment check for Zero Hunger (in Portuguese: Fome Zero), a Brazilian-government program introduced by Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva also in 2003.

    She promotes protecting the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and Amazon Rainforest water sources, donating to this cause a percentage of profits from her line of sandals named Ipanema Gisele Bündchen. Also, Bündchen helps projects such as Nascentes do Brasil, ISA, Y Ikatu Xingu and De Olho nos Mananciais. Bündchen and Grendene, the company that produces and disseminates her line of sandals, also joined the Florestas do Futuro project for the reforestation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The project was created by the NGO named SOS Atlantic Forest in 2004.The new forest, named for Grendene – Gisele Bündchen, started with 25,500 shoots of 100 different species, enough to revitalize an area of 15 hectares.

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