Is Brad Pitt infatuated with “gorgeous” 21-year-old Jennifer Lawrence?

You know I think Jennifer Lawrence is hot stuff, right? The girl’s got a bangin’ body, she has a beautiful face, and she’s truly talented. I would imagine that a lot of dudes (and some ladies) of varying ages are assessing J-Law’s assets at this point. One of those dudes happens to be Brad Pitt. Allegedly! According to Star Magazine (yeah), Brad got a screener of The Hunger Games and now he’s all about The J-Law. He’s J-Law-obsessed. He wants to work with her. He’s texting her. And now Angelina is all “OMG, now I have to worry about ANOTHER Jennifer?”

Angie is so jealous that Brad has been texting the 21-year-old actress and she told Brad to ‘stop drooling’ over her — do you agree with Angelina?

Brad Pitt has yet another Jennifer in his life but this time it’s Jennifer Lawrence. A new report in Star claims that Brad became infatuated with Jennifer after seeing an advanced screening of The Hunger Games.

“He just flipped for her! Brad hasn’t stopped talking about how gorgeous, poised and talented Jennifer is,” an insider tells Star. “Brad is determined to find a project to collaborate on.”

But the one person that can’t stand listening to Brad’s new obsession is his partner and mother of his six kids, Angelina Jolie!

“She warned him to act his age and stop drooling over a girl young enough to be his daughter. She even hit him with the jab, ‘which Jennifer are you talking about?’”

But the big meltdown took place when Angie caught Brad texting Jennifer! They reportedly exchanged contact information at the Academy Awards.

“Angie absolutely freaked out,” the source says. Angie left Brad and jetted off to Amsterdam for three days and even forbade Brad from going to the LA premiere!

[From Hollywood Life]

Ah, The Villainess Jolie strikes again! First she jabs. Then she warns. Then she melts down, and finally, she freaks out and “orders” Brad to do something or NOT do something. The Villainess is all about the tough love. No warmth. Only cold directives, issued with her villainess cackle. “It obeys The Leg or It gets the hose again!”

Seriously, though… I’m thinking Angelina would be up for a threesome? I could see Jolie being into J-Law too. Would J-Law do it? Probably not. She’s got Nicolas Hoult! Lucky girl.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. mooppsie says:

    A couple days ago I found this article in my local news paper

    It so weird how none of the gossip blogs I read have covered this yet. Whats going on?

  2. Linn says:

    Haha, this story is pretty hilarious. I don’t think someone married to ANGELINA JOLIE (probably the most beautiful woman of all time) would look at other women (even thoufh i do think Jen is cute).

    But I can definitely see Brad and JLaw working together in the future, they’re both very talented actors.

    • Indra says:

      Angie isnt married to anyone.

      So that leaves Brad and all the other men in the world to fantasise about Jen all they want.

      • Linn says:

        Well yeah technically they aren’t married but they have 6 kids together which shows even more commitment. And I don’t think Brad would fantasize about other women if he’s with someone as beautiful as Angelina. That’s what I meant!

      • Indra says:

        ‘Well yeah technically they aren’t married’

        Thanks for admitting you were incorrect, something that doesnt happen much on this site.

        ‘but they have 6 kids together which shows even more commitment. ‘

        That all depends on who you talk to, while I believe that children are a big commitment, so is marriage, and thats one commitment they are yet to make to each other.
        (Side note: I dont believe that Angie or Brad give marriage much respect given the 3 they have between them, thus why they havent gotten married.)

        ‘And I don’t think Brad would fantasize about other women if he’s with someone as beautiful as Angelina.’

        I think that given familiarity in the bedroom the mind does wonder, no matter who is in bed beside you.

      • pamela says:

        How are you going to handle it if or when they do get married? There will be a lot of “screaming at the ocean” I know for sure.LOL

      • Indra says:

        When Angie and Brad get married I will rejoice and be ‘screaming at the ocean’ in knowing that homosexual marriage is now legal.

      • Shay Kay says:

        In response:
        1. I agree that Brad may very well find
        her sexy.He definitely goes for the
        thin look.Also, hopefully his love
        for Jolie influences his take on
        her appearance.(As in: my hubby was
        hot when we married and, quite
        frankly, still is, at least to me.I
        really don’t think I’m being biased
        but if I am than I should be after
        18 years of marriage.)

        2. I did not say that anyone here,
        myself included, wanted to have
        J-Law’s body instead of their own.
        I said that if you had to choose I
        believe most women would rather have
        J-Law’s body rather than Jolie’s.

        3. I did not say that Angie’s age
        caused her to be unattractive or
        even less attractive than J-Law.
        I happen to believe Angie looks
        like an exhausted, underfed,
        overworked mother of six and, given
        her profession/finances,I
        think she chooses to look this way.
        Should she eat, sleep, exercise
        moderately, and groom herself she
        could be extremely attractive more
        so than J-Law due to age, elegance,
        confidence, and experience. That
        said she looks like cr*p imo.
        I’m saying that lots of women her
        age and older look better than Jolie
        because they care to some degree
        about their health and appearance.
        4. When I said that “Jen looks younger,
        healthier” than Jolie I was
        referring to Jenifer LAWRENCE not
        Jennifer ANISTON as I do not see the
        need to constantly compare the two.
        We are talking about Pitt and J-Law
        Jolie as a byproduct of the Pitt

        I turn my back for one minute and people think I’m dissing Jolie’s looks because of her age, bringing up JA, implying I/others would rather look like
        J-Law than ourselves. I’m thinking I have offended some Jolie fans by not finding her “the most beautiful woman in the world”, by preferring the appearnce of a different Hollywood actress to hers, and of course by not bringing up JA so they could make her the focus of the conversation ie “Angie’s better than Jen no matter what na-nanny-boo-boo.” Alright well if you think so but no she’s not.

      • Mari says:

        Oh yeh, they en’t married probably just like JTheroux and Heidi Bivens were not married either, so they were free to keep on finding a new partner… Living together as they have said that they consider themselves married and having and raising their children together is no comitmment enough… Right.

      • flan says:

        Marriage was a real commitment in the 19th century, when divorce was almost impossible.

        In this day and age children are a far bigger commitment. It will tie people far more than a marriage.

        Marriage also has not stopped many celebrities from moving on with other celebrities (see Brad Pitt amongst others).

    • Shay Kay says:

      I respect that you personally find Jolie to be “the most beautiful woman in the world” but I’d respect your maturity level a bit more if you would entertain the idea that someone else might find J-Law to be far more appealing. I am sure that after “leg gate” Jolie has bought a clue that she is not the sex kitten/tiger that she once was. Look at it this way Jolie still owns her Mother Theresa image for now anyway.

    • BlackMamba says:

      ANYBODY can get cheated on and that includes Angelina Jolie.

    • Mara says:

      Angelina is not the most beautiful woman of all time ,that is exaggerated .

      • EscapedConvent says:

        I wasn’t going to say anything, but thank you, Mara! I think La Jolie is gorgeous, striking, & elegant & I like her. But when I hear “the most beautiful woman in the world” line, I think “Is there another face like this one?” Because that’s just how I look at it–the uniqueness of that person’s look is sort of the criterion, for me. I have been surprised to see a couple of other women who look quite a lot like Angelina, even as unusual & beautiful as she is. Just an observation. But have we ever seen another face like Elizabeth Taylor’s?

        It’s just my two cents!

      • Noi says:

        ever heard of personal opinions? i swear common sense seems to fly out the windows sometimes

    • Sakyiwaa says:


    • Daphne says:

      Comments like this irritate me. In a perfect, ideal world, no man would stray. No woman would stray. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and contrary to what you or anyone think, Angelina Jolie is not the perfect woman. Everyone gets bored, everyone gets tired of their significant other. Everyone gets tempted by the fruit of another. Even without knowing the deets, it’s clear that Angelina Jolie is losing her looks rapidly because of her weight loss, and while he may love/care for her, it’s not a turn on. Any man would notice another woman’s curves when his partner clearly has none.

    • TexasTexasTexad says:

      She is NOT the most beautiful woman of all time. There are smoking hot women all over the world. I love AJ as much as anyone (very proud of her), but she’s simply as beautiful as other true beauties. Which is to say that my husband would stutter and make a fool of himself if he met her ;)

  3. Angel says:

    PUHLEASE ….. like she can ever hold a candle to the gorgeous La Jolie. No Jennifer can !

    • Tapioca says:

      When it comes to baby back ribs and women I think you’ll find most men prefer a little more meat on their bones!

      AJ still has a beautiful face, but given the choice between Jen’s plump young curves or a reanimated cadaver most horny guys would opt for the former.

      • Shay Kay says:

        I think most women would far prefer to have Jen’s body (young, healthy, strong) than Jolie’s body (older, too thin, frail). It is the flat refusal of loons to acknowledge what is so obvious a fact that leads me to disregard much of what they say. To be clear my opinion is not based on their respective ages but the pure physical attraction of each woman. In general J-law would win on attractive versus Jolie although a few might prefer the gaunt appearance of Jolie they would surely be in the minority.

      • Toot says:

        That may be true, but I believe Brad has no problem with Angelina’s body because she been pretty much the same size their whole relationship. Her face has just thinned out, but her body has been the same.

        Yeah, even in Mr & Mrs Smith Angelina had skinny arms and calves.

      • teri says:

        Nothing about Jen is young, but that was funny.

      • swansong says:

        Pitt obviously likes them stick-thin because that’s the type he goes for. All his partners become thinner with him – including JA (who went through a scary skeletal phase that was rumoured to be due to too much coke, along w/ the rest of Friends).

      • Kara Ann says:


        Um…You do realize that Shay Kay was referring to Jennifer LAWRENCE..right? I mean that is what this thread is about, Brad’s supposed attraction to JLAW. Soooo….yeah, Jennifer Lawrence is young!!

      • Leikyn says:

        What you or I like is not necessarily what Mr.Pitt likes. A woman does not have to be beautiful in face, dewy of skin, or Sports Illustrated like in body to be loved, worshiped, adored, or lusted after by the man in her life.

        I’m really tired of the “if you are over 40 your man is going to walk out on you because he wants something younger” mindset. Getting older does not make a person worthless, less valuable, or ugly. No, I don’t want Ms.Lawrence’s body. I am quite happy with my own.

      • Bree says:

        Angelina has thin limbs but has curves in the right places. She has womanly hips and a large bust. She is not flat and her body does not go straight down.

        People who see her in person always say she is small but healthy and strong looking.

        I see no bones across her chest like some really thin people.

      • cameron says:

        People can have opinions about Angie’s looks/body based on photos.
        But I tend to listen to people who have actually met Angie in person.

        She’s never described as very skinny. She’s almost always described as thin but strong looking and more beautiful in person than photos. If that can be possible. Even one of my clients in NYC whose business is mentioned in the press everytime the JP’s comes to NYC told me both she and Brad are gorgeous in person.

        Someone mentioned Elizabeth Taylor but as I remember she was always ridiculed for being too fat. Elizabeth was a great beauty but Jolie has features that you don’t usually see on caucasian women and that’s why she stands out from the rest.

        Do you really think Brad is into looks? None of the women prior to Angie were great beauties. Paltrow was this tall, skinny, average looking girl when they began dating. Jill Scholen, Juliette Lewis, Jennifer Aniston cute girls. Not great beauties. Paltrow and Aniston became more attractive in the media by association with Brad.

        The LA times “50 most beautiful women on Film” list last year. None of Brad’s previous girls made that list only Jolie.

  4. lisa says:

    The threesome thing is dumb. They are the parents to 6 children. Angie is not 20 years old but 36. And outside of the youthful things she did in her 20′s there have been no legit stories of them doing anything other than being together with their children.

    I guess the tabs are throwing anything at a wall to see if it sticks.


    • flourpot says:

      I see where you’re coming from but I have to disagree. No matter how many children, no matter your age – if you’re horny for a threesome, you’ll find a way to have it.

      It’s just sex, after all. If you can do it without the mind games that usually go along with it – more power to ya.

      Also..I think the story is BS too.

      Edit: She looks like a chipmunk. :)

  5. marie says:

    While I know it’s not, I soo want this story to be true..

  6. Rhiley says:

    I wish he had “allegedly” said, “yeah, babe, she is like a younger, hotter you.”

    • lisa says:

      But that too would be a lie. Because she is not.

      I actually like Jennifer a lot. Said the rags are using her big movie to try and bring a Brad/Angie crap angle into it. I guess the lies about the “Other” Jennifer have dried up.

      and of course lets paint Angie as insecure. LOL

  7. Bite me says:

    U know star magazine should have gone with another angle… remember that movie Serena or something Jolie was first attach to it and now JLaw will be doing it…. Anyway the word gorgeous is over used

  8. NerdMomma says:

    LOL. This actually sounds like it’s based on a typical, healthy exchange between a long-term couple:

    Man: Wow, that actress is really talented!
    Woman: She’s 21. Stop drooling, Romeo.

    And then some super uptight person overheard it and ran to the press claiming there was a knock-down drag-out fight.

  9. Indra says:

    I highly doubt J-Law would be interested in a three-some with with two old fogeys.
    Shes 21 with the world at her feet. If she was interested in a three-some I am sure she could find a couple of tighter younger bodies to participate.

    BTW I would bet my life that Brad ‘thinks’ of other women, and Angie ‘thinks’ of other men/women in the bedroom.

  10. Marjalane says:

    This is hilarious; Why on earth would this beautiful young girl be interested in doing anything with Brad Pitt? He’s like, a slightly better looking Clooney with SIX kids! Brad Pitt was hot 15-20 years ago, and if he’d cut his ridiculous hair, shave and stop dressing like a homeless man, he might be (sorta) hot again, but that’s debateable. I can just see Brad sneaking in a text between his “dad duties”.

  11. Erica says:

    Such a horribly written and obviously false story – but for some reason I wish it was real!!

  12. Guest1 says:

    He might dream about her, but he is old enough to be her father.

  13. deb says:

    i’m more interested in what Empress Z has to say about it

  14. guest says:

    Jennifer Lawrence star struck by Brad and Angelina

    14th March 2012

    0Comments | Comment on this Article

    Jennifer Lawrence still gets star struck and says her “heart stopped” when she met Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    Jennifer Lawrence’s “heart stopped” when she met Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    Despite her growing fame, the ‘Hunger Games’ actress admits she still gets star struck when she sees other celebrities but wouldn’t dream of approaching them for advice.

    She said: “My heart actually stopped beating for a moment when I saw Brad and Angelina at the golden Globe awards.

    “I also sat next to Tilda Swinton at the ceremony and I couldn’t close my mouth.

    “Have they given me advice? No, not really. I think everybody thinks, ‘I did it on my own so you can do it on your own too.’ “

  15. Jessica says:

    Obey the leg or it gets the hose again!!! LOL – I LOVE IT!!!

  16. Mie says:

    I don’t think Jennifer would hit something that old! But in his young days they would have made a good match!

  17. mln76 says:

    This is a dumb story I guess they couldn’t think of anything interesting this week.

    • islandgirl says:

      So true and just another way for the haters to bashed B &A even if the story is false lol. They live for stories about this couple.

    • Kara Ann says:

      Hey Min :) , you know that I don’t like Brangelina but I agree that this story is untrue and frivolous. Still it gets us all to post and that means we’ll keep getting more like it!
      I’ve noticed that sometimes you even call BS on stupid Anniston stories which I respect you for. It’s always nice to see people that can dislike or like someone without getting into fanatical fits about this stuff. Wish I could say the same about all fans on either side of the “unholy triangle” but as anyone can see from this thread, that’s not happening anytime soon.

  18. Pay Taxes to Brad & Ang says:

    Lawrence is a HUGE fan of both Brad & Angelina, or least she talked about them a lot during her Winter’s Bones and Oscar press (BTW, Winters Bone is an excellent movie & she is great in it). She even said (on Kimmel & a couple of other places) that they are like “royalty” and she would pay taxes to them- it was pretty cute actually.

  19. Rhea says:

    You are mostly thinking of cheating when you have too much time in your hand, not much to do and bored. I really don’t think they even think of cheating when they are busy with the kids, job and charity. Most likely they are thinking of founding a creative way for some private time from the kids, just like me and hubby. LOL ;)

  20. teehee says:

    JL is totally frumpy and unattractive, IMO– but a person can love their partner and still have a crush on others, or, find others beautiful- which they are or can be.
    People shouldnt confuse lust for love, though, or assume that just finding others attractive somehow spells the end of real love. It doesnt ;)

    • lisa says:

      TA about the finding others attractive. I don’t agree that Jennifer is unattractive. I just don’t thinks she is sexy.

      but I know some will use this as a way to attack Angie and her weight or whatever. Brad seems to be quite happy with the woman in his life. And believe it or not there are men that have eyes only for the woman by their sides. I think Brad is one of those men.

      anyway the story is BS and yes it was a slow news week. And of course they had to have a Brad/Angie story to throw in there.

  21. Linda says:

    This story is not true. If any one of you think it is, then you are f urcking idiot. I think Star magazine is running out of story to tell. I guess the Brad/Angie/Aniston triangle is starting to get old so they use this Jennifer to sell mag. I like Jennifer Lawrence. She seems like she has a pretty good head on her shoulder. I hope this Hunger Game thing doesn’t change her much. If it does, I hope she knows how to handle it. It is sad that the tabs drag her name into this Brad/Angie thing.

  22. tia says:

    NO WAY, Angelina is so gorgeous, that other chick J-LAW is average… funny story though.

  23. Maritza says:

    Brad probably wants Jennifer Lawrence to play the role of his daughter in one of his movies. She does kind of look like him.

    • Linda says:

      Probably. Brad is old enough to be her dad. Nothing wrong with that. Or maybe Brad wants Jennifer in one of his project but that doesn’t mean he is infatualted with her. Brad has his own production company. If he’s going to invest in some one, might as well work with some one who’s talented.

  24. Linda says:

    It’s common sense. Jennifer L. is only 21. She’s still has plenty of grown up to do. She hasn’t enjoy her life fully yet. Her career is starting to get hot. Do you really think she needs this in her life right now?

  25. minime says:

    Apart from the hilarious story: Jennifer Lawrence looks so great in those pics!!! I think her last outfits didn’t look that good on her (IMO too sexy and too vamp). She is really a pretty girl. Would love to see her dressing like that more often.

  26. The Original Mia says:

    Welcome to celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence. It’s the special status that happens when you make it & the tabloids spin ridiculous stories about you & your love life.

  27. AudreyS says:

    I just don’t get why she’s “all that”. She seems commonly pretty.

  28. Hayley says:

    This is just another Jim Carrey / Emma Stone silliness. They think these young women would have any interest in them beyond what they could do for those women’s careers. You’re getting older, guys….. deal with it. Save some face while you can.

  29. Snarky says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is not hot or cute. Good grief. Will be glad when the Hunger Games blow over.

    • Daphne says:

      Whether or not you find her attractive (and I really think that she is), she’s got talent in spades. She was nominated for an Oscar in her first movie role. She probably worked before that film, but it was an indie, and not expected to receive the accolades that it did. Much of that was due to her performance, and the fact that it was simultaneously her break-out role AND her first Oscar nom says a lot. PS–have you read reviews for her Hunger Games performances? People are raving about her for good reason.

  30. pamela says:

    @Indra, who are you kidding? You will be curled up in a fetal position wondering “WTF do I do now”. And then it will be all like “well he married Jen after just two years, and Angie had to wait”. You people are so predictable it’s scary. LOL

    • Indra says:

      Oh Pamela. Not everyone who ‘hates’ on Angie is a Loonifer.

      Jen is a dried up old fan whore with no talent whose only redeemable characteristic is her work for St Judes Hospital, and other charities.

      Angie is a dried up old fame whore with six kids which she pimps out when it suits her image. (If Jen had kids she would pimp them out as well.)
      She lost her ‘edge’ along time ago and her only redeemable characteristic is her charitable work.

      This is Celebitchy and I reverse the right to bitch about any and all celebs that are talked about.

      You just need to get used to the fact that while you love Angie, not everyone agrees with you, and this disagreement is not always about Jen.
      Sometimes people dislike Angie because they can see through her BS.

      • pamela says:

        Right…if you say so. LOL. Methinks you doth protest too much, but carry on with your bad self. LOL. At least I don’t deny I am a fan of the Jolie-Pitts. And IF as you claim you are not a Loonifer,it says even more about you that everyone is a “dried up old fame whore”.

        Tata now.

      • Jo says:

        Pamela, you really need to get over yourself. Loons like yourself cant seem to get past the fact that lots of people dislike AJ, and that dislike has nothing to do with JA.
        You and your ilk are the reason the tabs keep bringing up this long dead triangle.

      • pamela says:

        Jo, and what are you ranting about now? As far as I know I did not address you, unless you are Indra in another form?

        And no,lots of people “don’t dislike Angie”. That is what the hens would like to believe. Sane people know otherwise.

    • Marishka says:

      “Jo, and what are you ranting about now? As far as I know I did not address you, unless you are Indra in another form?”


      And I don’t really understand why there are some people keep on dissing Ange and Brad…

    • Daphne says:

      I agree with Indra and others. Dislike for Angelina isn’t necessarily connected to Jennifer Aniston. That story is years old now, and there is plenty more about Angelina to dislike. I don’t know her, but she strikes me as an uptight nightmare. And she gets far too much credit for mediocre acting. She knows how to yell and cry and slap the ground while yelling and crying. The rest is very, very bland. And then of course, there’s the controversy over her jewelry line and the paps she drags with her on every outing she ever does (don’t even start. she controls everything, and she WANTS to be photographed all the time. there are stars that are far more talented who have managed to keep a low profile between jobs and whose children we don’t know the names of, much less their sleep patterns, birthday presents or imaginary friends). Jolie likes attention, and that’s a turn off when all she ever does is talk about how she and Brad don’t like attention. Here’s a clue: don’t give out personal info about yourselves and your children every chance you get, and the press will stop hounding.

  31. Rachel says:

    Couldn’t it just be that he sees a talented young woman and has placed himself in the role of mentor??? But I guess that’s not as interesting as creating a love triangle. He’s shown time and again that he’s the kind of person who likes helping other people, so I can easily see him wanting to help out younger people in the industry.

  32. Cathy says:

    I think it’s funny. I can imagine a young thing like JLaw saying….ewwww he’s how old? What? He’s 48. Isn’t that almost dead or nursing home age or something? lol.

    I remember thinking things like that when I was 21 and some old lecher would come up to me in a bar and try to pick me up.

  33. BKiddo says:

    This “J-Law” thing really needs to die.

    “Stop trying to make fetch happen”

  34. swansong says:

    Either this is HG pr doing it’s job, or Star Mag is riding the HG/JL coattails (because they know it’s the next Twilight, and the stans will buy anything that has it’s name attached). And we all know that tabloid gossip orbits the evil Jolie and her wandering-eye dog…

  35. islandwalker says:

    Please stop with the stupid nick names. J-Law, Swifty, etc. It’s insulting and makes you (collectively) sound like 8th graders. Other than that, just another fabricated story.

  36. Roxy750 says:

    Holy Hannah…I just spit my coffee out of my mouth when I read this! Thank you for like the funniest thing I have read so far this week!! ““It obeys The Leg or It gets the hose again!””

  37. Miss Beca says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Brad wants to work with Jennifer. She’s young, talented, and a hot commodity. And he wants an Oscar BADLY.
    This is probably just a story about Brad wanting to do a project, Angie giving a quick eye-roll at her age, and everyone involved moving on.

  38. Anon says:

    Probably the jealous forty-something’s pr guru causing trouble again at the direction of his client. They’ve gotten away with it for years and keep people thinking about that old Jenny with pity.

  39. sup says:

    her fake nose looks so weird. i don’t buy this story.

  40. LoL says:

    He does like them young looking, doesn’t he? julliete Lewis was only 16 and boobless when he dated her. Ewww. Nobody remembers that yuckiness about their perfect brad. He’s a perv.

    • lisa says:

      Funny he only became a perv when he got a divorce.

      Brad is not perfect. But he is far from the low life you and other want to paint him as.

      Moving on with your life and building a family with the woman you love is the reason people like you have a problem. But thing is Brad didn’t leave you. Didn’t divorce you. So live you life and stop whining about the choices that a 48 year old man makes.

      He’s happy.. deal with it.

    • cameron says:

      Comparing Brad to WV. Now that’s a joke. Did people really care or remember him today ? Jerry Seinfeld and Shoshanna (sp) now that was creepy since he was in his mid-late 30′s and she was 16 or 17 years old.
      Brad was in his 20′s..

  41. Nev says:

    she will beat him with that cane again or put a cap in his ass.

  42. original kate says:

    cue the brangeloonies: “this is a lie! angie is the most beautiful creature who ever existed! they have a perfect, perfect love!”

    it’s good to know there are some things you can always count on in life.

  43. Dee Cee says:

    Jennifer Lawrence has a boyfriend.X-Men co star Nicholas Hoult.

  44. Jaxx says:

    Ye Gods, who is dressing this child? She stands around like a sack of potatoes and her clothes are just horrible. Does she not have a mirror?

  45. bettyrose says:

    Can we just talk about several of the logical fallacies that have been expressed in this thread?
    1. Married people don’t ever crush on others even a tiny little bit.
    2. A lifetime commitment involving six children isn’t as binding as a marriage.

    Maybe Brad is crushing on this girl, maybe he’s not. Whatever. It’s no threat to the love of his life and mother of his six kids. And, in any case, an adoption is actually a way more binding legal commitment than a marriage (for those of you who feel legal documents are necessary to ensure fidelity).

    • kira says:

      While not a logical fallacy per se… can we add the people who use the childish language “loons” to describe the Brangie bunch–but at the same time–many of these people are salivating at the thought that Pitt would cheat w/this 21 yr old, thereby breaking up a relationship with 6 kids. Yes, that’s not looney thinking at all, now is it? ;-)

    • Lolie says:

      Your post is LOADED with fallacies and ignorance.

      1. Married men, are men. And are HUMANS. They have as much a chance of crushing on someone than anything else.
      2. Marriage is a piece of paper, not a state of mind. DNA binds people forever, and children that share your and someone else’s genetic code bind people forever. This is an irrefutable fact, ask any single parent who shares custody.

    • D1 says:

      #3: If you’re beautiful/handsome, you will never get cheated on. All super attractive actors/models who have ever been cheated on were figments of our collective imaginations.

      (This is also a gross attitude because it makes the attractive party responsible for keeping their partners faithful with the power of their hotness. And it follows that if – well, when – they lose their hotness, it is to be expected that their partners will cheat on them)

      #4: Cheating is always about getting with someone hotter. It’s never about, say, variety/the thrill of the new, revenge/hostility towards one’s partner, a midlife crisis, proving one’s sex appeal, getting an emotional need that’s not getting met in one’s relationship filled, or a million other potential psychological/emotional reasons.

      I’m going to assume that people are saying these silly things because they are attached to this particular couple, but don’t actually believe them in real life. At least, I hope so.

  46. Jess says:

    She’s kinda moonfaced and average to me…

  47. ala says:

    Because there is no other guy name in hollywood like Brad Pitts name, and there is no interesting headlines than angelinalizing things, her made up association only shows she made it. But whomever comes up with this dumb idea need to disapear from the girl side cuz she doesn’t need to use things she doesn’t need to use. If she continue with things like this ,it will be a matter of time before somebody take her place. This kind of things doesn’t make her to adjust to the new level she is getting in to rather makes them to slip away with the speed of light.

  48. Sara says:

    Um, I really do not get what the big deal about Jennifer Lawrence’s looks are. This may sound bitchy, but her face is so round you can’t even tell she has cheekbones when she smiles. Combine that with her small eyes…I just don’t get it. Kasier tends to pick the more flattering photos, as a lot of the photos of Jennifer on other websites make her look even worse. She has a totally banging body and fantastic hair, but if I had to make a list of the more beautiful actresses under 25 she would be on the bottom of the pile. Even Emma Watson, with her little boy haircut, looks better in my opinion. Personally, I know a couple of women who I think are way more attractive than her.

  49. Molly says:

    This isn’t even a realistic rumor. Please.

  50. F5 says:

    No one cheats on Jolie_Restless_Leg_Syndrome!

  51. e.non says:

    heh… guess you had to stop smearing that unfortunate p.a. from the movie set pitt was supposedly banging. time to move on to someone who actually has a platform to respond — that in all likelihood she’ll laughingly ignore.

  52. Mae says:

    Dear angry, bitter women,

    Society has told you to feel better about yourselves by dissing other women. Please stop. Angelina doesn’t look like a “corpse” and Jennifer Lawrence isn’t “chubby” or “moon faced.” Get over yourselves!!!

  53. pamela says:

    LoL says

    When the woman involved is an emancipated minor, then NO he is NOT a perv. Check your facts. You can find the info with a little effort.

  54. It is ME!! says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is very pretty. She’s no Rumer Willis though. ;p

  55. anonymous says:

    The mags and internet pundits miss Angelina and Brad Pitt, seems as if,if these two are not on the mags or in a hot internet story they don’t get many hits. Nobody have seen them for awhile but the stories keep coming. Brad Pitt seem smitten with Angelina, look at the way he was looking at her at the Oscar’s when she was posing, he was smiling and looking at her with pride.

  56. marie says:

    Jennifer L has chipmunk cheeks and looks like a little girl…her body looks weak and frumpy not strong….you need some muscle to be strong.

  57. Marybel says:

    You all make me LOL trying to push Hollywood types into normal molds. Jolie has serious issues. Looks aren’t everything. If I were with her, she’d wear me slick with her insecurities. Maybe it’s not true, but it’s understandable that someone young and fresh might be more fun to hang out with.

  58. lisa says:

    I wish people would not trash Jennifer because she is a sweet girl. She shouldn’t be ragged on because the rags are using her as a story point. An obviously BS story point

    she is 21 or 22. She still has her baby cheeks. That’s how it is when you are that young. She doesn’t have to be knocked to make this story unbelievable. It is easy to see it is BS..

    Go Jennifer.. can’t wait to see HG this weekend.

  59. D1 says:

    So depressing…and predictable. A silly story like this results in comment after comment tearing women apart for their appearance & pitting them against each other on the basis of their beauty.

    I guess it’s not surprising to see dozens of people responding to this story by commenting on how hot or ugly Jolie or Lawrence are – it reflects our culture’s attitude that a woman’s looks are the most important thing about her.

  60. pwal says:

    What a fcuking shame.

    We get these stories of Brad wanting to work with Jonah Hill (again), Fassy (again), Jim Parsons (for the first time) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (for the first time), but the possibility of him wanting to work with a young actress, he depicted as wanting to taste her.

    I have no opinion on Jennifer Lawrence. I haven’t seen Winter’s Bone and I have no intention of seeing Hunger Games, but it’s plain annoying that the tabs choose to fixate on a possibly pissed off Angelina angle versus acknowledging that Brad has made some movies, both large and small, that garnered attention for himself and for co-stars who had some success before but not nearly the scope of attention and acclaim. Again, the press is hyping Hunger Games in a way that Lawrence may not need additional shine; but then again, she could end up getting pigeon-holed if Hunger Games score huge at the box office. So having the option of being attached to a Pitt project which can be eclectic, if the last seven years are any indication, is not a bad thing.

    Of course the tabs won’t see it that way, since they are what they are.

  61. kathy says:

    BS! Brad got Angelina Jolie, he’s not interested in that fluff. BS!

  62. kay says:

    Another BS story.Funny how people believed this.Only morons believed this crap!

  63. kee says:

    lol have people see Lawrence’s boyfriend? He is f—ing gorgeous. I don’t believe any of these tabloid stories about her liking someone else because the guy at her side is attractive as hell.

  64. Sakyiwaa says:

    Brad is definitely into skinny broads…

    • Sakyiwaa says:

      …not to sh*t on J-Law (lame nicky, btw. completely unoriginal)or anything. i think she’s good the way she is. And apart from that superficial tick of Brad’s, it just too unlikely he would break up his dream family for an up-and-comer.

      so BS.

      Rant officially over…

  65. emma says:

    Am haaaating that every celebrity (and movie title) gets shortened… Spend an extra second and write the whole word dammit!

    On the wkend while i was watching JLAW in THG at JHYC with Ajoy and MKim i like totally GTnn’d

  66. seriously? says:

    lol seriously? 2 days ago was the depps with ash olsen now it’s mangelina (aka angelina’s boyfried) with j-law now tell me how tom cruise is crazy about emma stone lmao

  67. JenniferH says:

    Oh my god, I don’t think Brad Pitt is after Jennifer Laurence, but look at how disgusting Angelina Jolie is!! Her arms are sticks, absolutely disgusting. Be real Angie. No one cares how skinny you are – eat girl! EAT!! Who cares what weight you think you should be! Have some self-respect!