Liam Neeson & Sam Worthington at Titans premiere: who’d you rather?

Wrath of The Titans is out in 3D this weekend and I barely remember hearing about it. It looks like every other epic action movie, except it uses Greek mythology for the plot. It’s a sequel to the 2010 Clash of The Titans remake, which did incredibly well at the box office with a domestic and foreign take of $493 million. So this one will probably do well too, even though I’m lumping it in my head with the recent flop John Carter and 2011′s Conan The Barbarian. I just don’t “get” or see these type of movies, unless they’re very well reviewed or they star someone I adore. In this case I like Sam Worthington, but I won’t go see a movie just for him, you know? It’s the same for Liam Neeson, who seems to be in everything lately. (Primarily just that Battleship movie, which looks so ridic.) Ralph Fiennes is also in this, but he didn’t go to the premiere that I can see. Boo!

Anyway here are the two stars last night, looking decent. I’m not really hot for either one of them, but I wouldn’t say no, either. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a preference.

I love how Sam Worthington brings his girlfriends with him to his premieres. Here he is with his latest girlfriend, Crystal Humphries, whom he brought with him to the premiere of Man on a Ledge in January. He was with his last girlfriend, Natalie Marks, for a couple of years and he used to bring her to premieres all the time too. Kaiser reminds me that Sam is short-ish at 5’9″ and that Crystal must be tiny. They make a cute couple and Sam seems like a loyal boyfriend. That endears him to me.

What’s up with Crystal’s hair? It looks goofy with the blue and purple dip dye. I hate how that’s a trend.

Liam Neeson just looks a little tired. I would say he looks pulled, but he doesn’t, he just looks too smooth somehow. Maybe he got a peel or something. Still a lovely man, but I’m not loving his dyed hair, it looks really unnatural. Look at him leaning to the side like “I got this.”

So would you get with Sam, 35, or Liam, 59, if you had to choose? I love Australian guys, but I’m actually going with Liam, because he seems like he’d be much more attentive and interesting than Sam. You know you would have some thought-provoking conversations with Liam, and that he’d be nuanced and intelligent. After a few dates I’d convince him to change his hair and shave. Sam is like the messy drunken hookup you regret in the morning, but still brag to your friends about. I know he’s younger and technically more attractive, but I like taller guys and there’s something about Liam. Plus I’ve heard he’s very well endowed. *sigh* Still, he’s not looking his best lately.

Am I wrong about these movies, are they decent? I’m not the target audience, I know, and thankfully my kid is not old enough to see this. When he is, he can go to these type of movies with his friends. Here’s the trailer.

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  1. Asli says:

    Meh – They all start to look the same after a while. I am going to see Battleship but that’s because Askars is in it. I wouldn’t watch it if he weren’t in it. Also, I’d choose Sam because Liam is actually older than my Dad by ten years. Yikes.

  2. Naye in VA says:

    she totaally needs a bra. and JHC is that a pantyline around her waist?

    yes im hating. sam and i have a bit of a thing in my mind. And why did Ralph have to ruin the Trifecta by not showing?!?!

  3. Eve says:

    Well, I prefer the campy charm, cheese fest from the original Clash of the Titans but I still found the version (directed by Louis Leterrier) somewhat entertaining. Plus, I loved Mads Mikkelsen (Draco) in it.

    I’m going to watch this one for sure…as a mindless, entertaining movie that I think it is.

    P.S.: Ironically, Wrath of the Titans has always been the Brazilian title (“Fúria de Titãs” in Brazilian Portuguese) for both movies — the original and the remake from 2010 — so now they’re calling this one simply “Fúria de Titãs 2″.

  4. ladybert62 says:


    Off topic: but it occurred to me recently that Lian Neeson is the one who should be doing the movies of the Jack Reacher character from the books by Lee Child instead of shrimp-boat Tom Cruise!

  5. Louminary says:

    Liam, Liam, forever Liam.

    He’s so lovely and big, you just want to curl up in his lap and feel all protected and safe!

    …and have him whisper filthy things to you in that glorious voice of his….

  6. angel says:

    Liam!!! I don’t see any appeal in Sam W. at all. I think Liam has been making so many movies to keep busy since Natasha Richardson died. :(

  7. operagirl says:

    Liam, methinks…

    What is up with SW’s feet? They make him look like he’s wearing black Bozo shoes in pic#1.


  8. Reece says:

    Liam! I’m curious.

    Why? This podcast that I listen to, Hollywood Babble On, has an on going gag where they ask the audience “How big is Liam Neeson’s c__k?” Supposedly he has a large one. There’s actually a website where people can send in their answers. It’s one of the funniest bits in the podcast.

    BE WARNED it’s ALL dirty raunchy jokes.

  9. kristipistol says:

    Yeah celebitchy, it’s because he’s more interesting, not because of the bulge. snark snark!!!!!

  10. Stacie says:

    Sam makes me Swoon. He’s so tough and manly . Love him . : )

  11. UKHels says:

    Liam – always sexy and one of the biggest dongs in Hollywood by all accounts

    I liked Clash of the Titans (mainly for Mads Mikkelson) but I don’t get Sam Worthingtong AT ALL, he’s just so….ordinary

  12. Rux says:

    Worthington Who???? I can’t say Sam Who??? since that is my husband’s name.
    But seriously, I never “got” the Sam Worthington thing. He gets put into three major blockbusters (Terminator, Clash of the Titans, Avator)?! He is a mediocre actor at best, not good looking, body is mehhh. My panties are DRY as the Sahara when I look at this guy. I just want to know who and how many he had to blow to achieve this level of stardom.

    I love these types of movies but I grew up with 20+ cousins; all boys. Barbie Who?!

    Oh yeah, I would ravage Liam and brag about that s*it until the day I died.

  13. Jayna says:

    Liam. He looks amazing. I love his bit on the Ricky Gervais show. Check it out on YouTube. It’s hysterical. Liam pitches to Ricky he wants to be a standup comic. They do improv.

  14. JudyK says:

    Liam Neeson is ugly looking to me…always has been.

    Throw Pam Dawber’s husband, Mark Harmon, in the ring and watch my hormones start popping! What a lucky woman you are, Pam!

  15. Gene Parmesan says:

    naa…my biscuit will remain clamped up from them like a venus fly trap. Neither is appealing to me

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Liam, pants down. Sam’s too short for me. I want someone who can kiss me or whisper in my ear while we’re….um, excuse me. I’ll be back shortly.

  17. Ginger says:

    Liam new son EVERY time!!! But then I have been crushing on him for 20 years at least! Although Sam is not bad looking. You are right…his gf must be tiny with those heels on she is still shorter than he is

  18. Chickie Baby says:

    Liam, baby. Forever and always. Sam’s cute, but too short for me. Go for the strapping Irishman with the great voice.

  19. Eener says:

    Whilst Liam would not normally make my Senior Babe list, I bet anything he’d be a better ride than Sam!

  20. Chatcat says:

    Me Liam…I am aged in between and don’t see 10 years on either side being a big deal but Liam seems more interesting, funny and sexy to me.

  21. Maria says:

    Man, I’m torn. Liam is so wonderful, so talented, and still so handsome. But dammit if Sam Worthington doesn’t make me wibble; plus I’m 5’2 so I’m good with “short” men. I saw the Australian indie film Somersault a couple years back via Netflix streaming — him and Abbie Cornish doing unspeakable things to one another, yum. He was *amazing* and so very, very hot. He won the Australian version of the Oscar for his role. Why, oh why, does he keep making horrible films, or at the very least mediocre films in which he’s horrible? I’m sure the money has something to do with it, sigh. Sam, I love you! Go back to Australia and make better films!

  22. Lia says:

    Liam. A nice big guy who probably knows what he’s doing and doesn’t rush things. Yow.

  23. jamminatorr says:

    To be honest I’d choose Liam for a long dinner type date where we could really have a good conversation – with a lovely three hour breakfast in the morning ;) But Worthington is far more my type physically I’m 5’2 so height is really not an issue.

  24. gee_gee says:


    The voice. It does things to me.

  25. zelda says:

    Sam has the appeal of a mayo sandwich on two week expired Wonder bread.

  26. Bad Fairy says:

    Afraid someone might agree with me? Chicken

  27. Eloisa says:

    I prefer Edgar Ramirez, he is so hot

  28. CTgirl says:

    A year ago it would have been Liam. Then I read some interviews and the man is dumb as a stump. I’ll just abstain . . . .

  29. Bella says:

    I would hit both of them!! But I am leaning towards Liam…I’ve had a crush on him since forever.

  30. mandy says:

    liam is an artist so simlply and natural ….there are no lots of like him. . sam is so beautifuull but without passion …

  31. mew says:

    Don’t know the other guy really, but he’s nice looking so for a piece of meat he’d do just fine. But Liam is definitely “it” for me and if I’d have to choose, I wouldn’t have a single doubt. Liam.

  32. silken_floss says:

    LIAM! All day, everyday, any time of day! :)

  33. HAHAHA says:

    Is that a real choice? a too old (ederly?) man and a too dull one?

    Give me a choice with askars or fassbender or wensworth or eric bana then I will be all excited.

    Choising betwin a granpa’ and a paperwall is too depressing for words.

  34. Ann says:

    Neeson’s plastic surgery is making him look to feminized.

  35. cprincess says:

    “Eloisa says:
    March 27, 2012 at 10:16 pm
    I prefer Edgar Ramirez, he is so hot”

    I am soooo with you on that!
    Did you see Carlos???

  36. SFRowGuy says:

    Who would I rather? My answer is ‘Both’.

  37. Amy says:

    I love peepaw Liam.

    I just blew up wrath_of_the_titans_07_wenn3800654.jpg, and Worthington’s hair goes straight down from his face to his neck to his chest. There is no definition or break in the separate hair-covered areas.

    I can’t NOT see a sideshow dog-faced boy when I look at that all that hair. No thanks!