Lindsay Lohan will guest star on ‘Glee’ as part of her career comeback

That header ^^ is an actual screecap from one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s appearances on Glee, back in 2010. Gwyneth – and the writers of Glee – had some fun mocking Lindsay Lohan in Spanish. The Cracken, as you can imagine, whined and cried about it for months (in between doing lines at the Marmont, obviously). You would have thought that Lindsay would never want to have anything to do with anyone involved with Glee ever again! Except that Lindsay is a crackhead with a short attention span and a deep-seated need to be the center of attention, so now she’s going to be on Glee. For real.

Glee is going Lindsane. The Fox hit is in final negotiations with Lindsay Lohan to guest star in one of this season’s final episodes, TVLine has learned exclusively. What’s more, she’ll be tacklinga role she was born to play: herself!

An insider at the Fox hit confirms that, if the deal is sealed, the movie star-turned-tabloid queen — once famously the butt of a joke on the show — will serve as a celebrity judge at Nationals. Although there’s no word yet as to who might be joining Lohan on the panel, past judges for the annual season-ending competition have included Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John.

The Glee gig would mark the latest leg of the troubled actress’ Hollywood comeback, which got underway last month when she hosted Saturday Night Live. Her last scripted TV gig was a 2008 arc on Ugly Betty. She’s currently in talks to play acting legend Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime biopic.

[From TV Line]

You know what I think is funny? So far, we’ve only heard about this Elizabeth Taylor bio-pic from Camp Crackie. To my knowledge, Lifetime hasn’t said a thing about it. No director, no producer, no costar has said anything publicly. It feels like the Linda Lovelace project all over again… like Lindsay just enjoys telling everyone that she’s got the part but it all falls apart at the end of the day. So… while Lindsay was able to crack-walk her way through Saturday Night Live, and this Glee gig will probably happen, let’s not push the whole “comeback” storyline too hard, okay?

You know why everything is going to fall apart again? Because this hit-and-run story is yet another in a long line of cracktastrophes from Lindsay, only this one has legs. Legs that Lindsay will drunkenly crush under the wheels of her deathmobile.

Thaer Kamal, the Hookah Lounge manager that alleges Lindsay Lohan hit him and his vehicle, met with two LAPD detectives Tuesday morning at an undisclosed location for more than an hour, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported Lohan, 25, was driving away from the Sayers Club in Hollywood almost two weeks ago in her new black Porsche when she says she was blocked by a horde of paparazzi and club patrons from the nearby Hookah Lounge. As Lindsay was trying to make a U-turn among the crowd at the late night hotspot, she allegedly hit Kamal and his car and then sped off.

Kamal was interviewed by investigators from the LAPD for more than an hour, and his two attorneys, Mark Gergaos and Tamar Arminak were present.

“Thaer gave an honest and accurate account of what happened to him that night,” a source close to the situation tells “He wants Lindsay to be held accountable for her actions. She shouldn’t have driven away after hitting him, period. He doesn’t want her to get away with it. Thaer feels that Lindsay’s camp has bullied him by making up stories that he was being investigated for insurance fraud. He was steadfast in his conviction that he has never committed any crime, and hasn’t been investigated ever for fraud. Thaer is fearful for his family back in Iraq, he has done nothing wrong, he didn’t break any laws. He served with the United States Army for six years and seven months, and has a spotless record. He obeys all laws, and he wonders why Lindsay doesn’t.”

As previously reported, media reports circulated last week that Kamal was being investigated for insurance fraud in eight different cases for staging fake car accidents and filing bogus claims.

“Let’s be very clear about this, Thaer Kamal has never been investigated for insurance fraud, fraud, staging car accidents or anything even remotely related to any illegal criminal behavior,” a source close to the situation told “Thaer doesn’t have a criminal record, has never been arrested and this is the first time he has ever filed a claim with his insurance company. Thaer is disgusted that these false reports have been made.”

Kamal’s attorneys are looking into who has been slandering their client. “Mark and Tamar will be investigating who made those false statements about Thaer being the focus of insurance fraud investigations and will take the appropriate legal action against those responsible for the false and defamatory comments if necessary,” the insider said.

Geragos turned over the surveillance video that captured the alleged hit and run, as well as Thaer’s medical records. “The detectives were very receptive and interested in Kamal’s statement. It was done professionally, and away from prying eyes so that Thaer can try and maintain some sort of privacy because of security concerns for his family in Iraq,” the source says.

Lindsay is scheduled to appear for her final progress report Thursday in connection with her necklace theft case. Despite media reports that Lindsay is in the clear from this incident, our law enforcement source says, “that isn’t accurate because this is still an ongoing criminal investigation. It’s a fluid situation and the detectives will be conducting further interviews with eyewitnesses.”

[From Radar]

While I don’t think this stuff will end up affecting her probation hearing on Thursday (the judge wants the Cracken off of her docket by any means necessary), I do think Lindsay is going to be dealing with this Kamal stuff for much longer than she expected.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Glee/Fox.

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  1. backwards says:

    Why are people still hiring her?

  2. brin says:

    She’s just in between crack shenanagans.
    She’ll self-destruct again in no time.

  3. Rose says:

    I wonder if it will be as painful as her SNL appearance.

  4. logan says:

    She is just like the troubled little kid with horrible parents who was in my grade school class. No teacher or school board wanted to have anything to do with this family, so they just passed him on. When he got to 6th grade he could hardly function academically. All you heard from his parents who stormed the school weekly was “Not my son” or “He would NEVER do something like that” or “We will sue your a@@. Crazy. Heres’s hoping that they write her lines on really big cue cards or maybe she will wear the glasses in the pics above.

  5. Eve says:

    “Lindsay Lohan’s career comeback”…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. iloveretro says:

    What career comeback? She won’t have one as long as she’s still getting up to crack shenanigans, boozing & drugging it up and lying about it.

    She still gets hired because there are still people who want to enable her because they welcome the crack show drama she brings with her. It’s all about getting one-off ratings for their show and nothing about hiring Lohan for her “acting skills”. It’s stunt casting, pure and simple.

    • Becky says:

      My concern is that’s she might actually convince people that she is getting her come back. remember when she was a mediocre actress in a hit movie and she and Dina talked so much about her talent and the Oscar that was just within her reach? Well, lots of people stil believe that she had talent and threw it away, because she repeated that on so many interviews. watch, people will still comment on how she threw all this talent away. She might have been the IT girl, but talented?
      If crackie could convince anyone about her non existent talent, she might just be able to get her come back… But I doubt she will stay out of trouble for over two years.

    • Becky says:

      My concern is that’s she might actually convince people that she is fettint her come back. remember when she was a mediocre a tree in a hit movie and she and Dina talked so much about her talent and the Oscar that was just within her reach? Well, lots of people stil believe that she had talent and threw it away, because she repeated that on so many interviews. watch, people will still comment on how she threw all this talent away. She might have been the IT girl, but talented?
      If crackie could convince anyone about her non existent talent, she might just be able to get her come back… But I doubt she will stay out of trouble for over two years.

    • Shelly says:

      I agree. This gig and SNL do not = comeback. If she lands a decent film role and does well in it – one that actually is shown in theaters – then that might be the beginning of something called a comeback.

  7. logan says:

    Hey, has anybody else noticed that if you put really dark hair on Lindsay that she would look just like the naked OctoMom. Hahahahahahah…………..

  8. Mata says:

    I don’t get what the big deal is about the Liz Taylor biopic even if it’s actually true (ch’ya, right). I mean it’s Lifetime, for Pete’s sake.

    The movie channel that would have us believe that all cheerleaders are murderers, husbands are philanderers, and your neighbor is just waiting for a chance to seduce your man. Oh, wait. Delusional and dangerous drama queen. Never mind. Lifetime’s perfect for her.

  9. Julie says:

    i try to avoid reading lilo posts because its always the same with her.

    i dont think she had an easy time growing up but she sure cant complain that people dont offer her things.

    girl, most people never ever get opportunities like this and you get them after all of the countless stunts you pulled. how about realizing this and change things?

  10. Christina says:

    I gotta give her credit – if I fell down that many times, not sure I would have the guts to get back up and have a laugh about it. Keep it up, Lindsay!

  11. says:

    Going back to being an escort for hire for the Russian mafia does not count as a “career comeback”.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Good for her everyone deserves a second chance. Or third. She had some hard moments but it seems everything is getting better.

    • Eve says:

      The problem is that she’s had a way more than that (second or third chances).

      Plus, she never seems to regret any of her missteps, she doesn’t seek help or treatment (instead she crashes Oscar parties in order to have her picture taken), she and her mother will blame anyone BUT herself for her screw-ups and she doesn’t show a single iota of respect for her own country’s judicial system.

      I say let opportunities be given to those who are worthy of them. I have zero sympathy for the likes of Lohan.

  13. Becky says:

    I don’t understand the link between worrying about his family and Lindsay. is he american.? Why can’t he get them out of there if he was such an outstanding soldier, and now he runs a club in LA and he still can’t get his family out? And why is this relevant? Does it matter whose leg she ran over? Bitch ran over a keg, if it had been a homeless person or a murderer, shouldn’t the punishment still be the same?

    • meh says:

      You haven’t even considered that maybe his family doesn’t want to leave Iraq. Some people see it as their beloved home, not a horrible place that they must escape from. Him being concerned for their safety because they live in a more volatile place than the U.S. doesn’t mean he believes they should uproot themselves. Especially if the concern is stemming from Lindsay’s stupid crack drama, and her people who are slandering his reputation.

  14. Marjalane says:

    Well, Lindsey wearing those, ‘I am intelligent” glasses sealed the deal for me- she’s definitely engineering a MASSIVE comeback. Massive.

  15. paola says:

    Oh glee… are you really in such a desperate need of attention?!

    • Hautie says:

      I can recall “Ugly Betty” hiring Lohan for a multiple episode arc.

      Which got cut in half.

      Because of her terrible behavior. From her showing up thinking she was the STAR. And treating everyone like crap. Just complete lack of professional behavior. So she got fired.

      So yea… I bet this little guest spot on GLEE… will be very entertaining for the entire production team.

  16. cupidityrox says:

    Oh please.. She’s gonna screw up again.. She’s incapable of not screwing up! Word of advice? Give the whole acting thing a rest & focus on rehabilitating yourself. It’s obvious that fame is dangerous to you.. Besides i have zero interest in seeing you onscreen

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    I hope to sunny Jesus (to quote hubs) that she falls as flat on Glee (which I’ve never watched) as she did on SNL. (And the whole “reading the cue-cards” thing was PRICELESS! She nearly FELL OVER tilting her head to keep an eye on those things.)

  18. Adrien says:

    People still watch Glee? This is the first time I’ve read a post about Glee in months. Even the diehard Gleeks in my work stopped talking about it and moved on to other series.

  19. Marianne says:

    They made fun of her and now they want to support her career comeback….??? My patience is wearing thin with this show. I hope the pull a “Taylor Swift” and dump her when fans cry out against it.

  20. Cathy says:

    Never watched Glee. But I betcha a weeks worth of Cracktinis she’ll be awful. Her comeback won’t last. That is if you can call Glee and SNL a comeback. She’ll screw up, I have faith in her.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I stopped watching Glee after the first season, but I look forward to disastrous clips – assuming she actually shows up and does something they can put on TV.

    Why anyone would hire her for anything is beyond me. And they can quit calling it a comeback – she’s too far gone for that.

    • OhMyMy says:

      I stopped watching after the first season as well when I couldn’t keep track of which characters were supposed to be hooking up. I’m glad to see people calling out Lohan Inc. for the massive stinkfest they pulled when Goop talked about her on the show but suddenly everything is okay. Playboy supposed to be her huge comeback, SNL (or as I call it Much Ado About Nothing) supposed to be her huge comeback now this….puhleeze.

  22. KATY says:

    Is it just me or does she have some kind of white substance inside her nostrils in that next to last pic?

  23. Liberty says:

    A. I love that you wrote “screecap” because that is what it is: screee!cap. I want to use that term now, may I? Best typo ever.

    B. Forget Glee! How about a remake of Charmed with LowLungs, LeAntHead and Waity.Then they would all finally have jobs? Just trying to be efficient here.

  24. Psyren says:

    LOL at career comeback indeed. It’s like in her head it’s still circa 2006 and she’s still on the verge of becoming a respected actress or something. And let’s be honest, her career wasn’t that stellar even back then.

  25. NerdMomma says:

    Honestly, it sounds like a nonspeaking cameo to me…

  26. gg says:

    Doesn’t one have to GO AWAY (and actually get clean) first in order to have a “comeback”?

  27. Happy21 says:

    I’m an avid Glee watcher but am now reconsidering my position. I will for sure NOT watch any episode Lindsay Lohan is on, if I even decide to watch it ever again.

    Jeezus, is she gonna sing too? Ugh!

  28. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Poor GLEE ratings are falling faster then Lohans did….nobody wants to watch 28 and 30 yr olds pretending and acting like a bunch of teenage high schoolers in heat !!!!.
    Now that they have butchered about every piece of music that has every been on the charts by bellowing them out like a drill sergeant on a parade ground…have they every heard of the words softly and melody….
    and now they are pulling a SNL and trying to save the show by featuring this train wreck to get the one time rating you ten dollars they would air it on sweeps week …LOL but if the fans have their way and they listen they will drop those plans….facebook is already showing fans saying they will boycott GLEE if shes because of her reputation….so we will have to wait and see if they take that risk…!

  29. Bess says:

    I agree that this is not part of a comeback and is just a ratings ploy on GLEE’s part.

  30. Sophi says:

    I keep hearing how all of this hit and run business with her is making him worried for his family. I totally get why he would be worried for his family in Iraq, but why is it worse because of het? Does he worry that she has some connections to harm his family? Really? Think maybe that is thrown in for sympathy. Doesn’t make sense to me…

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Because she’s notorious and noisy, which is attracting more attention to this incident and, therefore, his family in Iraq.

      If she was just an every-day Joe (she is, trust me; she just doesn’t know it yet) it wouldn’t even make it to page 19 of the LA Times.

      But because she’s a loud-mouthed crack-spaz, with a loud-mouthed crack-spaz “rep,” it’s all over the place. And that’s bad news for his family in Iraq.

  31. Lolaluvsu2 says:

    Ummm…whats wrong with her chin? I can’t stop staring. I wanna poke it with a pencil.

  32. skeptical says:

    Why why why does this snortcake still get jobs? One-shot jobs, but still. The cracken trainwreck can be watched without legitimate businesses hiring her. This just feeds into her delusions.
    Not that Glee is all that anymore. How long has it been on? Cuz sometimes I feel like those kids have been in high school for too long.
    I’m also annoyed at how Glee turns all songs they cover into the exact same musical style: singing from the throat/brassy and blasting at top volume.
    I can appreciate that the actors have pipes (or seem to) but I Dreamed a Dream and Somebody Like You are not designed to sound like the vocal equivalent of a marching band.

    Glee is still too good for the cracken tho. She can’t sing at all. It’s not just because her voice is an ashy steel grate. She can’t match pitch. There’s a reason she stopped singing live years ago. Heard her on tv show years ago, Ellen I think. She was out of tune.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    So, ROL has a new story about Linnocent, and how her insurance company paid out over half a mill to her assistant’s mom for the night of the Cracked-Out-Car-Jacking and high speed chase. And the trial for the three guys she Crackcar-Jacked (get it? Crack-Car-Jacked?) is set for sometime this summer.

    Oh, our crack tail-gates will be EPIC this summer.

  34. logan says:

    Just read on Radar on Line that Lohan’s auto insurance had to pay more than half a million to a woman for the car chase in 2007. With all her accidents, high speed chases and car jackings how much does this air head pay for auto insurance? It’s a wonder she can find a company that will cover her.

  35. 5280 says:

    Geez….In the second foto where she has those Wanky Doofus looking glasses on she looks like someone just stuck it up her a@@ or the IRS was waiting for her when she got of the plane.

    Anyway….Where has Madisyn been? Always LOVED her comments.

  36. jesstar says:

    I hope Lea Michelle is a horrible bitch to her. Just to remind her what year it is.

  37. Jover says:

    Exactly adrien hillybilly it has widely been reported (newsweek, USA today,etc.) that Glee has lost at least a quarter of its audience since last yr. How is it even on the air? A book should be written: How to Ruin a show in ten easy steps with a preface by RM.

  38. kc says:

    Boycott anything lins lohan! Use the internet in it’s advantages. Research sponsors and email them.

  39. MrsPotato says:

    After her SNL gig, why would she do that to herself?!
    She isn’t funny. And can’t act.
    And we’re all watching her, because she’s a TRAIN WRECK.

  40. hillbillygirl45 says:

    Sorry, I’m a day late and a dollar short on this comment. Anyway, if she does actually appear on Glee, the obvious part for her to play is a cracked-out, loser, hooker trying to make her acting comeback, only to screw it up by running over some guy…………..