Jon Hamm covers Esquire UK: “I’m no Ryan Gosling, I don’t aspire to be that.”

Jon Hamm

I don’t understand the women who say “I don’t get Jon Hamm.” What’s not to get? The man is fine. The man is talented. The man is intelligent. The man is not a boy. The man is not some vapid meathead. The Man is The Hamm. You know what I love about Mad Men’s success? The fact that the show is wildly successful outside of America too. Personally, I love so many British shows and movies, and I love that the UK is responding a big way to the quality, content and production value of Mad Men. It makes me proud to be an American! And I shall salute The Hamm (Dong). Anyway, Hamm covers the May issue of Esquire UK. The interview is predictably awesome:

On Don Draper: “There is no Don Draper. Don Draper was blown up in a ditch in Korea. That whole ‘Be Don Draper’ thing, I feel it’s… sad. This is a fundamentally f**ked up human being.”

On the sweetness of his success: “It’s certainly sweet. There’s a lot of talk about, ‘Oooh, you’re so sexy!’ If people put that mantle on you, fine, but you take it with a wink and a pinch of salt. At 41 I’m like, give me a break, man, I’m no Ryan Gosling. And that’s fine. I don’t aspire to be that. That’s not my jam.”

On using his own struggles with grief and depression to play Don Draper: “If the audience is picking up on some kind of ‘lost’ vibe I’m giving out, then great. I hope that lends a deeper resonance. It’s not anything I’m doing consciously. All we can do as actors is bring our own personal experience to the role. My mother died when I was 10, so I did have far more experience of being raised outside my family than I had from my own home, probably. But who cares?”

On seeing a shrink aged 20 after the death of his father: “Talking to anybody helps. Talking to your friends helps. But your friends are your friends. They’ll tell you what you want to hear. The shrink doesn’t sugarcoat it: ‘Hey, you’re f**ked up. Do this, this and this. Don’t do this anymore.’ It’s a wonderful third-person perspective that you get from an analyst. It’s invaluable, I think.”

On first reading the script for the Man Men pilot: “I remember picking it up. Mad Men: sh-tty title. AMC: network no-one’s ever heard of. Two strikes. Then I read it. I said to her Jennifer, ‘This is the best pilot I’ve ever read in my life.’ She’s going, ‘What?’ That’s never the response to a pilot. Sometimes, at best, you’re like, ‘Hey! It’s not terrible!’ And I just thought, ‘I have to be in this show.’ And thus began the long, winding road to getting cast.”

On fame impinging on his life: “Obviously you can’t go tear it up and act like an idiot, but at a certain age you should probably stop doing that anyway. I’m not that interesting to follow around. I don’t fall down and you can’t see up my skirt.”

[From HuffPo UK]

Did Jon Hamm really just say “that’s not my jam”? And what’s with all of the Gosling-namechecking lately? I never thought Gosling was that popular amongst dudes, but he’s been getting a lot of love lately. Weird. But Hamm is correct – he’s no Ryan Gosling. Jon’s appeal is completely different and, in my opinion, better. Ryan is “the cool RA”. Jon is “The Classic American Man.”

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

Photos courtesy of Esquire UK.

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  1. wunder says:

    So glad JH doesnt want to be RG.
    We need JH’s dong to be different.

  2. Diane says:

    Gawd, I love him more everyday.

  3. MymaJane says:

    Damn…I want a burger and fries with a side of Hamm.

  4. Eve says:

    And what’s with all of the Gosling-namechecking lately? I never thought Gosling was that popular amongst dudes, but he’s been getting a lot of love lately. Weird.

    I don’t get it either. Somehow Gosling has become the epitome of hot man and great actor when, in my opinion, he’s neither.

  5. Maya says:

    I love him so much. I mean, he’s talented, handsome, smart, funny, and (as if all that wasn’t enough) a self-proclaimed feminist? Man, I just hope Jennifer Westfeldt knows how lucky she is.

  6. lorraine says:

    LOL at the Mad Men: shitty title, and AMC network: no-one has ever heard of. Love this guy

  7. Nev says:

    I don’t aspire to be that.

    he is very bitter somewhere. complaining seems to be his new thing.


  8. SallyJay says:

    I love this man. Handsome, talented, thoughtful, intelligent, measured, humble. What’s not to love? He’s the whole package. Super excited for what’s going to come as season 5 of MM progresses.

  9. Happy21 says:


    He gets me everytime…

  10. meeka says:

    I like this guy. He seems very real. Unlike Ryan Gosling, who just tells people what they want to hear. I’m glad Jon doesn’t want to be like him. Ryan is becoming more fake and more contrived everyday. I don’t believe a word that guy says anymore. Now Jon Hamm, that’s a real man!

  11. Stella says:

    LOL. YOu mean Jon Gosling aspires to be Jon Hamm. Especially in the looks dept. *sips tea*

  12. LovenWorth says:

    I don’t get his appeal. I think he’s another Hollywood simpleton that people wave in front of you and tell you to like. Once he get’s overexposed, people will start to hate him and wonder why he was ever popular in the first place. I don’t follow the sheep as many do in this world.

  13. lola lola says:

    Love him. Love him. Love him. That sums it up.

  14. tiredofrumers says:

    personally, i’ll take a full order of gosling w/ a side of hamm

  15. j says:

    Yes! I love when he’s talking about his own sadness and says, “But who cares?” He’s not an actor who drones on about his personal pain or takes himself too seriously. And the photos. This is a man who’s not afraid to look ridiculous. So hot.

    I think in the same way Don Draper defines manhood in the 1960s, Jon Hamm defines the next form of manhood: self-aware, funny, sexy, thoughtful, but truly doesn’t give a s#it.

  16. Nanz01 says:

    I love the burger picture. I love all of them, but that one is my favorite. He seems so normal and…yeah, manly. I don’t typically think in terms of manly or not manly. So it’s strange for me to look at him and think “that is a MAN.” Weird.

  17. mariaj says:

    ” i am not Ryna Gosling”

    Darling, thank’s God you’re not: you are better.

    I say this as a NO particular Hamm’s fan. I find him attractive, a really good man, very likable, but he is not my favorite actor or good looking guy. Still, much better that the over-hyped and probably overrrated Gosling.Hamm, if anything, IS realxed and cool, while Gosling seems always posing.

  18. Mika says:

    oh my god. the burger picture.. OH MY GOD

  19. mln76 says:

    I love Jon Hamm and I kind of love the Gos too (just not as much). I mean Ryan isn’t just a pretty boy IMO he (along with Bryan Cranston) saved Drive from being pretentious dreck and he’s done some unbelievable and versatile work in the last year or two. Give the Gos some love.

  20. Naye in VA says:

    anyone see the way his lip is poked out in the hot sauce pic? that is totally giving me bad thoughts ;)

  21. Sarah says:

    I think it is a little bit petty to say that. It makes it feel like he is Carrey Mulligan being asked about Megan Fox and Ryan Gosling really does not deserve that even though his urging need for appreciation bugs me as well..

  22. DeltaJuliet says:

    I am not a rabid Hamm fan (I see his appeal and I do find him handsome. But no more so than several other guys) I think the cover shot is awful.

    AND YET……how can you not like him? Even “it’s not my jam”. lol Normally I would have a big eyeroll, but it seems cool coming from him ;)

  23. M says:

    This isn’t putting down Ryan just the hype that surrounds young actors as being “hot and sexy”. A far cry from his Kim Kardashian statements who represents vapidity for fame sake.

    I’m sure Ryan would agree with him! I want to echo those above who also find Jon to be grounded and smart.

    Love him!

  24. wunder says:

    “I don’t fall down and you can’t see up my skirt.”– John Hamm

    Luv this guy!

  25. Nessa says:

    I would take the Hamm over the Gosdong any day of the week and twice on Sunday’s.

  26. Anna says:

    I love Jon Hamm but he’s right.. he ain’t Ryan Gosling. RG is way sexier and talented.

  27. Faxon415 says:

    I love his comments! It is the first time in a long time where an actor actually says meaningful stuff instead of hawking their agenda down your throat or being narcissistic. I like what he said about therapy. I think our society has equated seeing a therapist to being crazy and it is hurting people who are genuinely struggling inside but feel it to be an embarassment to seek outside help.Thank you for this post, I am all over the Hamm.

  28. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I like Ryan Gosling. I mean what’s not to like? Well, okay there are a few things that stand out but his Notebook CV will have me hearting him forever.

    Hamm is okay. I’m not asking for a Hamm Sandwich with his pickle on the side, but I really like that he’s normal seeming. Like’s he not affected by the Hollywood thing but he doesn’t act like it’s nothing either. He goes with the flow. Respect.

  29. JD says:

    I do wonder where the show is going to go with his switched identity.
    Is the Army ever going to catch him? Seems like everyone knows about it now.

  30. Maxine says:

    He had me with his thoughts on seeing an analyst/psychiatrist and how much it can help. You break down those barriers!!!

  31. wunder says:

    I would take JH over RG any day!. . . or night.

  32. mymy says:

    Odd he seems to be the exact opposite of Brad Pitt.Yet he is loved on here?
    I think he is great.I bet you can guess what I think of Pitt.
    Hamm is sexy, smart, eloquent,lacks vanity and narcissism, doesn’t take himself to seriously and gives quietly.
    Pitt total opposite.

  33. Jackandkatearelost says:

    I think everyone has seen Drive and that’s with the Ryan namechecking. Love Jon Hamm.

  34. Searching4grace says:

    I do love Jon Hamm. I caught on to the Mad Men craze late so I got to watch seasons 1-4 really quick and then had to wait forever for 5. He was the best part of Bridesmaids (besides the Irish cop), and I love his interviews. Most of the time I love him in pictorials. But…what’s with the hair in this one on the cover? It’s so..fluffy. Not, I’ve run my fingers through it so many times, or I pulled on’s just..fluffy.

  35. HadleyB says:

    1. I hate the cover. I love it that he looks best when he doesn’t smile.

    2. I want to climb on top of him while he’s on that car. Right now. I will be keeping this image in my flash reel for later use.

    3. Now craving a burger and fries and I am on a diet.

    4. I will be using ” thats not my jam” in a conversation as soon as possible.

  36. Jayna says:

    I think what he is referring to is the last movie I saw with Ryan in it the guy was a ripped hunk. Nonlie. His body was amazing and kind of a pretty boy.

  37. truthful says:

    I LOVE him, can’t get enough of him!

    and it doesn’t hurt that he has good sense.

    he makes me wiggle, when I see him I do a lil dance.

  38. ThirdChris says:

    I love Jon Hamm, but these pictures aren’t doing it for me.

  39. tango says:

    Hamm is ok and especially hot when done up in Mad Men costume. But frankly, I’m kinda tired of him. It seems we’re hearing from him every other day on some subject or other. Must be because Mad Men is coming back.

  40. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    On one hand I wonder how ‘manly’ can a professional actor be? I can’t help but imagine that behind these photographs that catch them drinking liquor and doing manly things, they are fucking modeling for a photo shoot and that would put me off.

    On the other hand I was lucky enough to have a sex dream about Jon Hamm the other night and he was very manly.

  41. Delouise says:

    Love what Jon Hamm said about Kardashian.
    All these fame whores like her, A. Jolie and Brad, J. Lopez and others really get so much on my nerves. Why the hell do these gossip blogs and rags always shove them in my face – so annoying. Make a good movie or TV show, don’t call the paps for attention (Gosling) don’t think people are stupid!

  42. Rosie says:

    I’ll take one Hamm dong with mustard and relish and a Gosling on the side. Hold the onions.

  43. Lol says:

    I don’t see what the deal is with Hamm. He just looks like a typical middle age white guy to me. He’s nothing special and never says anything earth shattering either females just want to sleep with him . Lol Ryan G only has a few years and he will look the same. Lol

  44. Meg says:

    I used to love him, but he spends a lot of his interview time whining about celebrity status/other celebrities.

    And the show sucked last week, so…
    i’m over him.

  45. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Dude looks like he is always fresh from the salon but enjoy his interviews.

  46. Mia says:

    Good looking but just as fabricated and packaged as Gosling. His whole “I’m an intelligent self-deprecating guy who knows what’s up” facade is just as thick as Lea Michele’s “look at me I’m a star” circus she puts up

  47. The Truth Fairy says:

    And yet according to the Kardashians, he’s a nobody hahahahaha

  48. Yep. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….thank you Jon Hamm for helping to make intelligence a commodity again. Your recent blasting of “Incuriousness” and resultant standing of your ground was so very gratifying. And for the record Kardashians….you are not designers. You are well connected girls with ideas who pay designers to carry out your ideas. Thakoon is a designer. Big difference, ladies.

  49. Lurker says:

    Cool pics of this hot dude, except for the cover where he is dressed in a dork outfit. Lol’d at the last line about not falling down or not being able to see up his skirt. Only one more day till MM S5 ep. 2, cannot wait!

  50. bettyrose says:

    I had to IMDB Ryan Gosling. I’ve never heard of him except on this site. I guess that’s my bad. He’s actually been quite a prolific actor, but not in anything I’ve seen. Odd that he’s too old to be a teen heart throb and too blah to be an adult heart throb, but he gets referenced a lot by more prominent male actors (and by “prominent” I mean of interest to women over 30).

  51. Onyx XV says:

    The more Hamm quotes I read, the more I totally dig this guy. Intelligent, handsome, talented – doesn’t get much better than that!