Lara Flynn Boyle’s “face looks like it’s melting,” says cosmetic surgeon

The last time we covered Lara Flynn Boyle was in October, 2010, when Deadline reported that E! had picked up a reality show pilot with her. That was the last we heard of it, and Deadline is a reliable source so it’s safe to assume that the deal fell through. At that time they claimed that Lara “splits her time between her life in Texas and her marriage to real estate investor Donald Ray Thomas II and her Hollywood-centric lifestyle in Bel Air.”

In case you don’t remember Lara, she’s now 42 and starred on Twin Peaks and “The Practice.” She also dated Jack Nicholson for a while, and famously wore a tutu to the Golden Globes in 2003. She’s had some television roles recently, but hasn’t been around much. She’s been looking puffy for some time, for lack of a better word. The first time people noticed was around 2008, and a lot of us thought she might be on steroid medication like Prednisone for an unknown medical condition. She’s definitely had her lips plumped, but it looks like she also has a kind of “moon face” that could be caused by steroid use.

Well Lara was photographed this week, and a lot of outlets are being less than kind about how she looks. I mean I get it, we point out obvious surgery too, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on with Lara. Who knows, though. Here’s a report from a plastic surgeon, quoted by Radar, who claims her face is “melting” after years of filler abuse:

After many years of rumors that she’s gotten too much plastic surgery, Lara Flynn Boyle appears to have finally laid off the procedures, but with scary results.

The 42-year-old actress, who found fame in the 1990s in the cult classic Twin Peaks, barely resembles the beautiful brunette who once stole the heart of confirmed bachelor Jack Nicholson.

“Lara Flynn Boyle’s face looks like it’s melting,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated the star, told in an exclusive interview.

After many years of plumping, “Now her face looks like it’s deflated, with resultant loose skin,” revealed Dr. Youn.

“I suspect that she’s either undergone corrective surgery to reverse some of the work that was previously performed, or has just plain allowed the plumping fillers to dissipate, leaving her with sagging cheeks.”

[From Radar Online]

This could be the case if Lara looked more plumped and filled a few years ago, but she definitely looked like she was on some kind of medication back then. It’s hard to tell, and maybe she had bad work done like Tara Reid except she had the misfortune of having it affect her face. Either way, she’s definitely had lip injections to get those cupid lips. I’ve never seen good lip injections, but maybe I just don’t notice the subtly plumped lips, if they even exist. Poor Lara.

Lara on 12/9/10

In 2004:

In 2002:

photo credit: and Fame/Flynet

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  1. Eileen says:

    OMG she used to be so beautiful! Tragic.

  2. Scribe85 says:

    What a horrid place is Hollywood, where beautiful girls such as she was, feel compelled to alter their looks.

  3. Jayna says:

    How could someone so beautiful and still young back in her thirties destroy her looks. It was definitely tons of fillers and massive lips. Like some people have body dysmorphia, I have always felt like she developed facial dysmorphia (made up term). What has she recently done to her lips? Very bizarre. They are even worse than her big fish lips from before.

    She was gorgeous on The Practice.

  4. Gine says:

    Oh man, how sad. And yeah, she’s definitely had bad work done, but it looks like it might be from medication/an illness, too. I hope she’s okay.

    • gg says:

      I am assuming she just had her lips injected and maybe they will go down, and hopefully she’s learned her lesson, but I doubt it.

      The mime makeup and rosy red lipstick is not doing her any favors at this time, either. I feel bad for her.

  5. Bite me says:

    She might have a medical condition

  6. HadleyB says:

    I feel bad for her … I am sure she is aware of this every day when she looks in the mirror. Poor thing..

    But this .. I would rather be over filled than saggy and this is an excellent example. I hope I never have to choose but maybe if she was able to gain some weight it might help.

    But I think this is more than just aging with bad plastic surgery .. I think she has a medical condition , meds, with bad filler use or whatever she used , plus stress or even depression over her condition etc.. all that will take it’s toll on your body and face.

  7. call_in says:

    Eek! Cupid lips is right. And she used to be so pretty.

  8. texasmom says:

    She looks like Bjork wearing geisha makeup.

  9. Jordan says:

    Why do women do this to themselves? Don’t they realize it makes them look worse, not better? If you go the plastic surgery route, and I’m sure the pressure is huge for actresses, go subtle. She looks like that ‘She looka lika man!’ character..what was she called, Swan?

  10. Reba says:

    Did she have thin lips? If she did I understand, thin lips look ugly on anyone, like that Angelina online ad.

  11. sup says:

    i may be in the minority but i never thought of her as a great beauty. she looked average in twin peaks. however she has ruined herself with a bunch of unnecessary surgeries. why?

  12. Alexis says:

    Yep. This is what an eating disorder, alcoholism, and bad plastic surgery will do to you.

  13. wunder says:

    Aren’t there ANY plastic surgeons who are willing to say “Frankly I don’t think this will work out well for you, ma’am”. . . ???

  14. Gia says:

    I don’t think we should rule out potential hardcore alcohol abuse. Bloating is a typical side effect and the rest of her is so skinny…something is definitely wrong beyond surgery.

  15. LIVEALOT says:

    Well I read that you have to let the over-injected “fade away” to reverse it. So good for her if that’s what she’s doing. No pity party from me.

  16. fabgrrl says:

    Yikes! I recently watched Twin Peaks on Netflix. She was a very pretty girl.

  17. lucy2 says:

    I feel sad for her, something must have caused her to continually get worked on. She was such a beautiful woman too, it’s a shame she ever got started with it all.

  18. hillbillygirl45 says:

    DUDE! Is this REALLY Lara Flynn Boyle?! My eyes ain’t the best in the world, but, DAMN girl, WTF happened? She used to be fairly decent looking….maybe it is health related? If it is, I sure hopes she gets better quick. I take ‘roid injections & pills (for health reasons), and I ain’t NEVER looked like that. But, everyone is different….

  19. Gene Parmesan says:

    This is a tragedy! Just look at her before pictures. Hollywood creates major self esteem fucked up issues if she could look in the mirror those days and not like what she saw. Too sad , this is a cautionary tale ladies. LOVE YOURSELF

  20. nikzilla37 says:

    Oh my, that is so sad. She is nearly unrecognizable.

  21. dorothy says:

    She used to be such a beautiful woman. How very sad. Agree, Hollywood is such a horrid place to be a woman.

  22. Mary jones says:

    Its very mean to criticize her when you dont know her story. She could be on steroids for a medical condition. People her are so judgemental.

    • Anahata says:

      It’s called CeleBitchy.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I’ve been on prednisone too many times to count. I’m really asthmatic, and working in Oncology for 20+ years, I have seen tons of steroid patients. Typically, almost all gain everywhere and the moon face becomes very pronounced. As in, a 13 year old girl gained 75 pounds and was unrecognizable. I gain at least 25 every time I have to take it. Long term use is very bad. She seems too thin to be on long term steroidal meds and inhaled/ injectables steroids do not have a bloating effect.
      I believe this is a huge call out, DO NOT mess with your face. She is the same age as I am and looks 30 years older. And I take meds for my medical issues. I don’t know why anyone would mutilate themselves so, but kimk, ll, Megan fox, the list is never ending. I just watched the reunion of the RHOBH and tripped hard on the weird, bloated lips and cheeks and cat eyes and marble foreheads with no emotion. No thanks. That is just nuts, even AC said everyone last year talked about Taylor’s lips, but now they don’t because our normal has been reset! Wha??? NO

      • Welldun says:

        As a cancer survivor I’d like to thank you for working in oncology. You must have a true calling to stick in an area that so many have to leave after much less time.

        Even my oncologist went back to teaching after a few years.

        Cancer is very hard on everyone.

        Thank you for working with and helping us. We appreciate it more than I can say and it has a massive effect on us knowing you care enough to be kind.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Oh my. Thank YOU so much. I went there everyday for so long to help people. I felt like for every person I helped save or comfort or ease their pain in some small way made all the sadness and pain and listening to people begging to help them die was worth it.
        I even worked at Children’s LA until my heart broke. I had to retire after 20 years, too much cancer gets to be a heavy load. I kinda broke down at the end. I respect the hell out of anyone who has faced it, including much of my family. You inspired me every day. It was a privilege and it made me into a strong and feeling person.
        Cancer is one bitch I really hate.
        PS. You made me cry, thanks for your kindness. :)

  23. marie says:

    the only thing I really see wrong with her is the lips, just odd shaped? and this is why plastic surgery scares the bejeezus out of me..

  24. Agnes says:

    if this is a medical condition and she’s on meds, i feel bad for her and hope that she’s able to regain her “normal” look. if this truly is the result of plastic surgery, then holy jesus. poor woman.

  25. Alti says:

    sh**! OMG How? Ahh Uhh Why????

  26. JaisyMaisy says:

    She also played Stacy on Wayne’s World.
    “Hi Wayne. Hi.” *flips over car on bicycle*

  27. cupidityrox says:

    I’m just gonna say it:
    This the ghost of Megan Fox’s future

  28. judyjudy says:

    Yeah, I don’t feel bad for victims of plastic surgery. When it turns out well it’s always “I’m so gorgeous, look at me, I’m better than you, men love me more” but if it’s bad “oh boo hoo! Poor me! ” Sorry your face is now a freak show – you can kiss my thin-lipped, crow’s feet, wrinkled, dimpled a$$!

    Sorry. Feeling crabby this morning.

  29. Dibba says:

    Makes me feel sad and old. I am about her age

  30. The Other Katherine says:

    This just hurts my heart. She was such a beauty when she was younger, and even with the puffiness in her face (which may well be caused by medical issues) she’d still be pretty if she hadn’t deformed her lips like this. I will never understand why women get lip injections and cheek implants. There are so many plastic surgery victims to serve as cautionary tales already.

  31. Hautie says:

    The upper lip looks like Lara had some type of implant removed. And it left her upper lip is misshapen. Plus she did injections for years in that top lip too.

    Not unlike Lisa Rinna… who eventually had to have surgery to repair the damage.

    Both girls were always pretty without the unnecessary screwing with their faces.

    But I will never understand the obsession with the trout pout/duck lip. It never looks natural. And flat out looks horrible in profile.

  32. Mylo says:

    I’ll always remember her as STACY from WAYNE’S WORLD!

  33. QQ says:

    Oh god!!

    She looks so bad… And tiny! , look at those little legs , this is awful

  34. Tim Whatley says:

    Wow- major cautionary tale…

  35. Katyusha says:

    Has anyone noticed how skinny her legs look in the last picture (especially her knee area)? Holy crap.

  36. Jennifer12 says:

    She was always nuts, but OMG. She can’t really think what she’s doing makes her look BETTER. Why are people so scared of aging?

  37. kiyoshigril says:

    Her face is a little scary due to failed procedures, but otherwise folks, this is plain and simple aging!! Take a look in the mirror. It’s happening to you each and every day. I’m thinking it’s “really sad” when we consistently harp on women for the simple crime of growing older. This is what smoke and mirrors Hollywood and the implosion of plastic surgery practices have done to us. Lest we all have to eat our words in ten years, I think we should lay off criticizing middle aged women in Hollywood.

  38. Miss Lafleur says:

    I can’t wait until Kat face Kimmie K’s face drops!

  39. bns says:

    This post should come with a warning label. I was eating.

  40. Hootie Hoo says:

    She is only 42. If this is because of poor plastic surgery she needs to sue that doctor’s ass.

  41. Guest says:

    I think plastic surgery and fillers has become a serious epidemic in Hollywood, Lara is a prime example. Many beautiful actresses aren’t allowed to age gracefully and it is very sad. Also, sends a message to women who live outside of Hollywood, that there is something wrong with us if we don’t have things done to our body.

  42. irishserra says:

    She looks a little like a stroke victim in the last couple of photos. I’m not saying that’s what has happened, but who knows?

  43. Stubbylove says:

    This is sad, just bums me out. I don’t feel sorry for her – she did it to herself. She was such a hot bitch – now she looks a deflated clown balloon. And it looks like the anorexia is back – looks like jeans over shin bones. Ugh.

  44. Michele says:

    OMG. If I hadn’t see her name in the headline, I would not have recognized her. That’s really sad how she ruined her face with all those unnecessary cosmetic surgeries and procedures. Megan Fox, this could be you when you reach your 40s so take this warning and stop messing with your face!

  45. Dimebox says:

    I remember seeing her host SNL once, and she was so very thin that when her back was turned to the camera her scapulae stuck out like wings. It makes me wonder if she now has osteoporosis or some related problem when I see that walking cast/ brace on her leg. She was an extreme example of Hollywood body image problems…. not merely slender, but emaciated. Now we have some people critisizing Jennifer Lawrence as too big? It’s insane!

  46. the original bellaluna says:

    Is it just me, or did her cast change legs?

    Blohan, Lardassian, et al: THIS is your future.

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      Hey Bella :)

      The cast has def moved – tho for some reason this shot looks like a really bad photoshop job if you look closely…wondering why & what else they have shopped???

      She looks terrible, and I think its too much surgery and fast living coupled with lack of nutrition…very scary stuff! Even in 2004 you could see the surgery but she at least still looked beautiful at that point…sad really, Hollywierd is not a good place

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Hi Ruby! :D Thank you – I thought maybe it was just me, or the angle, but it’s not.

        It is sad; but I also think there’s a health issue going on, as I have since she was photog’d looking so facially bloated and still bodily thin. I really think something is going on there, health-wise.

    • Lola says:

      Cast didn’t move, it’s just a weird angle compounded by her pencil legs.

  47. skuddles says:

    Oh dear gawd – her face!! I’ve long heard she’s very addicted to cosmetic procedures… anything & everything – and man does it show.

  48. Sol says:

    Maybe she felt the urge to be and have a perfect face and body .Anorexics seek perfection.Maybe a good therapist could have made her realize she was beautiful , maybe she felt the pressure and didn’t have someone by her side telling her she was ok.
    Meg Ryan is another case of bad surgeries , the worse part is that after it is hard for them to get roles and they have to work to have a living, maybe this leads to depression.

  49. Daphne says:

    This makes me want to cry. People: accept yourselves for who you are. You’re gorgeous without all this shit. She may have a medical problem, but looking through photos of her, it’s quite clear that she’s gone overboard with plastic surgery. It looks like she had lip augmentation at some point. Another story to add to my “I-will-never-get-plastic-surgery” jar. But I’m also scared to use any kind of steroid medication now, too. “Moon face”? I’ve never heard the term. Someone with knowledge: make me feel better about this! How can I avoid this travesty if me or someone in my family has to take steroid medication?!?!? Help!

    • Jordan says:

      Daphne, if your doctor prescribes you a steroid because of a medical condition, take it. Don’t worry about ‘Moon Face’. Your health is first and foremost above vanity. Plus, Laura Flynn Boyle has had a ton of plastic surgery so it would look very pronounced on her instead of someone like you who’ve as you stated, never had plastic surgery.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes take them if necessary, they can be lifesaving. I know of three people who had to take Predisone and they did get moon face but it was only temporary. Once you’re off the meds it goes away. Lara’s face, by the way, doesn’t look like Prednisone moon face.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        No her face does not look like long term pred moon face.
        By all means take it if you need to. It saved my life many times. I did cry when I got put on it for a month before my wedding, I knew the weight gain from a month of it would come. Not to mention the crazies, which is the worst. I’m talking a month though, that’s a long course, even with the taper. Typically moon face happens when treatment lasts over a month, think lymphoma cases. I never got it.
        Bells palsy? Maybe. My grandma had it and had a droop, but those lips? All Lara’s fault.

  50. The Truth Fairy says:

    Whether it’s an illness or bad plastic surgery, it’s crazy sad.

  51. SantaRosa says:

    “Medical condition,” from what see around this site, is the new “exhaustion” excuse. There’s no reason to assume that she has a medical condition. What’s more likely is what we know. She has issues with alcohol, and she’s been majorly messing with her face for a while now. Combination of those two things makes more sense. Every time someone looks “off” after plastic surgery, I bet we’ll hear- ala Ashley Judd- the medical condition P.R. B.S., and far too many people will accept that as the answer.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      That’s my bet and she sure resembles facially an alcohol loving plastic addict. If she is sick, my apologies. She looks like she is very much in the ED thrall. The knees and she is tinier than tiny in a fluffy down, baggy coat.
      Screams anorexia, alcohol and cosmetic disaster.

  52. Krock says:

    Jeez she was so beautiful. Aging sucks. Anyhoo, it looks to me like a case of cracken. Too much fat or filler injections. Cracken isn’t as thin as Lara so its not as dramatic, but the same puffy filler face. So sad.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Aging doesn’t suck, I promise! I swear to you. It’s not all fab, but I still feel beautiful and smart and a whole lot smarter about my true self. You need not look like this. Plus, confidence is a sexy thing.
      I obviously don’t look twenty, but I am sure happy with my early 40′s so far and know some artists who are my age with bodies of twenty year olds.

      • lauren says:

        Thank you for your encouraging posts. Sleep, nutrition, healthy relationships, and stress are all factors as well in the aging process. I am 44, but no one believes I am over age 30. My brave mother has had Breast Cancer three times, and I am trying to live a very healthy lifestyle just so I can live another 20 years or more. Looking young is just a byproduct of being disciplined. Not easy, but worth the sacrifices. Also-do not stay in an abusive relationship of any kind..that will kill your confidence and your soul.

      • Coucou says:

        Bravo to TOT and Lauren, well said, both wise and true. I am 45 and despite what Hollywood tries to cram down my throat, i still feel beautiful and viable, and i think i always will. It is a state of mind. I do my little things, sunscreen year-round, don’t smoke, and once a year i get a little tox around the eyes for a boost (for my 45th b-day…fortunately, i’m poor by Hollywood standards, can’t afford to go overboard, thank god!)

        You know, it’s when i was younger that i was much more afraid of getting older than i am now, go figure!

        You reach a certain point and you’re like, whattaya gonna do? We all die some day. And frankly, who the heck wants to live forever? Aging does NOT equal LOSS.

        Well, there is the loss in muscle and bone tissue, i’ll give you that…if anyone out there could give me some advice on getting back into the excercise game, i’d appreciate it. I know i need to do it, but the resistance is so strong!

        Other than that, let the aging games begin, it’s not a war, it’s all in the mind and heart…but for those that don’t get that, sadly, it’s written all over their faces.

  53. Annie says:

    I noticed her plastic surgery obsession towards the end of her stint on “the practice”‘ there were angles that it was obvious she was having injections and I think it’s a result of her maintaining a unrealistic weight that drove her to it…I always wondered what happened to her because it was so important to her to maintain an image of perfection and desirability and she couldn’t bare the limelight when this started to crumble…I think she is the cautionary tale of focusing on the outside rather than the inside…very sad

  54. Cirque28 says:

    I got carded when I bought vodka for my 42nd birthday. Also got carded on my 41st and 40th. The trick is to only drink 1 bottle of vodka per year. Alcohol is really aging!

    I hope Lara gets sober, puts on a little healthy weight, and gets her poor lips repaired. Those things look downright painful.

  55. heidiho says:

    She’s really 52 and has over done the fillers.. All you people who think you look much younger probably really don’t…we have a way of lying to ourselves first………anyway keep getting carded the stalker cashier knows your address you sexy bitches\;0

  56. Kosmos says:

    She’s still slim, but the thing that stands out for me most are the lips. This just looks strange…except for the lips, I think she could just get away with looking older, that’s all. No one is going to look the same in 20 or 30 years, but they can still maintain their best healthy looks in many ways and grow older gracefully. If she’s really only 42, that’s not old, folks….

  57. mermaidsrreal says:

    Honestly to me, it looks like this poor woman has had a stroke or some other severe medical emergency. Which is possible. Eating disorders from years ago take a toll on the overall health. But I think she’s got some medical issues going on, and that’s why her face looks that way. I don’t think it’s all plastic surgery.

  58. shoecrazy says:

    I’m an esthetician and what’s happened to her is not just from aging. I suspect a medical condition or the aftermath of stopping facial injections. Also, i wonder if she was a victim of the “dr” who injected several hollywood women, Priscilla Presely being one, with industrial silicone that doesn’t naturally disolve like cosmetic fillers, and has to literally be cut out and could explain the lips. Whatever happened is a shame. She should come forward and share so that people would stop being cruel.