Ali Lohan, 18, “looks terrible, like she has an eating disorder,” says Radar

We haven’t had any Ali Lohan stories since last December, when it seemed like Ali was everywhere. She’s a “model” you know. And she’s a celebrity in her own right, which is why she made an appearance on an issue of Page Six Magazine, in one of the sketchiest interviews I’ve ever read. Ali comes across as a sober girl, but a girl who has been raised by cracked-out wolves. She’s got the crack-paranoia, the crack lies, the secrecy. Back in December, critics were also putting Ali and the Family Lohan on blast because Ali seemed to have drastically reduced in size. She’s always been a tall girl, but everyone started concern-trolling her about her weight. So this story is a repeat, sort of. Radar is once again claiming that Ali “looks like she has an eating disorder.

First, a breakdown of the photos I’m using in this post: December 12 (Ali in a red and white onesie), February 12, 2012 (Ali in a black t-shirt), March 8, 2012 (Ali in jeans and a beige sweater), March 12, 2012 (Ali in jeans and a black jacket) and the black-and-white photos are from Terry Richardson‘s blog, sometime in late February or early March I think. I’m not seeing a huge difference in Ali’s size from month to month. Yes, she looks very, very thin. She looked thin in December too. Personally, though, I’m more concerned with all of Ali’s plastic surgery – she‘s starting to look like Paz de la Huerta! Radar is raising the red alert over this new photo of Ali – meh.

Aspiring model Ali Lohan was a startling sight when she stepped out in Hollywood this week, and has shocking photos of her latest weight loss crisis, which has sparked numerous nutritional experts to suspect she has an eating disorder.

At 5’8 1/2”, Lindsay Lohan’s little sister appears to be less than 100 pounds, Hamptons Diet creator Dr. Fred Pascatore exclusively told “She looks terrible and it definitely seems like there is an eating disorder or super serious dieting going on, which she clearly doesn’t need,” he revealed. “It is frightening.”

Wearing a floral dress, black tights and platform boots, Ali’s new blunt haircut accentuated her gaunt face and sunken cheeks during her coffee shop dash on Tuesday, where she stocked up on caffeine and low calorie fruit.

Nutritionist Majid Ali agreed that Ali is on a downward spiral. “Every time I see pictures of her she seems skinnier and pastier. I’m really suspicious of an eating disorder. You can see an emaciated body type like hers and the body consuming itself,” he explained.

The 18-year-old first began looking extremely emaciated last September, reported, soon after signing a modeling contract.

While at the time many people expressed concern about her health, her troubled big sister – whose weight has dramatically yo-yoed in size due to personal and drug problems over the years – has stuck up for Ali saying she thinks she looks great.

The siblings enjoyed a blow out bash last Thursday at the Chateau Marmont to celebrate Lindsay’s final progress report, where they partied with 45 guests until the early hours of the morning. Sadly, late nights like that won’t help the teenager get on the healthy path that she needs, and may simply add to her troubles.

“She looks painfully thin, like there’s muscle wasting. In this photo, it’s hard to see any muscle development at all,” health expert Jackie Keller, CEO of delivery meal service NutriFit told

“Her limbs are stick-like, as is her torso,” she explained, adding that very low body fat can make people susceptible to numerous health problems.

[From Radar]

Blah, blah, concern-troll, etc. Should Ali go back to solids? Of course. But unlike some celebrities who use “growth spurt” and “puberty” as an excuse to binge and purge, I’m kind of buying that Ali’s metabolism is still changing, and she’s still growing. I also think Ali probably never learned about nutrition or healthy eating from her family too, so she’s probably just eating whatever is around – vodka, Adderall… mayonnaise? I’m sitting here trying to figure out what would be in a crackhead’s refrigerator. It’s like the greatest crack riddle of them all.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News and Terry’s Diary.

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  1. Lol says:

    She totally looks like Paz de la blah blah in that black and white pick. hmm she does look skinner photo to photo in my opinion especially the last one where you see her bum cheeks. poor kid never had a chance really did she with Dina and Lilo as her rolemodels.

  2. Dibba says:

    Hope she’s not modeling coffins soon

  3. lucy2 says:

    I shudder to think of the things this poor girl has had to endure. She never had a chance and never even got to experience some good years like Lindsay did.

  4. Snowflake says:

    omg i did not need to see her butt cheeks! does she not own a mirror?

  5. Rose says:

    It is hard to believe she got a modeling contract. She is not an attractive girl.

  6. Cathy says:

    I wouldn’t hire her to model dog sweaters. We really didn’t need that butt cheek picture. ewwww

  7. says:

    That onesie does wonders of showcasing her flabby, deflated ass.

  8. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Sorry I don’t see any difference ….looks like Lohan Inc can’t get any nibbles on the Lindsay none stories so the rolled out Ali and her skinny butt cheeks for a pay check….
    And as for not being affective , look this girl has been her sister constant companion, for the past five yrs even sleeping with her for gods sake probably goes to the bathroom with her …ever trip every don’t try to sale me the story of sweet innocent 18 yr old……living in a wolfs den…she was on the 5 day boat trip on the east coast with Lindsay and 5 men by themselves , what do you think she did play tiddly winks with them while Lindsay screwed the rest…and she was only 16 at the time…She is her Fathers daughter not only in looks but in personality also…
    This has Lohan Inc written all over it…Can’t get a Lindsay story sold , trot out Ali, she’s aways good for a few stories about her weight….

    • Neelyo says:

      Ha! I agree. Radar has some sort of deal with the Lohans. They’re the only ones who publish anything about them on a regular basis. And Lindsay’s courtroom series is on hiatus so it’s time for Ali to work the stroll for some cash and publicity.

      Ali came across as sour, entitled and defensive on LIVING LOHAN so I don’t buy the poor innocent babe in the woods routine for a second. She’s a Lohan through and through.

      • Boo says:

        I’d say TMZ is higher on her list of paying clients…they are the ones who trotted out the ‘I’m not dating, I’m WORKING!” story. The thing that pisses me off is that EVERYONE picks up TMZ’s stories as if they are gospel truth, and they all come straight from the Cracken’s mouth.

        Radar at least sometimes posts anti-Lohan stories (like the guy LL ran over with her car–and where has HE been?). But i agree that Lohan Inc. needed a check, and the best they could do was Ali.

        Lindsay is now in a bind: she’s realizing that she can only pull in the tabloid dollars when she is in trouble.

      • jwoolman says:

        Yes, Ali was ghastly in Living Lohan – but she was also only about 14, and none of us would look unghastly constantly on camera at that age… That’s her mom’s fault, trying to promote Ali as the next Lindsay. Ali couldn’t sing without autotuning and never seemed to work at it, at that age she just wanted to be famous like her big sister. Dina pushed her into a role on some kid movie about ghosts, and Ali was seriously awful. Wooden and unconvincing. Every other kid was fine, but she showed zero or rather negative acting ability. It was abusive for her mom to push her into such situations. Ali is a model because the Lohan Clan needs money and they are quite willing to ruin her emotionally and physically to get the bucks in her very brief window of opportunity, still cashing in on the remnants of the Lohan name and contacts. The girl should be in college, instead she’s still babysitting the fading moneymaker Lindsay. Dina kept Ali undereducated and isolated and afraid to trust anyone else. There should be a special place in Dante’s version of Hell for such mothers.

  9. Jellybean says:

    I feel truly sorry for this girl; her parents are seemingly not at all present in her life, and her role model is her sister. She looks extremely sickly. Their parents should be thrown in jail for child endangerment. What horrible people.

  10. mel2 says:

    That family has some serious issues.

  11. Agnes says:

    she has an eating disorder? no sh*t.

  12. dorothy says:

    Look at her family…is it really a surprise she has some problems???

  13. lizzi says:

    The photo of those 2 with Terry actually made me shudder and dry heave. The look on his face is so gross. UGH.

  14. Bonfire Beach says:

    Why does her face look so different in each picture? It’s the strnagest thing. And her hair! I read somewhere that she missed a family funeral for a grandparent because she didn’t have her hair done – something about extensions & she refused to leave the house. What happened?

  15. Lisa says:

    Even if it’s true, I think it’s unfair to publicly speculate about eating disorders and expect the celeb to own up to it. They’re in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean full disclosure of everything, especially not something as personal as that. All it does is create a vicious cycle of accusation and denial. Now if she comes out and says she isn’t, people will attack her.

  16. megs says:

    She is one of those people, like ashlee simpson, who a nose job would do wonders for. I don’t know about the “model” thing. Having your mom and sister introduce you to photographers, clothing designers, and people who work at magazines doesn’t really count. She has never done anything notable. She works with designers no one has heard of and gets put inside fashion magazines no one has heard.My photo was once used in an urban underground magazine where I live….I’M A MODEL TOO!!!

  17. Sasha says:

    Hate seeing her next to that creepo photographer. I feel sorry for her because, as another commenter stated, she was never really given a chance. I hope she’s smart enough to realise how poisonous her own family are.. so sad.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing though, if Lindsay cleaned up her act, busted her sister out of that family and took proper care of her? Sigh..

  18. imabrat says:

    I don’t think either sister cares WHY they are gawked at, they just want to be gawked at.

  19. wunder says:

    Too bad Ali looks just like her Dad in drag.

  20. wunder says:

    omg, who let her leave the house in that onesie???

    Does she have viscious enemies lurking within Chez Lohan? . . .oh yeah, I forget: they’re called Maw and Paw Lohan.

  21. Ruby Red Lips says:

    In the top photo, Ali looks just like Lindsay – which is terrifying as Lindsay is plastic at this point…

    Also I agree Ali has been sleeping around – I mean c’mon with a p1mp for a mum and a hooker for a sister whom she goes practically everywhere with, is anyone really thinking Ali is still ‘innocent’ & she is a Lohan

    That being said I do feel for her because she really never stood a chance

  22. kit says:

    Terry Richardson makes me feel sick. He took topless pictures of his own mum…he fits right in with the Lohan’s. That’s probably why Lindsay and Ali feel so comfortable around him.

  23. lw says:

    Lindsay & Nicole Ritchie got A LOT of negative attention when they both got super skinny. That negative attention translated into more fame for them both. I think Ali is trying to go that route.

  24. Jezi says:

    GAH! That picture with her ass cheeks hanging out. That was not a picture I wanted to see.

  25. aenflex says:

    she’s homely as sin, that’s for sure

  26. Alexis says:

    I feel bad for Ali, but we’ll see how she conducts herself over the next few years. There’s no shortage of people in real life who had horrific parents who managed to muddle through and be somewhat acceptable people. I believe a Lohan brother of around Lindsay’s age went to college and lives a pretty normal life, so Ali does have at least one role model.

  27. Eileen says:

    I hate to sound mean, but she reminds me of a stray dog, just roaming around Hollywood looking hungry and starved-starved for anything: attention, food, love or fame. Thst last pic is just wrong!

  28. Seymour Butts says:

    I’m not sure who is more hilarious – Dina Lohan or Kim Kardashian – with all the effing lies they spew. Ally has had at LEAST one nose job and her lips done, and it looks like she’s had an eye-lift as well. Only thing worse than a liar is a BAD liar. For shame.

  29. Bodhi says:

    She has Paris Hilton Flap Jack Ass Syndrome. A firm toned body is SO much more attractive than an emaciated one.

  30. Evelyn says:

    First picture: last thing I want to see in a dark alley

  31. juju says:

    the last picture with her so called ass out ??? why too skinny gross gross gross

  32. imo says:

    I think she may have gained a pound? Two possibly? In the two March pics….the one in the romper-OMG!! Wtf was she/her stylist/mother thinking when they sent her naked jiggling butt out the house like that!

  33. Spacelamb says:

    Three things: 1). Ali, honey: carbs are your friend. Eat a sandwich. 2). Modelling rarely pays well, and you are statistically unlikely to be one of the very few that make a decent living out of it. Go to college, get an education and get a good job as far away from the public eye as possible. 3). If internationally renowned photographer/sleazy pornographer “Uncle Terry” Richardson put his hand on my (thankfully non-existent) 18-year-old daughter he would be drawing back a bleeding stump.

  34. cbear says:

    Both Lohan girls always look so freaking dirty, like they need showers, need to wash their clothes. Ugh. They gross me out.

  35. Dee Cee says:

    She looks like her dad people.. starving is what models do..

  36. Anastacia Beaverhouzen says:

    “greatest crack riddle of them all” HAHAHAHAHA ^_^

  37. chloew says:

    she “looks terrible”…not bc of an eating disorder, but bc she’s ugly

  38. deb says:

    in the first pic she looks like a healthy kiera knightley! but in the second-to-last and last pics she looks more emanciated than kiera knightley! scarey!

  39. Mamahawk says:

    Eww, gross, disgusting. Ass cheeks. Yuck.

  40. Tillie says:

    I just feel sorry for the Lohan girls. In my opinion, both are very pretty and could be very succesful in realising their dreams and plans. However, I do believe there are some major problems in that family.. I just feel sad for them. I wish them the best. I just hope Micheal and Dina start acting like adults and like parents, and not like some hip-friend-type-parents with no boundries. They do not reserve any respect from their kids. In my opinion, net everybody should be allowed to raise kids..

  41. C&M says:

    I feel sorry for her. She need a better mom that will take her away from Hollywood.

  42. cerulean says:

    She looks a little drugged out to me. She does not look healthy nor does she look like she showers regularly.

  43. Vera says:

    Honestly, from the newer photos on here, she looks like she’s gained weight (in a very good way!). When it first came out that she was really skinny after she dropped off the radar last year it was more of the shock in the change that had happened. The onesie she is skinny, but doesn’t look unhealthy skinny (yet). The pictures since (aside from the unflattering one of her face where it looks like she was licking her lips and caught in an awkward face) she looks like she’s gained a bit of weight in a nice way. Her cheeks are ridiculous and seeing as Lindsay probably knows some plastics people, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got something done in that area – she sometimes looks like she’s got chipmunk cheeks. But then, I think I may just be remembering what she looked like a few year back when she was shorter and bit wider – her cheeks may have just become more prominent because she’s leaned out with her height (and modeling).

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s the “being able to count her ribs through her cleavage” (where it SHOULD be) factor in the new pix.

    She never had a chance, growing up with that abusive, foul waste of human skin that is her father; the drunk, high, delusional waste of skin that is her mother; and that corroded, rotted corpse that is her sister.

    Talk about a crack-wolf den…

  45. Chrissy says:

    She looks too thin in the red and white awful shorts thing. But the other pictures are supposed to be after that and she looks a little bigger in them. She is still very thin in them, but she is only 18. While she probably isn’t growing still, some girls at 18 still aren’t filling out yet either. It’s still a concern though, because she may be limiting calories at times, and she is probably somewhat malnourished. With her that thin, just a little weight loss could go into scary territory quickly. I also have to agree that the Lohans’ plastic surgery issues are troubling too, especially for a girl as young as Ali who looked fine(unlike Lindsey whose looks did start to deteriorate due to drugs – not that the plastic surgery helped; it only made it worse).

  46. Swats says:

    I literally just saw her in person… I think she must photograph weirdly, because she looks like every other girl in LA. Whatever.

  47. Hootie Hoo says:

    She is an aspiring model and they typically are really, really skinny.

  48. Amy says:

    I’m definitely seeing a bit of Keira Knightley in her.

  49. Kosmos says:

    Instead of thinking of mean words to say about Ali, we should have empathy for her since she is abusing her body and desperately needs help. Sometimes friends and parents just cannot force these girls to eat or to gain weight because they are addicted to this cycle and see it differently than we do. Even professionals cannot stop the cycle. These girls sometimes die or are severely malnourished. You can see that this is a sad state and, although we cannot personally help her, let’s hope that she can overcome this terrible and destructive issue.

  50. Joe Shmoe says:

    I can’t help but wonder if her modelling is really just a cover for escorting like it’s been alledge about Lindsay. How else would she or Lindsay get their money?

  51. says:

    only the last pic is alil scary..otherwise, she looks like a ballet dancer–does she dance

  52. Meghan says:

    Ay yi yi!!! This girl is, sorry, not attractive, very very masculine looking and gaunt in an awful way. The Lohans are like the try-hards of Hollywood..they won’t go away. Lindsay at least at one time was entertaining, now she’s a wreck but seriously stop trying to push this girl into fame…its not for her