Video of Jennifer Aniston on Oprah, didn’t gush about Mayer, thanks fans

Jennifer Aniston on Oprah, part 1. The part about the Vogue interview is around 4:30 in to this video

Jennifer Aniston’s appearance on Oprah aired yesterday and although she seemed very relaxed, upbeat and comfortable I couldn’t help but notice that her face just wouldn’t move. It was like she had botox the day before and was struggling to emote. She looked gorgeous, though, in a simple black tank top over black jeans with that perfect hairstyle that just keeps working for her.

On the “uncool” statement: “I didn’t say that, exactly”
Aniston got a little hesitant when Oprah brought out the Vogue issue and mentioned the media storm surrounding it. Aniston said “It must have been a slow news day,” and as to the “uncool” statement, she deflected it, saying “I didn’t say that exactly.” She also tried to suggest that the one small blurb on the cover didn’t reflect the whole interview and that Vogue shouldn’t have focused on that. “That was so not ‘in Vogue’ in my opinion. The cover line does not even… does not reflect the cover.”

Oprah: you did say what Angelina did was uncool? You just didn’t expect that to be on the cover.

Aniston: He asked me a question and I basically just answered it as honestly as I could. I don’t go there, you know what I mean? It’s a hundred years old for Christ’s sake.

Oprah: But since it’s what all the pundits… are talking about this morning. What you’re saying was uncool was a statement that Angelina had made earlier saying that it would be nice later on to have their children look at film of them falling in love.

Aniston: (Laughs, shrugs) Somethin’ like that.

Oprah: That’s it was very uncool?

Aniston: You know. I don’t know, that’s just me. What else did they say? (swallows a little)

[Transcribed from Aniston's appearance on Oprah, 11/14/08]

Then they go into how Aniston is doing, and Oprah tells her she seems to be doing well. Aniston says “The unfortunate reality is that good news just isn’t as interesting. And I think that, you know, especially in a time when there’s such positivity in the collective… negativity is still what sells.”

The Obama cake Aniston make from a Duncan Hines mix for Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s election night party. She said it was very easy and took just three steps

On her fans: “That’s really nice” that people care
Oprah: You were deemed America’s sweetheart a long time ago, America’s great girl next door ‘Friend’ and so this, even though you’re still not on once a week people are still following your life and want to know what’s going on in your life and everybody wants you to be ‘happy.’ Don’t you think that’s just going to follow you forever?

Aniston: Well that’s really nice, isn’t it? I mean, I think it’s a really nice think to have so many fans and people that really care. I think for me I just go… ‘I lead a really charmed life.’ I feel like I’ve been unbelievably lucky in love. It just might not look the way it’s supposed to look at this point.

On Brad and his family: she’s proud
Aniston: I am [proud of Brad and his family]. He’s done some amazing things in the last couple of years, so I just think he’s doing great.

Then they talked about her film opening on the same day as Brad’s and she said she hopes their movies tie at the box office. Aniston talked about doing Marley and Me and how it was a departure for her because she’d never played a mother before and the film is a portrait of 15 years in a marriage. She said “it was an important experience for me. I really loved every minute of it.”

After the break in the second part of the interview, which is not shown in the video above, Aniston confirmed that she’s dating Mayer but she didn’t elaborate like advance stories claimed:

On John Mayer: “Yes!” she’s dating John Mayer, doesn’t go into details

Oprah: Dating John Mayer or not?
Aniston: Yes!
Oprah: Pregnant or not?
Aniston: No! (snaps fingers)
Oprah: So that eliminates the having twins.
Aniston: No twins. No. (laughs). I’m still nauseous.

The advance details that had Aniston gushing about Mayer just weren’t true. All she said about him was that “yes” she was dating him.

They had Aniston’s two dogs, Norman and Dolly, on remotely through Skype with a guy who was probably the trainer but said “we’re just friends” when asked about it.

Owen Wilson also Skyped in from Maui with his dog, Garcia. He said Garcia got jealous of him on set because he would come back to his trailer smelling like other dogs. Wilson talked about his love of dogs since he was a boy, and they showed cute pictures of him with his dogs as a kid. His parents play his real parents in a montage scene in the film and he joked about it.

I have to say that Marley and Me looks really cute and I think it’s going to be a hit.

Aniston handled all that controversy over her Vogue interview extremely well on Oprah and came across as both likable and grateful for her success. I can’t hate on this woman despite her poor choice in a recent partner. She didn’t go on about it, though, and was both gracious and funny.

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  1. Megan says:

    She totally tried to avoid the bit about Vogue!

  2. Kim says:

    Vogue has to make money what do you expect.

    Quick observations, she does look very nice, young and hip. I have not seen the botox, a lot of make up maybe. Oprah has a cake of it too, so I guess Jen thinks she is under-done.

    Maybe she seriously moved on, she doesn’t seem like she is pining over any body. I hope she finds a nice man (not Mayer) and has gorgeous babies.

    OK, I wished she had called Angelina a trashy c*unt and Brad a pussy whipped douche. That would have been much more interesting.

  3. DD says:

    She looks really good and she’s very sweet, I don’t know why people hate on this woman soo much just because her husband left her for another woman and she may be upset about it being in the media all the time. I don’t blame her she’s still human.

  4. Gigohead says:

    I happen to think that Jenny looks great and she looks like she’s having a blast now with her guy. If they are back together, it tells you they see something in each other that makes it relationship work. You can’t mend things that can’t be mended. Good for her.

    I know this has been TALKED TO DEATH but Jenny was completely right about what she said about Angelina’s stupid statement. Give it a break Angelina, we get it…you love Brad..he loves you and the kids. blah blah blah…zip it already.

  5. Bodhi says:

    I didn’t know anything about the story before reading this. Sounds like it might be worth a watch. Its really funny that the dogs got in on the Oprah action too. Sounds like something I’d do with my dogs

  6. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, something was off with her face… I’m past guessing at this point. And I thought she came across as a snotty little bitch, but that’s just me.

    My favorite part? When Oprah said, “So, you’re 40, right?” :lol:

    But I have to admit (I’m sure this thread will come later) – she looked cute and had some really funny lines on 30 Rock.

    *turns in BADette card with a heavy heart*

  7. Bros says:

    its that horrid 80′s pink lipstick and blush. bad makeup job they gave her for the show.

    i saw her as well on 30 rock and thought meh, 100 actresses could have done it better. she really didnt impress me at all.

  8. geronimo says:

    She comes across better in person than in print.

    Kaiser!! *You can check out any time you like but you can never leave* :wink:

  9. FunnyFatKid says:

    My friends don’t understand why I think she is so beautiful….. (sigh) just listen to her speak.
    She is graceful, when she could have ripped her cheating ex husband apart. She is intelligent… and look… she can bake too!
    Sigh.. Angelina Jolie is NOTHING next to her……. except a homewrecker. :mrgreen:

  10. Jules says:

    Jennifer has had some kind of filler in her top lip which makes her mouth move a bit differently. If you watch some of the last few episodes of “Friends” you will see her thin upper lip and how it’s plumped up now. It looks quite natural though and you would only notice it in comparison to her “Friends” time frame.

  11. says:

    100 years isn’t that long when it comes to some femme fatale stealing your man. Little Jenny isn’t that sweet and there will be more little Brangie digs to come – lets not forget her papa is the slickest man ever to come to Salem, Vicktor Kiriakis – that’s a man who knows all about shady dealings.

  12. I choose me says:

    I gotta say she looks really good here. Healthy and glowing. Could Oprah’s ass-kissing be any more obvious though? I know they’re friends but sheesh.

    Can you tell I don’t like Oprah :mrgreen:

    Edit: Aw, don’t turn in your Badette card yet Kaiser. I still consider mine valid and I *gulp* actually like Jen.

  13. KERRI says:

    I’m assuming this interview was a repair image rush job. This interview aired a day after it was taped. Brad’s interview is next week and was taped last week. I mentioned this on another thread.

    She shrugged the interview off, but her eyes we’re about to well-up with tears during the Brad & Angie questions. I noticed how wide she opened her eyes to stop the flood from spilling down her cheeks. I think after Brad’s reaction and phone call (Love to know what was said) She’ll definitely order her “sources and pals” to keep their yaps shut about B&A.

    As to her son, er, boy-toy, she was snapping her fingers and dancing on her seat when Oprah asked if she was dating Dark D#ck. Such a transparent phony.

    She’s going to get a baby out of this arrangement and her boy-toy will get his, wait a sec **laughing so hard I can’t see**, okay, whew! he’ll get his variety show **pause again–I’m giggling hard**.

    Then after the cancellation of the show and their inevitable break-up, “That Man” of her’s will have a gag order put on him and she will come up with some B-S story and her sources and pals will elaborate.

    @WTF: please point out any grammer or spelling errors. I’m learing lots from you and your dictionary that I’m sure you’re still clutching.:P :D

  14. Zoe says:

    She’s definitely better in person than in print. She’s very very cute and personable. Beautiful? No (not by hollywood standards at least) Intelligent? No. And I was with her until she said that she “doesn’t go there and it was like 100 years ago..” (not an exact quote). The fact is, she DID go there and clearly had the option not to.

    This whole breezy thing is bullshit. I really don’t blame her for being hurt, but she she’s so not over it.

    The thing is, I’m sure she has about a million people telling her everyday how brave she is and how Angie is a Bitc*, etc.

    I can see in her smug expression that she really thinks she’s taking the high road by not still screaming about it to this day, despite what she says about it being ancient history… she’s harboring, poor thing.

  15. susan says:

    People hate on her because if they didn’t there is no good reason for Brad to have left her. For exmaple if jen really is a nice person and a good person then brad left and had an affair and he is scum. However fans of brad want him to look good so they trash Jennifer. Then he really wasn’t to blame for having an affair. Right? Oh and Kerri almost crying – you really are desperate. Jen has moved on in a big way- you guys just don’t want to let her because then the whole Brad/Angie thing is just no fun. Who cares if Angie says she loves Brad 1,000 times if Jen doesn’t care about him anymore then it is just like any other star saying she loves in lover. Who cares. Jen has moved on in a big way. She is doing great – she has new love. And she obviously from her interview couldn’t care less about Brad and his 6 children. She is baking cakes with her partner, going to parties, making movies and having a great time. Good for her. and will this last – who knows. Will Brad and Angie last? Who knows probably both parties willl split one day. Come on do you really think that Brad will want Angie when he is like 65 and she id in her late forties. Brad is a player and he willl have more woman in his life – trust.

  16. Kristin says:

    Some of you people are so spiteful. JA looked beautiful and was very funny and charming. But some people are just wayyyy too invested in AJ to see that.

  17. KERRI says:

    @Susan: Did you watch her Oprah interview? I am NOT desperate, just very observant. She was desperately holding back tears and her whole face resembled the pink blush she was wearing — she was gulping so many times I thought a tic-tac was caught in her throat.

    All in all, a very well performed and practiced interview. Oprah did a great job helping the Princess out with her tarnished image. She’s back to smelling like a weed!

    BTW: what’s wrong with her smile? It looks like she caught a whiff of a foul odor in the air and won’t go away. Oh, I got it, her boy-toy was probably in the vicinity.

  18. KERRI says:

    And on that high-note, I’m outta here. Go ahead and slam me with your ugly comments — won’t be around to read them.

    Europe, here I come!!! YEAH!!! :P :D :P :-)

  19. Sickitten says:

    What is wrong with Owen Wilson and why does he talk like that, is what I wanna know

  20. lanette says:

    she looks great and on 30 rock she was crazy hot….

    as for john mayer—-she should do what she wants…and it’s no one else’s business :? .

  21. Mayi says:

    She is such a genuine person and very kind. She is someone your would want to be friends with. I think she brings out the good in people. She is real and authentic.

  22. jean says:

    sickkitten: According to a couple interviews he has done in the past, Owen said he had a speech impediment (sp?) as a child and went through years of speech therapy. He’s probably also on medication which is more than likely making his speech even slower.

  23. roller says:

    i agree with susan. i also think that AJ fans hate jen because jen is america’s sweetheart and no matter how much AJ tries (with her charity etc..) she’ll never take jen’s place. damn i cant watch the interview. and remember when AJ fans said in other threads thats she’s gushing about john mayer bla bla bla, what do you have tos ay to this now?

  24. aspen says:

    I’ve never understood why people don’t find her beautiful. I think she’s very, VERY pretty…and occasionally stunning.

  25. Maritza says:

    She looks beautiful and natural. She has a lovely personality and seems to be a great loyal friend. I hope she finds her soul mate and has lots of babies.

  26. Alexa says:

    I LOVE HER! I believe that she downplays her beauty (most likely un/sub-consciously) because she’d never hope to elevate herself over others in any way. She’s gracious, modest, and humble.

  27. Annette says:

    I love Jennifer.
    I think she’s so amazing. And I really don’t think she was tearing up about the questions about Brad and Angelina. I really don’t think she care at all. She’s got at new life. I think she’s tired of being asked the same questions about them all the time.

    Jennifer deserve so much more than him.