Jennifer Aniston is totally cool with Brangelina’s engagement. Allegedly.

Instead of going into any further thoughts that I have about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s engagement, I just wanted to tell you my mother’s take. She’s not a Brangeloonie – she likes Brad and Angelina okay, but she thinks they have “issues.” I gave her the low-down on the ring and all of the gossip about the engagement, and her thoughts were: 1) Brad better have given her a huge rock, because she’s already had his babies and the rock should have grown in proportion with each kid; 2) They won’t have any more biological kids because Angelina’s body can’t take any more, but they’ll adopt again after they marry; 3) They’ll definitely get married overseas, probably in France or “…like, Thailand or something…” my mother said vaguely. I love how everyone has an opinion, a theory, an angle – and I don’t think my mom is far off the mark.

So in lieu of actual news about Brad and Angelina’s wedding plans, we get all of the stuff that’s left in the gossip vacuum. Every site is running “Brangelina through the years” pieces, like everyone hasn’t analyzed every piece of their relationship to death already. And of course, people want to know how Jennifer Aniston is reacting to the news, “Seven Years After Brad!” (That will be the People Magazine cover, just you watch!) To Aniston’s credit, she has not issued any public statements, nor has she stepped out for a convenient photo op with Justin this weekend. So Hollywood Life just had to make up a story about her:

No hurt feelings in this engagement! Jennifer Aniston couldn’t be happier for Brad and Angelina, sources tell exclusively.

It sounds like there will finally be a happy ending to what seemed like a neverending Jen, Brad and Angelina love triangle!

Jennifer Aniston, 43, is so happy for her ex-husband’s engagement, a source tells exclusively. In fact, she credits Angelina for her newfound happiness with current boyfriend Justin Theroux.

“Jennifer is happy for Brad and Angelina. She is so in love with Justin, that she is really grateful how things turned out,” a source tells us. “In a strange way if it weren’t for Angelina, Jennifer would not have connected with Justin in a romantic way. Jennifer is in a really wonderful place right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she even went to their wedding.”

[From Hollywood Life]

I do think Aniston is in a pretty good place right now, and she’s probably the happiest she’s been in years now that she’s all loved-up with Justin Theroux. Justin came to play. Justin joined CAA. Justin is all about having a famous girlfriend who pays for everything. And Justin is fine with being Shane Warne’d like Jennifer’s personal Ken doll. So… God bless. I hope both couples are fine.

One last thing – GLAAD issued a statement about Brad and Angelina’s engagement too. Brad famously said in 2006 that he and Angelina wouldn’t marry until everyone could. Now people are all “OMG, Hypocrisy!” Well, GLAAD’s spokesperson Rich Ferraro says, “We congratulate them on their engagement, and thank them for continuing to speak out about the inequality that so many gay and lesbian couples face today. No loving and committed couple should be denied the happiness, joy and legal protections that come with marriage.”

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. mnast says:

    They both look like they’ve been embalmed.

  2. Ariya says:

    Is it wrong that I want Jennifer to crash the wedding, maybe push Angelina into the cake?

  3. mln76 says:

    My theory. Just like Brad called Goopy to tell her that he was marrying Jen-Jen he did the same to Ms A. She’s known for a bit hence the press releases about the 7 new movie roles and the quote about Justin being her ‘protector’ re-released for some odd reason last week.

  4. Dex says:

    I’m gonna cry!!! It’s the end of an era. Poor blogers and tabloids. No more brange/anisto/loonies nasty fights. Noooooo!!!!!

  5. Amy says:

    I really hope this will put an end to this “love triangle.” Aniston is clearly happy with her current relationship and it’s not like we had to feel sorry for her–she has dated a few guys since Brad, it’s not like she’s been sitting in her house crying “woe is me” for 7 years!

    Everyone is happy now so hopefully this will end…

  6. Franny says:

    Well I would freaking hope so.

    I thought that quote by the GLAAD spokesperson was very nice. I’m glad to hear that they are supportive of all love :)

  7. lisa says:

    oH God.. can Brad and Angie have a moment without the past being dragged into it. Why would Jennifer care after 7 years and 6 children. There have been many huge events in the JP lives. And there has to be an Aniston angle. Why were there no headlines when Vince got married and had a baby. Did Jennifer issue a statement then. Was she asked her reaction. Gosh let the crap go.

    and of course the first comment is a snide one against Brad/Angie. Like they said something about her. Now I saw that some of her crazy fans are saying Brad is marrying Angie to hurt Jen. My word.. give it a rest

    Jennifer is living with her guy and seems happy. Let Brad and Angie have their time. It has nothing to do with the past.. It is all about the Present and Future. Nobody is looking back. Who could see that far anyway.

  8. lucy2 says:

    Sadly I doubt this will end the tabloid nonsense. We’ll be treated to years of Brangelina marriage on the rocks! stories.
    Everyone has clearly moved on ages ago and seems happy, let them all be.

  9. Little Darling says:

    The best thing about this post was seeing that picture of Justin with the tan and the lashes and the shit eating grin….CLASSIC and absolutely made my morning.

    As far as the rest…This will never end. Perhaps, and maybe this might actually happen, the press will let it go once they are married and once Jen gets married. I mean…can they REALLY keep on and on? Or will they keep on and on until Jen has a kid? Will that end it?


    In the meantime…wouldn’t it be rich if John Mayer sang at their wedding and Goopy made some brick oven gluten free pizza?

  10. cameron says:

    If Rachel Zoe can carry a healthy baby, Angie can carry another baby.

  11. Floridaseaturtle says:

    Kaiser, I just love your mother’s comments, very nice, dead-on-wise, and I’ll bet she guessed right on all of it. I’m betting they will marry in France.

    • mln76 says:

      I’m pretty sure all the tabs stories we’ve been laughing at about them building a chapel @ their estate in France are actually close to accurate. Maybe not a chapel but I think that the renovations are for the wedding I’m guessing it’ll take place in the fall.

      • Josey B says:

        Religious ceremonies are not considered legal marriages in France. You have to go to city hall for the real deal. More, unless their pre-nup is in French and registered through a French notary, it will likely be superceded by the “matrimonial regime” system that France has if the marriage takes place in France.

        My guess would be that if they actually have a ceremony in France, it would be after a quiet civil ceremony in the US which cements their legal positions. I seem to remember Cruise having done the same thing before the big showy thing they had in Italy.

      • mln76 says:

        Yes but didn’t they simply marry at the US Embassy and have the ceremony the next day?

      • Josey B says:

        I don’t know that getting married in the Embassy would make any difference. Contrary to popular belief, an Embassy does not have extraterritorial status, so you’d still be getting married in France. I had read that Cruise and Katie had actually gotten married in the US before leaving for the Italian ‘do, first I’ve heard about an Embassy marriage. But then, I didn’t much go looking for info on them.

      • mln76 says:

        @Josey B you are actually right a civil ceremony in the US is what is needed to make the wedding official. Who knew :)

      • Josey B says:

        Me, I guess. ;)
        Anyways, they still might do a ceremony in France even though they would already be officially married. The French who get married and want a church wedding do it all the time. City Hall first, then the church.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I bet they’ll sneak into Missouri. They’ve managed to do that quite a bit without anyone really knowing about it until after the fact.

  12. Jayna says:

    So made up. She isn’t happy or unhappy for them. They aren’t in her life and they have been married essentially for seven years just without a paper. People act like they have been dating and got engaged. People, they have six children and have been a family living together for seven years.

  13. jamie says:

    If it were me, I’d find my ex having children with another woman more upsetting than him marrying another woman. I think she’s been through the worst and is probably over it/him.

    • sullivan says:

      Agree. The children part probably stung.
      The engagement? If she feels anything it’s concern about how it will affect her career. She would have disappeared from the celebrity landscape seven years ago if it hadn’t been for the so-called triangle.

      • Freya says:

        That I agree with!
        If it wasn’t for her marriage to Pitt, she’d not have been much in the news at all, starting at the end of “Friends,” just like the other five.

      • Carolyn says:

        Spot on Sullivan. She’ll worry even more about how it affects her “image” and how she’ll be portrayed. With Brange getting married the score is Brange 1, Aniston 0. If Aniston is so fabulous as Huvane has placed her, she’d be long-married or at least in a stable several-years-long relationship by now. I’m happy for Brange and the family.

    • Jayna says:

      Exactly. He adopted three children and had three children with her. They created a home and family together rather quickly after he left her. They have given lots of interviews about how they are a family. People think this affects her seven years later? There has been plenty that affected her years ago, adopting kids together so soon after the split, Angie pregnant with his babies, one not long after the split (talk about hurtful), interviews on how in love they are, soulmates. and consider themselves married This, no. it’s a formality long after, a celebration of the family they have created.. Plus she is madly in love.

  14. Original Lucy says:

    Even though its been 7 years, I’ll bet there is still a little ache in Jennifers heart. Not because its Brad, just because she is human. My ex and I had been happily divorced for 5 years when he announced he was getting remarried and even though I didn’t love him anymore and had moved on, for a few minutes, after hearing the news, I was a little sad. I think that is normal…

    • valleymiss says:

      I agree with you. I think per what another poster said, Brad probably did call her to tell her…and she probably spent about half an hour in a semi-sad mood. Then she snapped out of it and went on with her day. Let’s face it – Brad wanted a football team of kids, and Jennifer didn’t. (Although I still believe Jen will adopt at some point, I can’t see her having more than 1 kid.) In a weird way, I think Jen is a bit relieved that AJ was willing to give Brad that many kids. Folks, that’s a LOT OF KIDS. Lol

      The part about Jen going to the wedding made me laugh. Someone’s publicist has an overactive imagination. That ain’t never gonna happen.

  15. mummy says:

    So if you want to talk about Brad and Angie why make it seem like the story is supposedly about Jennifer Aniston? Anyway, I doubt Jen has uttered a word to anyone about this “promise for the future”. Deep down she is probably praying they hurry up and tie the knot to increase her chances of being distanced forever from this dubious duo.

    • Kara Ann says:


      I think that you are right about Jen actually being glad that this may end the “triangle” stuff. I do think that she will have to suffer through a stage of paps wanting shots to put in the tabloids post Brand-engagement and post-wedding with predictable headlines, “Jen devastated” or some other typical hyped-up headline. Hopefully, after that the media will cease with the Brange breaking up, Jen being sad, or any other combination of typical tabloid headlines.
      I do hope that the media will stop portraying her as a “loser” until and unless she remarries. The whole your-not-whole unless you are married schtick is so demeaning IMO.

    • Octavia says:

      Actually, if it weren’t for this couple, the dubious Aniston wouldn’t have a career and would have disappeared after Friends ended. She rode their coattails for 7 years. Without them, this dubious talentless woman would be a Lisa Kudrow etc.

  16. Stacie says:

    Who care what cry baby Maniston thinks . She always claims to be moving on say how wonderful Jason is . Let her move on and mess up his life. :)

  17. Stacie says:

    I’m so Happy for Brad and Angie and for THEIR Kids . I wish them years of good luck and happiness. :)

  18. Hayley says:

    What engagement? Most, if not all, reports say they’re calling it a “promise” ring. The marriage will never happen.

    • valleymiss says:

      I respectfully disagree. My money’s on France, this summer (or whenever they’re done with renovations) . No more than 30 guests…

    • mln76 says:

      That’s the theory the Bitter Betty’s are sticking with…I’m sure if/when they do get married they’ll switch to ‘the ceremony wasn’t legal because it was in France’ ;)

    • Franny says:

      a promise ring? promise rings are for 17 year olds who shouldn’t be getting married. I thought the first 6 kids would be a promise to stay together for these 2. It is an engagement ring.

    • Janet says:

      LOL! I have to laugh at how Aniston’s fans are trying to solace their pain calling it a “promise ring”, as if Brad and Angie were fifteen years old. I’m sorry, Hayley, but both the jeweler and Brad’s rep specifically called it an engagement ring. s m h

    • mimi says:

      Dont care whether its an engagement ring or not. This marriage is pointless. Its not like either of them have ever shown any respect for the institution. Ofcourse their kids dont know that. So this is abit like when my hubby dressed up as Santa for our 3 year old – we all know its a croc but we do it for the kids anyhow!

    • spring86 says:

      Honey if anyone has a promise ring is the two over 40+ Aniston and Justin. What grown up woman and man walks around wearing a ring with their names on it???? Talk about childish. Heck high schoolers these days can even do better than that!

    • Lia says:

      The story says they have no date set (or even a year set) and that the ring is a “promise for the future”. In other words, a promise ring. I agree with Hayley. There won’t be a wedding. and it’s not because I give a rats ass about what Aniston would think. I just don’t think they’ll bother.

    • Kara Ann says:


      It doesn’t make sense to look at this through a “promise ring” prism. They have six children and have lived together for years. It would be ridiculous for them to carry on like dewy-eyed virgins making wide-eyed “promises” to one another for the completely new and unknoweable future. They have already shared a life and they aren’t really embarking on anything new. Brangelina have oft stated how the feel about marriage in effect saying that it wasn’t necessary b/c they shared the larger commitment of children together. It logically follows that their engagement is being done primarily to satisfy their children and, I believe, to garner public goodwill and publicity. Of course, I’m sure that they are feeling legit feelings of sentimentality about their successful life together and all that jazz too. The Brange would look ridiculous if they tried to pull off a multiple year engagement at this stage. They know that and I believe they will marry before year’s end.
      BTW, I am not a Brangelina fan. I am an Aniston fan. As an Aniston fan, I’m really happy that they are getting married b/c I think it will stop short a different kind of Aniston fan than me. The kind that thinks Jen and Brad would ever get back together. I think she is well rid of him. I don’t really care so much what the Brange do, although I wish them no harm, but I do think their wedding will help to put a cease and desist to the triangle garbage. Oh, lastly, I do think the Brange children are cute as can be. I enjoy posts about them but feel guilty about it b/c it seems wrong for the media/parent-driven personas to be out there for a gossip site to comment on even though I love to read and comment myself.

    • beachy says:

      If Brad forked over $1M for a ‘promise’ ring that took a year to design-what do you think he’d shell out for a wedding ring???
      Get real….it’s an engagement ring. I just hope they go off SOON and do the deed quietly…

  19. The Original Mia says:

    Bravo, Hollywood Life. You are the first tabloid to drum up stupid crap to celebrate Brad & Angelina’s engagement.

    Also have to give props to Huvane for keeping Jen & Justin indoors this weekend. Especially since the tabs would just use their appearance for another round of “Jen wants a ring too!” covers.

  20. Roma says:

    So if Jennifer went out with Justin this weekend, it’d be a photo-op? But if she doesn’t go out the tabloids will report she spent the weekend miserably in bed.

    This just needs to end.

    • mln76 says:

      Even I can admit it’s unfair. But that’s the nature of the beast and for all her annoyance she gets a big pile of money to sleep on in her 20 room mansion. Methinks she lays low for a few weeks and ignores it. As I said I believe she put out all the positive press last week because she already knew this was going down.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Hmm…and here I thought the positive press was due to Wanderlust’s overseas premiere. Your theory makes more sense as does the theory they’ve been engaged for awhile.

      • mln76 says:

        @The Original Mia there have been almost no sightings of Angie (one photo taken from far away of her flying) in several weeks-since the MIR benefit and her trip to Europe with the girls. I think Brad proposed sometime after that and they’ve been laying low in order to get the wedding plans set and making announcements to their inner circle. And yes since he gave Goop the heads up when he married Aniston it’s only logical that he’d do the same to Jen.

      • cameron says:

        There was a sighting since then. Angie, her father, Brad, Holly, Holly’s daughter, Knox and Shiloh walking in a Park . There were also photos of Viv attending a birthday party with Holly’s daughter recently.

    • Kara Ann says:

      You hit the nail on the head, Roma. Thanks to the media characterization of Aniston, she cannot win. That said, I am full of hope that the tabloids will be forced to let-it-the-hell-go b/c, really, who believes their crap anymore?

      I hope that Brad and Jolie marry before year’s end. I really have hope that will finally be the nail in the coffin of this Jen-is-so-sad stuff.

      • true says:

        So true! she definetly knows this was comming that was why she put everything in order last week. The interview with the austrailian magazine that come out in the same day with the announcment is one of the things too I suppose.
        No tabs magazine will say ever again she will be crying after 7 years because the victimhood machine is gone. It can not be used again. Unless offcourse she starts to interfere with it again with the things she used to made it what it was in the past.

  21. Snarky says:

    Congratulations of course, but my money is still hovering on the Leg-Bomb Distraction Theory…

    “Speak now or forever hold your pose”.

  22. Jackie says:

    i am starting to get sick of these two. why could they not quietly go away somewhere, get married, and have an announcement after the fact.

    now, they are going to be milking this engagement for EVER.

    also, i don’t believe all jolie’s crazy dsyfunction has gone away. it’s just being hidden for the time being.

    i have never been a fan of aniston…but gimme a break.

    ok, my rant is over. i can now proceed with my day.

    • Katie says:

      Yep. Clear stunt move. They must know that the publicist confirmation would trigger a frenzy to find the date & location. They must also know that their kids will have an extra dozen cameras following them as a result. So stupid and selfish.

      We know that no businessman would jeopardise his rep with celebs by not keeping this kind of secret. So clearly he was part of their PR machine. They SHOULD have waited till after the wedding to announce it. Dumb, stupid, selfcentered parents!

      • Guest says:

        so should Angie have hidden her engagement ring? the media was going to find out regardless because of the ring(remember how they went crazy when noticing angies 7th tattoo last spring on her arm)..and then if B and A hadnt said anything you all would complain that they were milking it by waiting too long to confirm..interesting that every other celeb is allowed to have an engagement except for Brad and Angelina..i dont recall you all saying Halle should have gotten married before announcing, didnt say that for Tom Cruise, or Matthew and Camila

      • Greta Garbo says:

        @Guest: Yes! Thats exactly what she should have done! Many super stars not only hide the engagement but the wedding too.

        Remember MJ & Lisa Marie Pressly and we found out weeks after the wedding. Remember Jay Z & Beyonce wedding wasnt confirmed for almost a month. They hid to protect their relationship. This two should have hidden to protect something much much more important. THEIR CHILDREN!

        So yes Katie – these are selfish parents

      • Guest says:

        yes and now Beyonce is sharing her personal life and photos via a new tumblir acct even though she now has a child..if Brad and Angie want to have an engagement like 90% of couples who get married them let them I fail to see what the big deal is..also we found out about the Bey and Jay wedding the day of not a month later check your facts..actually the media knew days before because they applied for a marriage license before the date

      • Freya says:

        Wow, Katie! What’s wrong with you?

    • Freya says:

      They can do what they want. It’s none of our business!

  23. Maritza says:

    I would think she is happy for him because when you really love someone you want their happiness. Since she is happy why not wish him happiness as well.

  24. Lila says:

    Eh, I think Jen may be bothered, I doubt she ‘s heartbroken or super upset…And I am not a Jen fan at all. I think Brad and Angie will make it…He comes across happy, and she does too….Six kids is a big motivator to work your shit out.

  25. Janet says:

    Leave it to Bonnie Fuller to start the tabloid feeding frenzy. Just wait until Wednesday. Every slag rag on the newsstands is going to run a “How Jen Is Coping” story. Hell, they might even put out a Monday Special. This mess is never going to end.

  26. Marjalane says:

    I. LOVE. THAT. PICTURE. OF JUSTIN. THEROUX. He sparkles like a teenage prom queen in it!

  27. Ta says:

    I’m not American, I am Brazilian, I think the Americans tabloid is so ridiculous . And you guys take these stories seriously … they will continue writing the stupidest things ,,,,and the artist should not even bother with such nonsense let them speak and live their lives.

  28. Candyland says:

    Brad was hot way back in the day but now? Eh. Maybe Jen feels like she uptraded. Her new dude’s cuter. And probly doesn’t sit around smokin dope all day.

    Brad and Angie belong together. Like Kaiser’s smart mama said, they got issues. I guess their issues work ok together. Let’s hope they stick together, cause of all those kids.

    • Guest says:

      lets see when he was with aniston he was lounging around doing that hes with Angie he has 6 kids to take care of and his career is doing better than it has ever been when he was with he always wanted loving fiancee and great career..yea id say Brad upgraded meanwhile Justin is getting fame for being the bf of BRAD PITTS ex-wife..did you even know who he was this time last year? prob not

    • Hipocricy says:

      She uptraded ? In what department ?

      The guy is even less accomplished that her ex, John Mayer, financially wise included.

      He is shorter too, he has become skinnier with a seriously disproportionated body, going bald at barely 40 and has terrible skin though he is 8 years younger than her ex husband.

      Again, wether it’s Paul Sulfor, John Mayer or Brad Pitt…they all are taller with better skin, better body shape and proportions, all their hair and a bar that model, better professional resume and more successful in their respective profession being among the frontrunners in their generation.

      Talk about an upgrade !

    • Linda says:

      Brad was way hotter back in the day because he was younger. The man is almost 50. Seriously, do you still think he should look like he’s 30. Maybe you care about he’s looks like Jen cares about her. Brad has other important things to care about than looks.

      As for Justin is cuter, where was Justin when Brad was voted the Sexiest Man Alive….twice. Justin didn’t get his vote until he hooked up with Aniston. Also, Justin is 7-8 years younger than Brad.

    • Greta Garbo says:

      Who cares whos hotter??!! A man who would leave you to shack up with his work-mate is NOT a catch. Pretty much anyone would be a step up from that person.

      So glad I’m out of my twenties and finally thinking with more than just my downstairs parts.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      @Candyland, who wrote: “Brad was hot way back in the day but now? Eh. Maybe Jen feels like she uptraded. Her new dude’s cuter. And probly doesn’t sit around smokin dope all day.”

      But didn’t Jen begin a relationship with Vince Vaughn in July 2005?

      I don’t understand why the men Jen has dated since she divorced Brad are always so easily dismissed. What about Vince Vaughn, the British model, John Mayer, and now Justin Theroux … don’t they count?

      Jen hasn’t exactly been sitting at home alone with her knitting and her cats. So why is Brad the man each of her ‘new’ men have been measured against?

    • Judy says:

      Candyland as someone else below said, “if JAniston was truly happy, she wouldn’t have to be a homewrecker and steal someone else’s man. She broke up Justin and Heidi. Stealing something or someone that doesn’t belong to you is not “true happiness”. Because Justin cheated with Jen he will cheat ON her. When you got a guy by stealing him, you will neverbe truly happy. Aniston is miserable and she deserves to be.
      Considering that Aniston was the one who got Brad hooked on pot and now he is no longer on it with Angelina, its clear that Brad upgraded and Aniston downgraded when she homewrecked and stole Heidi’s man. Aniston is the loser in this.”

  29. lisa says:

    Funny the comments on looks whatever. Doesn’t matter what either look like to the world, they have eyes for each other. And being in love with someone that loves you is a wonderful thing.

    I saw a closeup of the ring on People. It is quite beautiful to me.

    wishing them such joy. I’m just happy for them and their family. I’m sure Brad’s parents are thrilled. As is John Voight.

  30. lower-case deb says:

    reading GLAAD’s comment on Brangelina’s engagement and/or marriage (whenever THAT is), i wonder if the marriage is more for legal protection reasons, especially since the kids are now more grown up, some are a couple of years away from teenage-hood. plus, parents (brad at least) is nearing half a decade (looks older with the scruffy look; his dad looks more evergreen).

    the law i guess don’t care whether they’ve lived their whole lives in public and it seems that almost everyone and their dog (claims to) know their private affair.

    there are many things our old-school laws give to the marrieds and their children, that they don’t give to unmarrieds (even those who’ve shacked up for decades and for all intents and purposes “married”, but lacked the piece of paper saying so).

    regarding the engagement news and the resultant media furore, that such frenzy has greeted it; i guess it’s more power to them. if i were to shout my engagement to the world from my rooftop, pay to take a full-page announcement on the papers, no one would give a fig. :D and here brangelina got column inches for free.

    on this regard, that is why i never criticize the celebs for making PR moves and media schticks. they know their worth and they could milk it.
    imagine if they’re worth nada, no schticks in the world would help them any.

    speaking of which, can we have pictures of Jen that does not involve her wearing that dress. it gives me crosseyes. especially on my crappy computer screen, it looks like one of those stereograms. i keep trying to look for a hidde image, and all i’ve got is migranes :)

    and brad of the first pic, Scruffy McSquinty much?

    neways. happy weekend everyone.

  31. Keebs says:

    I am a Jennifer Aniston fan 100%. I have never really cared for Angelina Jolie, even before the whole Brad Pitt thing started. So while congratulations is in order, especially with all the kids they have, this really shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

    Jennifer has no reason at ALL to be jealous or upset by this, because she totally seems happier than ever with Justin, and she is even more gorgeous than she has ever been!! It just goes to show what finding true happiness will do to ya :)

    • JulieM says:

      Keebs, I’m with you. While I’m not a Jen fan (or even a Brange fan), I think she’s not bothered by this at all. She’s in a better place with Justin; Brad and Angie have 7 years and 6 kids together. I bet Jen’s relieved.

    • Oreofan says:

      keebs, if JAniston was truly happy, she wouldn’t have to be a homewrecker and steal someone else’s man. She broke up Justin and Heidi. Stealing something or someone that doesn’t belong to you is not “true happiness”. Because Justin cheated with Jen he will cheat ON her. When you got a guy by stealing him, you will neverbe truly happy. Aniston is miserable and she deserves to be.
      Considering that Aniston was the one who got Brad hooked on pot and now he is no longer on it with Angelina, its clear that Brad upgraded and Aniston downgraded when she homewrecked and stole Heidi’s man. Aniston is the loser in this.

    • Karma says:

      Thanks….I read about the diamonds on the side via Daily Mail. But this is a much better picture.

      Angie is a lot more subtle on the displaying the engagement ring than others we’ve seen.

      Even Justin was a bit goofy showing his ring with Jennifer. His hand all propped up while sitting at one of Jennifer’s events. I think it was the hands in cement event.

      • proth says:

        Yeah -their jeweler dished on the details to People as well… oh wait.

        Justin’s ring has HIS name on it. Not Jennifer’s. They happen to get his and hers, but with THEIR names on it… There was no press announcement about it. come on.

        And besides, is it less lame then someone drawing out a tattoo and then getting it tattooed on that person? please.

  32. Madame says:

    You know what is funny, the young generation of gossipreaders doesnt even remember that Brad was married to anyone else then Angie. They dont even know Friends or who was Rachel. My Cousin is 20 years old and she says that this Triangle is gossip for old people LoL
    So that means that the people who fight over them are adults, this is scary and should some people ashame.

    • Josey B says:

      Not to point out the obvious, but if they think Brad is married to Jolie, they’re a bit clueless to start with. Anyways, the young ones are Twihards and hate that Stewart girl.

      • Janet says:

        Not all Twihards are young girls. The most hilarious and pathetic sight I’ve ever seen was a bunch of Twihards on the wrong side of 35 photographed at the premiere of Breaking Dawn wearing — are you ready for this? — wedding dresses, specially purchased for the occasion.

      • lisa says:

        Believe it or not everyone in the world is not on gossip sites. I was with my family at an event when I found out and the vast majority thought Brad and Angie were already married. and most didn’t recall or know squat about his marriage to Aniston. One of my brothers.. 43 thought he and Jennifer only dated.

        The everyday world is not talking gossip 24/7. Fans know a lot because we read and are vested… good or bad. And that is the fact. If you are not a fan then you know things in passing.

        Young fans of celebs have different way. They are not buying tabloids. That is why you don’t see KS or RP on the cover of those magazines. They don’t sell. Those fans are major on twitter and facebook and other social media. They are not on that many mainstream gossip sites.

      • Josey B says:

        Jesus… I’ll bet that made Pattinson want to run and hide.

    • cameron says:

      You’re right. I read comments on other sites and there were some who thought Brad and Angie were already married.
      Even JA’s “Horrible Bosses” co-star said he never knew she was married to Brad Pitt.
      They’ve been together for so long that people just know Brad and Angie as a couple with 6 kids.

  33. anonymoose says:

    Those eyeglasses on Brad are hideous.

  34. Janet says:

    Oh lawd, here we go. The news frenzy begins tomorrow

    I think I’m going to take a detour to work Monday so I can avoid the newsstands. I can’t take any more.

    “Midweek Madness” on Jezebel should be a hoot this Wednesday.

    • lisa says:

      Oh please did you not expect there to be crazy coverage. Look at this site. Last week there were 3 or 4 stories about Brad/Angie and there was no engagement. Every week for 7 years the tabs have had some coverage on them.

      And if you read some of the comments you will see they have a loyal buying audience that buys and believes every dumb story. People magazine would not have let this go without covering it and doing it big. And all the other rags will follow.

      Same thing different day.

    • mln76 says:

      Did you actually read the post you linked too?

      ‘The engagement announcement was planned as a leak very late in the day on Friday so the tabs would miss it…’

      People had to rip up there cover but more than likely the others will have different stories. I bet its more ‘Crazy Angie kicks Brad out of the house’ crap to warm your heart ;)

  35. skuddles says:

    Well what else is Aniston gonna say…. that the news upsets her??

  36. shelly says:

    Though I never cared for her, It is great that JA moved on and possibly find a real happiness with someone good for her.
    About the ring… If it is too big I don’t think Angie would able to wear in daily basis everywhere. I think the choice is the best. I am sure he bought her expensive jewlery before and can buy her in the future.
    about more bio kids… we never know they say they will have at least one more kid so you never know if they will or not.I am guessing one bio and one adopted kid they will add to the clan after the wedding.
    About the wedding… I am guessing the same thing in their french house or somewhere in asia they will have wedding… but we never know they might do it all in here but some are saying the engament is in here so the wedding will be more likely overseas.

  37. the original almond says:

    I always refrain from posting on these threads about the trio because

    1) I’m only mildly curious and will check them out when there’s nothing more interesting;

    2) the level of involvement with these three is worrying; people discuss them as if they’re privy to their actual personal lives; they defend or attack them with such force that it doesn’t really seem healthy; it’s not just superficial bitchy escapism, it’s way more profound and scary;

    From everything I’ve read on this site (mainly) and others (sporadically) they all know how to work the PR game: Aniston with her 5-years-after interviews and not embargoing questions she’s not interested in answering. The Jollie-Pits with their neverending stream of photo-ops with the children.

    As for the shallower things: Aniston has a great body and an unfortunate face (that jaw!); Angelina has a striking face and an unfortunate body (those bones!)and Pitt needs take a shower and embrace his age. Aniston needs to lay off the suntanning, Angelina needs to gain some weight and they all need to stop milking this trio-drama thing.

    My amateurish two cents.

    P.S. I’m not interested in getting into arguments with any of the loonies. If there’s someone with a healthy emotional distance from these people, let’s talk.

      • the original almond says:

        Exactly. I think this is where a big part of problem lies. It seems that, right now, their careers are as much about the movies and acting as they are about PR and celebrity-status preserving. I think Aniston is a very weak actress who can only do variations of the same role. Pitt and Jolie are more talented but they have become so exposed in the public’s mind that whenever they star in a movie the celebrity image shines brighter than the actor. It eclipses the character completely. And I’m saying this having watched some of their movies and overall enjoying the performances.

        But with regards to the dedication, attention and seeming emotional attachment aimed at these people, I’ve never seen this level of both vitriol and fanaticism direct at someone before. Granted, I’m not very acquainted with old Hollywood so I might be overlooking a few glaring examples.

        EDIT: Oops, you edited your post and now it will look as if I’m spouting off as a lunatic at nothing. :D

      • Ida says:

        @the original almond

        I have no idea what the hell I did to my post! The internet kills me every time. Thanks for replying though:)

        That’s exactly it, we are dealing with celebrities-I also consider all three primarily celebrities, not actors-and they don’t sell movies, in spite of what it might seem, they sell an image. That in itself is quite…vulgar, for lack of a better term, especially in the case of the Jolie-Pitts with their saccharine rhetoric about family and commitment, that never fails to conjure up clichéd Disney-style images. The real problem, though, I think, is that their images are so two-dimensional, so very flat. There are no nuances here, no subtlety, no real complexities. Done for the night:)

    • Beth says:

      Oh why was this not the first post on the comments??! Seriously mad at you Ms Almond for not getting here sooner! The things I had to read to get to you……oh the hoooorrrrrroooorrrrr!

      I think most people here display a shocking naivette of how Hollywood operates if they think they know anything about these women. What you know is what the pr machine lets out. If you know more good things about one party than the other – then that partys pr machinery is better oiled than the other.

      Jolie-Pitt agents are definately better at their job and probably more expensive too, so hey. Now that doesnt mean Jolie-Pitt are evil people hiding something. It just means they work in Hollywood. Equally, just because Aniston-Theroux team is not as savvy in manipulating their image doesnt mean they are not the beautiful and happy couple they appear to be.

      • the original almond says:

        That’s pretty much what I keep thinking when I hear this or that about them. Of course, the whole thing is made even murkier by the involvement of the tabloids (planted stories by the publicists, ficticious stories written by editors short on material, etc.).

        I guess it pays really well to go into the public relations/marketing field if you know what you’re doing.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        @Beth, who wrote: “Jolie-Pitt agents are definately better at their job and probably more expensive too, so hey. Now that doesnt mean Jolie-Pitt are evil people hiding something. It just means they work in Hollywood. Equally, just because Aniston-Theroux team is not as savvy in manipulating their image doesnt mean they are not the beautiful and happy couple they appear to be.”

        (wiping tears from my eyes after reading your comment) The Aniston-Theroux team is not as savvy in manipulating their image??? Thanks for the laugh. :D

      • Oreofan says:

        Actually, on the contrary. Aniston is a master pr manipulator, and her agent Huvane is INFAMOUS for calling paps and giving them tidbits of info only to call back and deny, just to get Aniston’s name in print. In fact, he waited 2 months to release the news that Aniston’s dog died, he released the news 2 months after, on the day of Jolie’s ITLOBAH movie premiere. Jolie and Pitt have a long way to go before they reach Aniston’s level. There is no one who is a master media pr manipulator like the one Aniston is. No one.

    • Snowpea says:

      @ the original almond – I think I love you.

      I’m so with you on all those points. I rarely read Brangelina stories because I find all the passionate, hate filled finger pointing hilariously misplaced at best and mildly disturbing at worst.

      Hello? You people don’t KNOW these people. The way they spout off information is freakin’ bizarre. Like this:

      “Brad rang Goopy before he married Jen, so he would have rung Jen before he proposed to Angie”.

      WTF? Complete speculation and conjecture STATED AS FACT!

      Gosh, I’ve said it before I’ll say it again: Sitting here at my kitchen table on my MacBook, listening to the dog snore, the ocean crashing, the bar heater on and a cup of tea at my side, I think Thank CHRIST I am not Brad, Angelina or Jennifer!

    • JulieM says:

      the original almond: You’ll get no argument from me. I think you’re spot on.

    • BlackMamba says:

      Great post! Strange how people talk about those 3 like they know them personaly. They get overly defensive whenever anything is said about them like they are members of their own family. Very weird. I didn`t know until last year that there was a subculture of people who are obsess with those 3 celebs. I vaguely remember people doing the “Team Jolie”, “Team Jennifer” thing when the story first broke but I never knew that there was a raging war going on between their fans for the last 7 years. Don’t they know that every person in Hollywood from Angelina to Zoe has a PR MACHINE behind them driving their image? Brangelina and Aniston are the Queens and King of that pr machine, they’ve used it for the last 7 years to make themselves filthy rich, all three. I’ve said it before they all probably get together sometimes to toast their success in using the triangle to make themselves very rich and famous more than any of them would have been if not for this triangle of doom.

    • Brian says:

      Original Almond: This is the first sensible post I have read on the subject.

      Beth: You are absolutely correct. Many years ago I worked on a talk show & met lots of entertainers afew of whom still make it into tabloids. Let me assure you that people are rarely what their press makes them out to be.

      There were “Ice princesses” who turned out to be dolls to work with; “couples in love” who couldnt be in the same room; “girls next door” who were permanently strung out – you just never know a person until you meet them.

      I understand the escapism of celeb gossip, I enjoy to read it too. Its when I encounter people who are so completely lost to reality that I freak out. You may as well fight over tv show characters BECAUSE IT IS ALL FICTION.

  38. spring86 says:

    Frankly, who cares what Aniston thinks or feels?????? Why is she even still a thorn in Brad and Angelina’s side after 7 years and 6 children??? i mean i thought this mess would have ended when Shiloh was born and definitely after pax came into their lives but noooooo the tabs/haters/naysayers are still grudging up hate on this couple. I guess this mess is going to follow Brad & Angelina to their grave, darn tabs/haters/naysayers will be comparing grave sites of Angelina and Aniston as to who’s is better, good grief!

  39. naturegirl says:


  40. storyteller says:

    I remember when Brad and Angelina first got together. Pretty much everyone was convinced it wouldn’t last five minutes, and that she would dump in him in a year when she got bore. Seven years and six kids later, the voices are a little dimmer but people are still saying that. And they’re still together. Congrats Brad and Angie, keep on loving each other and living your lives.

    • LoL says:

      She’s kind of stuck with him. She won’t be able to find another man with six kids and looking the way she looks. She’s a skeleton and a shell of the healthy looking person she was when with billy bob. Do you think brad will finally make her happy enough to eat something? Most happy people don’t look like skeletons.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      @storyteller – Yes, it has been interesting to follow the commentary over the long term, and to see how the talking points have changed over time.

      Get another bowl of popcorn ready – the ‘triangle’ itself may have moved on, but the fan wars will persist.

  41. bowers says:

    Brad Pitt–architect and ring-designer, helped design Jennifer Aniston’s ring also. High on the gag scale.

  42. sup says:

    uh huh. of course she is. -nod-

  43. shontay says:

    No one cares how Aniston feels. Brangelina don’t need her permission or blessing. Moving on.

    • jc126 says:


      Being someone’s first or prior spouse doesn’t mean one’s opinion or thoughts means a blessed thing after the marriage is over. A first spouse doesn’t have dibs over the ex the rest of his life.

      I bet they have a small wedding, probably overseas.

  44. Cait says:

    I don’t care if they get married. Good for them and all, but after so long and so many kids together, it was easy to forget they’re not already married. I’ll probably check out the wedding pics though, just to see what kind of monstrosity AJ ends up wearing.

  45. waq says:

    ‘but she thinks they have “issues.” ‘

    Can you ask your mom to expand on that Kaiser? I’m curious to know what she thinks and what you think. Please don’t hold back. I enjoy reading your comments.

  46. Jen says:

    I am so glad Jen is finally happy. Good thing Brad left her. See, out of something bad always comes something good. We just don’t understand it at the time. And I love Justins last name.

    • Don't do it says:

      why you single out Brad? so is jm, vince to name a few after Brad. Why not say all those guys later she finally happy her love come or something. why you have to make Brad a bad one because he is not if he wasn’t married her fame would have been as much of the rest of the friends cast.Still rich not what she is now.

      • VanessaP says:

        Why single out Brad? Coz he damaged her. Went to shoot on a movie. Slept with his co-star while married. Had an affair. Denied it. HUMILIATED his wife in front of the whole world. Divorced her. Went on and have kids with the other woman. Yeah, if it happened to you, wouldnt you single him out too? You’re pretty naive aren’t you?

      • Oreofan says:

        Oh please, VanessaP, stop making Aniston out to be a victim when she is far from one, she is the instigator who ruined her own marriage. Brad did nothing to Aniston. There was no affair, he didn’t cheat on her. She betrayed HIM and now she is a homewrecker who stole Heidi Bivens man Justin. Aniston hurt Brad and now she hurt Heidi. I can’t wait for karma to give Aniston all the pain she deserves for her being a homewrecking man-stealer. Justin will cheat on Aniston too and I can’t wait. They deserve each other.

    • Oreofan says:

      Sorry but Aniston is a homewrecker who stole Justin from his loving partner of 14 years. When you steal a man, you are worried some other chick will do the same thing to you. Aniston is miserable. Trust. She and Justin deserve each other and he will cheat on her like he did with Bivens and Aniston will deserve it. Homewreckers like Aniston deserve to be miserable. Brad is glad to be rid of her, I’m sure.

  47. proth says:

    I think this announcement without a doubt has placed these two as ultimate FAME WHORES. They get enough attention, and they could have totally kept this under wraps until the wedding was done with to minimize the press. But they went balls out the other direction. Like not even ‘yes we are getting married in two weeks’, but ‘yes we are engaged and no we’ll keep you guessing about the wedding date’. And of course Aniston is going to be inserted in a new sub-set of headlines because this thing is going to be dragged out, and she’ll be in it whether she likes it or not.

    And I love how this is wrapped up as a ‘leak’ when it simply is a press release statement – announced via a jeweler, and later a manager. For a couple that has been downplaying their unmarriedness, suddenly announcing an engagement (with no real wedding date) AND being conveniently papped with the ring while staying low for the last few weeks is … well a made-in-HWOOD stunt move.

    Normally they are subtle about their pr stuff – but this just smacks of… desperation? For what? I don’t get it.
    Hilarious. Is there a movie coming out? Is it for Cannes? Why the hell announce this?

    • Jackie says:


      as celebrities go, i have always enjoyed these two, but this is a real fame whore move. i am sooo turned off.

    • Janet says:

      Why not announce it? They have nothing to hide.

    • cameron says:

      Yea, I would to know why they can’t announce their engagement like every other couple. Tom Cruise, Matthew Mcconaughey,Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry,Reese Witherspoon and others.
      Or not announcing your engagement is just reserved for the JP’s.

    • Freya says:

      Why the hell not? What is hilarious is the negative spin you’ve put on this.

    • Josey B says:

      If I were a complete cynic, I would say that it’s maybe no coincidence that the “engagement ring that is a promise for the future” has appeared right before Jolie starts shooting a film for Disney.

      A film that is, from accounts, a fairy tale told from the viewpoint of the Evil Queen. How better to “humanize” the *evil b*tch* that a fair portion of the movie going public still see Jolie as than by giving her her own fairytale Happily Ever After?

      • proth says:

        That’s a real stretch though… i mean Theron didn’t have to pull this crap to play her role. Whatever. This reeks. Pretty bad.

      • Josey B says:

        The key to that little ultra-cynical scenario is Disney. Look at the way they squeeze every last cent out of their “wholesome” teen stars and then once they’ve outgrown their usefulness, discard them like an unwanted puppy left by the side of the road because it’s not cute and cuddly anymore. They appear to be a mega-exploitive company that demands a fair amount of political and moral line-toeing from those who work for them. Not to say my scenario is the reality, I’m explaining the thought process more than defending the idea.

        Theron’s film isn’t from that particular company.

  48. Lily says:

    speaking of love messes did you guys see that Marc Anthony filed for divorce from Jennifer Lopez? And apparently he was hoping for a reconciliation and she said no.

    As for Brad and Angelina…best wishes to them and I think Kaiser’s mom is on the money and that Jennifer Aniston is happy with Justin.

    I still don’t believe Brad “cheated” on Jennifer Aniston with Angie. I think his marriage with Jennifer was already on the rocks well before they filed for divorce, he just met someone else much more quickly than expecteed and that made the relationship look fishy. Especially since they moved so quickly with the kids and all but I believe them that once all was settled with his divorce they just moved full steam ahead.

    • Cookies says:

      Right, cuz a mutually emotionally ended marriage is always verbally announced, before infidelity takes place. In a fantasy world, where people put their self interest second and morality first, yeah… that happens. They banged, like any two people in love would, regardless of marital ties. Whoooo cares. I hope they all have a threesome.

  49. tresh says:

    Sorry but JA looks so fake in the first piture. lol

  50. badassninja says:

    SO happy for Brangelina! :)

  51. Rena says:

    I think this tale is just more tabloid BS, LOL, BUT I truly believe that JA was over Brad and the marriage long ago. When actually married both JA and Pitt expressed doubts as to the permanance of their relationship, Pitt even spoke of it being a “merger” which they would stay in as long as they were “growing together”. Any intelligent person could see that there were some big differences in how they saw the paths their lives were to meander down. One person yearned for a huge film career after TV success and a relationship that supported that career, while the other person who already had a huge film career yearned for a family with a partner who supported the yearned for family. Neither was the love of the other’s lives because they sacrificed nothing for one another. I also think part of JA’s lack of faith in that marriage was perhaps due to a lingering belief in the back of her mind that Pitt was not completely over GP.

    Actual named human gossips before the time of the reign of internet noname liars for hits hinted for years that the faux golden couple were in fact base metal. So those who bought into the PR creation only have themselves to blame for being fools.

    JA seems happy with her life and with JT. She moved on well before the divorce was final with Vince Vaughn. This has never been denied. Couples separate, they file for divorce or not, never the less they are OVAH. I can’t for the life of me understand why some people refuse to accept this truth.

    JA has not achieved that huge film career BUT she has had some career and financial success as a rom com staple. She appears to have the supportive career partner in her life who is focused as she is. She seems to live the life she desires. She is now 43 and I highly doubt she is pining away or giving much thought to an ex who was out of her life going on 8 years ago. It seems from comments she has made over the years that she does not want to be connected with her ex and his life, that her life is exactly what she wants it to be, and she knows this.

    Wish that some would hear her and move on as she has done. But I guess that some people lack the ability to accept the reality of someone’s else’s life.

    Doubt that there will be any big wedding for JA to attend, probably will be a small private ceremony for family and maybe a very few friends.

  52. islandwalker says:

    Enough already. It’s been YEARS. I’m sure neither gives a crap about what the other is up to. I’ve been dumped by ‘true loves’ and always knew after that it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    I’ve never EVER commented on a JA or AJ post because of the crazies but it’s time for the ‘fans’ and tabloids to give it a rest. Move along…nothing to see here.

  53. Bella says:

    Why do care what dopey “JEN” thinks…
    So happy for the” Jolie-Pitts”

  54. Shelly says:

    Do we care if Jen is “cool” with it? I don’t. No offense to Jen, I like her ok, but the tabs really need to stop with the whole triangle BS. It’s been SEVEN years. Move on. Brad and Angelina could be together for 30 years and have 15 kids, and the tabs would STILL be rehashing this old news and saying how Jen wants Brad back and blah blah. Seriously. I think all three of them have moved on with their lives. At this point Brad has been with Ang at least as long as he was with Jen.

  55. Amy says:

    That Justin Theroux photo is so doofy. Ugh.

  56. Snarky says:

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if she even went to their wedding.”

    Riiiiight. That’ll happen.