Pippa Middleton might be arrested in France after her friend waved his gun at a pap

Yesterday, we discussed Pippa Middleton’s trip to Paris, where she was seen partying heavily, hanging out with friends and socializing with several eligible French dudes. At first the British papers were trying to make it sound like this is just Pippa’s Parisian vacay, filled with accented, wealthy suitors all vying for her attention. But something took a turn for the worse. Pippa was photographed in a car with several men, and one of them had a gun. The dude was playing with the gun (real or fake, it is unknown), and he pointed it at one of the paparazzi. You can see those photos here, at The Sun. The Sun gleefully broke the (exclusive) story, and now they’re claiming that Pippa might be arrested and charged with something.

PIPPA Middleton larks in a car with smirking pals as one terrifyingly aims a GUN. Prince William’s sexy sister-in-law was last night facing a grilling by outraged cops over the antics in Paris — as it reels from a series of gun massacres across France.

Three male chums were with her in an Audi convertible. The driver took out the weapon and brandished it in broad daylight. He waved it in the air and pointed it at a photographer — whose snaps show the chilling moment the barrel of what looks like a semi-automatic stared straight down his lens.

Pippa, 27 — sister of future Queen Kate, 30 — is clearly seen in the front passenger seat.

Last night the Paris Judicial Police were poised to launch a probe — as a source revealed Pippa faces ARREST amid a gun clampdown. The Sun was told: “If the evidence points to her involvement, she will be prosecuted. Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest and interrogation.”

The source confirmed that if the gun was REAL, brandishing it in a public place is punishable by up to seven years’ jail “for all parties involved”.

Even if it was FAKE the maximum jail term is two years. The source said: “Certainly if you were in a car and knew somebody was using a gun to warn people off you’d be liable to arrest.”

Last night the French photographer was “considering his options” over making a formal police complaint. Pippa was understood to have been in Paris for a weekend fancy dress party — weeks after three kids were among seven people shot dead in Toulouse.

A security source said: “Waving a weapon in public is not only illegal — it’s incredibly stupid.”

[From The Sun]

I’ve totally been warped by American gun laws and the particularly gun-friendly area in which I live – I mean, I‘ve been in nice restaurants where I‘m seated next to dudes who are locked, loaded, and holstered, sitting there eating their steak. So… I’m warped. Plus, my knowledge of French gun laws are minimal at best. I thought France was like the UK – as in, it’s really difficult for the average person to get a handgun? Is that no longer the case? Best case scenario: Pippa’s dude-friends are idiots who think they’re “cool” for playing with a gun. Worst case scenario: Pippa thinks her idiot-friends are super-cool for playing with guns and pointing them at the paparazzi AND she gets arrested.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. T.C. says:

    Bet this story goes no where. Pipa is so try-hard.

    • smith says:

      Girlfriend needs a facial. Also an eyebrow intervention and a stylist – stat.

      P.s. hand over the black eyeliner and exit the room quietly. Although I guess that’s a Middleton “thing” as Kate is also eyeliner challenged. Seriously they both apply their makeup like 14 year olds.

      She must be “jolly good fun” or something because she’s such a bore to look at. Even her purses put me to sleep. These very wealthy, well-connected French guys are mesmorized by HER? Really? I don’t get it. I want to but I just don’t.

  2. Madrid says:

    (Just plain harmless curiosity) what do you british guys think about her?

  3. Cherry says:

    Best- and worst-case scenarios aside, does anybody really believe that this dude was waving a REAL gun around? Come on. It’s obviously a toy. Sure, it’s a bad joke, but let’s not pretend something really terrible is going on here.

    • Laura says:

      Why would a grown man have a fake toy gun in his car?

    • RocketMerry says:

      I agree, he probably was waving a fake gun, not unlike a five year old playing cowboys and thieves and laughing hysterically with his equally dumb friends.
      That Pippa really likes attention and faux-shocking news titles, doesn’t she?

      • Hope says:

        I have a feeling that it’s probably a realistic looking toy water pistol. My little brothers had ones like that. Granted, they were under the age of 10 at the time, but whatevs.

        I’m no gun expert, but I’ve handled and shot dozens of guns over the years. And judging by he shape of the barrel, the tiny hole in the barrel and the obviously plastic finish on the gun (as seen in the second pic,) as well as the gun’s lack of width, which is out of proportion to the size of the gun, means that this is an obvious toy, and the British tabloids were bored and trying to make some scandal out of nothing. The dumb@ss should have squirted the paps. Then the tabs would have known it was fake and they wouldn’t have this “juicy” story.

    • mln76 says:

      Yup it totally looked fake to me.

    • Valerie says:

      I’m sure it’s fake… but it’s an incredible stupid thing to do in France at the moment. There was a gunman who’s just been caught after killing three children. And now there’s a second gunman who’s still yet to be caught in the South of France. Pointing a fake gun at strangers is never a good idea, but given the fear in France at the moment it’s unbelivably stupid. This is just going to reflect badly on Pippa and the Royal Family as whole. She’s going to look like she doesn’t give a damn that there’s a madman with a gun on the loose.

    • inthekitchen says:

      If you read the article, even pointing a FAKE gun at someone will get you a 2-year jail sentence! I’m sure nothing will come of it since these are rich boys/Pipps but I really hope they ALL get busted for this, just like any other normal person would.

    • Dawn says:

      No it is not obviously a Toy. Many media outlets are now saying the gun is real. That doesn’t mean it is but don’t say it OBVIOUSLY is.

  4. the original almond says:

    Gah, that eyeliner situation is killing me. Someone must have taught her that that is the way to do it and she stuck with it regardless of the aesthetic effect. Does she live in Ancient Egypt and must protect her eyes from the glare of the sun?

    • operagirl says:

      So is the Marie Antoinette blouse. o.O

      • Anne says:

        Please. That blouse is so trashy and budget Marie Antoinette would never have worn it.

        When I first saw it, I thought it was one of those cheap Halloween costumes. Then I saw the tights and when: “Oh. Gross.”

      • bluhare says:

        It was for a costume party.

      • kibbles says:

        I didn’t understand why she was wearing that horrendous outfit until I went over to the Daily Mail to read what they had to say about this incident. The night before she had attended a “Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette-themed evening, which included three dwarves serving champagne and canapes”. The costume party was already a huge PR mishap on Pippa’s part. Is she completely unaware that many people have compared her sister to Marie Antoinette for taking dozens of vacations each year while the country is still suffering an economic recession? Why would anyone related to the royal family with a sister who will someday become Queen want to go out in public dressed like Marie Antoinette? Huge mistake. Second, there were dwarves serving at this party?! Sounds like a low brow event put on by another one of her wealthy douchebag friends with no direction in life other than to live off of their parents wealth and put on stupid and offensive parties like this one.

    • Sassy says:

      Dwarves? It is Snow White and the seven Dwarfs. Never heard of dwarves. :)

  5. Agnes says:

    she’s still looking busted. and she won’t be arrested – her parents have enough money not to make that happen. ha!

  6. Steph says:

    Kaiser, this story is all over ABC right now

  7. Monkey Jim says:

    I’m a Brit. The media desperately tried to make her into ‘someone’ post Royal wedding, and the Daily Mail is still trying. The perception now is she’s basically dull posh bird, who hangs out with other dull posh birds and guys. If she got herself an interesting boyfriend that would up the ante. And (ssssh) people have quickly realised that she’s not that pretty either! But I also think the foreign press is WAY more into Kate Middleton than we are – she most def ain’t cool or considered an icon of any kind. She’s a bit – middle aged? Harry on the other hand… Beyond reproach and loved by all. Fact.

  8. alison8701 says:

    Jesus! That first photo gave me quite a start. I never understood the hype surrounding her– I know this is mean, but she seemed kind of plain to me, verging on masculine.. and now a bit deranged.

    I mean, she is pretty! But I don’t get it.

  9. Alti says:

    weird story.

    the pictures… boahh the Middelton-girls have sooo harsh faces

  10. Suz says:

    I think the foreign media is much more into the Middleton girls than the British.

    Pippa does not look attractive in the top photo. I don’t think she’s ugly but her makeup and style are harsh – not doing her any favors. Like the poster upthread mentioned, she almost has a deranged air.

  11. iloveretro says:

    She looks really hard for 27. Some new makeup tips from a different makeup artist might help. The heavy-duty liner isn’t doing her any favors.

  12. Suz says:

    Even here in the gun-friendly US, if someone where waving a gun around in a car, cops would be swarming.

    I think it was probably fake and done in a wave of stupidity.

  13. Cathy says:

    That pap is probably just hoping for a quick payday. Pippa wouldn’t hang out with anybody who didn’t have money. So that guy knows that maybe he can make a quick buck or two.

  14. Dusty says:

    I saw four pictures of the series with her companion brandishing the gun. Go to the Sun – the pics are really shocking. She is smirking. see this link. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4258797/Shock-as-smirking-Pippa-Middleton-pal-points-gun-in-crazy-car-stunt.html

    • Dawn says:

      I went to that link too, which is a British blog and what I found interesting is the comment thread going on right now. The British people HATE her. I scrolled down for quite a while and could not find one person sticking up for her or saying they liked her. All the comments were about how stupid and vapid she is and saying she should be thrown in jail. Oh, and the pictures are despicable once you actually see them

    • Kimbob says:

      @Dusty, thanks for providing the link to the pics. Just saw them. This is not good for Pippa.

      I really liked her before, but now I’m starting to wonder. She’s hanging out w/some real snot-nosed spoiled rich boys…and they’re obviously childish, entitled and bratty. This doesn’t bode well for her.

      Since she didn’t discourage her friend from brandishing/pointing that gun (regardless of whether or not it’s a toy)…this makes her seem/appear just like her juvenile male friends. Really not good!

    • Violet says:

      Wow. Not only is this a completely juvenile stunt to pull, but that gun doesn’t even look fake. They’re lucky that they didn’t cause a traffic accident with their antics.

      It’s also a particularly sh*tty thing to do in a country where a series of gun massacres have recently taken place.

      I hope Pippa and her a$$hole friends get jail time for this.

  15. Anaya says:

    My gosh… her eyeliner! Yikes! (pic #1)

    Pippa and another male companion inside the car is smiling so perhaps it is not a real gun. Not sure although it doesn’t matter. Wonder if she (or her parents and their money) will be able to wiggle her out of this mess of trouble she’s in.

  16. Darlene says:

    What in the princess hell is she wearing over those sheer black leggins???

  17. Jaded says:

    What a bunch of useless posh wankers. She has a trailer trash (Eurotrash?) vibe about her, tough and cheap looking no matter how much money her family has.

  18. HoustonGrl says:

    Those pictures make her and her stupid friends look like what they are…stupid. And she’s no better than them, particularly if she thinks this is funny.

  19. Summer says:

    She does look much older than her age, looks like maybe she spent too much time in solariums or something. Neither her or her sister look very attractive at all to me, they both look ‘harsh’. I do agree that softer makeup might help! She looks best in the shot where she’s getting out of the car, it might just be angle but she also looks less made-up and casual. I really don’t understand the eyeliner thing :S

  20. Franny says:

    Was she going to a costume party? I’m so confused about her cleopatra meets marie antoinette outfit here.

    Also, sunscreen is your friend. I’m 24, so only a few years younger, and seeing these pictures will remind me to smear on the SPF every day. And I live in Wisconsin, so not a ton of sun for 7 months a year.

  21. GoodCapon says:

    Regardless whether the gun is fake or not, it was completely foolish of him to aim it at someone. But let’s be real here: nobody would face charges. Money talks, y’know.

    For her sake, I hope Pippa would avoid sleazy men like these from now on. She doesn’t have a good reputation as it is. These men only wanted more publicity and they got it, at her expense.

  22. Jacq says:

    They’re all laughing, so I’d assume the gun is fake. However, she should have known better, she knew she was being photographed & I see no protest on her part. Whether or not there were legal reprocussions, she does have an image & family to protect and I can’t think of any situation where that’d be ok, real or not.

  23. Emma says:

    I know everyone is like “Pippa’s got mad game for hanging around all these rich guys,” but how do we know she’s not the girl to call over, party with, and then send home. Let’s not forget the pictures of her in her bra with a bunch of liquor bottles around partying hard. Those guys look like douchey idiots. Yes, they have money, but they’re gross. And I don’t know, I think she and George Percy could simply be friends with benefits. Her game could just be that she’s a good time. I don’t know, just my opinion. And although I’ve always thought she’s totally unattractive, she’s not offensive or anything like that. She’s fine, just living her life.

    • kibbles says:

      There is a good chance that you are absolutely correct about how these aristocratic douchebags view Pippa. The men she hangs with already have wealth and some will acquire a title. I doubt a man from old money and aristocracy would feel a burning need to marry Pippa just because her sister is married into the royal family. Not all wealthy people are fame whores. Most would rather live their lives without scrutiny from the press and the public. Another reason is that Pippa isn’t particularly attractive and she has earned a reputation for being a party girl. Fun to party with or try to befriend in the hopes of an invitation to a royal function, but not the ideal type for a rich guy to bring home to his conservative parents. And if we can all see that the Middletons are social climbers, then I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these British aristocratic families see the same thing. It looks less like Pippa has got game and more like she is just another immature rich kid who likes to drink and party.

      • Izzy says:

        A dailymail commenter made an interesting point: They think some of these French aristos are using her to get publicity by association. One of them has a clothing line he needs to promote. The others may want a bit of the attention she brings now that she is related to royals.

      • Emma says:

        @kibbles – Exactly! Alex Louden (her ex) is very handsome, old money, and against any type of media attention. Now, if she landed him and got a proposal, then I would say the girl really knows what she’s doing. But he wasn’t having it and neither was his family. I think if she really wants to land an aristocrat, she should be more discreet and not appear as though she’s running around with different guys (even if it’s innocent). One thing her sister did quite well.

  24. oyindamola says:

    That serves her right,this will teach her a lesson.even her sister does’nt behave like that.is she the first person that her sister will be a duchess,she should please get a life.

  25. Royal fan says:

    No it’s not ok.

    If I was her and My sister was mother to the future king or queen and the man next to me was waving his real/toy gun, I would get out the car and save I’m out of here… This is not cool.

    But she’s smiling?

    27 is not 17.

  26. JulieM says:

    Um, folks. The article says that even if the gun is a toy/fake, there could be jail time attached. And Pippy is smirking through it all. Big mistake, PR wise. Not too bright.

  27. Fab says:

    Of course they don’t lead a normal life so they have no idea what’s normal.

    But the future aunty of the king and queen needs to set an example.
    I agree with the poster above. She should have gotten out of the car.

    What will happen one day when Pippa is bouncing William and Kate’s baby on her knee and they look through an old scrap book together and there is there aunty looking like a gangster riding around Paris with a guy waving a gun at the press and Pippa is smiling…. The child will probably smile and say but how old we’re you.
    A Teenager ? And Pippa will say almost 28.

    Kate’s speech at 30 proved a lot.

  28. Fab says:

    Of course they don’t lead a normal life so they have no idea what’s normal.

    But the future aunty of the king and queen needs to set an example.
    I agree with the poster above. She should have gotten out of the car.

    What will happen one day when Pippa is bouncing William and Kate’s baby on her knee and they look through an old scrap book together and there is there aunty looking like a gangster riding around Paris with a guy waving a gun at the press and Pippa is smiling….

    At almost 28 years old this is not Correct Way to act

  29. kibbles says:

    Idiotic spoiled brats. I grew up in America and I’m very uncomfortable around guns of any kind even if it is a police officer next to me with a gun. People who own guns should act responsibly and take it very seriously when pulling it out for any reason. Pippa laughing at the fact that a guy next to her is waving a gun around is stupid and classless. If the gun is in fact real and was loaded, then she needs to grow up and realize that every person in and around that car could have been in danger if the guy had snapped or accidentally pulled the trigger.

  30. sally says:

    It’s always YIKES!! every time I see her face.

  31. Lisa Turtle says:

    The Middletons put on a good show at the Royal Wedding. They are good at superficial appearances, but there is no depth or substance to their character.

    It is ironic that Pippa seemed so much more likeable when she was pissy and heading off to work every morning in London. Then she sued, now we just see her scheming society party girl side and its ugly.

  32. Laura says:

    Althought I like Kate’s fashion sense (most of the time) I could care less about her and her manly-looking sister. Both of them seem like they have a collective IQ hovering around that of a fire hydrant, and have appeared to get to where they are socially thanks to their parents’ money. Neither of them are attractive – Kate looks ok from a distance but up close she looks horrid due to the obscene amount of make-up she wears…which is sad because I read somewhere that she spent ALOT of money before her wedding making sure she looked perfect. Ugh – girl needs a refund, STAT. Pippa looks like a man. Both sisters look much older than they are – which does not bode well for when they actually are old. They will look harsh and worn out – much more than they already do. Not sure what the heck men see in them – except that they are rich and possibly easy?! Here’s hoping that Prince Harry marries someone with intelligence and beauty…though looking at Chelsy Davy (who looks like a dirty hooker 99% of the time…that girl is super fugly) I’m not sure it will happen.
    As for this story – Pippa will NOT be arrested. This is just the media going mental over anything to do with the Middletons/Royal Family. The story does prove that Pippa is an unintelligent bore – nothing to do in life besides shop and party with nasty little boys who play with mommmy and daddy’s money. She seems like she is probably a beyotch who thinks she is God’s gift.

  33. Minxx says:

    I find Pippa Middleton spoiled, vapid and really harsh looking. This type of face and expression you often see on much older and much more “experienced” (read: too much sun, ciggies, sex and drugs). What bugs me the most about her is that the press is trying to make her happen when she’s obviously just a social climber with a HUGE appetite for a titled man with serious money. While Kate is trying to be subtle about it (though her ambitions were exactly the same), Pippa is flying that golddigger flag very proudly.

  34. kris says:


  35. Princess Lizabeth says:

    Really, Pippa is SO unattractive. She has such a hard look about her…maybe it is all the tanning.

  36. Nina says:

    What a bunch of idiots… I really hope they will be arrested.

  37. pf says:

    I was also going to comment on how they got her age wrong. She’s 28 going on 29, but from her face I’d say it’s more like she’s going on 45. I’ve never seen such young people look so old, who knows what Kate & Pippa will look like in 5 to 10 years. Scary thought. But I guarantee they will still have that eye liner on.

    • Dusty says:

      It agree pf. She looks awfully old and it is because of the sun worshipping. Her mother’s face is older looking too because of the sun. You never want to be my age and regret, like I do, the days of sunning in your youth. I am only 52 but my arms are marked with sun spots that only start to come out when you are in your forties – damage is mostly done before you are 18.

  38. Violet says:

    Yikes, she needs to start using sunscreen because she is aging fast. And she should also get some professional advice on how to apply makeup, instead of slapping it on with a trowel.

    I hope the authorities throw the book at her and her Eurotrash friends. What a complete c*nt.

  39. the original bellaluna says:

    Don’t know how it works in the UK, but in the US, toy guns are required to be fluorescent orange or some other random “unrealistic gun” colour. (Too many people got shot or killed for waving around toy guns that looked too realistic.)

    Of course, that’s not going to stop some industrious kid from painting over it to make it look real (though spray paint is only available to those 18 and older).

    My dad is a USMC Officer, Retired, and I was always taught never to point a gun at ANYTHING/ONE unless I fully intended to pull the trigger.

    I grew up with real guns, not toy guns; respect for guns and the damage they inflict was ingrained in me from a very young age.

  40. GirlyGirl says:

    For a girl whose only accomplishment is having an ass that she put into a nicely tailored dress that one time, she gets an awful lot of attention from the press.


  41. AnnieC says:

    You can buy guns in supermarkets in France, not sure what the requirements are to buy one but they’re definitely more visible + available than in the UK. I’m in the UK + this has been one of the new stories playing all day! Down with Pippa, boring old mess! :-P

  42. Susannah says:

    Hello!! I have been waiting for Pippa to blow it for almost a year now!
    It won’t be long before we see her on E! channel in “Where are they know?”

  43. flowerpot says:

    The Percy clan will not be happy about all this media fuss, basically she is indiscreet, a big no no in the old money upper sets, the Pipster may have just shot herself in the foot, a wild weekend partying with sleazy looking Frenchies splashed all over the tabloids is not going to win her any brownie points with George’s family. No Duchess title for you young lady.

    • Sachi says:

      This is Alex Loudon and his family all over again.

      While they were dating, Pippa was going around town with George Percy, setting the tabloids on fire about how she’s gonna be a Duchess and that Percy is a much better catch than Loudon because he’s richer and Pippa will do better to dump Loudon and get with Percy. They even went on a holiday together while Loudon stayed in London for work.

      Now the stories are about her and Percy being a couple, she’s off to France with a bunch of different men.

      How close is she to this Count? I don’t think she actually knows him at all, but just went there for the party.

      But of course, we’d get people saying again that Pippa is not wanted because she’s not Old Money and those people are being snobs.

      No. They maybe snobs, but they also have standards. Many families have the same high expectations for their kids.

      She’s not wanted because she’s shameless and she doesn’t know how to be discreet with her party life to not flash herself in front of the cameras and attract scrutiny with her silly, juvenile behavior.

      The aristocratic men may play with her, but they will not bring her home as a girlfriend. They’re all spoiled brats.

  44. aquarius64 says:

    Pippa really stepped in the dog’s business now. Bad enough she embarassed her sister and the Royal Family, but she might catch a charge. Dollar bet she’s praying the queen or PM Cameron makes a call to French government to make this go away. I wouldn’t be surprised if Queen Elizabeth bans Pippa from her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Throw in all royal-sponsored London Olympics activites as well. Kate and the Middletons will raise a stink, but if the queen makes the call there’s nothing they can do about it.

  45. Maya says:

    She is so irrelevant it’s not funny. I’d understand if she was remotely attractive, but she looks so masculine and don’t get me started on the bags under her eyes.
    I wander how embarrassed Kate is. Pippa is as embarrassing as Sarah Ferguson once was.

  46. moopsie says:

    I remember reading a blind item about a member of the royal family who like to do lines in the bathrooms while partying at clubs. I think it was pippa.

  47. Gracie says:

    The Middleton family are really stupid and common all round! I’ve seen enough pictures of James Middleton with his privates or backside exposed to last me a lifetime. Just don’t get why William had to marry into this family :-( I really don’t think Diana would have approved …