Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds want to buy real estate together in Connecticut

When we last discussed Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, I talked about how weirdly WASPy they are. I don’t say that (or think that) about most vanilla couplings – but Blake and Ryan seem to really be pushing this WASP image of themselves, and it’s totally strange and foreign to me. Blake wasn’t this “Let’s go to the yacht club regatta with Muffy and Boomer” when she was with Penn Badgley or Leonardo DiCaprio. And Ryan Reynolds wasn’t all “let’s go to ice cream socials and check out the real estate situation in the nation’s richest county” when he was with Scarlett Johansson or Alanis Morissette. I think Blake and Ryan just bring it out in each other – when they joined forces, suddenly they became the embodiment of all of Gwyneth Paltrow’s pretensions. Anyway, Us Weekly claims that Blake and Ryan are looking into real estate – together! So they can have a place that’s all their own. In Connecticut. Probably near a country club.

An insider tells Us Weekly’s Hot Stuff that Blake Lively and her boyfriend of six months Ryan Reynolds want to live together and “have been looking around different areas of Connecticut” for a house. The couple had domesticity on the brain April 12, when they strolled through the upscale town of New Canaan (located an hour away from NYC).

“They checked out a lot of home décor stores,” says an onlooker of the pair, who peeked inside china boutique the Whitney Shop and jewelry store Pennyweights.

Adds a second insider, “They love getting out of the city and appreciate a slower pace.”

And though Lively, 24 – who ended her five-month dalliance with Leo DiCaprio last September – and Ryan, 35, haven’t signed on the dotted line, they are already well practiced at playing house. Reynolds put the LA-area home he shared with his ex-wife Scarlett Johansson, 27, on the market in February and now spends much of his time at Lively’s pad in NYC.

“Ryan is practically living with her already,” says one insider. “When he’s at her apartment, it feels like home.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

They went to a china boutique?!? And a jewelry store. They are seriously SERIOUS, aren’t they? I have to wonder – if Ryan going to end up proposing to Blake? That seems like where they’re heading. The problem, I think, is that Ryan might be gun-shy after the disastrous marriage to Scarlett. Maybe he doesn’t want to be That Guy – the guy who just marries every big-boobed blonde he comes across. So if Ryan is gun-shy (just a theory of mine), how long will Blake wait? How long will she be content with real estate shopping in Connecticut and ice cream socials and china shopping? I won’t worry. I suspect Blake has a plan.

God, Baxter Reynolds has so much personality. I love Bax!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Bubulle says:

    I’m only there to say I love his dog.

  2. Elle says:

    I love this couple. Sweet and they match each other.

  3. Jayna says:

    Great couple. Scarlett must be jealous.

  4. gee says:

    I love them together. I can’t wait until they make the perfect blonde hummle baby.

  5. lucy2 says:

    Considering what a status climber she seems to be, they’ve been surprisingly low key.

  6. Liv says:

    Ha! Yeah, she has a plan for sure ;-) But like I said before, they really make sense as a couple.

  7. Sarah says:

    They are a perfect match. They became friends while working on Green Lantern and it was a question of time for them to know they were made for each other. Her fling with DiCaprio wasn’t meant to be as she had Ryan on her mind all along.
    I wish them a lot of happiness!
    Ryan’s dog is such a cutie.

  8. says:

    They’re kind of growing on me. At least they’re not all famewhory about being a couple.

    • DreamyK says:

      He seems to be playing it safe with vanilla ladies. I’d like to see him do something really interesting like Ryan did with Eva Mendes or Jason with Michelle Williams. He actually seems to have a well developed sense of humor, so how about, say, Sarah Silverman.

  9. Liberty says:

    Waity Katie. Planny McLively. Wheeee! Here we go again. Fabulous dog, anyway.

  10. Agnes says:

    in CT, of course! ha! i hope it’s ON the golf course.

  11. sallyreo says:

    RY and Blake do make a cute couple. Hope it lasts!

    However, they are just another couple.
    The hype about Ryan has almost stopped and Blake seems to be into being the
    good wife, whick is what IMO he wants for a wife.

    Scarjo on the other side of the coin has
    a hit movie coming out on May 1. Perhaps, even bigger than Green Lantern.

    At the end of the day, everyone is going to get what they wanted.

  12. Talie says:

    I, now, definitely think that little fling with Leo was just to get Ryan’s attention. He was obviously the one she wanted to be with from the start. But whatever, they seem well-suited to each other. I totally believe she was the one who moved on from Leo and all his issues with women.

  13. malie says:

    Ryan. Blake. Connecticut.

    Talk about boring across the board.

  14. Rosy says:

    It freaks me out how much they look like siblings. And he looks a lot like her brother..

  15. Sports Gal says:

    Wasn’t Blake the subject of a Blind Item a while back about a starlet spending her off-time running a bakery in Connecticut?

  16. INeedANap says:

    I love the Blue Steel Baxter is giving in the last pic!

  17. Diana says:

    *snooze* Wake me when they both move on to more interesting people.

  18. Eve says:

    One of the most boring couples ever.

  19. kazoo says:

    i bet an oops pregnancy is in her plans.

  20. Gene Parmesan says:

    Her thing with leo was for pr, notice how there were TONS and i mean TONS of pap pics with them, how convenient….on another note. Good luck with him Blake, their togetherness is soo lethargic very unlike Blake not to be seen around all the time

  21. Holden says:

    haha! Oh wait… *realizing I just got divorced 2 years ago and am now marrying another big boobed blond*

  22. The Original Mia says:

    And…Baxter is the most interesting thing about this post. Gorgeous dog. Work it!

  23. Twez says:

    Baxter knows how to keep up his roots. As opposed to Blake Lively.

  24. Alexis says:

    I’m cool with these two. I think they’re bringing out each others’ WASPiness because maybe that’s who both of them really are, and they couldn’t really express that with previous partners due to cultural differences.

    Also since I think that Blake is actually around 30, they’re a pretty age-appropriate match, too.

  25. Relli says:

    IDK Ryan strikes me as the Jen Aniston of men, always Cushing his look up based on who he is with. When he was with Alanis he was all hippy & beard, Scarlett he became hipster and now with Blake he’s all button ups, sweaters and china shopping. Looks to me that someone has an identity crisis when in a realtionship. Also he might have a touch of the Cruddies, encouraging his lady loves to go after things that his exes are. I compleltely blame him for Scarletts wanna be singer cover album that just happened to drop close to the same time as Alanis’ album. And then Blake just happened to go after some roles Scarlett was up for after thief split. I know there is a lot of people who think Scarjo was the loser in the split with her Sean Penn love, which Was nasty. But if my ex-husband suddenly took up with someone he claimed was just a friend during our marriage I would be heartbroken and clinging to mind altering materials.

    But seriously I wish Buffy and boomer years of happiness and children who look like they are carve out of cream cheese.

    • merc says:

      That’s an entertaining theory, but Ryan’s style, if you want to call it that, has always been pretty eclectic, i.e. he’s always looked like he didn’t know what the hell he was doing and didn’t care much about clothes. I think what has changed is he’s gotten older, more famous, and enlisted the help of a stylist for events.

      Scarlett got her album deal after she dropped her momager and moved on to manager Rick Yorn. His brother Pete is a musician and helped her make that transition.

      Blake and a lot of other actresses auditioned for the same role in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity back in 2010. Scarlett read for the part later, and it eventually went to Sandra Bullock.

      Ryan and Blake didn’t officially start dating until long after Sean Penn came and went. If there was anything going on between them before that, it was kept on the dl because there were only the usual rumours. I doubt Scarlett and Ryan would try to remain friends if there was.

  26. danielle says:

    What seems so weird to me is that she’s happy with that at her age. I was fairly calm compared to most in my 20s, but I still wanted to get my party on, not go china shopping. But if she prefers baking to partying, maybe that really is her scene.

  27. storyteller says:

    There is no dastardly plan. Ryan wants to be there, she doesn’t need a plan to keep him. Why must people always think the worst of Blake? Clearly, this is a much better match for the both of them than their immediately previous relationships. They seem really content with each other. Hope it works for them.

  28. merc says:

    Us mag sees a couple Twitter pics of them in CT and writes a story about them moving there. That’s all this is. They have no ”inside sources.”

    I think ” Blake’s plan” is probably their plan. Ryan doesn’t seem like the type to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

  29. Samantha says:

    I’m from CT. Pennyweights is NOT a fancy jewlery store, its like where you go to get nice looking $40 jewlery. Like one step up from F21. This is a really nice area, but not as waspy as they are making it seem. I can totally see them there.

  30. kristin says:

    watch out conspiracy theorists- the whitney shop also has a baby store attached to the china shop!

  31. Pia says:

    I grew up in WASP central (Newport, RI) and my aunt and uncle live on Park Ave. in NYC. Living to outdo those around you is incredibly exhausting, I’ve seen it first hand. Nothing you have is good enough if so-and-so has more. It’s a pathetic way to live when you have so much more than most others have already. It’s all about $20 organic pineapples, facelifts, and Lacoste tennis dresses. I had to get away. If you think CT sounds boring, try living in central Maine where “downtown” here is a single intersection LOL. Of course, not all CT is what I’d call WASPy anyway. Bridgeport is one of the biggest hell-holes in the country.

  32. carrie says:

    his dog is what it’s most interesting in their couple
    i’m bitchy here because i like low-key couple and they’re low-key couple

  33. mimi says:

    Blake has been like that for a long time now.

    I remember she was promoting the Traveling Pants movie with America Ferrera and she started talking like a real snob about how exciting it was to shoot scenes at the Hamptons and she seemed to have taken after her character at Gossip Girl.

    America almost punched her then and there.

    At least Gwyneth tried really hard to rid herself of that image by emphasizing her friendship with J Z and Byonce and how she listens to his music…

    I don’t think Blake is going to Jen Garner him. He is already buying a house and china with her. That’s the last step before and as part of a formal engagement.

    They will marry if nothing goes awry.

    I do wonder who should have married Gwyneth, though.
    Brad seemed shallow enough and liked that pose to fit that bill, but for some reason that didn’t work out in the end.

    I wonder who might have been suitable for her. Plus she seems so lonely these days.

  34. tia says:

    Connecticut is awesome. New Canaan, Westport, Fairfield, Greenwich, Darien, all awesome and super wealthy people there. Alot of people get to work in Manhattan during the day and take the train 30 minutes home and get to live in new England.. can’t get much better than that… congrats to them..:)

  35. D says:

    Boring>trainwreck, so I think they’re doing pretty well for a hollywood couple. yeah, they jumped into stay at home and watch food network and cuddle phase real quick, but every time blake’s interviewed that sounds like what she wants in a guy. and for al that people rag on her for being a famewhore, they’re more private than pretty much any celeb couple right now.

  36. Bek says:

    While I myself did not want to be in a serious relationship at a young age, it’s different strokes for different folks. They look happy and we’re not reading about them trashing hotel rooms or something similar.

    I adore Baxter as well as Penny, who was missing in these pics.

  37. Kata says:

    I grew up in that area- I went to school in New Canaan- so I can just imagine them strolling down Elm Street going into all the little stores. Pennyweights made me giggle, though, its where everyone went to buy presents for each other in middle school. It’s not that nice.
    But if they want authentic WASP, Fairfield County is definitely one of the best places to be. And its close enough to NYC that most people are pretty blase about celebrities so no one would bother them.

  38. Amy says:

    I’m from around this area too. Not CT per se, but across the border in Westchester County. I live 15 minutes away from Greenwich, it’s on the same Metronorth train line into Manhattan so I am very familiar with the atmosphere of this area. It’s not really a place for 20 somethings to get their party on, but that doesn’t look like something Blake wants. It seems like it’s perfect for them!

  39. Lettie says:

    I like his dog too. If anybody wants a black lab/border collie mix. She’s almost 1 and needs a loving strong family.