Scarlett Johansson: “I am addicted to buffalo wings, I can’t stop eating them”

This is a complete non-story, but I just found it funny. God knows, we talk enough about body image and eating and who does and does not eat solid food… so it’s always nice when a Hollywood actress openly discusses her love of food. Not just any solid food – buffalo wings! Yes, Scarlett Johansson, no longer on a strict diet, is downing a crazy amount of buffalo wings. Have at it Scar!

Scarlett Johansson was picture perfect in her form-fitting black Versace dress at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Avengers.” However, the butt-kicking super hero insisted that it’s only a matter of time before she packs on the pounds.

“Oh my good [I am obsessed] with buffalo chicken wings, I am addicted to them,” Johansson told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “You will have to roll me down the red carpet next time you see me.”

Johansson’s new-found food of choice comes on the heels of the super strict diet and workout regime she followed to be able to slip into a skin-tight “Black Widow” suit for the highly anticipated Marvel Comics blockbuster.

“You have to eat a really clean diet, a lot of kale and salmon. Basically you get all your nutrients and then training like crazy,” she explained. “The training is crazy, but you just suck it up and do it. There is a lot of strength training and agility training, and fight choreography. You go in, and you just do it.”

So the result of all that blood, sweat and tears?

“It was absolute nonstop action, it was intense and just a rollercoaster of fights, stunts and explosions,” she said. “Then of course you have all these characters that do not belong together, and we are in the same room, and try to fight it out between us.”

And for the record, even as Johansson walked away, we heard her chatting about those tasty buffalo wings.

“I can’t stop eating them,” she whispered to her publicist. “I just can’t get enough.”

[From Fox News]

“I can’t stop eating them…” Are you that way about certain foods? I used to be. Like, I’m all about salty, carb-y goodness – that’s my Achilles heel. I can pass by donuts, pastries, candy, caviar, pancakes and all of that. But I can never say no to potato chips. Or French fries. Or mashed potatoes. Anything that was ever a potato, basically. But as I get older, I do tire of my old favorites. Is it age? Or are my taste buds changing? Anyway, let ScarJo have her buffalo wings. Just keep putting her in dresses with dust ruffles around the waist, and no one will notice.

These are photos of Scarlett and her boys promoting The Avengers in Rome. Jesus, she’s a lucky girl.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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76 Responses to “Scarlett Johansson: “I am addicted to buffalo wings, I can’t stop eating them””

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  1. Europe/ Amsterdam says:

    we can all see that dear…

  2. jen says:

    Hmmm, dust ruffles, a potato sack shirt, cravings? Something’s up!

  3. sukienow says:

    i understand your potato addiction, am like that aswell

    i love it fried, boiled, mashed, roasted

  4. Tiffany27 says:

    I’m obsessed with almonds. I know its weird, but I could honestly eat them all day. I just have to be careful because they’re high in fat…. Like most good food :)

    • NerdMomma says:

      Ooh me too. I used to love them roasted, now I love them raw. I really don’t think you can go wrong eating nuts, though! It’s a much better type of fat than other kinds, anyway. Or maybe I’m just pretending there’s a difference.

    • Maria says:

      fat isn’t the problem it’s calories overall. Fat is actually a very good thing! nothing keeps your skin dewy and youthful as you age like fat does. Just make sure they’re raw almonds, not roasted, to get all the nutritional benefits..! (unfortunately, in the U.S, the almonds are irradiated but they are still better than eating potato chips. )

      • NerdMomma says:

        Oh man. I just looked up what “irradiated” means…the food situation in this country is SO depressing. Everything is increasingly processed, and even when I think I’m eating something fresh and healthy and natural, I’m not. By the time my kids are adults, there’ll be nothing left but pink slime with lab-created vitamins and some extra bleach. Arg!!

        I know I’m insanely lucky to live a life in which I have access to plenty of food, but at the same time, I think we’re breeding a lot of future cancer and disease with this stuff. Not good.

    • sallyreo says:

      I got on the Ryan Reynolds diet last year. I have gone from a size 18 to a size 10. Friends tell me I look ten years younger. When I get hungry I eat ALMONDS, SO MANY THAT MY SON COMPARED ME TO A SQUIREL.

  5. Marjalane says:

    All I could think of when I read that was, “A gassy Scarjo with orange stained fingers.” No wonder Sean Penn was attracted.

  6. paola says:

    I never got the appeal on this girl, she seems so ordinary to me.. and considering all the resources she can afford she seems TOO ordinary to me! ordinary face and ordinary body.

  7. MarenGermany says:

    pasta and cheese for me

  8. Lise says:

    As a french I am obsessed with bread but only the real french one, the baguette or the bread from farms. It’s really bad because the “boulangeries ” are EVERYWHERE in france, I can’t resist, the smell is so amazing !

  9. Lyssie says:

    Every morning should start with a healthy dose of Tom Hiddleston.

  10. Maria says:

    these extreme diet and workout plans, actresses undergo for movie roles, leads to disordered ‘binge’ type eating…. deny deny..train train..binge binge…then you gain weight faster since you underate for months prior. it sucks since it creates even more work when they have to lose it again. that kind of thing takes a toll on the body..eventually. I like her..she’s young, speaks her mind..isn’t overly attractive so is relatable…. that’s just my opinion of course. :-)

    • Esmom says:

      I was thinking the same thing. You’d think being exposed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen would stick in some form after filming, even if just a very scaled back version. Instead the celebs seem to go straight back to their old, bad habits.

      If I had the opportunity for someone to whip me into shape and feed me kale and salmon I’d at least try to keep it going as long as possible, for my own health.

  11. NerdMomma says:

    How short is Mark Ruffalo? He is one undeniably beautiful man.

  12. Bubbling says:

    Pasta! Remember when Jennifer L. gave that interview mentioning “pool of pasta” YAS!! Anyway, about ScarJo, no matter what she does lose or gain, she always looks the same to me. It’s just her boobs that change size. Seriously, didn’t she look exactly the same before the “Avangers”?

  13. Ari says:

    I concur on the potato statement. I am on a low-carb lifestyle but every weekend I HAVE TO HAVE my hashbrowns and egss with jalapenos and a veggie sausage patty. If I don’t have this “treat” I would lose my damn mind.

  14. Franny says:

    I think the way she is style here is her best. Cute easy hair, minimal makeup, sleek clothing. She should do this all the time.

  15. imabrat says:

    Eh, we’re all addicted to something, mine’s cupcakes. She’s such a pretty and talented actress.

  16. Shannen says:

    I’m going to be unoriginal here and say: chocolate. I love it. My favourite one being ‘gianduia’ one with whole hazelnuts inside {also love most nuts}, but I eat every type you can think of, under any shape, be it mousse, ice cream, cakes, cookies, snacks, toppings… As a matter of fact, I’m going to go bake a red velvet cake, using white chocolate cream to fill it rather than buttercream.

  17. Eve says:

    I love everything potato-ey too!

    However, my ultimate Achilles heel is whole milk with chocolate powder (not hot chocolate). I’d drink that instead of water if it didn’t have so many calories.

  18. My guilty food is meat (like steaks and stuff) popcorn with butter and chocolate chip cookies. I could literally live o only these three things if it would be healthy… :D

  19. Zelda says:

    Any type of crusted bread with butter. REAL butter, REAL fresh bread, preferably a ciabatta of some kind…bonus points if it has olives baked into it.

    After that, it’s any kind of dip. Hummus, guacomole, spinach, etc. No, really. Dip.

  20. ramona says:

    Icelandic skyr. I could eat a litre per day and it wouldn’t be enough. And it’s so good for you! And so delicious! It’s the most perfect food in the world, and someday, I will overdose and be the punchline of a terrible HuffPo article.

  21. sup says:

    i just hate anything sugary and salty i like bland tasting things like zucchini for some reason. by salty i mean i hate extremely salty things like ruffles chips but have no problem with average salty stuff ofc (cool starry bra)

  22. Luls says:

    Is her upper lip looking jacked to anybody else??

  23. merc says:

    Celebs, they’re just like you and me.

    Except when they’re not. I manage to do ok on my own, but if I had access to a chef and personal trainer I’d take full advantage. They wouldn’t change my love of all things fried, though!

  24. Sarah says:

    Oh god, for me its cheese. I could eat things with cheese and melted cheese and cheese crumbleys on them every moment of every day. My boyfriend makes fun of me because every one of my recipes includes the tip: “Don’t skimp on the bleu cheese, just throw it all in”.

    Also sometimes I have the most beautiful dreams where I think of the biggest stuffed potatoes smothered in melted cheeses and sour cream.

    • sup says:

      apparently something called cheese addiction exists. a couple of years back i was so addicted! i liked almost all kinds of cheese and would mostly eat cheese and not much else all day. then one day suddenly i got sick of it. i don’t know why but i just can’t eat cheese anymore. very rarely. another cool story bro

  25. Jenna says:

    In my case – I’m just getting over a long term stupid illness that had me essentially house (and at times bed) bound for about 8 months (brown recluse spider bites that went bad and mucked up my heart – needless to say? I now scream like a 1950′s sitcom housewife if I see one of the buggers. Complete with jumping onto table tops and flailing.) and the antibiotics did a whammy on my tastebuds. For months, I couldn’t really eat much of anything, and by the time I could start, I couldn’t TASTE a dratted thing it seemed. Bit by bit, as I get my appetite back, I’m going through definite food phases…

    The most recent was pomegranates and clementines. (sweet/tart enough I could actually TASTE something) Thank heavens it was the right season for both, because even at 2/$3 the pom thing got pricey – I likely mowed my way through a hundred before the phase passed. Clementines? I had my weight several times over – we have so many of those little crates they pack them in, my husband is using them to completely shelve his office.

    Only good thing? I am now pretty much 100% scurvy proof for life, which if I decide to run away and become a pirate is handy, I suppose.

  26. GeekLuva says:

    Dumplings.. anykind anyway. Don’t know why. But I will kick a kitten for some homemade chicken & dumplings!!

  27. The Original Mia says:

    I’m a carb addict. Potato chips, french fries, pasta…gimme me, gimme me!

    Love wings, but I like lemon pepper more than buffalo.

    Damn! Now, I’m craving them.

  28. skuddles says:

    Potato chips and garlic and chives cream cheese dip…. nom nom nom!

  29. sup says:

    kaiser i just read the stuff you wrote about getting tired of your old faves. i’m 33 now and all of a sudden i got sick of all my old favourites and i was wondering if that is an age related thing as well. i am not so rude to ask your age but you might be onto something.

  30. nancy xl says:

    she really is a very beautiful woman! it’s a shame some people can’t see that.

  31. Amelia says:

    Am I the only one who misread the title as ‘Ruffalo Dings’?
    ….okie, dokie, just me then.
    I’m totally addicted to fresh bread that’s just come out the oven. Smother it in butter and enjoy ^^
    Ooh, and enchiladas. With extra cheese.

  32. d says:

    OMG, I LOOOOOOVE chicken wings. I could eat them every single day. I am obsessed with finding just the right sauce, just the right crispiness, and just the right meat tenderness and flavour. I swear I only work out regularly just so I can eat ‘em every once in a while without feeling like I killed my diet in the worst way.

  33. I Choose Me says:

    Good ole mac and cheese and ribs. I love me some BBQ ribs.

  34. Isa says:

    I’m so bad about soda! I love it and can suck one down so fast. Then I want another. I know how bad it is for me. It’s just so good!

  35. ezra says:

    She’s beautiful – svelte or rubinesque.

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