Keifer Sutherland talks about reality of jail

Keifer Sutherland spent 48 days last year in jail after he was busted for DUI in September, 2007, his second DUI conviction in under five years. Sutherland was behind bars for his birthday, Christmas, and New Years and said he only had one visitor during that time.

The “24″ star recently talked about his jail experience, but instead of revealing the emotional trials of being incarcerated he focused on the facts, and they’re sobering enough. Sutherland said the lights were on all the time and prisoners couldn’t cover their face. He also had a cellmate and no privacy, along with being unable to smoke, a habit he has since picked up again:

“There’s no smoking,” Sutherland, 41, tells Men’s Vogue in its December/January issue, which hits newsstands Nov. 25. “The lights never go out, 24/7. You can’t cover anything. You can’t even put your head under a blanket. All the cells have cameras in them.”

Although Sutherland has resumed smoking, the knowledge that he could go 48 days without his Camels is a comforting thought.

“My drinking was not a daily thing, so it wasn’t an issue. And, oddly enough, neither was the smoking,” he tells the magazine, adding, “I was very glad to know that I could quit. And one day soon I will.”

One thing that didn’t work out, he says, was the roommate situation.

“I was told, you know, ‘You’ll have your own cell.’ But I didn’t for the first two or three weeks; I had a cell mate,” he says. “He got out – but not for long. He came back in pretty quick.”

[From People]

Sutherland had the option of leaving jail after 18 days to go film “24,” after which he would have been obligated to return and serve out his sentence. He chose to stay for the full 48 days though, as shooting for the show was delayed due to the writer’s strike. It’s not a picnic to be in jail, but it sounds like Sutherland go through it ok. Maybe he’s learned his lesson and will call a cab or have a friend drive him home next time.

Sutherland is shown on the beach in Malibu on 8/31/08. Credit: Fame

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    Why did he take up smoking again? It’s not as if there’s anything good about it. I always feel sorry for Kiefer – he must be hugely sad inside to want to obliterate himself :|

  2. RAN says:

    At least he didn’t whine about it – unlike some celebrities (Nick Hogan, Paris Hilton)

  3. Twitchy says:

    Who cares that he smokes? It’s his life. Stop being a side seat driver and worry about your own life.

    That dude has never been a whiner, and that’s why he’s not as famous as he should be. Because he doesn’t mince words or fake it.

  4. miss_kitteh says:

    Gosh, Twitchy, why so sensitive about smoking? I’m sure xiaoecho was just concerned for his health. I’d feel bad if somebody I liked finally kicked the habit and then picked it back up again.

    My parents quit smoking when they were in their 50s. They still apologize to us kids for making our lives miserable with second-hand smoke while we were growing up. Even though they quit several years ago, every time they send a package to me with a book or some other item from their home, I smell cigarette smoke when I open up the box. It’s a gross and disgusting habit. :mrgreen:

  5. Sarah says:

    I am oddly attracted to his body in this images though this guy never did it for me before. Is it the charm of the tough guy in prison story that changed me? ;) Besides that… what man has TWO tattoos around his upper arms? That seems kinda weird and in a way… femine… Still, doesn’t do enough though to keep my eyes averted from the rest of his body… What’s wrong with me???? HELP! 8O