Should Michael Fassbender be cast as Christian Grey in ’50 Shades of Grey’?

You know I’ll use any excuse to talk about Michael Fassbender, even if it’s just a kind of boring interview. Aren’t you excited for Prometheus? It comes out in a month! GAAAH!!! Not only am I excited to actually see the movie, but I’m looking forward to Michael’s promotional duties for the film. I hope those duties include lots of interviews and photo-ops and tight pants and such. Until that happens, we just have to make do with this, a seemingly new and random interview, via the Belfast Telegraph (I think these are further excerpts from Michael‘s Esquire UK interview):

Michael Fassbender doesn’t understand why little boys love cars so much but aren’t interested in kettles. The actor has been obsessed with mechanics ever since he was a toddler. He knows many young kids are the same, but can’t fathom what it is that is so appealing about vehicles.

“When I was four, I just wanted to drive, I collected toy cars,” he revealed. “Where does that sort of thing come from? In hindsight you go, ‘Oh, liked it because of this.’ Maybe it’s just the wheel. Why does a three-year-old, and it’s usually boys, want to drive the tractor or have machinery and be in control of it? I don’t know. [If it's because it's grown up] why wouldn’t you ask to boil a kettle or something? Maybe you would, I dunno.”

It’s not just driving which interests Michael, he is fascinated by racing cars.

He has thought about why they are so interesting and thinks it is because the sport is quite dangerous.

“Initially it’s the speed [which appeals],” he told Esquire magazine. “I always wanted to drive cars, when I was 12 I was taking a car out? Then I started watching Formula 1 when I was probably 15 or 16, started getting into it. I don’t know, there’s the excitement. I was the speed and the danger I think that were initially attractive to me.”

The 35-year-old does have some hobbies which aren’t quite so daring. He is currently embroiled in a lengthy table tennis contest with some of his friends.

“I’m fairly competitive, we’ve got a little ping-pong tournament going on in my [apartment] at the moment, which has been an on-going thing,” he said. “I gotta say man, it brought so many hours of just pure joy, that little table. It’s a miniature ping-pong table.”

[Via The Belfast Telegraph]

Fassy is ALL BOY. He loves toys. He loves cars. He loves going fast. He loves to compete and play and he loves anything loud. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Usually, actors are trying to bash us in the head with their sensitivity and neuroses. While I think Michael has moments of sensitivity and neurosis, for the most part, he just seems like a flat-out DUDE. A dude who likes to hang out with other dudes and talk about cars. I can’t have a conversation about cars at all. I’m not being a ditz about it or anything, but all I can manage to say to my mechanic is “It’s broken. Can you fix it?”

By the way, there’s now a movement afoot to ensure that Fassy is cast as Christian Grey in the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. I finished the book over the weekend and… dear God, was it AWFUL. I’m not an elitist when it comes to literature at all – sometimes I just want to read something that I can finish in a weekend, and thus, I read books by Janet Evanovich, Jonathan Kellerman, John Grisham and Sue Grafton (I honestly think Grafton is a supremely talented crime writer, for what it’s worth). But 50 Shades was just a mess. If I had to read the words “inner goddess” and “lip bite” one more f–king time, I was going to start banging my head into a wall. So, NO, I do not think Michael Fassbender should play Christian Grey. Yes, the character is beautiful and he can f–k like a champion, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Mostly because the Anastasia character is such a twit and an awful person, and it’s horrible to try to imagine Fassy doing those things to some young woman who bites her lip and rolls her eyes at him. SAY NO TO FASSY for this role, please.

Photos courtesy of W Magazine, Esquire UK/Alice Hawkins.

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  1. Mia says:

    The book was based in Twilight. Fassy is another league.

    • DreamyK says:

      I shudder to think that the Fassdong would associate himself with such drivel. The reviews on Amazon are much more interesting than the actual book.

      If the craptastic book simply MUST be made into a movie, I would go with Colin Egglesfield. He’s a good looking intense guy that looks like he would be completely comfortable with being a tortured hero.

    • Maguita says:

      Sorry to disappoint, Michael Fassbender is what Christian Grey would have become if he wasn’t “saved” by the bland Ana. Dirty, used-up, and by his mid-thirties already feeling double his age.

      Still not a fan of the Fassbender looks, but admittedly admire his acting and the tough roles he takes on. The face though tells of too much dirty experience, and not in a good way. More in an old-man pervy way.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        not having “met” Christian yet but having read all the comments and reviews – I think he’s perfectly creepy and perfect for the part of a perfect creep.

      • Maguita says:

        @ZenB, The character is not creepy, just very emotionally immature. The books were badly written and un-edited by a professional.

        As for the erotic part of it, you cannot be uptight and read it. Some parts are quite surprising. Preferred this version (although still badly written) of soft-core BDSM to Anne Rice’s Beauty trilogy, or Pauline Réage’s Story of “O”.

        There is a big difference between these 3 stories. Pauline’s “O” is the extreme of Sado-masochism, with gang rape and daily obscenely heavy-handed flagellation.

        Anne Rice’s Beauty was about the awakening of a very young girl’s sexuality through pain, as a means to her “education” in becoming a future ruler for a kingdom. The scenery was quite creative though with the boys used as horses for carriages. And when watching Madonna’s “Confessions” concert (I believe), her dancers with head gear and horse-like demeanor reminded me a lot of Anne Rice’s Beauty books.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        @Maguita – I’ve made it to chapter 2. The writing is so bad I’m laughing. Christian seems uptight in an odd way. He’s an ass, I wouldn’t give him the time of day.

        Even though he is supposed to be a young man he seems older but emotionally immature. I’m seeing a young Michael Douglas “Greed is good”.

        I’m hoping the sex scenes are funny since her writing is so bad. Is she trying to sound like a teen girl. I can’t imagine a 40 year old educated TV exec talks or thinks in these words.

        I have to take it with a very large grain of salt because IRL Christian would NEVER have seen Anastasia in lieu of Katherine. He would be mortally offended that she couldn’t make it herself being the arrogant ass that he is AND not having been vetted via security she wouldn’t have gotten in, in the first place.

        I may not know a lot about BDSM or Twilight but I know big high end corporations (from the peon perspective).

        I’m making the BF read it to, just in case there is something hot in it. He is not amused.

        I read some of the Anne Rice stuff but I don’t really remember it. I was a girl – 15-18.

      • Dina says:

        Um yeah Christian is creepy Kate called him a creepy good looking bastard. But this dude is a big huge no. He will rightfully not be cast I’m sure. He looks like he’s 105 and there’s not enough makeup in all of Ca. to make him look anywhere near 27. Not to mention he’s just not attractive. Ian Somerhalder please.

    • nspired says:

      While I only read a sample from my kindle, I could be wrong, but wasn’t Christian Gray described as an African American? If so, why change?

      • MinervaKate says:

        Not sure what sample you read- but he is definitely caucasian in the books.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I think I can explain because I just got past that part.

        Ana is in the waiting area waiting to meet Christian. She is getting annoyed by all the blonds and is wondering if it’s illegal to hire only blonds.

        The door opens and an African American gentleman exits so she stops thinking about illegal employment but the African American gentleman is a guest and golf buddy of Mr. Grey’s.

        The man leaves and Grey is described as having dark copper hair, gray eyes and very hot. She uses the word Adonis.

        I was totally confused too because when the African American guy opened the door I was like… um why Fassbender???

  2. hstl1 says:

    He describes himself just like Eric Bana describes himself! Eric Bana made that film about his car and is a huge gearhead. Probably not a relevant comment but anywho…

  3. WTF says:

    The book which actually is Twilight fanfiction till the middle aged woman who wrote it changed the names and is now cashing on it is nothing but a glorification of an abusive relationship where the man is the master who controls every aspect of the woman’s life and her sexuallity.
    I judge any woman that thinks that’s sexy and such roles of men and women are their fantasy. Yuck.

    • jc126 says:

      Wow, it actually started as fan fiction for Twilight? I didn’t know that.
      I picked up the book at the library (there are over 900 holds on it, but branches circulate speed-read editions), and opened it randomly, as I did with Twilight. Just one look at a couple paragraphs was enough to discern that it’s a poorly written piece of garbage (both Grey and Twilight, imo). I wouldn’t be caught dead reading it.

      • Esmom says:

        Me, neither. At our library the entire staff is mortified by its existence. The other day an elderly lady asked the librarian where she could find it and my ears perked up. The librarian said there was a long hold list and I must have inadvertently rolled my eyes because she looked at me was like “I KNOW.” She said how they hate even having it but have to because of demand. And then they are forced to explain it once a person, often an easily shocked old lady, actually figures out how horrible and trashy it is.

    • couldn't help it says:

      I’ve been hearing about this book… didn’t realize this was a cross between Twilight & a Dangerous Method? Lame! And this is coming from someone who also ready the Janet Evanovich series! =D

    • Malificent says:

      Since when has the term “middle-aged woman” become an epithet? You might be writing that description differently 20 years from now…. Middle-aged women are still valid human beings who deserve porn/erotica as much as the next person. And they should get to write it too, if they want to.

      What I can’t excuse is middle-aged women who create badly written erotica. BDSM isn’t my personal bent, but for the many who do get off on it, they deserve to read well-craft work that also includes some thought as to the actual behavioral standards of that community.

    • littlestar says:

      How is Twilight a template for 50 Shades of Grey? Can someone please explain the storyline similarities? I’ve read 50 Shades (horrible btw, if anyone wants REAL erotica, they should read the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice, now that is some twisted hot sh*t), have only seen a couple of the Twilight movies (refuse to read those books), but do not see many if any similarities.

      Thanks for the help!

    • Charlotte says:

      obviously………you haven’t read the book, cause if you had you would have known that yes he is all those things you say until he meets the “exception” if you wish to call it that and she then controls him. If you types would get your heads out of your ass you would see that the book is actually giving the female total power. Read the book if you are going to comment.

  4. lower-case deb says:

    why is anyone even thinking of making 50 shades of grey?
    it’s probably okay for a diversion-type reading material.
    but really? no more material left in this whole wide world?
    mainstream pr0n film?

    goodness. a lot of times people remind me not to cast judgment, don’t judge the movie by its book; try writing a book yourself see if it’s so easy; bla bla blah. but this time… i’m judgy.

  5. liza says:

    I know that apparently you only give a crap about Fassbender, but there’s a “movement” to get EVERY hot male celebrity in that role, mostly propelled by middle aged lonely women.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’ve only seen the Fassy one. Someone suggested I read this book. I vetoed the idea after reading the reviews and the gist of the book. There were some other guys mentioned – that Alex guy for one but there wasn’t a whole page/movement like there was for Fassy.

      I’m 40, I don’t like Fassy and I think he’s creepy and his teeth make me think he smells. I haven’t read it and by the reviews I assumed the guy was older like James Spader in secretary (which I also did not see), so I thought Fassy was a good choice.

      I’m 40 and think of Fassy as a creepy older man. So what do you want.

      Then my niece was all up about wanting it so I got it for free… NO ONE I KNOW IS PAYING FOR THIS.

  6. Cathy says:

    He looks like he wants to playfully thwack somebody in the butt with that kitchen towel in the first picture. I volunteer.

  7. Anne says:

    I cannot imagine why anyone would want to be involved with a film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey.

    I feel bad for the more talented erotica writers who have watched this crappy book receive so much attention.

  8. Kola says:

    I don’t think it would be a smart career move, after Shame, he might end up being type cast into those sexual roles.I haven’t read the book, but from what I have heard, it sounds very kinky and immediately after the Shame success, i think he should do something a bit different.

    • lisa says:

      Shame was hardly this huge success. 17 million.. but the Budget was small.

      ITAWY… he could be in danger of typecasting and should do something different. Twelve Years a Slave is a nice change. Not sure if he is doing something before that one.

      • Meanchick says:

        I think ‘Shame’ wasn’t a ginormous success because of it’s limited release. I had to travel to a small out of the way art cinema in the next city over to see it. Had it been released like a crappy Jeniston movie, it would have set records. I do agree that he shouldn’t do this movie. I’d love to see more of the kielbasa, but being typecast is a dangerous thing in H-wood. He’s a fantastic actor, who could probably command any role he wants right now, thanks to his resume. Wouldn’t mind seeing him play a vampire, an Anne Rice one, not a Twilight one.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      ^What I was gonna say.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I watched shame on Friday because everyone was raving about the Fassdong and I wasn’t impressed. I guess his member got hyped so much that I expected…. more. He looked about average to me. The movie was okay. Did anyone else get the impression that he may have molested his sister when they were younger?

  9. carrie says:

    Fassbender is too old (Grey is 26 years old)

  10. T.C. says:

    He is a guy’s guy but that’s o.k. Hang out with your dude friends during the day then come home to me at night for some sexing. :) Thanks for the book review Kaiser. I was gonna buy 50 Shades but you talked me out of it. Did you see SNL doing a parody this weekend?

    • Kaiser says:

      I thought the parody was funny, but there was only one scene that turned me on. Like, if the Ana character was enjoying herself and she was actually a character with some depth and maturity, I think the story would have been more interesting. Instead she just freaks out every time Christian spanks her. She needed to chillax.

  11. lisa says:

    I think a studio already bought the option. The thing now is to get PR for the film. So you are going to see loads of male actors being thrown out there. I doubt Fass or any male that is established would take on the role. It seems more the kind of film for someone needing that break. I’m not interested in reading it. I love romantic fiction. Like a hot sex scene. But I like it to be within a great story. Like great sex in a great relationship. That is HOT to me.

    and yes just like Twilight I think there are a lot of women that are not happy at home and are using these books as a fantasy escape. I read on some site they want Robert P. to do it and of course Stewart as his costar.

    But hey if people are reading.. even if it is not great literature.

  12. Bellydancer says:

    Only if they let me rewrite it (lol)
    I flipped through the book and if this is what some women are falling far as erotic then I need to be writing cuz it sucked. In my version Christian would be getting his ass slapped a few times (lol)

  13. another nina says:

    Leave Fassy out of it! Oh, I can’t wait for pattinson’s interviews about 50 shades.

  14. Chatcat says:

    Not the right choice for him to make or for the studio to pursue him. It will have to be a B or C level late 20′s early 30′s actor.

    Love that Fassy is a man’s man and is honest about it!…for me it’s just another attraction to this guy…like the kind of attraction of spending a weekend with him and knowing it would be enough!

  15. Hope says:

    B-b-but… He would be NEKED!!! And , and, and sex! And possible dong! Come on now, even if the book is terrible (haven’t read it) I’ve seen terrible material turned into decent movies; this could be like that! And you would go see it if he was Christian Grey. Don’t pretend for a second you wouldn’t!

  16. Axis2ClusterB says:

    I’ve been trying to get through 50 Shades for a couple of months now and just can’t. During last night’s foray I was ready to yank Ana’s ‘inner goddess’ out of her imagination so I could stomp on the smarmy twit.

  17. Anon says:

    He should avoid it like the plague; let the women find another toy. I am not his manager; but will venture to say that he eschew all things sexual; keep his clothes on; use the fans to make big budget films; make art films and let the ladies go adopt cats for pets. For us that like art movies Shame was a revelation and it racked up 20 awards out of 41 nominations. He is a unique actor with global appeal and should limit himself to one market. That will be a loss to film lovers and a gain to kitsch. No Rom-com(s) Please.

  18. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    In some photo’s Fassy really looks like a young Sean Connery.

  19. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I browsed the first and third books–couldn’t tolerate them. There’s good erotic fiction out there, but this stuff was just crap. I couldn’t stand how immature the Ana character was, and all the little “Holy shit” and “wow”s the characters were constantly thinking/saying.

    I think Fassbender is ridiculously ruggedly sexy and gorgeous, but he’s not Grey at all–he’s too old and rugged. Grey is barely 30 and described as ‘beautiful’. He’s more of a pretty boy.

  20. Jenny says:

    I read about half of the first book and I kept picturing a young(er) Hugh Dancy as Christian.

  21. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    The best S&M Twilight fanfic is :Master of the Universe.” Don’t judge! LOL. I neverread that type of story before but this thing had over 100,000 reviewa and it was really thought provoking and good. Some of these fanfic writers are talented and make Stephenie look even worse for getting paid for her shitty writing and they do it for free. But I’ve never heard of this one.

    Time to to hit

    ETA: omg. I’ve been hearing about fifty for awhile now and never looked it up. So I JUST wiki’d it and IT IS Master of the Universe. Wow. I thought that was a pretty good story. Everyone is say this is crappy. I have a pretty high standard for fiction in general. Did she do more than change the names or something, because I remember that being an interesting story.

  22. skipper says:

    Whatever haters. Yeah the writing sucks but i made my hubby read it. He just ordered like three hundred dollars worth of sex toys so the book is awesome in my opinion.

  23. santacruz says:

    IAN SOMERHALDER (The Vampire Diaries) would be perfect for the role of Christian. He is very easy on the eye, and can act.

  24. ramona says:

    I have too much self-respect (or I’m too big a snob) to read Twilight-inspired erotica. I would just hate myself too much to get any pleasure out of it.

    Ergo, Fass is not permitted to star in a movie about it, because it would be too hard to get off on it, knowing he was playing a Sparkles McCreepystalker substitute.

  25. Aud says:

    Terribly written pseudo novel. The wretched thing reads like a horrid sex blog.

  26. Janeth says:

    NO! I would like to see Alexander Skarsgard as Mr. Grey.

  27. some bitch says:

    All that damn book can provide of value is a picture of the kind of Dominant you NEED to avoid.

  28. hooblie says:

    I just started reading 50 shades, and well I am happy to see that others loathe the character Ana. I do not thini I can continue it…..and I always finish books. Makes me sad.

  29. fille says:

    alex skarsgard should play it!

  30. hannah says:

    Nobody who wants to have any sort of respectable career should take that role

  31. emma bee says:

    NO x 10000000000000000000000 to Fass having anything to do with this.

  32. FFS says:

    A man after my own heart. Thrash metal? Check. Fast cars? Uh-huh. Avid cigarette smoker? Yup.

    That’s about all I ask for in a feller ;)

  33. Skinnybetch says:

    I just bought the book because me and my guy are really into s&m, but after reading the reviews on here I’m totally returning it.

  34. gt says:

    UUGGGHHH no way!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but he does nothing for me.

  35. hayley says:

    I find him incredibly boring and honestly don’t think he’s that attractive, either.

  36. hairball says:

    It’s so weird to me too because I remember reading it on-line a few years ago when it was “Master of the Universe”. In the book she had Edward and Bella’s names. But other then that and some other Twilight character names, there is no similarity. I never finished reading it on-line because I lost interest after a while.

    However, the author seems like a nice person and at once point auctioned off one of her writings to raise money for a family. I wish her the best and hope she continues to do good with her success.

    For the above comments about “lonely, middle aged women” – good god. You certainly do not have to be middle aged to be lonely. And it’s certainly not pathetic to be middle aged and want to read a book about sex.

    When did ‘middle aged woman’ become synonymous with ‘worthless and pathetic’? I’m in my 30′s and at times I hear a group of 20 something year olds talking and often I think ‘god, did I really sound like that?’

    EVERY woman will leave their 20′s at some point, is this the stereotype you want to propagate for your inevitable future?

    • ZenB!tch says:

      It’s pathetic to be a 40 year old writing about Twilight. I tried reading Twilight because my younger friends said it was so great. It was HORRIBLE.

      I remember when I was 15 reading pr0n disguised as historical fiction. I thought it was for curious teen girls and frustrated old housewives. I had no age in mind on the “old” but my guess is I thought no one who was getting any would read it.

      • hairball says:

        As long as a person is not hurting anyone, it’s really ok. Who’s to say what is wrong or pathetic? I know what you’re saying, but if something makes someone happy or helps them – is it really so wrong in the end? I guess I try (try) to not hate so much on things like that anymore.

  37. mel says:

    Megan Hart writes really good erotica…I’ve read several of her books…Broken is a GREAT read. Just FYI.

  38. Tee says:

    My hubby is a “dude” and a gearhead…magically somehow he even got me interested in NASCAR?! He even got me on the back of his sportbike! It’s the lure if that guy energy…SEXY!!

  39. ZenB!tch says:

    I just started this drivel. I’m on page 13 and probably won’t finish it. I only got 4 chapters into Twilight.

    I’m not a fan of Fassy – I think he’s creepy so *I* think he would be great.

    Full Self Disclosure: I downloaded it for a 21 year old Twi-hard niece because I don’t want anyone’s money supporting the pathetic ramblings of a frustrated 40 year old English housewife.

    Sorry but anyone over 40 who is writing Twilight fan fiction is pathetic.

  40. Maritza says:

    Yikes! That black and white photo of him looks like he has lizard skin, awful! He would be wonderful for the part, sometimes a book is better interpreted and improves when their done in the movies. Michael Fassbender would certainly improve it.

    • Addison says:

      Maritza, that picture is from Time Magazine. It was from February if I remember correctly. I stole that weeks issue from my father. In it there were also pictures of Clooney, Pitt, Christopher Plummer and the guy from The Artist. Also several women who were up for Oscars. I think they put Michael in because he had already been thought of as a shoo-in but they put him in even though he was not nominated.

      All persons were photographed it seems as they came off the street. There was no photoshop work whatsoever. Clooney, first time I saw his pic, I didn’t recognize him. Pitt looks really old for his age. First thing I thought “It’s all those kids”. Fassy looks awesome next to him. I meant to send shots to Kaiser but I forgot.

  41. mara says:

    At first I thought Ryan Gosling should be cast. But lately he’s been disappointing me. The part should go to Fassy!

  42. maemay says:

    Fassy is an actor’s actor, he will work regardless because his peers love him and because of his immense talent. He could be a character/art actor with a few blockbusters and have a successful career. I don’t get that he wants to be the next heartthrob.

  43. Addison says:

    From what I have read on this post the answer is NO. First off, just because he did Shame doesn’t mean he will do any movie. He did Shame because he respects Steve McQueen’s work.

    Also seems he is too old, I don’t think Fassy cares to be airbrushed.

    Lastly, I haven’t read this book. When I first heard of it I thought it was about middle aged people. But the story is about a young woman. Wouldn’t it have been better for the story to be about middle aged people. See, no one would read it. So to me it’s not new and seems like all the hype is nothing according to this post.

  44. Jenna says:

    Umm…no he shouldn’t be cast as Christian, because the movie should not be made! Good gosh are people in Hollywood that desperate? FFS.

  45. Jennifer12 says:

    Ana is 22 and then 23 in the books and Christian is 27 and then 28. They need to be the right ages in the film. Yes, the books were not fabulously well written, but they appeal to women because they are essentially love stories with hot sex and a guy who takes care of his partner. Alex Sarsgard is probably best for the Christian role. I think Mila Kunis might make a good Ana, though she’d have to hide her confidence.

  46. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I stick to Nora Roberts. She has steamy love scenes and excellent writing. I’ve been buying her sh-t since I was 13.

  47. Luciana says:

    NOOOOO!! I agree with you Kaiser…it was a horrible book and I do not want my beloved Fassy associated with it AT ALL!!

  48. marisa says:

    Colin Farrell should play Grey :)

  49. lower-case deb says:

    you know, i drove past a wall with the Grey poster stuck on it, and despite Liam Neeson’s full mug on display, and despite seeing the movie twice already, all i can think of is 50 Shades of Grey.

    Hollywood, if your aim is to brainwash… YOU WIN!
    now leave me alone. *cries in a padded corner*

  50. Michibe says:

    Thought it was just me who found the book a big juvenile waste of time. Maybe exciting to a 15 year old stealing her moms book! Otherwise shocking writing and lame sex scenes. Don’t do it Fassy!!!

  51. Michibe says:

    Thought it was just me who found the book a big juvenile waste of time. Maybe exciting to a 15 year old stealing her moms book! Otherwise shocking writing and lame erotica. Don’t do it Fassy!!!

  52. FeverDream says:

    Does anyone else think Fassbender is Catherine Zeta Jones’ing his age?

    This is a hard looking 35! I’d hate to see 55 on this cat!

  53. CitizenErased says:

    I’ve read parts of the masturbatory fanfic version of this literary horror and I would not want the lovely Fassbender anywhere near this utter utter rubbish. Fortunately I think he’s plenty smart enough to turn it down. Give it to some lightweight pretty boy. I don’t like Alex Skarsgard but I wouldn’t wish ’50 Shades’ on him either.

  54. Kate says:

    YES!! I read the trilogy and thought it was great fun! He would be PERFECTION!

  55. anneesezz says:

    What I don’t understand is all the comments from people who need to let everyone know they are so above these trashy novels. Apparently, however, you are not above reading gossip blogs and making the effort to comment… get over yourselves, please.

  56. StellStar says:

    Agree with you, the book is a proper mess. The woman who wrote it is not a good writer, and Anastasia Steele is such a Mary Jane character, with little merit to herself. Christian Grey, on the other hand, is a typical Harlequin hero, rich as sin, handsome as sin, emotionally wounded and closed to the outside world. So what’s new here? Except for the BSDM, nothing!
    And I agree, please do not drag Fassy into this! He could make the character believable, but heck, he’s not into this stuff at all. So far he did no romantic comedies, and refuses to fall into that trap (Gerald Butler! so wasted!). Ian Somerhalder, who acts in daytime TV, would be so much better for this role, simply because this is his “style” – Typical roles to make young girls drooling over them. Keep u

  57. Deanne Kartye says:

    Get a hold of this opportunity as well as grab your personal completely free pdf file copy of the fifty shades of grey by just simply clicking the very hyperlink