Cruise on 2nd anniversary: met at audition, ‘We proved them wrong’

Hello! Magazine has a retrospective on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ two year marriage, including quotes from insiders on how they make it all work. Some of Hello!’s sources are named, and seem to have dependable, maybe pre-approved, insight on the Hollywood couple who look, dress, speak, and smile vacantly alike. They even have a few tidbits from Cruise himself, who says he was taken by surprise by the romance. Hello! says that Katie met Tom while auditioning for a role on MI3, and it sounds like that information comes directly from Cruise, although it’s hard to tell. Katie was largely rumored to have been among a pool of actresses to have been invited to a personal meeting with Cruise with the purpose of finding him a famous girlfriend. Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba are among the other young women who were asked to an interview with him at the Scientology Centre. It turned out well no matter the intent of their meeting, and Cruise says that they proved their critics wrong by lasting two years.

Tom Cruise: ‘And they said it wouldn’t last. I guess we proved them wrong’
“And they said it wouldn’t last.” Those were Tom Cruise’s words a couple of weeks ago after I congratulated him on the approaching second anniversary of his marriage to Katie Holmes.

We were backstage… in NY City after one of Katie’s performances… “I guess we proved them wrong, didn’t we?” Tom laughed.

It’s certainly true that many believed the union of Tom and Katie was destined to fail. “It’s because it came out of left field,” the 46-year-old actor reasoned. “I get it. It was a big surprise to us, so why wouldn’t it be the same to everyone else?”

On how they met: it was a MI3 audition
So, exactly how did it happen? Tom and 29-year-old Katie seldom talk about how they met, preferring to keep such personal stories sacred between them. So, on the occasion of their anniversary on 18 November, here’s the true story of their modern-day fairytale.

Back on 11 April 2005, Katie flew from NY to LA to audition for a possible role in the Tom Cruise movie, Mission: Impossible III However, after she met Tom, the movie became the farthest thing from her mind. “The chemistry between us was instantaneous,” she later explained. “If ever there was love at first sight, that was it. Tom was the most lethally attractive man I have ever met.”

His intellect, his drive, his sense of humour… his good looks – Katie said she was bowled over by all of it. As it happened, he felt the same way about her. “She is an absolutely spectacular woman,” is how he put it. In fact, the two spent so much time savouring each other’s company, they didn’t even discuss the movie.

[From Hello! Magazine, print edition, November 25, 2008]

The insiders quoted by Hello! give some information about the goings-on in the TomKat marriage. Katie is said to have been overwhelmed and afraid by the paparazzi attention right after Suri was born, but Tom told her that it would pass. She soon learned to handle it and matured quickly in the past two years to say the least.

A source claims that Tom was reluctant for Katie to return to work after Suri was born because he thought it would be too much given his dual career experience with his ex Nicole. She gradually convinced him though by waiting and letting him warm up to the idea before she took the role in Mad Money and then on Broadway.

There does seem to be some trouble in paradise as Katie is said to want to stay in NY while Tom is jetting back and forth from LA. That isn’t in Hello! though, and is reported in the November 24 issue of Star, so it’s likely completely fabricated. These two aren’t going away anytime soon unfortunately, although lasting two years isn’t really proving critics wrong. Maybe by Hollywood standards it is.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are shown in the header on 10/31/08 and below on 10/20/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. Kaiser says:

    “They said it wouldn’t last…”

    No, Xenu on a Zebra, we said it was *contractually obligated* to last.

  2. 88modesty88 says:

    Wow, that shot from the back — who’s Tom and who’s Katie? Oh, of course, she’s the tall muscular one…


  3. Baholicious says:

    Two years is not it “lasting” Tom, you ludicrous tool. You can consider it lasting once she’s knocked out on the table for her sex reassignment surgery.

  4. vdantev says:

    3 months is usually sufficient time for effective, deliberate brainwashing by trained professionals to take effect. :twisted:

  5. Susan says:

    I’ve never bought the rumour that he is gay. I think they’re happy – good for them. That scientology stuff is wacked though. And, I think it will eventually ruin their marriage – because she comes from a Catholic family. Who knows. I’m pretty sure that’s why him and Nicole divorced.

  6. dr.grrl says:

    “they said it wouldn’t last”

    it= fake alien romance or RoboKaties programming?!

  7. ri23 says:

    2 years? So there’s 8 left on her contract. Say the same thing on year 11, Tommy Girl.

  8. xiaoecho says:

    That photo from the back will be giving all the pro Prop8 people the willies

  9. Jerkweed says:

    More Tom Cruise Propaganda. Anything to dispel the fact that he’s the new Rock Hudson.

  10. breederina says:

    “Tom was the most lethally attractive man I have ever met ” That line get’s a spot in the Freudian slip hall of fame. Hang on Katie, only 7 years 11 months and one male baby to go.

  11. Tiffany says:

    It’s been TWO YEARS!!! Anyone can do two years … no way they are together in TEN years, 20 yrs, or a lifetime! I’m beginning to retrain myself to think of marriage as “I want to be with you now, not necessarily forever”

  12. Ellen Smith says:

    He will tire of her too and move on to another woman, all the while denying his homosexuality.

  13. Mairead says:

    LOL Breederina and ri23 – you’ve read my mind :wink:

  14. elisha says:

    Tom and Katie share an anniversary both with my parents and the Jonestown Massacre.

    Two cults, united by an anniversary. (and I ain’t referring to my parents).

  15. Jeane says:

    When I saw the bottom picture, for a moment I thought, wow, Tom’s trousers are really tight!

  16. mojoman says:

    Ugh, that handhold..what, does she have short circuits if he holds her the wrong way?

  17. Syko says:

    Me too, Jeane – then realized that it’s only Katie’s trousers that are too tight. She’s close to a cameltoe!

    I hate how he is always gripping her in some way. Is he afraid she’ll escape?

  18. ri23 says:

    Tiffany: I’m beginning to retrain myself to think of marriage as “I want to be with you now, not necessarily forever.” Exactly. No one can expect someone to promise them forever. It’s completely irrational. They should change the traditional wedding vows to the handfasting vows: “Forever and a day, or as long as love stays.” It’s far more honest.

  19. JaundiceMachine says:

    Psht. I’ve seen dysfunctional relationships last longer than a piddly two years.

    Better bring your A-game, Tommy Girl.

  20. Lauri says:

    2 years is not “lasting.” My 18 year old niece has been with her boyfriend 2 years, but we aren’t hailing it as a magical, long term relationship. I mean, good for them, but it’s not a record.

    No, Tom–when you’ve been married 20-or even 10-years, then you can say you made it and proved “them” wrong.

    I may be wrong (and probably am!) but I seem to recall reading an article somewhere that most marriages that end in divorce do so after 4 years. Seems that 4 years is the magic number when people decide whether to stay in their marriage or move on.

  21. Lauri says:

    “I’m beginning to retrain myself to think of marriage as “I want to be with you now, not necessarily forever.” Exactly. No one can expect someone to promise them forever. It’s completely irrational. They should change the traditional wedding vows to the handfasting vows: “Forever and a day, or as long as love stays.” It’s far more honest.”

    Wow. What an sad, defeatist attitude. I have always expected a lifelong marriage-one that is loyal and loving. That is exactly what I have (20 years plus). In fact in 2009 I have my 20th, my brother has his 25th and my parents their 50th anniversaries—all 3 are happy marriages and none of us has ever seriously considered divorce, even during hard times. If you make a genuine commitment, then that word goes out the window. Otherwise, well, it’s not a commitment. Anyone can stay together when times are good…it’s who is still there after the rough times pass that matter.

    Love doesn’t “stay” unless you work damn hard to ensure that it does. It’s not some separate creature that flits in and out of your life.

    Your thoughts are not more honest. They are more defeatist–as if saying that you know that you are not capable of lifelong love, or not worthy of it. That’s wrong. You are worthy, and you can do it…but you DO have to work to make it happen. Are you up to the challenge? It ain’t easy, but the rewards are something that only the genuinely commited few get to experience. Trust me…it’s worth it.

  22. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I’ve been married 17 years and even I wouldn’t be talking so cocky about “lasting.” We’re still only 38 and 40 years old. According to that death do you part bizness, we’ve got possibly another FIFTY years to go.

    So it’s totally stupid to say you’ve made it after two years. You’ve hardly started, dude.

  23. Eileen Yover says:

    Two years? So that’s the new Hollywood marriage goal these days.
    I’ve had a hangnail that lasted longer than that. Pathetic.

  24. cakes says:

    Lauri I could not agree with you more. I have been married for two years after a quick courtship. At this point if we broke up no one would be surprised.(like tom and Kate)
    But for those of you who say “forever or until the love runs out” I pity anyone who marries you. Marriage is very hard work. I have been married for a short time and we have loved each other thru seperations. Periods of time when I wouldn’t see him for weeks and now a 7 month deployment to Iraq. That’s hard for a new marriage.
    The way I see it is its the bad times that make the good ones so sweet.

  25. miss_kitteh says:

    I’ve been to weddings where they say as long as we both shall Love, instead of live. Sneaky!

  26. Syko says:

    I agree with the ideal being to stay with each other until death do us part. But what about when he cheats with your “friends”? What about when he puts moves on your own mother? How about when he has a child with another woman while you’re still married?

    I don’t think anyone gets married with the idea that “later we’ll get a divorce.” I was particularly vehement about that when I married, as I was a child of divorce in a time when it wasn’t common, and was even teased at school for having no father.

    You have to both work at it. Not just one. And some things cannot be overlooked or swept under the carpet.

    One viewpoint is that the idea of “until death” came about when that meant 40 years of age or so. Now that we easily live 30 or 40 years longer, it’s a bit harder to hold it all together.

    I was married 17 years. It didn’t last.

  27. Michelle says:

    Kaiser, so funny, and true!

  28. yadira says:

    Syko, if she tries to escape, he can use all the training he gained from filming MI to catch her ass and put her back in the dungeon

  29. Kristin says:

    “They said it wouldn’t last..”

    Yeah, two years, you sure showed them! Lol.

  30. Jessica says:

    ” Love doesn’t “stay” unless you work damn hard to ensure that it does ” if you have to work hard to make sure love stays, then it is not love. its commitment. You work hard to keep your commitment…

    I think its great that some marriages are able to last a lifetime… but unfortunately not everybody finds someone they can spend their life with… some ppl go through heartbreak after heartbreak looking for their prince only to find frog after frog. That makes you jaded… and i have recently joined the “jaded” group…. training yourself to think that way is about protecting urself from heartbreak.

  31. Buttercup says:

    @Megan: :lol: , yeah I’ll say lol.

    I miss the old happy, smiley, goofy, pre-Tom KatIe.
    In that last pic it looks like 2 guys hugging :? .

  32. drm says:

    @Syko thank you for that bit of levity. It always amazes me when people who have been married for 15 or 20 years go on like their marriage is unassailable. I was married for 16 and my husband did all of the above mentioned in your post, plus some, except have a child with another woman, he’s too go**amn selfish for the ones he has (as evidenced by the amount of back support he owes)

    I got remarried in March of this year and I adore my new husband. However if he starts acting like a git, or I do…or if at some point one or the other of us finds our life goals and feelings changing well then we’d re-evaluate.

    @anastatiabea: thanks for that too, marriage has a much better chance of lasting if people are realists. Some of my husband’s friends who he’s known since high school are still married to each other, 20 plus years and as much as he loves them even he acknowledges that they make each other miserable. But still they hang in there, complaining all the time about lack of sex, closeness you name it. I’d rather be wife number 3 (which I am) be in love and truly working at it, even with no guarantees than wife number 1 who for whatever reason finds herself unhappy.

    One size does NOT fit all, particularly where marriage is concerned.

  33. gilly says:

    I’ve been married 35 years and I must say 2 years is nothing to brag about. Glad to see he can read thou,”and they said it would’nt last” perhaps he keeps hold of katie in case she does run lol

  34. ri23 says:

    Jessica: Yep, that’s the point I was trying to make. If people can stay in love forever, good for them — hence the forever and a day. If they’re not in love and/or can’t work through it, life goes on, just separately.

  35. snappyfish says:

    He will cut her loose at 10 if they are still together to avoid all the high end alimony that happens to marriages in CA.

    Just like Nicole. The pre-nup go to the sidelines at ten years in CA. Let’s hope she gets wise before then.

  36. gg says:

    Tom Cruise: ‘And they said it wouldn’t last. I guess we proved them wrong’

    Naw, what we SAID was, “He’s fucking psycho cult bait.”

  37. Dirty Martini says:

    I don’t understand what’s magice about two years….havent all of Tom’s 3 marriages lasted at least 2 years?

    Methinks we’ll see what happens when we reach that magic 10 years in California….didn’t he dump Nicole right before 10 years to avoid paying her more???

  38. RaeJillian says:

    okay – i know, i know BEFORE you yell at me i know – this is probably wrong but i kind of love them together! like, LOVE! :oops:

  39. breederina says:

    @drm, congradulations ! 3rd times a charm !

  40. DLR says:

    pfffft, two years is nothing. let’s talk again in 3 years. :wink:

  41. Jerkweed says:

    Cruise proved two things with his stupid utterance:

    1. That he reads all the negative stuff people print about him.

    2. That he honestly believes that being married two years proves something.

    Guess what, it doesn’t. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for Tom to say something like “I love Katie more now than ever” instead of this whining, pessimistic quote???

  42. drm says:

    @breederina THANKS for that! I almost hung a sign off our villa (house) on our wedding day that said “third time lucky” but my hubs a bit more conservative than me (ok A LOT MORE!!!) :wink: