Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer meet up with Nicole Richie on date night

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer seem to be doing pretty well on their second go. Aniston’s got some fire in her lately which has been nice to see, and John Mayer, while often seen as a doucheY player, certainly has his own kind of self-effacing humor which is charming in its way. Even though I don’t trust Mayer because of his track record, I find myself liking him despite my best attempts not to. He can be a paparazzi whore but he’s still funny, and few celebs have mastered the self-deprecating humor like he has.

Aniston and Mayer went out on a date last night and ran into Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. The couples gabbed for a bit before parting ways – according to People, Jen and John were totally into each other.

Sunset Tower Hotel was the place for star gazing Monday night, when Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer dropped by for a late-night meal. “They were positively glowing in the candlelight,” an onlooker said of the couple, who took a corner table in the dimly lit Hollywood landmark, where the couple is frequently spotted. “You could see her classic ‘Aniston smile’ on her face.”

The on-again couple – just back from their jaunt to New York City – talked closely in low tones. But they did take time to chat with another celebrity couple, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, who were dining nearby. “There was a lot of excited talk between the two girls,” the onlooker noted, “with Nicole’s head bobbing up and down as she talked to Jen.” (When Richie star-exited the restaurant a short time later, she gave an “exaggerated, very happy wave” to her new Friend.)

But for most of the night, Aniston, 39, and Mayer, 31, only had eyes for each other. “They were very happy and goofy,” the source added. “They seemed to revel in their privacy.”

[From People]

John and Jen are really growing on me. I still don’t think John’s going to settle down until he’s in his late seventies, but that’s not necessarily the only measure of his worth. It just depends on what Aniston is looking for from him. Since the day she and Brad Pitt divorced, people have assumed that Jen’s done nothing but try to find someone else to marry. The thought that she might be happy dating and remaining unattached in the long run seems unfathomable to most. But perhaps that’s exactly what she wants.

Here’s Jennifer meeting up with John at La Esquina in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan on Thursday. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    The only time Mayer grew on me a *little* was when he dumped her.

    And can we quit with this whole “she’s probably really happy and over it” bullshit? If her Vogue Pity Party proved anything, it’s that she’s really bitter, pissy and not over it.

  2. miss_kitteh says:

    I think you’ve got it right, JayBird. I doubt she’s looking for another marriage. Like all of us, she just wants someone to be happy with. After your first marriage ends with the love of your life abandoning you for someone new, you just don’t feel the same way about marriage (or men!) anymore.

    Heck, I’m still bitter about getting dumped by my first love from college…20 years ago!!

  3. Bros says:

    by ‘classic aniston smile’ I assume that means “please, love me” smile.

  4. xiaoecho says:

    so Nicole’s eating then?

  5. what is ever. says:

    why is it when it’s Angelina talking about herself, it’s not because she wants to say those things, it’s because she has to answer a question?

    I’m not being some rabid “jen fan”, I really just want know why one gets a certain reasoning and not the other; when they’re BOTH doing interviews, and many people have stated it’s the media who’s truly motivated to keep it going.

    I really don’t give two figs either way, I’ve just been reading these same comments for so long. I seriously don’t get why rational people get so irrational when it comes to these women. It does seem like she’s over it, and it really seems like she likes to date.
    I agree JayBird, they seem to be good together.

  6. TC says:

    You know, if she or anyone didn’t want someone in their life then they wouldn’t date.. so she wants to be with someone, big freaking whoop. At least she isn’t out seducing married men. She got divorced and her husband took up with the person he “fell in love with” while they were married and had 300 babies in 2 months time… and she’s pissed about it. So freaking what? My ex moved in with someone while he was dating me and forgot to mention it.. Guess what? 8 years later, I still think he is an asshole, but I am also over it and over him. Someone broke my crayon in 1st grade, guess what? I moved on to other crayons but I still relished seeing her develop into the ghetto trash that she was born to be. Stop judging how this woman chooses to handle what she has been through.. it sucks, whether she wanted the marriage over or not.

  7. Cici says:

    I’ve learned that talking Jen and Angie is like talking politics. Just don’t effing do it. People are so vehemently one way or the other that they only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. If you’re an Angie fan – Angie can do no wrong, and even if she said something wrong, the “diehards” would spin it into her favor somehow.

  8. beathere says:

    TC: I agree 100% with you. Well put and clear. I like Jennifer Aniston and to see everyone trashing her is so sad. And I love!!!

  9. starfish says:

    Jen is doing just fine; weren’t those her words.. don’t feel sorry for her. Pitt and Jolie drag Jen out every blooming time they have something to sell. Good job for Jen to react to the spew Jolie spewed the other day. They all know how to play the game; Jen just never reacted in the tabloids. Why is it ok for Jolie/Pitt to talk about her, but for Jen to not react? :roll:

  10. Ann says:

    Kaiser – I think that perhaps you are the one not over it. And excellent points in the story. The tabloids have Jen desperate to marry again. Maybe she doesn’t want to. Society thinks that if a woman is not married and doesn’t have children she cannot be happy. So sad – why do we do this to women. This whole issue is so much better than just Jen – it is about the way society and the tabloids see women. Would they ever do that to George? Never. I also liked John for years now. who knows if they will last but I think that they are having a great time. Jen obviously has come into herself and good for her.

  11. Kaiser says:

    Wow, we’ve really got a Goddess Circle in here. *lighting a vanilla candle and chanting*

    Ann – You’re right, I’m not over thinking Aniston is one big fraud. And you’re also right about it being just fine for women to be ambivalent about marriage and children. So if Pity Party feels ambivalent, then why does she say the opposite in interview after interview?

  12. JohnnieR says:

    I don’t get it? Can someone PLEASE tell me what the hell the attraction is – for many – for this underwhelming, overrated, boring woman??

    Geez Louise, People!

  13. Trace says:

    Kaiser – I completely agree with you. Aniston will always be a bitter fraud. And whatever career she has left is gone if her dog movie bombs. The only thing she has left are her papz shots that headline the weekly tabloids and gossip blogs. You know, maybe it’s just me, but this site is becoming more and more pro-Aniston. I may have to leave for awhile.

  14. Bodhi says:

    Pitt and Jolie drag Jen out every blooming time they have something to sell.

    What? They never bring her up.

    Anyway, I still think Mayer is a total douchebag, but they seem happy together & thats all that matters

  15. Granger says:

    I’m sorry, but there’s a BIG difference between answering questions about your happy family, and answering questions about your ex-husband four years after he left you. As a happily married woman with two beautiful kids (if I do say so myself), I can completely understand why Angelina gushes about Brad and their children. But why Jennifer continues to dignify stupid interviewers’ questions with answers about Brad and Angelina is beyond me. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just once-and-for-all say that the subject is officially off-limits, and insist that she only wants to talk about her career and current love life. Seriously. It makes no sense to me.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    @ Granger: Well, I can think of several reasons, beginning with the most obvious:

    1) She’s not over Brad and she’s still smarting from the divorce. Maybe she’ll be over it around 2017, but meanwhile we will just have to put up with her whining.

    2) There’s not much “career” to talk about. Her TV appearance on 30 Rock was pretty much a bust in terms of expectations, and she has no new movies planned on top of the ones she already made and can’t get distributed. From what I’ve heard, Coen Brothers pulled the plug on “Gambit” and “The Senator’s Wife”, so she has nothing on her agenda.

    3) Her current “love life” is a publicity stunt to keep her face o nthe tabloid covers and to spite Brad Pitt. At least, that’s how the tabs are playing it. “Jen wants to marry John and have twins to say in-your-face to Brad Pitt!” As if. Brad genuinely couldn’t care who she dates or what she does. As far as he is concerned, she’s ancient history. He probably wishes her well in whatever she does, but his life is with Angie and their children.

  17. yadira says:

    Why did this article turn into a Brad/Angie/Jen discussion? (you notice of course no one really cares to mention John in there :mrgreen: )

    So did Jen and Nicole share a leaf of lettuce for their 1 daily meal?

  18. geronimo says:

    LOL, Yadira! Brad and John are SO surplus to requirements!

  19. Susan says:

    Kaiser – Please reference the last time Jennifer stated that she wanted to get married.

  20. paris herpes says:

    Jeni is fine by me. John’s douchey but whatever, they’re just going out and having fun…whatevs…

  21. bros says:

    susan, she was just quoted somewhere, either in vogue or wherever saying “i know ill have a baby, I just know it, i can feel it” or something to that effect. if she doesnt want one, fine, just stop insisting all over the place that she does. but she is weak and whiny so its not surprising

  22. snappyfish says:

    I think jen and john are both annoying and boring….perfect match.

    He will not stay with her, he fancies himself a stud, he will move on. Probably to younger more vapid model. Questionable if he can find a more vapid model but younger yes.

  23. susan says:

    That quote says nothing about marriage.

  24. DD says:

    haha, some people seem to relish the fact that they think Jen isn’t over Brad etc etc… it’s almost as if they are the other woman :P
    She just made a simple comment, now she’s being made out to be some seething pathetic lady who can’t get over her godly ex.

  25. Cali says:

    I love this couple – am filled w/ glee about the Fraud getting peed on by the douchebag – it warms my heart – Karma, girls, can be a b!tch. :-)

    I wonder how long it will take Peeboy to dump the fraud when his variety show goes bust – fun times will come.

  26. WTF?!?! says:

    She has clearly moved on.
    Can we?

  27. Cheyenne says:

    How come they always show Aniston and Mayer in side-by-side photos (above) looking as if they are together but really in separate photos? Why are they almost never seen together in a single photograph?

    This whole back-together scenario is looking increasingly like a big PR stunt.

    Anybody want to bet Mayer will re-dump her before the year is out?

  28. Sexy says:

    Susan, Vogue doesn’t mention marriage, only her wanting to have a baby, but in the Vanity Fair article 4 years ago, When the interviewer asks her what does she see herself doing in 5 years, Jen said “I see myself married with a child”. and here it is going on 5 years later, and she’s not married or with child. So you can’t expect her fans or ppl who have read that article to not wonder when she’ll be getting married and having a child. they feel that is her happy ending, and they want to see her have one. So if she doesn’t want one or the other, she should not mention it, because ppl will hold her to it. She should be careful what she says in public or print, because alot of ppl I know who sympathized with her during her divorce are starting to think that she is a fake and a phony, because she seems to say one thing and does another. And they feel Brad made the right decision to leave her and move on with his life considering everything he said he wanted to do, he seems to be doing it. And we know, action always speaks louder than words.

  29. roller says:

    damn, jen looks so young. she barely looks her age! its so sweet that they only had eyes for each other

  30. DLR says:

    Ugh, running into the ex while out with the curent. Never a good thing, nope. I don’t get this pairing, Jen and John. It clearly didn’t work the first time around so wanna bet it won’t the second time? Another triple ick here. 8O

  31. Mayi says:

    I hope it works out for Jen. She seems like a authentic beautiful soul. I wish her all the happiness. Go Jen.

  32. Granger says:

    But WTF?!?, that’s my point, that if she HAS moved on, why doesn’t she tell interviewers that questions about Brad and Angelina are just not allowed??? Lots of stars have pre-interview “agreements” that state certain questions (usually related to personal issues) are off-limits. By continuing to talk about her ex, all Jennifer is doing is perpetuating what we’re supposed to believe is a “myth” that she’s still bitter.

  33. mojoman says:

    @Cici, I 2nd that! talking about AJ/JA is like politics/religion, it’s a never ending discussion. That’s why I steer clear and just be an audience :-)

  34. Shane says:

    Some people never really “settle down” with someone. And they have their pets, and their friends, and they’re actually fairly happy.

    Hard for the married folks to understand though.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    Granger, November 19th, 2008 at 1:53 pm …By continuing to talk about her ex, all Jennifer is doing is perpetuating what we’re supposed to believe is a “myth” that she’s still bitter.

    Thank you!!!