Has Brad Pitt been encouraging his ladies to lose weight this whole time?

The Enquirer has an interesting story this week about Angelina Jolie and her overanalyzed figure. What I find interesting is that Angelina isn’t being set up as the demon/shrew/narcissist/drama-queen, and Brad Pitt isn’t being set up as the savior/wimp/weeping man-child. That being said, The Enquirer is really just “reporting” something that many of us had noticed a long time ago – that whenever a woman gets with Brad Pitt, her body changes, and it’s almost always a noticeable weight loss. Gwyneth lost weight when she was with Brad. Same with Jennifer Aniston. And while Angelina’s weight varied in the pre-Brad years, she’s mostly been “underweight” (minus her two pregnancies) in the more seven years they’ve been together. So… at some point, it’s less about HER issue and more about BRAD’S issue with his lady’s figure, right?

Angelina Jolie has scared fans with her gaunt, skeletal figure – and it appears Brad Pitt is the architect of her frightening weight loss. Brad prefers his ladies to be rail-thin, and he lets them know it, say insiders.

“Brad doesn’t come out and demand his women be skinny, but in a not-so-subtle manner, he drops hints,” revealed a close source. “If he’s constantly comparing his current girlfriend with his exes, it has to start making them feel self-conscious about their bodies.”

Brad likes his woman super-thin for their red carpet appearances, says the close source. When Angelina first met Brad on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2004, she weighed 115 pounds, which seemed a healthy weight for her 5-foot-7 frame. “But now she’s wasting away at less than 100 pounds!” declared an insider.

Brad is also said to have hinted that Jennifer Aniston needed to drop a few pounds when they first started dating.

“He used to talk to her about how thin and fashionable his former girlfriends Juliette Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow were,” said the close source. “It was a way to motivate her.” So Jen lost the curves she used to show off on ‘Friends’ and she dropped to a waifish 109 pounds. Today, Aniston is dating Justin Theroux and she’s a shapely 120 punds.

And when Brad dated Gwyneth Paltrow for three years in the 1990s, Gwyneth “always felt she was too heavy for him,” revealed the close source. In 1996, she shrunk down to a bony 101 pounds for “Emma.” But today, Gwyneth looks fabulous at 120 pounds.

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

If Brad really does any of that, he’s earned a swift kick to a tender place. I’d like to believe that Brad is simply a supportive dude, no matter his lady’s weight… but the years of photographic evidence suggest otherwise. Personally, I consider this – a man obsessing and commenting on a woman’s weight – a form of emotional abuse. I doubt Brad is calling Angelina a “fatass” when she nibbles on her daily celery stalk, but I have to wonder if he really is saying *something* to get all of his women to drop pounds. So… is it all Brad’s fault? Of course. For years, The Villainess Jolie has been excoriated, so it’s time for The Villain Pitt to get some of it too.

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  1. brin says:

    Ahhhh…the Eddie Cibrian plan.

    • horizonte says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • Beyonce's Bump says:

      HOGWASH! I do NOT believe this at all. Brad does is not even remotely comparable to loser Cibrian. Julliet lewis and Paltrow were NEVER sickly skinny. In fact Fishsticks is probably the skinniest she has ever been. Secondly, Aniston lost her “friends” weight…waaaay before she started dating Pitt. This source can have several seats.

    • Rin says:

      I have ALWAYS said this. All of his women are okay sized then they date him and turn skeletal. Yet another reason I’m not fond of him.

      • Rhea says:

        Sometimes I think the tabloid’s writers are trolling in gossip blogs reading the comments and getting their story ideas from it.

        I have read several time previously here, some people commenting that Pitt has something to do with all of his ladies weight, thinking that this could be some story that the tabloid would love to write down and….VOILLAA…..this story comes out!!

        They made up so many stories like Maddox is a fan of Aniston, the kids are wild and drinking wine, etc that I am actually surprised it took them some times to have this kind of theory coming out. :D

        Well, at least Jolie’s not the villain…for now… ;)

      • pwal says:


        You’re not wrong. The best example of this was when Angelina delivered Isla and Amelie. Some idiot came on Just Jared Memorial Day 2008, claiming that Angelina had the babies and named her girls Isla Jane and Amelie Marcheline. I think the poster included a link to a website, which mysteriously disappeared when another poster, who was a computer expert, hinted that she could find out who the poster was.

        During this time, there were numerous posts about how Angelina’s assistant was pregnant too and that she probably got a good maternity leave package. Some gushed at how sweet that Angelina and Holly were pregnant at the same time and that the kids would probably end up playing together. And there were some posts about how some people were nervous that Angelina would have the babies close to Shiloh’s birthday. That false story used all of those elements – hinting that Angelina intentionally delivered the twins near Shiloh’s birthday because it was just another dig towards the child and the source of the story was Holly, despite the fact that any action like that could jeopardize Holly’s employment.

        That… and the fact that Ian Halperin has gained career traction by posting balloon-juice stories online.

      • TG says:

        I wish that statement were true because there is nothing I like more than a male for a vilain but Aniston to me has always looked very toned and fit. She has never been skeletal, at least not to my memory.

      • LAK says:

        @TG – the first 2 seasons of FRIENDS, Jen Aniston was definitely bigger. Not chubby, probably normal girl weight. the entire cast bar Matt Perry then started to lose weight, particularly Jen Aniston and Courtney Cox. Somewhere in there, and definitely AFTER meeting Brad Pitt, she began to exercise to level where you could see her body was toned as opposed to just being thinner. Since then she fluctuates between super toned and just toned.

    • thypoid.mary says:

      lol…The Cibrian factor…that was genious! It’s sad a man could be like that!!!!!!! I did date some loser before, who asked me directly to lose weight so he could flaunt me with his firends and ex-wife. Not only that, but he said it on our second date. “If you lost a few pounds, you’d be perfect”…Seriously???!!! Needless to say it didn’t last long. Though I did give him a mental guilt trip so bad, he asked for forgiveness and almost cried before after I dumped him. I mean, who wants to date someone so superficial? He didn’t even get to know who I was. And he wasn’t even thin himself, he had a beer gut and two bad feet. Goodness, what was I thinking when I said yes to the second date???? I learned my lesson the hard way. But, it was a learning experience, now I value my man, because he is absolutely infatuated with me for who I am. :)
      Young girls, Jen, Gwyn, Angie: It’s worth going throuhg the frogs, if you don’t settle for the toad, you’ll find your prince.

      • MyCatLoves TV says:

        Good for you!!! It makes me feel like there is hope for our sex when I read stories like yours! I don’t know how old you are….I know it took me years to get to the point where I understood my value was NOT related to the number on my scale. (I still struggle silently in my head…it is hard sometimes.) I hope that young women coming thru the ranks are stronger than I was. No man is worth your health. And by health I mean the choices you make in your teens and 20′s can be why your health is messed up in your 40′s & upward. When Goop and Angie are in their 50′s and break a hip due to low bone density, nobody should be surprised. Oh…but they “look good” on the red carpet. Yeah, right.

  2. Marjalane says:

    Interesting theory. They do all lose weight- but maybe it’s because he has a history of cheating on his girlfriends, and (unfortunately) alot of us women think that being thinner makes us better people. Just ask Lean Rimes.

    • Rena says:

      mj, you are quite funny LOL. Brad Pitt has the reputation of being one of the most monogamous men in celeb ville. In fact he is widely known to be a serial monogamist, who is faithful to the woman he is with to a fault. He has never be said to be some kind of player, both in the pre internet tabloid world or now in the post internet tabloid world.

      JLewis even said of him that “he is the most monogamous man in HTown” when they were dating. GP has said it was her own cheating that broke them up as “she was the architect of her own misery”. Even CCox said that BP is not a cheater. There are no are validated factual tales of him cheating on anyone he is with, not one.

      Oh snap, of course those revisionist tabloid 100% fabricated fantasies do float some people’s boats. How dare those complete falsities not be endlessly repeated as “a truth” in an attempt to validate lies LOL.

      Just like this whole BS line of BP and his thintification of his ladies. Such utter nonsense.

      • jane16 says:

        Brad Pitt monogamous? He is quite legendary for his cheating as a matter of fact. Most people in the industry believe that Brad’s cheating was the true cause of his breakup with Jennifer, and that they had already broken up when he met Angelina. I think this weight story has some truth to it becuz I spoke with Angelina last year and we talked about weight and how having kids changes your body & she told me she didn’t like her bony arms & legs but if she gained any weight it would all go to her middle, which she saw as “thickened” after having kids.

      • Ginnie1 says:

        “Brad Pitt has always been monogamous” Now thats just effing hilarious. I like this couple together, I am just not fanatical about it. I dont make excuses for bad behaviour just because they look good together.

      • LastDaze says:

        Isn’t that how he hooked-up with AJ? Initially they both denied that their affair started on M&MS, but they later admitted that it started during the making of the movie. I like BP, but this makes him a cheater and a liar.

      • Guest 8 says:

        Neither Brad or Angelina have ever said they had an affair — just the opposite. The weren’t together before his marriage ended and both AJ and Brad are known in Hollywood to be fiercely monogamous!

      • MooCow says:

        Neither Brad or Angelina have ever said they had an affair — just the opposite. The weren’t together before his marriage ended and both AJ and Brad are known in Hollywood to be fiercely monogamous!

    • lisa says:

      Brad does not have a history of cheating. Seriously he left a marriage. Get over it.

      Funny nobody claimed this until he left. But all the talk for years that he was going back to his wife and he was suppose to have cheated.

      You can spin all you want. NOT one person he has ever been with has ever said he cheated.

      • Veruca says:

        Thanks Lisa — so funny how people forget (including Aniston) that when he & Jen broke up it was announced that cheating was not the issue.

        And yes — I’ve said since he guest-starred on Friends that all his women end up skeletons.

      • Bella says:

        Ha, ha, ha…. Of course Brad and Angelina were only sitting in their trailers and holding hands and talking about Cambodia. It was so sweet and innocent and romantic. And had nothing to do with break up with Jennifer because she was so evil and made poor Brad unhappy.

      • Marjalane says:

        Now I see why they call them Brangaloonies.

      • Veruca says:

        @lisa –

        Call me a brangeloonie all you want — then go back in the archives to when Aniston said when they announced their divorce that it was not a matter of cheating…

        until she found she could make a career out of playing a victim.

      • KAI says:

        When I told my now XH that I wanted a divorce and filed it was not about cheating. It was because he had emotionally detached from me. He behaved as if he no longer liked me, let alone loved me. I tried for ages to get him to talk to me but he said it was stress from his job. Eventually, for my own sanity, I was forced to end the marriage and four years later I still grieve.

        Seven months after separation I find he had been cheating for at least half a year.

        Don’t assume because initially Jen chose to believe Brad was not cheating, he was not cheating.

      • flan says:

        Rumors of JA and Pitt’s marriage being all but over existed before Jolie got involved.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Well, since this directly ties in with Brad, Jen and Angie and cheating…let me know if this is the post where you guys want the old but new to me gossip from the set of MAMS and the story of the triangle.
      Told to me by someone who is my great industry friend this last weekend. It’s dishy and true, coming from someone who was one of his daily drinking to get away from life with Jen buddies who worked on the set.
      I usually get the inside scoop with music but this one was great.

  3. lower-case deb says:

    as i was asking in the previous post, is she really undernourished or in any way life-threateningly lacking in health? because she still has great hair and good skin.

    for me personally, if i lose weight, my hair starts falling out and my skin starts flaking. it started from my college days. it was stressful, family problems, and paper, and everything just added up to a perfect storm. i lost a heckuva lotz of weight within the last few months of school, and i was freaking out because my hair was falling out and my skin was like something out of a horror movie.

    even now, years and years later, with better nutrition and lifestyle i can’t grow my hair past my shoulderblades. if i do, they’ll start falling out in droves. the upside of this, i found out that short hair makes me look a bit younger than my age. so that’s a yay.

    so this really makes me curious. is she just thin naturally, or really malnourished? because apart from her boniness, her hair and skin are ok looking.

    or is she doing something we don’t know>

  4. samira677 says:

    This is a switch considering the tabloids always claim Brad is leaving Angelina for being too thin.

  5. MommaK18 says:

    I doubt that’s the case…
    My personal thought…when I was dating a hot piece I would drop weight while in the relationship because weight for most women defines beauty. It shouldn’t at all. But when you’re with somemone whose very attractive you try to control what you can that also makes you feel attractive…and counting calories or exercising is a form of controlling your body.

    I think most women who have been with Brad knows he’s a target for beautiful women so it makes them insecure and watch their weight.

    I know I was always my skinniest when I was dating someone good looking.
    Now married and pregnant (again) I get to enjoy this time where I don’t fret over about the extra weight around the middle.

    • another nina says:

      yup, cosign (except for am not pregnant at the moment.)

    • Zelda says:

      My first thought as well.

      (Whether you personally like Brad Pitt or not you can’t argue that a ton of women do)

    • Raven says:

      ITA. He’s so good looking and always very trim, because he is physically active. I think women feel insecure next to that and really try to look perfect. Sadly, that means stick thin to so many people so there isn’t a bump or a flaw anywhere.

      Also, I think any source calling Juliette Lewis fashionable is obviously fake. And, for the record, Gwyneth has admitted cheating on Brad, saying it was one of the biggest mistakes she ever made.

      • pwal says:

        Re: Juliette Lewis…

        I thought the same thing. Because the only image of Juliette Lewis on the red carpet with Brad Pitt was when she was rocking those godawful, jet black cornrows, which was not greeted with applause or adoration, but with groans.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Totally true. Plus you’re (presumably) having a lot of sex, which burns extra calories ;)

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Absolutely true for me too.

      Angelina also has a body where she looks thick through the waist, with very thin limbs. I think to keep a small waist, she sacrifices and her arms & legs look scrawny.

      (btw, I was one of the people who have been saying this about Brad for years. You can just look at the photos of his women. After 5 or so girlfriends ultimately turn into sticks as they date him, you start to realize it’s probably not a coincidence.)

    • Esmom says:

      I’ve always seen Angie’s thinness in that way…now that she’s landed the big prize, she’s going to do what it takes to keep him, which she thought for some reason would be to become as thin as possible. It seems like a control thing.

      I don’t disagree that something similar occurred with Jen when she was with Brad, she became slimmer (although not skeletal like Angie). But again I don’t think it was Brad demanding it but rather her insecurity driving herself to be as beautiful as possible in order to hang on to him.

    • guest says:

      I would agree but Juliette and Paltrow were already skinny when they started dating Brad. Paltrow actually started looking better, she pick-up her fashion style that was once grunge. I never followed JA so I don’t know what she looked like pre-Brad.

      All I know is that Brad was the better looking in those couplings.

      In my opinion. Angie is the first woman Brad has been with that matches his looks. Both never dated or married beauties prior to them hooking up.

    • Beyonce's Bump says:

      very true mommak. I think your explanation is the most plausible based on my personal experiences. My SO is an ex-model and despite his multiple reassurances, I have never been so obssessed about how I look until we started dating. I KNOW it is my insecurities but I can’t help it! So I can definitely buy that angle. MOST good looking men are SECURE enough to not tell their girlfriends to change how they look. It is normally the average looking/slightly chub insecure men who would tell their partners they need to lose weight. Afterall, what does a good looking, rich, self assured man has to prove to anybody? Absolutely nothing.

    • nat says:

      Does this mean that you’re husband is not good looking? I feel sorry for him…I’d be super sad if my husband said that he doesn’t have to look good as I don’t look goo either…

  6. RocketMerry says:

    You know, I’m going to get yelled at for this, but I have to say I kinda believe this. NOT that he says something directly, just maybe (even unconsciously) some comments here and there…
    “Look how good that other woman looks…”, “Yeah, she really looks great,did she lose weight?”, “WOW, honey you do look amazing when you shed a few pounds!”. Stuff like that.
    It can be so anxiety-building and make the person feel like the partner is not directly mentioning their weight, but casually bringing it up in conversations by comparisons.

    I don’t know if Brad is like that, I hope not, but if he is….Dude. SICK.

    • Hautie says:

      “You know, I’m going to get yelled at for this, but I have to say I kinda believe this….”

      No yelling from me.

      It does look to have some truth behind it. Gwennie, Jenny and Angie Jo all got skinny as hell during their time together with him.

      But it is nice to see that no matter how skinny they were… he was allowed to continue to look like a smelly hobo. :)

    • ahoyhoy says:

      I inherited ‘skinny genes’, and since my late 20′s I’ve also had some serious GI problems that have kept me thinner than most—so most of the guys I’ve dated liked thin women. A few of them have been more vocal about being attracted to thin women, but it’s only bordered on abusive once. And that guy was a DICK.
      Like I said, it’s usually not abusive, and not even conscious on the guy’s part. It’s more like how they comment on certain outfits, and you notice how randy they get when you look thinner. Their preferences were almost always only revealed when I noticed their reactions, not from anything they said.
      I compare it to the experience of noticing your husband gets extra-romantic when you wear red. So you buy more red. It’s win/win, as long as nobody gets an eating disorder over it.

  7. Lindy says:

    Huh. You know, I’d never connected the dots before. And of course correlation is not causation blah blah blah. BUT… It does seem interesting when you look at it this way, doesn’t it?

    • jc126 says:

      Here’s a far-out weirdo comment: I once read in an astrology book that people with Venus in Capricorn like their partners looking “lean and hungry”. (I remember it because I have Venus in Cap. lol). Brad has that placement, too. Maybe it’s true!

      BTW 5’7″ and 115 pounds still seems very thin to me.

    • LAK says:

      i’ve always thought this about his ladies, but how about a different theory…BP has been super famous since THELMA & LOUISE, which is 1990/91, any woman who gets with him has their profile ramp UP and is faced with daily criticism of their weight/looks and a comparison is made with his looks in the media. Whatever one feels about him or their own personal taste, he is a spectacularly good looking man. So the ladies start thinking about their appearance, trainers are hired, food goes uneaten or wierd fad diets creep in etc. end result viola skinny girl. Now they can stand next to the BIG movie star and hold their own.

  8. Gia says:

    I would diet too if I was dating someone as lean and cut as Brad…

    • Daria says:

      You are ready to change your look and weight for a man? What if he demands plastic surgery or tells you how to behave, would you do it too?

    • ZenB!tch says:

      If I was dating someone as cut and lean and Pitt I would try to be as toned as him not a skeleton. I would also assume I was already fit for someone like Pitt to ask me out. I don’t date fit because I don’t want to make the effort but yes, if I did make the effort I would expect the same from my guy but THE SAME nut unhealthy.

      AJ looked great pre-Pitt, healthy and even more beautiful.

      I do think Goop looks a lot better now. I didn’t think to link it to leaving Pitt.

      Aniston slowly lost weight… she went from chubby to curvy to toned. She’s never been bony that was Courtney.

  9. Rosalee says:

    Jolie as Capt. Morgan on a Friday morning, priceless. If you compare photos of all the women Brad was involved with there is two common threads, Brad’s hair style mimics his women except for Jolie, but in the beginning there was a similar look, but now he’s just a mess compared to the too skinny but ever lovely Jolie. Maybe he just wants to be bigger than his talented ladies..yes..I said it may the stoning begin..each of the women he was involved with had careers even Robin Givens. Pitt seemed to trade up with each girlfriend and before the first rock flies, Aniston was TV’s golden girl and who at the time was bigger than Jolie..

    • Rhea says:

      I beg to differ. Aniston was big…yes, but from the TV. Jolie was already a big from the movie at that time. Many awards under her belts, Tomb Raider, etc. In short, they’re big from different side of the fields.
      With that being said, I am not throwing any rock ;)

      • sullivan says:

        You’re absolutely right. Aniston was tv big. Hell, Heather Locklear was tv big at one time. The only difference between Aniston & Locklear is Aniston won the golden ticket by marrying Pitt.

      • LAK says:

        just to add that movie stardom is always desireable over TV stardom no matter if you are top of the pile in TV. Which ia why they all leave their lucrative TV gigs for Movies.

        Lately there has been move from movies to TV but if you see the faces, they have movie stardom already and actually there isn’t as many as you think. They are past their A* movie star rating if they got that far and can’t be hired in a decent film if they tried. ANy TV shows they headline – and they always headline, they get paid movie money, not TV money.

        Of course it helps that TV writing has improved exponentially BUT, if you had a medium Movie script with tonnes of exposure vs a great TV script, they still choose movie.

  10. Lee says:

    I think there is definitely something to this. There is no way to say for sure, but there IS the photographic evidence of the thinification of his ladies. If true, it is a nasty bit of controlling perfectionism, and is definitely emotional abuse. My first husband did exactly this – constantly making little hurtful remarks about weight (including specific body areas), wanting to see the figures on the scale, etc. And I was 5’8″ and weighed 120 lbs. What a jackass. While you’re in it, though, it does insidious things to your sense of self as a woman.

  11. Ann says:

    Ugh. He’s too old for long hair.

  12. Eve says:

    *closes eyes and rubs temples with fingers*

    (with a scary ominous, voice) I predict a messy thread…

    • Rosalee says:

      I bet this thread breaks at 191..any takers.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I’m going with 250. Hell, I’m ready to blow up this post so I win. *evil laughter*

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        I swear my friends that I did not post my tease up thread after I already read the comments.

        This is going to rocket now and I didn’t even have to make anything up for this to go boom. Of course, I haven’t been asked to spill it yet. I’m pretty sure I can do it without anyone getting fired or their career ruined.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        YES, Tiffany! Just get us to 250 :) ..But seriously, I have to hear this story. Pleaaaase????????

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Sorry, had to get my computer, can’t type all this on an iPad. So you know my hubby has been in the industry for over 20 years and there is a lot of overlap between gossip in music and film. I think this will probably get both sides all crazy. I don’t love Jen and don’t really like her any more after hearing even this.
        So, my hubby had a big gig last weekend and our lifelong buds come down. They work in film and we all get to talking. Turns out they are extremely good friends with a person onset of Mr and Mrs Smith.
        I’m not naming the person or what job they did because that would not be cool. This person was on film, but is not an actor. Hung out with Brad constantly during filming at night after wrap. Apparently Brad would call and beg to go out drinking and stay over at this person’s house just to get away from Anniston. He could not stand her. He was drinking a lot at this time. Ready? Boom! They were totally having an affair, he and La Jolie. Well known to his close dude friends on set. Or at least to this person and to my friends.
        So…Brad and Angie were totally having an affair.
        Brad was already completely miserable with Anniston before and during filming, Angie was not really why he left, he was already gone.
        Brad would do anything not to go home and deal with Jen. So he would call his buds and do anything to avoid her.

        I thought it was fun to hear. I never thought they were having an affair, but apparently my friends were surprised I didn’t already know. Brad hated Jen, that was the juiciest for me. I hope it was good for you guys and not something you all heard before. I know we speculate a lot here. I would consider this to be an extremely reliable and very close source. I’ve spilled on Xtina and could on more, but try not to too much. This was too fun to keep to myself when I know we are all so rabid for these three!
        So yeah, I don’t feel bad for Jen, since he was already checked out, he would have left anyway and was driven insane by her neurosis. That’s just me.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        HOLY SH*T!
        I feel like this will fuel Jen-supporters and add to the lame-ass “Homewrecker term”. DAYUM.
        The affair has always been unconfirmed ya know?
        Looks like Brad was bored with Jen huh. Makes me like him a LOT less for not being man enough to end things with her first, even though Jen seems boring and vapid as hell.
        But seriously…WOW…thanks for sharing, Tiffany!

      • Maya says:

        @Tiffany ooo this is juicy gossip..question, where exactly did this affair take place, on set or off, i tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but too much evidence is leading towards the affair being true, why would Jolie entertain an affair when her dad did that to her mom SMH

      • jesstar says:

        Thanks Tiffany, hopefully you won’t get too much thrown at you for spilling the beans. I reaaly hope people will take off their blinders on both sides of this drama. Of course he was unhappy, that’s why he had an affair. And of course he had affair! Who it was with doesn’t matter. But, its pretty insulting to everyone’s intelligence to deny it.

      • shiba says:

        Makes total sense. The Enquirer had on-set pics of them holding hands off camera, at the time. Anniston is supposed to be super high-maintenance, she’s obvsly very involved w/ maintaining her celebrity status quo; they weren’t working out as a couple any more. Brad’s evolved in a different direction since splitting from her, while she’s remained the (Hollywood) girl next door she always portrays herself as.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I can’t completely confirm that, though through the conversation I got the distinct impression that this was either on set or a little of both. It was told to me that he was calling a male friend from the set and hanging out after hours to avoid having to go home. Exact words.

        Again, this is not seventh hand info. It is one person removed. I’d rate it a 10 of 10 for authenticity.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Original Tiff, THANK YOU for sharing!!!! I love a good “inside scoop” and this one is a doozy!

        I think that once someone has checked out emotionally on a relationship, they should have the balls to end it, because that person is essentially already gone.

        (That could just be me though, since hubs and I are kind of in the same place right now. He’s checked out, and I’m stuck without a job or a car and our toddler to raise and support. It’s only a matter of time before the physical leaving occurs; he’s already left emotionally. And of course, this occurs AFTER we moved 700 miles away from MY family and friends to be closer to his 18-months-to-live mother and have a lower cost of living. My birthday/Mothers’ Day gift? A divorce.)

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Aww Bella, that sucks hard. I’m really sorry.

        As for Loren, hey I’m on this board all the time, people know what my husband does, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I know lots of people in the field, that’s where we make our living. I loved that I got the actual scoop on this big mystery from the source. It’s juicy and old enough that no one is going to get in trouble.
        And I swear there had not been copious amounts of wine involved yet for any of us.

      • Rhea says:

        @OriginalTiffany : I’m a bit curious. Did Pitt really admit to his friend that he had sex with Angie at that time or by affair here meaning flirted each other by text, phone, stole a kiss here and there or went somewhere just the two of them without actual confession from Pitt about how far he was with her that time?

        Since you said he didn’t want to go home to Jen, if he had an affair with Jolie, why didn’t he go to her place or meet her somewhere??

        Need to know this juicy part!! :D

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Yes, full blown affair.

        I gathered that he and Jen were all but over. It doesn’t excuse it at all, he should have had the balls to end it. But they are huge stars and maybe there was pressure to remain the golden PR child couple.

        I’ll try to give some other fun stuff later. I have a weird Jessica Simpson from way back story, lots of em

      • DeeVine says:

        I came accross another UK based gossip site recently that supports this story. Apparently everyone on set knew that Brangelina started sleeping together 3 weeks into filming. From this story it sounds like Brad already checked out of the relationship but was too cowardly to break it up with Aniston. I guess if your husband was having an affair on set and you suspected it you will become more “neurotic”.

        You can tell he can’t stand Aniston from all the repeated digs he made at her after breakup (the Mr and Mrs Smith cover with kids, recent comments about how boring his life was with her etc)

        I won’t tell you the name of site (supposed to be UK press insider) as there are some pretty horrible Angelina stories about how calculative she was during the affair to make sure Brad left Aniston. Don’t want to incur the wrath of the Brangeloonies here!

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Sorry, but working “in the industry” doesn’t make people above exaggerating or repeating bullshit for the thrill and attention they get for claiming to have some kind of special knowledge…

        The “dog” you have in the game is your obvious desire for the same thrill and attention. “Ready? Boom.”

        Not saying you made this up, I’m saying that repeating gossip from people who also have the same dog in the game renders it repeated gossip, not truth.

      • mln76 says:

        I don’t know if you’ll read this the Original Tiffany but thanks for the story it’s actually what the tabs used to say too well before MAMS LOL. That Brad and Jen were in effect separated and only staying together until the end of Friends to launch her film career and his promotion of Troy (which was at the time a huge budgeted resting on his shoulders). As is the case with most celeb breakups film careers and publicity were the primary concern in keeping up appearances.
        The whole ‘Angie stole Brad’ just sounded better but they were pretty obviously miserable together.

      • guest says:

        I’m trying to figure how this is some big Scoop..when the tabs said the same thing 8 years ago.

        If you read what you wrote you didn’t provide any proof whatsoever. He didn’t like JA, he stayed with friends..
        Even the JP’s fans know this. The marriage was over way before he started filming MAMS.

        Who really cares at this point? The JP’s are getting married and have six beautiful kids together.

        Are we still going be talking about this when the kids are in their 20′s? Maddox will be 11 years old in August.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Yes, I know that. I am not getting my friends fired. What kind of proof would you like? Don’t live in their bedrooms, so there won’t be ” proof” coming.

        I said boom as a joke to original kitten. You know, she joked about blowing up the thread. Also, if you look back a few pages, I teased my info as my buddies had just left and said I’d post it on the next thread.

        My dog is my friend and I am not getting my friends fired. I’m not naming my husband either, but suffice it to say we know many, many actors, musicians etc. I only spill dirt when it is old, safe and can’t be tracked to me. Speaking of dogs, now you’ll never hear my Sheryl crow story.
        Runs with scisssors, I post here everyday, would you have not my cries for attention before? I’m not a pop up troll exactly. I don’t cry for attention, I consider a lot of you friends, but thanks:)

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Oh hey, also you guys. Just so you know, I’ll be ducking out for a few days. I have to go visit my horses up in Yosemite before our long East coast swing. Not very much internet out there, so I’ll catch up on Weds. Just so I don’t get the inevitable, you told this story and disappeared, troll.

        If I get internet I will be here. BTW, how’s Boston all summer? Any of us live there? I’d really be interested in meeting up in some of these cities and be happy to bring some of you backstage if you come to the show. Boston, DC, Altanta and then Miami!
        Toronto and Canada, we’ll be back all next year. Fun stuff. Cept for that packing, next week is big pack week from one coast to another.

      • the original bellaluna** I’ve always enjoyed reading your comments,and I KNOW your one tough Lady.Wishing you the best,and Happy Mothers Day.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Original Tiffany:

        I can completely see things going down as ur friend described.

        Aniston, herself, admitted in an interview that from the beginning of the filming of MAMS, Pitt was no longer available to her emotionally. I read somewhere that Pitt did want out of the marriage and admitted to Aniston that he needed to “figure things out, outside of the marriage”. She allegedly pushed for them to stay together, and told him to “go and figure things out”, (inside the marriage). It was pretty obvious they were spending less and less time together. He didn’t attend the last filming of Friends, she was often photographed at events alone, and she rarely visted him on location.

        Is it so difficult to believe that Aniston and Pitt grew apart and that he grew to despise her? Wanting out of a marriage all the while being pressured to stay, living day in and day out the same old same old. Being with a partner who is shallow, immature, needly, insecure, nerotic -someone who will not try anything outside their own comfort zone. Supposedly, they spent most of their relationship high. Now all these years later, Aniston is more or less the same as she was early in her career. Pitt, on the other hand, has blossomed. He has changed his entire life. He is always on the go, always living somewhere new, always trying different things. And, he choose a partner who is the complete opposite of Aniston in every way – someone who lives every day outside her comfort zone.

        What least surprises me is that Pitt and Jolie got involved during filming. Jolie has a long history of getting involved with unavailable / married men (i.e. BBT). While she has been quoted as saying she wouldn’t cheat like her father, technically she isn’t cheating if she isn’t the one in a relationship. She is just the “other woman”. It’s a statement that is misleading, but technically true. Remember, Jolie has always been exceptional at creating positive PR for herself.

        Thanks @ The Original Tiffancy for the awesome gossip.

  13. Daria says:

    All the women he was with end up looking flat chested, androgyn. Goop was at her thinnest when with him, Juliette Lewis too. Aniston looked also too thin and masculine with him and Jolie is a skeleton.

    I bet she is wearing hairpieces and is padding her clothes.

  14. gekkca says:

    There were rumours of him saying stuff to Jonah Hill about his weight, no? Just saying’…

  15. Anne says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he did pressure
    women to lose weight. There were those rumors awhile ago about him and Jonah Hill .

  16. Sara says:

    If any man thinks that AJ looks good at her current weight then I would have to assume he too has an eating disorder/body dysmorphic disorder of some sort. Nobody that is of sound body and mind would think AJ’s current weight looks good. It’s gross.

  17. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know if he’s encouraging it (I would hope not as that is a terribly thing to do), but there is a pattern there. And I think all of the women look younger and healthier when they put back on a few lbs.

  18. Nina says:

    There could be some truth to this. And it may be something like, his saying, you look great, did you lose weight? He doesn’t have to say anything mean or negative but just appreciate his women when they appear thin. I was dating this guy once who kept commenting on my body and how great it looked, and never said anything about weight but the effect was that I became more conscious of it and lost weight. And then, in the end, when I felt insecure in our relationship, I started to lose even more weight. . .

  19. Chatcat says:

    I’ll piggy back my post to this and the other thread on Miley…if any man wants you to be thin more then he wants you to be fit and healthy then run, as fast as you can, the other direction. Now it could be these women’s own insecurities (we all have them) that they must stay thin to keep this “catch” and the men don’t even realize it? I know my own 21 and 24 year old when we go to the shore or on beach vacas have always seemed to gravitate to the fit and not super skinny type…they seem to like a girl with a figure not a slat board.

  20. BB says:

    It is not better when a man wants you to gain some weight (it exists I met one), the thing it is that I am very thin, I am healthy and no doctor has ever asked me to gain weight thus, but it is very disturbing, you feel insecure about your physical appearance. I was young (20 years) but I have a bad character and friends,(men) who told me not to give up….

  21. mln76 says:

    Well I’ve had boyfriends that barely eat and I lose weight when I’m with them. They never made hints about my weight but they just weren’t into food and would always want to share meals or cook me dinner with a small portion size.
    On the other hand the worst kind of boyfriend to have is a skinny dude with a high metabolism you end up eating the worst kinds of food and gaining all the weight.

    Also doesn’t GOOP admit to basically starving herself for weeks at a time and then binging on food? She’s hardly healthy now.
    And JA has often said she does about 5 hours of yoga a day AFTER she divorced which is excessive.

    • Nina says:

      Yes that was my other thought. Maybe brad is just not that into food? In which case, that also would cause these women to lose weight because they’re not doing a whole lot of eating together. Also I think he may have a little bit of a body or eating disorder, which is contagious.

    • LAK says:

      so true.

      I had a look at GOOP website during her master cleanse fortnight which happened just before the Grammies. She had posted recommended food/menu plan for each day of the master cleanse. It was horrific.It was a starvation. She was recommending a person exist on Water mainly which you could fill up with all day, one fruit or vegetable smoothie for breakfast, a small plate of salad for late lunch, and a piece of either fish or chicken for dinner. no salt, sugar, fat. everything was either grilled or raw.

      I would have been surprised if she hit 700calories daily. This plus 1-2hrs with Tracy Anderson daily.

      I have never been more horrified.

      As you saw at the grammies and since, she is looking particularly scrawny. And at her age, any weight loss, certainly that extreme is showing in a horrible way.

  22. Bella says:

    Brad is a cheater, homewrecker and horrible man. But he has amazing pr team. They always make him look good like he has nothing to do with “the mess”. Do you remember Aniston vs. Jolie situation back then? It was not Aniston vs. Pitt. Again it was Aniston vs. Jolie. Where was Brad? He was the cause of this mess and his behavior.

    • maya says:

      Wow, does these harsh words come from your personal experience? It’s weird, because everyone who ever met him, worked with him or even been in the relationship with him, have nothing but wonderful things to say about him! You must know him on the whole new level!

    • Rena says:

      I have relatives in NOLA and visit often, and all my people say without exception that BP is far from a “horrible” man. He is said by everyone who has actually met him to be a friendly regular kind of person. He does not put on “airs” or act as if he is someone special. They have also met Angelina and the kids, and say the family is tight. And these are not people who have benefitted in any way from Brad’s MIR homes.

      This homewrecker cheater crap needs to stop, though I know for some people it never will, as they have substituted their own life expeiences into a sitution that was not their own. In the real world relationships fail all the time, they fail from within not without, no matter how “perfect” or “golden” they may look, that is just real life which is full of potholes that one must manage to deal with in the best way possible. Intelligent rational logical people know this.

      Conjuring up what are malicious tabloid driven depictions of people one does not even know from mirages and delusions is kinda harmful to the psyche.

    • LoL says:

      Agree, Bella. His fans just don’t want to see it.

  23. lamamu says:

    Jolie was a healthy 115 lbs at 5’7″? I’m 5’3″ and weigh 110. I’m a US size 2. Just sayin’ she was waaay underweight before she met Brad Pitt. Still, can’t deny that the pounds have continued to slide off.

    • Chellez says:

      I thought the same. All of the “healthy” weights mentioned still seem underweight to me. At 117lbs and 5’1″, I’m a size 4 and even then my family was like ur too skinny. I felt like bones when I was btwn a 2,4. So for these women w more than 6″ on me to be that “healthy” weight??…. Bow-knee!

    • ahoyhoy says:

      I’m 5’7″ and 115. It’s not underweight, I don’t look underweight, just slim. I have GI problems so my size fluctuates between a 2 and a 6, depending on the manufacturer and my metabolism, prescription puffiness, etc.

      Size charts correct for height, is my point. Because you’re a size 2 doesn’t make me a NEGATIVE size, KWIM? They correct for that.

      • Clea says:

        If you’re 5’7″ and weigh 115, you are underweight according to your BMI.

      • JSMB says:

        A BMI chart isn’t a good measure of anything. It doesn’t take into account muscle mass. I am 5’9″, and stay around 120-125. My BMI would list me as underweight, but I look healthy.

      • jes_sayin says:

        In what world is being 5’7″ and 115 lbs. healthy??

        I’m 5’7″ and 136 lbs. and a size 6. If I lost 21 lbs. my family would have me hospitalized!

        (there may be a rare exception, but that is definitely NOT the norm)

      • layla says:

        I am almost 5’8 and weigh 120lbs.

        I am slim but athletic and extremely active. I lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a mainly plant based diet. I am also lucky enough to have the metabolism of a 17yr old (I’m 37)… so perhaps you need to reconsider your “NORM”.

        Google tells me the ideal weight range for someone 5’7″ is anywhere from 118lbs – 160lbs. That’s a huge range… and people are all different shapes and sizes. So for you, 115lbs may not be possible (or healthy) for others, it can healthily be achieved/maintain/the status quo.

        Im not saying that AJ is at a healthy weight. She looks underweight… BUT she does carry her weight in her boobs/midsection. Always has. Even in MAMS her legs/arms were skinn-NAY!

    • Alexis says:

      A lot of this depends on bone structure. I think that AJ is far too skinny now, and is one of the few celebs that I could buy the standard “97 pounds” thing being close to accurate.

      I’m 5’7″ and 120-125 pounds. I don’t even really look that skinny, either, because I am small-boned. I look kind of chubby at 140 (and I know people my height and shorter who look great at that weight).

      AJ is small boned, too, so I could totally buy healthy-skinny Mr. and Mrs. Smith-era Jolie at 115. She’s probably 105 or less now. Creepy.

  24. heidiho says:

    Brad Pitt looks like a dirty old welder or something…..angelina is chicken scrawny they are Hollywood Gods?

    • lamamu says:

      “Brad Pitt looks like a dirty old welder…” Oh, thank you for that, heidiho. That will be my secret chuckle for the day.

    • jane16 says:

      He definitely looks older and grosser up close. He has terrible quality skin from all the tanning and chain smoking and drinking. Its affected his hair also. And he smells like an ashtray. He’s always been nice to my family (hubbie has worked on some of his movies since the 90s) btw, but I’ve heard stories that he can be pretty brutal when he wants to be.

      Also, with a few exceptions (the Deschanels eg) people in the ent ind just plain like super thin bods. They all do. They don’t think like normal people, they don’t appreciate a “healthy” looking body–they love super slim. Part of it is probably becuz the camera does indeed add 10 pounds, so its ingrained in them for years to be thin, and part of it is because they’re just different.

  25. adnovitam says:

    I think the reason women lose weight with him is because they’re photographed more often. If you’ve ever seen yourself in a photo next to someone who is naturally gorgeous, man, you lose any weight that doesn’t make you look as hot as they look.

    • waq says:

      But the point is that these women don’t look hot by losing all that weight, they look under fed. Who is telling them they look hot when they lose all that weight? Who is making them think they’re attractive as they physically deteriorate their bodies? Connect the dots.

      • adnovitam says:

        On camera you look heavier. Remember that quote from before Hunger Games where Jennifer said she’d rather look thin in person than thin on film? That’s what I mean. It is a different world being on film/photographed than in real life – hence models, yeah? Also, some people are photogenic and can get away with looking gorgeous from all angles and others cannot. Being heavier normally doesn’t help those who are not already photogenic. I was photographed a lot in the 90s because I did a European TV show and it drove me nuts.

  26. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    This is why I find Pierce Brosnan so refreshing :)

    • Janet says:

      Mrs Pierce Brosnan looks like the Michelin Man but I totally see your point.

      I don’t know about Brad controlling Angie, though. Angie gives me the impression that she won’t let herself be controlled by anyone.

    • danielle says:

      I love Pierce Brosnan too!

    • ahoyhoy says:

      No kidding! his wife Keely was thin when he met her, too. When the then James Bond sticks with his wife even after she gains a ton of weight, you know it’s real love, and he’s a good guy who knows what’s really important in life.

      I’m thin but I have some health problems, so I have dealt with guys who jump out the window the minute things aren’t perfect. Pierce is awesome because he’s not like that. Didn’t he lose his first wife to cancer? Regardless, he really really loves his wife. It’s beautiful.

      edit: Maybe Pierce is the anti Pitt–He likes his ladies big and feeds them til they get that way! lol

      • pwal says:

        Okay… how is Pierce the anti-Pitt? You’re assuming that Keely’s weight gain is due to her overeating. It’s possible that it’s due to a health problem, like a thyroid disorder.

        Pierce, not ditching a ‘fat woman’ doesn’t make him a hero; Pierce, not ditching his possibly ill wife because he loves her and he has demonstrated loyalty to an ailing wife before Keely makes him a hero… assuming that he’s being loving and faithful to her behind closed doors.

    • RuddyZooKeeper says:

      And Colin Firth as well!

  27. TruthTella says:

    I believe it, although I can’t imagine Angelina doing anything to keep a man tbh.

  28. Memory27 says:

    It worked with Jonah lol

  29. Anorexic Nation says:

    I am 5’4″. I have been through the ringer with eating disorders, especially anorexia. What annoys the piss out of me is the FAKE NUMBERS in these damn tabloids. If Angelina was 100 pounds at 5’7″ she would be so sickly thin, she’d be in a hospital bed. 100 pounds on me at 5’4″ looks horrible. People tell me I am a stick and I AM 115 at 5’4″. I am so sick of reading these false weights, particularly when the woman being mentioned is tall. Also, some people who have more muscle, like Jen, will always weigh a lot more in NUMBER but look thin still. Jen is not 120! She’s probably 140. Seriously, I couldn’t careless about the stupidity of these stories, but the misconception of weight and numbers the media throws around drives me mad. It’s like, they want women to see these false numbers, run to the gym or buy diet pills. It’s such evil manipulation. Angelina is thin, but she is not 100 f-ing pounds. Jesus Christ.

    • mln76 says:

      FWIW part of the problem is that no one’s ‘official’ height is accurate in Hollywood so you get these weird guesstimations of weight.

    • pwal says:

      You make an excellent point.

      I’m on the other side of the spectrum… overweight due to many years of compulsive eating. I have had many years of counseling and for now, my compulsive eating is at bay, although I’m still overweight. Mind you, I can make inroads with that if I had a permanent, good-paying jobs with bennies, but that’s neither here or there.

      In all honesty, I don’t know what 120 lbs looks like on a woman, and frankly, I wish that all of these self-appointed experts would cop to it too. Given that women have varying heights and various ways/areas that they can carry their weight, there is no such thing as a quintessential 120 lbs. And given that Angelina carries her weight mainly in her torso/trunk, it seems stupid to cite her thin arms and legs as evidence of an issue, especially since she has always had thin arms and legs… well, maybe not when she was baby/toddler.

    • Shelly says:

      You are so right. The numbers they are using are way off. I had my own issues when I was much younger, and at 5’9″ I weighed about 112 at one point and looked scary skinny and wore a size 2 or 0. No way was Angelina 115 when she met Brad. She looked healthier than that. The problem with these articles fudging the numbers is that people who have eating disorder issues then read these numbers and think “I don’t weigh that, look how skinny they are, something is wrong with me”. When in fact they do look like the celebrity or maybe even look thinner. It totally skews their view of bodies and weights, even more than it’s already skewed.

      • pwal says:

        I used to work in the accounting area of my local hospital. Every year, they had a health awareness week, sponsored by the weight management department. They set up this scale that not only measured your weight, but analyzed your muscle and weight percentages and determined the maximum weight based on being at the higher range – for women, I think it was 25% body fat. Anyway, I took the scan and was told that if I got down to 199 lbs, that I would be at a healthy weight. Mind you, I am not tall, but at the time, I exercised a couple times a week and apparently, built up some muscle.

        For me, getting down to 199 seems like a more attainable goal than the arbitrary 120 (although now, 100 seems to be the golden number, unless you’re Angelina Jolie of Duchess Kate. But one thing’s for sure, if Angelina got on a scale(at her thinnest), like the Biggest Losers, and her weight turned out to be 120, and if someone recommended that she pack on 30 more lbs, a lot of people would totally be fcuked, especially since more money is being made about the is she too thin or not debate versus presenting accurate representations of what 120 lbs looks like on women of various ages, heights, races, etc.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        @pwal, how tall are you that getting down to 199 is healthy?
        That sounds really high. I’m 5’9″ and 150 and am still just in the middle of my BMI range. Frustrating!
        I don’t mean that as a dig to you at all, just curious. Every time they put out new ranges they are always different.

      • pwal says:

        TheOriginalTiffany says:

        You’re not being intrusive.

        I am much shorter than you, and like you, when I saw that number I was floored because of my height. And frankly, I don’t know if the scale used is still being used today. However, seeing that number did a number on my psyche. Finally, I felt that being healthy was well within my reach. I joined Weight Watchers soon after and was on my way to 199, but I plateaued (or simply got spooked at the thought that I would have to continue reducing my portion sizes).

        Again, if I get a permanent job with bennies, I’m going back to Weight Watchers; but I know I have to conquer the mental blocks I have toward weighing a certain amount before I can get into and, hopefully, stay in the 100s.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        You can do it! My thyroid went crazy a few years back and I had to lose 90 pounds! I did it and never looked back.
        Lost it after kids too, it is so hard, but it can be done.
        I’m sure you will do great and just aim for feeling great not for a crazy unattainable number.

        Too bad you can’t diet cellulite off, huh?

    • Ramona Q says:

      I was wondering where the Enquirer pulled these numbers from. Who knows exactly how much these ladies weighed 15 years ago, and how much they weigh now. During Emma, Gwyn was 109? Is that just a random number? And yes, I agree that Angie at 5’7″ and 100 lbs is unbelievably ridiculous. These numbers are just made up, and most importantly, they mess with people’s heads.

  30. silly says:

    Nobody knows Angelina’s weight now or then- she was clearly at her thinnest in 2007 after her mother died. She’s seems very strong (can carry 2 BIG kids at once) and is AGING- some people get muffin tops and double chins, others get appear gawkier because EVERYBODY gets that THIN, un-elastic old lady skin- very unattractive- the fairer you are the more veins & bones are noticeable. If Brad is as evil as you say, I’ll bet he views Shi & Viv as VERY hefty (I think they are cute & chubbish)- Brad plans to send them to fat camp asap- save them Angelina!

    • Toot says:

      Exactly! If Angelina was this sickly malnourished woman that people like to claim she wouldn’t have been able to carry both Zahara and Shiloh like she did that time.

      Angelina has always had skinny arms and legs well before Brad. Brad may like his women thin, but Angelina already had that body type.

    • Lea says:

      Exactly and I don’t know what world people were living in during the late 90′s/early 2000′s but she has always been this thin. The only exceptions being when she was pregnant and when she was packing on muscle for Lara Croft.

  31. Talie says:

    It’s believable, Angelina even said in an interview that Brad chooses her red carpet dresses.

  32. eureka says:

    That’s it! Brad won’t feed Shiloh & Viv because he thinks they are FAT!! Angie then SNEAKS her food to the starving girls, thus starving herself- so sad.

  33. Jane says:

    I dunno, I’m going to go the other way on this one. It’s always been something that has grated on my nerves that HE changes HIMSELF to match the woman he’s with. Look at him and Goopy’s matching hairdos. His stoner vibe when with JA & now his leather wearing motorcycle daddy with long hair with Jolie. I think it’s him that has the identity issues.

    • CORRECTION says:

      Goopy copied Brad’s hair- Brad got the hair to play a REAL person, Heinrich something- he was a champion mountain climber that was captured & met the Dali Lama. The movie was called Seven Years in Tibet. MAYBE, while he was putting goopy on a strict liquid diet, he also cut her hair to match his, but Brad had the hair for her to COPY.

      • SimKin says:

        THANK YOU!!

        The only thing Brad Pitt changes his style for are his movies. People always point to that haircut that he and Gwenyth had except he got his hair cut first for and then she cut her hair. And his hair and style have varied throughout the years all connected to his movies. It’s a common narrative with not one lick of fact to it.

      • shellyh says:

        Brad has also had a TON of different hair styles in the 7-8 years he has been with Angelina- almost all of which were for a role. Which one was “copying” Angelina? I don’t recall him playing any roles where he was a woman with long brown hair and big lips & boobs. The long, beaded goatee wasn’t for a role, but Angelina seemed to love him just the same.

  34. gift says:

    Eureka that was So funny.I guess u should write for the tabloids!

  35. Jen34 says:

    I doubt he ‘makes’ them lose weight or makes nasty comments.

    Still, I do remember an interview with Gywenth back in the day where , talking about her weight, she said her bf likes her thin. At the time, I was a fan of hers and didn’t know him, so I felt bad for her and thought her bf must be a jerk.

  36. Fyofeelings says:

    To say he’s not the type to say or do something like that is going is kind of a reach. Because we don’t know him really we just know the image he puts out and besides that he’s an ACTOR!

  37. Winky42 says:

    Or maybe it is that his partners recognize the intense interest Brad Pitt enjoys from the opposite sex. That is, he literally has women throwing off their panties and lying down in front of him everywhere he goes. Who wouldn’t be neurotic about that?

  38. jesstar says:

    This is hardly news. As many have mentioned, there’s obvious and extensive photographic evidence over the years. I noticed this in his Jenn A days, after Gwen had lost weight too. And when the same pattern continued with Angie, well that’s just it, its a pattern, hardly a coincidence. I didn’t think she would fall prey to the same shenanigans, so I imagine he’s pretty subtle about it.

    I don’t think its fair to say his ladies loose weight to “keep” him. That seems extremly insecure, even for Hollywood. If someone finds you attractive enough to start a realationship with you, why would you think to change the way you look? Some men just get off trying to control something about their partners, in this case, weight. Its too obvious not to acknowledge.

    • LAK says:

      but what if it’s not something that is done consciously or even meanly. The flip side is men whose ladies put on weight. Not that they like bigger ladies, but maybe the guys are into food or eat more etc and the ladies join in to keep up not realising they are with a guy who either eats A LOT and or has a very high metabolism or both whether they exercise or not. So the opposite is true. you are with a guy who isn’t interested in food or who simply does not eat or is a gym/exercise bunny. You mimic these activities to show love, and guys, always trying to be supportive, will tell you that you look great no matter what size you are.

      The other point to consider is how media plays into all this. Any woman who gets with Brad is going to receive intense media scrutiny around their looks, weight, body, clothing etc. It’s enough to give one a disorder from thinking about the changes one needs to make in order to fit the media script of BRAD PITT’s GF.

    • layla says:

      So then… are we also blaming Brad, by default, for Courtney Cox’s extreme weight loss too (during the Friends day)?

      I think JA’s weight loss has more to do with Courteny Cox (consciously or subconscious) than BP.

  39. Dinah says:

    I still think he’s douchey whether this is fact or fallacy.

    ( taking cover…)

  40. Joe says:

    He did the same thing to Jonah Hill too.

  41. barb says:

    They lose weight because all of a sudden they become ‘super famous’ cause they’re with Pitt. More famous than before, and all that attention would of course make them want to be extra skinny.

  42. Lisa says:

    Everyone is “wasting away” these days. Dramatic.

  43. sup says:

    but angie doesn’t even look good anymore. she’d look way better with 10 lbs on her. she was perfect during mr. and mrs. smith.
    her face and limbs are way too bony now. sorry but it’s true

    • LoL says:

      Right? She tries to sell the -I’m so happy with brad- crap but she looks depressed and gaunt. It’s hard to believe that she’s really happy when she looks anorexic. On the flip side brad looks healthy and full of life….things are sure going good for him. -rolling my eyes-

      • sup says:

        ok i hope i won’t get ripped to shreds for sharing my 100% honest opinion here. neither of them look happy to me because 1. whenever i was anorexic, extremely skinny etc. i was also at my most unhappy, and the sexual urges seemed to diminish somewhat as well. 2. we all have seen the unhappy nerd type who doesn’t shave/get a cut/wash his hair, and brad seems to fit that profile rn imo. you know, when sometimes people are really depressed they don’t shower and then they seem to get suckered into more depression. and more nerdy obsessions. this is what they remind me of at the moment. until angie gets to a healthier weight and brad washes and shapes that stinky hair my opinion will not change :P

      • LoL says:

        I disagree sup. My 100% opinion . I think looking like a dirty hobo is when he’s at his happiest. I bet he thinks the beard and long hair makes him appear as an eccentric deep actor. The ken doll look is not the real Pitt. Angelina on the other hand has dealt with deep depression – she’s talked about it- she wanted to kill herself at one point in life. She looks very similar to the way she did back then. She’s not the strong woman the fans think she is. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be shocked if Brad is controlling her every move.

      • Rhea says:

        Just want to add my opinion. I think LOL is right. Brad is the happiest when he’s like that. But I have a different angle about Angie.

        I think it’s not that she’s not strong (she was definitely strong for getting out of her marriage from Billy Bob to raised a child as a single mom). And she is also the type that not easily bow to what people want her to do. She does what she wants (which is why we see her doing a lot of unexpected things sometimes).

        I see her as a person with many different sides. She is strong on the outside yet sensitive on the inside. She is a nice person but she also has her dark wild side.

        She is a complicated person that you can not easily put in one category. I think she used to fight her own battle but when she found her love in Pitt, her sensitive side let him to be the one who support her and lead their way.

        I don’t think she let Pitt control her. She simply trust him and feel comfortable to share her life with him.

        Secretly, I guess she is actually not a man-eater like the media paint her to be. She is only an independent woman who looking for a man to whom she can relied on.

        Regarding her weight, she needs to stop doing so many things at one time in my opinion. Just relax and stay in one place for some time.

  44. LoL says:

    Finally some truth about brangelina. Brad Pitt is a control freak and Angelina is starving because of it. Ick

  45. suzanne says:

    does it bother anyone else that 120 lbs is considered “shapely” for a woman that’s 5’4″-5’6″ (referring to jennifer aniston)?

  46. mymy says:

    It certainly appears to be true. With examples and all. Coincidence? Nope.We all have dated men like this. Some are worse than others. I always did what I wanted. But I am my own person and never wanted approval of minions of people. Actors and actresses are very insecure. They want recognition . And I can see how a partner might be able to get this out of you.

  47. Ginger says:

    Both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are around my height…I’m sorry 120 and 115 are NOT healthy weights for these heights!! That is already skeletal and he wants them to lose more??? WTF??!! When I drop below 130 I start to look too thin. It’s things like this report that make me disgusted and upset about the pressure that women are under to look “good”. Angelina was so curvy and beautiful and I found that attractive along with her perfect face. Now I find her to be way too skinny.

    • Janet says:

      I don’t know how tall you are but Aniston is said to be around 5-4. Jolie is said to be 5-7 or 5-8 but I don’t think she’s that tall. Brad Pitt is about 6 feet and when Jolie stands next to him wearing 4-inch stilettos she’s still an inch or two shorter than he is. I’d guess her height to be more like 5-6.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        Jen Aniston is 5’4″ tall, Juliette Lewis is 5’6″ tall, Angelina Jolie is 5’7″ tall, and Gwyneth Palthrow is 5’9″ tall.

        P.S. If Angie wore 4″ heels she’d still be 1″ shorter than Brad Pitt. And consider that ‘his’ dress shoes would have at least a 1″ heel as well, which would make her ’2″‘ shorter … like in the photo above.

    • layla says:

      Every persons body type and the way they carry weight is different.

      I am almost 5’8″ and weigh 120lb. I am slim, but athletic and very active. I have a healthy butt (thanks to playing sports) and curves. I am neither skeletal, nor unhealthy, nor anorexic.

      For me, and my body type (fast metabolism, healthy diet choices and active lifestyle) this IS a healthy and easily maintainable weight. I am not starving or counting calories or restricting intake.

      Whilst AJ does appear underweight, she also carries most of her weight in her mid section – so to cry “her skinny arms/legs” is kind of a moot point as we have NO IDEA what her actual height and weight is.

      BUT, to automatically assume that some one at 5’7/115lbs is unhealthy/skeletal/anorexic is perhaps, more correctly a sad statement of the times and culture we live in more that anything else.

    • Vesper says:

      @ Ginger – If only it were so easy. Muscle mass, bone structure, age (i.e. metabolism) and other variables must be taken into consideration when deciding ideal weight.

      Muscle weights more than fat, women with smaller bones (wrist bone is a good indication) tend to weigh less, metabolism slows down around 30-40 yrs. so a once lanky teenager/early 20′s women often weights more as she hits 30 yrs.

      I am just under 5’7″ and weigh 120 lbs. I eat pretty much what I want. I have never been on a diet. I am far from anorexic.

  48. foozy says:

    love this couple. wish the tabloids would leave them alone!

  49. Runs with Scissors says:

    Jolie is hardly the type of woman who would let a man pressure her into ANYTHING, lol.

    As many upthread said, Aniston never got too skinny (just more famous) and Goop is WAY thinner now than she ever was with Pitt.

    Jolie just got BUSY and focused in a way she never was before and went through many HUGE life changes.

    Her mother dying, having children, researching and committing herself to the UNHCR, writing and Directing her first film…

    …but yeah, Brad whispers that he likes a dress on someone thinner and Jolie goes to pieces and begins starving herself… sure, I’ll buy that

  50. pwal says:

    Can we get to brass tacks?

    Given that Brad Pitt has been in the public eye since the mid 80s, it seems unfair to compare the sizes of his girlfriends since there has been a shift in the HW ideal for females. In addition, how can you compare how these women looked with him without taking into account their ages and life circumstances when they were with him? The ages range from late teens through their 30s, and the ones who were in their 30s were living in times when scrutiny is much tougher, since their ages are being called into question.

    Robin Givens was thin before Pitt; she was more famous than Pitt during that time. Did she get thinner with him? I honestly don’t know, since the relationship didn’t last long and she was going through her divorce with Mike Tyson. And despite having kids, Robin is still pretty thin to this day.

    Juliette Lewis was thin before Pitt; she was more famous than Pitt during the time. Did she get thinner with him? I would say no, since they seemed like an oddball, unconventional couple who didn’t seem to seek out the spotlight. Juliette hasn’t had children, but she is still thin, despite touring with her band and doing films occasionally.

    Gwyneth Paltrow was thin before Pitt; she was an up and comer when she was with him; he was the more famous of the two. Did she get thinner with him? Maybe, but then again, she was anointed as a fashion ideal, of sorts, so maybe that informed her decision to monitor her weight. They broke up, just after she got a haircut similar to him – she dated men like Ben Affleck and Luke Wilson. When she won the Oscar for Shakespeare in Love, you could see her ribs and breastbone. This was several years after Pitt. She is thin now, after having babies, but she routinely endorses diets and cleanses, exercises a lot, and write newsletters focused on diet and lifestyle.

    Jennifer Aniston was thin before Pitt; she was well-known for her haircut and her figure was envied. Did she get thinner when she was with Pitt? Yes, but then again, Courtney Cox began to shrink too, and there was talk that Aniston and Cox were having a thin-off (meanwhile, Kudrow had a baby and didn’t seem to participate in the thin-off, since she wasn’t close to the two of them, although Aniston was demonstrating her desire to segue into film. While with Pitt, she was cited as some sort of fashion icon, mainly for casual, accessible style. Eventually, her more streamlined version of her body became an ideal, along with highlights, the Zone diets, incessant yoga, elliptical work outs. They broke up, she still hit the gym/yoga studios hard, until she hit her forties, and unclinched, slightly. She’s cited as an ideal because she seems softer, although people are hesitant to cite the softness as an inevitable consequence of being over forty.

    Angelina Jolie was thin before Pitt. She was even considered shapely, especially during and after the 8+ month training/eating regime associated with the Lara Croft movies. Did she get thinner with Pitt? Yes, but after an initial pregnancy, during and after her mother’s death. She put on weight for her second pregnancies with twins (and on another note, so did Pitt). After the babies’ birth, she lost the weight, and has fluctuated from being thin to really thin to painfully thin (by some), while continuing her acting career, doing her UNHCR missions, setting up additional charities geared towards children, adopting children, writing and directing films, and accompanying Brad to various film premieres and awards red carpets.

    I’m being very verbose, but unless each relationship was in a controlled vaccuum, with none of these women experiencing stress, whether personal or professional, having or not having children, or having to endure scrutiny, which has intensified with the help of gossip blogs and message boards, I don’t think that Brad Pitt is the sole reason why these women exercise (or not), lose weight (or not), color their hair (or not), or dress up (or not).

    • mln76 says:

      great comment well worth the read!!!

    • LoL says:

      Juliette was only 16 and apparently built the way brad likes em. Bleck.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Awesome post, Pawl. I totally agree. Look at movies from the 80s and even 90s-actresses were nowhere near as thin as they are now. Probably a case of societal standard re: weight changing. Also, I just don’t see Pitt as being the controlling type. Silly fake story.

    • Mari says:

      I could have not said it better. Great post.
      True on every example.
      Juliette Lewis said of BP kind or recently that he liked interesting ladies, referring to AJ. He likes them kind of unconventional, and if we are to find fault, all of them had had some kind of “issue” (hard not to, being all of them actresses).
      Juliette came from a scientology family who let her get adult resposibilities and attitudes maybe too young, Goopy, well, seems spolied and a princessy type who has her ego too, And even in interviews from a long time ago, she was under a strict macrobiotic diet, and sipping miso soup for days. JA,, well, coming from what her mother supposedly said about her not being beautiful enough, it is not surprising that she became obsessed with her body and her looks instead of improving her teathrical techniques.
      AJ also, like his ex, came from a brokempn marriage, and she had alredy divorced this controlling BBT guy. She was thin with him too, hey, she has ALWAYS been thin, except in padded Lara Croft. Whatever weight she loses it is very noticeable. A friend of mine is just like that, she struggles a lot to gain the weight and then she catches a cold or has a bad week and ahe lost it again, not to mention how always people even distant relatives, behind her back laugh at how she looks, at her tall, thin, body. I dislike so much this kind of bullying.

  51. Rosie says:

    Hollywood superstars buy into a certain ideal of beauty for themselves and their partners. Is it really that he is a bully? More likely, IMO, he’s just attracted to skinny women who monitor their weight obsessively along with everything else about their appearances! Simple.

  52. Me says:

    This would make sense if neither he, Jolie nor any of his ex’s were famous.

  53. CaramelKiss says:

    My Rule Of Thumb: If a particular activity occurs at least three times, that establishes a PATTERN. In this particular instance, the thinification of at least 4 ex-girlfriends cannot be written off as coincidence but distinctly determines that there are consistent tendencies. That is all.

    • Runs with Scissors says:

      “If a particular activity occurs at least three times, that establishes a PATTERN.”

      “The thinification of at least 4 ex-girlfriends cannot be written off as coincidence”

      Jeniffer Aniston has had at least three nose jobs.

      Jennifer Aniston ate chicken salad every day for ten years.

      Therefore chicken salad causes nose jobs.

      “That is all.”

  54. Mara says:

    Angelina is really thin but her face is unique i never saw such a beautiful face .

  55. Lea says:

    The obsession with this woman’s weight is ridiculous. As if women in Hollywood haven’t been very thin all this time. Some people are fat, some people are thin. WHO CARES. It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it. Why aren’t men subjected to this crap?

  56. TXCinderella says:

    I don’t have a difficult time believing this because my ex husband was like that. If I was larger than a size 5, he would make “suggestions” about my eating habits or working out. He was slick about it too. If we were running around all day, I would mention that I was getting hungry and he would say “Let’s stop at the grocery and get you a yogurt” or he’d make sure wherever we stopped to eat had a salad bar and he’d say “You gonna get a salad?”. After we divorced I looked back at that and realized his mind games and manipulation. I will never ever let a man tell me what I need to weigh ever again.

    • Janet says:

      No wonder he’s an ex. He sounds like a real piece of work. A guy I met online called me up and said he’d like to go out with me provided I was no bigger than a size 14. I told him actually I’m a size 6 but I don’t date guys who are obsessed about dress sizes and hung up on him.

  57. gennline says:

    Where were you lot when the tabloids were calling Brad Pitt fat when he had time off while AJ filmed SALT.Where were you when he said he doesn’t like exercising and only does it if he has to for a role.AJ has also stated that she finds the gym boring,prefers running.
    She has also stated that that she can lose weight in between film takes through nervous energy so has to eat between takes to maintain her weight,so she doesn’t look different from one take to the next.
    She did an interview while Brad was filming TOL and the journalist states that she ordered the whole menu. She often does interviews in restaurants.They both and as a family go out to eat a lot.Heck they were out having dinner when they got a call saying the NOTW was reporting that they had split up.Brad is a known foodie trying out restaurants where ever they are.
    AJ has stated that they are learning to cook TOGETHER.
    AJ is adrenalised,has also said that she cannot sit still even when on the phone.
    She has the body of a long distance runner.By the way the woman that can eat chocolate on the red carpet,which she did in Cannes,is not someone that worries about what she eats.People that dislike Pitt have for years run with the line that he likes skinny women,the tabloids are running out of stories and are now turning to the blogs for ideas.
    The man that people like to call stupid is more successful than ever.After years of AJ being excoriated by the press+tabloids maybe its Brad’s turn,it won’t last long,I’m sure they will be back to AJ before long.

  58. Ola says:

    Im an Brangelina Fan for years. I loved Brad and Angie long before they met and i never liked Brad with Jen but thats just my superficial opinion.

    I have to say that i always felt that these girls realy loose weight when they start to date him. I mean come on, he was a LEVIS Model in the 80´s and he is BRAD PITT HELLO???? You want to look the best you can and there comes a huge pressure along when you date the hottest Man on this planet, and woman always think that they are too fat and that we are at our best when we loose weight or feel skiny. I guess Jen lost weight because she knew Brad was way too pretty for her (her own words) and then came that huge attention from the media. Jen was never a woman being known for self-confidence. Even today being over 40, she seems to be unsecure. But with Justin it seems to change or at least gets better. I dont think that Brad wants them to be skinny its just that he was a Model and hes been called as the hottest man on earth for 3 decades now. You have competion ;-)

    I have a friend, shes dating a fashionmodel, hes superpretty and shes so unsecure and trys to loose weight, she has a great figure she doesnt need to loose weight.

  59. Jordan says:

    Angelina is definitely thinner than ever and it doesn’t look good on her. Juliette Lewis has never been fashionable but maybe that’s something he says in place of fatass. I don’t consider comments about a women’s weight necessarily ‘emotional abuse’ unless the man knows she has an eating disorder and doing it just to rip apart her confidence and control her. Otherwise, it’s just plain old douchebaggery.

  60. Paloma says:

    Aniston has been obsessed with her looks for years. It started before she met Pitt. Gwynnie is a fool with her detox colon cleansing.

  61. Paloma says:

    Original Tiffany, please give us the down and the low about MAMS:)).

    I think perhaps women get with Pitt, know that women throw themselves at him and then their insecurities flare ( everyone has them to some degree), thus start losing weight.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I did, middle of the thread. Of course got some flak for it, but I guess when you mess with celebs none of these people are ever going to meet, they get very upset about their idols. Someone wanted proof! Like I snuck into Brads jacket to have photos!
      Have fun with my yes, true bit of set life on MAMS.

  62. Janet says:

    The current issue of Hello! magazine has new photos of Angie visiting a refugee camp in Ecuador. She looks thin but not as thin as she was a month or so ago. She appeared to be relaxed and happy. She always looks much better on her UN missions than on the red carpet, IMO.

  63. mayamae says:

    I would argue that becoming involved with Brad Pitt thrust these women into the brightest spotlight they had ever encountered. This increased scrutiny would be incentive to be overly body conscious. Watch the first season of Friends – it’s shocking how much weight each woman lost as the show became a hit.

    Brad Pitt seems so laid back and high most of the time. That isn’t the type of personality to berate and hound someone into an unhealthy weight.

  64. Kim says:

    Jennifer got thinner long before Brad because she looked chunky on Friends and her mom always told her she needed to lose weight (this is one of the reasons she is estranged from her mom) Gwenyth is skinnier now than she has ever been so Im not buying this story. Angelina on the other hand was a much healthier weight when her & Brad first met but i think its her type A/have to be the best in Hollywood personality why she is so thin now not because Brad wants her to be.

    • cameron says:

      Angie is practically the same weight she always been. What i notice is when she’s wearing a dress right below the knees she looks heavier because she has bony knees. She also looks skinny in pants. She’s tanned in earlier photos which gives an appearance of a healthy glow.
      Here are photos to prove my point.


    • Vesper says:

      I read that at the beginning of her career Jennifer’s manager suggested she lose weight. Apparently, she was getting chunky. She admitted to sitting around alot and eating bread and mayonaise.

      Jennifer is, and always has been, a very vain girl. She admitted to once keeping a tiny pair of scissors in her car’s glove compartment so she could snip off the split ends as they were noticed.

      It only follows that such a vain girl would eventually change her focus from split ends to weight loss, regardless of who she dated.

      She is estranged from her mother because her mother wrote a book on Jennifer and her friends. It was published when she was on Friends.

  65. palermo says:

    I remember seeing on another site that Brad is the one who changes when he is with a woman, he always dyes his hair to match theirs. It was hilarious to see all the photos and it was true

  66. Emma - the JP lover says:

    I really think the question to ask is whether the women in question–Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Palthrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie–weigh substantially more ‘now’ than they did before or during their relationships with Brad Pitt. Do they?

    No. I defy anyone to find a photo of Angelina Jolie (outside of the two “Tomb Raider” films) where she was anything accept super thin. The same challenge goes for Gwyneth Palthrow and Juliette Lewis.

    In fact, if it weren’t for Jennifer Aniston, who is shorter than the other ladies (who are 5’6″ to 5’9″), wouldn’t the question simply be whether Brad Pitt had a thing for tall, thin women?

    • zut alors! says:

      I took your dare and found pictures of a healthy Angelina. She does not look at all frail and sickly as she constantly does now. The one thing I found they all had in common; they were all pre Brad Pitt.
      Now tell me again how Angie’s always been super thin outside of the TR movies. Ball’s in your court now…..







      • wow says:

        Those pictures make me sad. It’s obvious she’s not taking care of herself anymore.

        Also on an unrelated note; her makeup, hair, and clothes used to be on point. What happened to her sense of style?

      • lu says:

        Where are those veins in her arms that everyone says she has always had. It was normal my mom and me have noticeable veins too as she does in those pics, but nothing compared to how her arms look like now. I like her but I really dont care much about her and her weight, it just cmon people there is really a difference dont deny it.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Her face looks fuller, but she was much younger then, her body looks about the same as the above pics.

      • KLO says:

        thanks for the pics. Reminds me of why people even considered Angelina beautiful in the first place. The last movie she looked good in was Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
        I saw the Tourist and in it she looked like a praying mantis. In one shot her forearm was so thin that I gasped in horror. (bones showing through skin, no fatty tissue.) And her head looked like a skull wearing heavy make up.
        A 10 pound weight gain would make all of this go away.

      • Mari says:

        Her veins popped a lot when she was pregnant with Shiloh. They probably did not go back to their regular size.
        Some seem to forget that she has had ups and downs with her weight too, due to other causes. First she got pregnant and breastfed. For some women that alone helps shed weight rapidly. Then, her mother worsened and died. That is the worst that could hapenned to her. She has still cried in interviews, and she has probably had the hardest time trying to get to terms with it, and even has probably struggled with not falling in depression again. Probably raising her children have helped her with this. No wonder she got so thin after her mother died.
        Then she got pregnant agan at her thinnest (during the filming of Changeling) I do not see her thinner now than when she filmed that movie.
        She looked great and now she is back to thin. She could make an effort tp gain the weight if she sat still and ate like a lot more, but she is naturally thinand probably having children has made her body this way too.
        One more thing even if she has large knees and shoulders and big hands and feet, I hardly ever have noticed bones in her chest or back. Now Kate Bosworth or Vicky Beckham on the other hand.
        Her thin arms and legs are what are alarming everyone.

      • sup says:

        wow she was so good looking! i forgot how beautiful angelina used to be when at a healthier weight. especially when her knuckles, arm veins and facial bones didn’t show as much. r.i.p. her hot body

      • Jaxx says:

        Ye gods! She was so much prettier in the photos you gathered. One of the posters earlier said that she doesn’t like how thin her arms and legs are now but that she is now fighting that waistline spread that comes naturally as you approach 40.

        I think that is true–all the photos you showed gave her some more flesh on her limbs but you can already see her torso thickening. She never did have much of a waist as it was. I can see her trying to combat a thick torso at the expense of too skinny limbs.

        Age comes to us all.

    • Music says:

      Not to start a debate but their is a big diffrence in being thin, and lookly anorexic. Jolie with Billy Bob and after the divorce had a nice thin figure. She no longer does, and hasn’t in YEARS. The only time she has had any weight on was when she was pregnant.

      Yes, I know she gained weight for “Tomb Raider” so that wasn’t her normal shape, but look how small she is just from 2004/05? in Mr/Mrs Smith she looked HEALTHY and beautiful. Her face wasn’t gaut she didn’t look like she starves herself all the time like she does now.

      Is BP the cause? Who knows but you can tell that her body changed after being with him. Same with Aniston look at S5-7 of Friends, and how she lost her curvy figure? Her weight change was very severe and that was when she and Pitt first got together/married.

  67. 6 says:

    What I find funny, wether he has a hand in their thinness or not, is that they have weights for all of these women. Exact weights. No one would know my weight unless I told them or they were stalking my medical records. And, you can be sure none of these women called the Enquirer to discuss their fluctuating wight issues. BS as usual. Funny though.

    • lower-case deb says:

      haven’t you figured it by now? they are all psychics.
      how else can they know stuff? let’s not talk about weights, they even know about supposedly secret meetings (how is it secret if people know about it?)
      they know about people’s thoughts even before said person even thought about it!

      we are all living in the matrix :)

  68. Amanda_M87 says:

    Ew, why does he like anorexics? Someday, when his three daugthers get older, he’ll probably be telling the to lose weight too.

  69. riri says:

    I think the one thing that he found in common with all of his ladies is that they all are so consumed by how they look and make a lot of effort to look good.

    All his ladies seem to be very much into their weight, hair, clothes and what they eat, and exercise and the color of their skin (the only exception to this is Angelina that in the past 2 years had no problem to stop tanning to take care of her skin).

    They do all seem to have lost a lot of weight once they got together with him.

    I find it sad, as I was hoping they were all strong and independent women. Especially Angelina, who was not a young woman like say Gweneth when she met him and I was hoping she would be stronger and wouldn’t fall into the same pattern.

  70. Twez says:

    Somewhere Gwyneth is shitting a macrobiotic brick at being described as 120 pounds.

  71. Meanchick says:

    He dated Robin Givns and she she didn’t lose weight, she was and is very thin/petite anyway.

  72. C.Lynn says:

    All of George Clooney’s girlfriends lose weight when they date him, too. I don’t think Brad and George pressure their women to be thin, though. I think whenever you date one of these two, you’re suddenly thrust into a massive, media spotlight where the whole world suddenly dissects your body and judges whether you’re “good enough” for Brad or George. I think the scrutiny and pressure from the spotlight these men live in, gets to their female partners and they start to fret over every pound, wrinkle, and strand of hair out of place.

  73. shannon says:

    It’s possible. My second husband liked skinny chicks, and he would get mad at me for things like eating cereal before I went to bed, he’d count my calories FOR me (in a notebook) and told me as much as he’d like me to quit smoking, he was afraid I’d gain weight. I weighed about 105 lbs at the time, at 5’2″.

    After we split up, I made a huge deal about how I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Then I just went back to normal … but still I hear his voice in my head sometimes going, “You’re going to eat that?” Otherwise, he was a good guy and a good stepfather, but man did it take a toll on my self-esteem. I seriously haven’t gone outside in a bathing suit in the past 7 years.

    And there’s my therapy session for the day :P

  74. Bird says:

    The proof is in the pudding. No doubt he likes them rail thin and somehow lets them know. And regarding Tiffany’s comments (thanks for sharing your insider info!), perhaps he was avoiding his wife because he was cheating on her and this was making her understandably suspicious and yes, neurotic. His behavior says more about him than it does about her.

  75. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Wait, Brad is a man NOW with his testicles and not a crybaby, but a bully? The horror.

    Whoever said they were cheating and having an affair would be absolutely WRONG.

    My “friend” in the biz says this story is complete bullocks. Brad was spending time with him daily during Mr. and Mrs. Smith and told him that he never touched Angie outside of filming. He was completely sober and serious. My “friend” also said Brad likes his woman in every shape and size and would never put pressure on his lady loves. He said Brad is a really nice guy whose marriage ended and Angie came with her own mind and knows hand, fork, food and mouth coordination. Then the SHOCKER, my “friend” woke up and put down the tabloid and logged off of this thread on CB. Realizing, he has too many “friends” here that repeat his fanfiction as truths and too many believers of his falsehoods. That funny “friend” of ours.

    Any sane people on board who has any belief that these two people met, fell in love, have kids and are making it work with nothing underhanded or sorted about them? That would be a fantastic group of readers to chat with. Why this couple arise so much doubt and suspicion behind a failed marriage is unreal. Marraiges end as Brad’s did for many reasons, some have nothing to do with cheating. If not, than I am a group of 1 and I can live with that.

    BTW, this is not a sermon, but a decent convo.

    • cameron says:

      You’re in a group of two. I too believe a marriage can end without cheating being involved. My first one did. We just didn’t really have anything in common and grew apart. We both realized it was a mistake.

    • Music says:

      LMAO. What does your post have to do with Brad liking his women thin? His affair or non affair with Jolie has nothing to do with it.

      We are discussing how their bodies have CHANGED since being with him, and not in a good way. I dont care if he was screwing AJ on the set/hotel/bathroom of Mr/Mrs Smith every day, it dosen’t change the fact that she looks like she hasn’t eaten in 6 months.

      I don’t think Pitt is a bully, however he still can make a input on his women’s weight.

      If it was JUST AJ’s this thread wouldn’t have a case, but since people are also discussing Jolie, Paltrow AND Aniston weight change it seems where there is smoke…………

  76. Music says:

    There can be some truth here. Me and My best friend used to joke all the time, how Jen Aniston turned a nice healthy body into a “little boys frame” AFTER she hooked up with Pitt. Sorry, but the person that said she lost a lot of weight after the first 2 seasons of Friends, is full of it.

    Her weight DRASTICALLY changed around the 5th-7th season of the show, and that was when she and Brad first got together, then engaged. Also you see as soon as they divorced her body is much healthier.

    Jolie weight has dropped after “Mr and Mrs Smith” opened. It might be a concidence but I don’t think so.

    Pitt probably prefers really thin women.

    • cameron says:

      Here are photos of pre-brad and she’s still skinny. And to say that Paltrow wasn’t skinny before she met Brad that’s a joke. Because that’s what I remember the most about her..She was this tall, skinny ,gangly young girl when she played opposite her mother in a TV movie. She didn’t gain weight until she had children.


      • Music says:

        Where did I mention Gwenyth? I said Jennifer! Now show me where Aniston was as thin before Pitt, as she was after they hooked up? She wasn’t. Are Jolie? AJ was never a curvy woman so nobody is disputing that she has always been thin, but she has NEVER EVER looked as emancipated as she does now.

        If it was all the lights/camera/action stuff that is/was making Jen/Jolie change than how come they didn’t look this way before Brad, or After? Jennifer body is much healthier and better looking POST Pitt. Her fame hasn’t gone away.

        He isnt forcing these women to do this, I mean how can he? But I bet he likes it, makes comments, shows appreciation for it. What if Bragenlina break up and Angie puts on 25 pounds and looks how she used to look? Will it prove Brad had a input on her weight? Never mind some of you will claim she did it because of “depression”. Ick.

      • cameron says:

        You would have to be blind to see that Angie was never 25lbs heavier before Brad. The photo in the white pants suit is from 2001. I doubt that she would gain 25lbs if she and Brad were to break up because she is a woman on the go. You gain weight when you’re not active..
        Angie appears thinner in some photos based on what she’s wearing. I remember just last year everyone was commented on how thin she was when she and kids first arrived at the airport visiting Brad in NOLA. The next day she wore a skirt and sweater and everyone thought she was pregnant.
        Thinnest she’s ever been is when her mother died. But to go so far as say this woman looks emaciating that’s stretching it a bit. She doesn’t. I suppose once she’s lightened her schedule and the children are older, she may gain some weight.

  77. KLO says:

    I think it’s both his douchiness (back-handed compliments with a smile on his face etc) and the fact that you do get uber weight-conscious when you’re dating someone as “desired” as Pitt and there are throngs of women constantly throwing themselves at him.

    I for example don’t get his tremendous appeal, there are a ton of better looking /sexier /more appealing guys than him. But that’s just me.

    One more thing – all of his exes always say what a good person he is. Well, if someone’s emotionally abusive they always seem to have a way of proving how they are so so good and you are worthless and thus, worthy of the shitty treatment they give you. So I don’t think it says much.
    And isn’t it clear that how someone behaves with total strangers is no indication of how they treat their spouse? There are so many men who are nice to “everyone” but treat their wives like crap. The same goes for women.

  78. gennline says:

    AJ does run,she talked about getting back to running after the twins were born,and that she found it difficult at first.Also it was she who said that when she began Salt she found it hard but it got easier as time went on.She also ran in school.All runners don’t look alike,if you look at people who run marathons they never look the fittest people in the world yet can run for miles.She also talked about her skinny arms as a teenager,saying that when she took boxing lessons she only used punchbags and did not get into the ring because of her skinny arms.She is not going to look the same as she did in her 20s,she has a much busier life style with a great deal of resposibility.She probably has very little time for herself.
    Also to the person stating that AJ&BP started an affair 3 weeks into filming -BIG LIE -from you or your friend.You can state the exact time the affair started but can’t even say what job the person did. If there was any proof at all that they had an affair it would long ago had been made public,because it would have been a huge pay day for someone.In these days of economic hardship and when people will sell their souls for very little.
    Also if there was proof of an affair don’t you think JA and her PR would have used it instead of silly phrases like ‘uncool’and having to go the passive aggressive route or having someone like Chelsea Handler do your dirty work.She could have destroyed both AJ+BP instantly.
    Many of you on here don’t like Brad Pitt because of the way he left his marriage,guess what, how he lives his life is not up to you.His wins and losses are his own.AJ+BP are living their lives and doing what they want to do.Get your own life.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Um, I didn’t say anything started three weeks in. Can you read for comprehension?
      I like Brad, not a big Jen fan. Actually don’t care, as I won’t be hanging out with them anytime soon.
      Affairs by big stars have happened and been covered for years.
      I didn’t state the exact time the affair started and I will not give out my friends name or job as I would like them to keep it, duh.
      Again, I’m a regular poster and I give out my real stories when it is safe and everyone I know is protected.

      • Dede says:

        dont listen to them Tiff I believe you girl..brandge fans just dont want to admit that an affair DID take place…when you say full-blown affair do you mean they were being intimate for months? also Angelina didnt mind getting it on with a married man? wow, doesnt matter how neurotic Jen was, no excuse to cheat

      • LAK says:

        @Originaltiffany – Hi from London. How is cali? Listen, ignore people criticising you about your BP story. Fact is people would rather hear the tabloid version of the truth than the truth and if you do tell the truth then they you must either be a liar or fantasicist, or they can’t believe that someone can have real information.. I know stories about BP on the TROY set because parts of it were filmed in London, so when the separation was announced, before la jolie was really talked about, I was not surprised in the least. What you say, regarding his attitude to Jen was every evident even then.

      • gennline says:

        Please stop lying about people you don’t know.Why would they wait until filming started to have an affair – where there would be loads of people on the set,when they spent time prior to the film starting doing all kinds of training together.Also your very good friend who knows so much only told you this recently,when this story has been dicussed for the last eight years.Was he/she incommudicado for much of those years.I hope you get a taste of your own medicine and someone spreads untrue gossip about you on the internet.I hope the day is coming closer when people like you can be sued for what you write on internet blogs.

      • guest says:

        She didn’t provide any new information.
        Just a rehash of what the tabs said 8 years old verbatim.
        And does it make a difference at this point. No one associates Brad with JA anymore.
        Even the tabs have moved on with a new triangle JA, JTX and Heidi.

        When the engagement was announced there was a poll… 22% thought the JP’s were already married and another 38% said about time.

        So now we have someone on this thread talking about some ancient shite. You would think now the children are getting older they would give it a break.

      • Vesper says:

        @ gennline,

        I’ve seen many of The Original Tiffany’s comments on different threads, and on every comment that I’ve seen, she typically gives her personal opinion and moves on. So, perhaps u shouldn’t be so quick to label someone a liar, based on one comment that u read.

        This is a gossip site after all. Nothing can be verified. Nobody knows the truth except for the “celebrities” in question, and that includes you.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        BTW, if YOU read and commented regularly, you would know that yep, I have been incommunicado for over three years since I am on a world tour. We happen to be local right now and are catching up with our friends.
        Why do you all care so much? most will never meet these people face to face.
        I get to meet and know a lot of them. Again, I would NEVER put my husband’s job in danger or any of our friends. My hubby has worked in film and music for 30 years.
        Geesh, we know people, so what? I don’t even give you guys half the salacious crap I know.

        As for the last post and some others, I don’t know. I pretty much spilled everything I know. I’m happy to share when I have stuff to do so.

        You all know my Xtina stories, but c’mon, you are not going to give explicit facts and people’s names or occupations. Really?

        I know most of you who see me here everyday realize these things. Not that difficult to figure out.

        Cali Is great @LAK! Loving it, but Boston by June 7th!

    • Rhea says:

      Relax, everybody. I am a fan of Angie not so much with Brad. While it’s nice to hear an insider scoop, I do not know TheOriginalTiffany personally, so I can not be sure also her story was 100% true. That’s precisely why I’m not gonna attack her also. Who knows if it might be the truth or half truth or lies at all.

      This is only a discussion in the internet. No need to get so worked up. Sure, we get to bitching the celebs but no need to get mean spirited with each other when leaving a comments.

      I see that the Jolie-Pitt surprisingly make a great couple. I see that La Jolie getting skinnier but for reason she just couldn’t sit back and relax in one place without moving around plus having too much in her plate at one time.

      I do not know if they had an affair at MAMS, for I was not there. If they did, in an ideal world, Pitt supposed to wait until the divorce became final. But sometimes reality is not simply black and white. Could be they agreed staying together (when mentally they were both over it) only until a certain time, because their management asking for that until some movie promo was over, or whatever.

      In short, I believe with what I see by my own eyes. Take TheOriginalTiffany story just for fun/side note story, girls. Either it’s a real scoop or not, for we all do not know her personally. No need to get so worked up.

  79. jilly says:

    Pitt clearly prefers his women rail-thin. I have long thought that. But I don’t think he turns them into boys — just anorexics who look good on camera. He’s a movie star and he clearly requires that his women look just right. And he gets what he wants.

    • LoL says:

      That was during her depressed years. Comparing her to when she was on drugs and depressed says a lot about how she looks now. Here she is at healthier times



      Omg her arms aren’t showing veins.


      • zut alors! says:

        There are none so blind as those who will not see. It’s pretty evident that along with the weight loss, Angelina also lost the vitality she once had. Yes, she has more kids and responsibilities now, BUT, she also has more resources than most available to her. I can’t understand why looking haggard is now the norm for her.
        I think the thing that bothers me most about the Angelina of today is she seems tightly wound and ill at ease all the time. As another poster stated in a previous thread, it’s as though someone let all the air out of her leaving her limp and lifeless; a shadow of her former self.

        I recently re-watched some of her past interviews on The Daily Show, Ellen, The Tonight Show and Inside The Actors Studio…where did that person go?! She no longer has the confidence she once had which is a shame.

      • Mari says:

        Veins are not showing in the top pic either. Neither in the red jenny pacham dress and quite a few recent others.

      • lisa says:

        @zut alors.

        I don’t think you are seeing all her interviews.. But if she is not as open and carefree as she once was can you blame her? Look at the way everything she says is twisted and turned into something negative. I have read several comments here about things Angie is suppose to have said that are not things she actually said but tabloid lies.

        I find she and Brad are both more cautious and guarded. There was a time that Angie’s words were only taken out of context. But now Brad gets it too. They can say something and it becomes a headline. Angie hates Thanksgiving.. REALLY.. so if she doesn’t open up like she once did a long time ago.. I don’t blame her. Take a look at this site and its archives. You will see loads of attacks about things she has said and how they attacked and turned into something.. but if said by anyone else NOTHING would have been made of it.

        She and Brad have way better interviews when they are overseas. She is funny and open. It is the American press and gossip shows that have made them both put up a walls.

        I don’t blame them at all. But I see that so many here want to once again find something to nag about their relationship. Brad didn’t make Angie skinny.. any more then she made him grow out his hair. He obviously loves her no matter what and she him.

        She has been heavier and thinner. She herself has said she has to work so hard to gain weight.

  80. Paige says:

    I think Brad has nothing to do with her being so thin. Angelina was the heaviest when she filmed those tomb raider movies and that was because they worked her to death. She even said out her mouth while promoting Salt that she doesn’t have time for that now. She has always had thin arms and legs. The only difference was her hips and chest. She was much fuller in those areas during mr. and mrs. smith but her arms have always been thin as rails. Have any of you seen Girl, interrupted she was the same size then as she is now. Angelina believes that she is superwoman. Some of you seem to forget she didn’t have five extra kids, traveling the globe nonstop, writing and directing a film, and plus she is still doing tons of charity work with and before Brad. This woman is overworking herself. She seems to be a workacholic and is always moving around. I believe that is way she is so thin and will always be thin. How can any person with logical sense would believe the National Enqurier. Yes she does need to gain about 10 to 20 lbs but that is her business and no one else. The haters will always find something wrong with her. If she gained weight it will always be something else about her to fuss about.

    • what? says:

      If she’s the same size now as she was in Girl, interruped , then that’s not exactly a good thing. When she was filming that movie, she was going through depression, most likely still self harming (cutting), and experimenting with drugs. So if she looks the same now as a mother of 6 as she did when she made that movie, that’s a huge cause for concern.

      That’s why so many people are alarmed by her frail appearance. If she’s in a happy space, why does she look like she once did when she was at her lowest?

      Why not compare her to when she actually did look at healthy? Look at her appearance and interviews when she with Billy Bob and after she adopted her son. Then compare her to her appearance. She’s doesn’t look the same. As someone else said in this post, she used to be full of life and carry herself with confidence. Now she appears rigid and detached.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      She was also rail thin in “Life or Something Like It” (2002). “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” was on last night. I noticed Angie’s thin arms and legs and her veins.

  81. lower-case deb says:

    I floated this article to my friends. Aside from all the theorizing very similar to what other people’s been doing for 250+ posts, this is what one of them say:
    “No wonder Brad is McSquinty nowadays. He’s got to squint to see Jolie from sideon.”

    anyway, nannies or no army of helpers, I doubt I’ll be able to eat much if I have 1 famous husband, 6 kids, a job (all of her jobs amalgamated into one big one), and an army of staff to keep at bay (yes, the kids and the houses and various holdings have people to look after them, but someone’s got to look into these people too). instant neuroses+anxiety.

    I don’t think I can’ even.

  82. Kimbob says:

    I have no “hard evidence,” but I think this story has some merit, & I’ve always suspected this, too.

    I did hear, many years ago that Jenn Anniston said when she & Pitt were dating that they had alot to talk about & alot in common. She also said they each spoke to each other about being actors/celebrities in H-wood & they commiserated about how it was so hard to stay thin. They shared w/each other that it was hard/challenging & that they “related to each other” on this topic.

    Unfortunately, I do think there is some truth and merit to this story. Before Angelina met Brad, she WAS heavier & more healthy looking. When she was married to Billy Bob, they LOVED to eat & once gave an interview & the interviewer remarked about how they’d go to the fridge and eat cold cuts of meat just plain. Apparently they enjoyed cold cuts and they both told the interviewer how they loved to just hang around their pad, slouching out & doing/eating whatever & whenever they wanted. They were in the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship.

    Angelina was “heavier” when w/Billy Bob & did not become emaciated looking until Brad. She became especially thin when her Mom was sick & consequently died & she said her weight loss was due to her grieving…& I believe that somewhat, but not totally.

    Usually the truth about things is not so black/white, simple & clear-cut. Unfortunately I do believe this somewhat & I suspect Brad conveys how he feels about weight INDIRECTLY. I’m not “blaming” him & trying to villify him, but, to me, it is what it is, & actual appearances/someone’s weight or weight loss cannot be hidden. I also think Brad is more fickle/superflous than he comes across. I think he does place a high value on appearances, although he does not try to admit this & tries to come across as someone who is more “worldly/self-actualized.” But to me, it’s not authentic.

    However, I do feel since he’s been w/Angelina, she has influenced him and broadened his horizons, which is good.

    • yep says:

      “I also think Brad is more fickle/superflous than he comes across. I think he does place a high value on appearances, although he does not try to admit this & tries to come across as someone who is more “worldly/self-actualized.” But to me, it’s not authentic.”

      Agreed, I’m not buying the intellectual, thoughtful, self actualized image Brad tries to sell. This story seems like it has some truth to it, especially since it hints at some other things about Brad’s controlling/insecure nature that have crossed my mind over the years. I think he has some deep seated insecurity issues and that’s why he goes for women that share that quality with him. It seems he uses their insecure and emotional nature to his advantage to manipulate them to stay in control. I think he’s not being honest with himself, that’s why his interviews have a ring of hollowness.

  83. Candy Sandy says:

    Psychologist use to say the following and that reflects /sums up some of the comments:

    An addict will always choose another addict for a relationship.
    The most common combination is:
    drug addict having a relationship with an eating disorder addict.
    So that one addiction feeds the other: and both, the couple are trying to control each other.
    And the more pressure comes(vice versa): guess what mainly women control the best/most: their body….their weight…..
    The whole thing is about addiction and (loosing or having) the control…

    Since BP seams week: nobody will ever get the full control….just both creating a toxic atmosphere for their kids: becoming the next generation of addicts with massive disorders……

  84. dj says:

    When Brad Pitt is at any kind of personal appearance, or movie premiere (televised) women are screaming their heads off. Matt Damon and Clooney have said the same thing many times too. Put yourself in the woman’s shoes/partner’s shoes it would certainly make you think about your own appearance more. So that is a likely correlation but not CAUSAL effect.

  85. Music says:

    I get that women are after Brad, but that still dosen’t explain why Jolie is starving herself. It dosen’t make her look better, it makes her look worse. UNLESS that indirectly Brad encourages it or likes her that small.

    Jolie was NEVER this thin prior to BP. She was healthy looking with Thornton, and AFTER him. It wasn’t until she got with Pitt that her weight changed in a horrid way.

    Same with Aniston. Brad trys to act like he is a intellectual and all about the “inside” but come on. If Jolie was the same person, but weighing 200 wearing a size 14 I bet he would have dropped her a long time ago. He has a type, and want he wants them to look like.

  86. ichsi says:

    i’m not sure about this article… Not that i doubt Brad being a douche it’s the bit about Gwyn looking healthy… *cough*

  87. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    If this were true, you’d think he would have subtly hinted at her assy clothing choices too, he is a stylish guy after all.

  88. lower-case deb says:

    all being said and done, i just hope he doesn’t thin troll his mam as well. if he does. i hope his dad smacks him a good one. or maybe that’s why they (the JPs) travel far away from the nest a lot :)

    but if that’s true that brad is thin-trolling AJ, i hope someone will come out from the family to intervene. i don’t know if John Voight will, because i have the feeling he doesn’t want to jeopardize the status quo at the moment (he just got reconciled with his daughther and everything, and i get the feeling that he’s always rechecking himself during interviews that involves his daughter).
    but i sure think that the older Pitts can intervene and may have a strong voice if they want to, if not for their Daughter-in-Law’s sake, then for their Grandchildren’s sake.

  89. guest says:

    Brad Pitt doesn’t have a particular type. This man has dated Black women; Robin Givens, Sinita, Thandie Newton..Short women; JA, Jill Schoelen and Thin/tall women; Julliette Lewis, Angie and Paltrow.
    There was also a rumor he dated Geena Davis..Big and Tall.
    If you want to talk about someone dating a certain type of woman. It’s Leo DiCaprio who dates only models. For the exception of Blake Lively however she’s tall and thin like a model.

  90. proth says:

    of course- he has ALWAYS been about the aesthetic. Whether it’s in his films, his architecture-ing or his women.

    And orginalTiffany – interesting gossip. We’ve heard conjecture for what happened, but I think your story along with that producer’s book which is consistent with your story is closer to the truth. And also tells us how manipulative pitt was with the press on this. His June 2005 GQ interview with all the ‘my Jen’ and crap when reading your gossip, doesn’t have one note of sincerity in it. This interview btw also predates Jen’s VF interview, so yeah Pitt’s the one who talked about the divorce FIRST.

    In retrospect, I think out of all the interviews, Aniston’s VF interview sounds the most honest and I’ll take that kind of honesty than the BS that Pitt and even Jolie kept going on about in their interviews subsequent to the affairs.

    Oh and, one thing I disagree with you is that Brad had reason to leave because of Jen’s ‘neurosis’. No one believed Jesse James with the way he talked about Bullock, but for some reason we think Jen was the problem in this marriage? Please – sounds like Pitt was an insensitive douche and that is no walk in the park for the partner, good looking or not. I’m surprised Aniston didn’t go for the jugular after the passive aggressive behaviour and narrative that came out post split…

    Ugh – what a coward, AND he hid behind his women who took all the mud slinging. ick.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      BTW, I didn’t say she was neurotic, the source said those exact words. He didn’t want to go home to her because of that, nagging, and he couldn’t wait to leave.
      Not my words. I trust the words, but not mine.

      I did not interject ANY of my own feeling other than saying the story didn’t make me like JA anymore either.

  91. Vesper says:

    This story is BS.

    Juliette, Gwyneth and Jennifer all maintained a healthy weight while they were dating Brad. They are all, more or less, naturally thin

    I don’t think it is a valid argument to compare what their weight was then to now. Juliette and Gwyneth, I believe, were both in their early 20′s when they dated Brad? How many years ago would that be – 15 to 20 years? As most of us know first hand, with age comes a slower metabolism, and it becomes more and more difficult to keep the same weight, especially after the age of 30+. I’m not surprised they have gained weight, especially Aniston who reportedly drinks drinks like a sponge.

    What I find more reasonable is that Gwyneth and Jennifer were both extremely insecure and may have put pressure on themselves to look thin, either for Brad, or for their career. Gwyneth, herself, admitted to being extremely needy at that time in her life. And, Jennifer, well, it’s pretty obvious how needy she is.

    As for Angelina she has a very strong personality and it seems unlikely that she is the kind of woman who would put up with a partner who compares her to his exes, or subtly tries to manipulate her to lose weight.

    Angelina’s weight has fluctuated throught her career. She is definitely too thin at the present time. However, there are many other reasons why she could have lost so much weight. Whatever that reason is, I doubt it has anything to do with who her partner is.

  92. sup says:

    @TheOriginalTiffany i’m not questioning your story at all, but one thing confuses me still. when the rumours of a pitt/jolie affair surfaced brad went back to jen for a while and they were photographed on the beach holding hands and kissing. brad was even wearing a “i love my wife” tee or something. after a short while brad left again and they finally announced the break up. since he was fully involved with la jolie and grew to hate jen anyway, why would he go back jen, even if for a little while? was it all for the show? make the break up seem uninvolved with jolie or something? were they both acting in the beach? lol spill please! and btw i’m so curious to hear about your sherly crow story! something about her has always bothered me…

  93. yara says:

    brad brad brad…im not usually fond of angy…but after reading this post…i kindoff am sorry for her! if this is true..and i think it is….brad is on the top of my list of jerks #guysyoushouldavoid!!!