Eliot Spitzer’s hooker: it’s the same as dating, except I can pay my rent

Disgraced former NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer’s call girl, 23 year old Ashley Alexandra Dupre, is doing the press rounds and has interviews with People and “20/20.” Dupre’s talk with Diane Sawyer will air on ABC Friday at 10pm. 20/20 bills it as the story of how an “upper middle-class, girl next door got into the profession and the psychological journey she continues to experience.”

Dupre reveals in her interview with People that she didn’t know who Spitzer was when she got paid for sleeping with him. She said he was polite but just wanted to do the deed and didn’t chit chat with her ahead of time.

She’s either trying to get her singing career off the ground, wants the public to see her as a normal person, or a little of both. Her statements are full of cliches about how she was just trying to make ends meet and how she doesn’t see how prostitution is any different than going on a date.

Her descent into tabloid mayhem began the night of Feb. 13, 2008, when Dupré – who had worked as a high-end escort to help pay the bills on and off since 2004 – met a client who turned out to be the Governor of New York.

Dupré claims she had no idea who the man was that night. What she does recall is that “Client 9,” as Spitzer was reportedly known at her escort service (which was shut down in March), “was polite.

“Some guys, they want to have conversations and really get to know each other. With him, it clearly was not like that. It was more of a transaction. Strictly business.”

Casually dressed and with no entourage in tow, Spitzer didn’t strike Dupré as someone important. Besides, “I was there for a purpose – not to wonder who [he] could be.”

FBI Steps In
In fact, she didn’t find out who he was until March when, just days after learning she was mixed up in some sort of FBI investigation, she saw the Spitzer apologizing on TV. “It was surreal,” Dupré says of seeing the client she had met a month before. “I felt like I was sinking.”

As for the former governor, “I think he’s been punished enough.” Asked what she might tell his wife, Silda, who stood at Spitzer’s side when he announced his resignation, Dupré offers, “I’m sorry for your pain.”

In the interview, Dupré also opens up about her troubled past – running away at age 17 into a non-stop life of drinking and partying – and how a girl from the suburbs could fathom becoming a prostitute: “This wasn’t any different than going on a date with someone you barely knew and hooking up with them,” she reasoned. “The only difference is I can pay my rent…

“I’m 23 years old,” she says. “I want to do music, to do fashion, to write books – there’s so many things.” One thing she won’t be doing: selling her body to make ends meet. “No,” she says. “Never again.”

[From People]

It’s crazy to think there’s no difference between dating and hooking up and having sex and getting paid for it. That’s incredibly warped reasoning, but I guess that’s what you might expect to hear from someone who did it for a living. It’s not like she wasn’t out of control before she became an escort. There are plenty of provocative photos of her floating around and she did make that Girls Gone Wild video when she maybe wasn’t even 18 yet.

This woman got her 15 minutes and she’s going to drag it out as long as possible. You can see the fascination with her, but she’s really no different from anyone else in that profession. I’m trying not to judge here and realize that I have a lot of preconceived notions about prostitution that maybe aren’t fair. It’s the world’s oldest profession and there’s a stigma attached to it for a reason. That doesn’t mean that former prostitutes shouldn’t go on to other things in their lives, just that when they try and use the media to their advantage they’re going to be met with skepticism.

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  1. geronimo says:

    “You can see the fascination with her…”

    Sorry CB, not being rude, but where exactly can you see this?

    F*king Spitzer is her sole claim to fame and she’s not doing that anymore. I’m totally indifferent to her being a hooker – her life, her business etc – but she’s not an interesting or a funny or a clever hooker so really can’t see for the life of me what possible fascination she has for anyone?

  2. wow says:

    “I want to do fashion,music,write

    Get a clue, girl. And get a real job, go to school and work your way up. Oh, wait, you’re not gorgeous, you can’t sing, and I’m guessing you can’t write either. Looks like she’ll have to join the rest of the working class.

  3. Michelle says:

    Agreed G!
    Also, she really needs to quit the tanning! She almost has the RDJ in Tropic Thunder thing going on.

  4. ri23 says:

    She’s just a hooker with a weird sense of what dating is. Not interesting at all.

  5. cara says:

    Isn’t that what John’s or undercovers say to perspective hookers….”Want to have a date?”

    Girlfriend needs to ease up on the tanning though, other then that, I like her conservative dress and wish her the best.

  6. Shane says:

    I wish her the best. I really do. Due to gender based stigmas, he can probably move on eventually without as much hassle as she’ll get. Now she’s got stink on her name that’s harder to shake. But Vanessa Williams went on to succeed and overcame even worse stink on her name, so maybe she can pull it off. God bless her!

  7. rbsesq says:

    If she really didn’t see anything wrong with it, why would she so emphatically deny that she would never do it again?

  8. KDRockstar says:

    Meh. So, if she did it for free (cough-Monica Lewinski-achoo), it would be more interesting?

  9. sandy says:

    a bigger question than “how does a girl from the suburbs get into that profession?” is how do parents allow their 17 year old to run away and not get to the bottom of how she was able to pay rent for an apartment? and ironic that at 23 she is back home living with them.
    i doubt she is from upper middle class and doubt she was ever sorry for her customers wives’ pain.

  10. Holly says:

    I dont think we should be giving her any more attention. They should have never done this interview.

    BTW, she’s a liar. She’s being doing dates since the scandal broke…Page 6 caught her going into a nice hotel with a semi famous married man not too long ago. So if she’s “never going to do it again”, well then, she must have made that decision about…yesterday!

    Not to mention, with what she probably got paid for this interview, she probably doesn’t have to work anymore. Thanks 20/20 for enabling a do nothing hooker!

  11. elisha says:

    As a Libertarian, I believe your body is yours to do whatever you like with, as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Therefore, I think prostitution should be legal.

    However, I still don’t like this Ashlee Dupre. She should not get a free pass to a showbiz career simply because she made some bad decisions while on a partying binge.

    This situation reminds me of how the Duke Lacrosse accuser is writing a book right now.

  12. queenie says:

    To “the libertarian”: What harmless effect do you suppose prostitution has for the wives of the married men that use their “services”? My opinion is if men want to play, then they should play on their own time and not within boundaries of a committed relationship. Spitzer is a prick and what he put his wife and family through is selfish and unconscienable. Aside from the so-callled public humiliation, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t been rewarded with a cushy job somewhere for all his trouble and suffering. If it were women frequenting male prostitutes for their pleasure and entertainment, you can bet the men they are “committed” to would be crying and screaming a blue streak about it.

  13. miss_kitteh says:

    Tell yourself as many lies as you need to in order to sleep at night, sweetie, but you’re not fooling anybody. The money makes you feel better, but you can’t tell me you never have to let men you’re not attracted to paw all over your naked self and that’s just humiliating and degrading. :x

    She’s addicted to that easy money now, she won’t give it up for any legit job.

  14. carey says:

    If she truly believed that Mr. Spitzer has suffered enough, then why is she speaking up now? And…can you ever really suffer enough for betraying the trust of your family (and your state) in such a vulgar way?

  15. Syko says:

    I agree prostitution should be legal, but it isn’t, so that makes it different from dating. Among other things.

  16. Kaiser says:

    I *do* find her interesting. This kind of stuff is like modern-day Shakespearean tragedy: the powerful, arrogant governor; his beautiful, faithful wife; the young, sexy hooker.

    Seriously, the intersection of sex, politics, and money is always facinating (to me).

    And, personally, I don’t think Ashley should be villianized. If it wasn’t her, it would have been some other hooker – The Guv had a zipper problem that wasn’t going to stop.

  17. geronimo says:

    Kaiser – I get that, I really do, but she’s dull as ditchwater and not even remotely sexy imo. If she were one of those fabulously brazen, larger than life hookers, prepared to dish and take him down, brilliant, but she’s not! She’s just a dreary, sad dullard. 8O

  18. Kaiser says:

    G, yeah, I get it. I guess I find her interesting because of the situation. Besides that, I would really like to know all about the sex stuff – which of course, Miss Priss Diane Sawyer won’t ask her. Aren’t you even vaguely interested in knowing what Spitz was like in bed? Or are you not a pervert like me? :oops: 8O

  19. KDRockstar says:

    I’m with you, Kaiser. Give us the pervy details! What kind of hooker are you?

  20. geronimo says:

    Oh sure I’d be interested if she dished, but she won’t, will she? She’s obviously trying to distance herself from it all here by whining on about wanting a career in whateverthehell it was she said she wanted a career in. And, she sounds far too dumb to give a decent account of it anyway. I like my scorned hookers to come with scandalously detailed descriptions, pics, diagrams, flowcharts and all guns blazing!

  21. Kaiser says:

    Exactly, KD. Sawyer will fail as an interviewer if she doesn’t ask a question involving the words “butt sex”.

  22. devilgirl says:

    I love how all of these nobodies achieve fame through illicit means, then get to benefit from it financially. I also enjoy that all of them want to be singers, actors, fashion designers etc… Based on what? The fact that she spread her legs apart for money? That makes her capable of other talents?

  23. MaiGirl says:

    Besides the depravity and salaciousness of this story, which makes anyone involved interesting in my book, I am always interested in knowing how someone gets into prostitution if they aren’t strung out on some drug. Besides p0rn, I can’t think of a worse profession, personally.

    I do think it should be legal, not because I agree with it, since I totally don’t, but so that it can be regulated to protect the women. It isn’t going anywhere, so I figure we can at least keep everyone safe.

  24. drm says:

    I will never understand the puritanical freak out about prostitution. Let me re-phrase that, I understand, particularly from a sociological and religious perspective but not from an individual perspective :) Here in New Zealand its legal, no one bats an eye.
    Everyone has to get tested, use condoms etc. Quite frankly I’d rather my husband went to a sex worker than had an affair if he was going to do one or the other…

  25. Ron says:

    I always love the argument that prostitution destroys marriages. If the marriage is sound, the man doesn’t need a hooker. The prostitute has nothing to do with the reasons that a man or woman is looking for something else.

    And Ashley sweetie, the Church Lady called, she wants her dress back.

  26. Shane says:

    Interesting about New Zealand having legal prostitution! The USA does too, in Nevada, as most of us know.

    One little itsy bitsy thing about this crock known as “safe sex”.

    Who here has had a condom break, raise your hand?

    “Safe sex” with a condom is just one big lie really. One break and ooppps, you now have whatever he has…..

    Not as true for the guy catching what the girl has, a bit harder in the actual transmission due to the mechanics of it…but it does happen. Think of Magic Johnson, he finally caught AIDS from a woman, but he had to sleep, unprotected, with thousands before it actually happened. Much easier for the guy to give it to the girl (prostitute). So my point it, the prostitutes might be safe from getting their throats slashed and dumped in a ravine if the govenment regulates it, they aren’t really much safer from catching AIDS.

  27. Ter says:

    I’m on the fence about legalization. I understand that it would regulate the “workers” and give them medical and physical protection and by doing that it would further protect the customers, but I also think that the underlying issue in this industry is that women/men who do this usually have been abused early in life and go on to use their body in this way to further hurt themselves because they often feel without worth or they are trying to alleviate or numb the pain from being betrayed by adults in their life. It’s my opinion that it is the few who choose this kind of work because they love sex. Am I totally off the mark here?

  28. MaiGirl says:

    I agree, Ter. The only reason I support legalization, as I mentioned earlier, is because we aren’t getting rid of it, for the precise reasons you stated earlier. There will always be abused children who live out their abuse in a variety of ways, prostitution among them, and there will always be people willing to pay even the skankiest, beat, drug-addicted person for sex. I do think that it would significantly cut down on STD transmission and certainly prevent sadists and serial killers from “practicing” on easy targets. That alone is worth it to me.

  29. elisha says:

    @Syko, you’re totally right. I think prostitution should be legal, but it’s not. So she is a criminal.

    @Queenie, gimme a break. Men are frequenting prostitutes whether it’s legal or not. Keeping it illegal isn’t going to make the wives hurt any less. Not to mention, unmarried men do it just as much as married men. And finally, prostitution IS happening, and these women for one reason or another have to work under a “pimp” who takes their money. Make it legal, and it can be easier for these women to keep their own money and pump it into the economy. Talk about a woman’s rights issue; why should these ladies have to be (sometimes unwillingly) working under these men who steal their money and beat them for the sole purpose of “protection”?

    @Holly: 20/20 does not pay for interviews. Neither does 60 minutes, Dateline, or your local news. Where did you get that from? Dupre did this solely for the notoriety.

  30. Christina says:

    oh come on… you people are so scathing and vicious… OBVIOUSLY, this girl was not taken care of by her parents and had to fend for herself at an early age… it’s not remotely inconcievable that she would walk down the wrong path at a time like that… give her a break. everyone deserves a second chance… i hope she uses her 15 minutes wisely so she can pursue her dreams… i really do…

  31. Dizzybenny says:

    23 8O ??i was sure she was at least 33 juging from that picture.i cant believe that “serious” news media like ABC would waste time and money on a person like that. :roll:

  32. Syko says:

    Elisha, the girls who work under pimps are lucky if their money is all they lose.

    I think it should be legal because it’s always going to be there, so why not make it legal and regulate it, with required health testing and taxes paid on the income? Legalizing it would also lessen the mob influence and protect the women, as pimps would become unnecessary.

    I too would prefer that my husband go to a prostitute than to have an affair with the woman living next door.

  33. dovesgate says:

    Bah – if you want to read an interesting hooker, google “confessions of a college call girl”. THAT girl should be writing the books.

  34. tigerlille says:

    It makes me sick to read the derogatory remarks about what an easy job prostitutes have. I can’t imagine a worse job or lifestyle. And for those of you who think that you are better than a prostitute, let’s see you live on the streets as a youngster, no skills, no money, no protection.

    The best argument for legalizing prostitution is that it will undercut the sexual slavery market. And yes, the enslavement of children and teenagers is thriving in this country, as well as around the world.

    I think Dupree looks like the adult Tatum O’Neal. She looks like she has had a hard life.

  35. queenie says:

    Hmmm…for the ladies who said they would rather their hubby go to a prostitute than have an affair…I hope your wishes come true!!

    BTW I didn’t say anything about legalization.

    I go back to my original question: “How many men would accept their wives frequenting male prostitutes for recreation and pleasure?”

  36. sam says:

    Is that Diane Sawyer in the pic? or a statue from Madame Tussauds museum?

  37. JMC says:

    Shameless hobag. What a fucked up way to view dating.

    “Yes, Alex, you are so above us other women b/c you get paid for sex.”

    There, now that I’ve satisfied her, will she please go away?

  38. prissa says:

    LOL Sam!!! I though Diane looked a bit “off” too! :lol:

  39. queenie says:

    You know, let’s just level the playing field and start charging men for all of our sexual services. Free market enterprise–gotta love it!!

  40. velvet elvis says:

    I always give money to women after a date. Keeps them coming back for more, if you know what I mean.

  41. DD says:

    She shouldn’t be apologizing at all. It’s not her fault he cheated on his wife. And these days with the speed at which dating gets to the next level and ends I can see her comparison…
    Yes prostitution should be legalized, this is the oldest industry and it’s never going to disappear, and legalizing it may offer more protection and security for the ladies. BTW she looks really old for a 23 yr old.

  42. Trillion says:

    Plenty of people are working to keep the traction on this story. It’s a pity the subjects, both of them, are so very uninteresting.

  43. spoonman says:

    I’d do her-she is hot!!!

  44. kn says:

    you cn take the girl out of the skank, but not the skank out of the girl.

  45. Codzilla says:

    I think it should be legalized, too. If anything, just to give the already-overpopulated prisons a little extra space to house the rapists, murderers, etc.