Robert Irvine ran his wedding without any of his bride’s input: sweet or controlling?

Chef Robert Irvine wedding photo
I used to watch “Restaurant Impossible” on the Food Network all the time. At first I enjoyed it, but it just got too depressing for me. These are people who pour their heart and all of their money into their businesses, only to see their restaurants fail. Chef Robert Irvine comes sweeping in and yells at them about how bad the food is and how they need to change their approach to everything and they do it, their decor gets a complete makeover and they relaunch their businesses and menus, sometimes with success. It’s sad because I feel like the small business owners don’t get enough credit for their hard work, although I have to admit that Irvine is a fair and caring, if tough, taskmaster. You need someone who is going to take charge in order to run a show and a business like that. (And sometimes the restaurants are so disgusting that the owners really need to hear harsh criticism.) Also, I have to say that Irvine is so much more watchable than Gordon Ramsay on “Kitchen Nightmares.” Ramsay is a total a**hole who seems to enjoy taking people down a notch, while Irvine genuinely seems to want to help them.

That’s why I have mixed feelings about this story on how Irvine, 46, planned and executed his wedding, down to the last detail, without any input from his bride at all. One one hand it’s very sweet and it’s exactly what he excels at: food preparation and events. On the other it’s controlling and seems to shut his new wife out entirely. She doesn’t seem to mind, though, and the wedding sounds fabulous. I would have loved to taste some of that fresh-prepared sushi. Here’s more:

When Food Network chef Robert Irvine married pro wrestler Gail Kim on May 10, he had planned a night of surprises for his bride-to-be.

“He wanted to give me the fairy tale wedding,” Kim, 35, tells PEOPLE, adding that she knew nothing more than the location, time and date. “I didn’t know the colors of my wedding or what my bouquet would look like! But I trusted his taste.”

A horse-drawn carriage picked up Kim for a brief tour around the vineyard of California’s Charles Krug Winery before her debut in front of 160 friends and family members.

“I cried when she walked down the aisle,” says Irvine, 46. “She was jaw-dropping – this glow of beauty, wearing a dress with a long train. She looked so beautiful.”

And the surprises didn’t end there: Chef Masaharu Morimoto serenaded the couple with a Japanese love song, and Kim enlisted the help of best man (and fellow Food Network star) Guy Fieri to cater a rehearsal dinner.

Guests were treated to an interactive experience at cocktail hour. “Chef Morimoto made sushi,” says Irvine. “It was so fresh the octopus was alive!”

Chef Michael Chiarello prepared fresh mozzarella and hors d’oeuvre, and pastry chef Elizabeth Falkner served wedding cupcakes in assorted flavors including red velvet, lemon poppy seed and chocolate chip.

“It was an amazing mix of characters, with all the wrestlers from TNA [Total Nonstop Action] and WWE,” says Irvine.

The couple, who headed to a honeymoon in Greece a few days after the ceremony, met three years ago on the set of Irvine’s show, Dinner: Impossible. He proposed two years later with a chocolate diamond (the naturally brown kind, not an edible ring).

“She’s a feisty character,” says Irvine of Kim, reigning titleholder of TNA’s Women’s Knockout Championship. “She’s my best friend and soul mate.”

Says Kim: “He has a sweet, sensitive side. He’s truly such a softie at heart.”

[From People]

That’s so sweet what Irvine said about how his bride is his “best friend and soul mate!” Congratulations to them. The wedding must have been so amazing. It sounds like their dynamic works for them and that Irvine was just trying to create a special event for Kim. It takes a lot of stress off the bride for her big day, that’s for sure.

Chef Robert Irvine

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  1. Lol says:

    Her wedding dress is BEAUTIFUL

  2. Maguita says:

    First of all, TEAM MICHAEL SYMON!!!!

    Second, that would be a dream come true for me: tell someone what I want, and let him or her take care of everything, and never bother me again. I guess in this case, Irvine was the wedding planner from A to Z.

    And I bet you he did better than any wedding planner.

  3. Jayna says:

    I doubt he is controlling in a bad way. If she cared and wanted input, she would have. He obviously adores her. My friend hated planning one thing for her very very small wedding. She wanted to marry her husband but hated the idea of everything else. She would have adored this.

  4. lower-case deb says:

    groomzilla ahoy :)
    very rare for a groom to be so involved. so many grooms don’t even want to do anything, some of them would even act like a “man-equin”, just show up to the tux fitting and that’s it. couldn’t care less about prep.

    then along comes someone who is really involved :) quite sweet, but i’d still want to have a say in “something”. but that’s just me.

    he seems to be real caring, and they seem to fit, so i don’t think it’s controlling in a restrictive icky way. :) if that’s how they like to roll, then more power to them.


  5. DeltaJuliet says:

    I would KILL to have someone do all the planning of something, ANYTHING for me lol

    Even if it was just the weekly menu.

  6. Chatcat says:

    I am a type A personality, but my God there are events in my life when I wish somebody would just come in and take care of everything start to finish. Lucky woman!

    As a side note, a fave tavern of mine in the area went through the process and the show aired last year…the changes to the decor were good but the menu changes were damaging to their business…they have slowly started adding back their own menu items pre “RI” intervention and with it the return of regulars like myself and friends who did in fact abandon them because they didn’t offer the food we were looking for anymore.

  7. kay says:

    Really no different then how most brides treat their future husbands about the wedding.

    Dream come true actually, I hated planning my wedding. It was so very stressful.

  8. QQ says:

    TNA Wrestling Champion Bwahahah Oh The Delicious sweetly handed down joke for us all

  9. Kaboom says:

    What a nice idea to de-fang bridezilla.

  10. Nan209 says:

    It would be my ideal wedding because I hate weddings. I hate planning this kind of stuff. I hate it so much I ditched planning my own wedding (deposits already down, dress already bought) and eloped. It was the best thing I ever did. This guy planning the wedding would have relieved me.

  11. little-red says:

    I have no interest in planning even my own wedding, so this would be a dream come true! Just tell me where and when.

  12. CK says:

    Seems this arrangement fit their personalities. She’s a pro wrestler, she may not be into all those details, where that’s what he does. It would almost be insulting to him NOT to plan the wedding.

    • danielle says:

      That’s what I was thinking. It would be controlling if she wanted input and he was all “no – I’ll do it.” But if she said “I’d love to marry you but the idea of throwing a wedding stresses me out” and he planned it – good for him. Very romantic.

  13. Listerino says:

    Hell I would have LOVED to hand my wedding preparations over to someone else and then just worry about looking good on the day. I think it’s awesome as long as she was happy for him to do that for her. Not every bride cares about the ceremony. It’s all about marrying the person you love and that’s the important part – what the day is really about – not about how great the tables look etc.

  14. spinner says:

    My goodness, Robert reminds me of a young Arthur Miller. That said, my husband planned & executed our entire wedding & it was wonderful. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. *sigh*

  15. o_O says:

    …am I the only one here who noted and was unnerved by the idea of an octopus being sushied – alive? Because that is all I could think about after that – screw the wedding idea! It’s not the same for a lobster btw because the water is heated gradually and the lobster blacks out and DIES. This…basically they were chopping the animal and it’s full conscious… what the hell?

  16. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Pretty lady

    I hate weddings, I hate preparing things. I’ve always fantasied about having a fleet of chefs flank me at every turn and someone else do all of the work. However, if he picked the dress, she should’ve been a bigger presence in the planning. If she picked it, time for LASIK (What, like you’ve never seen a wedding dress you didn’t like)?

    I remember Lenny Henry’s old show Chef! which predated the candid celebrity chef glut of spatulas and screaming and thinking that it was something of an exaggeration. Now, I know better. It’s to see passion and skill executed in something so pleasing as truly good food. It must be so tiring, quickly-paced, and all the rest with the endless hand washing and all the rest of it. But I see all these people taking an almost sadistic joy in the ‘tough’ part of the ‘tough love solution’ and it’s as though these people purposefully chose the career which would allow them to bloviate, humiliate and suffocate their staff about 30 times before the Tart Pops. The food is almost an afterthought, a means to an end.

    I understand the seriousness of the industry, you’re dealing with people’s food which is a bigger deal than your professional reputation–which is a pretty big deal. And gross food is just vile. But the way they ham it up for the cameras and all but put hang, draw and quarter their staffs and students…it sometimes just makes me think, ‘You know what needs to happen? You need to shut the f up and make the damned sandwich, you fourteen-karat bitch. Are all of the other Navy Seals this self-obsessed and doughy? Oh wait, I was thinking of your bread. Oh, ha, ha, hell.’

  17. Stacia says:

    I think you’re referring to ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ with Gordon Ramsey when he yells at everyone and comes in to revamp the restaurant,staff, and menu.

    Large guest list + Short amount of time + Whatever food is available = R.I.

    Restauant Impossible- The chef takes various foods available on a tight time constraint to prepare a gourmet meal usually for a very large group and try to make a success of it.

  18. Becky1 says:

    They filmed an episode of “Restaurant Impossible” in a diner located right around the corner from my office about a month ago. Robert Irvine came into the office to find people to interview regarding the restaurant-he was very nice and pleasant and came across very well. I got a good vibe from him. Plus, the food and decor in the restaurant has improved significantly since they filmed the show.

  19. JRenee says:

    I enjoyed him on the Dinner Impossible, not so much on Restaurant Impossible. He has become almost umpossible with his attitude. Planning the event was probably a combo of both his being sweet AND controlling..meh!

  20. apsutter says:

    I totally would have let him take the reins and plan everything too. He knows how to get that kind of stuff done and she didn’t have to stress over it. He looks very happy in their photos.

  21. Jacqueline says:

    Im just going to say that I’ve noticed a lot of asian women with white men and they dont have healthy relationships. Its either the asian woman controlling the white man or the white man controlling her. I live in a Bostonian suburb and there are a lot of asian and white couples and more than the majority have issues with dominance/submission. Men around here are beginning to realize what I have known for a long time, that asian women are the most controlling ones and not really submissive as men like to think. There arent any submissive women; they’re a figment of mens imaginations of a meek partner to serve him. I dont doubt he planned the wedding without her input cus I have seen one white friend of my husband’s dictate the whole home renovation without his wife’s opinion or likes (she’s Korean). Asian chicks dont marry the best white men, just wimpy insecure ones with control issues.

  22. Andrea says:

    Ahh! Would totally love someone doing that for me. How sweet.

  23. ce says:

    yea, it sounds very controlling and not sweet at all. no offense, but that is prob why he chose to marry someone of the asian ethnicity. they tend to be very submissive, which works well for someone like him!