“Charlize Theron is still wearing crazy heels while carrying her baby” links

Charlize Theron is still wearing heels while she carries her baby. [A Socialite Life]
Am I the only one who‘s kind of lost in the Facebook-IPO debate? And I was an economics major too. [Gawker]
Melissa Etheridge & Tammy Lynn Michaels‘ divorce war is over? [Dlisted]
Dear Becky at Pop Sugar – STOP suggesting Michael Fassbender for 50 Shades of Grey. Please. [Pop Sugar]
Is Angie Jolie still pissed off because people mocked her Leg of Doom? [LaineyGossip]
WTF is happening to Kate Upton‘s face? [Celebuzz]
Review of Brad Pitt‘s Killing Them Softly. [Pajiba]
Dear Miley Cryus: Put on a bra. They won‘t be perky forever. [Yeeeah]
Johnny Depp was adopted by the Comanche Tribe. [The Blemish]
Here‘s the cast of SWATH reading from 50 Shades of Grey. [Evil Beet]
Gloria Allred is meeting with Doe #2. [Radar]
Scott Disick‘s coat is hilarious. [Go Fug Yourself]
X-Men comics will feature a gay wedding. [OMG Blog]
More Cannes Film Festival photos. [Moe Jackson]
Kristen Stewart had no issues with being graphic in On the Road. [ICYDK]
The Yacht Girls of Cannes: blind items. [CDAN]
Lourdes Leon & Madonna‘s Material Girl line has a new face. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]

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  1. cmc says:

    That baby is hilarious! His face in the last pic is classic. Although it pisses me off that photographers are close/loud enough to startle him like that.

    Also, Kaiser what about Jillian Michaels and her partner adopting one little girl and giving birth to another? Zero to two kids and no post? Plus I didn’t even know she was a lesbian + in a committed relationship! I’m super curious and want to read more about it but only found a short write up on People.

    • Happymom says:

      Right there with you! I saw some candids of her earlier in the week with her toddler-and another woman putting a tiny baby into a sling-identified as a “friend.” To me, it looked like they were a couple-evidenced by Jillian zipping her undone pants-hello sleep deprived mom of a newborn! I think it’s crazy that her partner had the baby the same week their daughter arrived from Haiti. Wow! How exciting. But yes-write up, please.

  2. Cindy says:

    Ugh, yes, because we all know you aren’t a real mom unless you quit your job, wear nothing but sweats and Keds because you don’t even have 10 minutes to shower, and breastfeed until the kid’s old enough to drink beer.

    Days like today, I’m so glad I’m not in the Cult of Mommy.

  3. Katie says:

    Why is this an issue? Walking in heels is not that hard, especially if you have practice. Unless there’s an epidemic of kids injured when mommy tripped that I’m not aware of, leave it alone already.

  4. Tiffany27 says:

    The baby is adorbs and I am coveting those heels. That is all.

  5. eileen says:

    Unclear on why this is an issue. I’ve been wearing heels since I was a teen modeling, then I did swing dance in heels in my early 20′s, then carried my babies around in heels in my 30s….because I wear heels-they are just as natural to me as tennis shoes. What gives?

  6. Maguita says:

    The Ethridge divorce: Finally! It was getting absurd, and in no way helping the kids. Who are of age btw of understanding quite clearly that mommy Melissa was a-hole, and mommy Tammy was just losing it.

    I like those shoes on Charlize. But then again, sexy b-tch looks good in a plastic bag.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Maguita, how old are the twins now? And Melissa’s two older kids with her other ex? (I didn’t realise the twins were of the age they would really know what was going on in detail.) :( Poor kids!

      • Maguita says:

        Children with Cypher were born in 1997 and 1998 (donor David Crosby).

        Twins with Tammy are age 7. Imagine what their friends tell them at school! My nephew is 6, and knows too well how to surf the internet, even under supervision with blocked-site access, boy, does he learn things he really shouldn’t.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Wow, Maguita, I didn’t realise they were that old already. How sad for all 4 of the kids involved.

        (And I definitely recommend heavy boots – or UGGS – at home!) ;)

  7. Chinoiserie says:

    Why always in USA babies have shoes? I mean mean they are adorable but I rather doupt such a small baby can walk.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I think it’s some sort of stupid “status symbol” thing. (Unless the baby needs corrective shoes for his/her feet.)

      My kids have always HATED having shoes on their feet. My youngest’s first pair were a nice, soft leather with a suede sole that happened to be faux fur-lined. We got them to keep his feet warm in the winter, and he LOVED them. He wore them to death!

      Now he has Costco UGGS (I’m not spending $100 on shoes he’s growing out of before next winter), a pair of tennies, and flip-flops. (He’ll be 3 on May 31st.)

    • fabgrrl says:

      The only point I ever saw in baby shoes was to keep the little socks on.

    • Zimmer says:

      I think they stay on the feet better than baby socks.

  8. Mean Hannah says:

    My LO is 9 months old and I still wear 5 inch heels all the time, as I did through my pregnancy. I did fall once in a parking lot – tripping over a curb I didn’t see – carrying my baby, a diaper bag, and a shopping bag, but I was wearing flats. Most women who wear heels don’t fall down – with or without a baby.

  9. Mirella says:

    I just want to squeeze his cheeks!!!

  10. brin says:

    Well thanks to the earlier post here, we can confirm who the first yacht girl is. (Blind item).

  11. Dhavy says:

    I like the Material Girl line new girl, Madonna looks good in this picture.

    I have a 7 month old baby and I carry him with heels, what’s the big deal?

  12. Michael Fassbender for 50 Shades of Grey!!!

  13. Meghan Market says:

    Agree #11 love Michael for 50 Shades!

  14. JB says:

    That 50 Shades reading was the best thing ever!!! So funny!!!

  15. Maguita says:

    Request to CB:


  16. Manuela10 says:

    no way) it s ok. anyway 1st place will always for Vic beckham.

  17. moo says:

    poor baby looks scared! shame on the paps!!!!

    and on the subject of heels and holding babies? come on…. some can trip over a number of things before stumbling in heels! plus, some women wear them so much, they can’t wear flats! they trip in those!!! So, grow up and wear your big girl shoes while holding whatever you want.

    and don’t forget to squeeze those cute babies!!! :D

  18. T.C. says:

    Look at how strong his little fingers are clutching on to his mom. Still afraid of the cameras and still so cute. Don’t get the issue with the heels.

  19. Crystal says:

    Love Charlize. She’s flawless. If she can walk confidently in heels then there’s no problem.

    Look at Jackson !! He is too cute, I just want to eat him !!! He has more expressions and emotional range than some of the actors & actresses in Hollywood. (Y’all know who I’m talking about)

  20. Jaxx says:

    Women who wear heels all the time are used to them. Why should they wear flats just because they are carrying a baby? I can understand the beef when someone is nine months preg because it does change your center of gravity but come on. This is just ridiculous.

    Baby Jackson reminds me so much of Sandra Bullock’s Louis. Same big dark eyes and chubby cheeks.

  21. RJ says:

    Jeez louise. If I can run flat out to catch the bus in heels without falling, then I’m pretty sure I can handle carrying a baby.

  22. ZenB!tch says:

    You guys haven’t *lived* until you’ve seen Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades:


  23. meme says:

    She definitely shouldn’t wear those heels, but the only reason is because they are ugly as hell. Other than that I don’t see any problem.

    And Fassbender is too good for any 50 Shades of Crap or whatever it is called.