Hugh Jackman addresses the rumors that he’s gay

Gorgeous dad Hugh Jackman, 40, has been dogged for years by rumors that he’s in the closet. He’s been married to Deborra-Lee Furness for 12 years and they live in Sydney, Australia with their two children, Oscar Maximillian, 8, and Ava Eliot, 3. Their son and daughter were adopted after Furness suffered two miscarriages. Both Jackman and Furness have been open about the romance in their relationship and have made hints about their racy sex life, but it’s still not enough to convince some people, who might be more influenced by Jackman’s rugged good looks than the length of his marriage.

Jackman is People Magazine’s sexiest man alive this year and in his accompanying interview he says that the rumor that he plays for the other team understandably bothers his wife. He even describes a scenario in which she overheard other women gossiping about it in the bathroom:

The actor, who was this week named the sexiest man alive by People magazine, said wife Deborra-Lee Furness often has to assure people that her husband is straight.

“She said the most infuriating times would be in the bathroom because all she’d hear is: ‘Is he or isn’t he gay?’ ‘I don’t know, he’s married’. ‘Oh, who cares? I’m sure he’s gay’,” he told People.

“She used to call out from the stall: ‘He’s not gay. I’m telling you he’s not.’ And there would be silence until someone said: ‘I think that’s his wife.’”

[From Digital Spy]

Jackman’s wife is not a standard beauty and while it’s unfair that could be part of the reason that rumor gets perpetuated. I really don’t think he’s gay at all and would be more inclined to believe that he’s fooling around. He was looking pretty flirty with Kristen Chenoweth at an event this month and he seemed more than happy to put his arm around co-star Nicole Kidman on the red carpet. I definitely get the vibe that he likes women.

Jackman is shown with Kristen Chenoweth and Catherine Zeta Jones at “A Fine Romance” to benefit the Motion Picture & Television Fund in LA on 11/8/08. Credit: WENN. He is shown with his wife and with Nicole Kidman at the Sydney premiere of Australia on 11/18/08. Credit: WENN. They are also shown at the launch of adoption week in Australia on 11/16/08. Credit: Fame

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  1. Dan says:

    it really irritates me that people would say this based on his wife’s attractiveness. it makes all us men look shallow. women like men for more tha their looks (hell-how else would you explain some of the worlds ugliest men getting hooked up with supermodels?) why is it so hard to believe men are not the same? maybe he likes the way she looks, likes who she is or both. either way i wish them both a long and happy marriage.

  2. Syko says:

    His wife is attractive enough, not gorgeous but not anything to cause you to lose your lunch. She is also a good bit older than he is, approaching 50 while he’s a good decade behind her. He’s at the peak of his attractiveness while hers is starting to go. But obviously there is something he likes about her, because he’s never seen as being anything but sweet to her, and they have those two beautiful children.

    I’ve never thought he was gay.

  3. hatsumomo says:

    I hope so too Dan…

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or how it goes…Even though Im no beauty and my man is much more attactive than me, its pretty freaking wonderful that he chooses me over younger preetier girls that hit on him. Im sure Jack’s wife feels that way too.

  4. ff says:

    It’s just because he’s happy looking pretty, his looks are versatile and well, because he did musicals.

    As long as there are attractive men, there will be rumours that they’re gay. Happens. I don’t think it’s anything to do with his wife’s looks – although, now that more pictures of his wife are about though, people will suggest that to be mean.

    Some people like to believe you can only have an attractive man by following a the commonly marketed idea of what’s attractive. It’s always nice when actual reality proves them wrong.

  5. Mellie says:

    You know when i first saw his wife a couple of years ago I thought that he could do way better… Then I saw the T.V show from the early 90′s that they met on in Australia on late night T.V and I have to say the sexual tension between the pair of them made you squirm in your seat. This pair have hot hot sex!! Trust, you cannot fake that kind of connection!

  6. rbsesq says:

    CB, I’m shocked at you. There’s never been even a whiff of suggestion that he’s cheated on his wife, and now you’re alluding to it, which is just as bad as questioning his sexuality.

    Syko, I completely agree. I was kind of surprised the first time I saw a picture of her, so I did some research. She was quite the looker when they first met. But everyone ages, and unfortunately, as she’s older than he, she gets to go first. At least she’s choosing to age gracefully instead of having botox and surgery and working out 8 hours a day to remain a size 0. More power to her. She looks like a real woman, and quite frankly, it’s nice to see a man who looks like him with a real woman.

  7. KateNonymous says:

    They seem like grownups, with a grown-up relationship based on themselves as whole people and their history together. How refreshing!

  8. Because I say So says:

    ^^^^Well said, KateNonymo!

  9. xiaoecho says:

    It’s true love this time :P

    ….and thank you Dan

  10. devilgirl says:

    He’s gay because his wife isn’t 20, full of silicone, collagen and botox? Why should he have to justify anything to the public? He loves his wife, they are happy and people need to stop worrying themselves over trivia and concentrate on the big picture- He loves his wife, enough said!

  11. Shusher says:

    It’s not how attractive his wife is that has lead to this (persistent) rumour, it’s his LOOVE of Broadway musicals that niggles me…I’m a singer/songwriter/poet, so no redneck here, but I draw the line at calling ‘Rent’ FAB-U-LOUS!

  12. Kristin says:

    It’s Kristin Chen.. with an I. I know because her name is spelled the same as mine.

  13. WTF?!?! says:

    I’m not a huge fan of that-bleached hair, but I think his wife is lovely, equally as pretty as CZJ in the other pic.

    She is also eight years older than her husband.

    What exactly constitutes “standard beauty”? Botoxed within an inch of granite?

  14. Carrie says:

    Its about time People Magazine finally picks someone who is actully sexy to be the Sexiest Man Alive!!

  15. what is ever. says:

    Maybe after being surrounded professionally by women who spend most of their lives fretting about looking how Hollywood says they should look, getting to be with a woman who worries about actual problems is probably the equivalent to coming home to Gisele.

    That’s just a theory though.

    Additionally, Just what Katenonymous said. :D

  16. Granger says:

    Has anyone else looked at that photo of Hugh with Catherine Zeta-Jones and thought, wow, that’s one hell of a cross-dressing CZJ lookalike???? What happened to her???

  17. Rose says:

    I think they are a rather lovely couple and I think she exudes charm, humour and warmth and that is VERY attractive.

  18. Daniel says:

    “Jackman’s wife is not a standard beauty and while it’s unfair that could be part of the reason that rumor gets perpetuated.’


  19. Codzilla says:

    Well, I AM a redneck (in a Mexican sort of way), and I wouldn’t necessarily assume a man who loves the theater was gay. Also, as the wife of a way-hotter-than-me husband who’s a devoted partner and father, I’m giving Hugh the benefit of the doubt.

  20. Cletus says:

    ALSO, we have no way of knowing how Mrs. Jackman gets down in the sack, either. She could be a total freak who is down for whatever. She might have kegels straight from heaven. Maybe she’s gifted at fellatio. Maybe she’s just generally really good at sex and likes to have it alot. Maybe All of The Above. I’m not that pretty either, and I’m sure many have wondered how I manage to hang onto the men I’ve had. Of course, my shining personality has always been a factor, but also… The Sex. If you like to have it and you’re uninhibited and good at it AND ALSO you’re cool, then your partner will probably be happy with you even if you aren’t Drop Dead Gorgeous. That is true for men AND women both. I’m just saying.

  21. Madelyn Rose says:

    Is that his wife?? It looks like his mother, for Christ sakes! There is nothing wrong with loving an older woman but she really should try to stay more in shape. (***ducks to avoid stoning) I mean, you owe it to your partner to stay attractive. My ex husband promptly went out and got himself a big “man baby” after our wedding and I didn’t appreciate it one bit.

  22. Aspen says:

    Wow…so any man who likes live theatre and appreciates good singing is batting for the boys’ team?

    As to his wife not being pretty enough, I think that (though it’s totally repugnant), CB hit pretty near the truth. She’s a very attractive woman. Look at her. If you were standing next to her in person, you’d probably be struck by how put-together and slender she is compared to her photos…but that’s the evil of not being one of the chosen special few at whom the camera waves the Tinkerbell wand.

    In other words, she’s pretty, but she’s not Hollywood attractive. She’s not thin enough, young enough, made up enough…etc. She looks like (gasp) one of us. The horror!

    Because of all that, I’m actually inclined to think Mr. Jackman truly loves his wife of over a decade…and how freaking awesome is that to hear about from People’s Sexiest Man Alive?

  23. DLR says:

    Well, from the pictures I’ve seen of Deborra-Lee, she’s not fugly, and yet she’s not vavoom drop-dead gorgeous. Anyway, there is a long list of hot male celebrities with spouses that aren’t off the charts on the looks scale. Hello, does anyone remember Robert Redford’s first wife? Oh, what about Juliet Mills with Maxwell Caulfield? True, Juliet was a beauty when she was much younger but she was getting up there when she hooked up with Maxwell who is 18 years younger than her and they’ve been married for like 28 years! Anyway, Hugh and Deborra-Lee have been married twelve years. That’s twelve years, not two years. So yeah, give them a break. If Hugh was gay or not, he wouldn’t have been married for so long not to mention undertake the lifelong committement of raising children with Deborra-Lee.

  24. Baholicious says:

    If women are honest with each other, we’ll realize we really can be each others’ own worst enemies. We rarely just ‘look’ at another woman, we size her up and compare her to ourselves. There’s almost always that competitive air. Why? Men. A woman with a man is always worried about the one that doesn’t have one – that another female will try and take him away. Case in point: there are many couples who will socialize with single males but at the same time eschew single females entering their group. The preceding has been brought to you by Mutual of Omaha.

  25. Antibotox says:

    I never thought that Hugh was gay. He definitely likes the ladies and can hardly keep his hands off Granny Freeze.

  26. mark says:

    It’s too bad that people are so jaded as to think that just because he’s extremely handsome and his wife is not extremely pretty that he just isn’t in love with her anyway and not gay and not a philanderer. What gives? Are you so shallow as to think that true love is only skin deep?

  27. enchantress says:

    As I recall, the gay rumors really gained momentum when pix of Hugh and his hunky personal trainer running around on the beach hit the tabloids. BFD. Who gives a rat’s heinie if all concerned are happy? :roll:

  28. JuicyPop says:

    John Palermo is Hugh’s boyfriend. Duh.

    (John is Hugh’s longtime assistant and producing partner. He was just his assistant and then suddenly became his producing partner…this NEVER happens.

    There are three people…Hugh, wife, and John…all wear the same ring that is engraved with the word “unity”

  29. Des says:

    Actually, his wife is definitive proof that he’s not gay – not because they’re married but because no gay man, especially with Hugh’s taste in clothes, worth his salt would let his best girl walk around in the outfits his regularly wears. I think she’s lovely but she has no dressing sense whatsoever.

  30. ms adamantia claus says:

    He’s so good looking he makes he giggle. Really. Like a schoolgirl. I’d do HOUSEWORK for that man he’s so fine. And he seems like a DECENT person so I figure that’s the basis for most of the cynicism – you know, “no one that good lookin’ is that nice, he must be hiding something”. – he’s just a blessed man.
    His best friend is his wife, they have a mature marriage, he’s seems a sensible sort devoted dad with a really good paying dayjob – just a nice guy – with the body like POW! and a brain and a voice and lightfeet.
    All the speculation about his sexuality and the aspersions cast against his lovely wife is just another flavor of Hatorade – Bitter Sour Grape.

  31. rottenkitty says:

    Wow, he’s been married forever. He has a lovely family who he appears to adore. Yep, this is the sort of thing that just screams gay. (Oh and for the nitwits who don’t understand sarcasm or can’t read properly. I’m being sarcastic.)

    Oh, and liking musical theater automatically brands you as gay. As does being gorgeous and working out to keep a rocking physique. Yes, because there are no homosexuals who like sports and no heterosexuals who like a good revival of “Kiss Me Kate.”

    And heaven knows being married to woman ten years your elder who you still love despite the fact you’re both getting older is a complete impossibility. Thank you Internet for letting me see the a**hattery of mankind in one quick shopping stop.

  32. elastogirl says:

    PULEASEEE!!! Hugh is not gay. Get over yourselves people. Deb Furness is gorgeous, Hugh is gorgeous. They are a loving couple in a committed relationship (how unlike hollywood!). Both are wonderful down to earth Aussies.

  33. drm says:

    Deb Furness comes off as a really kind, loving, warm person. I saw her once in Sydney having lunch and she was laughing and teasing and just having fun. No pretention, no “hey look at me rubbish”. Shame on you CB for saying something which has no basis even in gossip. If there was a ‘breath’ of rumor about HJ’s faithfulness it would be all over Aus and NZ. He’s incredibly popular here.

    He loves his wife, he treats other women like they are worthwhile and important. MY GOD he must be either secretly gay and adulterer or have some other heinous secret. NOT!

    My husband is 6.4 tall and a good looking, charming man. Women *really* like him and they look. I’m 5.3, curvy and not gorgeous. But he makes me feel that way and every day he tells me he loves me…we also have a smoking hot sex life and an abundance of affection and cuddles.

    And whoever said you owe it to your partner to battle your age, weight, wrinkles whatever is a f***wit. Age comes to us all honey and you can exercise and botox your a** all to hell and you are STILL going to get old. I’ll be happy thanks and while I take care of myself it certainly isn’t an obsession. The internal self or being is a HELL of alot more important than the external and while I think Deb Furness is a very nice looking lady she looks like a happy person as well. And Hugh loves her…good on them both.

  34. Sixxkitty says:

    If Hugh Jackman is gay, I’m a paraplegic! I’m and aussie and I often see him with his wife, who is a renouned actress unto herself( im a huge fan) with their kids doing the family thng at the beach and shopping, they are so normal your mind melds, but I blame my neighbour Russel Crowe for that! Not that i see him, he’s never there, but Dannielle and the children are, Hugh is sexier and more arrousing than any hetro could be, if you saw him working out on the bars at the beach, you would drown in your drool to. He loves his wife, if others are jealous of that, than they lie and embellish! the truth…. this is a man so hetro you ask your own man why he cannot be like him!

  35. Cinderella says:

    I still think he is gay. Maybe they have an agreement and they are ok with it. Wouldn’t be the first. Regardless, his career continues to soar and they seem to have a happy family life, so why would he out himself now.

  36. JuicyPop says:

    Well he is a fine actor, and that is exactly what he’d need to be to make a majority of his fans think that he is straight. Why? Because unfortunately his career is pretty much OVER if he acknowledges that he is gay. He wouldn’t be seen as a box office bet…no leading man roles anymore. That represents millions of dollars and his career, so he simply can’t come out.

    He was in the running for Bond, but was passed over because of his sexuality. Do you think as a gay man he would have been cast in the Australia movie? No.

  37. lilah says:


    I saw the pic and the “body language” wasn’t very suggestive. They were both in mid-stride and Hugh happened to glance at his friend, who wasn’t looking back. Their hands weren’t close to each other’s and their torsos weren’t facing each other.

    My verdict: save it for the homoerotic fanfiction. :-)

  38. Now you know says:

    Hugh was and probably still is a gangbang bottom – at least while he was in NY.
    SO WHAT.
    Grow up and stop worrying about people that you will never know.

  39. elanmomma says:

    Hugh’s mother left the family when he was very young. It is not uncommon for men without a mother to be drawn towards an older woman. She is kind and gracious, and they have a deep connection as well as mutual respect. All marriages should be so lucky. Judge people by their actions, and these two are charitable, likable, and down to earth. Let’s hope their lovely family stays together no matter what.

  40. JuicyPop says:

    In “Interview Magazine,”there is a Q&A between Hugh Jackman and “X-Men: The Last Stand” director Brett Rattner.

    The exchange between Hugh and Brett is interesting….it’s about John Palermo, Hugh’s former assistant, current producing partner and manager (and boyfriend)

    Rattner: I saw that when we were dressing you for the X-Men movie, John Palermo was like “Those jeans are the ones.” He just knew.

    Jackman: Once I put them on, I’ll know. But he can just tell.



  41. MikeK says:

    The people who think Hugh is NOT gay are the same people who were SHOCKED when Clay Aiken came out of the closet!!!

    Hugh has a boyfriend and is not shy about having him be part of his life. I don’t know if he’s gay, but he has a male lover…so make of it what you will. There a lot of ways to slice the pie.

  42. Katie says:

    I’ve met Deb-Lee and she’s not a very attractive woman, but she’s certainly not ugly. She’s older, and maybe that’s got something to do with it? Totally unfair – his sexuality has nothing to do with her.
    Anyway I know someone who trains with someone who’s trained Hugh and it’s apparently well-known that he’s into men.
    Not that any of it matters – looks like their arrangement, whatever it is, works for both Hugh & Deb-Lee!

  43. The Tobster says:

    Hello? Why doesn’t somebody use the word ‘bisexual’ – clearly that is what he may be or is choosing to live this lifestyle. Lots of bis and gay guys marry women and ADOPT kids (there’s clue for you).

    There’s always an agent, publicist, manager who find a meal ticket in Hollywood who say “you cant be gay” or “you’ll never get leading man roles” or “Do you want to be the next Rupert Everett?”

    They make it easy to stay in the closet and live dual lives. It’s been going on for decades.

    If you rummage through the bins of Hollywood PR, you’ll find quotes from Richard Chamberlain’s publicists saying “he’s not gay” over the years in print. His business manager turned out to be his BF of over 20 years.

    Ditto for Rock Hudson. So if the rumor starts and it has legs, it’s probably true because there is something supporting the allegation.

    Randy Travis has fought this battle for years (of course having a wife two decades older than you are and spending time in Santa Fe doesn’t help douse the rumors, Randy). This is nothing new.

    Verdict on Jackman: Gay or Bi.

    Sorry Clay Aiken type fans of Hugh Jackman, these rumors just don’t appear out of thin air.

    When the career runs out or she gets too old or the kids are grown – he’ll be out and about with the BF full-time.

  44. crtb says:

    Paul Newman who was consider a hottie in his day was married to an ordinary looking woman for many many years. They had true love and she was at his bedside when he died recently. He was never consider gay or a cheating husband because he was was not as attractive as he was.

  45. George says:

    Hey I’m a guy and the same age as Hugh, he has said he first saw Deb when he was 26, and I can totally see why he fell for her she was a knock out back then, she was what many men dreamed of. Hugh you’re one luck bastard.

  46. col says:

    When Deb & Hugh first got together I would see them at the bank I worked at all the time, in South Melbourne OZ. All overthemselves, both are very much into each other much to the annoyance for both male and female staff at the bank.

  47. Bilberry says:

    Deborra Lee IS beautiful — and WAS, at the time they met, gorgeous enough to give any woman out there a run for the money. HJ clearly fell in love with the whole package (she is dynamic and smart, one of those people who light up a room, and a caring person) and has remained so. To anyone who finds that weird or unusual, you need a serious values-adjustment. This is a normal, healthy couple in a f’ed up world. Too many of you get-a-lifes can’t fathom a relationship with any depth to it.

  48. Bilberry says:

    . . . BTW, nobody who really knows him or knew him before fame ever says he’s gay or bi; it’s only “my ex-bf knew a hairdresser who said . . .” Like the dumb porn rumors that circulated so hopefully. Pathetic, wishful thinking.

    And everybody who comes into contact with the guy says he’s the nicest, most down-to-earth, straightforward person in showbiz. This is not the kind of guy who needs to hide who he is. Give it up, folks, for the love of God!

  49. Mugsy says:

    FYI Gay guys also like women, flirt with them and put their arms around them. Though I don’t really care whether Hugh is gay or not, he seems to have his shiz together & is really down to earth.

  50. Spike says:

    That isn’t his boyfriend. It’s his co-star in Viva Laughlin, Lloyd Owen –

  51. Dani says:

    Hugh and his wife make a lovely couple. I love to see a man who clearly loves his wife.

  52. Frank says:

    You’d be amazed at how many married men are bi and play around on the side with other guys.

    Does that make them gay, bi or ‘try’ ?

    He’s probably ‘try’ at least once or twice, but who cares as long as he’s being safe? It happens.

    - and it can improve your marriage sometimes. Take it from me.

  53. JORGE says:


  54. Simone says:

    Hi all…

    Why HUGH JACKMAN should be gay???
    Remeber, he once told he bedded over 750 women in his whole live!

  55. He is really good at what he does….and i know 4shezzy that he his not gay…

  56. Thinkaboutit says:

    I can’t believe how clueless some of you are. Typically, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is a duck.

    I’ve known many married men who cheated around on their wives with other men. I’ve known others who have “arrangements”. Why would his “producing partner” be living with them in several different homes around the world? It seems way too convenient, and if his producer partner is so successful, why can’t he find a home of his own? A girlfriend, boyfriend? Why is he always seen with them? Nice story about the “rings”. Children are adopted? Hugh has a successful film career…why “ruin” it by coming out? It may not be all about whether or not he feels comfortable (personally, secretly) with his sexuality, it may have to do with his love for being an actor and his career. We have to think about the roles perhaps he wouldn’t have gotten to play if he was an out man.


  57. true says:

    I think if Hugh and the producing partner are indeed in a long term relationship, he certainly won’t come out sooner because it will possibly damage both of their careers. Doesn’t make sense.

    Whatever. I don’t care who he is with.

    I have seen quite a few pictures of Hugh’s rumor bf on a private site. Holy hotness heaven! Just like Hugh … A body to die for. Six packs, nice tan and all …

  58. Erik says:

    I think people are commenting on Deborah for a reason (not jealousy) – not because the age difference. It’s so obvious that they are mother and son – and she does everything to accentuate her Crone aspect. I’ve seen how he mentions her in interviews and that is NOT healthy. It’s like he says “My Mommy said” all the time..

    He is drawn to her Mother aspect, not the “Woman” aspect…

    Hugh is her superior in every way but there’s so much cover-up that she has wits, was a knock out once etc. BULL SHIT. She’s an actress that really never made it and with a very weird appearance… I don’t like her & don’t find her as charming as they say, get the feel she’s very passive-aggressive & have noticed she puts him down eeever so subtly many times…

    Nope. don’t buy them.

  59. Ivo Mladenov says:

    Well, He does not look gay – or if he is he’s not showing so. Believe me, if he was gay, there would be evidence of that – photo shoots, audio leaks and so on.For sure he’s a human and if there’s a fail, we’ll see it for sure. For example Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford. Both guys had a “long lasting” marriage, but both got separated with their wifes. Old aged. Let’s wait until Hugh steps into his 50. Then we’ll see whether he will start dating some 20-30 girlies or will show his orientation in public. If he’s gay, his children when get older will make stance,that they’re proud of his gay father and they have nothing to be ashamed of. Until then, let us accept what we see – Hugh Jackman is straight, he’s a good actor, he’s dedicated father and husband to his wife/despite the fact she’s granny or close to that/ and have fun with our lives.

  60. Spark says:

    You know? EVEN MEN have tastes about women. Not every men are attracted to girly and skinny supermodels of 90-60-90 and 20 years. Some men like athletic women, others likes curvly women (I actually felt a little shocked about a male cousin of mine and his taste and attraction to extremely flat women). I think his taste on women says that he is not the typical “alpha male”, I think he is bi (there’s nothing wrong about it). And he felt in love with a woman he likes, so?

  61. Sandy says:

    I think he has a very pretty wife. You don’t have to be a model to be a beautiful women.I think she can stand up with the best of them. No I don’t think Hugh is gay. I think he loves his wife very much. People need to think before thay put this mess out in the open. I wonder how the rumor mill would feel if the shoe was on the other feet. Enjoy your family Hugh.

  62. vezna says:

    She looks ok=She was his foot into the world of acting I think.