Charlie Sheen’s neighbors think he’s on another crazy bender again

Last year was The Year of Cocaine Charlie Sheen. I have such a low tolerance for most of these larger stories of celebrity-breakdowns – at some point (very quickly for me), it just becomes too gross, too tragic, and I don’t even want to watch it anymore (exception: The Cracken, for various reasons). I really thought Charlie Sheen was going to die last year, and I wasn’t interested in watching it. I’m sort of shocked that Charlie is still around – and not only is he still alive, but he’s also got a job and he’s been seeming sober-ish for about nine months. I’m not saying Charlie was actually sober or anything, I’m just saying that the crazy booze-and-blow bender seemed to wind down and Charlie was still crazy with or without the help of drugs. But this too shall pass.

Charlie Sheen has been partying until the wee hours of the morning at his Beverly Hills mansion, and he’s had a number of random vehicles parked in his driveway, is exclusively reporting.

Sheen’s ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, also partied at the actor’s home and subsequently suffered a drug relapse, which resulted in yet another trip to rehab. Mueller is on probation for a cocaine possession conviction, but it appears unlikely her relapse will result in her being sent to jail.

Sheen’s neighbors near his swanky Mullholland Estates home tell exclusively, “there has been an abnormally high levels of activity at the house all hours of the night. Cars containing scantily clad women arrive very late in the evening and don’t leave until the next day. The women always appear to be wearing the same clothes they arrived in, and looking a little worse for the wear.

There are also a number of random vehicles parked all over his driveway and in front of his house. The party goers, including Sheen, will smoke cigarettes outside in his backyard and swear loudly. It’s becoming a nuisance, and the residents don’t like outsiders lurking around all the time. People move to Mullholland Estates for security and privacy because it’s a gated community. Slash lives down the street from Charlie, and you never hear or see anything odd going on at his house. In fact, he is very low key and very quiet. Too bad some of that doesn’t rub off on Charlie.”

The actor has been “partying because he isn’t working right now. Filming for his new television show, Anger Management, is done for the first season of the show. Things always go awry with Charlie when he isn’t working,” the source says.

Sheen recently told Matt Lauer during a recent interview that he still drinks alcohol, despite having a drug problem in the past. A shocked Lauer said at the time, “You’ve admitted issues with drugs: I don’t know one addiction specialist who would tell a guy in your position, ‘It’s okay to drink’.”

The former Two and a Half Men star responded, “Well, if you do, I should probably go to that guy! I have different theories about the whole thing, one of them is, park near the VIP exit!”

Board certified addiction specialist, Dr. Drew Pinsky previously told us, “I truly worry for Charlie because of his extensive history of drug addiction. Under no circumstances should Charlie, or anyone in recovery from prescription drugs, street drugs, etc., consume alcohol, period. There is no grey area on this. Yes, Charlie does seem to be doing better now than he was last year, perhaps he is on some psychiatric drugs that are controlling his bi-polar issues and mania, but he is holding a loaded gun in his hand by drinking alcohol.”

Sheen’s new TV series, Anger Management, debuts Thursday, June 28 on FX.

[From Radar]

Of course, “a few neighbors complaining” is still a long way away from “hiring ten p0rn stars and hookers to do a mountain of blow while playing with guns for 50 days in a row.” I guess we’ll know it’s serious when Charlie’s cars start ending up in ditches or going off cliffs again (that was always one of the biggest mysteries to me).

Anyway, Charlie Sheen responded to the reports by giving a statement (of sorts) to TMZ. This is what TMZ claims Charlie emailed them (?):

I can’t speak to anyone’s opinion or judgement.
I was there
they were not.
their tepid
hearsay is a baseless
static drone.
a mantra.
their theme.
I refuse to be held hostage by their ‘constitutional’
to judge those
who can and who do.


[Via TMZ]

Can you imagine being so high/crazy that you’re writing haikus to TMZ? Oh, pardon me – FAILED haikus.

I’m shocked that Charlie was not approached to play Richard Burton to Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor. He would have been perfect.

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  1. Rita says:

    I think Charlie has been low-key as of late for two reasons:

    1.) He has a job.

    2.) He has a steady hooker…or two. Relationships are good for bringing stablity to one’s life.

  2. lena80 says:

    I always wonder why this man continues to get a “pass” in hollyweird. He has a well documented history of domestic violence, assaults, drug use, etc…and he is not that talented.

  3. Rhea says:

    I wonder if he ever feel tired with all the chaos in his life already??? And he’s way too old to still doing this thing!!!

  4. Ferocity says:

    misspelled “privilege.”

  5. magda says:

    lohan/sheen collaboration could be so entertaining on so many levels. I want reality show with them!

  6. bettyrose says:

    Have you guys seen that Martin & Emilio have written a memoir about their relationship? No sympathy for Charlie, or anything, but it would rip my heart out if my family did this without me:

  7. beyonce's bump says:

    yawn, this was exciting couple of years ago, now…not so much.

  8. Jackie says:

    i don’t find it amusing to watch a slow painful death due to addiction.

    can never understand how others find this entertaining.

    maybe because i grew up surrounded by addicts, and know the reality is actually horrifying.

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    It is rather fascinating, the whole “random car missing” thing, isn’t it?

    Like he believes his cars are like the toys in Toy Story – they come to life and have adventures of their own when he’s not around (or too drunk/high to notice).

    The network that gave him the show was FX, affiliate of Fox, owned by good ole Murdoch. Thanks a lot, Mr. Murdoch *sarcasm*

  10. Sara says:

    Charlie’s nose looks like Pinocchio in that last pic.

  11. sarahtonin says:

    So by signing off “nabobs,” do you think he means he means/is:

    (1). A rich bastard who gets everything he wants because his money makes him entitled.
    (2). No
    (3). Not A Bad Old Bitch/Bastard
    (4). A black person (non racist)

  12. Jordan says:

    What does nabobs mean? Yeah, I always thought the cars going over cliffs was Charlie himself but who knows.

  13. Annie says:

    His nose is HUGE and he’s superfug. That is all.

  14. junegorilla says:

    I don’t understand why these celebritues get a free pass on cocaine use. Purchasing cocaine supports evil cartels. There has been so much coverage on the brutality of the Mexican cartels just leaving a trail of tortured bodies all over the country. Charlie might as well be holding a bake sale for the Taliban. Assholes all of them.

  15. PyCaramel says:

    Why doesn’t this guy get nearly as much venom spewed on this site as Chris Brown?? Not a CB fan at all, but I’ve noticed this.

  16. skuddles says:

    Hmm ironic – Brooke Mueller is back in rehab.

  17. ZenB!tch says:

    There haven’t been any helicopters in a while so I think he is soberish.

    Seriously, the other day I was driving over to meet a friend in Beverly Hills and I heard copters just when I got close to CS’ place. I texted my friend to see if CS was up to something… nope there was a car accident (oops!)

  18. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    It would be awesome and maybe a little cray cray to see Charlie Sheen in a debate with Tom Cruise.

  19. Palefire says:

    That last photo… His eyes look truly truly crazy and scary. Gave me chills.

  20. Sarah says:

    Charlie Sheen is an idiot. He should be ousted from movies because he is a lousy actor. His neighbors should boycot his home and force him out of the community. There are lots of actors who bring in as much or more money than he does. Get him out of there.

  21. laura says:

    Uh, by boycotting someones home doesn’t that mean you just don’t go there? I imagine his neighbours already avoid it like the plague..q