Ben Affleck took Violet & Seraphina to an eco-friendly Fashion Camp: adorable?

Sometimes when a celebrity dad talks about his kids, I’m able to get a perfect image of what the dude is like as a father. Whenever I think of Johnny Depp’s parenting skills, the image I get is of Depp, on the floor, covered in pink scarves, giving voice to his daughter’s Barbie dolls in some French chateau. When I think of Brad Pitt with his kids, I imagine Brad as overextended, exhausted, and trying to curl up and take a nap when he puts the twins down. And whenever I think of Ben Affleck with his kids, this is pretty much what it looks like. Ben being casually strangled by little arms, trying to do something on his phone, eyeing the paparazzi. Anyway, these are new photos of Ben, Violet and Seraphina at Cheryl Fudge’s Fashion Camp. Yes, daddy took his girls to FASHION CAMP!

Ben Affleck is a dad on duty! In Santa Monica, Calif. on Sunday, the 39-year-old dapper dad of three enjoyed a day of girlie activities at Cheryl Fudge’s Fashion Camp with Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3; son Samuel, 4 months, stayed at home.

The trio got in some quality daddy-daughter time while putting together customized eco-friendly clothing ensembles in Fudge’s California-based shop. Affleck made sure to document all the creative construction for mom, Jennifer Garner, who was also absent from the outing.

In addition to playing chaperone and photographer, the actor also stood in as transportation, giving little both Violet and Seraphina alternating piggyback rides.

With Father’s Day just a week away, there’s no doubting that Garner, 40, and their brood will have something special in store for the rock star dad. For Mother’s Day, Affleck posted a video thanking both his mom and his wife, who he called “an incredible, spectacular, world-class mom.”

It’s no secret that he and the Odd Life of Timothy Green actress make quite the team. In April, Garner accepted the Female Star of the Year award at CinemaCon, despite her mom telling her that she’s always “breastfeeding or running a car pool — not acting!”

Garner’s response to her mom’s words: “I said it’s not all about the now, it’s things you’ve done in the past or in the future, and she was like, ‘Honey, you have a weird job.’”

[From Us Weekly]

I wonder if Ben is just biding his time until his son gets old enough so they can do “boy things” together. Red Sox games, T-ball, etc. I know Violet is a little athlete too – hopefully, Ben and Jennifer aren’t entrenched in old-fashioned gender roles for their kids. Meaning that I hope Ben takes his girls to baseball games too, and not just to FASHION CAMP! But these are cute photos – I don’t think I ever realized that Seraphina is a little badass. Look at her outfit!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. mel2 says:

    Those Affleck girls are adorable.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    Wow, they grow FAST!
    They’re adorable and so, so pretty. I love how they always smile, they must be very happy children.

  3. DT says:

    Yes, the kids are extremely cute but why can’t this guy take his kids out without being intruded upon by photographers? Kids should be off-limits.

  4. really says:

    Buddy sure likes his phone.
    I think back at the times I spent with my dad as a kid. And then I imagine them as if he had been using a cell phone the whole time. Sad.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    I think it’s sweet and they’re adorable!

  6. Bri says:

    I hate to say this because I truly don’t believe in commenting on children’s looks but so far I think Seraphina is really cute and going to grow up to be quite a beauty. Violet is cute.

  7. Sabrine says:

    He was taking photos of the girls in their outfits to send back to Mom.

  8. rtms says:

    I find it fascinating that while they are constantly photographed with the girls, they have restrained themselves when it comes to their son Sam. I think he’s the only celeb baby born recently that hasn’t been splashed all over the tabs, mags etc yet. Don’t even know what he looks like.You have to give them credit on that. They can keep the paps away when they want to.

    • Belle says:

      I don’t think they are ‘restraining themselves’ any more with Samuel than they did with the girls… though they might have learned a few more tricks to keep his photo from being taken. It is much easier to keep an infant under wraps than it is to keep toddlers and children hidden. I remember seeing photos of both Violet and Sera when they were babies, with blankets, etc. over them, in an effort to not have their photos taken.

  9. bondbabe says:

    See Tom Cruise…this is what Daddy-Daughter time is and looks like.

  10. mojoman says:

    These are the most adorable celeb kids I’ve ever seen. And I can relate to the age difference between the girls since my boys are also 6 and 3. Those are the best ages!!

  11. NYC_girl says:

    I think he’s really cute. “The Town” was really good. Looks like he’s got some nice shoulders and upper arms. I’d jump on his back too.

  12. LucyOriginal says:

    They are super adorable! Is it wrong to say Seraphina is my favorite?

  13. Amanda G says:

    “I wonder if Ben is just biding his time until his son gets old enough so they can do “boy things” together.”

    That’s a terrible thing to say. Ben looks pretty damn happy to be with his girls.

    • Belle says:

      Completely agree with this. My husband and I have two daughters, and he has happily taken them to dance classes, and played dress up. He has also coached their soccer and basketball games, taught them to golf and swim… and everything in between. These days, he makes tampon runs, goes to piano recitals, science fairs and takes them to all University of Utah home football games. In his spare time, he tries to scare boys away(;
      I know my husband would have loved to have a son… but no more than he loves his daughters. For someone to see a dad participating in ‘girlie’ activities with his daughters and assume he is somehow ‘enduring’ it until he can do manly things with a son is just… wrong.

  14. therese says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever found Ben so attractive. Those are the cutest pictures. Darling girls, and they do seem to be very happy. Thanks for covering this.

  15. Chris says:

    That’s settled it. I’ve been getting a bit of shaving rash on my neck lately. So I’m gonna have a break from shaving and grow a beard like Ben’s. The beauty of it is a girl I’m sweet on is going to China for a month this week so if it looks bad I can shave it off the day before she gets back and my skin should’ve cleared right up. So once again celebitchy helps me with my life. Thank you. :)

  16. Belle says:

    Ben is looking MIGHTY fine this days!!