Lady Gaga to Madonna: “Things are really different than they were 25 years ago…”

Lady Gaga tweeted the above ^^ photo last night – it looks like her face/head is still really bruised after one of her dancers slammed a metal pole into her head onstage in New Zealand. Poor Gaga – I bet everything in that general area is as sore as can be.

Anyway, you remember how there was video of Madonna “covering” Gaga’s “Born This Way” a few weeks ago? The medley is actually part of Madge’s show now – she sings “Express Yourself” and then goes into “Born this Way” and then moves on to another song. Pretty much everyone thinks Madonna is just doing it to make a point – that point being “Born This Way is pretty much the same song as Express Yourself, so Lady Gaga is a copycat.” Once again, here’s how Madonna does it:

I actually think Madge is pretty smart for making her point that way – she had already made some comments about it (“I thought, ‘What a wonderful way to redo my song.’ I mean, I recognized the chord changes. When I heard it on the radio, I said ‘that sounds very familiar.’ It feels reductive”) in interviews, but hearing “Express Yourself” and “Born This Way” side-by-side, live, in concert, is extraordinary.

Gaga didn’t really have anything to say when the Madonna videos first came out. But when Gaga was performing in New Zealand last week, many think she made some pointed comments directed at Madge. In the middle of her stage show, Gaga said:

“It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work…And that doesn’t make me feel good at all. That just makes me feel like I’m not a good human being…I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep writing music. Because that’s really all I care about, is the music. Things are really different than they were 25 years ago, and that’s what makes Born This Way so relevant for me… We’re socially in a different place and it’s OK, we don’t have to all slice and hate each other anymore.”

[Via The Mail]

Yeah… I get Gaga’s point: “Stop hating, bitch.” She wants to call a truce with Madge. Sort of. Obviously, many people think the “Things are really different than they were 25 years ago…” comment is pointed – as in, Madonna’s heyday was 25 years ago, and Gaga is saying things have changed since then. Although I have to say – Gaga’s argument falls flat. If she just kept it about respect and NO HATE, that would be one thing. But making it about how things were “25 years ago” is ridiculous given that Gaga is flat-out copying stuff Madonna did 25 years ago. Obviously, Madonna is still relevant, and she was relevant 25 years ago, which is why Gaga copies so much of Madonna.

Gaga’s comments start around the 2:20 mark.

Photos courtesy of Gaga’s Twitter, WENN.

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  1. Dorothy#1 says:

    Plus her “little monsters” hate on other other people (Adele) all the time and she rarely tells them to stop.

    • Melissa says:

      She actually spoke out about the few fans and what they were saying about Adele.

      “A representative for the Poker Face hitmaker stated, “Lady Gaga does not approve of bullying anyone for their physical appearance, it goes against everything she stands for. A tiny handful of fans may be letting her down.”

      And then on the radio Gaga said, “I didn’t speak to anyone in particular, but anyone who would say anything negative about Adele, I wouldn’t support. I love her immensely. She’s very sweet. We’ve exchanged emails about our mutual love.
      “I wish her all the best for her recovery in her vocals, and I can’t wait to hear her new music. She’s an amazing success in the U.S. and in the U.K., and it’s wonderful to see such strong women thriving in pop music. I wouldn’t condone anything against Adele

    • gg says:

      Do you really think she can control what comes out of the mouths of Terry Richardson et al.? She can’t gag everybody on the planet. Not possible.

  2. Choupette says:

    Look, Lady Gaga. You aren’t as original as you like to think you are. You just aren’t. That doesn’t take away from any talent you have or your catchy tunes. It just means get over yourself. Things may have been different 25 years ago, but then wouldn’t that mean that singers like Madonna paved the way for your ass-baring antics? She did it better, you know? Things WERE different 25 years ago. These days there is just too much of The Same. You all want to be the same. Start wearing pants. That will set you apart from your pack.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Totally. Gaga is committing one of the worst sins—forgetting who made it easier for her to succeed.

      • jaleel dennis says:


    • Melissa says:

      Madonna copied people left and right (especially Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Deitrich, etc.) Madonna can’t even play “Frozen” in Belgium because she was sued for plagiarism and LOST. I just don’t see how Madonna has any right to complain about another artist being inspired by what came before them.

      • Sonya says:

        Yeah, whatever. Artists plagiarize all the time, that’s not good enough for an argument. I don’t think Madonna has ever thought she was truly innovative (apart from the cone bra), whereas Gaga’s come to believe it. And btw, I think all people know about Marlene Dietrich here is that Madonna ripped off her hairstyle.

      • gg says:

        Plagiarization IS the issue she’s slamming Gaga about. And Madge doesn’t want to admit that’s how she got her own name out there. By copying others. I have no problem with either of them doing it, and I don’t think artists should be calling each other out on it.

        I think Gaga meant how completely different the business is than it was 25 years ago. Which it is. There aren’t a zillion record labels churning A&R people around in their mill, dumping expense accounts and advances all over the place, because the money has been not there for awhile now. Labels have closed, and the larger labels are so scaled down it’s bizarre. But I say that as a good sign, because things have morphed into more independence (albeit less money) and more control for the artist. And if you’re an artist with a good business head, you can go far. If not, you can still get huge exposure through the internet and myriad other means.

        I thought her reply was classy, especially compared to the snotty interviews I’ve seen with Madge lately. She’s taken the high road. Madge should learn a lesson on treating other people with a lot more respect. Her head is so gigantic she needs her own planet at this point.

      • Eve says:

        @ gg:

        I’m going to respectfully disagree with this: “I thought her reply was classy, especially compared to the snotty interviews I’ve seen with Madge lately. She’s taken the high road.”

        I think Gaga’s passive agressiveness is anything BUT classy.

      • gg says:

        Did you see Madonna on Graham Norton? And then Gaga on Graham Norton? If you did, you’d see for yourself what I’m talking about.

      • Eve says:

        Gg, you missed my point entirely. I never said Madonna was classy — I KNOW she’s a Grade-A, rude bitch.

        My point was about Gaga being classy — she isn’t, in my opinion. Mostly because I hate passive agressiveness and usually think it’s a very cheap, low way of fighting back.

      • Minty says:

        “Artists plagiarize all the time, that’s not good enough for an argument.”

        NO, not all artists plagiarize. Many take inspiration from others and try to do something new with it. They make some effort to be fresh (not always successfully) instead of using copy/paste tactics.

        BTW sounds similar to EY, sure, but Madonna is the last person who can complain. EY copied from The Staples Singers’ Respect Yourself. Frozen is banned in Belgium because of plagiarism. Erotica (song & album) is banned in Lebanon because of plagiarism. Madonna was sued by Fairuz, the singer she copied, and reached an undisclosed settlement.

        Many of Madonna’s videos are unoriginal ripoffs. Examples: Her Hollywood video plagiarized the work of deceased photographer Guy Bourdin. His son sued Madonna and won. Love Profusion copied Billie Piper’s Honey To The Bee. This Used To Be My Playground copied Boy George’s To Be Reborn. George once jokingly said, “This Used To Be My Video”. He criticized her for it, but took it back. He shouldn’t have. Express Yourself is a colorized rehash of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. The video for Vogue copied the famous photos of many Old Hollwyood studio photographers, particularly Horst P. Horst. Horst was “displeased” with the video because he never gave Madonna permission to use his photographs and received no acknowledgement from her. Same old Madonna.

        Madonna’s appearance in her Cherish video copied Brigitte Bardot in a scene from And God Created Woman. Her appearance in Papa Don’t Preach (short boyish haircut, horizontal-striped top) copied exactly Jean Seberg’s appearance in Breathless.

        Yes, Gaga has copied others, but Madonna has done it for far longer. It’s completely ludicrous how Madonna fans are having bitchfits about Gaga for doing what Madonna has done for decades. And Madonna is rarely gracious about her “inspirations”. She pretends the ideas were all hers and relies on the ignorance of many of her fans, who aren’t even aware of some of the lesser-known/obscure artists she steals from. She would not have gotten away with so much of this shit if the internet had been around when she started.

        It’s understandable to imitate once or twice someone who inspires you. But copying throughout your career indicates you are an unoriginal hack. It’s not a tribute or homage. It’s thievery, plain and simple. Madonna is worse than Gaga and Beyonce combined. Queen of reinvention, my ass.

        FYI, the cone bra wasn’t Madonna’s idea, it came from fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. And he wasn’t original, either. That bra has been around since at least the 1950s, worn by Bettie Page and other fetish/bondage pinup models.

        You don’t believe me? Well, someone compiled plenty of photographic proof documenting Madonna’s many ripoffs, including her constant highjacking of the images of both Marilyn and Marlene:

        “I ACTED with vulgarity, Madonna IS vulgar.” -Marlene Dietrich

        Marlene got that right. Madonna recently flashed her saggy boob at her concert in Islamic Istanbul. Culturally considerate she ain’t.

      • orion70 says:

        Wasn’t there that Lovefoxx song recently too that was copied? Whatever became of that anyway.

      • NerdMomma says:

        Melissa and Minty- tons of really interesting information. I am in no way defending Madonna because I don’t care a lick for her, but I’m intrigued by the conversation and have a question. What’s the difference between plagiarism and inspiration, when you’re talking art? If you make a video based on a certain artist’s photography, is that plagiarism per se or were you just inspired by the photographs? Is copying a genre plagiarism, or just embarrassing (thinking of Christina Aguilera on this one!)

      • Pandy says:

        Minty – great post!! Madge needs to just go away, for the love of gawd …

      • db says:

        Yes! Madonna’s been sued a few times actually…

      • Minty says:


        Well, Webster’s Dictionary defines plagiarize as:

        to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own…without crediting the source.

        I’m not a lawyer, so I couldn’t tell you the legal ramifications, but Madonna has been successfully sued for plagiarism several times. She sampled without first getting permission from the originator. She could have mitigated her obvious copying somewhat if she had given proper credit/paid royalties, or in some instances said “this work was inspired by such and such…” She doesn’t. She pretends the ideas are all hers. If it was a parody, like a Saturday Night Live sketch, or like one of Weird Al Yankovich’s videos, then there wouldn’t be a problem. That’s why I didn’t list Material Girl. But Madonna has copied Marilyn so many times besides that video.

        As for inspiration, I think it’s successful when you make your work different enough from the original so that it is difficult for others to see any copying. There should be enough dissimilarities in the details.

      • Copy-donna says:

        Excellent comments, Melissa and Minty – especially about how Madonna was able to get away with her plagiarism for much longer because the internet wasn’t around.

    • only1shmoo says:

      Sorry, but Madonna gets WAY too much credit for “paving the way” for other artists! She’s a plagiarist too, just listen to “Respect Yourself” by the Staple Singers, a song which, incidentally, sounds just like the song Madge is blaming Gaga for copying.

      Basically, Madonna has done what Elvis did: stolen music from African Americans in order to be successful, only Elvis had more talent, IMO.

      • Choupette says:

        My meaning was more to the style of the performance and the costumes Lady Gaga wears both professionally and in her private life. Her look (and her sound for that matter) aren’t new. For Gaga to go all “well things were different 25 years ago” is kind of dumb because she’s taking a look/persona from 25 years ago and trying to own it’s originality. Now that being said, some of Madonna’s earlier looks may not be exclusive to her in terms of originality, but she made it famous. I’m not talking about the music at all. Just Lady Gaga inferring that she is somehow Ms.Original. She’s not. Liza Minelli wore similar looks in “Cabaret”. Who knows where costumer Charlotte Fleming found her inspiration.

      • disfoo says:

        Sorry but Madonna gets a pass. She’s straight up and makes no apologies. I respect that more than anything. Even the late Tupac said he felt foolish for distancing himself from their friendship on the advice of his handlers to preserve his image because when he called her from prison she didn’t miss a beat and was the ONLY one there for him. She’s a bold and loyal Leo and she is faultless in my eyes. Check that Gaga trick all you want Miss QUEEN OF POP!:-D

      • Trillion says:

        I was gonna have to point this out but you’ve already done it. When “Express” came out I was floored its direct lift of “Respect Yourself”, both musically AND lyrically. When I heard “Born” I was also surprised by how obviously reminiscent it is, but only the music. Madonna’s rip off is worse because it’s both music and chorus lyrics. I hope Staple Singers sell some MP3′s out of this whole thing, cuz Mavis has the effin’ pipes!

    • db says:

      @gg @minty Thank you for putting this in perspective. Also if Madonna seriously thought Gaga had lifted plagiarized her, Madge would have sued. Instead she prefers insinuation

      • gg says:

        Well, Madge likes being catty, which is her personality, she’s made NO secret of it, and I don’t think it’s a great big deal. I think she hurt Gaga’s feelings, and of course Gaga wanted to comment on it, since she’s currently on tour and has a mic in front of her every night for awhile, so what the hell, why not give it a mention. But really, points made, this should be ignored by the both of them now or it’s going to be making them both look like brats. And my feeling is Madonna has been a far bigger brat than Gaga thus far, with the hydrangea and other comments she’s made on chat shows.

        It’s better if they play fake nice to avoid bitterness because it ain’t getting any easier for either of them.

    • ema82m says:

      LOL love the pants comment!

  3. NerdMomma says:

    25 years ago, I thought Madonna was pretty awesome. Today, I think she’s completely awful. “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.” So Gaga’s got a point.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      I too recall the days when Madonna was cool and never thought she’d turn out as she has – insecure, plastic surgery oriented and desperately trying to hold onto fame.

    • Tiffany says:

      I used to love Madonna. I didn’t really like her attitude, but I loved her music so much I overlooked it. Now she is making such crappy music, and I realize what a mean, bitter person she is. The nip flash was desperate. I feel like I am now seeing the man behind the curtain, and it isn’t pretty.

      (To be fair, Madonna never hid her witchy personality)

      • gg says:

        I personally really would love to see Madonna put out some GOOD SONGS now. The shite she was singing on the Superbowl show? Holy crap. Little girl song, skipping around. I didn’t like it. I wish she could dig a little deeper and get a pretty song out of herself. Or her writers, or anybody …

    • Ailine says:

      Team Gaga! At least Gaga has humility, can sing, and can play an instrument well. Madonna is just sore because she is getting old. You have to get old Madonna…no amount of face freezes erases that.

      I heard this criticism of Paul McCartney, but I’ll apply it to Madonna as well: Madonna acts like she invented music. I can’t stand her huge ego!

  4. Eve says:


    Hate even more that I have to side with Madonna on this — yes, yes, I know Madonna herself has “borrowed” from a lot of people but at least she mixed that with something original and created her own style.

    Gaga is *thisclose* to flat-out plagiarism. It’s so bad that the first time I listened to “Born This Way”, I wasn’t looking at the tv and thought: “there is something wrong with Express Yourself”. Then I turned around and saw it was Gaga.

    Oh, and this comment?

    I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep writing music.

    More like “I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep shamelessly copying other people’s work”.

    There, I fixed it.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      @Eve, agree with both first thoughts. Hate both.

      I do have to agree that express yourself slid right in there with born this way.

      My beef with her pic? She got clocked on the TOP of her head. A pole can’t hit you in two eyes at the same time. She basically has on red eyeshadow on BOTH eyes. A fresh bruise is black, fades to green then yellow. Not MAC Folie on both eyes. Not to mention that a bruise does not sit up on your eyelid, they sink with gravity no matter where they are.
      She could have gone a believable green/purple/yellow smear under her eye for a good bruise.

      Stupid famewhore.

  5. Jane says:

    I don’t know why people are twisting this to sound like Gaga was talking about Madonna, when you watch the video it seems clear that she’s referring to how things were socially different 25 years ago, meaning homophobia etc. I don’t see the Madonna stuff at all. Plus she’s singing Hair, about acceptance and wanting to be free to be who you are.

  6. someone says:

    meh, they’re both obnoxious in their own way. Madonna is cruel and spiteful but then again so’ is lady g? anyone remember the Adele incident with her fans? if she was such an advocate for accepting yourself and your individuality, she wouldve said something. bur she didn’t. what a surprise

  7. Tmbg says:

    Yeah, things are worse than how they were 25 years ago. I’d almost be willing to give up the internet and other modern conveniences to be eleven years old again in the 80s.

    Sorry, I just have fond memories of growing up in the 80s. And how would Gaga know what it was like then? She was probably a year old.

  8. paola says:

    Gaga can complain as much as she wants but the evidence is that ‘Born this way’ sounds way too similar to ‘Express yourself’.
    Gaga is a talented singer, she should stick to it and respect what Madonna did for pop music. if it wasn’t for Madonna people like Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncè and many others would have not find the way up to success so easy. And yes, gaga is coyping madonna a lot, she wants to be remembered for the quirky outfits and horrible sense of style more than her voice and her music

  9. Ainsley says:

    I think BTW sounds like EY, but Madonna has copied other people too. A lot. Once Madge pointed it out, she should have dropped it. She always attacks other female singers who are competitors and it makes her look bitter and nasty. Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney, Gaga…

  10. Jil says:

    I listened to her music few day ago on yt and I can’t believe how fast gaga’s music got old and how dated it sounds. Her “art” is completely meaningless and forgettable.

  11. Jayna says:

    Her Little Monsters are vicious to other popstars. They believe everyone copies Gaga and want to tear down anyone they feel threatened by.

    Gaga from the Alejandro video on has been obsessed with using Madonna’s popstar playbook, just accelerated, and it backfired. Religious song Judas released at Easter trying to cause a controversy. Madonna probably felt she was being single white femaled. Her black and white Truth or Dare style behind the scenes coverage before
    The Monster Ball on HBO. The fake crying and whining over everyone out to tear her down cracked me up. At least tough it up like Madonna. Gaga’s own choreographer said it was planned to use heavily from Madonna and that Madonna ought to be bitter.
    Gaga fired her soon after that public admission. Gaga has her own style music for the most part and needs to go back to her own path, so maybe the subtle slap by Madonna
    was needed. Madonna has always been supportive of younger popstars and even Gaga until Gaga’s lifting became annoying.

    I actually enjoy the mashup. Madonna commits to it and even uses Gaga’s choreography once to make the point they are different people. The songs mash up beautifully together. She only did a few verses anyway mashed into ExpressYourself.

  12. sarah says:

    I thought that top picture WAS Madonna from back in the day.

  13. LeeLoo says:

    Madonna can’t begrude Gaga for doing the exact same thing Madonna herself has done several times over. I will agree that Gaga’s argument falls flat, but the fact Madonna has pursued this course of action makes Madonna seem bitchy, out of touch, desperately clinging to her youth and unwilling to leave the stage for the next generation.

  14. jano1981 says:

    All GaGa should have done was be like oops it does sound like Madonna!!??!! That wasn’t my intention, I <3 her etc. Its really strange that she never said a word about the similarity. Also Madonna didn't sue for copyright infringement or something of that nature so shouldn't GaGa be greatly appreciative for that? Madonna can be MEAN and she really has been pretty cool aboutthis.

    • LeeLoo says:

      If Madonna sued Gaga that would set the stage for Madonna to be sued for the exact same thing. How many songs of Madonna’s have sounded like someone else? I can think of at least 3.

      • paola says:

        exactly! And what about Beyoncè?! She has been stealing music, lyrics and coreographies for years.. they better just ignore what one has done to another!

      • jano1981 says:

        U missed my point. Not saying Madonna should sue, I said maybe she could and since Madonna hasn’t said much she should be somewhat happy. And I’m not familiar enough to know of the 3 songs she stole of others. I’m just thinking if it were me in Madonna’s shoe’s I probably wouldn’t be so nice to someone blatantly copying me. I’m sorry its crazy how similar those songs are without it being one of those songs like that mib3 song where they use the old song in it. :)

  15. Jackie says:

    i have the feeling, the older madonna gets, the more resentful and bitter she is going to become.

    she is moving into bette midler territory…always bitching at the younger generation for ripping her off.

    jealousy at an older age is very unattractive.

    • Jayna says:

      Always bitching about younger popstars ripping her off? When? She is beloved by younger popstars because she is encouraging. I have seen her in interviews mentioningother younger popstars and talking about their music she is listening to – Katy Perry’s songs, Britney (Blackout), Adele, etc. She even praised Gaga until it became her apparent it was more than inspiration.

      Back in their younger days Madonna and her contemporaries always made swipes at each other, but usually the attacks came first from them, not always. Madonna was a definite bitch like Mariah, etc. But they all made bitchy comments about one another, diva behavior way back in the day, none of them saints for sure.

      • Tmbg says:

        The first time I ever heard of Katy Perry was because Madonna mentioned having her songs on her ipod.

        Madge can be a real twit, but she has been encouraging of the younger generation.

      • StopItLuke says:

        I agree… It’s the same thing with Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj… The younger fans of Gaga/Nicki like to pretend that Madonna and Kim hate on all younger artists when it’s the polar opposite.
        Madonna has worked with younger artists like Britney, Christina, Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A etc and Kim has been with many other female rappers like Missy Elliott, Eve and some young underground female rappers.
        The only reason that Madonna has a problem with Gaga and Kim with Nicki is that they completely steal their tactics, looks, music and then trash them.

        Also why would Madonna be jealous of Gaga? Gaga pimps every album out to the max for like 5m copies sold, the last album Madonna actually promoted was “Confessions… ” which sold like 12,000,000 copies and her tour is set to make $500,000,000 lol

      • Trillion says:

        Madonna HAS to work with younger artists out of necessity. Firstly, pretty much all artist are younger than she is and secondly, this is how she can try to remain relevant and get younger listeners. Who else would she work with but younger artists?

    • Jackie says:

      gaga has been an actual threat to madonna. the others have not. big difference.

      btw, i am not a fan of either.

  16. heidiho says:

    They both suck and their live concerts sound like crap what a waste of time and money….give me the Rolling Stones or KOL or anyone but them, kenny Chesney anything.

  17. sheila says:

    oh puh-lease! Gaga thinks we’re all stupid. she’s more than enough educated as a musician to come up with something very original, so whatever she said about “things are diffrent now” or “common harmonic movements” is pure crap, she was BS-ing.
    Gaga wanted to make people talk about her silly song in the first place, so she made it sound very-alike Madge’s “express yourself”. she even wrote it in the same scale.

  18. NM6804 says:

    Oh Gaga, things were different 25 years ago, as in: what Madonna did was actually revolutionary. Thanks to her, you can prance around half naked (without any message unlike Madonna!) and it being not a big deal.

    I think after all the passive agressiveness Gaga has shown (BTW inspired by Whitney Houston???), Madonna can have her shot too only she does it better. I love the mashup and find it rather playful and demure for a class A bitch like Madge.

    Her last album was not great (which album is after Music, maybe Confessions…?) but her tour seems rocking! 25 years ago, she danced her ass off and 25 years later, she still does it so as performing goes, things are not all that different. Let’s see where Gaga is 25 years from now hmmmm? She can’t even bust a decent move NOW and she talks too much in her shows.

    Lastly, this Gaga-Madonna feud was not started by Madonna. I think she saw her as healthy competition and had a laugh about it at first (snl 2009) but people made a big deal out of it, started comparing them by weakly using age as a way to put Madonna down and then BTW really was the icing on the cake. Again, for being a class A bitch, Madge was being very respectful and silent on the matter.

    • Eve says:

      Agree with almost everything you said.

      The one thing I don’t agree with is the part about her tour — and that’s not because I don’t like Madonna’s concerts (specifically), I just don’t like any of these super theatrical concerts where the visuals and the dancing matter a lot more than the music (both Madonna and Gaga are guilty of that).

      • NM6804 says:

        I love her shows just for that. There’s always something going on and since her talent is limited, I enjoy the work she puts in her lively shows. I’m hoping to catch her next tour! Madonnapologist, that’s me!

        That said, I can enjoy an Adele concert or Tori Amos, RHCP…just as much. It depends on what mood I’m in.

  19. Ellie66 says:

    Ugh gaga needs to take a hot bath with lots of soap she looks grubby. Really though is gaga going to be around in 25 years? For better or worse Madonna has managed to be relevant for a long time. I don’t think gaga has the same staying power.

    • jaye says:

      Please…people said the same thing about Madonna back in the day.

      • StopItLuke says:

        The difference is that Gaga is on her not even five years into her career and her sales are already slipping and her schtick is wearing thin, Madonna is 30 years into her career and is raking in $500,000,000 from this tour, something Gaga can’t even do in her heyday (now).

      • Ellie66 says:

        All I’m saying is how is gaga going To keep it up? Will she be wearing meat in 30 years? All her costumes and “art” are already getting old and silly.

      • Tiffany says:

        Stopitluke, how can you say Gaga’s sales are slipping? She is playing sold out shows, has had to add shows, etc.

        Plus, in Billboard today, they said that Madonna’s MDMA lasted only 9 weeks in the Top 200 positions on the Billboard charts! If it doesn’t come back, it will break her previous record of only 13 weeks in the top 200 albums. “Born This Way” spent 53 weeks in the Top 200 albums. When you make sales comparisons, Gaga does have the edge because she has album, single, and concert sales. Madonna does great in her concert sales, but she can’t sell her new music at all.

      • Jackie says:

        i am not a fan of either, but after 30 years madonna is still pulling stunts like showing her tit to get attention, and the rolling stones still make millions from touring…doesn’t mean they are relevant.

      • TruthTella says:

        @Tiffany, Gaga’s album sales are slipping… Her highest selling album is her debut which sold 8m ww while two years before that Madonna released her “Confessions…” album which was the last one she actually actively promoted and it sold 12m.
        It’s unfair to say Madonna can’t sell records anymore when she obviously doesn’t care about doing so anymore, If she’d wanted MDNA to sell she would have promoted it with more than ONE performance months before it’s release. Gaga did a trillion huge award show performances, countless interviews and singles while Madonna did one performance. Madonna has sold 320m in her career while Gaga as sold like 20m and even though Gaga is selling out her tours she isn’t charging as much as Madonna or playing in venues as big as her.

  20. The Original Mia says:

    I still get Born this Way confused with Express Yourself so Lady Blahblah needs to get over herself. She copied Madonna plain and simple & Madonna being the bigger bitch called her on it fabulously.

  21. hmm says:

    “I thought, ‘What a wonderful way to redo my song.’ I mean, I recognized the chord changes.”
    I took a music theory class last semester and if I remember correctly I am pretty sure that almost all of modern western music recycles the same chord progressions/changes, sorry Madge

  22. Me says:

    Madonna sounds great and has a lot of energy and I dont even like her.

  23. Zvonk says:

    Someone took the high road.

  24. Crystal says:

    Ugh. Lady Gaga needs to take a seat with that passive aggressive bullshit. I’m not a fan of either of these women…I respect their hussle and success in this male orientated business(especially Madonna) but they’re both try-hard douches.

    Madge has every right to comment on BTW and the similarities it posses to Express Yourself. However, the feud over the song has been going on for over year now has only been fueled by one side. Madonna should have kept it classy, said her peace, and moved the fuck on. Stooping down to the level of making fun of another pop artist in her show just came off as tasteless and extremely immature.

    On the other hand…I just have to lol that in a speech about how she doesn’t want to be shady, she’s subtly calling Madonna bitchy and old. Girl…sit down.

    “Things are really different than they were 25 years ago, and that’s what makes Born This Way so relevant for me… We’re socially in a different place and it’s OK…”

    Oh please. Um how ’bout no. I swear I only hear this shit from privelleged white people.

  25. lucy2 says:

    They’re both being annoying. Madonna had a fair point to mention it, the songs do sound a LOT a like, but to keep harping on it makes her look bitter. And Gaga needs to drop the martyr act – if writing music is all that matters to her, then do that instead of borrowing so heavily from others.

  26. StopItLuke says:

    Things are different from 25 years ago, 25 years ago artists like Madonna worked their asses off to break boundaries and make great music, these days basic b*****s like Gaga, Katy, Rihanna, Nicki etc just rehash what other women have done before them and trash the women who did it first.
    I’m not saying Madonna was never inspired by anybody but there’s a difference between being inspired and flat out copying like Gaga does.
    Also she needs to take a seat because Madonna’s tour is set to rake in $500,000,000 and break her OWN record Gaga could never.

    • Crystal says:

      Seriously, people love to believe that Madonna is this jealous bitch that has become irrelevant even though at 53 she’s slaying most women half her age. She has the highest grossing solo tour of all time and this new tour is set to beat her record. What could she possibly be jealous about? I don’t even like her but the media love to pit older female artists against new female artists.(Noone compares The Rolling Stones to One Direction) Madonna has nothing left to prove in this business. She set the bar (in terms of mildly talented, attention seeking artists) and all she has to do is watch her lessers try to reach it and fall over and over again.

      As for Gaga people need to let her be great. Her music is not my thing but she has talent. That whole ‘next’ madonna thing is tired. If she wants to be a legend then she can’t just be a cheap imitation of some other legend. The comparisons are boring and Gaga fans are so pressed over Madonna.

    • Adrien says:

      Sorry, Luke, people can call Rihanna douchey but she had better pop songs than most artists back in the 80s. 80s music are far worse than the prevailing music today.

  27. Nan209 says:

    I actually thought the Gaga pic at the top was Gaga trying to look like Madonna from the late 80s ( papa don’t preach). Whatever I find both of them tiresome. I do like some of Madonnas songs and find the techno sound of Gaga annoying…though I think vocally she’s a better singer than Madonna.

  28. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I don’t think that her refusal to engage in battle with Madonna is necessarily indicative of passive-agressive behavior. Some people just don’t like fighting with others. I don’t know much about Gaga, but isn’t one of her big causes an anti-bullying campaign? Wouldn’t it be a bit hypocritical for her to turn around snd start calling Madonna names? I don’t know…not a fan of either of these women but I think Gaga handled it pretty well….
    PS-The collective *GASP!* over pop music copying other pop music is pretty silly. Pop music is derivative and redundant by nature. This is not news..Hell, as someone who listens to NONE of it unless forced to, I doubt I could tell the difference between Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, etc etc

    • Eve says:

      Kitten, I don’t think the passive agressiveness people are pointing out is about Gaga refusing to fight. Here’s the part that caught my attention:

      It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work…And that doesn’t make me feel good at all. That just makes me feel like I’m not a good human being…I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep writing music.

      I feel like she’s talking about Madonna here — and if it’s indeed that, in a very passive agressive way.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well yes I agree with you, Eve, if you frame that statement in the context of her “battle” with Madonna. But if you take just her statement alone I actually completely agree with her. I DO think that’s what motivates most people to be nasty-taking a dig at someone else or calling people nasty names is a tool to elevate one’s self-esteem. And I also agree with her that for myself, being nasty towards others doesn’t do anything for me except for make me feel worse. *shrugs*
        I didn’t watch the video because I’m at work (working REALLY hard as you can tell ;) ) but I see other posters saying that it was edited to make it seem like her comments were directed towards Madonna. Who knows? I don’t listen to this kind of music so I don’t have a dog in this fight, really.

      • Eve says:

        Yeah, I saw that (apparently it was edited)…I don’t know, Gaga rambles so much during her concerts! I mean, I caught one of them on HBO and kept asking myself: “Is she going to sing at any point?”…then I gave up and changed the channel.

        And believe me, I hate myself for taking the time to comment on this as well. Don’t like Gaga’s music and stopped listening to Madonna’s long ago.

      • Jayna says:

        Gaga also said at the end of that monologue that her fans don’t want her being shady and cunty, basically calling Madonna shady and cunty -just in a passive aggressive way. Gaga is queen of addressing things in a passive aggressive way. She’s sly that one and pretty smart. It makes her look like she didn’t lower herself.

      • Tiffany says:

        Eve and Jayna, it doesn’t sound like you watched the video and what she said. You are missing a lot of context (and it didn’t seem to be that the written text matched the words in the video. There should be some “……” in there where she says other things about the LGBT community in between.)

        She could be a lot more articulate, but I think she was saying that always acting out defensively can make you behave in a mean way.

      • Eve says:

        @ Tiffany:

        And I didn’t (watch the video). I only read the article written by Kaiser and that excerpt (with the grey background). That’s why I mentioned that I felt like she was talking about Madonna and if it was indeed that, she was being passive agressive.

      • NM6804 says:

        @Eve: I never use LOL but in this case, your comment about Gaga rambling deserve a LOL =).

        I had the same feeling. Me and my cousin caught one of her shows on some channel while we where flicking through channels for something interesting and we saw her and were curious if she’s as badass on tour as they say she is. Cut to one minute later and she’s STILL talking. We changed channels because obviously we got bored but after 5min. came back to see her perform: STILL.TALKING. We just looked at each other in shock :d. She doesn’t shut the fuck up (pardon my French). Annoying. We just gave up.

      • Eve says:


        That’s precisely what happens during her shows. My theory is that maybe she’s just trying to catch her breath after all that dancing.

        By the way, you were a way more patient than me.

  29. Attalia says:

    Haven’t it already been established that BTW is a SAMPLE of EY? Plus, the comment about 25 years ago is not about Madge but homophobia ppl.!!! Why all the fuss?

  30. Sashaqueenie says:

    Oh you haters, life would be so much easier for you if Lady Gaga’s best known and only hit song is “Born This Way”.
    Wrong! She’s had many wonderful tracks, and many even went to the top of the charts. Bad Romance, Poker Face, Telephone, Just Dance etc etc. Stop with this fixation on Born This Way. It does not sound like Express Yourself at all.
    The only person who wants the two songs to have any similarities is Madonna, who hasn’t had a #1 song in eons. Madonna has made so many enemies in the last 25 years, I am not in the least surprised the itch spelt with a captal B wants to make another one with Lady Gaga.

    • Jayna says:

      Are you seriously suggesting Madonna is the only one bringing up the similarities? You have a short memory. For a year before Madonna answered the question, it was all over the Internet being discussed and on TV shows, so much so that Gaga had to address it in interviews In print, (not coming off very good), on TV in an interview (lying said she had heard from Madonna giving her approval), her minions addressing it on twitter, Gaga being tacky trying to distance herself from Madonna and
      Express Yourself. by thanking Whitney Houston at the 2011 Grammys on being her inspiration when writing the song.

      But I agree with you. In her earlier albums Gaga has some great catchy. hits.

    • Eve says:

      Stop with this fixation on Born This Way. It does not sound like Express Yourself at all.

      Are you kidding me??? Gaga “paid tribute” to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” (it was shameless plagiarism, in my opinion though).

      Even in the video for the song she’s made up to look like Madonna — teeth gap and all.

      You know…you could have defended Gaga without sounding completely delusional.

    • Happy21 says:

      I don’t think they sound the same either. I’ve listened to Madonna since the beginning over and over and over again. First having her records, then tapes, then CDs and I’ve listened to all of Lady Gaga’s CDs tons too and I just never hear the resemblance. I don’t know maybe my ears aren’t hearing it for some reason.

      I’m a Madonna fan and I’m a Gaga fan. Every artist takes inspiration from somewhere – i.e. style, sound, background, etc. Gaga said at the inception of her career that Madonna was an inspiration for her. She’s never denied that but Madonna wasn’t all innocent in her style and/or sound either. Her and Cyndi Lauper always sounded the same to my mum, she could never tell them apart. Madonna basically took the New York dance scene and ran with it. I’m sure there were many dancers, performers from NY in the 80′s who thought Madonna ripped them off.

  31. Jordan says:

    I wish the Lady Gaga’s and the Nicki Minaj’s of today could just respect those who came before and made it easier for them to succeed today. You’re not original and you’re not fooling anyone.

    • Minty says:

      And Madonna is not original either. There’s plenty of photographic evidence:

      I’m not a Gaga fan. I’ve liked (not loved) 2 of her earlier songs and that’s it. Gaga has copied but Madonna is the worse offender. She has stolen from others for decades. Expand your awareness of pop culture/film/photography references to before the 1980s.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @Minty – wowsa, that is a LONG list. I do recall her Marilyn fixation, and I did know about the Metropolis ripoff – but wow, the sheer breadth of that list is impressive.

        As someone else in the thread put it, “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

      • Minty says:

        Hiya Ducky!

        Yes, it’s a loooonnngg list. Of course, Madonna stans won’t check out that site because then they would have to stop complaining and shut their pieholes. It’s pitiful how Madonna is continuing this “feud” when her hypocrisy is written in concrete many times over. You’d think a woman in her fifties would have enough wisdom and refrain from petty public displays.

      • Karma says:

        Maybe it’s because Madonna fans were already aware of the similarities to iconic pictures and poses the very second they saw Madonna in those various pics.

        And you would have to be a drooling idiot not to understand in her Vogue video where she mentions Dietrich by name that she is paying tribute to Dietrich’s and other’s iconic photos and poses. The same goes for most every picture on that list.

        Seriously? That list is lame on a lot of levels.

        Fine, if you were shocked, but that doesn’t mean the rest us of were ignorant to iconic images or the fact that photographers like trying to copy the masters/iconic images as well.

        I am sure that most of those photographers were famous themselves and were attempting to honor the old Hollywood masters with a blonde bombshell of their era. It isn’t as big a scandal as you want to pretend.

        Try explaining the list is a secret scandal, which Madonna fans would refuse to acknowledge, to bunch of drag queens and they would look at you like you were an idiot. Uh sweetie…we know.

      • Minty says:


        Oh, so are you the official spokesperson for all Madonna fans now? I should alert the press. If you actually comprehended what I wrote, you’d have noticed I said stans, the fanatics among her admirers. There is a difference, don’t you know?

        No hon, I was not “shocked” when I saw that list. I’m pleased someone made the effort to compile convenient examples of Madonna’s hackery. I was alive and well when Madonna first hit the scene and was a fan of hers until I reached my twenties. I was aware of her ripoffs as she was committing them, since I grew up watching Old Hollywood films and listened to music before my generation.

        Copying that often throughout her career is not a tribute or homage or whatever euphemism you want to cough up. It’s imitation in its lowest form because it is not meant to flatter. It’s Madonna hitching herself onto the fame of others who are timeless and still remembered. It’s amusing that Madonna’s being bitchy when she’s on the receiving end of her type of behavior. That’s karma.

        Funny how you shift the blame to the photographers for copying past imagery. It’s no secret Madonna is a notorious control freak in charge of her public image. She may call others her collaborators, but employees would be more correct. Do you seriously believe she didn’t have the final decision on which classic icon she was copying? Yes, she was just this meek, passive model who let all these determined photographers use her in whatever cheap reproduction they were attempting. LOL, what an unconvincing excuse!

        If you think it’s okay for Madonna to repeatedly steal the imagery and style of celebrites who predate her, and to copy the music of others (Frozen; Erotica; Express Yourself copied Respect Yourself; Ray Of Light is a reworking of Curtiss Maldoon’s Sepheryn) then you should be fine and dandy with the similarities between Gaga and Madonna. Any complaints would make you another garden variety hypocrite.

      • Karma says:


        LOL!! No, absolutely not. But based on the hyperbolic terms/strawmen you’ve constructed for me throughout your post. YOU made yourself the official spokesperson for all Madonna fans by claiming who, what, where, when, and why they wouldn’t go to that site and what they should/would do as a result of that website if it ever did pass their view. LOL!!

        I’m just trying to point out the obvious to you. Everyone already knows! Everyone already knows that Madonna was ripping on Marilyn and every other blond film icon. It falls under another one of those 80s highlights. DUH!!! They took Material Girl practically shot for shot from Marilyn’s film, Diamonds….

        And since they were intentionally ripping from Marilyn in Madonna’s early record/video career. OF COURSE the photographers hired are going to follow that same imagery that Madonna and her record company planned to sell albums with. DUH!

        And when Madonna became famous and the photographers were more famous too, of course they still took cues from her career and current album imagery. Still falls under….DUH!!! She is promoting her damn album with magazine shots and pr photos. So clearly the Vogue pr photos would be of even more film icons. And to say that photographers don’t love to honor the masters of the past is to not read or hear them say exactly that when discussing photo shoots.

        Seriously, this isn’t news to anyone….LOL. Please try and find a Madonna fan that didn’t know she was trying to copy both famous photo and film icons’ style. It would be impossible and was probably referred to in the pr article beneath the photo. So your version of Madonna fans won’t look at that site for whatever reason doesn’t stand. That was my point.

        And seriously, I don’t care about Lady Gaga ripping off Madonna, Grace Jones, Bette Midler, Elton John, her dead friend, a whole documentary/concert idea, etc, etc. It’s the Gaga fans that pretend she isn’t doing the same while ripping on Madonna’s career that are being hypocritical.

        I also don’t care that Madonna was finally being bitchy to Lady Gaga. She was always bitchy it was always part of the act and Madonna has been silent for a long time regarding Gaga. It would be weird if she didn’t say something bitchy especially when asked.

        You can still pretend this is some huge scandal that Madonna fans must avert their eyes from. But that doesn’t mean drag queens and every other Madonna fan didn’t know she was mimicking icons.

        Uh sweetie….we know.

      • Minty says:

        Oh Karma, you and your use of blanket statements. Everyone knows, huh? Are you everyone? Seems like you think you are, since you often talk in the first-person plural, AKA the royal we. How pretentious, just like your idol.

        Everyone does not know, as plainly evidenced by some commenters here in this relatively small forum, about how much copying Madonna has done. Or do you not read the other comments? You and your drag queen friends may know her hackery, but you are not representative of some of her fans in the wider audience of YouTube, who see Marilyn perform Diamond’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend and comment that it strangely reminds them of Material Girl, hmmm. You are not representative of those who think Madonna was original with Ray Of Light and wrote as much, when the song and the video borrowed heavily from others.

        So while you and your transvestites sit self-satisfied that this “scandal” was in your radar long ago, there are plenty who think reinvention and originality began in the 1980s with her. There’s a sizable group who are unaware of the old icons she copies. My conclusions about stans came from their redundant comments here and elsewhere, where they essentially claim Madonna was an originator and Gaga is her doppelganger, missing the irony of their words in the process. It’s from firsthand experience, hon. Your suggestion that I made things up about stan behavior is laughable. But I guess if pulling things out of your ass as you categorize me is fun for you, have at it. Pssst: if you want to label me, you can label me a former Madonna fan who finds her hackery repetitive and pathetic. Use italic font for that sticker you have ready, thanks.

        Ah, but there’s also a correlation. Just as your drag queen friends (who you’ve mentioned ad nauseam) are artificial representations of real women, so Madonna is an artificial representation of a real artist. Never as good as the real thing and often bordering on caricature.

        Thank you for reminding everyone the methods by which Madonna copies to feed her need to always be in the spotlight. You look at any famous woman her age and find Madonna wanting. She’s recycling her old tricks (nipple-baring fake controversy in Istanbul) in a desperate to bid to recapture her youth, and preoccupied with appearing relevant and hip to each new generation. How sad she can’t make peace with the aging process.

        You haven’t told me anything about Madonna that I didn’t already know. But some of it is news to others. Sue me for sharing unpretty facts with people. Some people prefer to reject illusions. Imagine that.

        “It’s the Gaga fans that pretend she isn’t doing the same while ripping on Madonna’s career that are being hypocritical.”

        Now you are being ridiculous. Both sides of this tiff are guilty of hypocrisy. Every group has its radical and ignorant members. Gaga is derivative, too, but she often publicly credits her “influences”. Up to this point, it’s Gaga who is behaving with more maturity. And um, if you actually watched the unedited video, it might dawn on you that she was speaking about homophobia. Her supposed passive-aggressive slam of Madonna is tabloid sensationalism. You bought into it.

      • Karma says:

        Whoo Hoo….you love rolling around with those strawmen you construct for others.

        And what’s with all the drag queen hate? Who cares if they are my friends, family, Gaga fans? Or even if I might not know any and was using it as foil to make a humorous comment, and then referred back to that joke in the next post? You are the person who referred to them ‘ad nauseum’/four times in your ONE post dripping with whatever that was.

        Seriously, you are completely missing the point to argue about bs and be a bit rude with that stuff. ”Self-satisfied…geez…isn’t that taking the exact stance you are trying to construct for me? Knowing what the ‘royal we’ are thinking and feeling…lol?

        And if some 12 year old little girl in the YouTube comments doesn’t know that Madonna ripped from Marilyn, the least you could do is being understanding at that limited world view since Marilyn movies aren’t playing on tv much anymore.

        However, at the time it came out there was no one trying to hide those facts, nor are they now, and it was promoted as a Marilyn tribute. So yes, EVERYONE knew. You can pretend it was hidden at the time, but it was common knowledge and written into the articles, interviews, promos, tv teases, etc. Madonna would comment on it when asked and stated how much she loved Marilyn and the other blond screen icons.

        So MOST….is that better for your hyperbolic rants? LOL. MOST Madonna fans are fully aware of her mimicking idols.

        That you have your panties in a twist over it — is your thing. Clearly, this Madonna thing takes up more of your thoughts and leisure time, than it does me, in order for you to stroll YouTube comments and attack unsuspecting Madonna fans in person with such stuff. LOL.

        I really don’t care as much as you do, or even as much as your hyperbolic rants pretend I do. Because like you said stans are different and you clearly are with your accusations.

        MOST Madonna fans are fully aware she mimics icons and has for decades. She talked about it often in her interviews so the comment that Gaga honors her influences and Madonna doesn’t is also a lie.

        And as far as Gaga acting mature. Whatever you need to believe…lol. I did see the unedited video and it’s typical passive-aggressive Gaga spewing cliches and pretending to be above it all.

        “Shady”, “c*unty”, “cut” (…a bitch), and “slice” (…a bitch). Who talks about homophobia like that? No one. That’s girl on girl crime. And only an idiot would pretend otherwise. You can lap up Gaga’s bs and pretend it’s something else but that was mean girl all the way. And there is nothing mature about calling another female c*nty.

        But here is the thing I didn’t ‘buy into’ anything, that comment of mine you quoted was about Lady Gaga ripping off other performers and her fans being in denial about it while ripping on Madonna’s career. I only tore apart Gaga’s comment in this post after your distortion.

        Your entire rant is so far out from what I was trying to say, it is stunning. So, there is no point in bothering with all the other distortions.

        Rock on with your hyperbolic self.

      • Copy-donna says:

        Hi Minty!

        It seems like “Karma” is saying that Madonna ripping off others is OK because her older, queenier fans are aware of the original “inspirations”. Strangest logic I’ve ever seen…but then again, we’re talking about her stans here, LOL!

      • Karma says:

        Uh Copy,

        My comments to Minty was about her statement below.

        “Of course Madonna stans won’t check out that site because then they would have to stop complaining and shut their pieholes.”

        My point was that MOST Madonna fans/stans know about the mimicry. Her point doesn’t stand on any level because it is common knowledge that those iconic images were being copied referred to throughout her career, in interviews, articles, tv shows, etc. You would have to be drooling idiot not to know…or…not alive then. Which is a different set of issues compared to Madonna fans and their knowledge of her career. But Minty was referring to hardcore STANS…and so was I. Not the tepid/drive-by commentors/youtube fans she later tries to place her distorted logic onto. And the reference to drag queens was a joke, a foil, a comedic device to to be snarky and say. “Uh sweetie…we know.” How dumb do you have to be to miss that foil and snark?

        Apparently Gaga fans are slow and prone to distortion because I stated that I didn’t care that Gaga also rips off performers and then named a bunch of them. The point being…they both rip off others…DUH!!!

        Try working on that reading comprehension and other people’s posts won’t seem so illogical to you. ;)

      • Minty says:

        Spare me.

        I come back from a business trip to this, your silly diatribe, because I dared criticize Madonna and her stans? LMAO! Girl, you are a piece of work. Karma really is a bitch.

        You brought up drag queens as the arbiter of all things Madonna, so don’t get all butthurt when I addressed that topic, since you introduced it in the first place. By the way, I only mentioned them 3 times in my post to which you’re referring. Learn to count before you get self-righteous, mmm-kay?

        How you love to put words in my mouth. How do you know those YouTube commenters were 12-year-olds? You don’t. You wrote: “Clearly, this Madonna thing takes up more of your thoughts and leisure time, than it does me, in order for you to stroll YouTube comments and attack unsuspecting Madonna fans in person with such stuff.”

        Wow. How do you know I strolled there and attacked unsuspecting Madonna fans? You don’t. Talk about hyperbole. And clearly, Madonna occupies a good chunk of your mind because you cared enough to write such long responses to me, and with such hostility, too. So disingenuous. But it sure helps with your projecting, since you can only imagine how it “went down”. It sure aids you in your pose of being insulted. Cruel Minty, attacking “unsuspecting” and innocent Madonna fans/stans. That’s a fanfic waiting to be written.

        Incredibly hypocritical of you to even act superior when you attacked me FIRST, quite rudely with the thick application of condescension. As if anyone would fail to notice your smug tone. You wanted polite discourse, you should have started with polite discourse. Duh. It’s too late to whine now. I commented about nameless stans and you took it upon yourself to be offended on their behalf. Reminds me of Herbert, who wrote: “My son displays a general garment and you claim it’s cut to your fit?…What a fascinating revelation.” LOL, you found your size?

        It’s hilarious how you cry foul about straw man arguments and use of hyperbole when you are using those exact tactics. What a startling lack of self-awareness. It’s not hard to see through your facade of sanctimony. Copy-donna pegged you correctly, stan.

  32. Crystal says:

    LOL. This thread. It’s funny that people are saying that all pop music is derivative and recycled. Noone says that on Beyonce threads when she gets shade for copying but all of a sudden Madonna needs to sit down and accept it when someone does it to her.

    Fair enough…I hope I see these arguments made for Beyonce when she gets caught for copying again.

    There’s a difference between influence and straight copying. I’m a Beyonce fan. I know exactly what copying sounds(and looks) like. BTW is just Express Yourself with different lyrics lets be real here.

    • Tiffany says:

      Just because you don’t see it on other threads doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Here is a quick example: Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Last Dance with Mary Jane by Tom Petty.

      • Crystal says:

        Um, I don’t need an example but thanks.

        My point was that people only bring out the ‘everyone recycles in pop music’ arguments when it’s someone they don’t like. Example Madonna.

        If someone made a song that sounds exactly like Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ people on here would have an aneurysm(Adele can do no wrong on this site) but because it’s Madonna people expect her accept it because pop music is ‘derivative’.

        I give zero f-cks if everyone copies each other but just own it because if pop music is ‘recycled’ and nothing is original people will understand, right?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Crystal-I’ll clarify: pop music is almost always derivative, uninspired, and recycled and it’s not really trying to be anything other than that. These people want to sell records, period. Yes, I would say the same about Beyonce or anyone else you mentioned. I’m not saying that pop music is terrible. It’s fine-it’s fun “ear-candy” that a lot of people enjoy but let’s not pretend that these artists are doing anything new or ground-breaking. And yeah, when I hear an incredibly talented band/artist put on an amazing live show WITHOUT gimmicks or crazy costumes and without auto-tune or fancy effects on their mics it’s pretty hard for me to be impressed with one-dimensional pop artists.

      • Ken says:

        Listen to Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones and then Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Even Adele “gets inspired.” There are mash-ups all over the internet.

      • gg says:

        I think you have got the genre in the right perspective, Kitten. This is Pop music here, not Mozart or Zappa. It’s Pure Fluff, and meant to be. “Happy music”, or whatever.

  33. Jover says:

    Great comments one and all; yes BTW copies Ey that’s pretty much established; Jil you are spot on Lady xerox is already dated; this is unfair but i listened to the Beatles abbey road and zeppelins HOw the west was won, and while they certainly borrowed, those cds are still fresh; the majority of gaggles’ songs aren’t even played, yes everything is recycled but you can still come up with fresh arrangements; gaga is bad live I saw the stones five years ago live and they kicked ass even in their sixties. Gaga won’t being doing that.
    WHat’s laughable about gaggles is how bad and lacking in poetry and turns of phrases her lyrics really are if you just read them as Chris Walken read Poker Face on a brit show (it’s on youtube watch it) a couple of yrs ago.

    • Ken says:

      What have the stones (or U2 for that matter) done in the past 20 (30) years. They are like a Picasso exhibit. You see it regardless if you like it or not.

    • gg says:

      @ Jover – I hear you on that. Gaga’s lyrics are the worst I have ever heard, and I’m sort of a fan – I listen to her while exercising because the beat is driving. Don’t love all of it, don’t have to. In general, I sort of hate pop music because it’s too much fluff for me and I’m a hard rocker type.

      But this is not rock and roll, it’s POP. Huge difference. So there won’t be any similarity between her and the Stones, Bowie, Zepellin, etc. Comparing them is a waste of time.

  34. Jojo says:

    Kaiser, thank you for calling out Gaga.

    I am all for “no hate” but Gaga was not all “peace and love” in her monologue, she slipped in some ridicule.

    First of all, as you noted, she mentioned that things have changed and ranting is so 25 years ago, making Madonna appear like a dinosaur.

    Secondly she said something to the effect of “do I have to be all cunty” which sort of implictly implied that Madonna was being a cunt.

    If anything Gaga has just escalated the situation, especially she did so under the pretenses of being a “good guy.” What Madonna did was puerile, but she sort of had the right to do it, since, yes, gaga did rip her off without proper credit.

    I will be interested in seeing how Madge reacts. I would love to see her parody this speech by including veiled insults, and pretending also to take the high road!!!

  35. Jay says:

    Not a GaGa defender, but I’m old enough to remember the kerfuffle over the Ghostbusters theme being accused of a ripoff of a Huey Lewis song. They were only a couple years apart and the topic didn’t last this long. Yes, there’s a noteworthy resemblance between two songs very far apart in time, but not enough IMHO to get this bent out of shape. Sue for plagiarism or drop it. Used to be copyrights only lasted 26 years by default.

    Feels like I’m watching an argument between my two kids: “I had it first!” “But it’s my turn!”

    BTW it’s worth noting that the “other song” in Madonna’s medley is “She’s Not Me”.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      I also remember the hoopla over the “Ghostbusters” theme. However, that went on for years and years. Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker, Jr and they eventually settled out of court. But then, Parker sued Lewis several years later for talking about it in an interview and supposedly breaching a confidentiality agreement. People still reference it over 25yrs later so I think when plagiarism is particularly obvious it becomes a big deal.

  36. some bitch says:

    No, she ripped off Madonna’s song and she’s beyond pretentious. She’s a crappy musician to boot and I’m sick of her ugly mug showing up all over the place.

  37. Lia says:

    25 years ago musicians had more class than to openly steal someone else’s music and pass it off as their own. No class, Gaga…. you fail when it comes to integrity.

  38. serena says:

    Even in the photo, she looks so Madonna-like. Everybody knows it.
    She should stop first fooling herself, then fooling others.

  39. sup says:

    i love how both of these want to be catty and stuff but they’re also chickened at the thought of losing mutual fanbase, so their little replies to each other comes much, much later than they should

  40. Loulou says:

    Two ridiculous women who sate the lust of carney lovers. Interpret that as hate as much as anyone pleases.

  41. Sarah says:

    I personnaly LOVE neither Madonna’s music nor Gaga’s but if I was Gaga, this attack would just confirm me the fact that I am in a very good place right now. I mean, Madonna is obviously pretty jealous of her. She just should keep doing hit songs and totally ignore what the green-eyed monster is muttering under her breath. WINNER ATTITUDE!

    • Ainsley says:

      You’re right! Lady Gaga should remember that all of the people Madge attacks end up having big careers. She doesn’t waste her time feuding with singers who aren’t a threat in some way. She’ll be nice to the Katy Perry’s and Justin Bieber’s because they won’t be challenging her when it comes to longevity, tour grosses, album sales, etc. I thought Lady Gaga was annoying at first but I’m coming around to liking her.

    • Jayna says:

      Well, it’s not like Madonna didnt give her compliments even though it’s obvious she has become irritated by her stalking her career in the last year. But she did also say in the same interviews she was talented. She in the Advocate, a gay publication, stated that Gaga has a true connection to her gay fanbase and it seems genuine and that her childhood seems not to have been the easiest. When asked, she also praised Gaga’s work and committment to the bullying issue.

      This week in France when asked about Gaga, she stated she is an artist, a true talent.

      So Madonna isn’t bashing Gaga all around. In the Fame era Madonna stated she stood out and appearing on SNL with Gaga a few years ago (when Madonna had no music to hawk or anything really) was Madonna’s stamp of approval. She just got tired of Gaga obssessively using her career arc to lift from this past year, I think. I noticed it heavily from the Alejandro video on. She was trying to have Madonna’s career/shock and all in warp speed. Before that I found Gaga a breath of fresh air. This past year not so much.

  42. Sara says:

    I thought when she got bopped on the head it was hilarious. I like some of her songs but her theatrics are ridiculous imo.

  43. Peg says:

    Team GaGa. Madonna should let her music and talent speak, or not, for itself.

  44. alison says:

    I don’t really care for either of them.. they’re both mighty full of themselves, but I will say that Gaga has always been pretty good about not giving into cattiness or throwing shade at other musicians. She does seem to live by her no bullying message, which I think is nice.

    • jules says:

      Oh and BTW Adele is an actual songwriter granted she co-writes her hits so the credit is shared but at least she shares it. Problem with Adele is she isn’t a performer hence the blown out vocal chords. She will have a long career in music but it will probably be more behind the scenes after the initial blast wears off. What did people expect the Spice Girls are her influences LOL. The fact is many more people sing as well or better but the industry favors people like Gaga Madonna Beyonce who aren’t really singers at all. It’s all money motivated and even Adele paid for her awards so it is what it is.

  45. yoyo says:

    Gaga’s super talented but she just ripped off express yourself in music AND theme. Why not just admit she did a lyrical remix and kept the trackt the same? Anyone over 30 recognized the tune instantly there’s no point lying about it! In only tarnishes her reputation, not Madonna’s.

  46. Amanda G says:

    I’m a fan of both of them and neither of them are original. They both plagiarize. There’s a website devoted to proving how much Madonna has plagiarized over the years. “People in glass houses should not throw stones.”

  47. anne_000 says:

    In an audio of Madonna singing both her & LG’s song, I also heard Madonna sing “She’s not me, She’s not me” which really was too catty, imo.

    If Madonna is worried about songs from nearly 30 yrs ago being copied or sampled, then that just shows how little she has to offer with her more current songs. If she was now making as big a hit song as she used to do decades ago, then she wouldn’t want to fall back on those old songs as the point of any argument.

    Anyhoo, there’s nothing new under the sun so it’s not like Madonna’s 30 yr old songs were created out of no other musical basis. It’s all a layering foundation when it comes to music. Her songs weren’t created from just out of the blue.

    She really needs to stop using other more current singers as a way to keep her name in the media. She needs to come up with songs as big of a hit as she used to do.

  48. bettyrose says:

    I think we should revist this in 25 years when madge is still a household name and gaga … wait… who?

  49. jules says:

    If it’s so 25 years ago why do the songs have the same basic sound and also the same message? If Madonna’s version was irrelevant to Gaga she would have left it alone. Madonna hasn’t even gone in on her hard. Gaga made her biting bed now lie in it. Ms. Germanota is a manufactured pop star and of course the industry authorities have used some of Madonna’s formula because they own it. Madonna copied most of her stuff off of others as well. You can’t count on major label pop artist to be giving you anything of merit or anything that hasn’t been done before. You have to go outside the box and find artists that actually do their own thing without the big budgets and all the handlers. Gaga complaining is ridiculous. I think people who follow her now will at some point be embarrassed when they figure all of it out if they ever get smart enough to. gaga said right infront of god and everyone else that FAME has been her goal all along. Not that she wanted to be a singer that she wanted to be famous. Infamy follows fame close behind. You’d think someone who was afforded such an education would know that. She must have a pretty low self esteem. SMH EPIC FAIL

  50. Matty says:

    Gaga’s 15 minutes were up two years ago, enough of her regurgitated act already. And no, I’m not a Madonna fan but it’s her routine Gaga is focused on ripping off so needs to give it a rest. As for her “little monsters,” they’re just a bunch of ignorant, gay twinks who don’t want to admit to themselves that the world existed before them.

  51. Kim says:

    Lady Gaga isnt the first to copy Madonna nor will she be the last. That said Gaga is vocally & musically far more talented than Madonna ever was. I think her response was classy because Madonna is being immature about the whole Express Yourself/copying her (or whoever wrote Express Yourself, because Im sure it wasnt Madonna herself), thing. As if Madonna never copied anyone?!

  52. TiffanyTooandCompletelyNew says:

    I think the funniest part is Madonna’s up there with the drumline – a move Gwen Stefani made hot -what?- some 7+ yrs ago. That’s b-a-n-a-n-a-s lol

  53. mimi says:

    All Madonna did was make a very good point just by showing how one is almost a copy of her song, by singing.

    If Gaga is all about the music, then create something new and that would be her contribution.
    Just to take something that someone else did and redo it, is not about the music, but rather about the business and how to make it in the easier way.

    Having said that, this actually serves Madonna well, since it reminds everybody how great Madonna was and how her hit from the 90s is still working in 2012.

    Gaga should keep quiet. Once she copied something she has lost the right to complain about make that point visible (or “audible”).

  54. Jilly says:

    “In an audio of Madonna singing both her & LG’s song, I also heard Madonna sing “She’s not me, She’s not me” which really was too catty, imo.” Yep, that was the clincher for me. Weak.

    Will always love Madonna but wish she’d retire. Dig Gaga but she’s super-pretentious. I figure, rich or poor, artists aren’t usually likable people. But… if the beat is right, I’ll dance all night.

    Off-topic: Totally grossed out by Madge’s tiny baby boyfriend. Ew.

  55. Shazza27 says:

    We’re only feeding into what they both want – fame & notoriety…it’s working.

  56. Poopsicle says:

    Omg… Maddonna is such a try hard now. Gross…She’s too old…. you had your moment now retire with your millions…

  57. Brandon says:

    Gaga is correct. Things are different from 25 years ago. 25 years ago, things were a lot more fun. Music was better, no reality crap, etc… I’ll take 1987 over today at anytime.

  58. Joanne says:

    Madonna has become a bitter old bitch and a filthy hypocrite this is the same bitch who slammed Janet Jacksons infamous nipple slip at the 2004 superbowl,,her words You don’t have to show nipples to be interesting.It doesn’t mean you’re cutting edge if you do,right?And the bitter old hag pulls the same stunt…Madonna news flash..YOU NO LONGER RULE THE WORLD!!

    • Minty says:


      Madonna is queen of the hypocrites. Doesn’t let her children watch TV or read mags/newspapers because her sleazy behavior and shock tactics are documented there. Doesn’t like her daughter to smoke, but when she smokes in her video it’s “just a prop”. She lectured Americans about their materialism during her American Life album while owning several mansions and wearing fur. Professes sincere belief in Kabbalah yet she continues to wear crucifixes and crosses. What a dilettante when it comes to spirituality. When I was a young fan of hers, I read many of her magazine interviews where she said inner beauty was more important, looks didn’t matter, plastic surgery wasn’t something she’d consider. She just tells people what they want to hear. Her actions regularly contradict her pleasant-sounding words.

  59. Ailine says:

    Team Gaga! Madonna has lost my respect by being a delusional egomaniac. She wouldn’t know humility and respect for “the poors” if it hit her on the head. The best consequence for someone as vain as Madonna is to get old. I hope she enjoys it. ;)

  60. kira says:

    I find it funny how Madonna always criticizes people who threaten her. She slammed Whitney Houston/Maria Carey saying they sang well but had no point of view, and not too long ago she accused Gwen Stefani of copying. Gwen graciously responded that everyone has been influenced by Madonna. It’s pretty obvious that Madge gets jealous of others if she can’t use them for something. For her to accuse anyone of plagiarism is rich. She’s copied enough people at this point. Plus, what about all the producers, song writers, and artists she’s used up and discarded? She has a long history of bad blood and ill will. Not a nice person at all.

    While I’m no fan of Gaga, I do like the fact that her schtick is a little more than flashing her tits for attention. Madonna is a pimp and a ho. She’s been pimping her body for attention all these years. She’s about being the HOTTEST thing–better than others. I like Gaga because she’s more of a walking Dali painting. I like that image a little more–it’s more about letting out your inner freak. She’s more Marilyn Manson than sexpot.

  61. Lola says:

    I knew Madonna was a talentless egomaniac who was desperate to be a new version of Marilyn Monroe, but after seeing that link Minty posted where many of her plagiarism is documented I’m truly disgusted, How can she even be famous after being nothing but a cheap imitation of others throughout the years?
    I was a huge fan of Madonna when I was little, I thought she was an artist and different, but the truth is she has depended on shock methods (and plagiarism) to be where she is now.
    I’m not a fan of Gaga, but at least that woman has talent. I doubt Madonna has made any of the songs she claims to have created.

  62. Who Cares says:

    OMFG the bitch is so out-of-key she could never sing. The only ones that can sing are her back-up’s.

  63. Nico says:

    I would NOT call Madonna relevant at this point….

  64. LOLZCat says:

    Well one thing that hasn’t changed in 25 years….Madonna still can’t sing.

  65. daisy says:

    grandma madge can hate all she wants. shes out and gaga is in. boohoo.

  66. wendy says:

    I’m pretty sure Gaga has given credit to all the people who came before her and who inspire her. I’ve heard her list all the people. She is not trying to pull a fast one on anyone.
    I can see who she was inspired by and it doesn’t bother me. Not sure why people get so upset about it. I loved the stuff from the 80′s and actually quite enjoy that there is someone out there revisiting it and mixing it up a bit.
    She is from a new generation. A generation where people are all taking ideas from the past and remixing them in a new way.
    The idea that she is an exact copy of Madonna is ludicrous. I grew up on Madonna and I find Gaga much stranger. She definitely has her own thing going on. You can tell who has inspired her but she has made it her own.

    And you know what? Lots of music sounds the same. That’s why djs are able to mix it together.

  67. queen says:

    I was at the show on the weekend when she said this, and I did not once think she was tslking about Madonna, I only thought she was talking about homophobia & bullying.

  68. Christian says:

    I’d love to see Gaga without 12 lbs. of makeup on her face. Wash that shit off. And can’t we all at least agree that “Express Yourself” is a MUCH better song than “Born This Way”? BTW is the song equivalent of one of those “God Don’t Make No Trash” shirts you buy at gas stations in the south.

  69. ulizos says:

    I used to be a fan of Lady Gaga and I still enjoy her music, but her fans are psycho and clueless about anything that happened before Gaga. Gaga is Madonna, Grace Jones, David Bowie, Queen, and Bjork rolled into a new product, period. And her rants about being an ARTIST, calling people retarded, making up stories about receiving emails from Madonna, then receiving an award for Born This Way with her Madonna pony tail and thanking Whitney Houston for inspiring her(the list could go on and on) is what really irks me.

    Grace Jones: “I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.”

    • Karma says:

      I agree. Lady Gaga repeatedly insults people’s intelligence with all of those acts and then flat out calls them ‘retarded’ when they call her on it. And wow…what a way to contradict yourself/your song/your message there, Gaga.

      The sad thing is that she doesn’t seem to realize being so contrived and dishonest about it, makes her boring, predictable, hypocritical, and her career not worth following. Yawn.

      I don’t need my intelligence repeatedly insulted by a pop star. My eyes and ears don’t lie to me…lol. Besides politicians do that daily but it’s my civic duty to follow their lies so I can vote them out if needed.

  70. Francesca says:

    Madonna stomps all over GAGA with that one, and hardly has to do anything other than say, ‘I’m the shit’. Sorry little g but you so don’t want to go to war with M; you will lose…see? She is tough and she doesn’t care about your feelings at all. so sad…

    It’s like having a bake off with Martha Stewart; she may not make the best cake but she will win and make you feel like a looser in the process.

  71. Kosmos says:

    I never thought Madonna was awesome and I never liked her, mostly because she was unkind and rude to others. She’s still that way today, a total b***h. I’m not a fan of Gaga’s either, and do not care for her musical style. I saw her on a talk show once, and I listened in because I wanted to get who she was, but she unfortunately came off as being very immature (to me) and tried too hard to be cool. I was disappointed immediately.

  72. Oli says:

    I see Lady Gaga and it reminds me of Madonna in the 80′s. Madonna at least admitted to copying other people’s styles. Lady Gaga doesn’t admitt it, where clearly specialy in the music video Telephone Lady Gaga totally looked like Madonna in the 80′s. I like both Madonna and Lady Gaga. I grew up in the 80′s there for I know and see the resemblance of the two. Compare to how it was 25 yrs ago, duuuh ofcoarse it’s different. You have social networking websites and alot more other means of communicating and touching fans. Things evolve and change some for better and others for worse.And gay rights movement thats been going on for a long time. I can still remember it in the 80′s also. Gaga was promoting kindness which is good. Turn the other cheeck. All i’m saying at least fess up to the truth. Lady Gaga did settled out of court because she didnt write some or all of her music from Fame. Regardless you hate or love Madonna. Without Madonna there would be NO Lady Gaga.

  73. Kanaan says:

    how ever, I am over Gaga..and actually was since I’ve heard Born This way album….every song sounds like some song from 90is!!!

  74. Mike says:

    Ah come on Madonna fans, its ok to be a fan, but its not ok to be blind. I mean realistically, madge hasnt had a big hit since Music. AFter music she has just pass by not mattering, she is not relevant for years already and she knows it, thats why she attacks gaga, which by the way is a big hit around the world, in most of the world people remembers madonna from her hits in the 80′s, her work from the last 10 years is unknown…