Jessica Simpson wore stretchy work-out pants & everyone freaked out

The fact that I’m covering this “story” kind of pisses me off, but I have no one to blame but myself. I saw the photos of Jessica Simpson in stretchy yoga Capri pants two nights ago, but I said to myself, “No. I’m not going to cover it. Jessica deserves to be lovingly mocked by someone who adores her, but she doesn’t deserve to be criticized and yelled at for wearing workout pants WHILE SHE’S WORKING OUT.” But now everyone is covering it, so I might as well go off on a full-tilt RANT: don’t make fun of Jessica. Please. Thank you. You can only see her from behind in the full-body shots, and God knows, being photographed from the back is not the ideal position for many, many women – including me. I don’t want to know what I look like from behind, and I haven’t even birthed out a baby. I think Jessica looks fine.

She reportedly gained something like 80 pounds while pregnant, and considering she just gave birth on May 1st, I’m honestly surprised that she’s standing upright, much less making all of these trips to the gym. I really don’t think Jessica should be criticized for anything regarding these photos – she gained a lot of weight while pregnant, she’s already working hard to take it off, and she’s wearing stretchy pants for her gym trip. AND? I like the fact that we’re witnessing a celebrity woman putting in the time and hard work of losing weight, as opposed to all of those celebrities who go back to their pre-pregnancy figures in three weeks’ time. I relate to Jessica. So sue me. I just don’t think Jess should be getting it coming and going, you know? You can’t yell about how “fat” she is AND make fun of her for working out.

I guess I should mention that Star Magazine (via Jezebel) claims that Jessica hasn’t been fully committed to getting healthy. A source tells the mag that Jessica’s “shelves are still stocked with potato chips, frozen pizzas and cookies.” Maybe that stuff is left over from her pregnancy, though? Also, Star claims that Eric Johnson is “getting turned off by her rolls of fat and triple chin.” For God’s sake.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kiki says:

    She looks fine. And kudos to her for getting to the gym!

    • beyonce's bump says:

      Looks fine, Exactly. You would think that this woman is morbidly obese the way the press rags on her. She is hovering around 5 feet so obviously any weight around she gains is going to appear astronomical ESPECIALLY when it is photographed. This woman already looks OKAY already IRL and good for her for trying for trying to be healthier. This is what scares me about the future of our girls. God forbid a woman carries some extra pounds without being made to feel like she is some obese circus freak. Even at her “fattest” Jessica was NOT THAT FAT. So sick of this SH*T!

    • Kazoo says:

      Yeah, I was expecting the pictures to be much worse.

    • jenna says:

      Word. I mean, sure, she needs to lose weight, but compared to women I see out walking around…she’s definitely NOT the fattest thing going. At all. And, she did just give birth. Could she have reined it in a little during pregnancy…yes, absolutely. Were her self-confessed pregnancy eating habits that much worse than many other women’s? I honestly don’t think so, I’ve known plenty of women who use pregnancy as an excuse to gorge on junk.

      Anyway, I think she’s basically a pretty good example of the current “average” in terms of post-pregnancy appearance and she’s clearly working to get it off. Whether she likes it or not, I’m sure she’s going to bust her ass to fulfill that WW contract, just like she busted her ass to get into those Daisy Dukes shorts back in the day.

    • nova says:

      What cracked me up was the magazine covers going on about her “MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS!” Yeah, she just got rid of 10 lbs of baby, 17 lbs of fluid and 8 lbs of afterbirth. I guess that’s technically a massive weight loss, but come on.

      And really? Frozen pizza? She’s rich as hell and eats frozen pizza? That shit’s terrible, you can’t tell me there’s no decent pizza joints in los Angeles.

  2. cmc says:

    Ugh. I have the same reaction as you- leave the girl alone. So we’re going to criticize her for gaining weight, then criticize her for having the audacity to be seen while trying to lose it?

  3. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Whatever she’s enjoying the attention

    • t says:

      Exactly! She was probably still smarting from that People cover flop and decided this shot was a guaranteed attention grabber. This picture was planned by her “any publicity is good publicity” camp.

      • t says:

        OriginalTiffany-I think Vesper’s point had nothing to do with your pregnancies and everything to do with the state of Jessica Simpson’s hair, which she washes infrequently. Jessica said so herself, publicly.

        Jessica Simpson is an ad campaign for Weight Watchers. A comment on her is not a comment on you or any other woman. It is a comment on a marketing strategy.

        That you identify so strongly with that marketing strategy is sure to please the marketing department of Weight Watchers.

        How does a person show compassion to a marketing ploy? Maybe in this case, by signing up for Weight Watchers?

        edit: OriginalTiffany, I was responding to your comment below!

    • bondbabe says:

      And you know this how? Please do tell us more of your inside knowledge, not presumptions.

    • deep says:

      OMG and she is enjoying the attention?? I don’t think so. That’s just mean. I think she is probably a bit embarrassed about being followed around at this point. I think people should just leave her alone. She’s going to gym for crying out loud. And, she just had a baby. It takes a minute when you actually carry your own baby to get the weight off. Unlike the people, whom I won’t mention, who are back in their skinny jeans on the ride home from the hospital.

      • t says:

        Is it really so much of a stretch to think that a person who promotes herself by publicly talking about farting, not brushing her teeth, having “swamp ass”, and posts twitter pictures of herself sitting on a toilet wouldn’t arrange for paparazzi pictures of her stretchy-panted backside leaving a gym?

      • Vesper says:

        What, like she can’t take a minute and brush her ratty hair. She looks gross, like she hasn’t showered in a while.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Vesper, have you HAD any children? I’m thinking no, because at 6 weeks when nursing and not sleeping, hair is not a priority. Sometimes I couldn’t manage to get dressed until 3pm.
        I was nursing, or changing or pumping or soothing, etc, etc.

        I am tall, gained 70 pounds with both my healthy pregnancies, ate no junk, just lots of protein and dairy. I worked the entire time until 3 days before I gave birth the first time. I rode horses until two weeks before birth. I was very healthy.

        And I lost every bit plus more, so what was your point?

        No woman can healthily gain more than 30 pounds and have a healthy child? BS. My kids are 14 and 12 and have been on antibiotics maybe once. They are smart, bilingual, and have more compassion for others than you do.

      • deep says:

        @original Tiffany…well said my lady…well said. :)

      • MsCatra says:

        @OriginalTiffany – being 9wks postpartum at the moment myself, I can totally relate to what you’re saying. However, I highly doubt Jessica has to do it all alone, since I’d totally have at least a maid and possibly a nanny if I had her money! I’m not criticizing her figure or clothes, just the hair comment from above.

      • Vesper says:

        Original Tiffany,

        U seem like a smart girl so I’m not sure why I have to defend or explain any of my comments which are self explanatory. The only thing I will add is that I NEVER said that woman who gain more than 30 pounds will not have a healthy child? As we are all well aware, comments can be taken out of context and skewed, which is exactly what u have done.

        Sorry, don’t see the point in listing your pregnant accomplishments in this situation, which are nothing more than anecdotal experience that cannot be generalized.

        What I do find interesting it that u labelled me as having no compassion because I dared to mention that Jessica should brush her hair (she is aleady in the car on her way to gym, it would take 10 seconds, and that her weight gain was extreme and unhealthy. Besides the fact that u have no right to judge any commentor, including maggiegrace and myelf. It’s a very strange way to show us your compassion, don’t u think?

        Like I said earlier, taking a personal swipe at a commentor because u don’t agree with them is unnecessary. On the other hand, if it makes u feel better to lash out at someone, go for it.

  4. Katie says:

    I see nothing wrong with how she is dressed. She looks cute and her clothes match. Frankly, she probably looks better than 99% of the people looking at her on the Internet.

    • Leigh says:

      I am bigger than Jessica and have no problem wearing similar capris to yoga and when cycling. Don’t like the sight? Then avert your damn eyes is my attitude. Jessica looks absolutely fine, let alone just after having a kid

    • deep says:

      @Katie..agree!! She’s a very pretty girl that just had a baby a few weeks ago. People shouldn’t be so mean to her. Give her a break. I like her..always have. She’s “real” know what I mean? The weight will come off soon enough and she will be back to her slim, fit self before she knows it. Go Jess!! :)

    • Lisa says:

      “Frankly, she probably looks better than 99% of the people looking at her on the Internet. ”

      Umm, my figure is a hundred times better than Jessica’s Just saying.

      • StephanieMarie2685 says:

        Lucky you, then.
        You must be the one percent the commentor was refering to.

        Your figure might be a hundred times better but your ‘tude needs some work, girl.
        Unless you just gave birth two weeks ago too, chances are pretty good your in better shape then a women who just gave birth and recently gained 80lbs.
        No point to rub salt in the wound.

      • bondbabe says:

        And so is my figure, and I’m 20+ years older; however, I didn’t just have a baby nor did I gain 80 lbs. Give the girl a break! At least she is actively trying to lose it.

        And to those who insist this is a publicity stunt, just like when she talks about farting, etc.—she is just a very open personality, and perhaps shares a little too much (my best friend is like that, always has been). I love that about her, and my friend; it’s not my style, but she is not conniving nor harming anyone.

      • Vesper says:

        Many of my friends, relatives, coworkers and acquaintances have had children, and NONE looked like that at the end. She used the pregnancy as a way to gorge without guilt. Stop making excuses for a stupid girl who didn’t care what effect all the crap she put into her body had on her unborn child.

        As my doctor said she is the LAST person pregnant women should be using as a role model.

      • Lotr Dork says:

        Everyone bears children differently. Some gain a lot of weight and or have really large abdomins. Others don’t gain a lot of weight and have smaller abdomins. Also keep in mind that Jessica had a big baby and usually if you have larger babies you’re gonna gain more weight then you might if you were carrying a smaller child, so it also depends on the child. Jessica is also really petite (5’2 I think?) so any weight she gains is gonna make her look huge. So it’s all relative. And quite frankly it sounds like you’ve never been pregnant so you don’t know jack about what being pregnant is like so STFU

      • Vesper says:

        @ Lotr Dork,

        So what u are saying is that nobody’s comments on this blog can be taken seriousy unless they themselves have been pregnant? Does the fact that many of us have been exposed to multiple pregnancies change our elgibility to express an opinion on this subject? What about those of us who are trying to get pregnant and have done lots of reading and met with a medical professional, are those women elgible to make a comment? What about those of us who were pregnant, did the reading, but lost the baby – does their opinion count?

        Along those same lines, drug counsellors should not work in the field if they aren’t addicts themselves. Psychiatrists / pychologists should not treat bipolar disorder, PTSD, or any of the other disorders that they haven’t experienced personally. If one is to get pregnant only a gyncologist who has personally had children is suitable.

        Note to CELEBITCHY…please remember to note on your stories that only women who have had children are able to make comments on Jessica Simpson stories. The rest of us should STFU as suggested by Lotr Dork.

  5. Eleonor says:

    I used to be overweight, now I’m normal, but I remember very well the feeling of being awful, especially to the gym.
    She has gained weight because she was pregnant. Leave her alone.
    BTW She is dressed for doing sport, and that’s ok. if you wear bigger clothes,and you are not in shape you look bigger too.

  6. Intercontinental says:

    1. That’s what stretchy workout gear is for!
    2. Gyms are there to be used by people, not to stand empty and look pretty!
    3. She gave birth just a few weeks ago so is bound to be carrying weight!
    4. At least she’s trying…and naturally!
    5. She’s heading up weight watchers (?) therefore she’s got to do it to see how it works before she can preach, which is a damn site more, and better, than other preachers do!

    Team Jessica! 😃

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    What’s the fuss? She had a baby lodged in her body for 3/4 of a year. And besides, she’s getting paid to workout so lay off for a bit.

  8. Celeste says:

    She’s human; she’s allowed to look human.

    In Oct she’ll make $ posing for US Magazine and talking about her weight loss. So good for her.

  9. Launicaangelina says:

    F–k Star Magazine! This criticism is so stupid. She looks just fine in her stretch pants. I can’t stand the comment about Eric being turned off from her because of the “rolls”. It just disgusts me. No wonder so many girls, women and especially celebrities have body image issues.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I agree, but prepare to be flamed. I posted something similar (about such things contributing to body image issues) and was told that magazines don’t cause anorexia (and that there’s currently an obesity epidemic). Not sure how the leap was made from contributing to body image issues to eating disorders, but some people lack reading comprehension. I hope Jessica doesn’t see this tripe because, if it makes us feel bad, I can’t imagine how it would make her feel.

  10. TXCinderella says:

    I won’t say anything negative about this girl. Five weeks after giving birth she is hitting the gym. Yes, she gained more weight than people should, but at least she’s making the effort to take it off right away. I don’t know what else she could do about her workout clothes short of wearing a larger top. She’s wearing a long top, but it doesn’t quite cover her butt.

  11. sarah says:

    Uh, I see nothing wrong with how she’s dressed or how she looks.

  12. paola says:

    Good choice for the trainers! Asics Nimbus, i use them for every marathon! Go Jessica, you can do it!!

  13. mel2 says:

    Lord she just had a baby a month ago. Leave her alone.

  14. Ms. Candy says:

    I agree with leaving her alone due to her just having a baby. It is going to be a hard road to drop 80 pds. But she is celebrity with means so it might not be too hard..
    I agree if u don’t like what see turn to something else

  15. Sunny says:

    She is a naturally beautiful women.She just had a baby.That is wrong to say about Eric.Im sure he whispered that to his bf the reporter.My first child I gained 75 lbs and was back down to 120 a year later.Poor Jess

  16. backwards says:

    We should be applauding her for loosing the baby weight in a safe way and not parading around in a bikini 3 weeks later and weighing less than their baby in their arms.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      all while saying, “it didnt hurt at all, it was just such a beautiful moment.” *coughGiselecough*

    • Marie says:

      AMEN a thousand times. ALOT of first time mommies gain more weight with their first pregnancy. She obviously enjoys eating (Victoria Beckham and others just GASPED) and being pregnant…yea! How refreshing for those non famous (non fake pregnancy/ secret tummy tuck) mom who read these stories. Again, as long as baby is healthy and loved and Jessica is a good mom…congrats and stop with the asinine picture angles.

      • maggiegrace says:

        But that’s the thing. Her eating behavior (lots of extra calories, junk food, grease, fatty acids, preservatives, sugar, etc.) undoubtedly caused a health risk to her baby. She (the baby) had to eat EVERYTHING her mother ate. JS’ behavior was selfish, capricious, and contemptable.

      • Vesper says:

        I agree with @ maggiegrace. In addition, her baby does NOT look healthy.

      • Elliejo says:

        I, too, concur with Maggiegrace. There’s a reason they have recommendations about how much weight to gain during pregnancy. It has to do with the health of mom and baby. And, while I’m not a health nut by any means, I did consider eating healthy food while pregnant to be part of the deal. Did I have a treat now and again? Sure! Would I have wanted to eat a ton of crap knowing that I (and my baby) were filling up on empty calories? Um, no. But, I’m not Jess, and she gets to make her own choices. I’m glad she had a healthy baby, and she definitely shouldn’t be getting crap about not looking perfect in her gym clothes. She is there to work out and get back in shape. Geesh!

  17. Saskia says:

    If I had somehow never seen any actual photos of Jessica Simpson, I would honestly think she must weigh 4000 pounds with the way people talk about her online. But seriously? She looks 100% normal here. She’s three apples high and had a baby one month ago. I know this is asking a lot of the anorexia-worshiping pigs of the world, but I wish they’d cut the girl some slack for once. She may be dumb as a box of hair, but she seems like a genuinely nice person.

  18. TheOriginalKitten says:

    You’re surprised she’s at the gym this soon huh? Well a $3M deal with Weight Watchers is a pretty big motivator I would imagine. I definitely think it’s ridiculous anyone would criticize her for her baby weight but please, let’s not lay on the praise too thick here.
    That being said, the insinuation that she should lock herself in her house until she’s skinny again is absolutely absurd.

  19. Me says:

    She’s hot. I dont really get the hype about her post baby body.

  20. boobytrap says:

    jessica is wearing workout gear to workout!

  21. Cat says:

    I don’t care if she just had a baby or not. If someone wants to get healthy, who the hell cares what they wear? It could be a tube top & a tutu!! You should see some of the things the ladies wear to my gym. I can’t fault them, I don’t have the chops to do it. Maybe it’s their motivation? The gym isn’t a fashion show. Let her do the damn thing.

  22. Becky says:

    She’s not that big at all! I thought she would be way bigger. Jessica looks fine.

  23. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I hope she proves everyone wrong and has a killer body before the holidays. She’ll be even richer and more public (whether you like that or not) but most importantly, showing all the bullies she could kick ass and make them shut up.

    Off topic, I cant stand when women wear workout clothes just for running errands (grocery store, get coffee, mall, etc). Maybe they are about to work out? Anyway, dont know why, but that just irritates me for some reason.

  24. lucy2 says:

    I can’t believe people are still criticizing her – she just had a baby! Let her be. Getting in shape is hard enough without people making jokes and criticizing all the time.
    I know she has the big weight loss deal, but it still has to stink to have people being so jerky about it.

  25. Paula says:

    Leave her alone , she just had a kid!

  26. soulsister says:

    Jessica seems like an average, regular kind of person. Who cares what’s she’s wearing? Geesh. At least she’s making an effort. I am pulling for her!

  27. lena80 says:

    Why are people surprised that she standing upright after giving birth in May? Women all over the world who work in sh*t conditions are giving birth and going back to work the next day or even the same day! Women (not all, but MOST) aren’t incapacitated after giving birth and if someone offered me a multi million dollar deal the fire would be lit under my a** to hit the gym even harder!

  28. Anne says:

    Jessica obviously gives less than a shit about being stick skinny anymore. She’s been fuller figured for years now. She’s in her 30′s and a mom. Let her be.

  29. Evie says:

    I wonder if she’s tried the new bacon sundae at Burger King?

  30. Katyusha says:

    All these pictures do for me is make me want a Range Rover.

  31. Eleonor says:

    What pisses me off, is that Star Magazines, or stuff like that, when Posh or Gisele show a size 0 2-3 weeks after giving birth they applaud them “how cool!” Like being size zero in 3 weeks it’s healthy and everyone can do it.
    Fuck them.

  32. mia girl says:

    Seeing this picture brought back memories of what I probably looked like after having one of my three kids.

    It is really hard to get back into fighting shape for most women (not all) after pregnancy. This right here is a picture of most women’s (not all) reality. Lord knows there may be reasons to snark and poke fun at Simpson, but this is definitely not one of them.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      That’s what came to my mind. I remember that and it was not fun.

      Normally, it takes a while. Took me back to my post partum ugh.

      The worst I’ve ever looked, tired, overweight just blah.

    • deep says:

      Agree. And, how come people aren’t slamming Jennifer Garner? She’s carrying extra weight after the birth of her son. And, nobody is slamming her like they are Jessica. Jennifer has weight to lose as well. I don’t think it’s fair to slam either Jess or Jen re their after baby weight. Geez, for most it takes a minute. Can’t wait until Jess is back in shape and looking great. While others will still be hiding behind their computers weighing lord knows what!!

      • Belle says:

        I don’t think people are slamming Jennifer Garner here because there aren’t many stories about her here. I have seen stories on other sites and there are plenty of people slamming her too. Pisses me off… Jennifer Garner has always gotten back into shape after having her babies, and I’m sure she will again. Nothing wrong with a mom enjoying time with her baby, eating healthy, and gradually getting back to their active lifestyle. Of course, this approach takes more than 5 minutes to lose the weight.

      • deep says:

        @Belle agree. I don’t get why people are so mean. It’s just not the time to be beating her up. Not about her after baby weight anyway. And, besides, if Jess wants to be as big as a cow it’s really nobodies business but her own. If she wants to be skinny, it’s nobodies business but her own. But I’ll bet in a few months she will be as skinny and fit as ever. Then people will say she is too skinny. She won’t be able to win for losing.

  33. sarahtonin says:

    When she goes to the gym she gets shit. If she didn’t go, she’d get even more. (In fact, wasn’t there a story the other day about her procrastinating with a pantry full of junk food still?)

    Actually, she’s not nearly as big as I thought she’d be. That’s not 60lbs extra (80-20lbs for baby). Good on her for trying to get herself healthy again, and at a realistic pace, unlike other celebs.

  34. Courtney says:

    Leave Jessica alone she couldn’t help the 60lbs she gained while she was pregnant due to complications. thank god star mag didn’t exist in January 1960 when Newman & Woodward left for him to film exodus in Isreal 9 months after their oldest daughter was born she had lost all but 10lbs of her pregnnacy weight because she was nursing like Jessica is now.women in hollywood have always had body image issues because they’re held to a higher standard then men are

  35. Diane says:

    After reading all the horrible things people had to say about her yesterday and seeing how many sites thought it appropriate to splash her a@@ across their pages, who knew a trip to Celebitchy would restore my faith in humanity?

    Being 5’4″ and a size 10 who struggles with her weight daily (and DIDN’T just have a baby either), I feel so much better reading the comments here then elsewhere. Thanks for being rational.

  36. maggiegrace says:

    You guys sure are giving her a pass. I was pregnant 3 times, had 3 babies, ate what I should have and wanted to, and gained exactly 30 pounds with each one. I can’t IMAGINE how much I would have to have eaten to gain 80 POUNDS. She ate like a horse while pregnant and now as a result, she’s obese. Much more likely to have health issues. She’s unhealthy as a result of eating to excess. Prone to diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and stroke. Yeah, good for her she gets taken to her pricey gym and then gets taken home to spell the nanny. I give no credit to this self-entitled fat ass.

    • Diane says:

      Thanks for ruining my comment and making me lose faith in humanity again.

      I’ll just have you know, I bet I eat less than you but just am not lucky enough to have your metabolism. I work with a girl who eats like a pig and stays skinny while I eat my fruit and vegetables and struggle to stay a size 10. I’m sure people make judgements about how unhealthy I am and praise her for “keeping fit”. Not everyone is born equal so stop acting like your experience is the experience everyone has. Thank you.

      • Joy says:

        Agree! And none of us (unless I’m missing something) are the doctor that weighed her. It may not have been as much weight as we thought. She is very short so ten pounds looks like twenty on camera. But I’m glad Maggie up there can be self righteous perfection. Good for her.

      • Marie says:

        @Diane…I’m sure you look better than you think. I do have a faster metabolism even at 44 but also health issues that ironically keep me thin but envious of heavier women who have the freedom to just live life and enjoy their life in ways I no longer can…getting pregnant was also taken away.. If I could just feel healthy again which I’m working really hard at, I wouldn’t care if it came with gaining some weight. If you have your health you have everything…even with ages so called extra pounds.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Diane, my mom is a size 10 at 5’4″ and I think she looks great! It’s not your weight or size, but how and where you carry it. Also, it’s very true what you say about metabolism. I can stuff my face with junk, and have never been heavier than 125 lbs at 5’7″ (except when I was pregnant). Please don’t let one ignorant person’s opinion ruin your faith in humanity. Most of us know someone who has struggled with their weight and, those of us with compassion, would never think or say such unkind things. ****hugs****

      • Llama says:

        No offence meant, but if you eat fruit and vegetables and yet struggle to keep to a size 10, then either you do no sports at all, or there’s something medically off with you and you should get a full check up.
        Not to mention that a diet of only fruit and veggies would result in amino acid deficiency.
        This is not to deny that there are vast differences between people’s metabolism patterns though. Metabolism rate is, however, quite within our control, barring any medical obstacles.

      • mayamae says:

        You guys show absolutely no tolerance to differing opinions. If someone says something you disagree with you come down on them en masse. Differing opinions is what makes life interesting. Who wants to be surrounded by a bunch of yes men?

    • remote control says:

      well la-dee-da! You should get a Super Pregnancy Gold Star. I should get one too I suppose as I’ve gained 28 lbs and I’m due next month. But I know I just lucked out due to my metabolism and my height! And I would NEVER be such a jerk about it.

    • maggiegrace says:

      When I say that I gained 30 pounds during each of my three pregnancies and lost those 30 pounds within 3 months postpartum, those are statements of fact. If someone feels body-shame over that, they’ve got to own that; I can’t help them. If you think I feel very self-congratulatory about that, well, you don’t know how I feel about it, do you? The health risks associated with being overweight, also a statement of fact. Being dumb-founded about how much more food I would have had to eat to weigh 50 more pounds than I did during my pregnancies: non-malicious conjecture. Calling her a fatass? Judgemental and not very nice, I retract it. Calling me a jerk? Also name-calling. Pot, meet kettle. But thank you for the extra-special star – I put it on my wall at work.

    • maggiegrace says:

      Thanks for your words mayamae. You are right – and the bullies/screechers are best ignored. I shouldn’t let them bait me. There is something else I suspect about them, but I’ll keep it to myself.

      • LAK says:

        Maemay has a point as doe maggiegrace.

        Jessica Simpson is to be recommended in working out and hopefully losing the weight slowly even if in all probability it’s the $3M that is motivating her.

        BUT, we all know she did not get this big because she was watching what she ate. Just because she’s given birth doesn’t white wash the fact that she was bragging about the junk she was eating whilst pregnant. What is up celeb bitches? Collective amnesia, a few posts ago you were ragging on her for potentially giving her child gestational diabetes through her unhealthy diet and weight gain and now she’s normal and what every person sees walking down their street???!!!

        There are people who are this size because of medical problems or their metabolism, who do not stuff themselves the way Jessica did. She was inviting the snark and I will snark because she did not put on those 80lbs(-baby) by eating salad.

    • Genevieve says:

      @ maggigrace:

      You know, your earlier comment was just bitchy enough to grab my attention, lol ;)

      Pretty much agree. Everybody appears to be giving her a pass, but let’s remember back to her pre-pregnancy weight. She’s been a chunkster long before delivery. Baby + mommy at unhealthy weight = poor Jessica now.

      The pictures were, err…unfortunate.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Maggie, you stated your opinion in a rational way, and I like to think there’s room for differing points of view. You inspired me to share my opinion that everyone handles pregnancy, food choices, weight gain, life in general, in different ways.

      Jess seems to be an emotional eater like me. Junk and sweets are the vices that make her feel good. Everyone has their struggles, but she likely just was very, very tired of dieting, and pregnancy gave her the permission to indulge.

      As for me, at 5’9 and 130ish for 28 years of my adult life, I was thrown for a major loop when I was injured, bedridden for several years, and afraid of never being able to walk again so I gained 35 pounds. Now, I’m recovering and able to exercise again, but it’s been hard climbing back down to my fighting weight. It’s coming off slowly, but I get that life sometimes just feels easier with cookies and ice cream.

      Jess doesn’t “get a pass”, but she get’s my empathy.

    • Genevieve says:

      You know, that was just bitchy enough to grab my attention, lol ;)

      Pretty much agree. Everybody appears to be giving her a pass, but let’s remember back to her pre-pregnancy weight. She’s been a chunkster long before delivery. Baby + mommy at unhealthy weight = poor Jessica now.

      The pictures were, err…unfortunate.

  37. kibbles says:

    I can’t imagine this kind of scrutiny right after giving birth. The press is so unforgiving these days and criticizing a woman who just had a baby (even if it is a year ago like Aishwarya Rai) is definitely crossing the line. If I were Jessica, I’d probably have had a gym built into my home so I would never have to be photographed like this. And she actually looks fine in these photos, especially for someone who carried a lot of weight during pregnancy. She can shed these extra pounds in less than a year with regular exercise. I don’t even know why people are making a big deal about her weight.

  38. lizzi says:

    I always sympathize with Jessica. She and I have similar body types.. while I’m taller than her, we’re both curvy and its super easy for us to gain weight, but we have to work REALLY hard and bust our ass to lose it. It’s not easy at all. I struggle for 4-5 months to lose 10 pounds. I wish I had the money/time/help that she has obviously, but good for her for going to the gym (which I find torturous)!

  39. maggiegrace says:

    I shot baskets with my son 2 days after giving birth to my daughter. Get serious – having a baby vaginally is not like having complicated surgery. My regular weight is 125 and I was back to that within 3 months of having all three of my children.

  40. maggiegrace says:

    “the press is so unforgiving…” She’s not smart, but she’s not a moron. She knows EXACTLY what will happen as she enters and leaves the gym. You don’t think she doesn’t have a treadmill or an ellipticle in her house? You don’t think she has a DVD player and a couple of yoga tapes? You don’t think she knows how to do a push up? This is tactical on her part. SHe WANTS the publicity. SHe wants to be photographed. In capri stretch-pants. With a BMI of 35.

    • Saskia says:

      You’re displaying an aggressively unpleasant personality here. I don’t know you, so I suppose it’s entirely possible that you really ARE the living embodiment of perfection and are therefore in a place to look down on mere mortals, but still… nobody likes a sanctimonious Judgy McJudgerson.

      In other words, your attitude is a fatass. It could seriously stand to lose some weight. Just sayin’.

    • janie says:

      I agree with some of what you said. My first thought was–wouldn’t she have gym equipment at home? If I had millions of dollars and had people taking photos of me every time I left the house, I would work out at home. Not because of my weight, or because I thought people would make fun of me, but being recognized as a celebrity while working out would not be fun.

      Unless, of course, I was being paid to show my weight loss progress.

      The BMI comment was kinda uncalled for, though. She’s not obese. She just had a baby and it takes time to get your body back after giving birth.

      • Camille (The original) says:


        I don’t feel sorry for this woman at all. She and her ‘team’ know what she is doing. It’s all about the $ with this one.

      • LAK says:

        Paint me cynical. Perhaps because it’s been happening every year for the past few years but you see a ‘fat’ celebrity working out in public or having an unfortunate ‘fat’ photo taken for the tabloids just after they’ve given birth, inviting lots of comments, then they disappear and viola come xmas their work-out dvd is out to show you how they lost all that weight.

        Amazingly people fall for it every year.

        At least in this case we already know there is $3M riding on Jessica. How else will people buy the weight Watchers programme if no fat non-pregnant photos floating around that we can be certain are post-pregnancy and show she (hopefully) didn’t/doesn’t resort to surgical means to fulfill her contractual obligations.

    • bondbabe says:

      A touch hyper-critical!!! Yikes.

      Ever think she just wants to get out of the house? Maybe on that day her in-house trainer had something else going on, so she went to the gym? Maybe just being at the house isn’t conducive to making youself use the elliptical in the house, but going to the gym would?

    • maggiegrace says:

      Hate is too strong a word, but I DON’T RESPECT “the fatties”a derogatory word I would never use. I’m sounding like a broken record, but overeating and a sedentary lifestyle is a CHOSEN behavior 95% of the time (pass given to economically disadvantage folk – whole other story there). It’s like cigarette smoking. Addicing yes, but millions have quit. Would you be calling me the juvenile name of “judgy mcjudgewhateveryousaid” if I had berated JS for smoking during her pregnancy? Do you have health insurance (you should)? Your rates are going to go up, up, up because of all the medical care that these overweight and obese people that ins cos have to pay for. Judge THAT.

    • maggiegrace says:

      What is “karma” going to do for my opinions? Smote me down? Make me fat? Expose me to mean twits who bully when I had the gall to share my opinions? Oh wait, that DID happen.

  41. Roxy750 says:

    Thank you Kaiser, I am proud of you! Thank you! I fully agree with your rant. Amen.,

  42. rentho says:

    what is she supposed to workout it in, i’m trying to lose weight myself and its not easy so i wouldn’t want to imagine what its like for a celebrity who’s always in the news just to talk about your weight and what you wore to try and lose the weight people are obsessed about

  43. Marie says:

    @Maggiegrace…I agree she probably is very aware of the press this would generate and that it feeds the script of under dog/ big comeback for her and for Weight Watchers. But I think most of the supportive comments are not just aimed at Jessica but FOR the avg moms reading and hearing these stories and the frustration with the increasing unrealistic and often unhealthy goals being set by celeb moms who either are not giving the WHOLE truth about how they lost the baby weight do quickly or in some cases may never have been pregnant. She’s just doing her job as she’s advised and contracted to and I doubt really understands the full consequences of what she does…and like most celebs, nor does she have to.

  44. merrick says:

    Omg, I will make fun of her. It’s her own fault shes so fat. Yeah she was pregnant but she ate whatever the heck she wanted and thats why she ended up being the size of a house. My mom had gestational diabetes when ahe was pregnant with my brother and she ate a really healhy diet and only gained 40 lbs. I especially dont feel sorry for jessica if shes stuffing her face woth chips

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      You win the douchebag of the day award! Congratulations on being a judgemental ass.

      Have you had kids? She didn’t have GD and she gained weight while pregnant that she is now going to a gym to work off. The horror!

      Maybe she should have pillow babied and shown up the next day looking at svelte? Give us all a big ol break.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @tiff, What the hell is going on here today? I’m so disappointed in all of the body shaming. The woman is a little over a month postpartum and is being called a fat ass and a house?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        What OTiff said. And OBVIOUSLY you’ve never carried and birthed another human being. THAT requires a soul, which you’re clearly lacking.

      • Vesper says:

        WHO are any of u to judge someone’s comments? Calling someone a doucebag, an ass or having no soul because u don’t agree with their opinion on a celeb gossip website. What does that make all of u, besides judgemental ridiculous bullies?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Vesper, It’s a gossip blog; and thus far, it makes us grammatically correct. (Apologies in advance for your hurt feelings.)

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Vesper, I know you are a fat pregnant hater as well. Sorry about that.
        The douchebag award has been given out in our family all the time. Whoever is the biggest ass of the day/ trip etc gets it. Once in Hawaii, I went and bought my brother a Summers eve kit to give him as the trip award winner.

        Sense of humor and sarcasm dear/ we are celebitches for a reason. I stand by my first comment.
        Don’t be a douche and you won’t get the award.

      • mayamae says:

        Tiffany – Here’s the difference between you and Merrick.

        Merrick snarked on a celebrity – exactly what this site is for. Jessica most likely will never read the criticism.

        Original Tiffany aggressively attacked a fellow poster – not what this site is for. You insulted someone directly knowing they will read the insult.

        Only one of you is a bitch – it’s not Merrick. Keep your lame ass douchebag award in the family – obviously you’ll need it.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Oh flipping please! If you think that was an attack you haven’t been hanging out here long.
        You can have the douchebag award as well. My explanation was to let you know it was tongue in cheek. Duh. I’ll hand out my award as I see fit.

        It’s OK to tell people they don’t have a soul, its OK for someone in another thread to attack my profession and degrees because I am also a mother.

        Gah! Grow a fricking thicker skin like the rest of us. The posters on this site have gotten really lame lately. As Mort said, what is up with that lately.

        I don’t even care or like JS. Oh and you don’t need to explain how to post, cuz us Celebitches already know.

      • mayamae says:

        Original Tiffany -

        It’s interesting how you treat people who aren’t in your bitch club. You obviously don’t like your targets to be defended. If I felt you were unfairly attacked, I would have defended you as well.

        Do you have to tell a sob story to be treated decently by your clique? You have no idea what other people are going through. What would you say if I told you my baby just died? Would you offer me some tickets and a shoulder to cry on?

        Maybe YOU should step back and get perspective. Maybe your little group should form your own members only gossip site where you’ll be sure to be surrounded by people who kiss your ass and agree with everything you say.

        ETA I have fought the urge to get personal and lost. First of all, putting the word “original” in front of your name is not original. Second, I don’t think you know what tongue-in-cheek means. Third, I’m glad that a group of friendless people finally found somewhere to go for support, but the “you” vs. “them” mentality should have died when you graduated from grade school. Go ahead attack me. In fact I’m sure you and your posse can get me banned if you try.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Umm, I don’t have a posse. This whole site is “the bitch club”. There are a lot of regular commenters that I don’t always agree with and I would not hesitate to meet or invite them to a show.

        I have been here for a while and so what if I have a couple of friends on here. I had to be Original because someone else started posting as Tiffany after me. You can call me Tiffshorse if it makes you feel like I’m more clever that way.
        If you told me your baby had died, I would give you sincere condolences and a shoulder, but not tickets. I doubt you’d find that appropriate under that circumstance.
        Who is my clique? I talk to Asli and LAK a lot, LAK has posted on this thread with a differing but fair view. No snark from me. It isn’t about who you are, but what you say. I feel for Belle, Mort cracks me up. I love tons of people here, most in fact. Even when I don’t agree.

        There have been some horribly mean things said by Vesper. The bacon milkshakes, her baby is ugly, etc. Sounds like someone has a personal issue with Jsimpleton.

        Friendless, that is really funny. I have a ton of wonderful friends both at home and on tour. I don’t care if you think differently than I or if you hate JS.

        I have a problem with Vesper’s comments. I could go back and synopsize them all, but they are all very mean and include all pregnant women, not just JS. I’m try to stand up for the fact that some of us can have healthy, bigger pregnancies, lose the weight and it isn’t a bad thing.

        As for banning someone, whatever. Like I have time to worry about trying to do that. If I have something to say I will comment.

        Thanks for all your tips on what I am and am not. Very off the wall arm chair diagnosing.
        I’ll think of you tomorrow as I sit with my friends at the beach.
        Cheers. I’ll do it with my fit, size 6 self too. I just am not going to body shame other women who are not morbidly obese. All pregnancies are different. Maggiegrace was out shooting hoops while I was shooting out clots of blood. Awesome. I started riding horses 4 weeks later. Wow.
        I’ll just be darned to have to here people who have not given birth tell me what every pregnancy should be. My doc was OK with my weight the entire time.

        I do think slut shaming and body shaming are shameful things indeed. Morbidly obese is different. I make fun of Kirstie Alley all the time. It’s the pregnancy weight shaming that gets me.

      • mayamae says:

        Understood. In general I keep no memory of commenters from day to day to keep a long term perspective of posters. All I can do is take them at “face” value. I feel a little ridiculous putting this much time and effort into a tit for tat . I have been the odd man out at times and I always route for the under dog. I’m glad you are fit with tons of friends. At the beach tomorrow, spend a few moments thinking of those less fortunate in that aspect – maybe a little compassion for outcasts. I might be a little touchy, but it can be very clique-ish here. I’m left with a reluctance to post here – it’s sure to pass. I don’t hold grudges and we can leave it as agree to disagree and move on.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        @Mayamaye, thanks.
        I don’t play favorites, other than offering my sympathies if a well known poster is going through something difficult like Bells or when Samigirl was pregnant. I’m pretty sure I agreed with your stance on something else.
        I don’t keep tabs on people. I know you are in the medical field as am I, so I obviously do not condone being obese.
        Having had to move 500 pound people is not good for one’s back. I do have compassion for outcasts.
        I due to illness was almost 100 pounds heavier than I am now. Having been an athlete my whole life I know how miserable I was mentally and physically.

        I don’t have any issue with anyone who takes offense at JS and her weight gain, she is a celeb. It’s the assumption of some that all pregnancies are the same, all should gain the same, etc. I did not intend to gain what I did, it just happened, eating healthy.

        I committed to getting back to being fit and healthy, and it was hard, but I feel so much better. Please don’t think I am an obesity advocate, because like you, I have seen the end result all to often. I’ve also had times on this tour where I felt like an outcast. Everyone from different countries and languages, living in different areas from the rest of the tour.
        Cheers, no hard feelings at all.

      • Vesper says:

        @ The Original Tiffany,

        I made horribly mean comments about Jessica, really?? If u are going to criticize me, at least refer to my comments accurately. I NEVER said Jessica’s baby was UGLY. Instead I said Maxwell looked UNHEALTHY. I also never said that any woman who gains more than 30 lbs would have an unhealthy baby. What I did state was that 30 lbs was the reommended weight gain for a pregnant woman, and that Jessica far exceeded the weight to such an extreme that her baby could have possible medical consequences down the road. The weight gain comments are not my opinion but medical fact, and the poor role model actually came out of my doctor’s mouth.

        Jessica’s huge weight gain was not based on a healthy diet, as she herself stated. She gorged on processed, unhealthy, overly sweet or salty foods, which didn’t seem to have many nutrients. I rarely neard her mention anything healthy. It is the weight gain by eating only unhealthy food that I hvae a problem with, not the wight gain alone. As I said before, I have no respect for any person who puts any child at risk, and that includes pregnant women and their unborn.

        The rest of my comments were fairly superficial. I said Jessica she needed to brush her hair, perhaps take a shower. She was lazy. As for the Burger King bacon sundae u brought up, it was actually introduced by a different commentator, and I simply commented back.

        The tone of my comments was pretty neutral. I never spoke about hate, or personally disliking Jessica’s character. I focussed more on her behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour. I never called her nasty names. There were other comments similar to mine that were said in a much harsher, more judgmental way.

        Interestingly enough, when I mention some of the personal attacks on other commentors – doucebag and soulless being at the top of the mean list, u defend those commends, at the same time putting me down for making much less harsh comments about a celeb on a gossip blog.

    • bondbabe says:

      Yes it IS her fault she gained so much weight–who said it wasn’t? And she’s doing something about it!! And she’s certainly not asking for sympathy—she’s going to the gym. Back off and breathe baby!

  45. Sarah says:

    That comment about Eric not being attracted to her triple chin is so offensive. WTF?!

  46. Chatcat says:

    Thank you Kaiser for being so honest about a woman who gave birth just over a month ago. Good Luck Jessica!

  47. Happy21 says:

    I hate this thread! Jessica is at least heading to the gym. God I wish the press would lay off of her weight gain and how she is trying to lose the baby weight.

    She’s a lovely person and I think everyone should just mind their own fu**ing business and leave the poor girl alone. Its very common for women to let themselves go when pregnant with their first child.

    I’m never posting on another thread about her weight again. It makes me feel awful to have just typed this in her defence.

  48. palermo says:

    That’s the downside of being a “celebrity”. They want the constant attention IF it’s positive. When it’s negative all of a sudden they want some privacy. They can keep that lifestyle, I can’t imagine living the way they do, not for all the money in the world.

  49. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m not gonna hate on a woman (however mentally deficient) for GOING TO A GYM IN WORKOUT CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!! FFS, people, she had a baby (a big one, at that) A MONTH AND A HALF AGO!

    Let’s put it in perspective.

    I will harp on ONE THING though: those are NOT capris, they are full-length rolled-up pants.

    *dusts off hands* There. My job here is done.

  50. Cathy says:

    Well, good luck to her. Hope she has a easy time of it.

  51. Chordy says:

    I will never understand why people get so angry at women when they gain weight…especially during pregnancy. No two bodies and no two pregnancies are created equally. Size does not always determine health. I saw two very large people playing an insane game of tennis yesterday. They were AWESOME. Clearly they play a lot. Also, ever heard of Clydsedale runners? Meanwhile, women in Hollywood are resorting to starving themselves and abusing things like Adderall in order to maintain their “healthy” physiques, or they don’t get to work. And, yes, we have an obesity epidemic in our country, but Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy is not an example of the problem.

    • Embee says:

      You make an important point. Furthermore, lifestyle issues other than working out and eating come into play as well. I have always been uber-fit, even when I slacked on working out.

      About a year ago, I had a tremendous amount of trauma and stress inflicted on my life. In four months I gained 20 lbs of mostly belly fat. The cortisol in my system as a result of stress did it. Not knowing that, I started ramping up my workouts and severly restricting my diet (down to 1200 calories or less a day from 2000). And I gained 10 more lbs in a month. My body interpreted my workouts/calorie restriction as more danger, and conserved what it could (an hour long workout won’t burn enough to offset sitting at my desk all day with Zcortisol flooding my system).

      My point is, not everyone who is heavy is a gluttonous pig. It hass given me particularly sympathy for those with weight problems in very poor and/or dangerous home environments. No wonder the poor have high obesity rates!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Thank you Embee. So sensibly well said. I eat less than any of the 5 other members of my household (including the toddler!); I don’t eat much fat (other than reduced or fat-free cheese); no mayo; no beef; limited pork; salads and boneless-skinless chicken breast are staples of my diet.

        I worked a very labour-intensive job until I lost it, due to the economy. We moved 700 miles from everyone and everything I’ve ever known. And hubs had the UNMITIGATED AUDACITY to ask me “How is it possible that you put on this much weight in a year?”

        Suffice to say it’s a good thing our firearms have locks and the ammo is kept separate. This would be a very different convo otherwise.

        If I can suffer through non-fat cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, and chips; he can certainly STFU about my weight while he’s hornking down his 2 lb steaks, whole milk, and full-fat brie!

      • Just U says:

        I hope things are better for you now. Thanks for posting. I have had a similar year. I had the contraceptive implant in my arm for 3 years. The 1st 2 years were grand then the 3rd year BAM!!! my weight shot up. Apparently its a side effect. The implant tricks the body into believing your pregnant so you get all the symptoms, belly and breasts especially.
        I couldn’t understand it so went on a fitness craze. I’ve always been very athletic and strong so I hit the gym hard and dieted. My body reacted by storing more and getting bigger!!!
        Add to that my dad being diagnosed with prostate cancer and a major depression set in.
        I got that thing removed, but I have to work hard to get myself back to ‘normal’.
        I have had horrible comments from people and snickers behind my back, but I’m getting there.
        I find the criticism of any woman about weight very offensive. Nobody knows what goes on in somebody else’s life.
        I hope you are coming out the other side.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Just U – I’m so very sorry. It truly sucks when you’re going through some serious shit and can’t share it with anyone close to you. Welcome to CB. We share ALL the shit.

        I, for instance, am going through the aforementioned trauma and trying to cope with my impending (inevitable?) divorce and custody battle. (Of which my family knows NOTHING about. Can’t bear to tell them.) *shame face*

        But here, I’m “bella” or “belles” and intelligent ladies offer me support and comfort. WELCOME.

      • Just U says:

        Hey Belle. Good to know. Nice to know there are decent folks out there.
        You won’t remember but I’ve actually spoken, through comments, with you before. It was a long time ago coz I disappeared for a while. You were always a great one for encouragement.
        I have been through the mother of all break-ups and custody/ maintenance/ petty court sh*t, so if you need a (virtual) shoulder I’m here too.
        This is why I love this site.
        Oh, and I love your name coz it has mine in there.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Thanks, Just U. You don’t know what that means to me right now. (am sobbing into paper-towels right now.) I’m sorry, I have no self control.


      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Bella you have had the crappiest run of luck lately. We stand with you even if you have to cry into paper towels.
        I know you guys would do the same. Us real Celebitches stick together and share a ton of our lives on here.
        I’d be lonely in some of these cities without CB!
        You guys keep me sane.
        Much love for the finger, the car and the hubs or not so hubs. The weight will come off, it’s the least of your worries right now.
        Wipe your nose. Good girl. Hugs!

      • Sugar says:

        @Origianal Bella I was sadden to read your comment above. I always enjoy your comments & u literally having me in giggle fits over your cracktini comments and you get those quick-witted replies going. yup we all have had truly crappy events in our lives I am thankful for my sense of humor because your crying in the paper towel comment showed how sad you are but hang in there- one f’n day at a time and you keep being your snappy witted self I don’t know you but I’m counting on you:)

      • skuddles says:

        bella, I’m so sorry to know you’re going through this ordeal… You seem like a remarkable babe and you feel like a friend – and if I could, I would scoop you up and take you to Amsterdam and we’d get you that Vermeers dammit – you could probably stand to get good and schmeered right about now. (By the way, I’m trying to find it for you… I wrote their website to see if they sell it in the US).

        I’m with you in spirit. **HUGS**

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        Bellaluna, that is really rough. I’m so sorry, and I sincerely hope next year is a vast improvement.

        Just U, hang in there. I’m rooting for both of you.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Awww, Ladies, you got me in tears again! *watery smile*

        I love my fellow CB friends. And you ARE my friends. (Yeah, I know we’re anonymous and stuff, but we’re still friends. We SHARE stuff!)

        OTiff, I would be LOST without my fellow CB’s and I don’t give a good goddamn about a show. But the shoulder? THAT I NEED.

        thanks skuddles. (hugs back – don’t let me go)

      • skuddles says:

        Nope won’t let go of you bella, you’re stuck with me :)

    • Just U says:

      Haha, don’t worry, just get it outta ya girl.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @bells, oh no! I didnt know you were serious yesterday! If you need to chat, I can always pop into the place we all used to go to chat and leave you my e-mail and/or phone number.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Mort, alas, I am regrettably serious. That’d be an awesome idea. I’ll try to connect with you tomorrow and we’ll do that, if that’s OK.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        I was wondering how that happens. Wasn’t there a forum or something for a bit?

        There are a few of you guys I’d like to exchange info with! mort, you’ll have to by spring when we get to NYC. I’m holding you to drinks and our show.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @bells, I’d be happy to.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff & Mort – Mad has my info (feel free to get it from her if you’re in contact) and there WAS a forum (for the Linnocent posts) where we could exchange info in private messages. (Jezebel also offers email messages that you can make private or public – I’m bellaluna on Jezzie, and please keep it private.)

        On the upswing, I am now the proud owner (outright – no payments!) of a Lexus SUV that is ONE. SWEET. RIDE.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I guess I will head on over to Jezzie to get in touch with you guys.
        I encourage any of you guys near one of my cities to get in touch with me and I;ll try to get you into a show if possible. Absolutely on the privacy deal, me too of course. I’ll try to be OTiff
        Plus, I am a pretty darned good shoulder to cry on. I feel all special now, thanks:)))

        Seriously, I feel like many of you are real “friends”, I have more intelligent discourse and bitching with you than almost anyone else. You awesome bitches, you!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff, please do! I don’t care about shows (OK, I do LOVE me some Cirque du Soleil) but I give an infinite amount of f*cks about friends.

        And CB’s ARE my friends.

  52. blonde on the dock says:

    I agree with merrick. She ate like a horse while pregnant and now her ass is as wide as a barn door. I’ve had two children. I ate properly and exercised my whole pregnancy. Losing the weight was easy because it was baby weight. Good luck to her on losing the weight. She does have a lovely figure under all that excess fat. Sorry but I have no sympathy for those who “over eat” and then develope issues. I’m Canadian. When we cross over into the US it’s the first thing we notice…is how fat the majority of Americans are. I apologize in advance for the brutal truth. And yes there are fat people in Canada as well.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Just for some perspective:
      Ask why Americans are so fat, why our nation struggles with an epidemic of obesity and fuels a $50 billion weight loss industry, and the easy answer is that we exercise too little and eat too much — but why? For some people, part of the explanation is unrecognized or unresolved sexual abuse, which has surfaced in Central New York and elsewhere as a surprising but plausible link to obesity.
      Kaiser Permanente, for example, tracked more than 30,000 mostly middle-aged obese adults since 1982 and noticed those who were most successful in losing weight were also most likely to later drop out of the weight-loss program and regain the weight. “We unexpectedly discovered that histories of childhood sexual abuse were common, as were histories of growing up in markedly dysfunctional households,” they wrote in The Permanente Journal this spring. Kaiser, based in Oakland, Calif., is the nation’s largest nonprofit health plan.
      “We slowly discovered that major weight loss is often sexually or physically threatening and that obesity, whatever its health risks, is protective emotionally,” wrote the authors, including Dr. Vincent Felitti, a retired internist in San Diego who runs the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, a collaboration between Kaiser and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
      “If there’s obesity, there’s a good chance, especially if there’s morbid obesity, that something tragic happened in that person’s history, at one point or another.” Those affected are mostly women who were mostly binge eaters. All races, and all social classes are equally represented.

      Perhaps now you have a tad more sympathy for those who over eat?

      • Vesper says:

        That’s really overgeneralizing. Sexual abuse, childhood trauma, dysfunctional families are everywhere, not just the US. However, it is the US that has the highest rates of obesity, by far.

        There are other outcomes for those who have been abused in childhood, that doesn’t include overeating. Drug addiction has been linked repeatedly to childhood trauma, in particular late stage drug addiction. However, how many people have empathy for drug addicts? After reading some of the threads on this blog, I’d say there is very little if any.

      • Embee says:

        I have absolute sympathy for drug addicts, alcoholics, obese people and snotty posters.

        They’re all trying to cope with their fears in maladaptive ways. I hope that each of them develops the strength and compassion to find more positive and productive ways of existing on this planet we share.

        Have a lovely day.

    • Genevieve says:


      It’s difficult to listen to the whining of an overweight chum who is braying about “chubby-haters”…all the while, digging into a super-sized bag from In n Out.

      Documented medical issues are one thing, but don’t
      expect false words of comfort from my mouth about your “thyroid condition”, until you can control what you shovel into yours.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Gawd. Raises hand. One thing, since I lived through it.
        Grave’s disease. Lost so much weight so fast thought I was dying. Skin and bones.

        Then crash-hypothyroidism, before they got me regulated I gained 30 pounds in a month. You are literally starving and the weight just sticks.

        If you have a thyroid issue, you should have it checked immediately. Easy fix and back to normal. Maybe you could nicely suggest a blood test with the In-n-out?

        I will say that dropping the last of my weight involved partly by choice and partly my body hating food now, but I eat clean, organic and walk miles everyday. Only occasional alcohol, like once a month, no late eating. Lots of seeds, nuts, veg, lean protein, fruit. When I was hypo, all I wanted was cookies and crap. I was so sad and miserable.

        I’d never eat that way again, the thought of fast food makes me want to vomit.

  53. Embee says:

    Agree with all the sane people above re: her attire and appearance.

    Also, she doesn’t need to give up all junk food just because she is losing weight. She just needs to eat in moderation. Research has pretty much conclusively proven if you entirely deny yourself something (like potato chips) the call of the forbidden fruit will ultimately overwhelm you and you’ll binge.

    Besides, if junk food is a part of her lifestyle then it is. She doesn’t have to give it up because some @$$holes on the Internet don’t think she’s sufficiently pretty for their consumption. She just needs to figure out what she needs to do to eat junk food and look the way she wants to look (whatever size that may be).

    • Vesper says:

      What a great role model for a mother.

    • LAK says:

      @Embee – Junk food is Junk food no matter what size you are or what your state your health is in. It’s a shame that people are so ill informed about nutrition and health that they would advocate ‘a little junk food’. To misquote Nancy Reagan, Just say no.

      • Embee says:

        Our bodies absolutely have the ability to process small amounts of junk food with little harm.

        There is a psychological balance to be struck between teetotalling and over-indulging. Neither of those extremes is very thoughtful. Of course teetotalling any substance like junk food or alcohol is a positive for the body, but that isn’t necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

        If Jess has ice cream once a week, or a few potatoe chips after a good workout she isn’t setting a bad example. Actually, I think she’s setting a good one: self control.

      • LAK says:

        @Embee – our bodies have the ability to process almost anything we put in it but why stress it when we don’t have to?

        Ice cream is junk. Sugar and cream and flavouring is all it is. if it were not, your dr would be recommending a portion per week as part of your healthy eating.

        Just because you only indulge once a week does not negate that fact.

        There is no room for junk in a healthy diet. It poisons you. Gives you bad skin, breath, body odour and ruins your overall health.

        Google the people of Okinawa who live a junk free life and have the most longevity on earth based upon their food choices.

        Nutrition and health is a sorely misunderstood subject not helped by the demonising of food by the diet industry.

        Any half decent athlete or personal trainer will tell you that potato chips after a work out are wrong and will devalue your performance.

        If she did that i would not think she had any self control at all.

        some alcohol eg red wine has been shown to help our bodies but that does not mean we imbue it with inpunity. And for the record, there are comminuties worldwide who do not drink at all. They are all perfectly fine.

        What you are describing is an inability to step away from junk food that has been re-categorised into something else and is now being promoted as good for you. It’s like the people who truly believe that fruit will make you fat!!!

  54. maggiegrace says:

    You know, I’m really not a mean or snarky person, by nature. But I do get a little harsh when it comes to weight because it so impacts health. JS is a celebrity who is very unlikely to read this blog. And if I knew JS personally, I would never say anything so negative, or negative at all, about her (I’ve always thought her cute, BTW, and I do applaud her efforts at working out.) In other words, it’s nothing personal to her or to you, for that matter. The celebrity defensiveness that pops up here genuinely befuddles me. This is an website that is admittedly, openly, and obviously devoted to CELEBRITY GOSSIP and it’s called Celebitchy. And I allow my usually-repressed snark flag fly on here. Before you climb your soapbox and urge pity on the those poor, fabulously wealthy famous people who don’t know you’re alive, remember what web site you’re on. By virtue of being on here, you love snarky gossip. You can’t get to pick and chose who others are going to snark on, nor for what they chose to snark about.

    • HappyJoyJoy says:

      :::: stands up and slowly starts clapping ::::: +10,000 THANK YOU, MAGGIE. The most accurate comment of the day. ITA.

    • Chordy says:

      I don’t think it’s undying celebrity adulation that causing the responses you’ve gotten, it’s the sweeping generalizations, body-shaming attitude, and anecdotal evidence presented as universal truth that’s the issue (it’s easy for ME, so if it’s not easy for YOU it’s only because you’re doing everything WRONG). Not to mention the prolific concern trolling you’re doing on this post. I appreciate your passion about the obesity epidemic in this country, but perhaps you should do a little more research on the contributing factors of it before you start hurling boulders out of your glass house.

      • maggiegrace says:

        Not trolling, or not meaning to. I’m posting comments in the post-comments section, like you just did. This is obviously a hot-button issue for me, but I’ll give it a rest. And I’m good on the etiology of obesity, thanks.

    • remote control says:

      So you’re concerned about her health?! hahaha! Whatever! You don’t like fat people, just say it. I would respect your comments more if you just admitted you don’t like looking at fat people. To say that you care about their health is a lie. You’re posting on CELEBITCHY – be the b&^%$ that you are. OWN IT.

      • Vesper says:

        Okay, I’ll say it. I have NO RESPECT for pregnant women who gorge themselves with junk food, knowing all the while that they are putting their unborn child at risk. There is lots of medical evidence available that indicates what is and what is not a healthy weight for a pregnant woman, as well as how an unealthy diet can affect an unborn child down the road. It is no different than drinking or smoking while pregnant. To add to that, I have NO RESPECT for a mother who is a poor role model and eats unhealthy all the while feeding her children an unhealthy diet to the point where they too become obese.

        And to extend that further, I have little sympathy for people who have been obese for most of their adult life who cost the medical system billions of dollars to cover the expensive consequences of their poor eating.

  55. maggiegrace says:

    The comorbity associated with being overweight, and obesity is estimated to cost several trillion, yes the figure is in the trillions, of dollars by 2030 as the boomers age. Even if you’re not obese yourself, you’r egoing to feel it. If something isn’t done about the obesity rates in the US, this epidemic will bring this country to its knees. So yeah, I’m a little touchy about defense of obesity. 90% of the time, it’s a simple equation and it goes like this: expend equal or more energy than you take in. I have hypothyroidism, I’m treated for it and I’m fine and normal weight, so don’t talk to me about it causing obesity. She took in waaaay too much in calories, that’s obvious. Now if she exercises and takes it off, bully for her.

    • mayamae says:

      Just give it up girl – you are never going to win because you don’t understand the rules. You can say absolutely vicious things about people – but only certain people. Otherwise, you are going to get slammed. Been there, done that.

      • maggiegrace says:

        Yeah…judging by the tone of many posters, they are an extremely juvenile (all the cursing and name-calling, assuming knowledge of my motivations), defensive (I’ll just say it, probably because they have weight issues) and just plain nasty people on here. I don’t care what they think, I don’t want to hear what they think, and I don’t care what they think of me. So experience has been one, fat (pun and it stays), unpleasant experience. Done here.

      • mayamae says:

        If you leave, they win:(

      • maggiegrace says:

        Having a mindful debate with some of these people is like fighting a war with an unarmed opponent. There’s no satisfaction in it. I’d just as soon converse with my friends who have at least a modicum of kindness and intellect.

  56. NM6804 says:

    She isn’t getting any sympathy from me. It’s not like she has a medical problem or anything. She just stuffed herself to the point where it was obvious that she didn’t care about her or her baby’s health and people applauded that because she was a “real” pregnant woman while side-eyeying women like Beyoncé.

    She invited the public every step of the way into her pregnancy, she’s making BIG money of oversharing and overeating so she reaps what she sows. Simpson is a lazy dumb girl and I will not give her a standing ovation for finally taking care of her body.

    • deep says:

      I don’t think she really gives getting a standing ovation from you a second thought. Slam her all you want…I’m sure she is crying about it all the way to the bank. She’ll get her body back. It takes time. I will not be mean to someone who has extra weight after just having a baby. That’s just mean. I had to lose weight after I had my babies too. And, after my last one, it took me 9 months to get my body back. Obviously, she wants her body back and is working out. It’s not the time to slam her.

      • NM6804 says:

        Get a grip. I wasn’t slamming other women who go through a pregnancy. I am talking about a rich spoiled childish woman who is making money of being pregnant and oversharing constantly without any class. She doesn’t do anyting noteworthy yet is deemed a proper example for other women. Sorry but not for me. I behave in public, I don’t fart in meetings or overshare my sex life ad nauseum and don’t get rewarded with money for being so vulgar either. She doesn’t represent me and I don’t feel the need to defend her just because she has a baby. Simpson was and always will be a dumbass who makes money for doing NORMAL things.

        I know that the body goes through a lot during pregnancy (duh) but what she did is just stupid. You don’t pig out and share it with the whole world and then expect people to feel for you when you finally have to take responsibility for your unhealthy lifestyle.

        Most women gain a reasonable amount of weight during pregnancy but when a woman would gorge on snacks all the time such as buttered pop tarts, people nor her doctor will say that that is a healthy way to conduct yourself.

        Plus, she is getting PAID for it and she knew that beforehand so if she wanted, she could have watched her weight by just eating properly. I’m sure she’s NOT laughing anymore now. This girl isn’t used to hard work let alone normal work so she can take her money and hopefully she’ll learn something from it. I’d rather be smart with an average income than a rich Simpson ;) .

        I guess it’s easy to know you get money for doing something mundane as giving birth but then expect some kind of pity for actually doing something to make money all the while pretending she’s part of the sisterhood just because the woman got fat and gave birth for god’s sake.

        Is that the kind of woman you want everyday women to present? Because no everyday woman gets paid to give birth and work-out. Did you get coddled and paid for taking responsibilty for yourself or your baby?

        It’s not about getting her body back, it’s about how a mature person behaves, in and out of the public eye.

      • Annie says:

        @ NM6804 – I wish there was a like button, you said what I was about to put almost exactly.

        I just don’t get all the love folk have for Jessica Simpson around here – I guess some find her endless babbling on about her sex life, her bodily functions and how she loves to gorge herself to be endearing, I just find it cheap, vulgar and nauseating.

        But as soon as you try to say Jessica gained an excessive amount of weight because of her own unhealthy habits (which Jessica herself frequently admitted to!) everyone rushes to her defense with the “cut her some slack, she just had a baby!” line.

      • NM6804 says:

        Thanks for the support girls ;)

    • pp says:

      Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should be stuffing your face with every unhealthy piece of food you can find. The baby needs healthy food ! I think she gave herself a free pass and was tired of having to watch her weight and went overboard during her pregnancy. Now she’s going to have to work extra hard to get the weight off after 9 months of eating anything and everything she wanted. But hey she’s also getting paid like 4 million bucks to do it. Yup don’t feel sorry for at all.

      • maggiegrace says:

        This. And as I posted earlier, but can’t find it (deleted?), everything she consumed, she forced her baby to consume, nutritionally, as well. Every piece of fried chicken, every french fry, every bowl of ice cream, every triglyceride, every trans-fatty acid, every empty carbohydrate she ate, her baby had to survive on. It’s trying to develop neural cells, epidermis cells, etc, and she is stuffing herself with junk. It’s unconscionable, selfish, and stupid.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Stop naming it all! I will never be able to eat again.

        See, I can see slamming HER diet because feeding your fetus pop tarts and doritos is disgusting.

        It’s the slamming of every pregnant woman who gains more than they are supposed to. Some of us did it healthy and lost it. That’s what I dislike.

        I don’t eat any of it, it is so bad for you, one can only imagine the insulin spikes and what they do to baby.

      • mayamae says:

        How the tone has changed.

    • Camille (The original) says:

      @Annie and NM6804: I agree with both of your comments so much. It is all I wanted to say, but you both said it so perfectly that I have nothing else to add.

  57. Anon says:

    I don’t think Jessica has asked for anyone’s sympathy, has she? The woman is going to the gym to work out, she’s dieting. One doesn’t magically snap their fingers and take baby weight off. Agreed she gained too much weight, but it is hers to lose..give her a chance before you judge. Maybe she will inspire others to lose their extra weight. Good luck, Jessica. I have a feeling when she puts her mind to a task, she can make it happen.

  58. maggiegrace says:

    You might be right. She got pretty darned tiny for that Daisy Dukes movie.

  59. mek821 says:

    Thank you! Seriously, thanks for defending Jessica. She is my girl. I relate to her and have a little bit of a crush on her too. She is so NORMAL in a world of fakery.

    And that this is even a story at all is a sad commentary in itself. A woman who just gave birth does not look great in tight pants, which are appropriate gym wear and she is headed to the gym to try to get her figure back! I guess in a world where celebs birth pillows and then go on stage looking perfect a month later and that’s considered normal then JS is a story. We have officially gone through the looking glass.

  60. mandygirl says:

    People need to back off of her. She just had a baby. And shame on whoever is encouraging her to hit the gym before her 6-8 weeks of recovery time are up. I’ve had two cesareans. 5 weeks after my 2nd one, we were moving, I lifted a heavy box & split open a little bit. OUCH. She shouldn’t be doing anything strenuous. Maybe walking and some light stretching right now. They say recovery is 6-8 weeks & if you’ve never had a c-section, well, just know that it hurts like a b*tch. Anyway, give the poor girl some slack. She looks amazing.

  61. Moi says:

    Ugh they need to leave her alone. She just had a baby! Speaking of, has anyone ever gone to Target and when you go in to try on something, they always have those damn mirrors facing each other? I hate that. lol I don’t want to see what I look like from behind either.

  62. Kim says:

    My OB/GYN recommended for me to wear these type of pants to help hold the stomach back into place after the birth of my baby.

    She is working our for goodness sakes. What is she supposed to wear a burlap bag?!

    Insane that a woman who just had a baby, who is going to exercise off the baby weight, is being criticized for wearing workout pants!!!

    She’ll show everyone by getting super slim a la her Daisy Duke days. Hopefully not that thin because that was to thin but regardless of how you feel about her she has proven that when she sets her mind to something she accomplishes it.

  63. Leslie0195 says:

    Wow, lots of Judgey McJudgersons on here today! All of them perfectly healthy because they eat healthy and exercise and are always at a perfect weight and are just . . . perfectly perfect. Congratulations, now please STFU. She is not asking for your criticism or applause. I prefer someone who “owns” their behavior over those that pretend to be something they’re not. Every single day.

    • Annie says:

      I don’t think anyone is expecting Jessica to look like Daisy Duke six weeks after giving birth – that would indeed be ridiculous. But going to the opposite extreme and holding up JS’s piggish, slobbish behavior (and directly resulting appearance – it’s not as if her weight was caused by some sort of health complication, now is it?) as some sort of inevitable/expected/normal part of pregnancy, even womanhood? This strikes me as misogynistic.

      She sure as hell doesn’t represent me, or any of the other millions of women who respect our bodies, gained only the recommended amount of pregnancy weight, strive to behave with intelligence and dignity, and don’t expect to be paid mega bucks for contributing crap all to society except for inane TMI type comments.

      So Jessica finally sets foot in a gym and actually eats something other than junkfood- and gets paid 4 million dollars for something many do with no incentive other than self-respect. Yeah, let’s all tiptoe about and be gentle on poor Jessica. She should have saved her newfound healthy eating for the baby, not for a financial incentive.

  64. mayamae says:

    I am not concerned about Jessica because she has the money and support system to become healthier.

    I’m sure that we realize she is not the best role model for a non-celebrity pregnancy. I of course have no idea what discussions she did or did not have with her doctor. But if she did gain 80 pounds during her pregnancy, she was weighing each time she saw her MD and (s)he had a responsibility to catch this trend.

    I am an RN and know that in the past gaining a healthy amount of weight with pregnancy (25-35#) was not stressed. These days it is and it should be stressed by the MD. I am 5’9″ and to gain a comparable amount of weight as Jessica that would be about 100#. I don’t think I would ever be able to get that weight off. And if I did gain that much weight it would be malpractice for my MD to not be addressing this – strongly.

    Lastly, I would never and have never criticized a postpartum woman about her weight. I have and I will continue to snark about celebrities. We clearly have buttons that are pushed on certain subjects. But not everything should be so personalized. For instance, I am adopted but I don’t attack any poster for talking on this subject.

    I do think it’s a little more honest to stick with what we know. Meaning, I have never been pregnant and realize I have no credibility on this topic.

    But to attack a poster en masse with such vitriol is rather hypocritical of most posters here. I’m sure some of you always keep it positive, but most of us don’t and that’s what makes it celebitchy.

  65. jesstar says:

    And now we know why Beyonce did it the way she did.

  66. Jordan says:

    I think she pisses people off because she admittedly ate whatever she wanted while pregnant and then got a $3m contract from Weight Watchers to lose the weight. Since her baby was born healthy, she got the best of both worlds – yes, she’ll have to work hard to get the extra weight off but she now has $3m reasons to be motivated to do it.

  67. cruiz2 says:

    I’m finally starting to like her!

  68. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    So, they claim Eric Johnson is supposedly turned off by her extra weight and “triple chin” ( I dont see a triple chin) WELL, OK, I’m turned off by Eric Johnsons creepy blonde beard!!

  69. Trillian says:

    I don’t care if you want to hear this and of course many women here agree (just look up the percentage of overweight people in first world countries today and you can see where all that agreement comes from), but she is overweight and gaining 80 pounds in nine months is nowhere near normal, not even for a pregnant woman.

  70. lunabell says:

    Eeks! Now I know why I never clicked on this article when it popped up. Given that this is a celeb gossip blog, making fun of celebrities is par for the course. Disagreeing with someone and making your point is fine, but the personal attacks on other posters here is just crazy!

  71. lulu says:

    She’s big, but she’s doing something healthy for herself and her family. I got no snark.

  72. Cookie says:

    I didn’t start working out till my son was 3 lol. So good for her for being able to workout before then!