Entertainment Weekly’s 1st look at Renesmee of ‘Breaking Dawn’: perfect?

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

Entertainment Weekly has been graced with the very first look at the long-awaited Renesmee of Breaking Dawn – Part II fame. Of course, this highly anticipated character is the child of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and is played by a young actress named Mackenzie Foy. Now EW has the big reveal of photos of the fledgling family and extension of the Cullen clan. Having read (and begrudgingly enjoyed) the books and watched (and moderately hated) the movies, I can safely say that — as far as physicality is concerned — the casting directors nailed this one. Here are some details from EW.com:

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

The Cullens are a family unlike any other.

At the end of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Kristen Stewart’s Bella gave birth to a half-vampire, half-mortal child named Renesmee. In Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the fifth and final installment of the mega-successful movie franchise, Bella and husband, Edward (Robert Pattinson), will fight to protect their little girl from the Volturi clan.

Up until now, the trio have not been seen together in the same photograph. Real-life loves Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, “were amazing” with Foy, 11, director Bill Condon, 56, says in the June 22 issue of Entertainment Weekly. “It really brought something paternal out in Rob, and Kristen was especially protective. I’d have to interrupt them when they were in deep conversation to get going with a scene.”

According to Foy, her onscreen parents “are super-nice.”

Finding the right actress to portray Renesmee was no easy task. “It’s a hugely important part,” Condon explains. “There were a lot of kids. But this was kind of obvious. It was one of those rare times when you see something — like with an apartment or house — and it feels good and you just need to take it. I felt that way, like, ‘Oh, this is good.’”

Stewart was amazed by the similarities she shares with Foy. “Even our hands look similar,” she tells Entertainment Weekly. “It was kind of strange, but it’s funny how it actually helps. It’s like, ‘Oh hey, you look like me, kid! Come on!!’”

[From Us Weekly]

Certainly, Mackenzie does resemble both of her onscreen parents … not that it matters, really. The Twilight movies are not exactly known for continuity as far as its actors’ physical appearances go (seriously, what is up with Esme’s morphing hair?), but it’s a nice little detail that Mackenzie looks like the perfect hybrid of Bella and Edward. Of course, there’s also the icky bit about Jacob falling in love with her as a baby. Er, imprinting. Whatever.

Here are some of the posters that have already been released for Breaking Dawn 2. I have to admit to laughing when I spotted the first two in the theater last weekend.

Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner

Photos courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and AllMoviePhoto

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  1. anna says:

    I see Stewart finally has grown to the height she claims to be mentally: 5’10”.
    The disgusted expression on her face is the same as always too. Her head looks gigantic.

  2. Hubbahun says:

    Esme’s hair?? What about Jasper’s!! ;D (although admittedly they probably grew it longer to try and cover up Jackson Rathbone’s appalling acting – seriously dude) Also, I don’t get why you laughed at the posters – seem okay to me. That little girl is gorgeous and yes, perfect casting.

  3. Jackie O says:

    what? there is another one of these awful movies coming out?

    wow. maybe i am starting to understand why these 2 actors are so miserable all the time.

  4. beyonce's bump says:

    She’s a pretty little girl. I have read all the twilight books and watched all twilight movies, yea that’s right, I am not ashamed to say it, okay, I am…but whatever, I cannot wait to watch this last instalment…its not the pinnacle of great acting but I really like the cheesy love triangle bits. *embarrassed face*.

  5. Glimmer Bunny says:

    Naw, she’s so cute! But I also feel really icky about Jacob imprinting on her, not just because she’s a child, but because he dated her mom! How disgusting is that?!

    • aquarius64 says:

      True. Jacob can’t have the mother so he’ll take the daughter. I’m sorry, but ewww.

    • mia girl says:

      Lautner does not think it’s so creepy (ha), but Pattinson is right there with us…

      EW article:
      “Everyone thinks it’s so funny, and I laugh along with them, but it’s important for me to keep in my mind that it’s as simple as a lifelong bond. It’s not nearly as creepy as everybody likes to joke.” That “everybody” includes Pattinson, needless to say. “Oh, I can’t wait till he has to do live TV,” Pattinson says of Lautner with a gleeful cackle. “Did you ask him if his taste in women has changed? The first scene I saw them together, I literally could not stop laughing. I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

    • deep says:

      Jacob and Bella didn’t really date..they just hung out together.

  6. marie says:

    will be so glad when the series is over, can’t end quick enough. the girl is cute though.

  7. Hubbahun says:

    Just occurred to me that the little girl looks like a younger version of Tessa from Suburgatory!

  8. Eve says:

    There’s still one movie left? o_O

    No, actually, it’s more like this :cry:

  9. TXCinderella says:

    Judging by her looks, she makes a perfect Renesmee’ (hate that name). I guess I’m the exception here, but I’m looking forward to the movie.

  10. Katie Too says:

    I honestly feel bad for Stewart and Pattinson, this is albatross around their necks. Time and distance from these abominations will show if they really have chops.

  11. spiderpig says:

    i’d rather have my period non-stop 4 2 months with xcruciating cramping than ever be dragged 2 watch this piece of mormon backwater housewife fantasy drivel. Ever.

  12. DanaG says:

    If they are both Vampires and are the living dead how could she have a baby and how would it age in the first place? Or are these special vampires…and in case your wondering no I haven’t read the books. If it wasn’t for this series we wouldn’t even have heard of Pattinson or Stewart. Maybe she would find something to smile about she always looks so angst ridden like the world is on her shoulders. Instead of realizing she is just an actress in a popular yet not so good series of Vampire movies.

    • muffin says:

      danaG – she was a mortal when the baby was conceived and all during the pregnancy. she only became a vampire during the delivery of said baby. the baby ages because it’s half mortal, at a fast rate because it’s half vampire where everything is accelerated.

    • Rhea says:

      @DanaG: Honestly, it’s good that you haven’t read the book. It’s best if you just watch the movie. Reading the book is more painful. -_-

    • Sisi says:

      the only reason it is possible is because the writer decided it was possible, and the writer is full of it :)

    • Janet says:

      Beats the hell out of me. If the only fluid in a vampire’s body is venom, what could he impregnate her with? How could he even get it up, let alone get it in? And his body temperature is supposed to be ice cold, so can you picture what the wedding night must have been like? I dunno about anyone else, but being impaled on an icicle dick is not my ideal of romance. The whole storyline sucked.

      • clumsyme says:

        Bahahaha!!!! Icicle Dick!!! I hadn’t even thought about that.

      • Sapphire says:

        OMGs, I can’t stand the visual! Frostbite and all!

      • Janet says:

        @clumsyme: Can you imagine that thing going inside of you? I’d be like, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Janet, we’re sympatico here. (But if your mind goes to JT singing that in Bad Teacher, we’re THROUGH!)

        You (WE) are opening a whole can of worms here that extends from True Blood to Twilight and every other letter of the alphabet involving vampires.

        IF you are dead (ie no circulatory system) how is it possible to achieve an erection? All this rampant sexing and breaking of furniture (and cherries) is rendered moot.

        If you don’t have bodily fluids, you must own stock in lube; provided the aforementioned problem is miraculously solved.

        Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good Eric f*cking scene as much as the next gal. I just have a problem with the logistics. (Kind of like my “how the f*ck do Bubble Guppies have an apartment fire when they live under the ocean?” moment.)

    • Theresa says:

      From the sounds of it, this series requires not only an astronomical suspension of disbelief, but also of taste, common sense and a hold on your knickers.

      Haven’t read the books, only saw the first movie and no intention of seeing anything else. However, I will cut the filmmakers some slack; making movies is about making money. As long as Twilight generates some money, there is a chance that it will lead to the creation of some decent films in the future. Summit is responsible for Hurt Locker and Push, and hopefully more excellent challenging films!

      • Ann says:

        Um, yes, it does require suspension of disbelief. It’s about VAMPIRES. Which are not real.

        The Twilight story aside, don’t most movies require suspension of disbelief? They’re fantasies! Have you ever in real life seen an alien, zombie, wizard, werewolf, bionic man, time traveler, superhero, fairy, etc.?

        I never followed vampire lore, and I know that Meyer went in a different direction with her stories. But really, how can people debate about what is the right physiology etc. of a vampire? They are a fantasy creature. Not real. So, I guess an author can make up whatever they want about them.

    • LAK says:

      @dadag – Pattinson had already been immortalised as Cedric Diggory before he got on board the Twilight train.

      @janet – icicle d***! brilliant! LOL!

      Stephenie isn’t finished with us. Next year, we get THE HOST. possibly the only redeeming thing about the film is that it stars Sioarse [sp?] Ronan and is directed by Andrew Nicoll.

      • antipodean says:

        Please dear god no, that book is bloody awful. I havnt managed to get past chapter two and I have had the bloody thing for a year, it is so boring, and without knowing the outcome or the story I truly don’t know how a movie can be made out of it.

  13. muffin says:

    i agree! the movies are awful!! (i liked the books) and they seem so LOW BUDGET. my least favorite was breaking dawn 1 with all the focus on the marriage and pregnancy. and they lost me at the talking dogs. SERIOUSLY?

  14. aquarius64 says:

    I’m sorry the imprinting is too icky. Summit and the three leads better hope that plot line doesn’t keep non Twi-hards out of the theaters (and impact the box office).

  15. johnnybadboytapia says:

    I loved the books and the movies, I will admit thatthe movies are crap tho, but i like crappy movies( which expalins why i went to see battleship)

  16. nina says:

    wow, that little girl looks like both of them, that’s kinda of creepy almost.lol

    Of course the movies are crap, but some movies are bad crap and then some movies transcend into Mariah Carey-Glitter kitschy awesome crap. Twilight movies are definitely the latter and deserve a dvd rental.

  17. DeltaJuliet says:

    I thought Reneeseme was, like, 3 in the book? Am I misremembering or are they taking some artistic liberty?

  18. lucy2 says:

    Cute kid, horrible character name (a very juvenile move by the author), and I can’t wait until these movies are done. I only saw the first and I think it was equally terrible as the books. I should have quit after the first book but so many raved about it, and I thought they were awful.

    Side note – saw Snow White, and actually thought Kristen wasn’t bad at all in it, and that she looked really beautiful through most of it. Nothing compared to the perfection of Charlize, but still not bad.

  19. Anname says:

    I can’t wait to hear Pattinson’s comments during promotion. He won’t hold back on the weirdness factor! I know some people knock him for not being appreciative, but I think he can respect what the series has done for him, and still acknowledge the strangeness of it all.

  20. grabbyhands says:

    The only thing I care about is that this is the last time one of my Entertainment Weekly covers is going to be wasted on the whole Twilight sage. Also, I’m annoyed that yet another of my Entertainment Weekly covers is going to be wasted on the whole Twilight Saga.

  21. Jade says:

    I will always have a soft spot for this series. It brought a lot of fun and crazy in ’08.
    I’m happy they changed the posters up for the last one.

  22. mia girl says:

    First things first… I will be there, along with my daughter (14) and niece (18) at the midnight showing of the final film in the craptastically enjoyable Twilight saga. I’m saying it and owning it. To us, these movies are bad in the best kind of way and are a shared experience (others include Harry Potter, Hunger Games). Difference is that these are the movies we love AND can not stop making fun of.

    That said, we were rather have-hearted about this final film until we saw these pictures and read the full article. The vamp child (refuse to type that name) looks great and they seem like a cute little family of lame-ass animal blood suckers. Now we are looking forward to the joyful corniness that BD2 promises to be:

    From EW article: They also say there’s some kind of visual valentine to fans in the closing moments. Pattinson, who’s seen a rough cut of the film, found himself surprisingly moved. “The end is so sweet. There’s this nice finality to it,” he says. “Everyone who was watching started crying. It does a serious justice to the series.”

    The cheesefest is going to be epic. :)

    • Anname says:

      I totally agree, and enjoy the extreme cheese factor too! Even though I know this series is so goofy, I still love it. I prefer the DVDs though so I can fast forward through all the horrendous wolf stuff.

    • Chickie Baby says:

      I’m totally with you on this one–it will be one epic cheesefest deluxe. And we all know the masses will still show up in herds to see every last minute of it, too!

      While I’m ready to see how the rest of the book translates to the screen, at the same time, I’m ready for it to be done and over with.

      Miss Foy does bear a nice resemblance to Sparkles, though.

  23. Crystal says:

    Oh sweet f*cking baby jesus on rye toast. I cannot wait until this shit is over.

    At this point there are no words that can even convey anything about Twilight. It needs to be taken out to the back, shot, buried, then fifty years later brought up, only to be shot down by another old person who says ‘Now why the hell would you bring that up again?’

    This shoot is so budget aswell. I dunno how they can make someone as attractive as Robert look so bloody ugly in Twilight. That little girl is stunning though.

    The imprinting thing is beyond gross.

    I dunno why they split the last movie into two when NOTHING happens in this damn book. There’s all this preperation for a fight that doesn’t even happen. What a joke.

    My younger sister(19) is a twihard and the bitch was nearly in tears when she saw this. I can’t believe I’m related to a twihard.

    (I want Bella’s boots. They’re cute)

  24. carly says:

    I love the movies, I don’t care how chessy they are, and the little girl looks just like them, perfect mix lol, if they have a kid one day the baby might look like her.

    Rob is going to be great during promos, I feel bad for Taylor, and Kristen will be in the middle lol

    • aquarius64 says:

      How true. The trio are on damage control now (with Lautner leading)about the imprinting storyline. Summit should have seen this coming and been better prepared. Better yet, Stephenie Meyers should have Jacob imprint on a female close to his age and avoid the mess all together.

  25. rtms says:

    The imprinting thing is just atrocious when you consider what’s it’s really representing, that of a arranged marriage between the two. Unless the character can make a decision when she’s older to see someone else her future is not up for grabs. This is just Meyers way of setting up a right she thinks needs mending since she couldn’t give Jacob Bella. It’s just sick all the way around.

    • Emma says:

      Have you read the books? I have and the whole imprinting thing wasn’t about that at all, it was more about finding your absolute soul mate and whether it would turn into a romantic relationship or not was up to the parties involved but it could just end up being a friendship, like the one that twins have with eachother. There’s nothing sexual about the imprinting, it’s just pure, platonic love, care and respect.

      • Esmom says:

        Yes on the surface but after reading that the whole series is Mormon propaganda (for example, having sex before marriage can literally kill you) I’m inclined to agree that the relationship’s implications are more sinister than pure platonic love.

      • Emma says:

        Well… I kind of agree with you although I think saying that the whole series is “mormon propaganda” is a bit over the top. Stephenie Meyer is a mormon and therefore her writing mirrors her beliefs, just like any writers beliefs influence their writing. Also, if it IS mormon propaganda, why would that be wrong?

      • Janet says:

        It’s ONE-WAY love, care and respect. Meyer never bothers to address the issue of what happens if some guy imprints on a girl who doesn’t want him. On the contrary, when Bella asks Jacob that question, he responds with what girl wouldn’t want a man with that level of devotion? A girl who wants to make up her own mind, that’s who. When all is said and done, Meyer’s women are nothing but a bunch of Stepford wives.

  26. саша says:

    i think “bella” was aiming for Fierce look, alas she just looks constipated. as always

  27. Another Nina says:

    Oh geez, stew grimacing, what else is new?… I don’t understand why I can see stew’s whole nose and only 2/3 of rpatz’s? why is “forever” next to Lautner? Isn’t he a dog? And doesn’t he age in dog’s years? Also, I seriously hope twies won’t harass little girl. I think the little vamp is really pretty… And rpatz looked so much better with that gal, he was doing during first movie – Nikki? Now, why is stew grimacing, why is she in pain, what the heck is wrong with her backyard???why is it sticking out here?

  28. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Rofl at that constipated look comment. You got that right! XDD
    Well, forget Esme’s hair, what the hell did they do to Jasper?? He was the coolest and the cutest of them all! I can never forget his baseball bat flipping scene. God knows how many times I watched the scene! They destroyed his hair. Edward’s hairstyle in part one was the best. Later it went all geeky. I hated his look in BD1 the most.
    Mackenzie is soooo beautiful! I wish she was my lil sister! ^.^
    Look at Kristen! Look at those 5 inches heels! O_O She is trying to look fierce like Lara Croft or something. But she just can’t! She looks so ugh!

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    Renesmee. I CAN’T with that name. But the little one saddled with playing her is gorgeous! And I do particularly like that pic where they are “protecting” her, like any parent would from a threat. So good on that!

    Seriously, if you had ONE SHOT at having a child and naming them, would Renesmee be ANYWHERE on your list? (Maybe for a third or fourth middle name, but it wouldn’t be in the top 50, right?) RIGHT?

  30. jermsmom says:

    I was stuck in a job that i absolutely hated and dreaded going to. I needed every little boost I could to get my energy going so every single morning one of the first things i would do was play the video of the baseball scene with Supermassive Blackhole – silly, but it just gave me the punch i needed to get my day started.

  31. aang says:

    this stuff is crap. anne rice wrote way better vampire books.

  32. only1shmoo says:

    I may be in the minority, because I could tolerate the movies, but I FLAT OUT HATED THE BOOKS!!! The movies are bearable because A) each film has a mind-blowing soundtrack to compensate for the sh*tty story line, and B) they give you a reprieve from Bella’s cesspool of a brain and incessant whining. God, these books should be exercised by a certified priest and burned!
    I will shamefully admit, however, that I’ve been anxious to see pictures of the Cullen offspring (I still can’t tolerate hearing/saying “Renesme”), and I must say, Mackenzie Foy is a stunning kid.

    • Reece says:

      From the bad books (although I will say in the beginning, I liked that they were so easy to read. I remember being in a heavy classics phase when I 1st picked up Twilight) to the craptastic movies to the psycho fanbase, the soundtracks have been the only redeeming quality in this whole franchise.

  33. Janet says:

    @ only 1 shmoo: that makes us a minority of two. The movies (at least Twilight and Eclipse) were barely tolerable. The books were vomitous. That woman can’t write her way out of a wet paper bag.

  34. Bonnie says:

    I think these pics are awesome and i loved the movies and i cannot wait for breaking dawn part 2 to come out….ill be the first in line to see it!!!! :) :):):):)

  35. Rue says:

    Stephenie Meyer has said that she regrets naming Bella and Edward’s kid the name “Reneesme.”

  36. Katija says:

    Yeah, I’m not cool enough to be cynical. When it comes to Twilight, the cheesier and craptastic-er, the better. And we have come a long way from the takes-itself-too-seriously-ness of the first film. Ladies and gentlemen, we have hit the ground zero of cheese, and I will be the first in line opening night.

  37. It is ME!! says:

    Only thing I can say: I hate the name Renesmee.

  38. D1 says:

    These pictures make me want to be a vampire – apparently, you get an awesome henna rinse as a free gift upon being turned.

  39. Anna says:

    While I pretty much hate the Twilight films (and have refused to read the books) because of Kristen Stewart, I do like the second picture, in which she is standing in front of the girl. This may be the first picture ever (not just from Twilight stills, but all her other junk too) in which I really like Kristen. Her clothes and styling are perfection and she even manages to look a little fierce, as opposed to bored-to-tears or dead-in-the-face.

  40. dillene says:


    Is it wrong that I read that in Pinkie Pie’s voice?

  41. sup says:

    for the first time i support photoshop because those close ups (actually all photoshoots) of kstew are painful to look at.

  42. Jaxx says:

    I just saw the Snow White movie and I couldn’t believe how awful she was. She had that same constipated expression through the entire movie and her mouth hanging open like she is just so proud of those beaver teeth of hers. My daughter said she wanted to scream at the screen: Close Your Mouth!

    It’s not as if she had any great lines in the script but she was just so wooden through all of it. She better thank god for the Twilight years because when her little twi-hard fans start growing up and flocking to the theaters she is going to be out of a job.

  43. LittleDeadGirl says:

    They look good and appearance wise they did nail it. Like the first look so far.

  44. Isa says:

    That name is horrible! She is so pretty. But I don’t think she looks like them. Is this a case of two fugs make a pretty kid? Their faces always look so rough but the kid has a sweet and soft face. The hair is similar though.
    I’ve only watch the first movie and part of the second and I feel kind of bad for the twihards. That was the best they got? It’s like the makers of the film half assed it bc they knew it would make money anyway.
    Question- someone above said the baby rapidly aged. Does that mean she dies of old age by the end of the series?

  45. erika says:

    next month i heard that Twilight: Entering Late Morning Madness will be in theatres and next year:

    Twilight Entering Late Morning Menace To Vampire Society II.

    I’m not sure if they plan to make a movie out of this upcoming series (soon to hit bookstore shelves by Dec 2012) but they’re a collection of short stories by Stephanie Meyer, but I think they should:

    Twilight: Set The Alarm for 5.45AM
    Twilight: Lunch Break at Noon Legacy
    Twilight: Coffee/Cig Break Chaos
    Twilight: Chasing Dinner Time Travesty

    Should be good stuff! I hear Resemee joins little league baseball where of ALL people to be the coach…JACOB!!!

  46. leslilly says:

    I’m not a Twilight fan at ALL; however, that child is perfect – looks just like a combo of the two of them.

  47. VanillaFrosting says:

    I don’t really get the anger over Twilight. I found it easy to avoid. I’ve not read any of the books or watched even a clip from one of the films. For no reason other than that I do not care to. I also generally dislike fiction and the last piece of fiction I was able to get through was Chuck Palahniuk’s “Haunted”.

    My husband who is 14 years older than me has seen all of the movies (besides the newest one?) and he read all of the books. I’m not ashamed, but I reserve my right to laugh at him. If we ever have a little girl I’m sure he’d be good with staying abreast of her girly interests.

  48. baron samedi says:

    woohoo! Can’t wait to not watch this movie

  49. Fred says:

    The little girl fit well with what Renesmee should look like. Absolutely horrid name though. I liked the books, but still think the series would have been a lot better if the end couple was Bella/Alice. And it would not take that many changes in the story to make this couple work. The Jake/Renesmee imprint is creepy,really, I mean he spent 3/4th of the books trying to get Bella into a romantic relationship with him. Bella even pictured for a moment being married and having kids with Jake, which would mean by Twilight logic, he would imprint on his own daughter. Good thing Jake failed in his wooing of Bella. Although the scene where Jake would imprint on his own daughter be funny to see, just to see the reacting of the everyone involved.