Bisexual twins to replace Tila Tequila on “Double Shot at Love”

In a gimmick that seems both inspired and incredibly skeevy, MTV is set to replace bisexual wonder Tila Tequila with not one but two woman who go both ways – and they’re twins. The aptly nicknamed “Ikki Twins” are looking for two men, two women, a guy and a girl – whatever, to accompany them to a few cell phone promotional events and video game premieres before the inevitable breakup.

Bisexual twin sisters Rikki and Vikki, known as the “Ikki Twins,” will star on spin-off A Shot at Love, MTV announced in a statement on Friday.

Both men and women will vie for each twin’s affections on the reality-competition series A Double Shot at Love, which premieres Dec. 9.

“When the men and women arrive, they are pleasantly surprised to find that the women they are fighting for are actually gorgeous twin sisters all living under one roof,” MTV said in the statement release to “The 12 straight men and 12 lesbians are narrowed down each week in a dramatic elimination ceremony.”

Their favorite date activities?

“I like to watch the Padres at Hooters and have the date take care of the bill,” Rikki has said.

Meanwhile, Vikki prefers to “be in a bikini and there’ll be candles, a blanket on the sand and a big bowl of chocolate!”

[From US Weekly]

In case Rikki and Vikki’s ideal date responses didn’t give it away, they’ve both appeared in Playboy and have worked at Hooters. You don’t have to wait long to witness this reality show train wreck, renamed “A Double Shot at Love,” as it premieres on December 9.

Here’s a promo for the show, which makes it seem as classy as it sounds:

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  1. vdantev says:

    Double-shot of Herpes, more like.

  2. DLR says:

    oh my stars, lol, ah, i can only imagine what my two grandmothers would say about shenanigans like this. they certainly didn’t have such shocking things in their day, mind you, lol. :roll:

  3. Codzilla says:

    I’m sure their parents are beaming with pride.

  4. Yourself says:

    I guess they have to make some money somehow in this economic climate.

  5. Antony says:

    Oh, incest…YIPPIE!!!

    sick f***s

  6. miss_kitteh says:

    Either they aren’t related at all, or they’re fraternal twins. One of them is head and boulders above the other one. :D

  7. Trillion says:

    Human beings have now officially jumped the shark

  8. Jenna says:

    I’m too afraid to watch this show. I might contract an STD just while watching it.

  9. okay... says:

    So, MTV quit playing videos and music news for this sort of crap? Sad.

  10. Kate says:

    CrazyinLove – we’re talking about twin incest and titties in here man, jeeze. :p

  11. doodahs says:

    So how does this work? They get together?

    [aaaaand here's where we hear the collective eeew... altogether now]


  12. JaundiceMachine says:

    Ikky is right. Has the economy gotten so bad that these sisters have to share each other’s sloppy seconds for a paycheck? Gross.

  13. Jaclyn says:

    Hmmm, no. Get Tila back on the show, now. :(

  14. Polkasox says:

    She likes to watch the Padres at Hooters and “have the other party pay for it”? Classy.

  15. aleach says:

    i bet theyre real sweet girls… :roll:

  16. orion70 says:

    Too bad the brains aren’t twinned, ya know, instead of them having to share a whole one :roll:

    this is nasty…

    also….what does this have to do with music? Or do these two do a musical duelling vadge act or something..?

  17. Christina X says:

    Is MTV really trying to espouse acceptance for the GLBT community?

    My guess is not really.

    Between Tila Tequila and these two disgusting c*ck teases, something tells me that MTV is making a mockery out of sexual orientation.

    Even though I’m not bisexual, I know people who are, and they don’t look and act like trash. While I understand that MTV is a shallow network which targets impotent frat boys, I really would appreciate it if they didn’t constantly acknowledge the needs of one group and totally neglect the other.

    This is neglect at the peak of ignorance. It’s not the fact that people refuse to understand bisexuality, it’s the fact that MTV says it’s trying to reach out to certain groups while exploiting them. By making these shows, it’s only encouraging the stereotype that all bisexuals are promiscuous.

    Yes, this angers me.

  18. Rosanna says:

    Christina X you’re so right. I’m bisexual and I’m VERY far from being promiscuous.

  19. devilgirl says:

    Double shot of Valtrex with a zovirax chaser.

  20. Ana says:

    They are attractive at first glance, but after you may more attention you start to realize they’re not. Or perhaps it’s just unflattering pictures.
    In the last one, the girl on the right looks like her nipples point south. Maybe it’s just the top bought at Hookers-R-Us?

    I get that twins are close, but I have never felt the urge to confide in, see, or be around my (not twin) sister when it comes to sex. I don’t think many twins want to do the same.

    I think MTV is trying to appeal to a man’s top fantasy. They’re making a mockery of themselves in the meantime. Do they even play music videos on the channel anymore?

    I’m so sick of reality t.v.

  21. Christina X says:

    Ana: I dunno, so far every picture of them “must just not be flattering”, because these women are pretty bland and kind of weird looking.

    Their pictures on DListed are pretty screwy looking too. I just don’t think they’re pretty.

    I agree with you for the most part. I never want to hear about my sister, or even ANYONE in my family discussing sex because that’d be painfully awkward, let alone engage in sexual acts with my own sister. I love my sisters to death. There are just some things that shouldn’t be shared like that. Taking your clothes off and posing spread eagle up against each other is one of them as well.

    When MTV plays any type of music video, it’s usually along the lines of some skanky rap video or Danity Kane. Since they only have like 5 songs on their rotations, they end up playing the same song an hour later.

  22. Lizzie (greeneyed fem) says:

    According to them, Codzilla, their dad at least is beaming with pride:

    “My dad would love it if we were playmates. He is addicted to ‘Playboy.’ He has every issue. When my dad found out, he was really excited for us.”

    From the interview here, via

    Talk about double-ick.

  23. orion70 says:

    bleurgh……triple-ick. This sounds like one messed up family. I wonder does “Daddy” have to give final approval for those pics? *shudders*

    There are trashy people of all sexual orientations and there are the non-trashy ones…however this one seems to be following along the lines of the “barsexual” genre …..

    It’s funny that it wasn’t all that long ago that the Canadian version (at the time) of MTV, MuchMusic, was booting any show that didn’t relate to music in some way (sadly my beloved Ren & Stimpy was cut), and now there are all sorts of shows on there that have little to nothing to do with music, but at least it still maintains a high proportion of music to crap.

  24. JaundiceMachine says:

    Growing up with twin sisters, I’ve never understood the fascination of “twins”. I mean, it was difficult enough for the three of us to share a bathroom together . . .

    Luckily my sisters aren’t so desperate for attention that they’d debase themselves and each other for a man. . . . Oh Gawd, I hope they aren’t that desperate . . .

    I think you’re right on, Christina X.

  25. Baholicious says:

    I come from a simpler time when twins and “double your pleasure” meant chewing gum.

    I am cleaving to that sepia-toned age right now and looking away so my eyeballs don’t get the clap. Thanks be to the god of touch-typing.

  26. Ter says:

    I thought the Girls Next Door were whoring for their fifteen minutes by sleeping with Mr. shrivelly, but this, this charade that passes as humanity takes the cake!

  27. GimmeABreak says:

    Does anyone around here know where I can watch these crazy mini-movies called “videos” anymore?

    I miss the old days of MTV :o (

  28. Fischdog says:

    I would never dream of doing a reality show and I’m sorry for sayin but…

    If I had a shot to get together with two bisexual twins….I would be first in FREAKIN line to sign up to do that show!!

    that is freakin hot and awesome and is awesome(did i say that again?)

    love it!! :mrgreen:

  29. Jag says:

    I read somewhere that MTV had decided not to have videos anymore. Maybe I’m wrong, but the author said something about “please don’t cancel Vh1 Classics,” too.

  30. Kobe Bryant says:

    How can you say that these girls are not good looking. I am a male and I am very picky when it comes to everything about a girl and I would give you that they both look as dumb as a doorknob but they are both hot as hell end of story. I will give you that any father that would encourage his daughters to do this let alone allow his daughters out of the house after asking to do something like this is messed up. I do think that any male that is not gay will enjoy this show because any guy that would not jump at the opportunity to be with hot twins might as well be gay. I bet this show does better then everyone thinks… but I am probably wrong.

  31. Christina X says:

    I guess this is why I can’t get a man :roll:

    Because I don’t act like a stupid slut and make out with my sister.

    Yes, I totally changed what I was about to say.

    It’s amazing how some men are so shallow, yet are so easily turned on that they’ll
    watch “incest” pseudo sex as long as they’re thin, with fake tits, a fake tan, fake hair, and a fake personality to go with it.

    Your standards are expensive, not unattainable, stop trying to make it sound like you’re too good for other women

  32. Mark says:

    I’d do ‘em, take my chances in Hell.

  33. dina says:

    they really are ICKY!
    i miss tila tequila, she is the only one i would actually watch in such a horrible reality tv show!

    i’m glad she isn’t doing it again though, that would just be plain ole pathetic

    this show a third time around is just low
    the third installment sounds like some crazy porn orgy to me!!
    syphilis for everyone, come on, don’t be shy!

  34. MTV, the new soft core porn channel. says:

    I was flipping channels and saw this promo on
    TV a Channel I stopped watching years ago when they stopped playing music and went to stupid game shows. Now it would look like MTV is into Soft core porn.

    Whats really gross is when during the promo for the show one of the aptly named ICKY twins says she was born a HE and says she/he was born with “a little extra”

    My sons friends quit watching MTV also when they went to game shows & cRAP.

    I’m now blocking MTV.. enough is enough.

  35. chloe list says:

    the first episode and i think the first to get kicked off was killed in a car accident (see tmz today).
    they are still going to air the show but the producers are going to edit some of the wild behavior out of respect for the family.

  36. C.C says:

    Did anyone miss the fact that Rikki was born a man?… So what would that make her? A pretend Lesbian? I’m confoosed? :|

  37. CJ says:

    there is one guy on the show also on one episode of “the Paris’s best BFF”… it really about finding love or just a show as if “the office”, hun ?

  38. Jrock says:

    To all of these “STD” and “The twins are sluts” comments, First off, you can’t contract an STD by watching 2 flaming hot vixens on their quest for love. Everyone wants to find love, so, stop hating on them. To my knowledge, they do not participate in any incestuous behavior. Hands down, they are HOT!

  39. Rick says:

    Being Priest I would have to say, these girls are so red hot they make hell look like the North Pole. And that’s bad for the devil. Keep it going girls. Were rooting for you!

  40. k-mia says:

    neither were born with an extra part, she meant her twin was the “extra part”

  41. sarah says:

    she was sayin her twin was her other part!!!!

  42. pubic says:

    Rosie flipped out! What a bad bitch! I effing LOVE this shiiit!

  43. freak nasty says:

    COOP farted! that was the funniest shit ever! haha

  44. Ikki Love says:

    I love as that Ben guy is leaving and making the wanking motion.

  45. freak nasty says:

    OMG!!! Did anyone see it?!?! COOP straight up farted!

  46. Ron Lazowski says:

    Ya got Rebekkah, Trevor and Scott. I’m hoping they pick my baby Rebekkah. She has been my favorite girl the whole time along with XOE.

  47. Ron Lazowski says:

    Rebekkah has been in it for the right reasons. She has a child and she is ready for her shot at love. The other guys are still in little boy mode.

  48. Girllookingforlove says:

    I disagree Ron. I think Trevor seems pretty mature and secure. He doesn’t act a little frat boy or have to be the center of attention. The twins love attention, so it’s important for them to be with someone who is not going to outshine them. That automatically eliminates Scotty, and it might be okay for Rebekkah cause she just like attention, she doesn’t necessarily have to be the center of it.

  49. Ron says:

    Again, I disagree with you. Trevor is a monotone, blonde, gremlin. He belongs in a cave with a personality teacher. Someone should have given him some strong coffee, or red bull to be on the show. They better not pick him.

  50. stevemarino says:

    I think the Ikki twins got new boobs! There is a huuuge difference in recent pics. That’s okay, It’s just more to admire from these two sex vixens!

  51. Ron Lazowski says:

    Honestly dude I don’t think the twins have gotten their boobs done. The twins don’t seem that big. Maybe in some outfits, but that could be push-up bra’s.

  52. Rambit says:

    Today is Tuesday. You know what that means? We find out who’s getting eliminated. There are only going to be two left. And the question is, which twin wants which person and what if the twins want a different person than who wants them.

  53. pap says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to watch it tonight!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYA!!!!! Who’s going home?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  54. yamila says:

    this is shit man i mean they are too old and they only want fame they are not really bisexual thats really cler 2 me so please mtv stop doing that shot of love tila is the best and why doesnt exist a shot of love with a bisexual man??? is because thats not good enough?? come on
    these twins just SUCKS