Emma Stone covers Vogue’s July issue (a preview): gorgeous & perfect?

I think Anna Wintour is doing a better job of putting the Vulcan death grip on people who leak the covers of Vogue, because usually we don’t get this far into the month without seeing the following month’s Vogue cover. But here you go – EMMA STONE!! Her first Vogue cover! Isn’t it exciting? Isn’t she incredibly deserving of a Vogue cover? Just think – Blake Lively has already had two covers. Jennifer Lawrence has had ZERO. So… it’s always nice to see Vogue celebrating some fresh, young talent.

You know I adore Emma – I think she’s classy and beautiful and really one of the great hopes for the future of Hollywood. But I liked her better as a redhead. This blonde is too… something. Go back to the ginge, girl! But other than her hair, I really like this cover. I’m glad that they went with such a beautiful shot for the cover. I can’t wait to see the photo shoot.

Incidentally, I heard this the other day – guess who Anna Wintour selected for The September Issue? LADY GAGA. Ugh. Why is Wintour so obsessed with Gaga? This will only be Gaga’s second American Vogue cover, but it feels like she’s already done it a half-dozen times. You know why? Because Gaga over-saturates the fashion-magazine market. Let her sit out a year, you know?

Anyway, back to Emma. Here are some cute photos of Emma and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield arriving in Tokyo a few days ago, and at LAX last week.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Susan says:

    Yes. Gorgeous and perfect. Go Emma!

  2. INeedANap says:

    OMG! Enough with the Photoshop!! Stop trying to homogenize the people you choose as models, all the digital recreations you put on your covers are starting to look exactly the same.

  3. marie says:

    I didn’t know she was a natural blonde, she looks so much better as a red head I think because she has the complexion. Regardless though, I think she’s fantastic..

  4. really says:

    This is pretty close to what Lilo would look like if she hadn’t messed up her face, body and brain.

  5. Kloops says:

    I know she’s a natural blonde but she’s far more striking as a redhead.

  6. Maguita says:

    That cover doesn’t look like Emma… It looks more like Elizabeth Banks to me.

    But I love Emma. She is just refreshingly cool, with no bullshit attitude and a straightforward sense of humor. Lindsay Lohan never dreamed of having her poise!

  7. another nina says:

    She is so pretty and funny…

  8. pinchofsalt says:

    Great cover, who’s the girl in the photo? Oh, Emma Stone. Thank goodness for cover lines.

  9. Samigirl says:

    Stunning. I prefer her ginger, but really, she’s gawgeous either way.

  10. mzthirtyeight says:

    She really is so pretty, whatever haircolor. Her boyfriend, however, is NOT attractive, imo. This may be mean, but he just aggravates me to look at.

  11. Mina says:

    They really screwed up her face.

    I’m not as enamored with her. Sure she’s cute and funny, but I’ve never been impressed with her in any movies except for Easy A. And I feel like she was basically playing herself in that one.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      +1. She’s cool, I don’t hate her, but I think she suffers from severe overhype.

    • chelase says:

      I agree. Emma is the type of actress I would have liked a lot more when I was 13. She’s funny, beautiful and talented. However, the praise that surrounds her grates my nerves. I hate when the populace jump on an actor for having ticks and mannerism but praise another whose mannerisms are just as glaring. To me her acting is no different than Kristen Stewart or Jesse Eisenberg. However, (like Eisenberg) she lucked out by not having her fame associated with a book series that make people rage. /random rant

  12. Nymeria says:

    Beautiful, but photoshopped to hell. I didn’t recognise who she was before I read the headline.

  13. Anne says:

    They COMPLETELY changed the shape of her jaw and mouth. They made her eyes less bulbous, and they refined the tip of her nose. She is beautiful just the way she is! Why why why do they do this?!

  14. Nev says:

    sooooo typical and boring.

    what about any of the new hot models…some black, some asian…she is so boring now and not pushing fashion forward.

    a huge yawn.

  15. Cleveland Girl says:

    I have no idea who that woman is on the cover, but it bears NO resemblance to Emma Stone.

  16. normades says:

    I love her. I love him. But they are just so boring together. They make Blake and Ryan look interesting.

  17. K says:

    I think she’s a very pretty girl (and taleted too). Maybe I’m nitpicking, but there’s something weird with her mouth when she talks…? It’s just very distracting when I watch her onscreen!

  18. Seagulls says:

    Also, can Anna Wintour hand over the reins to someone with a less, I don’t universal worldview? By which I mean that one woman’s (kind of dull) vision for fashion gets distributed and amplified. I’m just plain tired of her shtick and wish that Grace Coddington was at the helm! Things would be a lot more fun, a lot less skeletal…

  19. Chickenlishus says:

    They are photoshopping the alien to look like a people. I can still see those buggy space eyeballs…

  20. Wow, you people are picky. I don’t think this cover is that photoshopped, I recognized her immediately. She’s so pretty, why would they need to photoshop her?

    • A says:

      She’s a very cute girl, but that is photo shopped and not just good makeup/lighting. In contrast, the Revlon ads look like Emma and are minimally photo shopped. I love the Revlon ads, not this. Look at a photo of her on the red carpet and then look at this cover. Her eyes look significantly wider on this cover, her nose more defined, and her lips bigger. Her whole jawline just looks off, as in much softer. She has a heart shaped face, a softer version of Reese Witherspoon’s face. However, in this cover they completely did away with it and gave her an oval face. It’s so dumb, because she’s a pretty girl, and they just turned her into this generic blonde chick.

  21. elle says:

    She looks so gorgeous, although I do wish she’d go red again. And I’m going to be the trekkie nerd who points out that it’s Vulcan Nerve Pinch not death grip…cough cough

  22. Jover says:

    Agree nev and with all the criticisms of the photoshopping; a photoshopped cover is not a great cover, its a fake cover; in addition, i’m old school (true fashionistas would agree), i don’t want to see starlets on fashion mags – these ridic photoshopped covers aren’t fashion or beautiful – the covers a generation ago with beauties like linda evangilista or yasmeen ghauri – before photoshop mind you – blow away this travesty. The likes of Emma stone are insignificant to those legendary glamazons. But since anne wintour has turned vogue into a marketing device for hollywood this is what we get.

  23. lucy2 says:

    It’s a pretty photo, but I agree that she doesn’t really look like herself there so much.
    I think her natural blond hair is nice, but the red really worked on her and made her stand out a bit.

  24. Jenna says:

    Emma looks lovely (a bit overshopped, but what can ya do?) but what has me caught is the Gaga thing.

    I could have SWORN that on the Oprah special she was claiming that would be the last time for a very very LONG time that she (Gaga) would be interviewed. That she had been completely overwhelmed, was tired of her instead of her music being the story and she was going into media hiding.

    And yeah, here it is:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/19/lady-gaga-oprah-interview_n_1362775.html

    and more of the same here: http://thatgrapejuice.net/2012/03/lady-gaga-announces-media-blackout-interviews/

    How the hell does one get a Vogue cover while refusing to do any and all interviews? And when did “A couple of months, if that” count as a long term media blackout?

    It was too good to hope for I suppose…

  25. pwal says:

    Come on, now.

    Emma Stone is absolutely lovely and this is the best that Vogue can do?

    Vogue needs to take a page from Revlon. Her TV spots for the lip butter are exquisite.

  26. bns says:

    I might be alone, but I think she’s overrated. She’s a cute girl and I liked Easy A, but I don’t get the hype.

  27. nina says:

    They turned her into a precious memories figurine here, I find it creepy. Those don’t look like her eyes or jaws or mouth. Weird how editors ruin a perfectly good looking girl like this with photoshop.

  28. shailee says:

    she is overhyped, but I like her, she seems nice, the cover is pretty too.

  29. Stubbylove says:

    Agree with above comments. Why do gorgeous redheads go blond and we feel the need to photoshop them into oblivion to resemble a Fembot? I hope someday we get past this stage of “what is beautiful” means looking like a Blow up doll. Gross.

  30. Kaye says:

    This picture looks more like Blake Lively (as others have noted) than Emma Stone.

  31. Prim says:

    She is great. Whoa I didn’t know she was dating Andrew Garfield. I thought they were just co stars.

  32. NeoCleo says:

    Her cover does not strongly resemble her. I love her and Garfield together. They are so cute and both are so talented.

  33. Reece says:

    Since no one else said it.
    She’s blonde for Spiderman. Gwen Stacy is blonde.
    I think it looks like her just dressed up differently. She’s just a fashion girl not the the “I’m so quirky” thing she does. A lot.

  34. Trish says:

    yes, she needs to be a redhead…this reminds me of Rachel McAdams …she just doesn’t look right as a blonde either. I hope Emma goes right back to her natural color. Granted, she is pretty either way, but it just doesn’t look right…it strikes me immediately.

    • Belle says:

      Blonde IS her natural color. Not sure what shade of blonde, but I have heard her talk about it in several interviews (where she is asked about the red hair), saying people are usually surprised that the red isn’t her natural color…. blonde is.

  35. hateonit. says:

    I feel like the blond hair washes her out completely and is it me or has she suddenly gotten really tiny? I saw some pics of her arms and they looked scary….i mean she was always thin but i just feel she looks thinner..

  36. It is ME!! says:

    Why do people keep saying she needs to go back to her “natural red” hair? I thought she was a natural blonde! (I think the red looks better, though.)

  37. reema says:

    Yes but unlike a lot of the women who are on these front covers, Gaga really really goes out of her way to make fashion a part of her aesthetic…

  38. A says:

    No, and I love Emma. Emma is a natural blonde, but this shade of blonde just looks cheap and bleachy to me. They also photoshopped the hell out of her…that’s not just makeup. They made her eyes wider, her face softer, and messed with her nose. WTF. She’s a very cute girl, and they made her look like a completely different person. The bleached hair plus the heavy black eyeliner plus the nightgown makes her look high class trashy. I also agree with people she needs to stick to comedy. She’s a good comedic actress, but isn’t as strong when it comes to anything that is slightly dramatic.

  39. Belle says:

    Emma Stone’s natural hair color is blonde… this article makes it sound like it is a pretty light blonde too, so I think the color she went to may be pretty close to her natural blonde.


    I agree that she looks better with red, but part of that may be because we are so used to seeing her with red hair… and part because there are so many FAKE blonde celebrities so she looks like so many others… that isn’t her fault though.

  40. MsJAPrufrock says:

    It’s too bad that Emma’s first Vogue cover and she doesn’t look like her gorgeous, charismatic self, but a generic Victoria Secret model. I would be royally pissed off if I was her.

  41. chill says:

    There is a reason that she a starlet as a red head.
    As a blonde she beomes so basic, so girl in the 2nd row. However as red head she pops out of the crowd.
    She wouldn’t have gotten this far with the current hair color. Which is sad. Hair means way to much to.

  42. taxi says:

    Eyes are completely different here. Doesn’t look like Emma Stone.

  43. Jordan says:

    Looks really photoshopped. If I hadn’t read the headline, I would have never guessed this was Emma.

  44. CT says:

    um, right. But who is that really?

  45. Krissie says:

    Emma Stone looks great dressed up as Charlize Theron on this cover…

    I agree that Wintour sucks, Grace Coddington would refresh the stale Vogue magazine we see month after month.

  46. Rux says:

    I love this chic. Can she do any wrong? Seriously?

  47. The Original Mia says:

    Doesn’t look like Emma at all. Looks like a blonde Hunter Tylo before she screwed up her face. Scary.

  48. Isa says:

    I know she’s lost a few lbs but her face is so skinny in that picture. And one side looks larger than the the other even though she appears to be looking straight at the camera. The woman in the photo is beautiful but looks nothing like Emma stone (also beautiful) I thought it was a photoshopped picture of Blake.

  49. Kitty says:

    She looks identical to Jessica Marais an Australian actress. Both are beautiful.


  50. Jill says:

    I think it is the makeup and photoshop combination.

  51. Anne says:

    I wish they would put models back on (US) Vogue’s covers again instead of celebrities. Emma is a great improvement compared to J.Lo or Blake Lively but I am starting to feel more and more like vogue is becoming a celebrity magazine instead of the “fashion bible.” But I suppose I should read Vogue Italia instead if I’m looking for that, then. Just too bad I don’t know Italian :D .
    Anyways, Emma is way too photoshopped! She usually looks so much better I think, and I wish she’d go back to red.

    • Jover says:

      You’re not alone in that wish anne; vogue has become Variety East – one reason I believe there has been this shift over the last 10 yrs. is that conglomerates now own/have a hand in hollywood/publishing/fashion and everything is marketing. Also, fashion mags have lost confidence in fashion, and have sold out to just plain old cult of junk celebrity. Fashion does require at least some minimum standards and they’ve thrown those aside. Plus, as you well know, mag sales are declining, and a lot of these editors believe mistakenly that throwing JLO or beyonce on their covers will boost sales, completing forgetting that many of their potential readers don’t want to see these celebutards on their covers when they are everywhere. Just my take from whatI’ve read and observed.