Video of Amy Poehler’s message to the coochie flashers

Chic Mommy transcribed this hilarious speech from Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live this weekend in a post that’s been quite popular, and has even been appropriated by a cut ‘n paste blog. Now the video is available and it’s quite priceless. I love how she tells Britney “Also, you have a one month old baby at home.” (Faceless Jayden James is nearly three months old, but that doesn’t make Britney’s behavior excusable.)

Thanks to Best Week Ever for linking this.


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  1. chic mommy says:

    You know, I stayed up until 2:30 am Saturday night transcribing this post just so Celebitchy would be the first to report the story. I rewound the recorded episode on my DVR four times to make sure I had her words correct and even created the screencap image. For someone to just copy and paste it onto their blog without giving me credit for it, it’s just not right.

    On another note, this video is hilarious. Everytime someone says the word “deforestation”, I’m going to be reminded of this speech.

  2. Sarah says:

    omg i SOOO hear her on the deforestation! ugh – guys who dig that creep me out man. um, hello, pedophile!