Jennifer Lawrence, 21, was the recipient of John Mayer’s douchey advances

For yesterday’s links, I used some hilarious photos of John Mayer looking like he had wandered out of a Renaissance Fair, complete with Robin Hood boots, billowy pantaloons and an olde leather vest. As some pointed out, John was coming from a costume-necessary event – it wasn’t a party though. He was coming out of the Medieval Times, which, from what I gather, is a dinner and show in which guests can gnaw on a giant chicken leg whilst observing a jousting match or something. Guess who else was there? Jennifer Lawrence. And Radar claims that Mayer was trying to rub his douche all over her. GAH. Stay away, J-Law.

Looks like lusty lothario John Mayer has set his sights on a new target after he was spotted flirting-up a storm with Jennifer Lawrence, is exclusively reporting.

And, what better way to woo a fair maiden than by dressing like Friar Tuck? John, Jennifer and a group of rowdy pals hit the Medieval Times in Los Angeles on Saturday night, each dressed in clothes straight out of 1350, but Mayer only had eyes for the Hunger Games hottie.

You could scarcely tell John’s body is a wonderland under his puffy shirt and knickers tucked into lace up boots, and Jennifer was the fairest of them all in her delicate bodice. John paid special attention to Hollywood’s latest ‘It’ Girl all night and she was clearly loving the attention!

“It was almost like she was a little nervous being around him. She kept giggling and covering her mouth. It was cute,” an eyewitness dishes. “And John was eyeing up Jennifer like he was a dog and she was a juicy pork chop! When he lays on the charm he lays it on real thick!”

Of course John was busting out his best moves and impressing everyone with his famous wit. “He’s really well read so he kept using his knowledge of the medieval era to make puns and crack everyone up. He was even putting on an English accent at times and ordering ‘beer-eth.’ Jennifer thought he was a riot. It was like a freshman having a crush on the captain of the football team.”

Alas though, Mayer did not take his fair maiden that night, as he went out carousing with his cast of merry men at the Palihouse in West Hollywood after the jaunt.

But, another source recently spotted Jennifer shopping with John and Zooey Deschanel on trendy Melrose Avenue. “John could hardly take his eyes off Jennifer. It looked like he was totally smitten!

“At one point he was walking along behind her and massaging her shoulders.”

However, this could be one lady that won’t fall for the singer’s well-honed charms. Lawrence has been dating Nicholas Hoult, 22, for the past two years and according to reports the couple are “madly in love.”

[From Radar]

“Jennifer thought he was a riot. It was like a freshman having a crush on the captain of the football team.” Ah, to be 16 again. I think I’ve said this before, but I probably would have fallen for Mayer’s act when I was 15 or 16. I wouldn’t have fallen for it at the age of 21, which is how old Jennifer Lawrence is. Because once you’ve been the recipient of a creepy come-on by an older douche like John Mayer, once is enough. You fall for it when you’re a teenager, but you learn those lessons fast. Basically, I’m saying that I don’t believe Jennifer Lawrence was falling for it. I think she was being nice to the creepy older douche who wouldn’t leave her alone. I think she’s very happy with Nicholas Hoult. But that isn’t stopping John Mayer from trying to get these young women to pay attention to his David Duke dong.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jenna says:

    I don’t buy it. And like it’s been mentioned, she has her boyfriend (though I don’t find him attractive whatsoever). :)

  2. lisa says:

    Losing some love for JenLaw over the thought of her giggling over John “douchebag” Mayer. Ugh.

  3. mia girl says:

    Who writes those stories for Radar… a gossipy teenage girl? It’s like two parts bad puns, two parts over the top corniness, with just a sprinkle of truth. So bad.

    On another note, Lawrence looks great in these pictures.

  4. jermsmom says:

    All that aside, I love what she is wearing. It is so summery. She really is a beautiful girl.

  5. ramona says:

    I want him to wash his hair. Nay, his whole self. He needs to put his whole self in the shower and turn that sucker ON.

  6. Ming says:

    Why does crap from 300% unreliable sources (Radar, National Enquirer, etc.) get covered ?

    There ain’t a chance it could be true = no fun gossiping about it.

  7. brin says:

    Keep walking and ignore the douche, Jennifer. Love her outfit too!

  8. Chatcat says:

    I have two points on this story.

    First, I love JL…she is only 21 but she so has “it”…meaning substance inside all wrapped up in an attractive package. JL, if things don’t work out with you and your beau I have a 21 and 24 y/o that are available and are not douchey like crazy JM. Love your outfit as well. You’ve got summer fashion down pat sweetie.

    Second, MichaelK’s spin “John Mayer wore this “shiver me tampons” mess to Palihouse in West Hollywood last night and it wasn’t pirate or costume night. Wearing this mess is only okay if you’re at a ren faire, operating one of the rides at Fantasyland in Disneyland, performing in front of Treasure Island, posing next to Fabio for the cover of a gay romance novel, participating in a Firefly-themed role play orgy, working as busboy at Medieval Times or if you’re acting in an episode of Dr. Who.” How friggin funny is that! I am not sure why or where he was to be dressed like that but it sure has been entertaining these last two days. :)

  9. RobN says:

    I’m starting to feel kind of sad for him; he’s so clearly reached pathetic stage that I’m embarrassed for him.

  10. lisa says:

    I don’t know about this story.. John seems to go for that desperate type. needy. But maybe he has a thing for Jennifers or women with J in their first names. LOL

    This Jennifer is actually smart and seems to have her stuff together. Not his type at all.

    anyway I think he is feeling the weight of negative media. It can make anyone go off the deep end.

  11. T.C. says:

    Sounds like she was being polite. Girl is pretty into her British boyfriend who has manners.

  12. cam says:

    I think she was just being herself. If you see her in interview she’s kind of awkward and quick to smile, and a bit shy and self-deprecating. John probably thought he was really working her, but i think she was just covering her mouth when the laughed cuz she probably had food in it. lol, just saying.

  13. G says:

    Pretty sure her day is FILLED with lame flirting everywhere she goes.

  14. Incredulous says:

    Wow. I have no idea who John Mayer is other than a creepy sadsack but look at that picture of him. He looks like the personification of creepy older guy who “offers” to get beer for you and, inside of 30 seconds, tries that brushing your hair back above your ear trick.

    All he lacks are sausage fingers and a Ford Capri.

    Ugh. Seriously, ugh.

  15. Skins says:

    She probably doesn’t even know who he is

  16. Bodhi says:

    Friar Tuck was a clergyman & as such wore robes, not the rest of the “Robin Hood” gear.

    I get a little stabby when people don’t get the basics of Robin Hood correct

  17. Ashley says:

    Considering the papparazi have been following Jen’s every move for the past two weeks, I can guarantee this story is 100% false. Why would there have been photos of John, but not Jen?

  18. Ramona Q says:

    John has seriously apologized and repented for the idiotic things he said and did. It’s time to let it go. If he were anyone else, this story would be cute. Leave him alone, let him grow. It’s lame that you are all still harping on ancient history.

    • Mia says:

      Thank you Ramona!!!! I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, he said some thoughtless things in a Playboy interview. It was just a bad attempt at trying to be funny and clever but he is not a bad person. He’s a really good person with a good heart. There are celebrities who have done and said far worse than John Mayer who didn’t get half the backlashing this man did. It seems unfair. I think people have to left this go and move on already. Besides, what is with all the bashing on the way he is dressed. HEEELLLLLOOOO he was at a costume party. Same costume party Jennifer Lawrence was at. She was in costume too. But of coarse they only print pics of John in costume and make it seem like he just threw on this outfit to go out to a bar. The media really has to start taking responsibility for accurate reporting. I swear it’s like everyone is becoming like the National Inquirer these days.

  19. Dizzy says:

    Eww…I think Jen was probably just being nice to the douche. She’s too good for him.

  20. Becky1 says:

    LOL-the story about John Mayer and his “witticisms” at Medieval Times cracked me up. It reminded me of when I was a theater geek in high school. It may not be true, but I can imagine him acting “medieval” and thinking that he’s being super clever. I agree with Kaiser-in high school I would have been impressed but by the time I got into my early twenties I would have just found it annoying. I find him really creepy and unattractive. I know he’s supposedly changed his ways, etc. but he still comes across like a narcissistic ass.

  21. Mia says:

    John Mayer was dressed like that because he was at a costume party. The same costume party Jennifer Lawrence was at and she was dressed in a costume too. So don’t make it out like he just showed up at some night club dressed as a pirate because that is very inaccurate. I think you need to get all the facts before you post your article. Also I’m not buying he was putting advances on her. John is a very friendly, funny person. I think the media loves to blow everything out of proportion when it comes to him and I’m sure this is no different. Besides, what is everyone so upset about it doesn’t appear that she was bothered by it at all. Maybe he was just at the party kidding around and joking around with her and that is all. I don’t think he needs to be bashed or called names for that.