Stacy Keibler denies pregnancy rumors, and shows off her six-pack abs

Did you know that there was a rumor going around that Stacy Keibler was pregnant? Truth. I mean, it’s true that the rumor was going around, although it’s tough to nail down exactly where and how it started. I don’t think Radar or Star Magazine or In Touch Weekly even picked up on the “rumor” – and if those outlets don’t want a piece of it, you’ve got to wonder, eh? Anyway, she’s not pregnant. She “proved” that she wasn’t by tweeting the header photo yesterday, flaunting her six-pack abs. Although… just to play devil’s advocate… I think that’s an old photo. Like, it was a photo Stacy has been carrying around on her phone and she just joined Instagram, so she used an old photo. She’s been in Italy with Clooney for more than a week now – do you really think THAT is his home gym at Lake Como?! No.

How funny would it be if Stacy actually started tweeting photos of Lake Como though? She’s been able to sneak the odd photo at Clooney’s house, hasn’t she? Under the guise of tweeting about her dog or something. God, I wish George would just let his girlfriends be full-on famewhores. I want to see more of his Como house.

Back to the pregnancy rumor – it began when people saw THIS PHOTO. Stacy with a smallish “bump” that could have easily been a food baby or a stiff wind. Regardless, “sources connected to The Keib” told TMZ that the pregnancy rumor was “100% false”. The pregnancy rumors are always 100% false, have you noticed that? The more time goes by, the more I think that George definitely had a vasectomy so none of his “girls” would have any “accidents”.

More photos of Stacy and George in Italy:

Photos courtesy of Keibler’s Instagram and WENN.

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  1. mandy says:

    it is really horrible in this picture. muscles in a woman like this is awful. What is this look last? you really think gigi has a gym room? still pathetic story … need to lose weight?stop …. she is eating meat and stop the toffu

  2. Rose says:

    I reckon George had the snip a good long time ago

  3. Krill says:

    Never liked her. I can’t wait for George to dump her.

  4. beyonce's bump says:

    so much kiebler hate already! lmao. Well I for one, adore her, she has definitely grown on me, and I will probably have a two second moment of sadness, if and or when i hear she has been “Clooney-ed”

    • Susan says:

      I like her too. They seem to be having fun. How many women would pass up a chance to date Clooney? They’re not hurting anyone.

      • weezy says:

        No she is not hurting anyone and I think most people find their relationship a PR stunt, no chemistry between the two and there 20 year age difference ridiculous. He seems to pick his girlfriends out of bars and magazines, which is pretty shallow. I don’t by her line that they have known each other for years and they travel in the same social circles. She has definitely used the relationship to gain more media attention for herself, except in the wrestling world, most people didn’t know who she was until she started dating George. I find them both immature and transparent.

      • Guest says:

        George Clooney + Stacy Keibler = painfully obvious publicity stunt.

        And it seems to fall into that Publicity 101 Error of: When you are old and look much, much older, thinking that any tacky, cheap Z-list fameho will improve the situation, when it actually worsens it.

      • bk says:

        I have a conspiracy theory. I think that team Clooney plants the “pregnancy rumor” stories, waits for his ho to slip up a few times (oh it would be nice, maybe in the future… etc.) and then, sayonara. But I also have a feeling that Stacy is on her game. This is going to get interesting soon!

  5. cody says:

    It seems every girlfriend of Clooney’s gets her own pregnancy rumor. What is so funny about that is, I am sure he had himself fixed a long time ago or we would have seen little Clooney’s running around LA.

  6. Guest says:

    It looks like she working out in a home gym, probably Como, I guess Stacy had to get permission to take a picture there, because George likes to keep his life private – not.

  7. BoBo says:

    So many of these photos look staged. Stacy and George lack any type of chemistry. She looks like an American tourist, with all her different resort clothes. Good for Cabo not Como. I have been to Como ,people dress in jeans there. The way she is dressing, she wants her photo on all the gossip sites.

  8. jinni says:

    I don’t get the media fascination with George becoming a father. It’s not like he pulled a Brad Pitt and pratically cried on tv because he wanted a kid really badly, so why are they constantly trying to pin a pregnancy on this dude? Is this all a part of his PR game to make people think these women are really into him?

    If so, I think it’s a dumb move and what he really needs to work on in order for the public to believe these relationship is for him to start looking like he’s actually interested in these/have some chemistry with them without the photos appearing staged. Make it look nature and organic.

  9. Kaye says:

    In almost every picture of them I’ve seen lately, George looks annoyed and over it.

  10. LucyOriginal says:

    I love her lack of fashion, how immature she is for her age and super self-absorbed. I guess George really found his equal.

    After seeing photos of George and his current (allegedly contract) girlfriend, a friend of mine said: “case closed, George is not gay. No way a gay guy would let his beard dress up like that.” Lol

    • guest says:

      You don’t have to be gay to have a showmance, though, Lucy, you just have to want the PR. And, like most people, you have observed that George and Stacy have no chemistry. None. And he certainly is not with her for the intellectual stimulation, so when you do the math on that, it screams PR stunt.

      I am not sure whether there is a contract or not but the whole thing with George and Stacy screams fake showmance regardless of gender preference and it seems pretty obvious that George thinks dating a fameho will keep him in the forefront of people’s minds along with younger actors but, the thing is, when it is just so obviously fakety people really deservedly start to roll their eyes at you and you become a joke rather than it having any positive effect.

      I just saw a comment after something Kaiser wrote a few days ago that said that either George’s celebrity was fading or his or her interest in George was fading. And I think that is very insightful and that sort of thing may be inevitable but it can only be accelerated by things like this relationship stunt with Stacy Keibler, not decelerated.

  11. mandy says:

    it is really horrible in this picture. muscles in a woman like this is awful. What is this look last? you really think gigi has a gym? still pathetic story … need to lose weight …. she stopped eating meat and stopped the toffu

  12. LucyOriginal says:

    @Kaiser: George has a gym in his Como mansion. If I am not mistaken, I saw an interview he gave at his house years ago and he told her he had just exercised. This interview was available on youtube (interview with George on casa oleandra or something like that).I believe this photo is there.

    • C.Lynn says:

      Matt Damon also talked about using the gym in George’s Como house. He was talking about how driven and disciplined George can be and said when he went down to use the gym early one morning, George was in there, covered in sweat and already finished his workout.

  13. Madpoe says:

    So the count down clock has begun yet? Where to place the bets this is over by Xmas?

  14. The Original Mia says:

    LOL. So many folks counting down the days until they break up. I would love for this relationship to last for years just for the hate it inspires.

    Stacy looks great. Not too ripped, but healthy.

  15. guest says:

    What is with Stacy and those Fedora hats? I notice she wears them in different colors. Is that her signature look? It is pretty sad that she had to post her stomach on twitter to prove some stupid rumor. But then again, she probably enjoys all the attention. Enjoy it for now Stacy. Also, who is that girl with her?

  16. threadhead says:

    Her booty!! No one sees it in Kim’s shadow so sad. It’s glorious. I read here everyday and never post but considering her trademark legs that’s and incredible body and fit woman not to mention the face ain’t so bad even if she is a prostitute. I’m 25 and would think I would be bored hanging with old George no matter how much money he has so. OOPS 26 lol someone my mind doesn’t want to register 26.

  17. Lisa says:

    I always wear my sunglasses in the gym.

  18. hannah says:

    Why are these women wearing sunglasses in the gym?

  19. Guest says:

    Unless this baby was conceived in a test tube, I seriously doubt Stacy is pregnant with George’s baby since I can’t even begin to imagine them doing it given the laughably uncomfortable body language between them in their constant staged photos — which seem to have been upped to thrice daily at this point.

    And, not surprisingly, try hard does not make it look more convincing, it only makes George look like more of a sad joke.

    • guest 1 says:

      I agree with you on that, they are trying much too hard to get be photographed together and they are not pulling it off.

      • Guest says:

        Yep. You probably have seen the staged photo ops of them coming out of Italy multiple times per day and were over it days ago. This is my reaction to today’s try hard photos and to cover the next few days of the George and Stacy try way too hard campaign:

        Oh Great. More of the endless fake staged photos of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler and their fake staged relationship campaign. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s fake staged multiple photo ops of George and Stacy and their fake staged relationship campaign and Saturday’s fake staged photos of George and Stacy and their fake staged relationship campaign and, for a refreshing change, Sunday’s fake staged photos of George and Stacy and their fake staged relationship campaign — will George awkwardly hold Stacy’s hand as she towers over him or not. I am right on the edge of my seat with excitement. *Sigh.*

        Honestly, I think the Kardashians are more low key at this point. And more real.

  20. tina says:

    judging by the water bottle, she is probably in italy. i recognize the brand and the shape.

  21. Aqua says:

    In sharp contrast to Georges endless parade of younger interchangeable girlfriends.I was walking my dog around the lake this morning and just a head of me was a much older married couple holding hand and talking to one another.You could tell that they enjoyed being together and were enjoying each others company and I couldn’t help but think how sweet.They were adorable.

  22. anonymoose says:

    whatEVER. these 2 are a snooze. but…i do like her red skirt and those sandals on her at the pier. nice!

  23. aud says:

    i wish she would get pregnant, would be hilarious

  24. Princess Lizabeth says:

    There will be no pregnancy; George has taken care of that! Not a chance of a Baby Clooney.

  25. cowbulls says:

    If she wants to get pregnant I volunter.

  26. Smarty says:

    I always thought this was a fake relationship to cover up George’s Homosexuality so that it does not damage his film career.

    Confirm or Deny if this is true.