Britney Spears wants control of her life again, wants to see Adnan

Britney Spears is looking great lately, and not just on her digitally altered album cover, but in her videos and new documentary. Her comeback is even featured on the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone, with her top pulled up as if her mental health correlates with how flat her stomach is. Apparently she thinks she’s getting along just fine, but her last hospital admission was February. That’s really not that long ago. TMZ reports that Britney wants her adulthood back, in the form of being released from her dad’s control.

We’re told Britney has been fighting with her dad quite often and one of the sore subjects is the dreaded Adnan. Britney wants to see him, but Jamie absolutely refuses. She is still in touch with her douchy ex, but they haven’t spent time together — even though Brit has been asking to see Adnan for months.

She’s also been complaining that daddy won’t let her go out, especially when she wants to go clubbing at night. Britney also doesn’t understand why Jamie won’t let her take the kids out during the day.

Bottom line — she doesn’t like her dad as her conservator, but as someone put it, “she likes others even less.” On Friday, we’re told Britney was complaining about Jamie in court to the Commish — to the point where she called Brit into chambers with one of the lawyers and spoke with Britney for 45 minutes.

So here’s what we’re told. Britney is acting like a 15-year-old and isn’t very “contrite” about the behavior that led to the conservatorship in the first place.

The good news — she seems to appreciate what Jamie has done to get her business affairs in order. She clearly doesn’t understand he’s doing the same for her personal life.


I can sort of understand that Britney feels she has put so much work into getting her life back on track, and still no one trusts her. But it has only been a few months since her breakdown, and she really was a mess. Getting out a new album and touring might be too much for her if she has a mental illness, so she needs to be taken care of by people who love her, rather than those who might be just interested in making money from her. After all, Britney probably never needs to work another day in her life financially, so she could take a career break, there’s no need for her to get back on that treadmill.

While Jamie might have gotten her business affairs in order, keeping her private life private and maintaining her image is part of that. Not being photographed coming out of clubs is a good image for a young mother (even though there may be no reason for her to stay home on her nights without the children) and not being seen with Adnan helps people put her past behind her.

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  1. Cletus says:

    POOR BRITNEY. It must be so awful to have people looking out for you and taking care of your bat-shit crazy, whiny little ass. The only ones I feel sorry for are her kids and there isn’t anything anyone can do for them. Via con Dios, boys. For reals.

  2. Jag says:

    She needs to stay far away from Adnan. He’s bad news.

  3. prissa says:

    The only reason why she want to see Adnan is so he can sneak drugs to her. I guarantee if she were to start seeing him and clubbing again, she’d be up to her old tricks in no time (no pun intended). I’m telling you, she’s on that precipice and things could go either way right now. Jamie needs to be in control all the more than ever because she’s obviously tempted to get back into her old habits. It that “oh I’m better now, I can handle things in moderation” syndrome. Only once you start it’s a slippery road back down from where you crawled out.

  4. Syko says:

    That really proves she is totally cured of her “mental illness” and is ready to take up the reins and go back to living just like she used to!

    This girl may be pushing 30, but emotionally she sounds just like a 14 year old. I don’t think medication is going to help, because as far as I know, there are no drugs to turn you into an adult.

  5. Cletus says:

    I say let Britney have her way. She will either be okay or she won’t. Best case scenario, she ends up like Drew Barrymore. Worst case scenario, she ends up like Anna Nicole Smith. What does it REALLY matter either way? There a lot of sick people in the world who are faced with the same sink-or-swim choices. Some of them are okay and some of them aren’t- it’s just a fact of life. Children go missing and are never found, people die by random acts of violence or from horrible diseases like cancer and AIDS, puppies get run over by cars-THOSE are tragedies. BRITNEY isn’t a fucking tragedy. She’s a spoiled little asshole who is used to getting what she wants and who no longer views anything or anyone else as “real”. Fuckabuncha BRITNEY. The only purpose she serves is making a debacle out of herself for our entertainment. If she fixes herself- great. Good for her. If not- oh, well. Eventually interest in her will wane and she can continue down her spiral. I DO feel badly for her poor kids, but in the real world, kids have to put up with much worse, like parents who beat them or whore them out for crack money. As long as she stays away from them, they might be okay. I’m just saying.

    @ Syko: YEAH! That too.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Well – it sounds like the court officers have the situation under control. Good for them.

    Brit looks amazing on that RS cover.

  7. L says:

    I haven’t read past the title of this post, but am disappointed. She wants to see Adnan? I read here or on another site last week when she opened up on her documentary she was reflecting back that she let some “bad people” into her life because she was lonely. I totally thought she meant him! In addition to that Lufti guy and Paris too.

  8. rabidparadise says:

    I don’t think TMZ has all the facts on this one..It’s the “She wants to go clubbing” thing that bothers me. Brit spent all her free time at hotels, gas stations, & Starbucks. She did the clubbing thing for a brief bit at the beginning of her meltdown, but I think that was more in retaliation to K-Fed than her wanting to party.
    All the video & photos of her being sad the last few days…have people forgotten she’s touring Germany over Thanksgiving without her children?
    Also, her Father allowed her to see Adnan for a few months after the last hospitalization, so unless something changed, it seems like she made her own decision.

    And, I officially know more about a celebutwit than I ever cared to admit. Yep. I’m going to go bleach my brain now. 8O

  9. Codzilla says:

    What a jackass. She doesn’t even have the decency to feign gratitude for this supposed second chance. And I think she looks weird on the RS cover — that manic smile is beyond creepy.

  10. vdantev says:

    More shock therapy? 150,000 volts to the frontal lobe should fix this.

  11. Heidi says:

    I just love her! Given that her age even @ my very worst I didnt get like her but circumstances are different for everybody. If you still dont feel for her just think about this: her mom is Lynn Spears 8O

  12. Syko says:

    With you on the smile, Codzilla. I have never understood why she thinks that simply opening your mouth as wide as possible (usually with a wad of gum stuck in the back) is smiling.

    But personally, I ALWAYS stand around with my shirt pulled up just under my boobs to show everyone my barenekkid belly.


    And Cletus, you have a point. I have never thought she was as much mentally ill as she is morbidly spoiled. Yes, she may have a mental disorder. But she’s always been a pushy, selfish, spoiled brat. Time to grow up, Brit. It’s not all about you.

  13. mojoman says:

    WTH? did they just pull her out of bed, messed the hair a bit, tied her shirt on the back with a rubberband and wave a cheeto in front of her?

  14. MSat says:

    Forget about Brit Brit. I’m getting that issue of RS so I can read about the Green Sex Toys!!!

  15. Amy says:

    It probably isn’t fun being watched 24/7 like you’re a toddler. But honestly, Britney never came across as very mature in any of her interviews prior to having that quickie wedding in Vegas (which is IMO when things started going downhill). Does she realize that it’s thanks to her father that she’s able to see her sons at all? If he were to stop being her conservator tomorrow, I have a feeling things would go downhill again. She obviously can’t take care of herself and her dad is doing wonders for her.

  16. JAn says:

    why do you people believe everything that you read?

    take it for what these gossip sites provide gossip

  17. brianne says:

    One word (albeit not a real one) adDICKted. That adnan guy must really know what to do in the sack, I mean what other allure could that douchbag have going for him?

  18. Jeanne says:

    Silly girl. :-(
    Hope she doesn’t f*ck*p again. You think she’d miss her kids more and want to get better for them, not that stupid money grubbing Adnan. Poor Brit she is dumber than a rock, after Jessica Simpson of course.