Jeremy Renner’s 60-year-old male stalker abducted Jeremy’s cat Milo

Jeremy Renner covers the August issue of Esquire, because dear God he really needs The Bourne Legacy to be a big hit. Even a modest hit would be good, but it really needs to make money. I think it will! I think people still have affection for the Bourne films, and those are the people willing to see Jeremy Renner try to take over the franchise. While I’m not really in love with the Esquire photo shoot, it’s not actively bad or anything. The interview, on the other hand, is a concerto of crazy. And it’s not even Jeremy – Jeremy Renner always strikes me as a nice enough dude. Kind of tough, kind of funny, a loyal friend and only a little bit crazy. Crazy in the way the average person is “a little crazy.” I think Jeremy’s “slight insanity” is that he draws mentally imbalanced people out. Crazy seeks him out. I’m not talking “Twihard crazy” either. I’m talking about a 60-something male stalker who followed Jeremy around (before he was famous!!!) and ended up abducting Jeremy’s cat. FOR REAL.

[Renner] was living in this apartment when he got his first significant part, in 2002, playing the true-life cannibal serial killer in Dahmer. It was a small movie, shot quickly, but people who were drawn to it were really drawn to it. That’s when Renner first started being recognized on the street; unfortunately, it was by the sorts of people who might connect with a murderer who kept the heads of young men in his fridge.

The hot girl who bit Renner deep into his arm, sending him to the hospital for shots, was only his second-weirdest encounter with admirers. The weirdest was an older man, maybe in his sixties, who started popping up a little too often in the places Renner hung out back then: in the coffee shop around the corner, at the record store. The man kept saying, Gee, what a lucky thing this is, running into each other like this, maybe it’s a sign, maybe we should go get a drink, and Renner always demurred, never really thinking all that much more about the guy and his repeated appearances.

It wasn’t until the man showed up outside Renner’s apartment that the truth began to register. Renner was walking his dog, and the man bumped into him: Here we are again, can you believe it? Do you live around here? Renner said, Oh, no, just walking the dog. Once again, the man asked Renner to go for a drink. And this time, when Renner said thanks but no thanks, the man got upset. He started yelling. Renner hustled away, walking his dog all through those streets, around corners and behind hedgerows, blocks out of his way, before he finally decided he had lost the man, and he returned to his home.

He was sitting at his computer when he heard a noise outside on his patio. It was a coffee mug, crashing to the ground. Renner thought his dog or maybe his cat — he had a cat then named Milo — had knocked it over. He went outside to investigate. And there was the man. There was the man, and he had Milo in his hands. “He had my cat tucked like a football, under his arm,” Renner says, sitting in his Porsche all these years later. Renner was stunned, frozen in a kind of low-level shock. The man bolted into the street. Renner gave chase, but before he could catch him, the man jumped into a car and squealed away. The man was gone, and so was Milo. Renner never saw either of them ever again.

“I hope Milo had a good life,” he says today, firing his engine back up. “I hope he didn’t end up as that guy’s dinner.”

[From Esquire]

What the hell, right? Sure, maybe every celebrity has to deal with some insane stuff, but this is an incident that happened when Jeremy had only appeared in Dahmer. That’s it! And stuffed inside this Esquire piece, there are like a half-dozen more stories of crazy people that Renner interacts with. There’s the tour bus operator that Renner used to do karaoke with (“I used to hang out at karaoke bars all the time. It was the most fun you could have when you had no money. I went right here twice a week from 1995 until, like, 2002. Religiously.”), and my favorite, there’s the “mobile” yoga instructor who taught a class on Renner’s property (“Look, man, I don’t come onto your porch and start doing deep lunges,” Renner told them. “Get the f–k out of here.”)

But the Esquire story is nice, and it is worth a read. There’s a lot about Jeremy’s friendship with Kris Winters – Kris and Jeremy are in business together, renovating houses in LA. They’ve been doing it for more than a decade, and they make a really nice profit of it – so far they’ve renovated more than 15 homes and condos! Crazy. I kind of love Jeremy. I’m not sure if he should be my boyfriend, or if he should just renovate my house.

Photos courtesy of Esquire.

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  1. brin says:

    WTH….is nothing off limits?!

  2. GoodCapon says:

    Jeezus, that is freaky! Poor kitty.

    As for his dog… I thought he had one that died recently?

  3. carrie says:

    he’s a great actor and it’s all about what i’m interested

  4. gee says:

    I love him! He seems like someone who is filled with good stories.

  5. RocketMerry says:

    Tommy-girl, give it BACK.

    No, but seriously, let’s hope Jeremy gets his kitty back unharmed.

  6. Julie says:

    thats the part about celebs i really try to ignore because thinking about it makes me really uncomfortable.
    after i read about jodie foster (a crazy stalker trying to kill reagan to impress her and another guy following her with a gun who then decided “she was too pretty to be shot”) i keep myself from read too much about celeb stalkers.

  7. Mel says:

    Yay, more Jeremy! Love him. He doesn’t seem to have much luck with pets though. I hereby selflessly offer to put on a collar and lounge around his house liked a pampered pet…
    (…did I really just write that?)

  8. cupidityrox! says:

    Jeepers! That dude was a weirdo. Unfortunately I don’t think Milo ended up well..

  9. thumbellina says:

    I can’t look at him without thinking about those stories of him beating up a boy hooker in Thailand a few months back. Hope his movie tanks.

  10. alons-y alonso says:

    whaattt? That poor cat. One can always count on Renner with a fantastically weird story.

  11. beyonce's bump says:

    Kaiser, I really love your writing! Anywho Jeremy’s HOT is growing on me. lol the 60 year old Cat Abductor. This can’t be life. smh

  12. flan says:

    He’d better not have hurt Milo, that crazy piece of shit.

  13. TheOriginalKitten says:

    “Look, man, I don’t come onto your porch and start doing deep lunges,” Renner told them. “Get the f–k out of here.”

    HA! I love Renner. As far as the cat goes-if someone abducted my cat I would chase after them with a kitchen knife and wouldn’t stop running until I caught them. That dude is a crazy-ass stalker and I just hope Milo is safe.

  14. fabgrrl says:

    Wow, that is one fuct up story, about the cat. Things probably did not end well for that poor kitty :^(

  15. Tiffany27 says:

    I think his intense personality draws crazy people toward him. I’m kind of like that. There could be a 1000 people in a room and the ONE crazy person will find me!!

    • amurph says:

      Me too! I don’t think I’m that intense but I swear I must emit some weirdo-come-at-me vibe because it happens all the time.

      Thankfully no one has taken my dog. If that happened, it’d be like Taken. I will find them. Though I would be slightly impressed (and scared) they could carry a 65 lb dog under their arm like a football.

      • KK says:

        I have the “stranger confessional” look. Random strangers always tell me their problems at the mall, in elevators, bathrooms, etc.

      • amurph says:

        @KK – I have the small children and lonely old people vibe it seems. I was waiting for my car to have its oil changed and I immediately gained the attention of a small 4 yr old. She not only wanted to sit in my lap but play with my phone, my hair, my sunglasses, everything. Her mom was trying to deal with the mechanic and I was stuck in that awkward place of allowing it or deal with a potentially screaming child. Then the old man next to me proceeded to tell me his life story and how his daughter’s moving away. I swear, if only that power could be converted to pulling in attractive guys I’d be all set.

      • Isa says:

        Me too! I get hit on a lot but it’s never flattering bc it’s all weirdos that probably hit on anything.
        And for the last two days I’ve been stated at by groups of Hispanic men.
        I’m terrified I’m going to end up raped and murdered one day!

  16. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Ha ha. I love him a little more every time he gives an interview. He seems like such a funny sarcastic person.

  17. serena says:

    What kind of freaky psycho would steal a cat?
    Poor Milo, and Jeremy.

    Also the girl who bit his arm.. seriously, I feel for him. Too much craziness in your life can be bad.

  18. Evie says:

    Sorry, but he’s so overrated!

  19. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    It would be hard to have a cat stolen especially if you are really attached.

  20. The Original Mia says:

    Wow. That’s a whole lot of craziness for such a short career. Man makes an impression on folks.

    Cannot wait for Bourne Legacy.

  21. Cindy says:

    Wow, that’s horrible! What kind of nut kidnaps someone’s pet?

  22. Tamiko says:

    I want to be BFFs with him. I imagine the insanity we could create and it makes me giddy!

  23. RobN says:

    I’m sorry, but how many hundreds of interviews/articles have we read where the celebrity spends an inordinate amount of time talking about his or her longtime close friend and then, stunningly, years later it turns out it was a relationship?

    If somebody is a platonic friend, why would you constantly bring their name up in a huge interview?

    Just come out, Jeremy, nobody cares.

    • Madhubala says:

      How on earth did you get that from this article? He’s not talking *about* his friend, he’s talking about the business they run *together*. This insistence on making everybody in Hollywood gay is really strange.

      • RobN says:

        I got it from reading all the way to the end of the post, and based on the fact that he brings this guy up in every single interview. Do you work your best friend’s name into every single conversation you have?

        I don’t know or care whether everybody in Hollywood is gay; I just get tired of people who lie about it for years and then come out as if they’ve done something amazing.

      • thinlizzy says:

        read between the lines…he’s outting himself. Rumors started in 2010. He’s still with Kristopher.

    • MaiGirl says:

      I dunno, RobN. You could be right, but my best friend is like a soul mate, and we spend a ton of time together because we are both single at the moment, and also because we both love and accept each other unconditionally. We share the same spiritual path (NOT religious!) and have seen immense, growth, change, and healing in each other; things we have each shared with no one else because they wouldn’t understand. However, we are not sexual with each other AT ALL. No attraction, whatsoever, and it would be, in some ways, the awesomest thing in the world if there was. We’re just both strictly dickly, but love each other in every other way to the core. I don’t know what I would do or who I would be without her. Maybe Jeremy has just found a love like that. Either way, it’s fine.

    • shorty jay says:

      “Do you work your best friend’s name into every single conversation you have?”

      …I do, for the most part. Why wouldn’t I? We do damn near everything together and are like brain-twins. Plus she’s hilarious. So I have plenty of reason for her to come up.

      I don’t give a rat’s ass if he’s gay or not, but the idea that people can’t be close with someone without it being inherently sexual is truly bizarre. There’s a very long history of that kind of relationship between people. You should see the saucy letters women were writing each other in the Victorian era.

  24. Madhubala says:

    How many ways do I love this man? I sound like a broken record but he’s got to be my favourite celebrity right now. The story about his cat is creepy and tragic but on the whole, the article was really great. I love that he wasn’t sitting around waiting for his big break, he went out and became successful in another area of work. That’s great. Gaining stardom at a relatively older age means he has a whole lot of perspective he might not have otherwise had. Must be a pretty priceless in a place like Hollywood. Can’t wait for The Bourne Legacy.

  25. Valerie says:

    That is horrible. Of all the sob stories celebs tell about how fame is intrusive on their life, they have nothing on Jeremy. I would still be crying 10 years later. Horrible.

  26. Dany says:

    If someone abducted my cat, I would go all Liam Neeson on their ass. I’d seek them out, they better sleep with one eye open. And didn’t Jeremy catch the dude’s licence’s plate? Argh, what a terrible story.

  27. ssa says:

    I really hope Bourne Legacy does great.

  28. Mia 4S says:

    To lighten the mood, does anyone else find it hilarious that the girl who bit him is described as “hot”? So basically when he tells this story he must describe her as the “hot girl”, and he somehow recalls that she was hot even though he had to go to the hospital for shots? He is crazy, I love him!

  29. skuddles says:

    Good lord, how horrible…. poor kitty! If I were Jeremy I’d so be hunting that creep down with a trusty bodyguard or two – and I’d make sure he had his ass beaten into the ground. You don’t mess with a person’s pets!

  30. MeMeME says:

    The only pussy Jeremy got close to.

  31. Chris: still confusing Danny Boyle with Roddy Doyle says:

    Jeremy should’ve sort advice from Robert De Niro. I’m sure Bob would’ve dealt with his fair share of unwanted attention from whack jobs after starring in Taxi Driver.

  32. Jordan says:

    Wow, Renner doesn’t have very good luck with pets, does he? That’s so sad.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    What kind of psych-wad steals A CAT? What really gets me is the cat-napper was a fan of the Dahmer movie.


  34. Ally says:

    That’s awful! And he sounds like a kind, hard-working guy. Next time we rag on Kate Winslet for not giving in to every fan’s whim, let’s recall that it’s on a spectrum of needy, entitled (to scary) fan behaviour, and no one should HAVE to participate in any of that.

    Still, onscreen Renner’s is the face and charisma of a second-banana character actor. I wish him well, but I’m annoyed that he will be ruining the next Bourne and MI movies for me.

    I will look forward to half-glancing at them on MovieTime in a year or two.

  35. Isa says:

    I feel terrible for the cat. If the guy was a Dahmer “fan” then the cat was probably killed, skimmed and eaten.
    It does sound as if he was a Dahmer fan since he kept trying to get Jeremy to go for a drink (to probably drug him like Dahmer did)

  36. Jack Devereux says:

    Why Can’t People Just Leave Him Alone, Seriously, Let Me Tell You The Honest Truth…Okay, Mr.Renner Is Not Gay As Some People Suggest, He Is Not An Alcoholic, Everybody Likes A Drink Every Now Again And That Counts For Almost Every Normal Actor You Say Is An Alcoholic…You Wouldn’t Have Any Of This Assumption In My Day, Its Disgusting how people can just assume something and then its called the truth when clearly it is not the case, so to conclude, lay off Mr.Renner, And Stop Being Absolute Snobbish, Pompous , Brats, Just Because You Have The Internet, Doesn’t Mean You Have The Right To Bitch About People. -JD