Kristen Stewart is the same, ‘hasn’t showered, changed or washed her hair’

I’ve always liked two things about Kristen Stewart: she has the ability to pull off really strong, really “done” makeup looks, and she has great hair. Consistently, her makeup looks awesome when she’s on a red carpet. And just as consistently, her hair looks like hell. I suspect that Kristen’s natural hair is naturally wavy, even curly, and very thick. Instead of taking care of her beautiful mane, she leaves it unwashed and unkempt, and it often looks really greasy, and in need of a good root dye. What am I trying to say? That I have no problem believing that Kristen is one of those girls who either “forgets” to shower or simply does NOT shower on a regular basis. So, when Kristen is depressed or anxious… what really changes? Not much, according to Radar’s source. Apparently, Kristen has been staying with a producer friend, and she hasn’t been showering because she’s so distraught.

Kristen Stewart has been staying with producer Giovanni Agnelli ever since fleeing the home she shared with Rob Pattinson, is exclusively reporting.

He has offered the actress the run of his home, in the trendy Sunset Plaza area, until she feels able to head out and face the public again under the harsh glare of her cheating scandal.

“Kristen is acting like a heartbroken teenager,” a source tells exclusively. “She is crying her eyes out non-stop and does not want to communicate with anyone.”

“She is beyond mortified and humiliated and she is also broken hearted,” the source says. “She says she truly loved Rob. She says he was her soul mate, but she blew it and now she is scared that she has lost him forever. She is pretty much inconsolable.”

Stewart hasn’t been seen since she issued a public apology to Pattinson, her Twilight costar and real-life boyfriend, for what she called a “momentary indiscretion” with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

“Kristen hasn’t showered or changed or washed her hair in several days,” the insider reveals. “She is laying around in her T-shirt and shorts and eating ice cream. She really wants to believe that she can win back Rob, but I think deep down she knows that isn’t the case.”

Agnelli, who produced Stewart’s 2010 movie, Welcome to the Rileys, has been tweeting support of his friend, insisting she never had sex with Sanders. “There was no on set affair” he wrote last week.

“Giovanni has been very, very attentive to her every need,” our source says. “He has been fielding all her calls via her cellphone and vetting who she gets to speak to, so not many people can get through to her right now.”

[From Radar]

“She is laying around in her T-shirt and shorts and eating ice cream” = How I watch the Olympics. Although I did shower last week. And I shower regularly. Because I need to. Because I feel really gross if I don’t shower at least once a day, usually twice a day. Even when I was Kristen’s age, and even when I was super-busy and running all over the place – I still showered every day. I don’t understand people who don’t. As for Kristen’s close friendship with Giovanni Agnelli… yeah… I’m very suspicious. Why not stay with her parents? Why not stay with a girlfriend?

Meanwhile, People Mag had an interesting story about Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders…

Since news broke of Kristen Stewart’s hook-up with Rupert Sanders, the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman, her boyfriend Robert Pattinson has been coping with heartbreak. He’s not the only one. Sanders’s wife of seven years, Liberty Ross, was “devastated,” a source tells PEOPLE of the model-turned-actress, who played Stewart’s mother in the hit film.

“They seemed like a perfectly happy family,” the source says of Ross and Sanders, who have two children. “This was devastating for her.”

Though Sanders, 44, was recently spotted out wearing his wedding ring, that is no indication that Ross has forgiven her husband. In fact, another source tells PEOPLE that the couple have not seen each other since Sanders told Ross about cheating with Stewart, 22.

“She’s been focused just on her kids through this,” the source says. “It’s what she cares about the most.”

However, the shock of the scandal is apparently fading. “Now she’s really feeling strong and looks forward to resuming her life,” the source says.

But that doesn’t mean a reconciliation is in the works. According to the source, nothing has been decided.

[From People]

“Now she’s really feeling strong and looks forward to resuming her life” – it sounds like Liberty is probably resolved to move back to England, right? Maybe Liberty and Rupert will work out, maybe they won’t, but I suspect this affair will be Liberty’s bargaining chip to move out of LA, where she was clearly not happy.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Eileen says:

    Ugh-I am on official KStew overload. Her and her mouth-breathing photos. Make it stop.

  2. maria says:

    So she stinks litterally and metaphorically!

  3. Suzen says:

    Her makeup is always gorgeous, but I often thought she looked kind-of dirty when not on the red carpet. Even at the latest comic-con her hair was gross.

  4. Aussie girl says:

    Eating ice cream, crying non stop & not showering. Oh please! This sounds like a meg Ryan 90′s romance flick! Ok the shower thing i believe but ice cream!! What’s next pillow fights with girlfriends???

  5. DEB says:

    As for comments that she is “pretty,” huh?? She has dead eyes, looks constantly stoned and her attitude sucks. There is not one thing “pretty” about her.

    • Liv says:

      Really? I think she has a beautiful face! Taste differs, I guess.

      • suzanna says:

        I also think she’s beautiful, but she really needs a good haircut. Her hair is too long and looks too heavy.

      • Annie says:

        I never understand how anyone could consider her (physically) unattractive either, to me she has a lovely face and figure, very quirkily pretty. The way she carries herself and her general attitude and really sucks ass though, and she NEVER looks like hygeine is a huge priority for her, so maybe that’s what makes her ugly to some.

      • Janet says:

        Her long pointy chin throws her face off balance. And as others have observed, she has absolutely dead eyes.

      • geekychick says:

        I find her face beautiful, and I’d kill for her legs and as*.
        But, I also like the fact that she goes nmake-up free and simply dressed in free time. I do it too. So I’m obviously minority here. :)

      • gg says:

        I think she’s a natural beauty, like any typical young person her age. She reminds me of my niece. But I find her red carpet expressions betray a few things. She seems to have low self-confidence so she rolls her eyes all the time and seems overly concerned about what is “cool” or not cool (the converse with the dresses). Also seems overly concerned about appearing “tough” – which, we all know what that means — she’s not tough at all, only vulnerable. Saw her on Graham Norton before all the affair hooha had started, and she looked very uncomfortable to be sitting with big stars on the couch, looked down all the time. But the show is very laid back and most people let loose on it. She looked very uptight and I thought she was thinking: I really don’t belong here. Not sure how somebody like her got to be an actress, but she really needs a confidence makeover with a publicist that she’d listen to, if there is such a bird.

    • Hubbahun says:

      I actually think she is pretty but you are so right about the ‘dead eyes’ – I don’t know what it is – is it the shape of them? The colour? She looks immeasurably better when she’s wearing those brown contacts in Twilight. Very odd. And I just can’t with the non-showering – ewwwww.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        I think of it as “Xanax eyes”. She gets super anxious for red carpets supposedly. People I know who take a Xanax beyond what they need – often om accident, I am not talking addicts or dependency, totally for true anxiety
        issues- can have that heavy lidded dead eye look. Just my thoughts. I don’t know if it’s true.

        I do think she has a sour expression a lot. Sort of like Daniel Craig.

    • Adrien says:

      She’s beautiful. She’s a brunette/emo version of Amber Heard. I often hear people saying “I’ve seen hotter chicks than Kristen in Walmart”. They’re just being stubborn. If not for the Twilight thing she wouldn’t get this much hate. Honestly, I don’t get the hate.

    • Maria_Spain says:

      I agree with you, she has beautiful eyes but her face says nothing.

  6. Birdie says:

    Yeah, not really surprising, she never looks very.. clean. Her hair looks awful and I don’t really like her makeup. Look at Teresa Palmer, she looks like a clean, blonde version of Kristen.

  7. Julie says:

    thats what you want to read about yourself “she doesnt shower” :D

    we talked a lot about double standards when it comes to cheating. this is another one. do you think Sandra Bullocks Ex would have gotten this poor Jesse treatment? no, guys dont get it but women do.

  8. Marc says:

    Now she is using good old victim card. I’m so unhappy and I have dirty hair and smelly armpits. How cute.

  9. lower-case deb says:

    Giovanni is the same director-guy who defended her with the “i know she did not have any type of sex with rupert” line?

    we’ve wondered how he’d know.

    now we know.

  10. Naomi says:

    I didn’t pay much attention, when people said that Stewart looks like Ross but it’s ridiculous just how much they do look alike.

    Sanders obviously has a type. I hope Ross leaves the arsehole behind and moves on with her life

  11. ORLY says:

    I doubt Kstew is staying with Gio Agnelli. It wouldn’t look good for her, considering the nature of the scandal.

  12. booboocita says:

    Somehow, this just doesn’t sound like the “f*** you, I’m indie” Kristen that was her public and press persona before this mess got rolling. I’m thinking this is just PR to make Kristen seem more likeable and tragic.

  13. Jenna says:

    I’m sorry. No. Just NO.

    Look. I have no issue with GETTING dirty. I’m happy to work hard – hell, I’ll happily play out in the rain still as an adult (Which might be how a friend of mine has talked me into running a Warrior Dash with her at the end of the month. I am so gonna die… but I digress.) but at the end of the day, you clean up. Even when I’ve worked Ren Faires and spent 2 weeks with minimal (if any) electricity and running water – I’ve been found sitting next to a fire with a bowlful of water, soap, a washcloth, and even a freaking razor because I can’t stand to get hairy. You get clean. Being upset you cheated on your boyfriend is no excuse. None. Now – GO TAKE A SHOWER YOU TRAMPIRE. (Only time Will F has made me laugh in a decade….)

  14. arly says:

    she is NOT staying with Gio, she is with her parents, why would she stay at that creepys guy house, this is just more made up bs, there are no news so the tabloids are making stuff up.

    I bet she is upset and embarrased, I do feel for her, she made an idiotic choice, and now the world is judging her, I do hope she can make it through this

    She hasn’t been seen or Rob, maybe there is a small change that they’re trying to work it out, as for the pig, I hope Liberty never takes him back, he will do it again with another young girl, he is disgusting

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I’m not defending the director’s actions- he’s a pig- but Kristen is a woman, not a young girl. A young girl is under 18 and she is not. Why have hope for Robsten (admittedly I do) and not the same contempt for Kristen? Maybe they both just really screwed up, which happens, and they admitted it and are trying their best. But the director was not victimizing a “young girl”; Kristen is an adult.

      • gg says:

        She’s half his age. He totally preyed on her inexperience. She went, however willingly, into his arms so she does bear responsibility, but he’s the one that had the experience to know and to do better, not her. 22 is quite young for some people. Emotions can take hold and lead some into serious trouble. Immaturity won’t let them be realistic about things sometimes, until they see the atomic bomb they’ve just created that was unleashed into the real world and zapped the clandestine lovers out of their little fantasy.

        But this may be an exit strategy for one or both of them, and when reality hit, she was slapped back into how wrong and hurtful it actually is. I don’t doubt she’s learned some very valuable lessons in all this.

  15. Kristin says:

    Maybe I’m just a soft touch, but I actually do feel bad for her. I think she really did love Rob and people make mistakes, especially when they’re young and arrogant and live a life surrounded by Yes Men, doing whatever they want without apparent consequence … he’s never going to take her back though. Even if he wanted to, the world won’t let him.

    • ORLY says:

      I just can’t see this as a simple mistake. To me it was a bad decision, poor judgement and a setting aside of morals. Is this her true character? I don’t know because I only know her public persona.
      As for sparkles taking her back, he will if he wants to. I don’t know if he will let the world (strangers) be the major influence in something that affects his personal life so greatly.
      It will likely get down to trust and whatnot.

    • kay says:

      “OMG Rob,” says Kristen. “I was out and got drunk and I lost the beautiful watch you gave me for my birthday! I am so sorry I wasn’t more careful”.


      “OMG Rob,” says Kristen. “I was off making a movie and had your trust and decided to screw another guy!”

      NOT a mistake. Deliberate action.

      • Isabel says:

        @Kay; LOL and TRUE! You don’t trip and fall on a peen, take it in your car and hide in the bushes in the middle of nowhere. This isn’t a ‘mistake’. It took planning etc, so it was deliberate.

      • Disbelieving says:

        Well, some research argues that women often cheat as exit strategies. I think she is very unhappy with the whole hollywood life and wants out and doesn’t really have a clue how to turn her back on it and make her own way. I feel a little sad that her parents have done a poor job steering her into a healthy life. I’m not taking away from a notion of personal responsibility but I do think it was too deliberate not to have psychological meaning. After all, she has seemed miserable and rebellious for years.

      • MW says:

        @Disbelieving – Her having this as an exit strategy could be true, even if subconscious. Or maybe she felt she was carrying the ball in the relationship, and viewed this as a new life with an older man who was going to take her away from it all. Whatever it was now looks like she might have “changed her mind”. I would not be too hard on her parents though. Seems like I went through years with my kids where I talked and rationalized non-stop, yet there were times they thought they knew best and went about “it” the hard way. You can lead a horse to water . . .

      • Disbelieving says:

        MW, I am giving the stink eye to the parents because I just looked at her IMDB page. They started her in the industry at 9 and she made the Panic Room movie at 12 and its been followed by movie after movie throughout her childhood. I just came away with that “well, that can’t be good” feeling that I still haven’t shaken.

        But to be clear, she regardless of her childhood, she needs to suffer the consequences of her actions. Even if only for her own good. I happen to think we are capable of learning from our mistakes having made some huge ones, myself.

      • MW says:

        @Disbelieving – and not that I have not made some “hugeies” myself!!!! Which is why I relentlessly talk to my kids. But, I guess I do not know much about her personal life. Actually thought she had hippy-type parents who still were together and happy with each other, and that that should be a good example to her of how to, or not to, treat a guy you “love”, esp. in the public eye. But regardless, like you said, she should have known, and be willing to suffer, the consequences — and approached whatever this is about, differently. Being in the public eye as long as she has, she has been around the block a time or two and has seen more than most at 22, and there are plenty of people she could have talked to if she had a dilemma — even if she had NO parents.

    • Gin says:

      I feel sorry for her and just because I don’t think cheating on someone proves you’re evil incarnate I have to point out that I have never seen a single movie with either Kristen Stewart or her aggrieved former SO and my views on this have nothing to do with being a fan of any kind. Most people are really only as faithful as their options, very very few people would stay 100% faithful when presented with lots of very attractive very keen people hitting on them. Americans seem particularly insistent that cheating has to cause the end of a relationship but plenty of people get over it. She didn’t kill anyone, she got a little on the side, what she’s getting in return is way over the top.

  16. JMH says:

    Liberty was absolutely stunning as her mom in the movie.

  17. The Original Mia says:

    I think it’s more likely she’s smoking pot and eating all day. She normally looks like she doesn’t shower or wash her hair, so I’m not seeing what’s different about her appearance now as opposed to in the past.

    Is she probably upset that people are calling her a trampire and Sparkles wants nothing to do with her? Umm…maybe. She cheated rather publicly, so I’m not sure what she felt was going to happen if and when she got caught.

    • Jordan says:

      That’s the thing, it was so public. Why not get a motel room if they knew there was a chance that the paps were stalking her? Sure, they may get a pic of Kristen walking in and out of a motel room but there’s no proof what actually went on. I believe she wanted to get caught. The best way to be seen as more grown up and move away from the Twi-hards is a scandal like this.

    • MW says:

      But didn’t she say recently that things had come so easily for her; that she really wanted to get “f*cked under” for a change, or something along those lines? Was this how she planned to experience that, just a coincidence, or what? I haven’t seen anybody comment about that interview, or statement or whatever it was.

  18. Zigggy says:

    Those photos just look so staged. This is one way to ensure all their careers will skyrocket- I just hope Rob was actually in on it, and not blindsided.

  19. Adeli says:

    What? You mean her life ISN’T a ball of fun and excitement now that she’s been granted her wish to be fucked over? What kind of world is this?

  20. bns says:

    The jokes just write themselves.

  21. jill says:

    I feel so badly for this young woman. I never made a mistake like this but I can think of some of the foolish things I did in my early 20s but never got burned for it like this. She was clearly hot for that director, but HE should have been the older and wiser adult, aware of his position of power – and resisted the temptation. I feel sad for KStew that she is paying the major price for the error. And I feel terrible for her ex over how he found out that his girl wanted something he wasn’t giving her.

    • MarenGermany says:

      feel the same way. it´s just cruel whats going on. everyone is entitled to their opinion, but going on the net and consecutively calling her a bitch and the most terrible things doesnt seem right as a judgement.
      sometimes it is best to say nothing when you dont have anything nice to say

    • Disbelieving says:

      Then again, you don’t learn from your mistakes if you don’t suffer the consequences. She is now experiencing the consequences. It may be a good thing for her.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Oh please! She was friends with this guy’s WIFE and KIDS. She knew he was married, she knew she was in a committed relationship.

      Don’t open your legs to married men.

      Oh I feel so sorry for the poor little mouth breather. Ugh.

      It is not like she got drunk, hooked up with a dude she didn’t know was married and then quit it.

      She had an AFFAIR with a married man with a wife whom she was working with! She deserves everything she’s getting along with the douchebag cheater.

      Don’t tell me that when she is a poor innocent. She’s the one that said she was sitting on her moneymaker. Work that casting couch much???

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Hi OTiff! :) They’re both scuz, in my book. They both knew they were involved with/married to other people; both knew he had kids; they just didn’t GAF.

        How you been? Haven’t seen much of you lately.

      • Mushimushi says:

        Enough already. The comments on this site are above average, so the tone of these threads have been more than disappointing. What I gather is that most are calling her a slut or whatever because she got involved with a married man. By your logic, no women should ever take on married man because they are destroying a family. Well the, supposed all women listened to you. Then no men would cheat. They would not have who to cheat with. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to, it’s just not an option. The cheaters are still there, only now we can’t tell them apart. Is that any better? Come on!
        The women who take on these jerks are doing the wives a favor, revealing the true character of the men.
        The biggest reason not to get with a married man is because if he is willing to cheat he’s a pig, and why waste your time with a pig. Not because of the wife. The wife’s troubles are on the cheater and the cheater alone. Faithfulness is up to him.
        I know u guys are better then this. No need to put a scarlet letter on her.

      • Becky says:

        Enough already. The comments on this site are above average, so the tone of these threads have been more than disappointing. What I gather is that most are calling her a slut or whatever because she got involved with a married man. By your logic, no women should ever take on married man because they are destroying a family. Well then, suppose that alll women listened to you. Then no men would cheat. They would not have who to cheat with. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to, it’s just not an option. The cheaters are still there, only now we can’t tell them apart. Is that any better? Come on!
        The women who take on these jerks are doing the wives a favor, revealing the true character of the men.
        The biggest reason not to get with a married man is because if he is willing to cheat he’s a pig, and why waste your time with a pig. Not because of the wife. The wife’s troubles are on the cheater and the cheater alone. Faithfulness is up to him.
        I know u guys are better then this. No need to put a scarlet letter on her.
        PS not directed at u Bellaluna, but the whole community but I’m on my mobile and it looks like I’ve might have replied to you

      • Aria says:

        I wish people stop trying to minimize her share of guilt by claiming she is not old enough to know better.
        She knew the f*cking director’s wife and kids and yet she didn’t care. In my book, she’s a cold b*tch.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I’m good, moving to DC tomorrow, so have been packing like mad. How are you? I’ve missed my little community!

        I’m hating that this is dominating the summer’s gossip, kinda turning me off a little bit. I feel like we’ve been overrun with too much twihard hormones.

        I’ll be here a lot next week after having a tooth pulled and an implant put in. That’s what you get for being dental phobic and letting things go. :(

  22. Mari says:

    Well, I think that Kristen wanted out of the relatioship with Robert for quite a while (PR stunt or not). She may have got infatuated with Rupert Sanders, and being the spoiled, selfish and self-centered being that she is, she thought that of course he will dump his wife for her. When the photos came out, he freaked out and may have wanted to back pedal and make amends with the wifey, sending Kristen into a rage. What?? How dare he quit on her?? So she does a lame ass statment admitting the whole thing to get back at Sanders.

    Now that she has been getting horrible (and well deserved) feedback she probably regrets not handling things differently. As for her staying at this “friend” house…mmmm maybe she’s doing the sex teraphy. Who knows??

    By the way, I think Robert Pattinson should totally flaunt a hot date for the upcoming tour of Breaking Dawn part 2. Burn!!!!!

    • Anname says:

      I disagree, I don’t think she wanted anything in particular with Rupert, other than the sneaking around/forbidden stuff. I really doubt there was any actual LOVE there. I think she was in a solid relationship that was settled, and she got restless or whatever, and didn’t handle it very well. For all her talk of honesty and not being afraid, she sure lacked the courage to deal with her feelings before she cheated and got caught.

  23. tabby says:

    Kristen didn’t wash or change her clothes when she didn’t cheat on rob.

  24. Maritza says:

    It is so weird that she hasn’t gone to her parents home, no matter what she did her mom would give her good advice and comfort her sorrows. This Rob/Stew bs is really getting on my nerves.

    • Janet says:

      Unfortunately, not all moms are like that. Some are the “Look what you’ve done, you asked for it, how could you disgrace the family like this” kind. If her mom is like that I can understand why she wouldn’t want to have to deal with that on top of everything else she brought on herself.

      • Disbelieving says:

        And, after all, her Mom raised a troubled daughter. Maybe that is a sign she isn’t such a good Mom. I would never let my daughter do the things she has done at such a young age. She was something like 9 years old when they started her in movies. Only 12 when she did Panic Room. IMHO, that is wrong.

      • Anname says:

        Oh come on, stop judging Kristen’s mom – that’s going a bit far. Dina Lohan is a bad mom, but we don’t know much about Kristen’s mom. Kristen has stayed out of trouble up until this disaster (except for the crass manners). When you cheat on your boyfriend at 22, I would hardly blame your mom for it.

      • Disbelieving says:

        I have a twenty two year old daughter. I know what it is like to raise one. To put your child in a Hollywood movie at 12 should be illegal. I judge it as abusive and I have every right to do so.

      • Anname says:

        I am a parent as well, and I realize that I can be the best-mom-ever but my kids may still make bad choices at some point in their lives.

        Don’t give Kristen the excuse of bad parenting, or being a child actor, to take any responsibility from her for this.

      • Disbelieving says:

        The context of the discussion was whether her parents are a soft place to fall or not and I pointed out that her Mom may not be the best. I stand by my statement. I never argued that Kristen doesn’t need to suffer the consequences of her actions nor held responsible.

        I do think troubled people need to come to terms with less than successful childhoods. To argue against that seems ridiculous in our society. I wasn’t arguing to simply “blame the mom”. I maintain that good parents provide their children with the conditions to grow. Hollywood does not provide those conditions and, thus, she is not a very good mom and Kristen may have to deal with that as she comes to terms with her very serious and painful poor judgement.

        Edited to add: You might want to check downthread where I state (over an hour ago) that she needs to suffer all the consequences of her actions. I am not one of those twihards, or whatever they are called. I think you are misconstruing my comment.

      • Anname says:

        You said in response to Janet “Maybe that is a sign she isn’t such a good Mom” –that’s what I took issue with, and your words to the effect that your daughter would not do such a thing. I don’t think I misconstrued your meaning, ie, maybe if Kristen’s mom had done a better job this wouldn’t have happened. I disagree with that judgement.
        And, to respond to your “edited” comment, saying Kristen had bad parenting does sound like you are offering a reason for her bad decision-making, it sounds like an excuse to me (no reference to the consequences after the fact at all).

      • Disbelieving says:

        Okay. Gloves off. Her mom put her in movies at 9 and, thus, is a bad mom. Yep. And no my daughter would never, ever do this. I guarantee it. I find it shocking you can’t say that about your children. Done.

        Sorry that you didn’t take me up on the softer resolution I offered in this discussion. You like to fight, I think. I don’t. Bye.

      • Anname says:

        Well I hope your daughter always does exactly what you taught her, truly. And my kids are just fine, thank you very much.

        I don’t particularly like to fight, but I also don’t like foisting blame off on others. So put your gloves back on….I’ll stop responding.

      • sunnee says:

        Color me shocked by this repartee. I assumed those who were being so mean on this site were young(ish) and did not have the benefit of years of experience. “Disbelieving” has a twenty-two year old daughter which means she is likely in her forties or even fifties. So given her many years of experience she has never seen children behave in ways that their parents don’t condone? She is actually calling KS’ mother a bad mother. WOW! MY parents are salt of the earth, been together since 1959 and still are. The things I got up to in college would have shocked them. I have five kids, three teens. The opportunities are there for bad behavior, esp on the internet. Sometimes the things they do make me cringe. Am I at fault? Hubs and I are still together. I think we set a great example, but sometimes they stray from what we’ve taught them. It’s called growing up and experiencing life. In no way do I think KS’s parents are to blame. Another thing that gets me is the expressed opinion that because She was acting at 9yo that makes them bad parents. Are you kidding me? Child actors have been around since the advent of the movies. Many do implode, but not all. Many kids not in show business also implode. I guess movies should be written without children as characters. Or maybe little people should play the parts that are going to child actors. Anname, I’m with you on this one. I’m still scratching my head.

  25. Reece says:

    Good for Liberty!

    More pity party? Really?? How is this different from any other day with her? She didn’t bathe before. They’re scraping the bottom for stories now.
    I saw that guys feed. He’s been yelling at people and magazines on twitter. It’s so juvenile! Honestly, my first thought he must be/have slept with her too.

  26. Mew says:

    Good for her. Hopefully she learns from her mistake and won’t pull the same stunt on the next poor guy.

  27. mery says:

    I do feel for her too, I think she was a dumb, spoil brat, who thought she could get away with playing with fire,but theres something wrong with those pictures, it seems like he is the aggresor, and she stupidly lets him, why not go to a hotel, why in such a public place?? its not hard to imagine him being a perv, convincing her to let go.

    I know she has always had a tough attitude, but to me that was just a face, a mask to protect herself, deep down she is still inmature, sensitive, easy to influence type of person, she has lived in her little bubble her entire life, and now she got an older man, a more experienced man giving her attention, for me its not hard to believe that she fell for it.

    Im not trying to excuse her, but I also dont see her as an evil, terrible person, she made a horrible decision, and she is more than paying for it, I do think she honestly loves Rob, and now she is punishing herself, I don’t even think she cares what people think, or worried about her career, she is worried about him, and the possibility of losing him forever, the romantic in me hope they can work it out, maybe slow down on her career and try to fix things with Rob

    • Janet says:

      I don’t think she’s an evil, terrible person either. I think she’s a spoiled, selfish person who’s been used to having it all her own way for so long that she thought she could get away with everything. Maybe this crash-landing will teach her a much-needed lesson. Maybe.

  28. renata says:

    I don’t know how, at this point, we’re to believe anything about this story. Just last week Rupert was wearing his ring, Liberty had forgiven him, and everything was honky dory in the Sanders home. Now she’s not speaking to him (smart move!) and sounds like perhaps she’s ready to move on from this marriage.

    I do think that releases about Liberty and her husband not speaking create a far more problematic public relations situation for Stewart, since it seems to be one thing if you screw up yourself and your own relationship, but something far different (and worse) when you’re a participant in destroying someone else’s marriage. If Liberty now turns around and starts divorce proceedings against Sanders I would think you’ll see Stewart disappear for a good long while, as it (rightfully) creates a PR mess for her and anything she’s involved in.

    I’m surprised to read some of the expressions of concern here for Stewart. I think Stewart and Sanders deserve any hardship they get. The public humiliation of people that devote themselves to you, are faithful, and give you their love and a family, is bad, bad news. Those are the people I feel badly for here. No one else.

  29. Julie says:

    too bad she doesnt have an official twitter or facebook account. gossip experts then could wait for the moment robert unfollows her and make statistics how much followers/friends she lost since the scandal broke out.

  30. G says:

    Actions, even when you sincerely regret them, have consequences. She’ll live. Don’t waste your pity here.

  31. valleymiss says:

    I think Rob shouldn’t take back Kstew, and I think he won’t. Kstew isn’t sorry she cheated – she’s sorry she got caught.

    I think Liberty SHOULD take Rupert back (on the condition they move back to England) and I think she will.

    Now, I’m not some sexist who thinks that women should make all the sacrifices when a relationship is in trouble, BUT, they have 2 kids. Whether Kstew was with this guy for 3 months or 3 weeks, there is a family involved.

    • G says:

      Liberty is not taking him back. She’s moving back home and staying out of the circus.

      • Lulu says:

        I sincerely hope that is not true, as it means their children will be separated from their father by an entire ocean. I don’t care if he cheated, he is still their father and they need him.

        As to why kstew is not staying with her parents, haven’t they publicly declared their disappointment in her behavior? She’s not likely to find things too comfortable where she is likely to get the ass-kicking she so badly needs.

      • Riana says:

        Then it is up to him to be there for his children as best as he can after this monumental failure.

        He chose to have an affair and put his family a risk, he will have to suffer he consequences those idiotic actions brought about. The children are young now so the physical separation will be the largest issue but as they grow operetta gravity of what heir Father did WILL hit them.

        I think the idea of it being important to keep two unhappy adults together for the sake of the family is short sighted. Most kids simply end up more miserable wishin their parents divorced anyway.

      • giddy says:

        Yep. And based on her recent interview seems living in HW is not her cup of tea. K-Stew gives Liberty the best illustration of why H-W is not a great place to raise children.

      • Lulu says:

        Riana – I did not say the two unhappy adults had to stay together. However, for the sake of the children they should remain in proximity to each other.

        Yes Rupert is responsible for his cheating. If they want to make their marriage work both he and Liberty have some hard work to do. Same with Kristen and Rob.

        My husband is a marriage and family therapist. I know this will not be easy to hear, but if the marriage is not a fulfilling one, where both couple’s needs are being met, it is very likely that that infidelity will occur.

    • Julie says:

      thats what mr director should have thought before he went for a twenty two year old.
      liberty should do what is in her best interest and in the interest of the children and that can be a divorce.

      i will never understand why people pressure the victims of the cheating to take the cheater back “because it will destroy a family” well thats all the cheaters fault.
      im mad when wives who have been cheated on tell me “i dont want to break the family apart” guess what sweetie, he broke it apart already. he took a nice big dump on you and the children.

      • Dirtnap says:

        Amen, Julie. How can Rupert say his family is all that he has in this world? When I think of all of the father-kid quality time he could have enjoyed instead of squandering it on stolen moments with K-Stew … especially when his wife told a magazine that Rupert often was too busy directing to help her parent those kids … ugh. He could have taken his kids to the museum, the park, heck, just spent time with them, but no, he would rather spend that time in a Mini-Cooper with a different kind of child altogether.

    • Jordan says:

      Staying in a marriage that makes you miserable simply for the sake of the children, is worse on them in the long run than a divorce. If Liberty can’t forgive him or is unwilling to work on the trust issues she no doubt has now with him, then it may be best for the children and their relationship with their father if they divorce.

    • pafakell says:

      Liberty said in an interview before this fiasco that she gave up her own career in England to support her husband here and in doing so she has found herself isolated while raising 2 kids alone because he’s never there. Maybe daddy is the one who is responsible for the ocean that separates his family from their home.

  32. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Oh puhleez! I don’t believe this sh!t! I read this article on some websit few months ago. In the article a make up artist who didn’t give his/her name said KStew and Rob Patzz stay dirty. They meant they both hardly cared about hygiene.
    I think Kristen is being too lazy to take a shower.

    • Julie says:

      “KStew and Rob Patzz stay dirty. They meant they both hardly cared about hygiene.”
      the one thing that combined them, isnt it romantic?
      like when you are feeling love sick and you go horse riding because thats what you always did with your partner. kristen just revels in memories with not showering.

  33. sallyreo says:

    “Yea, kick her while she is down”.

    Princess Di had an affair while she was married to Prince Charles and the English did not react the way we have reacted. Here, it’s about who can write the nasties remark.

    • Anname says:

      Because everyone knew Charles was cheating with Camilla by then. Rob wasn’t cheating.
      And Diana couldn’t get out of the marriage, Kristen could end her relationship. Very different things.

    • Julie says:

      1) most people loved princess di, kristen wasnt really liked by a lot of people (when you admire someone you will look for reasons to excuse bad behaviour, when you dislike someone you will wait for an opportunity to rip them apart)
      2)charles was screwing around on her, people knew that
      3) no crazy stans
      4)no internet gossip

      has nothing to do with english people.

    • Disbelieving says:

      Actually, Diana’s death brought about quite a revision in her history. She was judged pretty harshly by many after the affair became public. She did some interviews to try to restore her image. Before her death, I think most people saw her as chaotic and a bit of a mess. We just canonized her after her death.

      • valleymiss says:

        You’re 100% right. People felt sorry for her, in the years after she died, that she married a man who was in love with someone else and carried on the affair with her. Diana’s death leveled the playing field. Before that, Charles and Di were *both* cheating but she was getting most of the blame. Just like Kstew and Rupert. (Just like Angelina and Meg Ryan were blamed more than Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe. For some reason the women in the affairs always take the brunt of the blame. And in Angelina’s case, she was single when she hooked up with Brad. But she took tons more blame than he did.)

      • ORLY says:

        Russell Crowe wasn’t married at the time, was he? I thought Meg was the married one in that scandal.

  34. Lurkeelee says:

    Is it just me or does this Liberty Bell person give off Lillith from Frasier vibes? I don’t know much about her, but from how she dresses, wears her hair, she comes off as somewhat of an ice cube.

    • Disbelieving says:

      Her name is Liberty Ross. She has a web site you can look at and judge for yourself. Although, I can’t see how anyone can determine personality from a few pictures. ONTD has her wedding picture. She looks lovely–inside and out, in that one.

  35. geekychick says:

    BS, I say. I think she’s with her parents or brothers somewhere. If media knew where she was, they would pap her.
    I do think she’s a mess right now: even if you believe that her rs was a PR-plot, her career took a serious hit, and I wouldn’t exclude that she’s seriously shaken.
    BUT, come on, Kaiser-you sound like a “grandma from country”, as they say in my part of the world:every other hipsterish uni student in the world has that style-you may look like you don’t care and don’t care bout hygene, but they do care and do shower.
    and as for the hair? I have the same hair-brown that lights easily in the sun, thick, naturally a bit wavy and silky strands….after the first day, it looks slightly greasy already-and I can’t wash it everyday.
    Imean, really: I like celebitchy because it’s fun, smart gossip. But the KS stories are getting kinda villifying (sp?)-especially in the comments. she’s a girl, she’s 22 and the GUY was married and much, much older.yes, she cheated and she’s guilty (and her image is in trouble), that I can say, as a part of the public. but all else is for liberty ross (maybe she should be more concerned about her husband) and her boyfriend (who had enough blinds about himself, but hey, that’s just gossip)to say.
    She’s supposedly staying at a prodicer-friend’s house-and she’s immediatly sleeping with him??!! silent scarlet letter is still a scarlet letter, you know.

  36. Ashley says:

    for the people who say she is only sorry because she got caught, how the hell do you know that?? are you inside her mind to know that?

    Why can’t she really feel bad for her actions and feel absolutely devastated for what she did? nobody here is perfect, but here we have people stoning her, and acting like she is the worse person in the world, meanwhile the married person, the one that was suppossed to be commited to his wife and kids gets nothing, if the marriage is over its HIS FAULT!!! he decided to cheat on his wife, he forgot about his vows to go after a girl that could be his freaking daughter, Kristen didnt have responsability for that marriage, that was all him.

    Not excusing her, but Im sick of seeing people just hate on her, and the dbag gets nothing.Leave this people alone, I wish Kristen, Rob and Liberty the best, RS can go to hell

    • valleymiss says:

      I say that because if US Weekly hadn’t gotten photos and blown this thing wide open, Kstew and Rupert would still be messin’ around with each other. They were caught in the midst of their affair. It’s not like these photos were released months after they were taken and they had ended it. These photos were taken and release hours later, before Kstew and/or Rupert ended the affair.

    • Riana says:

      I think because there’s such a contrast between her typical persona and what’s been revealed BY HER during the course or this whole news story.

      Normally she’s ‘f you’ and sort of ‘I don’t care’ and now via her own statements she’s sort of sobbing and begging and pleading and so so so in love with Rob. It all rings disingenuous.

      Personally I think that is her personality and her initial response was sort of panic -based and immature.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      RS is definitely the lowest of the low. Everything about his actions are dispicable. Hopefully, Liberty can file for divorce in California and take him for half of everything he has earned during the marriage, and sue for full custody of the kids. Not sure about the divorce laws in England, but in Cali they are generous. Unless she has out-earned him…then I hope she files in a place that won’t give him a dime. It’s not like she is going to have a hard time proving adultery. ;)

      Then I hope she takes those beautiful children back to London, rebuilds her life, and finds a man who will appreciate what he has.

      • Girlattorney says:

        She does NOT want to get divorced in California. It’s virtually impossible to get full custody in California, and infidelity and other maltreatment of the wife (as opposed to bad treatment of the kids the kids) does not change that, the courts generally deem it to be irrelevant. Moreover, she would almost certainly find herself on the wrong end of a “no move away” order and be stuck in California forever.

        Signed, somebody who found all this out the hard way when she stupidly divorced her abusive spouse in LA

  37. Umi says:

    She always looks very unkempt and somehow I do not blame her. There are days when I am so freaking tired that it is hard enough to pull myself out of bed, but I still take a shower. However, that is not thick hair. That is thin stringy hair. You can really tell how thin it is when she pulls it into a ponytail. She just has the ability to “fluff” it up.

  38. ezra says:

    Why am I not buying any of this?
    Even the part about her and Pattinson being an official couple set off my bullshit detector. Pure spin.

  39. Thea says:

    This is all PR BS. I do not believe any of this and know I am not a twifart or whatever the hell they are. Chick is gay. Giovanni sets off the gaydar like a burgular alarm and RPatz well he looks bland to me. But I respect the fact to each his own and dont attack people for their comments. Kristen needs new PR people because it looks like a 15 yr old construed this mess and just keeps feeding shit to the media. She is a rude person who should be thankful she has a job, gets paid 35 mil to bite her lip and alot of people have no jobs. So she needs to man up, face her mistake, and move the hell on and hire new people to represent her. She played cat and mouse about this relationship with R Patz and he is single, but gets papped all over town with the director. Something aint kosher. It is too blatant, in your face and the poses are staged. She may be stupid, but surely she isnt that stupid. This is a deflection off of something else or hype for the movie.

    • giddy says:

      ^^^ This! Bingo. The “bearding” is just tiresome. She’s tiresome. They both are tiresome. This scandal is tiresome. It’s all manufactered. The only ones to root for are the “…beautiful wife and heavenly children…” This “scandal” lacks all the elements that make a great story compelling. Like her movies her performance here is underwelming and over-hyped.

  40. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Who writes her PR releases a writer for Teen Miss or something….Come on ..she a big girl playing big girl games and got caught….Suck it up and move on ..She always looks like she dirty and needs a show and a good scrubbing even when shes doing glam shots …and I agree with the Dead eyes thing …she has no soul in those eyes….I can’t seem to dredge up a ounce of liking for this woman….unvery unlikiable…..

  41. mel says:

    This is one of the most amazingly horribly handled scandals EVER! her PR is making just a mess of things, if I were Kristen I would tell them all to just shut up and not say a word anymore, and that would include her so called friends as well, everybody is making silly things up just to try and defend her and make her look like a victim and is all blowing up in their faces. I would never think if her as a victim! she knew what she was getting into, she knew his wife for god’s sake.
    I hope Liberty divorces Rupert, all those people who says she should stay because of the kids are crazy! why would she want her kids growing up and learning that their father stepped out on their mother and she took him back and that is ok? is better if they see her as a woman that stands up for herself and takes control of the situation, and doesn’t let herself and her kids be disrespected that way. if it was my mom I would prefer that she walks away.

    I don’t think Kristen’s career will suffer too much for this but I will always wonder who she slept with to get the role, everytime she works with a male director there will be rumors following her and people watching closely, who’s going to trust her now with their husbands? and how the hell does she go and stay with a male director/producer friend after this? even if he’s gay it just makes everyone question everything even more! especially with the way he keeps going on on twitter? every director now will say they see her as a little sister just to be able to stop rumors around them. and as for her parents, even if they support her, they both work in the business, can you imagine going to work everyday at a studio and having people whisper all around them about their daughter? this affects them as well, the consequences of this affair affect so many people, too bad she didn’t think of that before. selfish girl. neither Rupert nor her deserve an ounce of compassion.

  42. Crystal says:

    LOL. As if she showered before. Bitch was greasier than a Chick Fill-A burger.

    Kristen’s PR team… They tried it.

  43. pafakell says:

    I think Stewart has great hair, too, but I never minded the wild way it looks. I think people often mistake her just-washed wet hair as being greasy. I think it mostly looks unbrushed because she has the nervous habit of messing with it constantly, but it still frames her face well. However, I do not think her hair is naturally thick or curly. She had extensions in at least the first 2 Twilight movies, and I remember her hair being on the thin side during her promo for the first one. Also, I saw a pap picture of her when she had her short hair. She was leaving her dermatologist’s office and you could see a box of Lattisse through the white bag she was carrying.

  44. original almond says:

    So, everything is as usual with her?

  45. EllaDee says:

    This hole mess made me like Rob. Lurking around and watching his behind the scene videos, gifs and quotes from interviews… he comes out as self-deprecating, goofy, funny and it makes clear how much he hates Twilight – he is their biggest troll!

    Ahhh damn Rupert and Kristen, now I sound like a fangirl!

    (sorry about the messy english, it’s not my first language)

  46. Niamh says:

    How would any of you people have any clue whether she showers or not and even if she doesn’t, commenting on it is just childish beyond belief. I can’t believe what I’m reading. The nastiness is out of control. And no, I’m not a fan but I did think she was great in Adventureland.
    You diminish yourselves carrying on like this about a girl none of you know.

  47. Niamh says:

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re a pack of sIck creeps.

  48. Ashley says:

    nobody knows if the affair would have continue or not, thats all more speculation.

    Her pr team is not putting out this bs articles, this is all the media trying to capitalize on these people’s problems, they have no news, so they’re making a lot of stuff up.

  49. Ann Emmess says:

    Aargh. This is meant to reply to MW at #17, about the “I want to suffer” interview

    People have mentioned the interview in passing, but it’s hard to get traction. The people who most want to find some conspiracy with this, don’t find the kind they want there, I think.

    My take: I do think those feelings are part of it. At the time, there was so much talk about all of the things that comment said about her and her extraordinary sheltered stupidity. It’s not just a young person’s comment, it’s a “young person who has never suffered or had to pay real consequences” comment.

    I think she blundered into her exciting affair in the belief that life, feelings, consequences aren’t really real. I think she was drawn into the drama of it all with no understanding of what the drama really *was*. And I think the belief in that incredible comment is at the heart of it.

    I’ve suffered greatly at times in my life, but before those things hit I could never have imagined what they really were, or how they would change me. She was at her purest pre-suffering state before this. I will be interested to see who she is on the other side.

    • realist says:

      She said she knows people learn things from their darkest times. It makes them stronger. She said she felt boring (not to be confused with bored). She wanted to learn more about the complexities of life. She wasn’t acting like a brat or ungrateful. She has a deep curiosity about people and life in general. And had not experienced anything so far like “what does not kill you makes you stronger”. I empathise with the girl. She’s had full out lies written about her, she is so nice and always has time for a photo with fans. But those stories are never told. She takes the money she’s made very seriously, and wants to use it in a way that helps others. She’s not a glitzy diamond and Bentley girl, so I would hope people would at least believe that.

  50. Francesca says:

    Johnny Depp called and he wants to get dirty with you. He is up your alley right now…

  51. Lalah says:

    Kristen is a gorgeous girl, dirty or not. Can’t stand how she’s being vilified. She’s 22, made a mistake, her PR team made an bigger mess of it all, and here we all are acting like Puritans fresh off the Mayflower. She’ll be fine, Rob will be fine, and the Sanders couple and helpless innocent little kids will be fine.

    In fact, I’d wager that the Liberty woman isn’t leaving her husband. Ever. The wives rarely do. They’d rather sit around, feeling sorry for themselves, and dragging out their miserable marriages and blaming it on “the other woman”, while using their kids as the reason they stay. Kristen isn’t the first woman Rupert has cheated with, and she won’t be the last.

  52. DANDILION says:

    There is something very odd about a magazine filming them together and they notice and don’t stop or worry.. Perhaps he was helping her practice a certain attitude or role.. and tricked her..

  53. Aria says:

    Hygiene has never been a priority to Kristen Stewart.

  54. carly says:

    but why blame the other woman more than the husband himself????

    Anna Emmess, one of the best comments here, I agree with everything you said.

    And can we please stop blaming her parents, they’re good, hard working people, is not like Kristen has been a train wreck her whole life, this is really her big mess up, other than that she has a pretty clean record compared to other young stars, I dont think there is anything wrong with her doing movies at 9, she went to sets with her mom, until she turned 18, then she was on her own.

  55. skeptical says:

    why is Kristen still getting vilified while the guy is barely mentioned?
    The guy isn’t being called out on the carpet nearly as much.
    In fact.. think about it… we don’t even have a male equivelant of that horrid word “slut”. Guys who cheat don’t get called tramps either. This whole mess shows the sexism of modern society very clearly.
    A guy in his 40s cheats on the mother of his children with a girl young enough to be his daughter.
    Yet Kristen is the one being flogged?

    • aquarius64 says:

      No. This jerk is being congratulated for nailing Hollywood’s current It Girl and cuckolding her equally famous boyfriend.

    • realist says:

      I think I may have read one story that focused on Rupert being a selfish creep and passing judgement on how he was the one who was dubbed the one who’s actions were deplorable.

      I found the photos strange that he looked at the camera once standing at the ledge and 2 or 3 times in the car. It made me wonder if this was his plan to get his name out and publicity in Hollywood. His wife has been quite forgiving very quickly. Something isn’t right there.

      But Kristen is getting slut shamed and beat up to a degree of viciousness I haven’t seen before. And when the culpability of Rupert is brought up in message boards the reaction is always the same “yes Rupert is equal to blame BUT Kristen (and she’s ripped to pieces again).

      I’ve seen people say she commited adultry, called a “fornicator who will burn in the Lake of Fire” about 3 times. And nobody will believe it was just a one time mistake that got out of hand. The photographers description is way more explicit and detailed than the actual photos. But the photog doesn’t have the pics to back up his claim. Now Will Ferrel calls her a ‘trampire’ on Conan. I don’t think that’s funny at all. He should know that in Hollywood he’s tempting fate.

    • Liv says:

      Because she’s so much more famous than he is?? Most of the people wouldn’t even know his name, if he hasn’t messed with Kristen.

      • LittleDeadGirl says:

        Exactly! I think he takes way more of the blame because he was actually married but let’s be honest no one cares who he is but she’s the highest paid actress in Hollywood right now so people are gonna comment more on her then him. I think that’s honestly the only reason.

  56. Nan209 says:

    As long as these two cheaters keep trying to get away with more deception by saying this was a one time thing – there will be no reconciliation. When people betray they ruin everything, they can never be believed again but they should AT LEAST try by starting with the truth. That always a good place to start. Then a sh!t load of mia culpas followed by stop feeling sorry for yourself. Own your sh!t and get on with make it right. Sniveling into a vat of ice cream isn’t really doing much of anything but feeling sorry for yourself.

    • aquarius64 says:

      I’m expecting the other shoe to drop, in the form of a sex tape that pre-dates the US Weekly pics. If that happens, Stewart and Sanders would be finished. It’s not only the lie it’s the cover up. I still don’t believe it’s a one time thing. They copped to the mess because they couldn’t prove the photos are faked. Sanders seems stupid enough to video record a K-Stew encounter and to use film owned by Universal to do it.

  57. Jenna says:

    It is so so very pathetic how everyone is judging this girl. It seems everyone feels they own her or something because she is an actress. I don’t get how this is so important to Anyone except the people involved. What she did was horrible and Unfortunatly people do it all the time! No one knows her attitude, what she was thinking, her intensions or for goodness sake even how often she baths. You make it all up in your mind because you need to so you feel better about yourselves for whatever reason. She’l pay, more than Anyone else who’s done what she has. It’s time to relax and get off the school ground, you are surely better than this nastiness. Honestly it’s like we are back in the middle ages only there’s internet and you all are useing it wrong!!!

  58. Dominique says:

    I don’t usually comment on looks, but I don’t find her attractive at all. All her candids look horrible to me. When I saw the trailer for Twilight I thought she looked better, but I don’t consider her a natural beauty at all. Not ugly, but just nothing special to me.

  59. Stacey says:

    It is so so very pathetic how everyone is judging this girl. It seems everyone feels they own her or something because she is an actress. I don’t get how this is so important to Anyone except the people involved. What she did was horrible and unfortunatly people do it all the time! No one knows her attitude, what she was thinking, her intensions or for goodness sake even how often she baths. You make it all up in your mind because you need to so you feel better about yourselves for whatever reason. She’l pay, more than Anyone else who’s done what she has. It’s time to relax and get off the school ground, you are surely better than this nastiness. Honestly it’s like we are back in the middle ages only there’s internet and you all are useing it wrong!!!

  60. Stacey says:

    It is so so very pathetic how everyone is judging this girl. It seems everyone feels they own her or something because she is an actress. I don’t get how this is so important to Anyone except the people involved. What she did was horrible and unfortunatly people do it all the time! No one knows her attitude, what she was thinking, her intensions or for goodness sake even how often she baths. You make it all up in your mind because you need to so you feel better about yourselves for whatever reason.

  61. Stacey says:

    Most of these comments are just pathetic and sad. Time to get a life people!!!

    • Crystal says:

      LOL. No. What’s pathetic is the fact that you’ve left 4 of the same comment under 2 different names and not once did you spell ‘useing’ right. Acting self-righteous on a gossip website is not a good look bb.

      Nothing on this site is important, leave if you’re so above it. I’m sure there’s some Twilight fanfiction waiting for you somewhere.

      If Kristen wants to deal with this privately without being judged then maybe next time she should cheat privately instead of geting hickeys from her director in broad daylight.

  62. Christina says:

    I think people who shower twice a day are weird. Does their bodies just produce extra funky odors that they have to get rid of or is it more like OCD?

    • princess says:

      Oh my God I agree. Taking showers everyday and twice a day is bizarre. It isn’t necessary. You’re drying out the skin, and it’s a huge waste of water!!
      Only a construction worker should take showers that often—but they don’t!!

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      I normally don’t care how often people choose to shower, as long as they don’t smell, it’s their own deal but I am a little bored when people who shower twice a day think it’s wrong others don’t shower that often. I shower once every other day during winter and sometimes once a day during summer. My skin looks better when I don’t shower every day. To each his own.

      • ORLY says:

        Everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to hygiene. I shower twice daily because I like to start my day feeling fresh, plus it wakes me up :D
        I shower before bed because I usually have a workout in the evening and don’t feel comfortable going to bed with sweat on my skin. There is nothing OCD about it, nor do my body produce “extra funky odors”. No problems with my skin either.
        To each their own.

  63. freethinker says:

    Wow. Just….wow. Kristen made a comment when she was younger about not fitting into the Hollywood starlet image because she wasn’t into going to the clubs and wearing little dresses and Chanel bags and couldn’t understand why that bothered people so much. She talked about going outside in jeans & t-shirts and unwashed hair and people were on her like rabid dogs. Lots of people don’t wash their hair everyday and some get blowouts once or twice a week.
    When talking about preparing for her role in Welcome to the Rileys she made a joke about not washing her hair for two months. It was a joke because her character’s hair looks so bad. But in fact it was washed daily because the hair team put tons of product in her hair to style it that way, and washed it out at the end of the day. Everyday.

    I’d be so tempted to say things just to bother the people who believe this crap and let it affect their daily lives. But I think she uses it as a shield to give off the impression she doesn’t care, they can’t hurt her. But she’s human so it must hurt at some level.

  64. TheOriginalTiffany says:

    Hey Becky and mushi mushi…(BTW, IT’S MOSHI MOSHI)
    You can’t post under multiple names, might want to fix that…

  65. dee says:

    No shower? Sounds like a normal weekend to me.

  66. ezra says:

    Remember that kissing scene with Dakota Fanning where Stewart plays Joan Jett?
    Well that scene was just too real, it was the most passion I ever saw this ice princess display.
    She’s not that good an actress and that range of emotion was so out of her repetoire -she was too convincing. With acting you either put a mask on or take a mask off…..hmmmmmm….yep, I think so.

    • lauren says:

      I agree. Kristen has always seemed masculine. The pics with Rupert don’t seem lusty or passionate. Why would two filthy rich adults take such a risk in a public place? They can afford a private love nest. This smells like a PR stunt to me.

    • lauren says:

      I agree. Kristen has always seemed masculine. The pics with Rupert don’t seem lusty or passionate. Why would two filthy rich adults take such a risk in a public place? They can afford a private love nest. A destructive PR stunt.

  67. skuddles says:

    Yeah, she did a really STOOPID thing, and all the worse because she was friends with the guy’s family…. but I do have a little sympathy for her. I don’t think this was some scheme of hers to bust up the douchey director’s marriage so she could have him all to herself – I think she let a flirtation/crush get way out of hand and clearly wasn’t thinking about the possible repercussions. Now’s she’s lost the guy she truly cares about and will have to drag around the homewrecker rep forever. Best thing she could do is chalk this up to one of life’s harsher lessons (vow never to repeat it!), dust herself off and carry on.