Kristen Stewart pulls out of ‘Cali’ & a London premiere: unprofessional or pragmatic?

Gah! There are 20 million new Kristen Stewart and Twihard Meltdown stories this morning. FOR WHY? What’s surprising is how many of this morning’s stories are not tabloid-related. Yesterday, we covered several of the reports in this week’s tabloids, most of them revolving around whether or not Robert Pattinson would take Kristen Stewart back, or whether they’ve even broken up at all. I still don’t know… but I tend to think they’ll play nice until Breaking Dawn promotion is over, don’t you? Meanwhile, here are some of the stories floating around:

*Shortly after the affair with Rupert Sanders broke, Kristen seemed to score a part in the film Cali. Alex Pettyfer was circling the project too, potentially as Kristen’s love interest. But! Gossip Cop says that Kristen is no longer going to appear in the film, and that Amber Heard has been offered Kristen’s role. Maybe it was just a bad project (it didn’t sound good, honestly), or maybe Kristen is just going to devote herself to making Sparkles love her.

*Kristen has pulled out of the London premiere of On the Road, which was scheduled for August 16, a week from today. A source tells Radar, “Kristen won’t be doing the red carpet for On The Road – she’s too ashamed to show her face in public right now… she’s running scared at the moment. There’s also the dilemma of standing next to her co-star in the movie, Tom Sturridge. He’s very close to Rob and Kristen thinks it would be awkward for her to promote the movie on the red carpet alongside him. Kristen is very proud of her work for On The Road, she grew up reading Kerouac novels and this is a production she always wanted to star in. If she appears at the London premiere, it will detract people from the movie itself and Kristen doesn’t want that at all. She wants her performance and this film to be recognized for what it is – a great adaptation of a classic book.” Is this unprofessional or simply pragmatic? I think it’s both. On one side, it would have been a huge drama and “event” if she had come to the premiere, and she would have pulled focus in a bad way. On the other side… extra attention for the movie, and she would have made the professional move, you know?

*Kristen and Robert appear on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly – I showed the cover yesterday. It’s basically a preview of Breaking Dawn Part 2, and the interviews with Kristen and Rob were done at Comic-Con, just a week before the scandal broke. Kristen was full of it, per usual:

Just days before the cheating scandal erupted, Kristen Stewart said she knew a lot of actors who could affect an artificial public persona – but she wasn’t one of them.

“I’ve never been able to fully form this thing, this persona, that some people are so f—ing good at. That’s an art. I know a lot of actors [who can do that] and you guys aren’t them,” she said, gesturing to Lautner and Pattinson.

“I don’t like people like that,” Stewart told Entertainment Weekly at San Diego’s Comic-Con in mid-July. “People who are a complete non-person but somehow through the lens seem like they are on and interesting and engaged. … I don’t want anyone leaving and saying, ‘God, that girl is so fake.’ ”

She added: “People tell me to make it easier on myself and to play a character when I go out on carpets and stuff. But you know what? I’d rather be me.”

Stewart was interviewed by EW while sitting next to Pattinson and their costar Taylor Lautner to promote the latest Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

The magazine reports, “Nothing seemed amiss” and that the trio “were particularly relaxed.”

About 10 days later, Stewart, 22, admitted to cheating on Robert Pattinson, 26 with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director.

[From EW & People Mag]

She doesn’t want anyone calling her fake? Too bad. I think she’s the fakest of fake bitches. She’s always been this “affected” and trying-too-hard to be a hardcore, hipster chick. And considering she was in the midst of “faking” a loving relationship with Rob Pattinson while she was screwing around with Rupert Sanders… yeah. FAKE.

And to end this on a nicer note, Sparkles has been receiving lots of gifts, flowers and chocolates from fans in the wake of the scandal. So what does Sparkles do? He donates them to hospitals. A source tells Radar, “Robert has been incredibly touched by the support he has received from the Twihards since news of Kristen’s affair with Rupert broke. He’s been inundated with boxes of chocolates, roses, notes that have slammed Kristen and asked how he is, as well as bizarre marriage proposals. However, his kind-heart has got the better of him, and in a selfless act he decided to send all the gifts he received to local hospitals and senior citizens’ homes. Robert didn’t feel like he deserved any of the presents and didn’t want them going to waste. So, he decided to redirect them to places he felt warranted receiving such gifts.” Nice. I bet he kept some of the chocolates, though. Sparkles has a sweet tooth, and he loves his M&Ms.

Photos courtesy of VF and WENN.

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  1. sanna says:

    The longer she hides the worse she’s making it for herself. Everyone in the world goes through personal drama, but most of them don’t shun their professional obligations because of it.

    I think her mom is producing that crappy sounding Cali movie too?

    Edit: Kristen herself was producing the movie. LOL

    • Genevieve says:

      I think she’s basically shut down and non-functional at this point. I’m sure she’s terrified of facing the wall of hatred that will be present at her premieres.

      I don’t know if I think this is a self-preservation move, an unprofessional move or just a delaying tactic. You know she’s still in love with the guy she destroyed. She’ll probably never get him back.

      I think she’s just hanging on by her fingernails, trying to go to ground until she’s forced to fulfill her promotional responsibilities for BD:2.

      I personally think that she needs to man up and be the CONSUMATE professional now, if never before. Its time to face what you have done….you’re not a little girl anymore, Ms. Kristen. Start acting like an adult now, and you may at least have a career to go back to. The “great love” is probably already gone.

      As always, RPat sounds like the greatest guy ever…I think he was raised to think about someone other than himself, and his inner good guy ALWAYS shows.

      • Dani says:

        Genevieve, I usually always agree with what you say, and agree with you here for the most part, besides the fact that she loves him so much. I still find it so hard to comprehend how you can cheat on someone you love, especially as much as she claims she loves Rob. If you love someone you don’t hurt them. I feel like she’s just acting this way so people think she regrets what she did, in order to save face. In reality, I think she’s just over it (like she is with everything else), whether he takes her back or not, she still has to act the part of broken to come out as a ‘victim’.

      • Genevieve says:

        @ Dani…

        I honestly don’t disagree with what you said, either. You may well be right about all of it. In fact, I also wholeheartedly believe that you don’t hurt someone you love, ESPECIALLY what she did to Rob…

        I was married to an abusive ex who also managed to steal every dime I had made or my mother had left me. I HATED this guy, it made me sick to even sit next to him on the sofa toward the end. But did I cheat? HELL no. I got help from my family, left him and started over. I wouldn’t sully the institution, even though I did indeed hate the guy. You are totally right.

        However, I still don’t think Rupert gets a free pass, either. If people are gonna put this much energy into hatred, it ought to be a 50/50% proposition, lol.

        Thanks for your observations.

      • Dani says:

        Sorry to hear about what you went through :( there aren’t enough people out there with enough decency to do the right thing, like you did, regardless of the situation. I must applaud you for how you handled yourself, can’t even imagine the pain you had to go through.

        However, you are right about giving him as much crap as Kristen is getting. But, seeing that he’s not as famous, no one focuses on him. He’s a slimy, disgusting, selfish man who belongs in the cesspool of humanity. The thing is, more ‘people’ are ‘leaking’ things about Kristen to the media, therefore making everyone resent her more. Yes, they’re both wrong, but Rupert has his people keeping their mouths shut. If she were to handle it a bit more quietly, she might have a few supporters.

      • anabella says:

        Lets face it, It has only been two weeks since that this whole scandal exploded. She is probably in a real dark place right now and I hope is seeking professional help. I would have been surprised to see her out and about and working. She needs to work on herself and repair the relationships she’s damaged due to her reckless behavior. What I do not understand is that she knows that paparazzi are constantly following her.

      • Mae East says:

        I agree that by postponing the first post-scandal photograph she’s probably making her life more difficult (I imagine there’s quite a bounty out for it now–in much the same way that there was intense paparazzi interest in photographs of Kristen and Robert engaging in PDA).

        But I’ve also thought for a while that this woman needs a break. She seems so incredibly uncomfortable with huge aspects of the life that she fell into as a child performer…it seems to me that it might be really healthy for her to take some time off, maybe go to college, and then re-evaluate whether or not this is really the career path she wants to pursue. I would hope that she has people around her who care about her health and well-being above her professional interests.

      • Genevieve says:

        All nice and very correct points, ladies.

        But I have to say- I may stand corrected in my fear that Rupert is going without his 50% punishment for the Robsten scandal. It looks like hell ( a 1 room apt., limited access to means and beloved children, flopped career) really does hath no fury like a woman (in the form of the breathtaking, elegant and perfectly turned out Liberty Ross) SCORNED. :)

        Liberty Ross is my new hero. I stated in another post that whatever it was RS thought he was looking for in 22 yr. old KS, what in the HELL is wrong with him for not being able to find it in the AMAZING 33 yr. old Liberty Ross.

        She ROCKS. And yes, I fervently hope he is so broke and maligned when she finishes with him, that his only alternative really IS to live in KStew’s old mini. Sounds like fair housing to me.

        *evil chuckle*

    • Choupette says:

      Put on your Big Girl panties and face the music. Get it over with, and it will be easier the next time. You want to be treated like an adult? Then fulfill your obligations. You’re 22. Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher having an affair was way worse than yours. Move on.

    • decorative item says:

      But, most people don’t have their mistakes all over the gossip mags every day for the world to judge. I don’t think anyone would be all that brave with an entire cult following wishing her harm. In fact, I would be very concerned for personal safety if I were her.

      • bns says:

        Who’s wishing her harm? If anything, her cult following has been making excuses for her and blaming everyone but her. She’s hiding out because she’s embarrassed, and she deserves to be embarrassed for what she did.

      • Izzy says:

        @bns – I think deco is referring to Robert Pattinson’s fan base, they’re a little rabid (a little?!) and quite a few of them have actively wished for Lip-bite’s death because of what she did to Sparkle. His fans are especially fierce in the UK, and I personally don’t think it’s out of the realm that some of them might’ve shown up to throw things at her while she was on the red carpet for the On the Road premiere. Plus, like the article said, Tom Sturridge would be there. AWKWARD!

      • bns says:

        @Izzy – Oh, ok. That fanbase is so huge that I can’t even keep up. Wishing death and harm is ridiculous.

      • kik says:

        i’m a rob fan, but the nasty ones are a miniority. i don’t wish anything bad on kristen. i don’t think it’s fair that some in her fanbase are blaming rob, and trashing him for not saying anything.

    • Jane says:

      She was very excited about this movie since it would have been her first movie that she was signed on as a producer. Oh, well, if you are going to cheat, don’t get caught even though the paps were 2.5 miles away.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I don’t think she was “in love” with whatshisface or vice versa. I think they were shoved together by the studio. there were rumors about him and Emilie de Ravin so whatevs. If she hadn’t picked a married man with children, I wouldn’t think ill of her at all.

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      The only way this gets better is if liberty and rob show up a marmount together and check in!

  2. WaywardGirl says:

    Interesting how Rob is the one going forth with his promotional commitments while Stew is too embarrassed to do hers (because she knows she was wrong. Also, crazy Twi-hards might take her out.)If that story is true, I think it’s sweet he’s donating his gifts (keep the chocolates, yo ;P )

  3. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Don’t be a little bitch Kristen … Put ur big girl panties and face the music

  4. Brown says:

    Wow, that interview sounded pretty try-hard to me. Sounds like she’s trying to convince herself that she’s as unique, independent, different, etc that she wants everyone to believe she is. Maybe if she repeats it enough, it will become true.

    Sadly, that’s not how life works. One of my favorite quotes is from Nicholas Sparks who says “you’re going to come across people in your life who say all the right words at all the right times, but in the end it is always their actions you should judge them by.” Just saying you are a certain way does not make it true.

    Your actions will always reflect your true nature, which will betray you in the end if you are attempting to be anything other than yourself. Repeating over and over again “I don’t know how to lie, be fake, I’m totally genuine, this is me, what you see is what you get, etc” might work for a while, but in the end your actions will betray you if it is not the truth. Just sayin.

    Also, that dress is SO HORRIBLE.

  5. LadyLupton says:

    I agree, it’s both unprofessional and pragmatic but thinking about the future it would be best to just grin and bear it and make all appearances booked. If Rob can do it, then so can she!

  6. Julie says:

    or it is her pr team trying to make her look selfless.
    do we even know if she was confirmed for both things? maybe she wasnt at all and they now try to make it appear that way. or the gossip magazines try to make something out of nothing.

    though i can totally understand hiding. being booed and called a slut at a premiere is bad enough but the twihards are a special breed of crazy.

  7. LAK says:

    i’d be skittish too given how crazy those twifans are. However, she needs to get back on the horse. the sooner the better.

    • Diana Prince says:

      Skittish? I would be down right petrified.

      To think at 22yrs making such a wretched blunder under normal circumstances is plenty painful enough. But to do it where the world is watching and talking about me like I was less then human, people so chuffed to call me every name but the one my mama gave me. I can’t fathom not being positively ill at the prospect of what amounts to a prep walk.

      Wild horses would need to be hired to get me out my house. If I am being honest, I would not go anywhere I wasn’t absolutely required to be until I was good and ready. Nuh Uh!

  8. marie says:

    Those VF pictures were so well done, she looks pretty there. Having said something nice, the girl is fake and up her butt. When you are something (honest, edgy, dark, awesome) you don’t have to say it, it comes through your personality and people just know it. The people that walk around spouting their “edge” are about as edgy as a penny. And this is why the girl is not getting a lot of sympathy, she needs to stop shooting herself in the foot..

    If it’s true that she pulled out of the London premiere, well-that’s ridiculous. It’s her job to show up and promote the film, she needs to put on her big girl panties, suck it up and DO HER JOB-she gets paid for that, stop making yourself into a victim.

    Also, am I the only one who finds it creepy that folks are sending gifts? I mean, good on him for donating them, but I would be seriously sketched out..

  9. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I always thought someone in Wardrobe hated Kristen enough to put her in this combo plastic trash bag and Mom’s old negligee and especially took pains to make Charlize’s dress elegant and beautiful.

    I like Kristen on film and could care less about her faulty judgement. She’s not in Polanski territory, IMO.

  10. deb says:

    Dropped out? Sure, right. Face saving gesture allowed by Nick Cassavettes. I think the proper term would be “fired”.

  11. Nessa says:

    Kaiser, I agree with you a hundred million percent. She is the fakest bitch of them all. And I’m not even a Twihard fan. I can proudly say I have never seen one second of those shitty movies.

  12. Jade says:

    This was a lose lose situation. Had she stay in Cali that paps would been all over the LA based set. And peeps would think she’s callous. Same goes with OTR.

    It’s not Fake to make a mistake.
    I know in the wake of the scandal everyone is throwing her words back at her but really she hasn’t betrayed herself.

    • Dani says:

      I’m sorry, but what she did was not a mistake. Mistakes are losing your keys, messing up at work, breaking a glass etc. NOT cheating on your long term partner. Mistakes happen within seconds, something like cheating takes a little bit of time to lead up to. She didn’t betray herself because of her ‘I don’t give a shit about anyone attitude,’ but she betrayed her boyfriend. Doesn’t get any faker than that.

      • Izzy says:

        I’m firmly Team Sparkle and Team Liberty, but I do actually feel a little bit of sympathy for Lip-Bite, I doubt she’s ever handled a situation of this intensity. (Relax, I said a *bit* of sympathy. Like, a fingernail’s worth.)

        @Dani – ITA. She had to turn her car around and drive back to pick up her booty call. Plenty of time to reconsider what she was about to do. Based on the photos and her face in them (the only time I’ve ever seen her animated, TBH), I doubt she had even a moment’s hesitation.

  13. DanaG says:

    I think she is going to be making this harder for herself the longer she delays the more focus will be on her when she finally does show up on the red carpet. I hope she isn’t being dumb and is thinking when her film with Rob premieres that would be a good time. It is pretty pathetic is she is pulling out most people do the exact opposite and work to help them clearly Kristin isn’t mature enough to feel sorry for herself and act at the same time. People who walk around saying they are deep and mature are just like the ones who have to tell you they are smart. Cause unless they told you, you would never think it. Besides being a cheater and little brat I don’t think Kristin really what she is besides being really hated by some very angry twihards! As for Rob he is being a man and facing things even though he has to be embarrassed he fell for her lies and he had no idea she was cheating. But he is doing his job and he is getting chocolates which I would keep too. Give the other stuff away you need a treat.

    • Mimi says:

      Kristen was never scheduled to go to the London premiere. Rob is not being brave, he is contractually obligated to be at his Cosmopolis premiere. He is the star of the film. There is no way he could not attend. His appearances were scheduled months ago.

      • carrie says:

        And Kristen was contractually obligated to be in Cali. Didn’t stop her from backing out. Had Rob wanted, he certainly could’ve backed out of doing The Daily Show, Good Morning America, and a bulk of his press. That he didn’t shows that he’s trying to be a professional and fulfill his duties.

  14. Aussie girl says:

    Im putting the whole cheating thing to the side & am focusing on the “fake actor thing”. She is trying soooo hard to be hard core. I really can not stand this girl regardless of who has munched on her biscuit. She is so flipping annoying!! You should feel blessed for the life you have ( before biscut gate). Stop sticking your finger up and talking about how you feel like youve been raped & if you don’t like it than get the fuck out of the business.

  15. Micki says:

    I have problem with her trying to be “true to herself”
    I mean she’s so true to herself that she can’t “fake” a role to morph into something else than KStew.

  16. renata says:

    The first thing that popped into my head when I read this was, ‘she’s getting threats from crazed twihards’. Some of these twi’s are psychotic with this business. Protecting her at events that are this chaotic and with so many people around must be a nightmare. I’m guessing that’s why, at least in part, she’s withdrawing from live appearances.

    • ORLY says:

      You know, renata, I don’t see how she could possibly walk the red carpet at the Breaking Dawn 2 premiere.
      It can only work if she walks it with sparkles. Otherwise, it will be hell for her.

      • aquarius64 says:

        If that’s the case, unfair that Pattinson is acting as the human shield. If fact all the Twi cast will be human shield.

        IMO getting out of the OTR premiere was smart and I think it was the producers’ call. The British press would cream her; she cheated on one of their own. Who wants the YouTube momemts of people yelling “trampire”, “Ho White” and “slag” at her? The insults would get more press than the movie itself.

      • ORLY says:

        You’re right, it would be unfair and I hope if it gets down to it, no one shields her and she just slips into the premiere without walking the red carpet.

        I don’t think anyone would physically attack her, but I think she will be verbally assaulted. There will be insults abound and I don’t see how security and the studio would control that.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Oh please. She has more haters now than Kim K, who got flower-bombed on a red carpet recently (whether that was staged or not). I would anticipate many security threats of her red carpet appearance for BD2…those fans are def crazy enough, esp when they rally together in person, wouldnt doubt they would try to physically harm her.

      • Anname says:

        I have thought this since it happened, there is no way to put her in any live audience event. Even if they manage to keep her physically safe, the heckling would be terrible. I don’t think Rob’s presence would stop it either. There are unfortunately a few nutso fans that think screaming hateful things at Kristen will make Rob happy.

      • ORLY says:

        EmmaStoneWannabe – Oh please?
        You have your opinion and I have mine. I don’t think the shippers or RobFans or whatever they’re called will physically harm her, Those people are loud behind the security and privacy of their computers. They will surely heckle her, though.
        Regardless, I’m sure she has a security team who will decide the right course of action.

        That KimK thing was totally staged.

  17. stephanie says:

    that woman is not even attractive.

  18. Riana says:

    That’s what happens when your once private affair with a married man goes public.

    I know she lacks self control but it always amazes me when people do stupid things like this.

    Do they never stop to think of what their life will be like? I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Kristen is the WORST woman for a cheating scandal.

    She doesn have a great personality or is endearing in a way people would like and forgive her. She’s not so exceptionally pretty or arousing in a way you’d understand (the whole affair gives me the icks since she behaves like a 12 yr old most of the time). She’s also pretty much tolerated rather than liked, her PR prior to this had her on a level slightly above dishwater.

    All that coupled with the affair is a career ending combo. Especially with Twilight ending and Jennifer Lawrence becoming the new it girl.

    I think Kristen will do horrified and running scared for a while – the girl couldn’t give interviews or red carpets under the best of circumstances. Under these she’d have a panic attack. THEN…were gonna see a lot of attempts to make the public like her with candid interviews and sob story quotes.

  19. jess says:

    I dont blame her for dropping out of Cali, not only did it sound like a terrible movie but shes probably not in the right state of mind. As for the premiere, well..last year there was a crazy twi-hard who got past security and was on twitter bragging that she was going to beat up Kristen. It got pretty serious to the point where she had extra security and couldnt take pics with fans. So I can imagine what it would be like now. Hopefully, she takes this time and figure stuff out.

    • Izzy says:

      OK, now I feel better about having slight twinges of sympathy for Lip-Bite. She didn’t deserve death threats then, and though what she’s done with Rupert Scumders was horrendous, I don’t actually think it rises to the level of deserving death threats. Which she’s probably receiving by the hundreds right now. Which makes her decision to pull out of the red carpet appearance more understandable. The Cali pullout? Not sure, but it could be that safety would still be an issue on a busy movie set. Things tend to get a little chaotic there, someone could conceivably slip by.

      I’m not defending Lip-Bite. I’m just trying to look at all the different sides. But I still think she’s kind of a trampire.

    • carrie says:

      Oh lawd. This NEVER happened. Fandom myths become facts. There was no security threat. She was never in danger. She was never pulled from the red carpet. Kristen fans just love turning her into a perpetual victim.

  20. Bugsrunny says:

    If you recall, Kristen received death threats on the red carpet of the London premiere of BD1. She’s probably legitimately frightened about what she will face there now.

  21. geekychick says:

    Eh, I don’t know. That Cali movie sounds stupid to me. And in this PR mess, who knows-maybe she wasn’t scheduled for London OTR premiere. She SHOULD go back to red carpet duties, and if she were any other actress, I’d be all over her for not doing that-BUT, seriously, have you seen the reactions?! If I were her, I’d be seriously worried about my security. When half of Twitter is wishing you dead, cursing you and using language I’d use only on war criminals and so on-I don’t know if I would parade out and about. I also agree with Genevieve-I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes, emotionally. nuh-uh.

    Oh, and the gifts for Sparkles? Seriously, how pathethic of a fan/whatever can you be? Guy is 26 years old and got his heart broken (I’ still not totally sure about that)-and for the last couple of years, he’s trying to shed an image of a tween/teen heartthrob. Yeah, the gifts will console him. And when YOUR chocolate heals him, he’ll forget everything and come to YOUR arms to heal. For god sake Twihards, think before you smother your idols to death/career end!

    • pafkell says:

      I agree about the chocolates and gifts from ‘fans’. If he had been in an accident or ill or God forbid experienced the death of a loved one then it would probably be comforting, but I don’t see how he couldn’t help feeling at least a little bit of contempt or disdain for the gleeful people sending him what amounts to lovers’ gifts under these circumstances. I’d bet a funny card telling him to buck up might be appreciated though.

  22. Mel says:

    Gossip Cop claims she was never intended to go to the London premier. So there’s that cleared up.

  23. mannequin says:

    Is it really fair to insinuate she’s a “tramp”? I mean, I always thought of tramps as someone who slept with every Tom, Dick and Harry; not one puny Rupert. I think she’s horrified of facing the scorn of the world, for something that really should be between her and Robert.
    Why isn’t Rupert facing such scorn and hatred???

    • Anname says:

      I am tired of seeing this question! Rupert is NOT AS FAMOUS as Kristen, that is why you don’t see as much written about him. That’s it, no scarlet letter “blame the woman” nonsense.
      And I don’t think it’s fear of the scorn she will face, but rather what Genevieve said above – she is a mess personally, and can’t get it together yet.

      • Ann says:

        You’re absolutely right. The media doesn’t care if the person in the scandal is male or female, only that they are famous enough to generate interest. The famous person is the one who gets dragged through the mud, male or female. Remember Tiger Woods? The media sure as hell didn’t give him a pass. Famous cheaters pay the price.

        If Sanders had an affair with some random crew member, it wouldn’t even generate a paragraph in any tabloid. Noone cares. It was only because he bonked a major star that his name is being bandied about.

      • Kate says:

        Yep. After Sandra Bullock, Jesse was given sixteen kinds of (well-deserved) hell. His co-hos? Not so much. In fact I can’t even name them.

        The famous party is the one that sells magazines. They get the hate.

      • Aria says:


        Most of the time I cannot recall his name.. Rupert Something…
        She’s the famous one and that’s her crucifixion. If she were any Jane Doe wannabe star sleeping around with a director, that would be another story.

      • Bugsrunny says:

        I think this is mostly true but not always. When Brad left Jen for Angelina, she got ALL the hate, while he got much of nothing. They were at best equally famous then, although I’d argue that Brad was more famous than Angelina. AND he was married, Angelina was not. Yet the media crucified her, not him.

      • Kate says:

        She had form, though, after Billie Bob and Laura Dern. (Don’t get me started on blaming the other woman rather than the guy with the commitment, when the “homewrecker” is single, but nonetheless, it’s true.)

        I think the fandom being so invested in the relationship as an offshoot of their franchise is driving the hate here, though. I mean, Britney and Clare Danes hooked up when the guy had pregnant WAGs. They never got this level of loathing, or even attention. And Britney was just as famous. Plenty of Hollywood women have overlapped the men in their lives, too. Difference is, none was cheating on Sparkles, and nobody had them confused with Bella.

        The Sparkles factor applied again with Sandra Bullock, I think – she was just so popular.

      • Bugsrunny says:

        Totally agree. Kristen was getting mega-hate for simply being Sparkles’ girlfriend; the rage she’s receiving now is no doubt exponentially worse. She not only had the temerity to date Sparkles, she had the gall to cheat on him.

  24. mln76 says:

    It seems this whole thing is only serving to make her more awkward, annoying, anti-social, and twitchy just when she finally seemed to be growing out of that.
    Most sane people would respect her if she showed her face and just sucked up the criticism.
    Do your job Kristen. Do a pap walk of shame and get it over with.

  25. Helvetica says:

    She is embarassed and ashamed and that’s why she’s pulled out of promoting her film.

    The longer she hides though, the worse off.

    Good for Rob that he is getting out there. He has nothing to be ashamed of.

  26. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    If by the word “fake” she means to describe public figures who are polite and gracious and refrain from overuse of rude gestures and words, then I guess I prefer my favorite actors to be “fake”.

  27. bej says:

    If she can’t face standing next to Sparkles mate, Tom Sturridge, to promote On The Road, how on earth would she manage the promotions for BD2 alongside the person she actually hurt and humiliated?

  28. Ann says:

    She was never booked for the OTR event in London. It’s not a major event, and she was due to be starting Cali at the same time.

    I think it was probably a smart move to pull out of Cali. She needs to take some time to sort out her sh-t. The brazenness of her tryst with RuPerv is a major red flag. It’s so against her normal behavior, and so STUPID for a celebrity of her level, that you begin to wonder if it was some sort of breakdown or manic episode. I think the girl has issues to deal with, and needs to take the time to do so.

    And now that the scandal has happened, her role in Cali probably wouldn’t go a long way toward helping her image either. She didn’t take this decision lightly. But I think it was a good call.

  29. GiGi says:

    Maybe that is why she was arguing (or *retelling an animated story*) with Nick Cassavetes in the parking lot… I’m no fan, but maybe she signed on as a favor and her backing out isn’t a big deal to the project?

  30. Monkey Jim says:

    Kristen’s name wasn’t ever on any of the early schedules for the London Film Festival – which the prem is part of. I presumed it was because of filming commits which she obviously doesn’t have now. I actually think would be a good move to have shown up, as I’ve said on another thread, the press coverage is waaaay less intense here in UK, the photogs would have got the first post-scandal pics they’re desperate for & she would have got back on the ‘horse’. I’m actually quite shocked she pulled out of her movie – guess mere mortals don’t get an extended leave of absence for ‘relationship problems’ & I doubt she was sacked – maybe she’s got other stuff going on. The film did sound rubbish, though, haha.

  31. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    I’m thinking the scandal scared off investors.

    BTW for all those still clinging to the showmance nonsense, take a look at the YouTube video footage of the VF photo shoot shown above. Anyone with eyes can see they were utterly entranced with one another in a very intense & passionate way. Or “were” entranced.

  32. Aria says:

    What about that movie she was very interested in participating? (God, I cannot remember the name!!!) Was Pure PR stunt to show that she is still bankable?

  33. Boo says:

    If she was supposed to go and cancelled, it’s unprofessional. Aren’t they contractually obligated to show up for this crap?

    In thinking about it, though, I wonder if she couldn’t figure out who to be for this premiere. If she shows up looking great and smiling, she’s a cold whore. If she looks like crap and/or acts all sulky, she is perceived as guilty and distraught, and that perpetuates her image as a big cheating homewrecking slut. She really cannot win. Dress modestly, and she’s trying too hard. Dress provocatively, she’s a skank. How to play it? It seems an impossible spin. Not that I care…she made her bed….er, Mini Cooper (try hard car!)… and now she can lie in it.

  34. Pissed says:

    God..people are sooo fickle! Angelina Jolie sh-ts glitter nowadays..and she was doing this shit pre-Brad/Jen. Amber scandalous but thats about it. AND SHE MAY BE REPLACING KRISTIN!!! Hows that for ironic!! No one crucified her. And the list it goes on and on and on..Ashton Kutcher anyone.. and this 22 yr old girl does it and she is getting death threats. Cut the kid a break. People make mistakes..and 22 is the time to get those out of the way. #$@! all you pious idgits that think you have never done something so bad..Great love? HELLO..22!!! What kind of dream world are you living in?? Threaten the 40 yr old married dude..he is the criminal here..

    • Chatcat says:

      Pissed, if she is getting death threats its from the Twihard nation fan base…those of us who are sane, fan or no fan of hers, believe her and Ruppy are 50/50 at fault.

      Have no idea why you’d think he is a criminal? There have been a lot of accusations flying around about who may have been the “aggressor” in the affair, but that he is a criminal…whoa that is right up there with death threats as an over the top reaction to a bunch of celeb’s getting caught doing the pokey pokey in public.

    • Anna says:

      People make mistakes..and 22 is the time to get those out of the way.

      OH, F*CK, NOT AGAIN THIS TERRIBLE EXCUSE OF THE AGE. Pissed I agree Rupert Sanders is the guilty of his marriage, but yes, Stewart was, at least, enabler of this break up. She knew his wife and she had time with his children. Sorry, but having 22 isn’t an excuse. Girls at that age are fighting for his rights even with death treats, having serious comminmets with children or making a master degree.

      And not, Stewart DIDN’T MAKE a MISTAKE. A mistake is forgetting keys, or having a bad day in your workplace. Being a cheater with a married man implies time and responsability. Maybe i’m a b*tch, but I have principles and one of them is “Never being with a married man -If I knew he’s married-”.

      Also, she didn’t deserves the death treats, but even with that she didn’t show regrets for her actions -Her letter is more a PR tactic- and her fans are making lame excuses even around Pattinson’s manhood. Sorry, but I have more sympathies with Liberty Ross and Rob Pattinson

      • keats says:

        Not to be snarky about the dumbest thing ever, but I feel like everyone is saying ‘a mistake is losing your keys.’ We should have some fun coming up with other examples of mistakes! Mistake I made today: set my alarm too late, had to go into work unshowered, looked like kristen stewart on the red carpet.

  35. anon says:

    She is 22. Is that an excuse for one of the biggest errors in judgement probably in her life? NO, butshe will learn. I don’t call it hiding at all. I call it self preservation & adjusting to the enevitable. Either way she is smart or her PR & support system have advised her & her emotional well being to do exactly what she is doing. The world out there is callous & cold & extremely judgemental. I believe she needs the time. I certainly don’t argree with what happened but I also can look past it for this young woman. She has an amazing career ahead of her if she still wants it. To me she is not the same as what we see with many of the young women in HOllYWOOD.. IT would not surprise me if she backed out of acting for awhile.
    I find it interesting that a 40 year old married man with children seems to be given more of a pass. Is that because his wife seems to be willing to work through this to save her marriage & because we have heard nothing from either Kirstin or ROB lets just pounce more on Kirstin.

    Im not a lover of Rob or Kirstin but much of this is harsh but she will learn. IT could scar her for life so IM one to give her some space & hope she learns how Hollywood eats you up so fast as does the tabloids & judgements of others in a situation like this.

    Rob might not be the golden boy we all think he is.. NO excuses.. Maybe he just didn’t get caught??

  36. Kate says:

    Stories like this are why I couldn’t ever understand the “it’s all PR!” arguments. I mean, seriously? PR that alienates and crashes a huge fandom, on the eve of the last movie in their franchise? Involving a 1st time director who also had heavy script involvement in what was hoped to be a new franchise, when he’s married and also has young, school-age kids? None of that made any sense at all, even if it weren’t a seriously high-risk strategy to adopt in a situation that DID make more sense (i.e. last movie over with, no kids or even marriage for him).

    That’s without even getting into the fact that those two don’t sound showmancey at all. Leaked photos of them having family Christmasesses and baptisms and holidays, because someone on their Facebooks was friends with the wrong person/hadn’t locked their settings down? Showmances do the Glee route with Lea and Corey; very visible coffee dates, holidays, hand-holdings and so on. They don’t go to extreme lengths to avoid couple photo ops. It just didn’t fit, to me, anyway. If it were a showmance there would be carefully staged visible dates, surely?

    I think she is probably in pieces. Her career is threatened, she must be getting death threats, and nobody could expect their life to be the showbiz story that blew Tom’n'Katie off the front page, let alone with her as the hate figure. And despite the fact she cheated, he was probably the person she went to when she was feeling really distressed about something. That’s what partners do, unless the relationship is dire. Not really an option here, is it?

    • MSL says:

      Kate — It’s a pleasure to read yr succinct, informed and objective post. From a purely ‘cinéphile’ perspective, I want to see more of what this director can do and hope we’re not deprived of his next endeavour because of this sad situation (sorry I write badly, English not my first language).
      ‘Script involvement…new franchise’? Care to ellaborate if it’s public info?

    • Genevieve says:

      @ Kate…PHEW, the voice of sweet reason. Sometimes very hard to come by on gossip sites, especially where an actor has a positively RABID fan base.

      Honestly, if I were in KStew’s shoes right now, I would be very tempted to leave Hollywood, get enrolled in college/ uni (sorry, don’t know the level of her current education) and work on developing some other life skills.

      For starters, she’s seen how quickly the industry (and pretty much ALL forms of media) can turn on a person, and secondly, she doesn’t appear to be cut out for life in the public eye. Even at her best, you could tell she was really, REALLY uncomfortable with interviews, press tours, etc.

      I pray that the girl has learned a valuable life lesson about one’s character. She’s only 22, she has plenty of time to learn about the ripple effects of hurting those you love. She’ll get over the embarrassment (maybe) one day, and would have more options in her life than just movie-making.

      Just a silly old thought…;)

      • Chatcat says:

        Gen, I have searched my soul and I just can’t find any reason to feel sorry for KStew. I mean I was 22 once, I have a soon to be 22 y/o, but you know what? From all the pictures of her and all the interviews she has given over the years, I just don’t think she gave a damn that he was married. She wanted what she wanted so she took it (oh and he gave it freely…idiot).

        She has millions and millions of dollars. If she diversifies her investments she will live very comfortably for a lifetime. Whether she wants to step out of Hollywood is probably not going to be her choice now. She gave up that right when she crossed the line with a married man, got caught, and then made it public. So goes Hollywood.

      • Genevieve says:

        @ chatchat:….Hey, if you can’t, you can’t! Seriously, personal opinions for all.

        I just think death threats and treating KStew like Pol Pot or Hitler is a bit stupid ( I think I owe that quote to O Kitten).

        The reasonable people, I can deal with…it’s the fringe lunatics that I can’t. Like the chick who posted here yesterday that this was all a diversion so that RobSten could be happily married on a tropical island in total privacy this weekend.

        UHHHHhh….alrighty then ;)

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Maybe the CO$ paid off Sanders and the photog so that this scandal would blow all the Tome/Katie stories off the radar…just another lame, but fun, theory to throw in there.

  37. Samantha says:

    I read somewhere that she was asked not to come by the OTR producers. Of course, that could just be someone’s speculation.

  38. Crystal says:

    Cali was going to be a hot mess of a film anyway so it’s a good thing she quit- she has enough shitty films in her filmography as far as I’m concerned.

    I bet her team leaked the info about her role in ‘Lie Down In Darkness’ because they know she would pull out of Cali and they didn’t want the public to think that she had no movies lined up and her career was over. They tried it.

    Her well-being comes before her career and as stank and annoying as I find her, I’m glad that she’s taking time to look after herself and sort out her problems before she goes back into the business.

    She can’t hide forever. Eventually she’ll have to make an appearance and it will be glorious. We’ll be waiting K-Stew girl, take your time…

    As for her quotes about being fake and such… Bitch, take an everlasting backseat with that bullshit.
    She’s Hollywood’s hipster.

    She goes on Vogue covers does tons of interviews plays the fashion game and signed on two MAJOR franchise films, then proceeds to call acting “professional liars” and call actors “fake.” Her whole image is being a “real girl” who is always “honest” yet the whole time she scheming with someone else’s husband.

    She’s so obsessed with “not seeming fake.” She mentions it a LOT. Like, who is even concerned about that as a concept?

    I’ll tell you who. Obnoxious, self-centred rich assholes under the age of 30 with no concept of the real world.
    All that’s left is for her to put a Marilyn Monroe quote and her facebook to show how ‘deep’ she is like the rest of her age group.

    Charismatic and friendly does not mean fake just like awkward and shy does not mean authentic. Look at how much shit T-Swift, Blake Lively and Taylor Lautner get for being friendly and charismatic…people on here call them fake and say they’re ‘playing the game’. The same people that salivate over try-hard hipsters like K-Stew, Ezra Miller and Johnny Depp. They’re just as fake and they also play the Hollywood game, they just play it in a different way.

    There’s a big dissonance between:

    1) How she really is (based on her actions)

    2) What she wants to be (based on her words)

    3) How she wants to be perceived and

    4) How she’s actually perceived by the public.

    Having all of these out of sync to such a degree is troublesome for anyone but especially for someone whose profession so linked with PR. NO matter what she says she lacks self-awareness. She needs to stop lying to herself and maybe her awkwardness will lessen.

    I can’t wait for Kristen to grow up and stop ripping quotes from the Avril Lavigne songbook. Maybe then I’ll become a fan again.

    • geekychick says:

      I agree with some of your points; when you have to point out how original and smart you are, I’m going to doubt you.
      But I have to admit-”being me”, “being not fake (aka, to figure what I want)”, “being creative” and so on…. were the main occupations of me and my friends in our college days, per-specialization. The early twenties are a time when you’re figuring yourself out, at least in my circle of friends. All of your 4 points could be used on every single one of them in some case/context at that time. I do admit we are all European, educated and in art-and-society type of college (I don’t know how to explain it, our education is different than in USA-basically it’s “Philosophical University” that covers all of humanistic science; most of them are middle-class in sociological sense (economy is another story)-so maybe we’re all privileged (judging on our job prospects and the economic status of our country, I doubt it. Your mailman makes more money than my college professor). That’s why I don’t find it strange or weird or atypical.

      And a number of my female friends, in the last couple of years, pulled some questionable behavior in love life, that I’d bet on my life they never would. That we together laughed at people for years and swore we’d never do it. I’m always left baffled at their stories, but they usually don’t see how far they are from what they’ve been representing themselves as for YEARS. I call it deep, deep denial.*shrugs* Growing up, learning from mistakes, I guess. I hope.

      • Crystal says:

        You know what; I can see where you’re coming from. There was also a point in my life where I was obsessed with being ‘authentic’ and not a ‘fake bitch’ but I was like 15 then.

        Also I’m Black-British and work in fashion so I grew up with these arty, hipster, try-hards who were so oblivious about their privilege in life. I’m privileged now (job/money wise) but having come from absolutely nothing (and had to work 500 times harder than my white counterparts because this industry is racist as f*ck) and meeting these other teens/twenty-something’s who were so hung up on stupid sh*t like ‘being real’ and ‘authentic’ and like Kristen, they were brooding little sh*ts who looked down on ‘girly’ women and ‘charismatic’ women, I just can’t stand it.

        They’re the same girls/guys on tumblr/pinterest who think they’re fashionista’s but they have the same lame ass Forever 21/Urban Outfitters style. They talk like they’re authentic and unique but they’re actions show them to be phony, like everyone else the look down on. I get that it’s part of growing up and finding yourself but Kristen is beyond obsessed with it and I wonder what way she likes to eat her words tbh. Also, working in my industry, I meet grown ass women who are just like her and I find it embarrassing.

        I agree with you though (if I haven’t made myself clear through all the rambling), some of these bitches are in deep, deep denial. *wink*

  39. ramona says:

    Hoping the rumour about Rob donating all his pity-party pressies to hospitals and nursing homes is true… that would be lovely.

    Am slightly annoyed though that when MY evil ex cheated on me, no one gave ME pressies.

  40. jess says:

    These pic got leaked yesterday, they were from a friends wedding in June

    Rob seems so sweet with her.

    • oivey says:

      By “leaked” you mean some creepy ass Twihard/Robsten stan hacked or stalked some unwitting persons facebook and stole the photos so they could delude themselves and others into thinking all is well in the land of Belluh and Edweirdo?

      • Ann says:

        It’s scary how many times this has happened. There are girls out there that must spend their whole lives trolling facebook pages, instagram, photographers websites, etc, looking for pictures of them. There were some pictures of them at another private wedding – not a celebrity’s – that someone hacked and distributed everywhere. I feel bad for the people whose wedding it is – they want to invite their friend or relative who happens to be famous. It’s unfair to invade their privacy that way.

  41. carly says:

    those pictures are adorable, I keep thinking that she probably had a breakdown, there is no other way to explain it, she is self-destructing and crying out for help, why would she be so careless and do that in public, when she knows she is followed everywhere?? it doesn’t make any sense.

    I do think she is a mess, she was so happy about CALI, for her to drop out is because she is not mentally, emotionally, or physcally ready to work, and that worries me, say what you want about her, but she takes her job serioulsy, she doesn’t just drop her projects for no reason.

    I hope she is getting help, she needs support from her family, friends, Rob? to get through this mess,I don’t want to wake up to the news of her suicide :(

    get your sh*& together honey, keep going.

    • ORLY says:

      You can’t be serious about hoping she is getting support from Rob in this mess. Really? Why would he? He’s likely dealing with his own mess.
      I hope for her sake, Kristen is talking to a professional to help her navigate the emotional fall-out from this mess she and Rupert set in motion.

  42. buell says:

    Arrggghhh…. she is not a kid, she is an adult. She didn’t just wake up one morning and go, “Gee, how did that married dick get in my mouth?” There is not enough lip-biting, hair-twirling-sighs, in the world that is gonna erase the choice you made.

    And as for that slimy,sleaze ball, Rupert, he left his marriage the minute he unzipped his fly for her.

    They are reaping what they sowed. The victims in this whole sordid mess are his wife, kids, and if you want to believe that Sparkles and her were really a couple, him.

  43. TXCinderella says:

    If I were her, I’d stay off the red carpet too, she will get booed mercilessly. At least she is intelligent enough to realize that she shouldn’t show her face right now.

  44. mia girl says:

    Ok, the Cali movie seems like a cheater magnet…
    – Stewart – confirmed cheater was the female lead.
    – Amber Heard – suspected cheater w Depp is the new potential female lead
    And just read that Riley Keough has called off marriage to
    - Alex Pettyfer, male lead, for you guessed it, cheating on her (with a model).

  45. phlyfiremama says:

    I think she should just show up at the premier unannounced and at the last minute. Now THAT would be an interesting press line!!!

  46. DANDILION says:

    Maturing to remorse, regret and thinking about what you are doing, like, dislike, price to pay.. how it affects others and why your are angry about some your choices.. and how to live from henceforth.. um.. takes a while.

  47. eb says:

    Kristen’s got to get her groove back.

  48. Chatcat says:

    And as eloquently as anybody could comment on today’s KLewd news, MichaelK says (in part) “And the organizers of the On The Road premiere should just grab a piece of water-damaged cardboard, draw a frowny face on it with a faded Sharpie and push it out on the red carpet. Everybody will think it’s Kristen Stewart and everybody will say that she’s never looked hotter.”

    MichaelK is the best!

  49. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Hahaha this just proves that she doesn’t have any guts to face the media.

  50. DANDILION says:

    How suave and savvy were you in your early twenties,.. not burdened with all that popularity, money and power constant praise and enabling attitude of her fans and managment to overachieve? All she knows is she finally hit a wretched wall in humiliation. She had some boundries and morals in her character she betrayed ., she hurt people.. The reality is you are ashamed or you don’t care.. continue to actlike an apathic fool.. I am glad she is ashamed..

    • original almond says:

      Oh cry me river. How many times must it be repeated that 22 is considered adult age and youth is no excuse for being selfish, irresponsible and vapid?
      With her experience and clout in HW she should be even more mature and responsible. That she’s trying to play the victim card here is pathetic and laughable. The biggest mistake she made was issuing a public apology. Riding on married peen was a deliberate decision, her choice and she must face the music.

      The only aspect under which I’m remotely sorry for her is the absolutely f*cked-up response she must be getting from the rabid twihards.

  51. Eileen says:

    Poor, poor Miss Emo Britches-can’t fulfill her obligaions to her new movies because she got caught screwing the director of her previous movie. I’m sure that will thrill the hell out of your current project’s team, that their star can’t support their hardwork because she doesn’t want to be judged out in person for her bad choices.

  52. TG says:

    I love that picture of her in that hideous dress. This is the best it shows that she is such a mess and always has been. God she looks so stupid posing in that sloppy dress. The pic of her posing with Charlize in that dress giving everyone the middle finger is even better though.

  53. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    @kaiser new story breaking now about Rob drunk dialing Trampire. Her alleged inability to articulate anything sounds credible. Interesting if true that his friends are against her. Do ya think they have always disliked her? Maybe thought she treated him like shite ? Look forward to your usual great insights!

  54. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Time to pull up your big-girl panties and face the world.

    You, Kristen, decided to make the public apology, so you get to face said public while working. Deal with it. And next time, just keep your mouth shut and deal with your issues in private.

  55. carrie says:

    i understand her:who likes to be insulted during a red carpet?
    i hope she has some efficient bodyguards because Twilight fans are nasty this time

  56. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I do feel a tinge of remorse for the shit she’s about to face, she dug her own grave mind you, but to do this kind of thing and have it blow up so public is gonna suck. However, the longer she goes into hiding the worst it’s gonna hurt. Just pull the bandaid off quick hun … going slow just pulls up every hair with it.

  57. HK9 says:

    If u fall on your married lovers peen in broad daylight people are going to take pictures and expose you. Get up, own it, handle your obligations and go forward. All the baddest bitches in the world know this 22 years of age or not.

    If she can’t she shows that she’s just another weak little hollywood brat. Dull and predictable just like her acting.

  58. Jennifer12 says:

    It’s called a job, dear. I don’t like every aspect of my job but I do it because it’s part of what I get paid for. I’m not talking about the paps digging through your trash or whatever, but walking the red carpet and being polite at press conferences is part of your job. There are tons of people who would kill for any job, much less one that pays as much as yours does, so suck it up and DEAL or stop looking for parts in big films. I’m so sick of this try hard, poseur, rich kid. I’ve said it before and will say it again: she’s an Avril Lavigne. Note that ROB is willing to go out there and do his job, and was willing even before the cheating scandal and he is STILL willing. WHAT is this chick’s problem? Try reading “Breaking Night”, Kristen. That’s what real problems and real trauma look like, you spoiled brat.

  59. Barbara says:

    Ladies Ladies, ease up on Kristen. We all have screwed up at one time or another. So she fell for the charms and manipulations of a man old enough to be her father. Too bad it caused the public boo haha…but let them both move on, and learn from her mistake.

  60. Keats says:

    So I have been EXTREMELY CRITICAL of Kristen Stewart, because she seems like a pretentious little bore. However, I feel like not going to the premiere is a good idea, especially since if she were to go, everyone would just be talking about the scandal and not the movie. And I’m sure everyone else at the premiere would resent that.

  61. Ravensdaughter says:

    Say what you will about Kristen (100′s of comments since this broke), but she is obviously suffering from acute emotional distress. All this poking fun at her not bathing-ha, ha, missing a hallmark sign of acute major depression.
    Stock response-she brought it on herself. Maybe so, maybe not. I think the fact that she is struggling so much and Rupert is business as usual (albeit doing penance before Liberty) says a lot about who was in the lead of this situation and who was led astray,
    22 is “NOT” a grown woman, especially with the Gen X’s and Y’s.
    I don’t know how this will all shake out-I suspect Kristen will continue being burned at the stake of public opinion for quite some time, Liberty will be the aggrieved wife (playing it to the hilt) and the guys-well, they will go on, because that’s what guys do.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Yes, it’s true that the signs of real depression are there, if it’s true and not just Kristen putting stuff out there to try to get sympathy. However, 22 is absolutely an adult. People graduate college at that age. Furthermore, what do you mean Liberty is playing the aggrieved wife to the hilt? She IS an aggrieved wife, one whose husband cheated on her and has put her in a terrible position with their children. She doesn’t need to mope around in a robe, sobbing. It’s called inner strength. I can’t believe people are blaming the victims (Liberty, the kids and Rob). Kristen is old enough to sign onto movies, go topless in them, travel around Europe numerous times, produce films, make career decisions, live with her boyfriend… but she’s the innocent “kid” taken advantage of by an older (butthead) director??

  62. Messenger says:

    not being a fan of adultery, i blame him more as the older, more experienced player albeit he does appear to have a certain smarmy charm about him. i’m feeling more for rob who i believe genuinely loved her and was committed to her. it is a hard lesson to learn and she has learned it in the hardest way possible. all things pass. at least she can chalk her indiscretion off to being young and foolish. so many others cannot.

  63. Sway says:

    Oh Kirsten, please, grow up, you’re one of the most fake, imitating, pretending girls I’ve ever seen. Just shut it. It’s true.

    But that you WANT to be real… yeah. That I believe. You may want to, but you can’t.

    I finally found the gif everyone’s talking about – when she and Rupert are at the premiere and she’s saying “Stop” to him. She really looks like she’s over him in that gif and she just wants out (of the affair).

  64. Nan says:

    I don’t like her, doubful I’ll ever will BUT she has expressed more regret and being more contrite than the likes of chris brown have ever felt obligated to offer to public(remember the waterskiing photos, anyone?).

    Let’s give her a break, ah?