Angelina & Brad are already sort of married, in some weird French way

Us Weekly has a “scoop” on the alleged Brangelina wedding. If you ask me, they kind of buried the lead, though. The lead should have been: Brad and Angelina are already sort of married, because they filed paperwork for some kind of French civil union months ago, right after they got engaged. Still, Us Weekly claims that Brad and Angelina are totally going to have a small-ish wedding on their French property in the next few weeks. Huzzah!

The date is finally set! A source reveals to Us that the vows of the century will take place in the next few weeks at the quaint 16th-century chapel on the pair’s 1000-acre Chateau Miraval estate in France.

“The ceremony will be close friends and family members,” says a Jolie confidant. George Clooney is not on the guest list. Brad and Angelina don’t want celebrities to overshadow the affair. Says the source, “Angie wants a simple, joyous gathering.”

Pitt considers the French estate their permanent home, and because the little ones pushed Dad so hard to propose, “they will help plan the ceremony.”

Angelina will wear a white sliplike dress, and “she’ll have flowers in her hair picked from the countryside.” The kids will decorate the chapel with homemade drawings, and Brad will let them choose family photos from his collection to hang.

The reception promises to be just as homey, featuring French fare by their chef. “Just like a family dinner… with cake from a local bakery.”

As for the chateau, the grounds are under renovation, but “the main house should mostly be finished.”

A source says Brad and Angelina will not be selling wedding images, though.

One last surprise: Jolie has confided to close friends that they’re technically already wed. “Around the time of the proposal, they filled out civil paperwork in France,” and the documents give them similar rights to a married couple, but do not have to be publicly registers in court.

After the wedding, they’ll return to the UK where Brad and Angelina can finish their films and they will likely change their surnames officially to “Jolie-Pitt”. Also, Brad “wants to bring the kids up with strong, traditional family values, far away from Hollywood.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

I believe this story more than I believed the UK and French tabloids last week. That being said, my gut still kind of says that the wedding will be later rather than sooner, but my gut is weakened this week (I’m sick, in case you couldn’t tell by some of my nonsensical asides – the antihistamines make me want to type “JEAH!!!” in every post). Could a Brangelina wedding go down the way that US Weekly claims? Sure. Why not? It sounds low-key enough that I would buy Angelina’s participation – she doesn’t seem like the kind of woman who want to make some crazy big deal about everything. Also, I would absolutely adore it if Brad changed his name to Brad Jolie-Pitt. It reminds me of when John Lennon changed his name to John Ono Lennon. It’s such a feminist move. I really would love it.

Last thing: Jolie will wear a slip-dress? What a fancy way to say “a white sack”.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. carrie says:

    they can’t be already wed in France because it doesn’t exist in France except the PACS (an agreement between 2 persons) but anyone is french here or live in France

  2. hoya_chick says:

    I think you have to have a civil/secular ceremony in order to be considered legally married in France right? Like at their version of city hall before you can go a head and have a religious or more personal home ceremony. That’s what I’ve always read or thought so we’ll see.

    • carrie says: the marriage in France for the foreigners

      what the magazine wrote it’s bullshit!

    • Minime says:

      I think that it can be true and it’s even very probable that it went down like this.
      Most of the countries in Europe only recognize the civil wedding and that is just to sign some paper (nowadays, in some european countries, you don’t even need a witness as it was before). One friend of mine just did it like that: she made an appointment, went there with her husband to be, signed the papers, showed us the paper, married iupii, and did a church wedding some years later when she had the money to do so. Actually, you always have to officially marry (sign the papers) before the actual religious or whatever-ceremony-you-want-to-do wedding. Obviously it is also offered by the Register that you can have a small ceremony in there if you want, so you can also invite a few people and can add some nice wording to the official standard ones.

      About the residence requirement, I guess that they could easily solve that in some way.

  3. Green_Eyes says:

    Totally understand the weak thing Kaiser. My illnesses have been out of remission and I am an emotional (sappy) wreck. I see a puppy I cry. So I was tearing up reading how this “wedding” was going down. LOL that or it being our 16th Wedding Anniversary has me believing in it…Doesn’t hurt that’s how ours was, low key, close family & friends and homey. Hubby took the burden off of me from a big wedding as I spent most of the 6 months leading up to what have been our big wedding day in the hospital and the stress wasn’t helping any. So between stays he surprised me and planned a small intimate affair (which is what I originally wanted) at our home. Doesn’t hurt we live in the country by a lake though. Bet Brad & Angie’s will be low key (but a bit of a bra duet scale of low key lol).

  4. dahlianoir says:

    One of them have to live in France to get married there. Or they sneaked to the US Embassy for all we know. Either way, congrats to them.

  5. Raven Sparrow says:

    I doubt they can get PACSed in France as they don’t officially live in France and neither of them is French.

  6. Kim says:

    I dont believe Usweekly Brad and Angie haven’t resided in France this year.

  7. tracking says:

    This version of events sounds nice, if true. However it goes down, I think they enjoy keeping everyone guessing.

  8. mln76 says:

    Well it’s a sweet story even if I don’t know that I believe any of it.
    Brad Jolie-Pitt adorable :)

  9. Eleonor says:

    I don’t see the problem: they have bought home here, so probably they have residence.
    BTW congrats to them!!

  10. Nibbi says:

    I think it’s totally feasible (and awesome!!) if they’ve PACSed. It’s essentially “gay marriage” in France, since unfortunately full marriage rights still don’t exist here; this law was created as a compromise, except the agreement can be between two people of either sex, ie, not necessarily homosexual. On the French government website that Carrie posted above, it clearly says that nationality doesn’t matter at all in order to PACS, *except* if the PACS is carried out in a foreign consulate, ie, not in France proper. So it’s totally possible that B&A filed the paperwork here and are legitimately PACSed- the gov website page says nothing about either person maintaining full-time residence in France. I bet that the simple fact that they own that expensive Chateau and spend *some* time there qualifies them.
    All it is is basically a legally-recognized way of arranging financial/ living matters for people who share a household. Still, I find it cool, as a lot of both homosexual and heterosexual couples I know (and myself!) have PACSed… you can make it as big or as little a deal as you like; some people consider it no big deal and just paperwork; others have PACS parties, PACS rings, and bring in the romance :)

  11. dorothy says:

    I’m fascinated by them….NOT!

  12. Rhea says:

    Awww…what a sweet story..whether it’s real or not… :)

  13. G says:

    It’s completely probable that they have used their Miraval home an an official primary residence. Traveling for work worth or pleasure does not invalidate that. The snarking about it predictably sad.

  14. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    No pics with their kids, on to the next one.

  15. Ellen says:

    “The ceremony will be close friends and family members”
    Seriously, what friends? These two morons only ever seem to have their gaggle of children hanging off them, you never hear of them ever hanging out with friends (unless you count the paps they regularly call to be present at their ‘family outings’).

    “she’ll have flowers in her hair picked from the countryside.” Barf. Don’t forget her multimillion dollar ring designed by her private jeweller. Jeez, if you’re going to create a fake “woman of the earth” image, at least be consistent.

    • Kim says:

      The story is BS If this tabloid had insiders they would know where the family has been for last week.USeless Weekly has printed these works of fiction regarding this family countless times.

    • WTF says:

      There are PLENTY of pictures of Angelina and Brad going out with “friends.” The thing is they don’t always hang-out with HW people. Go ahead and keep believing the tabloid narrative Angelina is friendless….I would expect no less, since you are drinking the Us Weekly kool-aid.

      • Friends ain't just a TV show says:

        “Well, I have a few girlfriends, I just… I stay at home a lot. I’m just not very social. I don’t do a lot with them, and I’m very home bound, she told the January issue of Marie Claire magazine.

        “I talk to Brad … But I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of friends I talk to. He is really the only person I talk to,” said the Oscar winner.

      • ana says:

        “I talk to Brad … But I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of friends I talk to. He is really the only person I talk to,” said the Oscar winner.
        About refugee camps. That was the question she was answering when she was in Haiti, asked by Christiane Amanpour: Who do you talk to when you come back from such places, when you see such tragedy and sadness?

        But, of course things got spinned, nobody remembers any more what was the question, just this – Angelina does not have friends. BS, as always.

      • Rhea says:

        @Friends ain’t just a TV :

        I can relate to her. Not everybody can be that easygoing in making a bunch of close friends wherever they go, you know?
        Sure, I know lots of people, but only few I could call my “real girlfriends”. I’m not a very social person, either. Not many people understand the way my mind works, so only a few people I could share my mind with. I take some times also before I trust someone and start to open up, so yeah it doesn’t help too. :D

        BUT I completely trust and treasure those few friends that I have. Now that I’m living in a different country with them, I still can not find myself a best friends like them. So I don’t think that much when she said she only have a few girlfriends. She is the type of person who would only call the other person as her friend when they really-really do click with her.

      • Friends ain't just a TV show says:

        You left out this part…..’I stay at home a lot. I’m just not very social. I don’t do a lot with them….’

      • Friends ain't just a TV show says:

        Sorry…my comment was for Ana…I should have specified…you and I left a reply at same time.

      • ana says:

        Friends ain’t just a TV show says:

        You left out this part…..’I stay at home a lot. I’m just not very social. I don’t do a lot with them….’

        I didn’t left any parts out. These are two totally different quotes. The one I was commenting on was Haiti interview with Amanpour, and I was just saying that she was answering a specific question.

      • Friends ain't just a TV show says:

        Yes, and we know from the other statement she made (which you ignored) that she is antisocial….Haiti was not the point…her lack friends and the absence of ‘PLENTY of pictures of Angelina and Brad going out with “friends.”’ because she is an antisocial homebody was the point.

      • ana says:

        I’m sorry you didn’t get what I was talking about. Never mind, you have your mind set anyways – you just said that Angelina is “antisocial” when in that Marie Claire quote she said that she was “not very social”. These are two different things. That goes back to the thing that I wanted to say before – she can say one thing, people will interpret that how they want, and they will stick to that. That’s all. Have a fun evening!

    • nadiak says:

      This x100.
      obsessed? says:
      August 17, 2012 at 6:17 am
      Angelina has never had a publicist and Brad got rid of his in 2007. That would be a big sign they are not media obsessed, especially compared to those “stars” who spends MILLIONS a year on PR.

  16. Mrs Jones says:

    Close friends but no Clooney? Isn’t he a close friend? if you are a celebrity, your friends are celebrities, but if you are scared they’ll overshadow the wedding and that’s why they’re not invited, it’s stupid.

  17. Mairead says:

    That magazine article is horse manure

  18. TTT says:

    It seems like the French hate all Americans, unless they happen to be celebrities.

    • didoodah_(france) says:

      1. I’m french and I like american people very much, literature too. French tend to dislike american politics, which they don’t understand, (with the way it is presented to us, anyway…) But they love american culture: books, movies, series, everything.
      2. In France there is marriage, PACS (accorded to gays too), AND “certificate of common life as a couple”, which has zero legal value but can be used for some other legal papers, you just have to live together as a couple to get it.

  19. Camille (The original) says:

    Utterly gorgeous couple. I love seeing pics of them from red carpets :) .

  20. sup says:

    aww, now they can’t have the wedding turned into a huge event like they wanted. they already received criticism for just announcing their engagement beforehand. people from the media, even people like my spouse said “why don’t they just get married and get it over with instead?” i was a fan of these two, but let’s face it they’re as media coverage obsessed as anyone else in their industry. especially angelina. and that’s understandable, i know actors chose their jobs because they crave doting attention-but the fact that they spin their image so professionally and then act like two altruists who are so “over it” is ridiculous.

    • ana says:

      How the heck you know they wanted to have huge event for the wedding? Because tabloids said so?

      • obsessed? says:

        Angelina has never had a publicist and Brad got rid of his in 2007. That would be a big sign they are not media obsessed, especially compared to those “stars” who spends MILLIONS a year on PR.

      • sup says:

        because they announced their engagement instead of just silently tieing the knot. they have 6 kids, if they’re so over the fame, they should act low key. instead of donning hipster glasses and campaigning for the oscars by selling your relationship or appearing at the oscars, high as a kite and trying to get attention to your leg.

    • I'm with sup says:

      “Let’s face it they’re as media coverage obsessed as anyone else in their industry…the fact that they spin their image so professionally and then act like two altruists who are so “over it” is ridiculous.”

      The sad part is how so many people fall for it. Pretty much every celeb in Hollywood who doesn’t want to drop off the radar is image conscious, and these two are absolutely no exception. It’s part of being a “star.” Anyone who believes otherwise is truly naive.
      What’s even more sad is how much TIME and ENERGY people invest CARING about these two. Who CARES if Angelina Jolie does or doesn’t have any other friends? Why would anyone not in some way directly associated with her consider this important enough to argue over?! Honestly, how are these two in any real way relevant to your life?! Will you really look back when you’re old and gray and say, “That Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were my two biggest role models in life”? There are so many other philanthropists, humanitarians, and makers of social change who are far, far more respectable, admirable, and erudite. (Not to mention far more humble.) People who actually have fully and totally dedicated (and sometimes even sacrificed) their lives to helping others. People who do so on their own accord, through their own modest means, without receiving assistance and direction from a “philanthropic advisor” who tells them what charity work will be most flattering to their public images. People who work purely for the greater good and NOT because they’re invested to any extent in receiving accolades for doing so.
      I just spent two minutes “caring” enough to comment. But after (unwisely) clicking on this post and reading some of the comments, I couldn’t hold back.

      • ana says:

        So, because they are people who are successful in a public profession and wealthy, they shouldn’t be doing any charity work but it’s fine for people who are anonymous? Because people like you don’t believe their intentions are honest, they should just give up on that? No one prevents you to admire everyone, whoever you want ,who do good works, especially not Angelina and Brad who are always first to praise people in the field. All other famous people who do the same thing and are willing to put their time and money in there philanthropic interests (like Clooney, Afflec, etc.) should all go and live in huts? Or you just have problem with Angelina and Brad because you specifically don’t like them?

      • sup says:

        i can’t blame people for falling for the act. i fell for it, angelina is a good actress. the tacky act at the oscars just opened my eyes to what she really is, another over glamourized vacant hollywood star. and people don’t care about full time altruists because they aren’t glamourized. if they were, things would be different.

      • ana says:

        What exactly did she do at the Oscars that was so horrible? Posed with her leg out? That was so scandalous that made you open your eyes and negate everything that she does? I hope you are not judged that harshly in your life and I hope you are not judging people that you actually know in your life that harshly, because it would be sure hard to live to your judgment.

      • Souxie says:

        Why does it bother YOU so much that other people care to read about Brad and Angelina and the good works that they do? Are they bothering you by helping others? People who care about them and read about them are Fans of theirs. That is what Fans do. They give their support to actors they like. They don’t need or want your negative judgmental, meaningless comments telling them what to do.
        It is amazing that you spend so much time tearing these two stars down for doing good works yet you are silent on the one star who actually promised to give money and never did.
        Who made you judge of what Brad and Angelina do? There is a Higher Power they answer to not to you. Donations given to help those who truly are in need ARE appreciated by the people who receive the help. They are the ones who count. Not you sitting on your high horse and probably as fat as a cow who has never missed a meal in your life, pontificating about how donations should be given and by whom they should be given. What a self righteous hypocrite you are.
        Yeah! You “could not hold back!” That is why your negative posts are found on virtually every blog on Brad and Angelina spewing your hateful comments trying your best to tear them down. Why don’t you find something better to do with your life. Get out and help someone and stop attacking those who are doing good works.

      • sup says:

        @ana i’m not judging, just sharing my personal opinion. i believe that is the purpose of this blog. it made me realize i was overrating her. i used to think of her like i think of older actresses, like lauren bacall or catherine deneuve. the leg thing, while not scandalous; just sorta wiped away her image before my eyes. i still admire the charity and awareness work that they both do.

  21. beautiful wedding says:

    I want to see this wedding WAY MORE than the royal wedding. Sadly, we’ll be lucky if we get 1 or 2 pictures. Hey, Brad & Angie, even Oscar winner Natalie Portman released wedding pictures & details (vegan stuff-yuck!) – DO IT!

  22. Souxie says:

    This is a NON-story. US Weekly is KNOWN to print lies about Brad and Angelina.
    If Angelina confided to a CONFIDENT that CONFIDENT would certainly NOT be telling US Weekly or any other rag tabloid anything about what Angelina said.
    As to the so-called former fan of Angelina I call BS on your silly narrow-minded comment. Angelina and Brad have been doing philanthropic work for a LONG, LONG time. Angelina has been involved with the UNHCR wayyy long before she ever heard of Brad Pitt. She is a respected UN Special Envoy. She is not out there doing what she does for the thrill of it. Why aren’t you complaining about the actress – Aniston who does NOTHING to help anyone? She promised Haiti 500K and NEVER delivered on her promise. Yet you are here condemning Brad and Angelina who do do what they say they will do when it comes to helping thousands of people on this planet. You hypocritical Aniston fans are disgusting with your lies about being a “former fan of Jolie.” You were never a fan and never will be a fan with your lies. Learn to tell the truth. But you can never tell the truth because then you would have to admit that Brad and Angelina never cheated on Aniston as Aniston herself has said and you would HAVE to be honest about all the good that Brad and Angelina do all of the time.