Tori Spelling steps out looking mega-pregnant, claims this will be her last one

Knocked-Up C-Listers Day continues!! These are some new photos of Tori Spelling and her family supporting “the Lunchables Team and Club Kids to build a sport court at Boys and Girls Club of Burbank.” As you can see, Tori is ready to pop. This is her FOURTH pregnancy, y’all. She got pregnant this (current) time just six WEEKS after giving birth to her third child. Tori recently blogged about her “bittersweet feelings” about the end of this pregnancy – you can read the essay here. I’m going to excerpt a little just because Tori made me nauseous when she leads with a little story about her pelvic bones (seriously, I might throw up):

As my 4th pregnancy is nearing the end I have bittersweet feelings. I can’t wait to meet and hold my little man or lady, and definitely I won’t miss having to pee 4 times a night or hearing my now pliable pelvic bones move and crunch when I try to pull myself out of bed in the morning. But, there’s so much I will miss.

I’m guessing this will be my final pregnancy and that brings tears to my eyes. I love being pregnant. It’s such a special time in a woman’s life. I love looking at my enormous baby belly and knowing that I am doing the most important job of my life… Making life. I’m a human incubator and it is such an honor. I also love feeling my baby kick and play and move inside of me. After doing this 3 times before it still amazes me. I pull up my top every time I feel movement and gaze in awe as my belly ripples back and forth, and I can see what appears to be small rolling mountains of little hands and feet travel across my stomach. I love never feeling alone and I love how everyone smiles at a pregnant woman no matter what mood they are in. I love how everyone calls me ‘mama’ and how my husband rubs my belly and tells me I’m the sexiest woman he’s ever seen. I also have so much fun dressing my baby bump. I usually opt for vintage and make it a mission to show myself and other preggers that you can totally look stylish at any point during pregnancy.

… I live for my children. I beyond enjoy every single moment with them. I love the big moments like watching them talk and walk for the first time and even the small things like watching them discover their toes or hearing Liam say, “Mom, mom, mom” 50 times in a row. I even love when Stella says, “Mom I pooped”, and I walk into the bathroom to find her off the toilet, grasping her ankles with her naked butt in the air, awaiting a wipe.

[Via Tori’s Blog]

And just like that, I resolve myself to never, EVER get pregnant. EVER. Tori Spelling is the best birth control I will ever need. I should just save this post, right? Every time I feel a bit broody and I start imagining what an Indian-Fassbender baby would look like, I need to remember Tori Spelling’s crazy face talking about her pelvic bones. Ooooo noooo….

Anyway, the photos are kind of nice. I think the two older kids are definitely starting to look more like Tori and Dean both. And Tori’s dress is nice – at least we’re not staring at her crazy breast dents like the last pregnancy. And seriously, I hope this is her last pregnancy – she’s put her body through a lot in the past few years, so at the very least I hope she takes it easy for a few years before even thinking about getting knocked up again.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Arlene says:

    She is an unusual looking lady, but seems to be a lovely mom, best of luck to her.

  2. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    She always looks very pregnant in the face, which is strange because the rest of her doesn’t look big at all.

  3. dorothy says:

    What a lovely essay. Good luck to her and her family.

  4. NadineK says:

    those kids are super cute! best features of both parents…she must be very proud of them.

  5. mzthirtyeight says:

    I thought it was sweet.

  6. Nev says:

    good luck Tori!!!!

    I enjoy her very much…love the show.

  7. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    She is clearly in the camp that enjoys being pregnant. I was in the opposite camp…wanted to enjoy it but it didn’t agree with me at all in numerous ways. ha!

    It’s nice to see a celebrity who so clearly loves her kids and enjoys spending time with them and being hands on. At least that’s how it comes across.

    She does seem to work hard on lots of other projects though (always seems to have some new TV program going on) or is going to this or that event. Not sure how she does it, but I assume she has the help she needs.

    I hate her choice of husband (he just seems like a fake lowlife to me and sadly I’m not sure he would’ve married her if she’d been a poor nobody. That’s sad because she seems to really love him and also just seems like a nice person.

    I have to admire her for all her efforts to keep making her own decisions and living her life her own way, She left the marriage that she wasn’t happy in and married a man she loved despite threats of being cut off moneywise and unlike a lot of rich kids she didn’t just sit back on her butt living off Mommy and Daddy’s weakth. She has worked hard to make her own income and seems wiling to try lots of different things. I like her. She seems more genuine to me than a lot of celebrities.

  8. RHONYC says:

    LMAO @ Kaiser’s “And just like that, I resolve myself to never, EVER get pregnant. EVER.”

    as i read this drivel, i was thinking all the broads out there that don’t want kids are going to be sold 4 sure NOT to have ‘em. EVER. :lol:

  9. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I also understand her bittersweet feelings about this being her last pregnancy. Despite me not finding pregnancy a joy like Tori and many other women, I cried after my last baby was born because I knew he was my last. Part of me really wanted more kids but I knew financially it was best to stop, as well as medically and emotionally. Part of me is still sad, 21 years later, so I get that totally.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Me too. I didn’t love being pregnant, but I loved having and nursing my babies and I definitely get wistful when I see my kids at 12 and 14. Sigh.

      I figure I’ll get some fur babies and a new horse and that will tide me over until I get grandkids someday.

  10. Bellatrix says:

    You know Ma Duggar is pinning needles into a Tori Spelling voodoo doll’s uterus right now… Jealousy, sigh.

  11. SolitaryAngel says:

    Wow, I’m so glad she said that about the pelvic bones! My only child is 23 and just recently, MY bones have begun the grinding thing; I find if I lie on my side a certain way for a little while, the bones will grind or pop (sometimes audibly) when I move. I haven’t told anyone cuz I was embarrassed. Whew. Any of you other moms have this happen?

    *sorry, Kaiser!!*

    Tori seems really sweet, and I love to see a woman so loving with her children. :)

  12. KellyinSeattle says:

    I wish I was a celeb and/or….not neccesarily be a celeb; but have the money to have four kids….I’m a teacher, single mom, and I am stretching it with one kid, and at least my ex husband is a good father….but enough about me…my point is, she could’ve turned out A LOT worse of a person, with the childhood she had. I used to not be able to stand her, but that has changed and I hope she and her hubby last, and she seems kind of sweet.

  13. Emma says:

    Yea the only thing I find creepy is her face. She seems like a good mummy who is devoted to the kiddies :o )

  14. Courtney says:

    well think about it Tori is 39 so she’s in a high risk group and doesn’t want to push her luck. not all hollywood kids are stuck up little snobs

  15. Alexa says:

    I really love Tori and wish her and her family great health, long life and happiness!! It’s always intriguing to me when I hear women talk about how they’ll miss being pregnant. I have kids that I love more than anything – and they are what make my life worth living – but being pregnant with them was the worst experience of my life. I felt so sick every day I was pregnant – and people thought I had just gained weight. Very rarely were people “nice to me” because I was pregnant. Nobody even gave me a baby shower!

    (Next pity party this Friday. You’re all invited!)

  16. Stubbylove says:

    She seems like she’s in the right role for her – she loves being a mom and can afford having multiple kids – good for her and best to her family.

  17. KellyBrynn says:

    just realized tori spelling is wearing the same maternity dress as kayte walsh in the last photo of the kelsey/kayte article.

    at first when i saw the dress on kayte i was totally ‘meh’ about it, then when i saw it on tori i thought i had seen it before AND thought it was such a non-fashionable shoice (and unflattering). i wonder who made it.

  18. serena says:

    Good thing the little girl doesn’t resemble her mother Tori.

  19. mya says:

    isn’t this the same dress that Kayte Grammer is wearing here: kelsey_grammers_baby_photo_spread_1st_time_ive_been_with_someone_who_wanted_to_have_children_with_me

    (scroll down.)

  20. This Just In says:

    All these years I’ve never been able to understand how someone so rich could get such bad plastic surgery. Aside from that, she seems like an awesome mom.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I really like Tori. She’s not long on talent but she works hard for the money, you know. She resembles her father Aaron Spelling sho (may he rest in peace) had a big nose and bug out eyes. I think she would look better if she just embraced her off-kilter not-a-hollywood-blond with big boobs body and face type. The plastic surgery didn’t give good results IMO because she’s fighting the tide. What’s wrong with being a nice jewish girl with a big nose, Tori! It’s OK not to look like your kewpie doll mother. Still I’m glad that Tori seems so happy in her role as a mother. It’s nice to see her content.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      From what I recall, she’s had several plastic surgeries on her nose (and possibly breasts) to correct a bad job or two. After the last one, she was told by the doc that she couldn’t have another nose job, so that’s why she’s lived with the one she’s had for this long.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I was looking at her photos again. I don’t think Tori works with what she’s got (accepts what she’s got) feature-wise and that she goes for the blond bomshell look which she is NOT suited for. I was also thinking that the center part, no bangs, shoulder length almost white blond hair is not working for her either. I would like to have that hair style too maybe but I understand what a disaster it would be on someone like me. Too much forehead, long sorta chubby face. So I stick with greying brunette short hair and bangs. At least I have some nice curls!

  21. colt13 says:

    I can’t hate on this. She seems extremely happy, and that is always a good thing.

  22. Original Chloe says:

    “I’m a HUMAN INCUBATOR and it is such an honor.”

  23. Lacie says:

    She’s so cheesy…human incubator.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip! I’m sooo printing out her blog, along with a pic of her effed up face, and keeping it in my “Pregnancy? NoThankYou” files.

    To be fair, her face was fug before she started messing with it or got preggs. The cheesy holier-than-thou smile and image of crushed pelvis (singular) will serve me well.

  24. Ludakristen says:

    I guess all the women in the world that can’t ‘make life’ are just worthless!

    • connie says:

      is that seriously what you’re coming away with? She clearly stated “to her” it’s what she finds important. trying to make something out of nothing…smh

    • guilty pleasures says:

      Wow, aren’t we negative and defensive this morning! I agree with Connie, Ms Spelling did not call anyone out. she is simply discussing how she, personally, feels about childbirth. I happen to agree with her, loved being pregnant and was in awe of myself, and loved (love) being a mom. That does not cast aspersion on my friends who have opted for other life paths. Sheesh, lighten up!

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    While I understand what she’s saying, I also understand that pregnancy isn’t for everyone. (No one should feel less of a woman or bad about their decision to not have kids. On the contrary, women who recognise kids aren’t for them get props from me, for doing what’s right for them.)

    I had two miserable pregnancies, but after the birth of my youngest, when I was told I SHOULD NOT get pregnant again, I cried. I really wanted to give Toddles a little brother, and that was taken away from me.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      I hear you. I had to have a really early hysterectomy. No more kiddos.

      I salute women who know they don’t want kids and follow through. If you don’t want them, you should not have them, it’s a lifelong commitment to putting others first. People who don’t want kids and have them and don’t really give a crap about raising them are the worst.

      My two best friends at home are both no kids people. I love them to death and they are awesome women who have other things they wanted to do with their lives. They love on their horses and dogs.

      Whatever floats your boat, just do it well. Kids or no kids.

  26. Bird says:

    I can’t help but like her and wish her wish her the best. She does seem like a great mom.

  27. Sabrine says:

    I saw Tori at a book signing a few years ago and thought she was quite pretty, big brown eyes and a smile that lit up the room. She was really nice too.

    She better be careful after this baby or that randy husband of hers will be getting her pregnant again.

  28. Pat Dorty says:

    I don’t know if I believe this or not, after all she does have a baby cloths business to promote. I bet she squeeze out another if the sales numbers begin to dip.

  29. Melissa says:

    Ugh – the shoes on her little girl! They look like they’re from the “Boca del Vista” collection for the Medicare set.

    • Laurie P says:

      What I find the most horrifying about those shoes is that they have a heel on them. WHO PUTS LITTLE GIRLS IN HEELS?! WHY IS THIS A TREND NOW?! I guess for a lot of people, not just celebrities bc I have seen this on little girls in the area I live in (in fact I recently saw some 4″ wedges on sale in the little girls shoe dept at Nordstrom) care more about fashion than taking care of growing little feet.

  30. Lotta says:

    Funny how this can make someone feel they never want to be pregnent. After reading the text I felt that I really want another one! :-)

    But being over 40 and already having three kids, I guess I should listen to my husband who thinks that are family is complete as it is. :-)

  31. Catherine says:

    That poor girl needs to have that swelling kept in check by her doctor. I am no fan of hers, but I do not wish to see her or the baby sick. Yikes.

  32. Persephone says:

    Ok first off, how much better does she look with the more natural make up? Now if she’d only darken her hair just a bit I think she could look (dare I say it) pretty. I’ve always felt a bit bad for Tori because I have a long face like hers (granted not the odd far set eyes) but still always something I’ve been self conscious about and I imagine she is too.

    Having said that I can relate to being sad about the last pregnancy. I’ve had two easy pregnancies and I did really enjoy them (right up until the last week when you’re so uncomfortable I’m not sure anyone could enjoy it!) Knowing that I’ll never do it again does make me sad. What would another child of ours look like? Would it be yet another girl or a boy next time? Both my girls look SO MUCH like their daddy, if I did it again would this one look more like me? Not that I really ever wanted a ton of kids but money, age, and the fact that my youngest is special needs makes it out of the question for us. So I can appreciate where she’s coming from with her statements.

  33. tekla says:

    I guess I’m feeling mucho broody lately, because her little talk made me WANT to get pregnant :]