Star: Duchess Kate got pregnant after a ‘passionate night’ during the Olympics

“We need to talk, Harry. I’m late.”

I know, Duchess Kate’s-royal-eggo-is-preggo stories are so last year! But I seriously can’t resist them. Bump-Watching Duchess Kate is so much more fun than Bump Watching random celebrity women who have merely eaten a big lunch. You know why? Because obviously, Kate has to get pregnant at some point – it’s her first and most important “royal duty”. So one of these days, the tabloids will actually be right. I’ve come to the conclusion that Kate and Will aren’t going to try for a baby until after their mega-super-major TOUR OF ASIA… which is eight days long and will be over by September 20th. So… maybe a Christmas announcement? But I digress… I’m really just covering this story because it’s hilarious:

Could it finally be happening? A new report on Sept. 5 suggests that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, are expecting their first baby together!

“Friends say Kate is convinced it’s happened, and while she and William are keeping the news close to the vest, they’re delirious with joy,” an insider confirms to Star magazine. “A woman can always tell when the earliest signs appear, and it’s believe that a passionate night together at their rented country house on an estate in Wales, just after the end of the London Olympics, did the trick.”

We knew that William and Kate, both 30, were ecstatic at the Olympics, but who knew it would translate into conceiving a baby! Perhaps that reported second honeymoon did the trick?

“William sits in a very open position. Both she and her Prince have genuine smiles as they gaze at each other. Even after a year, it appears the honeymoon is still on,” body language expert Linda Talley tells of their time at the Olympics. Unfortunately, an announcement could be held back for as long as two month, the report suggests.

“It would be formally through the palace press office, but only after the royal gynecologist is absolutely convinced that Kate is in peak condition,” the source adds. Kate is reportedly hoping for a daughter, one they would presumably name Diana, in honor of William’s late mother, but that “may shock the Queen” considering their difficult relationship toward the end.

[From Hollywood Life]

There are so many LOLs in there. First of all, do you think Kate was thinking of Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps/Chad LeClos when she and William were hittin’ it? Because that’s what I think. Second LOL: “A woman can always tell when the earliest signs appear” – because we live in the gynecological dark ages and Kate can’t simply miss her period and take a pregnancy test. No, we have to look for “signs”. Mysterious “signs”. The crow flies counter-clockwise and WE JUST KNOW. But my favorite part is about “the royal gynecologist”. Can you even imagine? “Sure, I’m going to medical school, but I really want to focus ONLY on royal biscuits.” And Kate’s biscuits weren’t even BORN royal. Why isn’t she allowed to see a commoner-gynecologist?

Also – Star claims that the Queen wants Will and Kate to name a potential daughter Victoria, Margaret, Mary or Elizabeth. NO DIANA. If Kate and Will name their daughter “Diana,” there will be royal consequences. No more royal gynecologist for you, young lady.

Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly claims that Kate has been getting some “cosmetic reinforcement” and fillers. There are photos here and there over the past year where I’ve thought she’s looked kind of Botoxy, but I don’t know for sure.

I think this is the moment where Kate got pregnant. It was touching William’s knee. Obviously.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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42 Responses to “Star: Duchess Kate got pregnant after a ‘passionate night’ during the Olympics”

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  1. mel2 says:

    No way she is trying to mess up her waistline now…. dont believe it!

  2. NYC_girl says:

    He looks handsome in that pic where she’s touching his knee, dare I say it. I wish he’d cut his hair short on top though.

  3. DanaG says:

    LOL Cause Star would know before the Palace. I think we will get a Christmas announcement too she has had a lot more time to work out the Royal life then poor Diana ever did. As for calling their daughter Diana it actually wouldn’t matter. If you look at history it is up to that King or Queen what name they choose. Queen Victorias’ name was Alexandrina, and The Queens father was Albert but know as King George. Victoria is being tipped as a favourite because of Prince Charles. I would be surprised if they chose Diana as a first name though but most certainly it would be a middle name they tend to have four or five.

  4. Mimi says:

    I could care less about Waitey Katie & her royal biscuit checker, but you totally made me laugh out loud, Kaiser. You’re such a goof ball and for this I’ll give you a pass on your Pippa fascination. :)
    P.S. She was totally thinking about Harry.

  5. Emily says:

    Nooo, don’t call the baby Elizabeth! I’m calling my daughter that, I don’t want a million royal copy cats!

    But yeah, I don’t think she’s pregnant yet. I think there’ll be a month or so of her looking incredibly smug before any announcement is made.

    • lrm says:

      well, it’s currently probably int he top 50 baby names….and is always very popular as it stands-for good reason it’s a gorgeous name…but you are right, elizabeth would probably be even more popular if katie used it….
      but either way, it’s a popular name, so no worries(:

  6. Micki says:

    I always find the Royal news amusing.What if it was not a “passionate” night? Will she refuse to give birth?

  7. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    WHY would someone so young & pretty be using fillers & Botox?

    • ANGELIC 20 says:

      i know right, she ruined her skin by smoking for years and now she is using bot ox which will age her even further . this is just one of the many examples of how vain she is, she spends more time in her appearance then at an event . i think it’s because she has nothing else to offer then her looks , more then an year and yet all the articles on her are about her looks or hairs or weight or imaginary pregnancy.

  8. ANGELIC 20 says:

    according to tabloids this what her 4th or 5th child? i see her getting pregnant before the end of 2nd anniversary i.e. the time palace said she will finally start working, the child will give her plenty excuses for not working ,then when that child will be 2 years another kid and another two years of not working , so yeah 5 years before duchess barbie or royal top model or duchess doll curls or duchess of do little lifts her finger .

  9. Liberty says:

    PW: What ho, Catherine, time to get it on.

    DK: Oi blimey! Watch the hair!



    PW: Thank you. Are you in the club?

    DK: Coo hockeysticks! I think so! I feel a gram heavier. I’ll need bigger clothes!

    PW: Go shopping. Take the rest of the year off!

    DK: Oi, loverly! Can one of the servants have the baby for me?

    PW: I’ll ask Meemaw,

  10. Talie says:

    I don’t think she looks like she’s had work done, but her forehead doesn’t really move, so…

  11. Hautie says:

    Oh good grief.

    Poor Kate.

    To know every time you walked out of the house, there is a stalking media world, trying to get up in your uterus for a talk… must get annoying.

    I hope if Kate does eventually has a baby daughter.

    That she names her something crazy. And then grossly misspells the name.

    I hope it is a name fit for a stripper.

    Just so the media world in Britain, will exploded about the new Princess Tiffannee Belle Gracee Lou!

  12. marie says:

    what?!? I am outraged.. you know she didn’t get pregnant until the royal wang stopped for pictures during the tour of Vegas..

  13. MizzVJJ says:

    Awww, that’d be sweet if she really is. She’s a beautiful lady and her and Prince William are a great couple.

  14. linlin says:

    I love that on the cover they claim “the baby name that shocked the Queen” (past tense) and inside “MAY shock the Queen”. Tells all about the reliability of the source.

  15. flan says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me, since it was the first time I saw the prince being affectionate to her EVER.

  16. Lisa says:

    Expanding waistline, hahaha. No.

  17. Sumodo1 says:

    Oi! Sir Bob Geldof will be called in for naming advice. Something like “Platypus Tussymussy” will be conjured up!

  18. irishserra says:

    Lol… Maybe Linda Talley will have better luck analyzing body language than that nut job Lillian Glass, who would totally change her analyses from day to day during the Casey Anthony trial depending on what information came out the prior day.

    My best to the couple.

  19. TQB says:

    I’m sorry, but the romantic in me who watched every second of their wedding thinks it would be terrific if they got themselves knocked up during the Olympics, where they very publicly had a great time together. Such a cute story!

  20. Clara says:

    I’ve been reading you forever and I hardly ever comment but I must tell you that the part where you talk about the misterious signs made me laugh so hard…! You’re the best!

  21. Nymeria says:

    So William “sits in a very open position,” does he? That’ll knock her up for sure!

  22. KellyinSeattle says:

    Telling…they say she’s pregnant and the first photo is with Harry….hmmmmmmmmm

  23. notthehills says:

    You know she has the hots for Harry while William is drilling.

    • fairy godmother says:

      Why is it that any time Harry is linked to Waity I get physically ill?
      After Vegas and some of the female choices PH made it almost would not surprise me if PH did Waity.
      Yuck! So gross!

      PS. So love the part that said Waity touched Willie’s knee so obviously she is now pregnant! If that is the Waity thinks it works then it is no wonder she has not been pregnant yet.

  24. ruby says:

    I don’t think they’ll name their daughter (if they ever have one) Diana. Too controversial, and they’re trying to be really politically correct. Diana will be one of the gazillion middle names for sure. But the first name will probably be something boring like Elizabeth or Victoria. Olympia would be a little more original but I’m not holding my hopes up.

  25. apsutter says:

    It actually would be really sweet if they conceived during the Olympics. They got to spend a lot of time together and were genuinely having fun and enjoying each other’s company. I could see this and it kind of fits into their timeline.

  26. Fue McCormick says:

    Duchess Duck Face has a really unattractive stomach …

  27. molly says:

    This is the best story I have read all day! This was too funny.
    As for the names, the Queen has to approve the babys name and I cant see her approving ‘Diana’.

  28. flower says:

    You’ll have to re-define passion if it’s Kate and Wills we are talking about.

    Stretch marks or just a bad photograph in the 3rd from bottom picture?

  29. Ravensdaughter says:

    Pleez, that was about three weeks ago. Were they there in the bathroom with her when she read the results from her at-home urine test?
    I hope she’s pregnant-just get it over with and then people will stop talking about it-unless, of course, she has a girl. But wait-their first child, regardless of gender, will now be next in the line of succession after her father. Yippee!

  30. murray says:

    She copied Princess Grace’s dress for her wedding, so maybe she’ll name her Grace, that would really piss off the British house which is what Pr.William has been trying to do imo,for ages since he got involved with the Middleton’s.

    I think Kate’s gramps was named Elizabeth too, so maybe it will be another Elizabeth or maybe weak Willie will let Kate name any baby girl after the Air Hostess grandmother Carole. Carole would love that, “Queen Caroline” everyone knows Kate has no brain in that romance,mummy Carole has run this show with Kate from the beginning, Kate just handled the boudoir activities, ALL decisions concerning Kate’s moves with her life are feted through mummy Air Hostess-Climber.
    Queen Caroline it is IMO hahaha.

    After a baby I give the marriage about five yrs, to hear troubles of William saying he didn’t have enough bachelorhood years, then he’s off on a trips alone, but this time cell phones will be confiscated before girls allowed in room to party.

  31. kityafey says:

    This whole story was hilarious. The best part is the first picture of Harry & Kate. I love it! We know that passionate night was naked pool & Las Vegas strippers.