Kris Jenner shared her boob job story to ‘help others’ & considers it a PSA

As you may know The Today Show, which is located right in NY City, decided not to air the moment of silence in respect of the 9-11 victims that other major networks aired, and chose instead to just carry on with their Kris Jenner interview. To be fair to Kris Jenner, I doubt she pulled rank and told NBC not to interrupt her segment. She probably didn’t even know what was happening. This is just one example of the many epic fails that the network, and particularly the Today show, has committed recently. In response to controversy over pre-empting a solemn moment with a reality show star talking about her boob job, The Today Show didn’t apologize or call it an oversight – they defended themselves. A spokesperson for NBC said “The TODAY show dedicated a considerable amount of time to September 11 coverage this morning throughout the entire show.” They just don’t get it, do they?

In her “more important than 9-11″ segment (sorry, couldn’t resist), Kris was promoting the end of this season’s Keeping up With The Kardashians by talking about her latest boob job, but it wasn’t self-promotion, it was out of the goodness of her heart! (Video is here, I’m not embedding it.) Do you remember when Kris pulled focus from Kim’s upcoming wedding by getting a face lift? And when she wished her son a happy birthday by tweeting a photo of herself in a bikini from when she was pregnant with him? It’s all about Kris, even when she has a new grand baby. I’m just saying. Well Kris wants all the ladies out there to know that you need to switch up your implants every ten years, like an oil change for your body.

Last week’s penultimate episode for the season showcased Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner as she shared her plans to get her breast implants replaced. Cameras even followed her into the hospital.

“I thought it was such a great idea to film that,” Jenner told TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie Tuesday morning. “The reason I went in and did that was because I had had my implants in for 152 years — you know, a long time, way longer than their shelf life.”

Rather than looking at it the decision to air the pre-surgery footage as TMI, she considers it more of a PSA.

“You know, take them out and change them after 10 years,” Jenner urged all woman with implants. “That was a big message and important for me to sort of put out there in a comical way. You know, I made fun of myself. Because at my age, you’re over 50 — like, when do you stop? But it was so important, health-wise, to remind women to check your expiration date because it’s a health risk.”

So that footage was for the greater good. But what about all of the other times the family shared it all for the boob tube, such as those recent family therapy sessions?

“Sometimes I watch back, and I think, ‘Wow, that’s kind of crazy’ or ‘Hard to watch.’”

But ultimately, she just thinks that it’s all worthwhile. After all, her job lets her work with her family, and according to the “momager,” that’s all that really matters.
As for the family’s latest reveals, which in addition to Jenner’s breast augmentation surgery, included Khloe Kardashian’s concerns about her starting a family and a trip to a fertility specialist, viewers will learn how everything worked out in the upcoming season-ender.

[From The Today Show]

It gets better. Kris even posed on the cover of an Australian magazine, New Idea, in her bikini, Photoshopped to high heaven of course. I guess no US publications would have her. Look at mah new boobs! I was going to spare you that photo, but I couldn’t resist. It’s like when you make your friend smell something nasty. You do it out of love. Here you go!

In other news about Kris, she is said to really hate Honey Boo Boo’s family for daring to be so successful at a franchise she thinks she invented. Of course she does. A source told RadarShe thinks the Thompsons are classless, unlike her family and can’t understand why America is so fascinated by them.” How dare that family get such high ratings and exposure when they’re driving cars that cost less than Karsashian purses? In response, Honey Boo Boo’s mom June just kind of shrugged and said “Oh well you know it’s just like any kind of critic you can’t make everybody happy all the time.” Somehow Mama June is classier than Kris Jenner, isn’t she?

Photos of Kris and Kylie are from 9-6-12, credit: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos. Photos of Kris at Fashion Week kissing Lance Bass are from 9-11-12, Credit: Michael Carpenter /

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  1. Macey says:

    Her nose is soo freaky in that top pic.
    Ill take Momma June and her clan over the worthless Kardashians any day

  2. KellyinSeattle says:

    That is just so nasty. Watch out, her nose is going to fall off…”she’s just a devil woman, with evil on her mind..she’s just a devil woman, she’s gonna get ya.” Maybe a little harsh. Dude looks pretty out of place w/ his jeans/plaid shirt/red shoes and looking off into space. I just can’t say much nice about Kris. If I could think of something, I would. Okay, the dress in the second pic is kind of pretty. Third one, looks from Fashion Bug, no offense Fashion Bug.

  3. anmelt says:

    She strikes me as someone who looks pretty good on photo and camera but might look a bit freaky in real life?

    I mean, look at that nose in the first picture? It is as if a lot of cartilage has been shaven away. Or is it a coke nose as the left nostril is a bit smaller? Weird.

    • TG says:

      You are so right. Occassionally there will be a glimpse of her on the show without makeup like last week at the clinic after her surgury and she is scary and ugly. Kim the favorite dauther better watch out because that is her future. They look exactly alike.

  4. Blue says:

    Are these people really that clueless? She/they are just so….. gross. Also her nose scares me. :(

  5. someone says:

    once again, the kardashians prove that money, no matter how much you have of it, does not buy you class. ever. ew.

  6. Elle Kaye says:

    She needs to talk about the dangers of a bad nose job, because it appears the top of her nose is nothing but mush! What the heck happened????

  7. dorothy says:

    The Kardashians are just trailer trash with money.

  8. ZigZagZoey says:

    She needs to be stopped.

    What would make up happiest?

    A) Struck by lightning
    B) Hit by a bus
    C) The devil himself comes up and takes he back where she belongs
    D) Exploding implant that takes out the entire family because it knows who it is embedded in and wants revenge
    E) All of the above simultaneously

  9. NeNe says:

    And I read an article that Kris claimed that Honey Boo lady was selling her daughter out for the money. Pot…. met kettle….

    Both of them are prostituting their children out…

  10. Birdie says:

    Her nose looks destroyed, very bad nose job(s). I agree, she had something new done to her eyes and forehead.

  11. Bee says:

    Her nose is quite disturbing. It looks like a micropenis.

  12. effy says:

    Oh kris! that nose!
    one day, you would kiss your grandchildren goodnight and them kiddies would have nightmares all night! screaming!!!

  13. Sunnyinseattle says:

    The real story should of been the fact that NBC chose to interview her instead of a moment of silence. Disgusting. I hope this brings their show down even farther. :-( K, now I’ll go back and read the story. ;-)

  14. Bonfire Beach says:

    She said she had her implants for 152 years? That’s priceless.

  15. HadleyB says:

    Her “bikini” body does not match that body in the gold dress.

    At all. Not even close.

  16. Leaf says:

    With regards to that magazine cover, is it just me or does it look like someone put a bowl on her head and cut the excess hair a la Ralph Wiggum? (note: no disrespect to Ralph Wiggum, just an observation.)

  17. SashaK says:

    She’s an idiot. Implants last between 10-20 years. PSA, please! She should do one on the hazards of pimping out your children.

  18. Dawn says:

    Oh my god, will this Kardashian baloney never stop? Who gives a flying fig what the mother of all pimps thinks or has to say for that matter? Lying to her comes as easy and natural as drinking water. I heard her recently say that June of Honey Boo Boo fame was exploiting her children & then today I heard her ask what a Honey Boo boo is anyway, is it like a pet she asked. And then she went on to say that she has no time for television because she is so busy working and only watches it if there is a K in the title. You can smell this woman’s b.s. through the wires. YUK.

  19. Cathy says:

    I’ve never looked that closely at a picture of the pimp mama to notice her nose before. Ya’ll are right, it looks like it’s been through a meat grinder.

  20. Messenger says:

    where to start: first and foremost, 9/11 is a solemn day in NYC. i know some are seeking to downsize the observance and now that bin laden is dead, it may at some point be deemed appropriate. but, the moment of silence and the reading of the names of the dead must and should always be part of the observance. for kris k. to have usurped that moment by design or accident is staggeringly grotesque. second, there is no defense for nbc/today show to have allowed it. third, they should have issued an apology immediately, not defended a blunder of this proportion. The mind boggles at what the execs were thinking …
    ps, does anyone else think that this is what kris was after all along? to flaunt and bare her own body before the masses, first vicariously thru her unsuspecting daughters and now, at last, herself, for all the world to see? i have never seen anyone so eager to lift her blouse and expose herself.

  21. Harleyhoney says:

    This woman and her litter of designers mutts are nothing but high end trailer trash..

  22. Bubbs says:

    The whole Kardashian clan is a PSA for plastic surgery and how NOT to raise a family.

    The Today show is just another entertainment show and it’s not surprising that they it chose to focus on this clown over the 9-11 memorial. Celebs and wannabe celeb trash is what Today does best, so, in fairness to the Today show, they stuck with what they excel at.

  23. N-Bear says:

    She also considered Kim’s sex tape as a PSA…

  24. Jennika says:

    When will this family go away???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Seriously, I know that someone horrible will take their place, but I don’t care, I’m so sick of this greedy trash. Forget the boob job psa, the IRS should have a psa about auditing them!

  25. Flora Kitty says:

    I would love to see a Pimp v. Pimp cage match between them. Oh and Honey Boo Boo’s family could stockpile their pee, plus some animal pee and pour it on Cat face Kim, when she’s tries to sneak into the ring to hit Honey Boo Boo’s mother in the back of the head with a folding chair.

  26. lucy2 says:

    “I thought it was such a great idea to film that,” said Kris Jenner, about EVERYTHING.

    Today Show should be horribly ashamed of itself – bad enough to have her on to begin with, even worse on 9/11, and the WORST during the moment of silence. How dare they? I hope they lose even more viewers now.

    This woman truly disgusts me. As does her dipshit daughter who just compared her fake, for profit wedding to an 18 year old fighting cancer. Seriously.

  27. Dhavy says:

    If I was an advertiser, I would pull my ads from this show and probably the network. These people are trash and somehow NBC always seems to have them more than any other network (thanks to Seacrest I’m
    sure). The wax family need to go away and as far as the executives of this network they should be ashamed. Doesn’t matter that they previously ran stories about 9/11, even radio stations ran a moment of silence and I don’t think viewers would chose to watch these trashy people instead of dedicating some time to the
    fallen of this tragedy

  28. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    Wow! Her nose in the first pic…she needs to get that fixed.

  29. carole VOLLh says:

    HER NOSE, WTH????? what appens with her nose,,like MICHEAL JACKSON …NOT REAL

  30. jk says:

    Capped teeth, made p nose, phoney boobs, big ass ,big mouth, a tramp, a pimp and this was more important than 9-11?? Good bye to the TODAY SHOW FOR ME.

  31. judyjudy says:

    I never thought I’d say this but…Team Mama June!

  32. Izzy says:

    I never noticed her nose looking that awful before, but then again, I haven’t been looking (at all). But that pic made me wonder if she had her nose done at the same time as her boobs. Either way… epic fail for the plastic surgeon (unless it’s coke nose, in that case no surgeon can fix it).

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    NBC, still proving their ratings drop is justified, while also managing to prove how hopelessly out of touch they are and that GMA is the way to go for your morning show! (What I wrote yesterday, after reading about this Today Show fiasco – in fact, it should just be re-named “Fiasco” already.)

    I hope the Today Show drops so far into the ratings abyss it winds up in the Marianas Trench. There is absolutely NO DEFENSE for that kind of nonsense. NBC needs to take a long hard look in the mirror (INTROSPECTIVELY, not to blow kisses at its own ass) and either fix their issues or get out of the game. Seriously, didn’t this network USED to be considered one of “The BIG Three?”

    As far as PMK: BULLSHIT! She did this to call as much attention to herself as possible, which is her MO.

  34. Nicolette says:

    For a show that is produced in NYC, and not pause for a moment of silence, is truly sad. What were they thinking? And to add salt to the wound they have this self serving moron talking about her implants. The day obviously means nothing to her, or the show whatsoever.

  35. bettyrose says:

    ‘the h*&*l?!? There is absolutely no correlation between that bikini shot and the pictures of her in that gold dress. In NO WAY are those the same hips and tummy in that bikini shot. Why even bother?

  36. Jill says:

    Wow @ the botched nose job.

    Secrets to her bikini body? Photoshop

  37. natalina says:

    she is absolutely AWFUL…I like kim better than kris even ewwwwwww shes sooooo grosss