Reese Witherspoon shows off her almost-due bump, plans to sell her Ojai ranch

Reese Witherspoon has been having such a cute pregnancy this time around. I know that seems like a really vapid and superficial statement, but it’s still true. Reese has looked adorable during this, her third pregnancy. I remember her second pregnancy – she was still really cute, but I have strong memories of her looking rather miserable. I think she’s enjoying it more this time around, in her 30s, with a husband she trusts. Anyway, these are some cute bump photos of Reese yesterday in Brentwood. I don’t know when she’s due exactly, but I’m pretty sure it’s soon. Maybe not a Virgo baby, but a Libra baby is looking pretty good. We’ll see! Every morning the past few weeks, I come into work (“stumble to my computer”) expecting to see a story about Reese’s new baby, so who knows?

Meanwhile, there’s some weird news – Reese is selling her beloved Ojai ranch. This is the same ranch where she keeps farm animals and a chicken coop. The same ranch where she married her second husband. The same ranch where Robert Pattinson hid out after Kristen Stewart Mini-Cooper’d her married director.

Twilight fans, take note: Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai., Calif., ranch – the same secluded home where heartbroken Robert Pattinson escaped to after Kristen Stewart cheated on him – is up for sale.

Witherspoon’s ranch, which is selling for $10 million, is also full of happy memories – for Witherspoon. It’s where the actress tied the knot with her husband Jim Toth in front of family and friends, including Robert Downey Jr., Sean Penn, Renée Zellweger and Scarlett Johansson.

The house sits on 7 acres of land and includes 4 bedrooms, 3½ bathrooms, a pool, stables, an organic garden and a carriage house, according to the real estate listing on

The home was featured in a recent issue of Elle Decor, where Witherspoon said, “[Libbey Ranch] reminds me of growing up in Tennessee, where we spent all day outside. I wanted my children to have that experience, to get muddy and hang out with the animals.”

And Witherspoon isn’t the only famous person to have owned the home. According to Zillow, Ghostbusters actor and director Harold Ramis also owned the home previously, as did designer and model Kathy Ireland.

[From People]

I really don’t get why she’s selling it? Is she poor? No, she’s not. She can afford to keep both places. Maybe she just doesn’t have the time to enjoy her second home anymore. Maybe she’s keen on a beach pad in Malibu rather than a country ranch. Or maybe Robert Pattinson smells kind of funky and she can’t get the Sparkle-stench out of her pillows.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jayna says:

    Her new husband probably doesn’t love it out there. If you are rarely using it, why keep it. The monthly mortgage and upkeep expenses are probably high.

  2. T.C. says:

    Maybe Twihard mini-cooper gate is too connected to her ranch now. She talks fondly of that ranch in every interview.

  3. brin says:

    She looks adorable. I was surprised she was selling the house, too….maybe she and Jim want a place that’s “theirs” not hers.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    Sparkle stench, lol.
    Maybe she’s buying a different property out that way?

  5. Dusty says:

    She is looking at her future and realizes as she reaches forty the roles will dry up.

  6. Roma says:

    Maybe Sparkles wants to buy it? I love the idea of a sparkly cowboy.

  7. mel2 says:

    Reese looks happy. Does anyone know the sex of her baby?

  8. Michele says:

    She already has two other properties besides the Ojai ranch. Maybe they don’t use the ranch as much now that her other two children are older and she has a baby on the way. I know she has a house in Malibu. Maybe her kids prefer the beach to the farm now that they are older. Her daughter is 12. At that age, hanging out at a beach house might be more appealing than a farm/ranch.

  9. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Maybe it’s not enough room? 4 bedrooms – with 3 kids and master suite, every room would be occupied…who knows.

    Anyway, she is just adorable pregnant!

  10. NavyWife says:

    She is so adorable pregnant! I really love her breezy look. I thinks your right @Emma Stone about her needing more room. I also think she wants somewhere more low key since all the twilight gate attention. Who knows? I’m with you Kaiser can’t wait for baby pics. Who do you think will get the first pics? People maybe?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I agree with both you & emmastone – It’s probably a combination of too small for the expanding family; too much notoriety now that Cooper-Gate is out; too much work (and money) for upkeep with a new baby; and wanting a place that’s “theirs” not hers.

  11. Ludakristen says:

    I can only hope that I look half this adorable when I’m pregnant.

  12. Leigh_S says:

    “Or maybe Robert Pattinson smells kind of funky and she can’t get the Sparkle-stench out of her pillows.” ROTFL

    And there it is, the reason I keep coming back to this blog.

    Never change, Kaiser. Never change,

  13. Feisty says:

    I have to know where she got that dress! It’s gorgeous.

  14. Bodhi says:

    She really does look cute! I’m kind of bothered by the fact that it is so sheer that we can clearly see the outline of the belly, but I bet is comfy as hell & that really is the most important part. It very uncomfortable at the end & anything that makes you comfy is good!

  15. taxi says:

    With the older kids in school, Ojai may be too long a drive for regular weekends. Gotta have a caretaker to feed animals when she isn’t there. Agree with EmmaSW that there aren’t enough BRs for the growing family, & yes, maybe she & Jim want to choose a place that is “theirs”.

  16. ctkat1 says:

    She looks great- I think overall she seems much happier in her life, so that probably makes this pregnancy feel more manageable than her last.

  17. Kosmos says:

    Okay, now that this has come out that she is “selling” her Ojai ranch, I’m feeling that all of the magazine promotions about her ranch all were more or less pre-sale advertising so she could get the most $$ out of this? She must have known full well at the time of the shooting that she was going to sell the ranch, but they never mention that, of course, only that she & her family are happily living there. I think they left out the real truth, which is that they were planning on selling.

  18. A Fan says:

    She looks so good pregnant – too cute.