Miley Cyrus shows her abs at the iHeartRadio festival: bizarre or cute?

These are new photos of Miley Cyrus on Friday at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Showing off her new hair and her Pilates-and-no-gluten-body. I have to say… I think her body is looking good. I was worried about her for a hot minute when I thought she seemed to be overdoing it with the Pilates classes, but she seemed to ease up a bit, and she found a balance. As for her hair… I like the way she’s styled it here. The style looks a lot like Pink’s. And old-school Brigitte Nielson. And maybe a little Annie Lennox too, right? My biggest problem with Miley in these photos is the outfit, honestly. The shirt is terrible, and she should burn that top/sports-bra-turtleneck.

Believe it or not, I sometimes forget that Miley is only 19 years old. She’s like the polar opposite of Taylor Swift – even when Miley was 14, 15 years old, she acted more like a 20-something, and she’s been famous for so long, it feels like she should be middle-aged by now. But no, she’s only 19 years old. And this is the first time she’s ever going to vote in a presidential election. She was old enough to vote last year, but if she’s registered in California, what offices would she have had to vote for? I’m really asking. So this is likely the first time she’s voted, and she’s really excited about it, so she participated in one of the new Rock the Vote commercials. Here you go:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Cherry says:

    Cute. Sure, this isn’t a great outfit. But she can pull it off. Plus, she’s a kid and she’s experimenting. Just let it go. I think she looks adorable.

  2. cmc says:

    She looks incredible. I hate that belly shirt look, but it looks amazing on her!

  3. LadyAnne says:

    Love her hair in these pics !

  4. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    O_o What the…? Why? Doesn’t she have a fashion adviser? Really…if I was a multimillionaire like her, this outfit would have never been in my closet. You got so much money, Miley. Why do you dress up like some call girl?

    • Jayna says:

      Dear God, I hope she doesn’t have a fashion adviser at 19, with Miley overthinking everything. She’s young, having fun, experimenting. All these young girls getting their own stylists is sucking the freespiritness, individuality, and youth out of them.

    • Itsa says:

      I agree Freespirt. She’s a young girl with a great figure and loads of money. She really needs to hire a good stylist that can put outfits together for her, even her everyday wear. She doesn’t have a good eye for what looks right. She also needs to hire a good PR person that can guide her in how to behave properly in public since she seems to have a hard time with that.

  5. Launicaangelina says:

    She’s rocking this look. It seems she’s figuring out her hair and styling it better.

  6. RocketMerry says:

    So incredibly trashy. The top is actually cute on her, but the skirt… awful. Oh, Miley…

  7. yael says:

    i wouldn’t wear this, but i think she looks pretty good. she’s young, let her have fun with her clothes.

    also, i want her shoes. like, now.

  8. Marianne says:

    I actually like the outfit. It looks very Gwen Stefani-ish.

  9. tru tru says:

    she looks nice, I like that she is keeping up her hair and not just letting it go.

    My close friend told me that cropped shirts and sweaters are back in style AGAIN.

    shoot me

  10. only1shmoo says:

    I find her look neither cute nor fug; I do, however, find this, like many of her looks, to be incredibly try-hard, and that’s never attractive!

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    She looks cute, and her body is great, but that skirt looks like tinfoil. (I can deal with the shirt, but not with that skirt. A pair of jeans, maybe.)

  12. Isa says:

    She looks awful but she’s my thin-spiration. Amazing body!

  13. serena says:

    Totally agree with you, she looks amazing but her clothes mixed together like that are ugly as hell.

  14. valleymiss says:

    She’s morphing into Gwen Stefani!

    I like this look…very 80s. I’m sorry, but I just can’t hate on Miley. I love the way she stands up for gays/gay marriage. That’s a risky thing to do when you’re pretty much a redneck. Lol

    • Sofie says:

      I don’t think standing up for gay rights just because you’re a redneck makes you particularly special. A girl I went to high school with is a redneck and a Mormon and she regularly plasters my Facebook news feed with pro-gay rights things. I have some very liberal friends, and she always out campaigns them. Apparently Jesus loves everyone just the way he made them and she doesn’t want anyone to forget it.

  15. Ruth says:

    And Mileys slow metamorphosis into Pink continues..

  16. cc says:

    She looks so much like Pink with the hair and the outfit.

  17. booboocita says:

    Assuming she’s registered in CA, she’ll have to vote for President, Senator (Dianne Feinstein, the incumbent, Democrat; or Elizabeth Emken, Republican), and US Rep (don’t know where she lives in CA, so no idea what district she’s in). She’ll also have to vote on a number of initiatives, including one to abolish the death penalty in CA and one to increase penalties for human trafficking. And, California being California, she’ll have to vote on all sorts of tax initiatives. I love CA (I was born there), but damn, the whole governance by proposition or initiative sucked — and it’s the main reason CA has so many troubles today. Miley, study your voting guide!

    • KC says:

      The question was what she could have voted for last year (the first year she was eligible to vote). Last year she could have voted on a bunch of initiatives and then there are all the local level elections too.

      And yeah, the initiatives are annoying because every year you have to do a bunch of research so you can have an educated opinion. And study more than your voting guide! Go online and read what both sides are saying and see who is backing them. We get to do that for all 11 Propositions this year! Oh boy! (Ugh, I had better get started now or I’ll have to scramble later.)

  18. Starsky says:

    we all go through phases. Right now she is in a Pink/Gwen Stefani/90s phase which is allowable at 19. Look at her age group on college campuses…ugg boots, sweatpants, Victorias Secret PINK shirt, Vera Bradley tote… I like Mileys style a lot better

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    She dresses like a hooker, no offense to hookers

  20. JFS61 says:

    Fail. You’re 15 minutes are up – Now take your money and please go back to the hills where you came from, as we have enough vapid teenage sluts running around loose on the streets of Hollywood as it is.

  21. Fatkid says:

    That’s not a belly shirt. In the last pic you can see that she tucked it up. Try hard.
    …..but I think those of us old enough did the same thing last time belly shirts were in. I am glad there are no paparazzi/red carpet photos of my ‘youthful outfits’ (adjusts button up & pencil skirt).

    That said, she really owns her look and that confidence makes her look good.

  22. MollyB says:

    I think she looks good but lately she just seems very bored to me. Like she’s spent so much of her young life working like crazy and now that most of that work has dried up, she seems sort of rudderless. So she spends her day doing her hair, tweeting, doing pilates . . . Nothing wrong with taking a break but I hope she finds some kind of direction soon. Maybe college?

    • Me Too says:

      You’re a nice person and made me feel like a schmuck…you’re right. I was going to say something snarky about no talent etc. but I think you hit the nail on the head. She is a former tween star with limited talent who’s prospects have dried up so she’s trying to find her way. I hope, for her sake, there is someone in her life she can count on. She actually makes me sad. She needs a mom.

  23. wendy says:

    midriff baring outfits were all over the 2013 spring runways, so that’s what this is all about. Get ready you’re going to be seeing a ton more belly baring outfits on the red carpet.
    Love her Moschino belt! I’d kill to find a vintage one!

  24. bea says:

    Can’t believe the skirt is not lined. Looks terrible when she’s walking away.

    With that body, she can wear anything, but it’s not a great outfit. While I like the pieces individually, I don’t really like them together.

  25. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think how she dresses is the least of her problems. Dress that skirt up w/ a silver top and she looks like a slutty Statue of Liberty.
    She’s 19; she’s only experimenting, she has a great body. Please, most people had a great body at 19, too, and if she’s old enough to be engaged, which I was at 19, she’s old enough to stop saying, “Look at me”…I am getting tired of her. Where’s Billy Ray these days?

  26. Fue McCormick says:

    I think Miley’s outfit is 1960′s cool. I would have worn this in my 20′s … maybe even in my early 30′s. Due to the skirt, I think it’s a little old for her.

  27. marie says:

    she looks good but showing her abs is nothing new. I get it, she’s got nothing new going on and she’s trying to stay relevant..

  28. A Fan says:

    She’s 19, with a nice figure, lots of money, and (too much?) free time.

    So Miley, come back later when you’ve graduated (and grown) from the school of hard knocks. Then I may find you interesting.

  29. Zelda says:

    Her shoulders are too broad for halter tops.
    The fact that it’s not 1998 makes a case against them as well.

  30. mln89 says:

    i think her entire look is try hard. from the hair to the tacky skirt. i hope she does something else to that hair soon, because it looks really contrived on her. not like rihanna, pink, or gwen stefani, who seem comfortable having avant garde styles. i will say i like her shoes…only if they are completely seperate from the rest of her outfit.

  31. Quinn says:

    I think Susan Powter wants her look back.

  32. erica says:

    Pure awesome! I wish I had the guts to go with that hair, she looks great. She’s young, she doesn’t have to be so perfect and hollywood all the time.

  33. dcypher1 says:

    I think shes still too skinny.i like me girl with sum meat on her and curves. Give me sophia vergara or salma hyek. They have nice bodys I would die to have.

  34. Daniel says:

    “PinK”, nah I think she looks more like Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, lol!

  35. Shy says:

    She should never retire this haircut. Because she looks good and cool with it. She doesn’t have the prettiest face. She was never pretty… But this hair looks good on her. Funny that she looks a lot older. But her face looks interesting.

  36. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Desperately trying to remind people that she exists which wouldn’t be necessary if she had, you know, talent, does she actually do anything like practice and rehearse music and acting on a daily basis – Oh, and this whole showing courage for standing up for gays, well, in the circles she travels that doesn’t take courage or anything; to play devil’s advocate it would take much more “courage” to oppose gay marriage (I say this as an indepenent that supports gay rights including marriage),
    More to the point, I don’t take my guidance/inspiration for politics on any subject from hollywood nitwits, given what they make, I would be happy if they could just sing, dance, and act without some degree of skill and gratitude that they are making bundles as mere entertainers. Unless something preternatural happens talent wise, chipmunk needs to realize she’s probably over – see Megan Fox on that. Great susan powter ref.

  37. kristinlistin says:

    I totally get her. I grew up in a really oppressed environment so when I had free reign to do what I wanted I got all the tattoos and piercings I had wanted for so long, and i even did my hair in crazy ways too. You better bet that if I had that body when I was younger I’d be showing it off too!

  38. F5 says:

    Rock the Vote and other Hwood vids about election make me wanna barf. But comes handy for starting a diet :D
    Poor Miley, though, hope she’s not falling apart.

  39. olaf78 says:

    Super cute. Wish I had looked like that at 19 (at ANY age really!)

  40. GrandPoobah says:

    Ugh, try hard. She’s rolled up the top so that it shows her midriff, the skirt is too long and her shoes look like something I could have bought at Bakers in 1996.

    She looks like a budget Gwen Stefani. I saw a picture of Cyrus standing next to Stefani at this event and Miley looked older than Stefani. It was bizarre.

    Anyway, this doesn’t seem like “her”. I know she’s experimenting blar blar blar but this look doesn’t fit her chipmunk face and chiclet teeth. She’s too round-faced and “cute” to pull off a punk look. That’s why this look is try hard.

    The whole outfit is just a mismatched mess. Get it together, Miley.

    EDIT: Or rather, get a stylist. And I think she has a great body (aside from the man shoulders) and a cute face and with the right styling, she looks amazing. This is terrible, terrible styling.

  41. Embee says:

    Looks like her belly shirt wasn’t short enough with that skirt and her torso length so she folded it up. Also, her turtleneck has makeup on it. I find those things distracting but I like the look she was going for. It struck me that she seems very comfortable with this persona/image right now. Good for her.

  42. V says:

    The outfit and hairdo isn’t flattering.
    Wish she would let the hair be down and loose a bit instead of trying so hard, same for the outfit really.

    As for how fit she is, it’s moving in to Pink territory, and Miley doesn’t have the height to support that kind of musclemass in my opinion, there’s more muscle than tone on those shoulders and arms -thought she was into pilates? Strange.

    But she does look happy and healthy so good for her.

  43. mk yarwood says:

    She looks good. But that’s all she wants to do, right?

  44. D says:

    I think this is cute and reminiscent of Gwen Stefani’s look.

  45. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I don’t like the look but I like she is experimeting. It has to be kinda hard when you are so in the spotlight to change your look up and I think she’s trying new things. I think she looks like a cross between Nielson and Sharon Stone, and not in a good way. Still, I give her props for trying new things.