“Lena Dunham scored a $3.5 million payday for her first book” links

Lena Dunham score a $3.5 million book deal. Seriously? Her? [Life & Style]
New trailer for Skyfall, with Adele’s new song. Mm… [OMG Blog]
Sparkles & Kristen Stewart are being kept apart by the studio? [I'm Not Obsessed]
There’s a website to help you decode douchey messages from dudes. [The Frisky]
Theory: Amanda Bynes isn’t all that crazy? [CDAN]
Beyonce’s got a serious crush on Pres. Obama. [Dramarama]
There was some not-glam fashion happening at the Glam Fairy party. [Reality Tea]
Jerry Sandusky was sentenced today – he got 30-60 years. [Jezebel]
Bam Margera tweeted a photo of his puppy & everyone freaked out. [Wonderwall]
Should we talk about The Good Wife scene? I laughed at it. [Seriously OMG WTF]
More “candid” photos of Kim Kardashian’s cat-face. [INFDaily]
Should felons be allowed to vote? I don’t really have an opinion, truly. [Bossip]
I too have wondered who the hell “Sia” is. [PopBytes]
I just dog-shamed my puppy. He was being bad! [CityRag]
Stacy Dash supports Mitt Romney, and people are pissed about it. [Limelife]
Rihanna’s dad is still a big Chris Brown fan. [Hollywood Rag]
Carrie Ann Inaba was censored for saying “WTF?” [Bitten & Bound]

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  1. marie says:

    good for Lena I guess, not something I’ll read but it’s probably cause I’m too old.

    Stew & Sparkles aren’t being kept apart, I think they’re being forced together, but ehh if it helps sells the movie, whatever.

    Jerry Sandusky should have been thrown under the jail, but I don’t think he’ll survive very long in general population anyway.

    And the only reason I know about Sia is because of Six Feet Under, loved Breathe Me..

    • Chatcat says:

      Having been a PSU student (I graduated from another PA university) I have many feelings about this whole sad situation, but the hell on earth for him in gen pop will be well received by many of us ;)

      Good God, if Bey’s next pillow comes out looking like a baby bama, JayZ will want to instigate World War III…a giant ass pillow fight!

      As for Stacy Dash, good for you girl, not because of your political choice (which you are entitled too) but because you didn’t succumb to using race to dictate your convictions and because you’ve risen above those people who have been attacking you, some so whacked as to tell you to literally kill yourself because of your position, and that must kill them (figuratively) to see a strong woman not be broken by their bullying!

      • Marigold says:

        So, if she were an Obama supporter, it would only be because they are both black? You might not have meant that by writing what you wrote but it certainly comes off that way.

      • Chatcat says:

        Marigold, please don’t twist what I said to fit an agenda. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass who anybody supports for the logical reasons, and not because of the color of their skin. First I am not black, I am white. Second I don’t care what color, gender or religious order my President or Presidential candidate is as long as I believe they can do the job, apparently as does Ms. Dash. The backlash she has received on Twitter has been from the black community; she is black and is being “shamed” on Twitter for not supporting Obama…
        ‘You’re an unemployed black woman endorsing Mitt Romney. You’re voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot,’ one person wrote in an ugly message to the actress.
        ‘Wait Stacey Dash is voting for Romney? You get a lil money and you forget that you’re black and a woman. Two things Romney hates,’ another user tweeted.
        Besides the tweets that “the old hag” should “kill yourself”. So my kudos to her for withstanding the garbage thrown at her, as demonstrated in her tweet “My humble opinion … EVERYONE is entitled to one,”.

      • marie says:

        I agree Chatcat. She’s entitled to express her opinion whether folks agree with it or not. And good on her for standing her ground. I don’t have an account myself (because I suck at technology) but it seems like Twitter is being used as a tool for keyboard bullies, the amount of hate that can be spewed from folks in under 140 characters is ridiculous.

      • zenb!tch says:

        Go Stacy Dash! I don’t support Romney or Obama. I really can’t decide who is worse but I am sick of people thinking that I HAVE to be for Obama because I am a woman. Uh no… Stacy doesn’t need to support Obama because she is a woman or a black person and white men do not have to support Romney. Pick who you want but please base it on what you think is best for yourself and your country.

    • I.want.shoes says:

      LOVE Sia’s “Breathe Me” song!

      • Isa says:

        I had no idea that “breatheme” was sung by the same person as “titanium” I listened to “breathe me” just this morning.
        Chat cat- I agree. Good for Stacey for supporting who she wants to regardless of skin color. These people on twitter want her to support Obama just because he’s half black and that’s not right at all. Also I didn’t get the impression that “if she voted for Obama it would only be because they’re both black,” from your comment at all.

    • zenb!tch says:

      I can’t wait for Sandusky to hit the general population. He is repugnant and should not be polluting this planet.

  2. Falula says:

    Why not her? She’s not everyone’s cup of tea but in my opinion she is doing some great things for women in entertainment, and I don’t only mean that she doesn’t look like a typical famous woman.

    • BangBang says:


      Stacy Dash just earned my respect. We won’t vote for the same guy but she is brave and the people who are shaming her just admitted they only reason they are voting for Obama is because he’s black. She would not have gotten this much backlash if the presidential candidates were both white. Shame on them.

    • lucy2 says:

      Agree – I got very frustrated with Girls and probably won’t watch anymore, but I give her a LOT of credit for actually doing something creative and fearless. And it’s nice to see a woman, esp. a young one, directing and writing like she is.

  3. HappyMom says:

    The fact that Rihanna’s dad likes the man who beat the crap out of his daughter speaks volumes about why she’s so screwed up, drugged out and back together with that douche.

  4. Brown says:

    More power to her. Getting a book published is a real bitch, let me tell you. Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to be famous…

    I <3 Sia, if you haven't listened, you've been missing out.

    The Stacy Dash story is horrible, I read about it earlier today. I found myself facepalming through the entire article.

  5. Nev says:

    good for Lena….fantastic show…she’s a new, interesting voice.

  6. Arlene says:

    Sia is amazing, remember the last long sequence of Six Feet Under, the song? That was Sia singing.

  7. keats says:

    Oh no! My mom watches the good wife!! :(

  8. RocketMerry says:

    “Should we talk about The Good Wife scene? I laughed at it.”

    Yes, please, let’s talk. I did not find the scene particularly hot or sexy. I find Kalinda’s relationship with Marc Warren’s character to be a bit unispiring, it does not give me anything.
    Now, let’s talk about how those TGW genius writers are delaying our pleasure by not giving us the goods on Alicia and her on/off romantic relationships? I’m dying to know!
    Good writers. Really good show.

    @Keats, mine too watches it.
    Here in Italy TGW is on from 11-ish PM (as if it were so racy… tsk); I wonder what they’ll do with that scene! Probably cut it out completely.

  9. Thiajoka says:

    Yeppers. You’ve got this right.

  10. Francesca says:

    Good for Lena. Now maybe she will get a stylist…

  11. Sweet Dee says:

    That bitch Lena Dunham stole my book deal. At least she stayed out of my closet. Way to be a balla, Lena.

    I love Sia, she is great and so is Six Feet Under (song or show). Best HBO series ever. I’m surprised to see what she looks like! “Titanium” and “Wild Ones” are on my running mix.

    Why should we care about Stacey Dash again? I think the only surprising thing about this is how many people send death threats over voting preferences. There’s too much rage in politics.

    • Christian says:

      I think a lot of people are protective of all things “Clueless”. But if you take a celebrity’s political leanings personally, you should have your head examined.

      • Oi says:

        Yes, thank you. I have given up trying to have political discussions with anyone other than good friends that I know are rational. I don’t belong to a party anymore either. (Really, I don’t think anyone does 100%) They both scared me away. I am not interested in aligning myself on either side with the nut jobs that seem to have all the voice in political discussion. The hate and the rhetoric is despicable.

      • Sweet Dee says:


        I’m the same way, I only affiliate because it opts me out of most political mailings in my (swing) state. I can talk about whatever (politics, religion, science) within my close circle of friends and two brothers, because they will listen and think before speaking, you know, have a dialogue. Whenever someone who’s “passionate” (pushy) about politics comes into the mix, I’m out. They’re just regurgitating Rush or Maddow, mostly, and disparate ideas and ideals are no reason for the hatred that ensues.

        I come here to momentarily escape all that serious crap :-)

  12. Happy21 says:

    I just downloaded the Sia song. I love her voice and am thrilled to know that there are other songs out there by her. Now back to itunes to find the one from Six Feet Under :)

  13. katsrulz says:

    “Girls” is fantastic and I really enjoyed “Tiny Furniture”. I love her writing style…it’s deliberate and true but still very down to earth and catches the hum-drum attitude of the Millenials that still live at home, who went to college and are trying to make it in this day and age. I think her work really speaks to the young and it could possibly connect the older generations to us “kids” out there that are trying to make it in a depressed economy.

  14. Christian says:

    Sia is AMAZING, I’m actually listening to “Colour the Small One” now. :) I encourage everyone to check out her solo stuff, she’s versatile and has an amazing voice. I hope these collaborations lead to more people checking out her great solo albums. She deserves waaaaaaaaaaaay more recognition than a lot of these other pop stars.

  15. Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    I feel sorry for Stacey Dash having to deal with sexist and racist comments aimed to shame her for voting for Romney.
    Whether you like it or not, she has the right to vote for whoever she pleases.
    She has to deal with the black community calling her an “uncle tom” and the white community calling her sexist names.
    It’s disgusting what African American women have to deal with, it’s both sexism AND racism.

  16. gee_gee says:

    Good for Lena (although I don’t watch her show). And I love that haircut on her.

  17. GoodCapon says:

    i don’t watch Girls so I don’t know how talented she is, but isn’t 3.5 million a bit too much?

  18. TG says:

    Who is Lena? First time I heard of her was at the Emmy’s recently. She looks dowdy and is one reason I am holding off on getting a pixie cut. She looked terrible on TV and that photo of her doesn’t look to good. Is she talented in any way? I don’t care if someone is not skinny but they better have something to offer skinny or not.

    • KC says:

      Lena Dunham is 26 years old and is the creator, executive producer, writer, director, and star of HBO’s series Girls, which is billed as being Sex in the City for 20 something girls. Judd Apatow saw the independent movie that she wrote and directed (Tiny Furniture) and contacted her saying he wanted to do a tv show with her. She has said that her character’s dream is to grow up to be Chelsea Handler.

      I haven’t seen her show or her movie, but none of the clips I’ve seen or interviews she’s given have been interesting enough to make me want to, and some of the characters sound quite annoying. Although I didn’t really like Sex in the City, so this just might not be my type of show. It also annoys me that HBO shoves the fact that they have a show staring and created by a 26 year old girl down everyone’s throats. I’m not saying that she doesn’t deserve the show (I haven’t seen it so I can’t judge), but they advertize that aspect so much that it makes the whole thing seem like a gimmick to me.

  19. lucy2 says:

    I like Sia a lot, and I like her parts of that song.
    I’m excited for the new James Bond. I’m liking the song a lot, it sets a good mood for it, but that trailer was pretty choppy.

    That is so wrong how people are reacting to Stacy Dash. I don’t agree with her politics, but for heaven’s sake, she’s entitled to her opinion and it should be respected as anyone’s should be.

  20. chaser says:

    Sia? It’s called google. FFS.

  21. bluecalling says:

    i am going to take it upon myself to speak for all black people LOL

    we are not “mad” at stacey. it’s the internet so everyone’s over-reactive dribble is just that, (i mean, have you read the stuff we post about h. berry?) unless they’re crazy

    i am disappointed with stacey. she came up at a time where, as a black woman, you needed a bit more than a pretty face and stacked body. i assumed she has a bit more.

    it makes plenty of sense not to be happy with obama (who is really ecstatic about ANY sitting president? some of our best presidents were hated while in office) but it makes no sense to vote against your best interest.

    as a woman, based on what romney supports (insurance you pay for should not cover your birth control but my viagra is necessary? no abortions but no help after birth? pro-fetus not pro-life? oh, and, what do you mean about a wage discrepancy?), you should not be supporting him.

    as a person of color, based on what romney supports (racist name calling, stereotypes, etc.), you should not be supporting him.

    if you are a caring person, based on what romney supports (forget the poor, hey i had it tough (with my inheritance) and i got through and so can you bob in appalachia with a drunk dad, no food or clothes and siblings you take care of at age 13), you should not be supporting that.

    the republican party is far from its roots of a government that makes sure the playing field is not impossibly rigged, regulates to ensure the safety of the economy and society, stays out of personal choice issues, and let the games be played as they should. now it’s dogma and trash.

    give me a break.

    we DID forget stacey is rich and part of the ubiquitous 1-2%. she has every right to protect her interests (and money). she’ll always have healthcare and access to birth control and abortions; access to networks a white girl in manhattan going to brearly can only dream of, etc. if the bottom fall from under the poor, she will not be seeing that from her high rise.

    and THIS is even more disappointing. regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation or anything else. THIS and the fact that obama is right of center folks, romney is WAY way outlier right of center. repubs should be voting for O.

  22. tru tru says:

    Stacey WAHWAH Dash DID not get all of ALL of her flack from “black” people, I went to her twitter to see it for myself.

    There were ALL kinds of folks, white, black and hispanic.

    who cares about her 1 vote??

    This “black” people are angry at Stacey stuff is a lie and tired.

    that’s why I went to her twitter to see it for myself, the last tweet I saw was from an angry white elderly gentleman.


  23. Ari says:

    This country is based off the concept that you can believe in whatever you want. I am sure there were white and black people were peeved about Dash’s opinion. But hell they arent going to be the ones taking her hand and voting. Worry about who youre voting for, because she sure isnt. I think the govt on the whole is corrupt and I dont care if its obama or romney or whoever they all stink (politicians) none are better than the other once they take that mantle. just to talk about the entertainment side, she was on a show called single ladies for a while which was an integrated show of blacks and white people and hispanics so they shouldnt just stick her in that clueless category.