Did Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer split because SHE was fooling around?

Danielle Spencer was photographed out and about in Sydney, Australia yesterday, right in the middle of all of the speculation about her separation from Russell Crowe. Does anyone else think it’s weird that Russell and Dani haven’t confirmed the split through their reps yet? That being said, I think the major American weeklies (Us Weekly and People) wouldn’t have run with the story unless they got the wink and the nod from someone’s rep. But the questions still remain! What was going on with Russell and Dani? Have they been separated for a while? Will they split up their assets? Was it really because of his work schedule? Was he fooling around? Was she? In the immediate wake of the split story, I find it surprising that the tabloids do seem to be concentrating on the issue of whether SHE was fooling around on her husband with her DWTS partner Damian Whitewood. The Mail has a piece devoted to that today – go here to read. Plus, The Mail has this overview of how things stand at this point:

Singer Danielle Spencer is expected to pick up tens of millions of pounds following her split from her Oscar-winning actor husband Russell Crowe, it was revealed on Monday. As she stepped out in a pink blouse and sunglasses from the couple’s newly-renovated £6 million mansion in Sydney’s posh harbourside Rose Bay district to travel to her recording studios, she remained tight-lipped about the parting of the ways after nine years of marriage.

There has been speculation in showbusiness circles that the stress of being left alone in Sydney to care for their two young sons while Crowe worked away at his demanding acting commitments in Los Angeles had damaged what many saw as the perfect marriage. But it is also being suggested by friends of the couple that 48-year-old Crowe was shattered to learn that his 43-year-old wife had found affection away from the TV lights in the arms of her Dancing With the Stars partner, Damian Whitewood, 38.

She and Whitewood were seen out on the town together in June, sparking speculation that she had turned to him because of loneliness. Both she and Crowe dismissed rumours that the friendship had harmed their marriage and several days later they kissed passionately in front of the cameras at Los Angeles airport.

There was no sign of Whitewood yesterday, but news of Miss Spencer’s split from her husband brought back talk of the night she and the professional dancer – who had earlier dated Australian dancer Peta Murgatroyed – were seen in close contact with one another at Sydney’s Star Casino. Whether it has been Crowe’s long absences from his wife or her friendship with Whitewood that has brought about the couple’s plans to divorce, Miss Spencer’s financial future is assured.

Even before the Gladiator star picks up a multi-million pound pay cheque for the next six Hollywood movies he has been lined up for, Miss Spencer is expected to receive a ‘conservative’ divorce settlement of £20 million. Aside from receiving a chunk of Crowe’s movie money – due to her because a pre-nup agreement is understood to have stated they had to remain married for at least three years for her to be entitled to a share – there are numerous other investments that Crowe has.

He has a share in Sydney’s Rabbitohs football club and a gymnasium in the heart of the city. His beef production company sells to upmarket butchers and top restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. And then there are his properties, which are estimated to be worth at least £30 million. There is the Rose Bay mansion and a £10 million penthouse at the end of a wharf beside Sydney harbour which was ranked in 2003 as Sydney’s most expensive apartment. Crowe also owns prime farmland on the north coast of New South Wales, the district where he and Miss Spencer married in 2003. He also has apartments in the Kensington suburb of Sydney and he owns a pub in northern New South Wales.

Their children, Charles, aged eight, and Tennyson, six, have been cared for, with a reported £2 million trust fund set up for each of them. Crowe’s representative in Australia, Grant Vandenburg said yesterday that there was ‘no comment’ about the split, which is said to have been confirmed by a spokesperson for Miss Spencer.

Crowe has made no comment, the last posting on his Twitter account referring only to his exercise regime. Crowe has six films coming out in the next 12 months – The Man with the Iron Fists, Les Miserables, Broken City, Man of Steel, Noah and Winter’s Tale.

[From The Mail]

OK, so here’s my theory: Rusty was “tamed” by Danielle for a time – I do think he probably put in the effort to make their marriage work and be a good and faithful husband. But at some point, I think they both may have given up and they just began to live separate lives. I have to give Russell some credit, because I believe (with all my heart) that he was probably fooling around, but he’s really learned how to keep his personal life and gossip locked down. As for Danielle – she probably was boning the Dancing With the Stars dude. And THAT is probably “devastating” to Russell. His wife basically just left him for a C-lister in a very public way. That’s rough on his ego.

As for all of the money stuff… I don’t have any doubt that he’ll take care of her and their sons. I don’t really know why any of that should be an issue, other than the fact that we all like to talk about money. Rusty sure owns a lot of property in Australia, right?

Last thing: I kind of want to see Russell eat his feelings, you know? I know that’s mean. But I get so tired of talking about “post-breakup diets” and all of that crap. I’d love to see Russell gain some weight following his divorce. That man loves to EAT.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Danielle’s Twitter.

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  1. Emmaa says:

    That Damian-guy looks like Ryan Seacrest.

  2. Launicaangelina says:

    Someone linked to an interesting story about Russel Crowe manipulating the media and one writer’s personal experience. It was interesting and great insight into his PR game.

    • gloaming says:

      Yeah I remember that!
      I think it was the Sydney Morning Herald. He wanted to pay the journo to write positive stories about him, but it all blew up in his face when the journo wrote a play by play account of their contact, including Rusty’s emails….

    • Jaded says:

      Here’s the link to the article folks – WARNING: you won’t like Russell very much after you read it!


      • Launicaangelina says:

        Thanks Jaded! I’m in a DayQuil haze and am glad you provided the link.

      • Liza Jane says:

        Strangely I found myself liking Russell more after this article and really disliking that reporter who ‘ so compromised his integrity’ that he decided with great self- righteousness and piqué to betray Russell and write this horrid,self – agrandising piece! So we have to read all about how this guy ‘hated’ himself for getting close to Russell,meantime ‘rolling on the floor’ with his wife mocking the music and life Style! What a nasty piece of work you are! No way any better than the person you vilify! I am sure that with Russell’s fame and notoriety comes a degree of paranoia and the feeling that even if he tries to be Mr Nice Guy, the media cannot wait to pull it all down. Seems to me Russ did want a friend in a way but never trusts anyone and so resorts to cajoling and manipulation,but strangely this makes me sorry for him as this nasty article only confirms that these media hacks cannot be trusted. I think this article shows no moral grounding and that he should be ashamed and not so pleased with himself at his hatchet job!
        As to Russell and Danielle’ marriage split,she went into it knowing his personality,with a terrific Pre- nup and with the full knowledge that he was a huge movie star and would be making many films to keep up the lavish lifestyle she enjoyed! Thus necessitating much time away!The honest thing for her to do was to have it out with him and not sneak around with her dance partner( this is so very obvious when you see the pics of them together)what is sad is the look of great love on his face when he took the boys to see her unexpectedly that night…he obviously adores her and her indifference is startling to see!
        I would not have any of these stars lives for all the tea in China , not when the pay off is betrayal,venom and no one to trust!money does not compensate for loneliness!

      • Mari says:

        @LizaJane, you said it way better than I could have. This is how I felt when I read the article. I actually think Russell came out looking better than the “journalist” who wrote it. The so-called journalist more than admitted he loved the lavish lifestyle Crowe could give him, not to mention hobknobing with celebrities. It seems to me he upset he wasn’t the only one Russell was courting.

      • Bluedog says:

        Liza Jane, the “look of love” you believed so readily could be attributable to Russell Crowe being an award-winning actor.

      • muffin says:

        liza jane, i agree. the reporter is a foul, bitter, PETTY individual. no matter russell’s intentions, the reporter is ultimately the only one responsible for himself.

        russell was looking for another employee… nothing wrong with that. this has done nothing to color any views of russell i ever had.

      • Dana M says:

        Thanks for the link! Def an interesting read. I wonder in most celebs are PR obssesed like RC? I bet he is reading this post and all the comments! *waves to Russell*

  3. roxy750 says:

    I would not mess with Crowe. No way.

  4. Boo says:

    Well, that sure is a kick in the crotch for ol’ Russ. Maybe he can go cry on Meg Ryan’s shoulder?

  5. bluhare says:

    Well, that would be rich if it’s true. He’s only fooled around on her for (how long have they been together?) 22 years.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Define “fooling around”, does the 11 years they weren’t married count? As far as I know, if he did fool around while they were married, he never got caught by the paps. So either he wasn’t or he’s very good at keeping things quiet and paying people off. I’m sorry to say that once they’re divorced some unhappy stories will probably out.
      I would like to maintain my fantasy that he really loved Dani and she kept him in line-
      I do think the on-set visit to Dancing with the Stars looked like a repentant “are you going to reject me in front of the children” husband visit. She was keen on the kids but didn’t respond to him too much.
      Anyway Russ if you’re reading this, don’t fight in front of the kids and be good co-parents.

  6. dooliloo says:

    Well if it was true, no shocker… reminds me of my uncle, the man has a mistress in every country, with my cousins we call it the Mistress Atlas. He was all about how he knows how to deal with his wife and all self indulgent, he’s the man she loves him she’s going to have to deal with his nature that is all… she did breast implants (it perfectly suits her I was astonished), she hit the gym, she was buying new sexy underwear, I mean she looked hot hot hot, and my uncle was all about she’s doing it for him she’s hitting 50 and still wants to be sexy for him and he was still going on his Mistress Atlas worldwide tour… until he found out she was doing a man 30years younger than him 28years younger than her. Well he sat his a$$ at home during 4 months to recover.

    P.S: my auntie in law is still doing her toyboy btw.

  7. marie says:

    I’d almost feel sorry for him, if there wasn’t the whole phone to the head thing..

  8. RobN says:

    Maybe she met some new people and realized that not all men are a-holes.

  9. bowers says:

    Anyone who’d toss a phone at a stranger who’s merely trying to do his job, is an ass.

    Maybe Meg Ryan dumped the Mellenkamp.

  10. Chickie Baby says:

    Awww…Say it ain’t so! I always liked them as a couple, and they seemed like a great match. They’ve been together forever, so if both of them had something on the side, it’s really sad so see the marriage disintegrate this way.

    On the flip side…this means he’s going to be available again! Woot! Look out, Russ–I’m back on the chase! (My Russ Lust is in no way affected by his scruffy, paunchy appearance. I just can’t fight it.)

  11. BorgQueen says:

    There was a blind item a few months ago that everyone assumed it was Kelly Preston but now maybe I am thinking it was Danielle Spencer:

    NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/20
    1. Which Hollywood wife isn’t as long-suffering as she appears? While everyone gossips about her philandering husband, she is secretly seeing a handsome Australian.

  12. holly hobby says:

    Gee she doesn’t have any eyebrows. I was trying to figure out why she looks so weird and now I see it. Thin or barely existent eyebrows along with saggy eyes.

    The platinum raggedy hair isn’t working either.

  13. Koko says:

    Seems like every time a couple breaks up its always the guy who gets most of the cheating accusations. Women cheat too (Trampire anyone?lol) Oh well

  14. anneesezz says:

    I can’t believe his wife was doing DWTS. Sounds like she was missing being in the limelight herself. I view that show to be for D-list celebrities hanging on to the bottom rung of the show business for dear life. I guess being married to A list wasn’t good enough for Danielle.

    • Liza Jane says:

      I have heard many a story from those in the know,that Danielle is desperate to get her career back,but her looks now are against her as there are a plethora of thin,scraggy ,over tanned women of a certain age!! There are also many wives of rich,famous men who make a warm welcoming home life that said men always come home to! Many of these marriages are successful,there are 2 like this in my family,the men adore the women for their warmth and caring and in their busy,busy lives cannot wait to come home and do not cheat because it is not worth it!

  15. carol says:

    Drop 50, Russell. Every *body* looks better with *less* weight

  16. Sara says:

    Okay ladies, when we are ragging on Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt about how their looks have faded and they are looking old, just remember this picture of Russel who imo looks at least ten years older than both of them! They are doing pretty good after seeing this pic of Russell.

  17. lori says:

    I think she traded him in for a younger man. There’s only 5 years between them in age but he looks so much older than her. I mean….she looks like a trolip but a young one. Oh and her bolt-ons are just ridiculous.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I think he’s BEEN eating his feelings. Those are moobs if I’ve ever seen them.
    I’d like to see him back in fightin weight. He’s irresistable when he’s all muscled.

    That being said, I do love Russell. She’s always annoyed me.

  19. Carolyn says:

    Multi-million $$ for a few years’ marriage? Trust fund for the kids? I’d put up with Rusty to get that. Danielle has played second fiddle to him for years. She does seem a nice person. Don’t imagine Rusty would be easy to live with. That article link posted by Jaded is worth a read..it’s a little long. In the end I didn’t care a jot for the author.

    PS I adore Rusty’s voice. His monologue as Maximus telling his troops to “Unleash Hell” still sends chills down my spine.

  20. JRenee says:

    I have heard he was abusive to Meg. Her career suffered, his not so much. He hasn’t been hot to me since that time. Maybe the guy is a friend. He does send my gaydar off.

    • taxi says:

      Meg, was the All American Sweetheart type of her day, good at rom-coms, and married. She met RC on a movie & they didn’t hide the affair. Not so nice for Dennis Quaid, home taking care of their son. The affair blew a big whole in her cleancut reputation & that’s what hurt her career. Maybe she thought she’d snag RC for good & he just wanted to have fun during the shoot? Idk, but how does that make him “abusive”?

      They split, she started messing with her face, maybe got new boobs, divorced Quaid.

      • Lena says:

        Meg was the one who dumped Russell. She mentioned this a few years ago in an article. She said she was crazy about him but wasn’t ready for another serious relationship. She said Dennis Quaid cheated on her for years (as witnesssed by his latest separation)and Dennis and Russell both profited from all the dumping the press did on her. I feel he went back to Danielle as a rebound from Meg. He wanted kids, so did Meg–it didn’t work out. Danielle could give him the kids and he made her sign a pre-nup. I wonder if he and Meg didn’t see each other on the sly when he would come to NY. Meg was good for him–she’s all “light” and comedy and he probably needed that to keep from taking himself so seriously. I think Danielle was like Vanessa Paradis–tired of having to take care of the kids and not getting to work on her career. He’s an interesting man. Someday there should be a book about him. Wasn’t Robin Baum his publicist at one time? And what was he doing with Kevin Spacey? Very hard to read man.

      • Trashaddict says:

        2 things: CDAN had a blind reveal about Russell betting the crew that he could have sex with her in 10 different places, or something like that, when they were filming Proof of Life. Although lately it seems like there’s some doubt about these blinds. If Russ were really that careful about his career and his PR, he should’ve sued over that one. If it was true (and I hope not), she’d hardly say that was why she dropped him.
        In Proof of Life, Meg had a really swollen eye for some of the scenes. I’ve never seen it explained anywhere.

  21. natavalina says:

    I love Russell, if I were his wife I would cherish him and baby him :)

  22. doubtingthomas says:

    Ha ha!

    It’s called karma, Russell.

  23. Andrea says:

    If its true, just goes to show you one woman’s treasure can sometimes be another woman’s trash ie every relationship gets old and she probably was looking for a different flavor.

  24. candigirl says:

    This is really sad for their kids. I don’t know anything but looking at the DWTS video, he seems extremely nervous, almost mumbles out his words, keeps rubbing his kid’s back. My guess is she put up with a lot to keep the family together and got tired of doing all the work. She was a pop star in Australia when they were dating, and it must have been a big ego check to be jostled out of the way as “Russell’s wife” in public all the time. Not to mention him being gone most of the time, and having anger issues. She waited a little too long to get back into show business, but their kids look healthy and happy and she probably wants her freedom now to date and get on with her life.

  25. bettyrose says:

    My crush on Russell faded years ago, but this makes me a little sad because of the two young kids. I think it’s pretty common for high profile couples to accept that the other has a “secret” life. If that’s what keeps the family together, at least until the kids are grown, I don’t see the problem.

    • A says:

      I always find it a little sad when kids are involved. My guess is neither one of them has been checked in for a while….They’ve known each other for ever though, like 20 something years…I bet they’ll be civil because of the kids and the shared life history.

  26. Britt Mezher says:

    His ‘prime farmland’ is about 15 kilometres away from me, I always wonder if I will see him in a store or something because he is often around my area watching local sporting teams that he supports.

    He took Meg Ryan to a town that I grew up in and one of the cafes has named a sandwich after her!

    I always wonder why these celebs have to spend so much time apart when they have so much money they could easily just spend all their time together. Very sad for their boys.

  27. Gigohead says:

    Isn’t this guy the dancer where she is doing the Australian Dancing with the Stars. I don’t think he and her are doing anything because I too get a gay vibe from the guy. But RC is a guy who probably controls his women and he didn’t like that she had any male friends, gay or straight. Danielle probably had enough of his boorish behavior.

  28. Kosmos says:

    Danielle is really classy and also beautiful with rocker-chick hair. She’s talented in her own right and they’ve had a long, long history together. I think she and Crowe really have a lot of respect for each other and they understand moving on. She may be spending time with other men, but she deserves to have someone. I don’t think there’s a problem here. I believe they separated long before the story reached us, but rumors will swirl anyway.

  29. debbles says:

    Sad — but not unsurprising. I think this man genuinely thought he would get the home life and children that he craved with this woman. And yes, I believe that SHE, not he, was doing the fooling around.

    I no longer live in Australia, but Russell is well regarded there, especially in the rural area north of Sydney where he has his farm. He does rather a lot of quiet work for charity and he actually gets upset when publicity about that appears in the media when he was trying to just help various groups or communities on the quiet. Once a year she does some charity event with her father, but even then it is Russell who is the draw — not her.

    She’s never had a star-quality career, has probably resented Russell’s career since all of his attempts to help her jump-start her music fell flat (the voice is very ordinary and derivative of other people’s work such as Tori Amos) and is for all eyes to see a typical over-processed cheap-looking blond whose face doesn’t move for all of the plastic surgery and botox.

    Sad, sad, sad that the children are involved in this mess.