Justin Timberlake and Scarlett Johansson? Doubtful.

This picture of Justin, Paris, and Kim Kardashian was taken at the Alpha Dog premiere after party, which Scarlett was also said to have attended

This is a fake story made up by a British rag that heard that Scarlett Johansson was in Justin Timberlake’s new video and showed up at the party for the premiere of his movie, Alpha Dog. News of the World is claiming that Scarlet and Justin are an item now that Justin and Cameron have called it quits. Scarlet and her long term boyfriend, Josh Hartnett, are also rumored to be over although they did a good job of hiding their on and off relationship:

The two were working on the promo all last week — and have been spending a lot of time together off the set in Los Angeles. A source told me: “Things just didn’t work out between Justin and Cameron.

“They decided to part ways — but they didn’t tell anyone.

“He’s got a tour coming up this year and wanted to concentrate on that, but it seems he’s really hit it off with Scarlett while working on the video.”

On Wednesday, 2nd January, Scarlett was at the after-party for the premiere of Justin’s new movie, Alpha Dog, at Social Hollywood in LA.

Our source said: “She walked in keeping her head down. When she met Justin they looked very close and chatted away for ages.

“There were other people trying to speak to Justin but he kept his attention on her for around an hour. They looked very intimate.

“But he’s still trying to make it look low key—because he left with his mum Lynn later through a back exit.”

Justin, 25, was still with Cameron when he asked Scarlett to play the leading lady in the vid believed to be based on his relationship with Britney Spears.

And with their curly long blonde hair, big eyes and curvy figures, there are definite similarities between the two beauties.

There’s no “insider” information in that story, and it’s just a rehashing of known information about Justin and Scarlet.

News was that Scarlett was being bitchy on the set of the video and that she got mad when she couldn’t smoke on the set and told people not to eat around her. Her publicist denied the claims.

Another story came out that Justin and Kate Hudson were together since he went to a New Year’s party at her house and they were seen going upstairs together. From what I read lots of people were at that party and it was a big to-do over nothing. It’s more likely that he was banging a real estate agent in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. The woman was said to be an old flame of Justin’s and she stayed overnight at his parent’s house while he was there.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens with Justin’s love life, but if he does have more than a business relationship with Scarlett Johansson I bet they’ll be good at hiding it. She managed to keep her relationship with Josh Hartnet low key and if she’s actually with Justin, which I doubt, she’ll be careful to hide it.

The header picture is of Justin, Paris and Kim Kardashian and was taken at the Alpha Dog after party. Thanks to Celebrity Puke.

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  1. AC says:

    Hm. I really want to see that video.

  2. chibarosa says:

    He’s from Memphis, TN not Nashville.

  3. kim says:

    Today on z100 they were saying howjosh hartnett was caught in a club having oral sex with a girl fan i think that they are over although the story seems pretty weird it was confirmed by many sources. just thought you would like to no.