Conor Kennedy shows off his curls & lanky limbs in NYC: where was Swifty?

I kind of can’t believe I’m about to devote a whole post to these new photos of Conor Kennedy, but here you go. Conor was in New York City last night to support his grandma Ethel Kennedy (widow of RFK) at the premiere of the HBO documentary about Ethel’s life. According to Fame/Flynet, “The whole Kennedy Family showed up to support their mother/grandmother Ethel Kennedy despite all the scandals… Conor tried to not go on the red carpet but Robert made him come out with the rest of the family.” Conor gets to miss school for his grandma’s premiere. He also gets to have his girlfriend sign him out for weekend sex at quaint New England hotels.

Honestly, I’ve never really gotten a good look at Conor, and that’s part of the reason why I’m covering these pics. He’s an attractive kid, and I can definitely see those Kennedy genes (he looks RFK-ish)… but he still looks like a kid to me. He’s lanky and awkward and colt-ish. He hasn’t gotten used to having those long limbs yet. And his hair is a mess! I mean, its beautiful and naturally curly, and I would love to have hair that looked like that, but I’m guessing Conor doesn’t know what to do with it yet. Maybe Taylor Swift will buy him some product. *sigh* Just imagine all of the references to his curls and his limbs that will appear in Swifty’s next album, which she will write after Conor dumps her.

Conor’s aunt Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy recently spoke to NY Mag about Swifty and Conor’s relationship. Kick is a big fan, saying: “Whatever makes Conor happy makes me happy… I love Taylor; they’re pretty cute together!” Other family members have also mentioned their support for the relationship. Conor’s… second-cousin (or maybe first-cousin, I have no idea) Christopher Lawford spoke to the Boston Herald about Conor and Swifty too, saying: “Mary Richardson was a big-hearted individual who cared deeply for her kids and they’ve suffered greatly for her not being there. So whatever Conor has to do to comfort himself, he should do it as long as they are both happy and healthy … and left alone…If that kid needs any help, he will get it.” It feels like the Kennedy clan is circling the wagons, which they only do during scandals and tragedies. What have you done, Conor? He brought this strumpet into the Kennedy world! And now everyone is obsessed.

PS… Is Conor having a cocktail by the bar?

PPS… Are those sailboats on his tie?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    I think the smartest Kennedy are giving him a pass for Swifty: if you play the “no-no” card with an 18yo boy there’s the risk to obtain the opposite: make them stronger. So now I think they are like “oh it’s ok, he had a tough period etc.etc.” and all you have to do is to wait until he dumps her.

  2. Lucy says:

    He looks pretty good here. He seems to have escaped the Kennedy overbite.

  3. TG says:

    He will be handsome in about 12 or 15 years when he grows into his frame and becomes a man. I have said this before but I just know everynight Taylor Swift goes to bed and squeezes her eyes shut and prays that he will be just a few years older in the morning. It is the ole “if only” scenario every night for her. She is so obvious, she would never be dating a high schooler if he wasn’t famous or from a very famous family. She is so transparent.

  4. Eve says:

    Conor Kennedy shows off his curls & lanky limbs in NYC: where was Swifty?

    Lovingly observing, with a telescope (Larry/Clive Owen in “Closer”).

  5. ladybert62 says:

    I suppose he is OK if you are into pimples and curly hair.

    He looks very young and akward and he looks dumb.

    Aside from his name, I have no idea what she sees in him.

    • littlestar says:

      Well that’s pretty mean of you! What teenager doesn’t have pimples? And we really know very little about him – so how does he look “dumb”? I actually felt compassion for him when looking at the pictures above – there is a sadness in his eyes. Obviously from the tragic death of his mother.

      I am against his relationship with Taylor Swift, if she wants him so badly she should wait a few years for him to grow up. Come back when he’s 22-23, and then you can have a proper relationship. She has totally preyed upon his vulnerability and youth, and that is not right.

    • lulu says:

      I agree. He looks dumber than a box of rocks.

      • spinner says:

        I don’t know if dumb is the right word. I don’t think so. I see an awkward, young man with an extremely shrewd & calculating look about him. I bet growing up in the Kennedy Clan is not easy. You have to grow up fast or you will be eaten.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree, spinner. He’s in the awkward teenager stage. Everyone has been there and everyone remembers what it’s like. I do not think that equates to looking dumb.

        I’m actually pretty sick of people on this website making fun of other people’s appearances. How you look is not something that can be helped. It’s so easy to hide behind a screen name and make fun of someone – I’m pretty sure people who do it on here would never have the balls to do it in real life. It’s always disgusting how people are quick to judge and criticize and 18 year old boy who is being manipulated by an older pop star. This online bullying, or trolling as everyone calls it, sickens me, especially in light of the most recent teen suicide making headlines right now for online bullying. Grow up people. You can gossip, but you don’t have to be cruel about it.

      • Veruca says:

        @littlestar –

        This is a gossip site named Cele”bitchy”. What do you expect?

        While I agree that people can be too harsh (self included), there are some celebrities (Lindsay, Kim) who leave themselves open to ridicule.

        If you think it’s bad here, don’t visit dlisted.

      • littlestar says:

        @Veruca – I realize this is a gossip site, which I pointed out in my post. It’s one of my faves to visit, I’m all for gossip :D . But when people start being mean to an innocent kid over his looks, then that is just ridiculous and it’s beyond the realm of gossip. It’s cruelty and bullying territory to me.

        I agree though, some people do deserve to be called out on, and I enjoy calling them out on it just as much as others on this site. Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan deserve all the wrath we can give them – they WILLINGLY altered their looks with terrible fillers and surgery. But this Kennedy kid is completely innocent. He’s not a celebrity (sure, I realize he was born with a famous last name but that does not make him a celebrity). I completely believe he’s being maniuplated by Taylor Swift when he’s obviously in a fragile state. Let’s call KK cat face all we want, but this kid is a TEENAGER still (being 18 does not necessarily make you an adult) who doesn’t deserve to be made fun of because he has pimples. Gahd, his skin is way better than mine ever was at 18. Can’t imagine what people said about me behind my back :D .

      • Veruca says:

        @littlestar –

        Point taken. :D

        And I agree. Kids are off-limits (or at least they should be).

  6. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Give him 8-10 yrs..guy is gonna be a hottie.

  7. fabgrrl says:

    He is a nice looking boy. If I were 16-19 years old, I would be all over that. But he is obviously STILL A KID.

  8. Devyn says:

    Cute now… one day he’ll be strikingly handsome. I love his hazel/green eyes.

  9. dooliloo says:

    On the last two pics I can definitely see the Kennedy-esque look, a mix between Robert and JFK on the eyes, nose and jawline. But yeah, he’s a proper toddler!

    Kennedys boys sure have things for blondes eh… well Swifty count your days, you’re going to end up like Marylin and Daryl : ditched!… well there you go here is the title of your next song!

  10. Lauren says:

    Give him a few more years and he will fill out. As for the sailboat tie, its by Vineyward Vines which is a really popular brand here in North Carolina.

  11. dorothy says:

    He look’s cute, too bad he’s going home to find his rabbit boiling.

  12. Kelly says:

    I think Kick is Conor’s sister (half-sister?), not aunt. Same dad, but I think a different mom.

  13. francesca1 says:

    He has pimples, for pete’s sake. Leave him alone, Taylor!

  14. Imnotbuyingit says:

    Eesh… He’s kind of creepy

  15. Imnotbuyingit says:

    Eesh… He’s kind of creepy…actually a lot creepy

  16. Kat says:

    Patrick Schwarzenegger is much more handsome. Do you think he wasn’t in to her, or do you think she picked Connor because his last name is Kennedy and she has such a fantasy about becoming a Kennedy?

  17. Belle Epoch says:

    You can really see his mother in him. Makes me sad. He has a lot to sort through in that curly head… Like what DID his father do to his mother? Why would she abandon him? How does he reconcile the war between his mother’s people and his father’s people? Should he try to help his younger siblings? Never mind, Swifty’s here for sex…!

  18. Dani says:

    I feel like since I’m only like 4 years older I can say this – he is NOT cute. I don’t think anyone I knew at 18 would be attracted to him. He’s very…dorky. He does have potential to be cute in like 5 years. I can’t figure out what a 23 year old woman sees in him (besides his name).

  19. lori says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and be mean to the 18 year old boy. He kinda looks like John Mayer doesn’t he? Overly tall, big head with dark curls and bad skin.
    Also he’s not exactly what I would call a first round draft pick, he’s 18 with 2(?) years of highschool left. He’s a sweathog Kennedy. The “Vinnie Boberino” of Kennedys if you will. I mean these people are rich and influential……could they not have bought that boy a diploma by now?

    • RobN says:

      What a ridiculous comment. Overly tall? He’s 6’2″, not 7’2″. Bad skin? Not really, and even if he did have crappy skin, he’s 18 and most of us had the same issue. As for his smarts, he was held back as a child due to illness. Why would somebody make fun of that? You are weirdly bitter about some kid you don’t know.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Agree, RobN. I don’t know why 6’2″ would be “overly tall.” He just hasn’t `grown into’ his height yet & is awkward, like lots of tall, lanky kids his age. As for skin—please! What teenager hasn’t had a bout with pimples?!

        Yes, he looks like a boy–because he is! Give him 10 years, probably less, & helloooo world—he will be striking. Believe it or not, JFK Jr. even had an awkward phase!

  20. Mia says:

    He should runaway of Taylor before she writes songs about him. But I think he’s trapped right now.

  21. Alexis says:

    He *will* be cute. But he looks like a pimply teen so…wtf is up with her?

  22. hannah says:

    Kick is his older half-sister, not his aunt. She was in The Newsroom.

  23. Jess says:

    He’s a goodlooking kid. Emphasis on kid, Taylor. I’m sideyeing you so hard, girl. This boy is a child. In HD closeups, it’s even more evident.

  24. Esmom says:

    He’s super-cute, and my first thought was RFK, too. The resemblance is definitely there. But holy hell does he look young. Too young to actually enjoy antiquing with Swifty that’s for sure!

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    Once he grows into his frame and gets comfortable within it, I think he’ll flourish in the looks department. He’s already got a good foundation, in that regard.

    That doesn’t look like a tumbler glass, it looks like a Coke in a regular glass. Those are most definitely sailboats on his tie. I think it’s cute.

  26. Lexi says:

    He will be very handsome in a few years

  27. Claire says:

    He’s a cute boy. Outfit looks straight out of LL Bean. Did I read he was like 18? Why is he still going to prep school? A old aquaintance’s husband is a professor at Kennedy’s Deerfield school in Mass. Wonder if he shares any scoops?! hee hee,

  28. Jess says:

    Kennedy’s have wonky eyes. o.O

  29. Onyx XV says:

    Yeah, as others have similarly mentioned, in about ten years he will be a very attractive young man. Reminds me of JFK, Jr. a bit.

    But obviously I’ve missed something, because I don’t see what the big deal is with Taylor dating Conor. He’s of legal age. She’s only 4 years older than him. She doesn’t appear much more mature than he does, so maybe it’s a better fit than it would seem. *shrugs*

  30. Really? says:

    He is ado-rable…what is it about those freaking Kennedy’s?

  31. Pixiestix says:

    Gosh, he really looks so much like his late mom. Having lost a mom at a young age, I really feel for him &what he must be going through — takes a while.

    Damn straight the Kennendy Clan is circling the wagons — I would too if I were them. I wish folks would just lay off & find another iron to grind.

    • Rumorhasit says:

      It nice to see the wagons circle for this unfortunate boy, who has endured such a horrible year. First his mothers alcohol problems, his parents acrimonious split, his fathers reprehensible behavior towards the mother of the 2nd batch of his children. Then his mothers questionable suicide, did she really, or was this staged? Not even after death was Conors mother left to rest in peace. Her family wasn’t allowed to have a memorial service for her, due to the Kennedy influence. Then the poor woman was dug up from her resting place and moved to another spot of the family cemetery, to a remote far corner away. Conor should be attempting to come to grips with how awful his father is to the women in his life, and how that affected his mother, and how much of an impact that had on the way she died. He needs to be involved and there for his younger siblings, because clearly the father isn’t. Ironic considering how the man fought to restrict the mothers custody…of kids he isn’t even raising himself. They are just dumped off in private schools most of the year.
      Nice that his older half sister, and grandma spoke out for him, but its his fathers utter, absolute silence on the subject of his sons involvement with a woman 4 years older, signing him out of school, buying a home next door… that speaks the most.

  32. chalkdustgirl says:

    He’s going to be very handsome…I’m not sure if the nose is going to look very good in a few years!

    And, yup..those are sailboats. My 6 y/o has a similar tie from Gymboree. It’s a clip-on. LMAO.

  33. Kat says:

    Of course he has sailboats on his tie – it’s Preppy law!

  34. Emily says:

    I dated a guy who was 4 years younger than me when I was in my early 20s too. I was 24, he was 20. He was more experienced than me, and smart, and sweet, but still felt pretty darn young in a lot of ways. And I felt weird dating a guy who couldn’t legally drink. THIS BOY HASN’T GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL.

    If she dated him in 10 years or so, there would be no issue at all. 4 years at age 28 and 32 is nothing. But 4 years when one of the people is 18 — and has just lost his mom — ugh. This is not going to be pretty.