Dita Von Teese has worn a corset for 22 years, her waist gets down to 16.5 inches

These are photos of Dita Von Teese shilling for Cointreau in New York City a few days ago. She looks beautiful! But I’m biased, obviously, because I love her and I want her to have all of the pretty, sparkling things in the world. Dita just turned 40 years old, although you might not know it because she’s a poster girl for taking care of your skin. To mark the occasion, Dita gave an interesting interview to Closer Mag, a UK tabloid. Which means that when she’s talking about her weight, they convert pounds into “stones”. Ugh! I hate converting “stones”.

Dita Von Teese has just celebrated her 40th birthday. And she has done so not with a silent mope over a mug of gin about getting old, but a whoop and a cheer…and the confession that she is in better shape now than she ever was in her 20s.

The American ‘Queen of Burlesque’, who was married to American rock singer Marilyn Manson from 2005 to 2007, said: ‘I have better knowledge of my body and how to treat it. Between 18 and 20 I was a few pounds heavier, as I used to drink fizzy drinks and eat fast food.’

In an interview with Closer magazine, Von Teese – who is 5ft 3in and weighs 8st 3lbs – also admitted going through a ‘party girl’ phase in the 90s.

During that time – when she was taking Ecstasy and LSD – her weight dropped to just 6.5st.

‘I got skinny,’ said the Michigan-born dancer whose real name is Heather Sweet. ‘I was worried about the way I looked but also about the impact it was having on my health. I remember seeing a picture of myself and my ribs were sticking out. That was my motivation for not doing drugs anymore.’

Von Teese, who began performing burlesque in 1992 and whose most famous routine involves her frolicking inside an enormous Martini glass, also revealed she didn’t expect to find herself where she is now, aged 40, when she was young.

‘I thought I’d be married and retired by 28. I didn’t think I’d be at the top of my career in striptease. I don’t worry about having kids and it affecting my body. I’d have to rethink things if that happened, but it wouldn’t make me any less of a woman if it didn’t.’

She confesses that she hasn’t yet drawn a line through having plastic surgery and will one day ‘probably look at lasers’.

The star explains that she maintains her tiny 22-inch waist (which can be squeezed down to 16.5in) by eating healthily, rarely drinking, avoiding bread, and drinking a vegetable smoothie made from ingredients including parsley, coriander and spinach every morning. She also exercises daily and has worn a corset since she was just 18.

Saying she feels best about herself around eight stone, the raven-haired beauty says her strict exercise regime includes Pilates, ballet, exercise videos, horse-riding and dressage, and she plans to take up fencing soon, too.

But just like the rest of us, Von Teese has several ‘cheat’ foods she can’t always resist. Crisps, crunchy sweets and Indian food feature high on her naughty-but-nice list.

[From The Mail]

Let’s see… Dita is saying that she’s currently 115 pounds, correct? (I’m using an internet stone-to-pound conversion site!). And when she was 20 years old, she was about 91 pounds. Why can’t they just say that? Why convert to “stones”? I’m not trying to be ignorant or anything – I don’t mind when I have to convert British pounds to dollars or Euros to dollars. But “stones” are the bane of my existence! *throws pity party*

Anyway, Dita sounds like she has a sort-of healthy body image. Well, as healthy as you can be if you’ve worn a corset for 22 years. Surely not every damn day, right?

And in another interview –this one with Wendy Williams – Dita confirms that she’s single. Dita told Wendy, “I am single. I have been single for a year and a half. I would like to date more age appropriately.” She also says that she doesn’t need a man to buy her diamonds, that she can buy her own. GAH! Why oh why can I not throw Robert Pattinson into her path? Seriously – they would be wonderful together.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Katyusha says:

    What for?

    That’s all I got.

  2. Bluedog says:

    Her skin is very youthful, but her severe hair and makeup are so aging. Imagine her in a pair of jeans with tousled hair and without ten pounds of slap on her face. She’d look about 30.

  3. Red Starburst says:

    Tne only thing I like about her is that she embraces her paleness. So tired of women thinking they need to be fake tan orange or damage their skin in sunbeds to be beautiful. Paleness is beauty too people!

    • Eleonor says:

      Paleness is also good for your skin!

    • Al says:

      Totally agree! Who wants to look like an Oompa Loompa?

    • Al says:

      I Totally agree! Who wants to look like an Oompa Loompa?

    • MSL says:

      I am 26 and went through a “must be tan” phase that was encouraged by the guy I was dating. He also said that I was too fat at 120 lbs but that’s a whole other story. I had 17 moles taken off my body that were precancerous and 2 that were in early stages of cancer (I have a lot of moles lol). I am now learning to embrace my paleness which is not easy when I’m surrounded by tan women in short shorts.

    • Devyn says:

      Apparently just embracing light skin (one’s own or someone else’s) can be construed as “racist” by certain paranoid bigots. I think that as a group fair-skinned people are often almost browbeaten into becoming less pale. It’s not much different from when dark complexioned people feel pressured to use skin lighteners. Silliness.

      • DumbistheNewBlack says:

        Not sure what you are basing you statement on. I have never heard or seen people hate on “pale skinned by preference or nature” individuals. In fact many cultures idolize pale smooth skin and several A-list celebrities we all talk about daily have pale skin and its never a problem for them. Pale people CHOOSE to tan generally because tans indicate health (exposure to sun) and time for leisure activities (like vacations in sunny places = sembalance of wealth), in addition dark skin hides blemishes and visible veins better… Your statement sounds loaded and whiny- not sure why you went there but I hazard to guess its inaccurate on a large enough scale to mention it.

        By the way, you get the “made it a race issue when it wasn’t necessary” crown for the day (on this site). Congrats! Statements like yours make the world a little more divisive place everyday. Thanks for that.I think I hear the Yahoo message boards calling you…

      • Devyn says:

        It’s true that in many/most cultures, paler skin—particularly in females—is seen as more desireable. This is not the result of Western influence, though many people assume it is.

        In the West extreme paleness is now equated to “pasty” and “sickly,” often as not. Coco Chanel was the one who popularized the tan. Before that people were openly proud of their degree of lightness maintained as it was believed to be a sign of good breeding as well as beautiful and interesting in its own right (and no, I’m not agreeing with the “good breeding” bit). A naturally pale person certainly looks better with a tan for all the reasons you described, but they’ll pay for the exposure through premature aging later on… see the mature Chanel and her leatherlike face. If someone actually came out and said “I’m proud of my white skin” they’d pretty much get crucified, but to be proud of one’s black skin is commended. There is an obvious double standard.

        I do agree that dark complexioned people tend to look much healthier overall, and naturally dark people age 100x better. They always look young.

        Anyway it wasn’t my intention to offend anyone. I really don’t care to talk about this anymore (it’s kind of boring), but am always open to civil exchanges.

      • DumbistheNewBlack says:

        Racism is oppressive action taken against someone because of their race- not whether or not they have a tan.

        As far as I know, and someone can stop me if I am wrong here, there have been no reports of “blacks” giving people a hard time because of their pale skin. The presure to be darker is probably coming from within the peer groups of these victims of “racism” that you are speaking of. Are you directing your comments to them?

        You make a strongly derogatory generalization about an as yet unnamed group of people and then you get “bored” with the pushback and remain short on facts.

        As my family would say, you are “throwing stones and/while hiding your hands”

        Considering how much you agreeded with my rebuttal it seems like you need to be more thoughtful with your words before you speak…

        By the way what does the term “Western” mean? Is it code? I mean people live west of a lot of things. I think I know what you mean though so again, I have to say, your conversation is generalized and presumptive. Do better for all of our sakes please. Ignorance is a disease.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        ” If someone actually came out and said “I’m proud of my white skin” they’d pretty much get crucified, but to be proud of one’s black skin is commended. There is an obvious double standard.”

        No, it´s not a dubble standart!

        Yes, white, fair-skinned people get tolt that they look “sick”, “like a ghost” or what not. And yes, they get told to get a tan in order to look “healthier”. But – and this is a big, fat but – comments like this are not based on their race but only on the narrow standarts of the beauty industry/media.

        Embracing dark skin (as well as other specific genetic features) however is about being proud of your ethnic origin, heritage and your culture. It´s not about following the beauty standarts, it is – in fact – the rejection of the white/european norms!

        No one gets “crycified” for being white (quite the opposite: being white comes with a lot of privileges), while POC do face rasism in their everyday lifes.

      • MST says:

        Yes, pale-skinned people are so discriminated against. Remember the days when the “Ku Klux Tan” terrorized pale skinned people for years, forcing them to go out into the sun? I’ll never forget their slogan — “White is a Blight, Tanning is Right!”

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        @ MST:

        Don´t forget all the Native Americans who killed all the white people in order to conquer and colonize Europe! And so did the Indigenous Australians! Could somebody please for once think about the white people?

      • Devyn says:

        “Racism is oppressive action taken against someone because of their race- not whether or not they have a tan.”

        Hmm… are you saying that it has to involve an action in order to qualify as racism? Just an attitude doesn’t suffice?

        “…an as yet unnamed group of people…”

        Fair enough: I was referring to the type of intensely indoctrinated, politically correct “progressives” who are so full of contempt towards all things Western (i.e. rooted in Christian and/or European culture) that they would, for example, refer to anti-white racism as “reverse-racism.” (There’s no such thing as “reverse” racism. Racism is racism, no matter who’s on the giving or the receiving end).

        “Beat Whitey Night” at the Iowa State Fair in 2010 was racism, through and through. The mainstream media didn’t consider it a big enough story to bother reporting on at length though. My being called a “cracker” and threatened with assault (for NO reason, other than the colour of my skin, presumably) by an angry African-American girl at my place of work probably could have been rightly labelled racism. “Swarmings” in my city, wherein groups of minority youths attack and rob isolated white pedestrians could be called racism… certainly if the ethnicities were reversed it would be. Or maybe I’m just being cynical.

        The hypocrisy is tiresome, that’s all.

        Yes I do get bored with this, not to mention depressed. Also I don’t want to p*ss off the mods as this likely isn’t the place to debate on these issues.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Defend your ideas, or accept that people aren’t obligated to agree with your position. You don’t win the game by taking the ball and running home. There’s no crown of thorns for browbeating people for contesting you in an exercise of provocation that you started, so you can’t sensibly criticize people for engaging. I’m not defending bigotry, discrimination, prejudice–any of it, because it’s indefensible in every possible way and the need to retaliate against your oppression, when it allows a wronged person or group, though sometimes understandable is a disease and makes wastelands out of once sympathetic souls. I generally believe that no one suffers more from the ill effects of revenge than the revenger, and a legacy of pain, diminishing, erasure, violence–all of it will poison, will infect, will corrode a life long before ‘satisfaction’ is achieved, if it ever is. That’s a heavy price to pay for a degraded notion of justice. But even when the enmity of the long marginalized flares into a taste for monstrosity, no one has suffered from ‘reverse racism’ because it doesn’t exist. Racism is a structure, it is a philosophy, it is an ordering system, it is a history, it’s a power imbalance and it is a shame, but it’s not a personal sentiment and it’s not a back and forth event by event dynamic so let’s defend semantics, if nothing else. If a minority takes aim at a white person, that minority is an asshole, a bigot and an ignorant disgrace who needs to get his motherboard re-wired and get whatever it takes to make him whole, loving and jut better than that kind of backwards garbage. But that person is not practicing racism because that would be a logical fallacy.

        Contesting the influence that white privilege still holds isn’t the same thing as having some uppity malcontents running into your home and stealing your rights, so if you believe that it is, thank God that you’ve never had to be put in a position to know that feeling and have those experiences only to have some augurs of justice and morality tell you you’re making it up because you looooove being a victim and loooove having an excuse to be hateful. I got chased and nearly attacked by a neo-Nazi when I was a teenager, so let’s see how I can ‘progressively’ blame some part of that on you. Sounds nuts, huh?

        I’m not interested in starting up some kind of overblown race war: One, because it’s not really in my personality and two because I know that some voice of enlightenment will feel the need to negate that argument for no other reason than because it was raised, but I’m going to defend myself against the notion that the lucky and prosperous who are the real victims because some extremists said a few dumb things and now we’re all part of the ‘Get Whitey’ movement. That’s reductive and insulting sermonizing and I’m not keen on letting myself or anyone else here assume some kind of guilt because of some isolated event you heard about or because some jerk punk was disrespectful towards you at some point.

        It’s not just the job of everyone else to ‘fix’ discrimination and the reason to become invested is so you can recruit people to make you more comfortable with little regard to how the struggle affects THEM, too. You have to help, too. And if someone gives you garbage about it, realize that you’ve made contact and realize that some people have to take that treatment on a far more frequent and acute basis, every day, for life.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        OMG! Cant we just compliment the girls beautiful skin with out descending into racial commentary??? Come on people!!!! Gro the F UP!!!!

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Nobody was bashing Dita´s paleness. We all are fine with it. But when white people start to whine how hard it is to be pale/fair and how oppressive & racist everyone is, I just want to scream.

        I understand that it sucks being told to get a tan, I get it a lot as well. Funny enough that I not once was told that by a person of colour but solely by white, (fake?) tanned women (who should mind ther own business anyway).

        The thing is that it is NOT a racist comment, because it refers to me on a personal level (because of my specific complexion) but n-o-t to every caucasian person in general. That makes it assholery/bullying. Oppression and racism however is not personal! It goes beyond that.

    • Shelly says:

      I agree! I love her pale skin. I am super pale, and I hated it when I was a teenager, and I’d fry myself trying to get tan. But I haven’t done that in about 23 years. It’s why I look 10 years younger than I am. Your skin tone is much more even and glow-y when you don’t have sun damage.

  4. Ailine says:

    Robert Pattison? She would eat him alive. She needs a stronger male figure.

  5. Eleonor says:

    How I’d love to see Sparkles in Dita’s glamorous hands. Too bad it’s not going to happen.

  6. Michelle says:

    Of course it wouldn’t make her less of a woman if she had a BABY. god…

    • Keen says:

      I’m pretty sure she was saying it wouldn’t make her less of a woman if she DIDN’T have a baby. Which is true first of all, and in the current Gisele supermom climate isn’t that weird of a thing to say. She’s successful and happy – more power to her!

    • amanda says:

      “I don’t worry about having kids and it affecting my body. I’d have to rethink things if that happened, but it wouldn’t make me any less of a woman if it didn’t.”

      I think she is saying that NOT ever having any children would not make her any less of a woman.

  7. Rose says:

    haha, on the flip side i work in the arts and it drives me insane when am given art work measurements by americans in inches! They’re the bane of my existence, what is an 8th anyway?! It’s just what you’re used to, in the UK we’re totally used to stones and pounds, 14 pounds to a stone that’s just how we roll ;)

  8. DD says:

    I think Sparkles would like being eaten alive. What do you think he sees in K-stew?

  9. yellowshaba says:

    A lady on the street and a freak in the sheets! Dits is so porcelain pretty.. That’s how you do class kim kartrashian, money can’t buy it.

  10. Micki says:

    Fencing is fantastic for the nerves and the concentration. I envy her skin and her waist-now I’ll start raging…

  11. johnnybadboytapia says:

    she claims she does not drink, why is she shilling out alcoholic drinks then. WHATEVER LADY!

  12. spugzbunny says:

    Kaiser – I love you man … but really? A pity party about how we work in stones? Do you have any idea how often we have to convert everything back the other way for us? It’s in lbs because it’s an ENGLISH magazine. When I’m watching ‘worlds fattest man got air lifted in Kansas’ I have to sit down and work out how much 500lb is too!

  13. yo momma says:

    hold on-”She confesses that she hasn’t yet drawn a line through having plastic surgery”

    but didn’t she in an interview a few years ago admit to having breast enhancement and said she would tell women where she got them from because she didn’t want to lie? which is it lady?

  14. lizzi says:

    I seriously had no idea she was 40! I think she looks great for her age. The severe makeup is just part of her “look” and image so it works for her, IMO.

  15. Koko says:

    I thought this was common knowledge? She always talks about it in almost every interview, wonder why it’s news worthy now?

  16. Amanda says:

    The corset thing is gross and unhealthy. I don’t get why her artificial style is considered to be any better than the trashy fake tan/false eyelash/heavy eyeliner/push-up bra look of today? They’re both just as fake. What’s funny is that there are all these educated, independent women who trash the modern style for being artificial while putting the other one up on a pedestal… guess it’s cool because it’s “vintage”.

    • Amanda says:

      Anyways, it’s all the same to me: women modifying their own bodies to conform to some hyper-sexualized male ideal of a woman.

    • Callie says:

      I’d never thought of it like that before, but you’re totally right!

    • Melissa says:

      Agree 100%. And it’s especially bad because this isn’t just her style when she’s out at a nighttime event, this is her style ALL THE TIME. I remember seeing a picture of her all dolled up at Coachella. If you’re uncomfortable with people seeing you as you really look, then you’re not comfortable in your own skin, and that’s a shame.

      • Seagulls says:

        This is her style, this is how she really looks, and this is how she’s comfortable.

        There’s terrific artifice in how we all look. Dita just makes more of an effort than the rest of us do, and that’s okay. How she looks is a large part of her income.

    • Cazzie says:

      Corsets are creepy…

      “In the 19th century, while average corseted waist measurements varied between 20 and 23 inches, wasp waist measurements of 18 to 16 inches were common and were often striven for as the reigning standard of feminine beauty in the period.

      Among the multitude of medical problems women suffered to achieve these drastic measurements were cracked and deformed ribs, weakened abdominal muscles, deformed and dislocated internal organs, and respiratory ailments. Displacement and disfigurement of the reproductive organs greatly increased the risk of miscarriage and maternal death.”


    • Issa says:

      Really don’t see how it is safe. You need to train yourself gradually to wear it for long periods. Not only would I see it dangerous but time consuming. It would restrict your day to day life.

  17. mzthirtyeight says:

    I actually don’t think her facial features are very pretty-but that skin!-but I like she’s a bit enigmatic. And her healthy living plan seems sensible and doable(minus the corset dealio imo).

  18. Hollz says:

    Her hair makes her look like Little Lulu!

  19. geekychick says:

    I LOVE her body. Love it. If I could choose a body in heaven, I’d choose hers. It’s feminine, it’s not too much and it’s curvy.
    But her face is one of the best examples how make-up and photos can change the person.
    Eh, I don’t think she’d go with Sparkles: he’s young, nervous and hobo-artist. She’s always made-up and… well, honestly I think she’d be bored pretty quickly.

  20. Audrey says:

    She’s so over done. I have more important things to do with my life than spend 3 hours a day putting on makeup and a corset.

  21. S_____ says:

    I don’t think Pattinson would go for a woman who puts so much attention and energy into her looks. The corset thing would probably creep him out and the time spent on hair and make-up he’d probably rather spend smoking pot. And to each his own, I’m no more in favour of his lifestyle than hers or vice versa.

  22. Shelly says:

    I think she is beautiful. A lot of effort obviously goes in to how she looks, more than I could ever tolerate in my own life, but she is gorgeous. She’s a blast from the past.

  23. Anonymo says:

    I think my faith in George Clooney would be restored if he and Dita Von Teese got together.

  24. tru tru says:

    while I think she is gorg, I was turned off when she spoke on Wendy William’s show yesterday…

    it was like her teeth were in the way or kinda of doofus-see. like she had a retainer on.

    • Minty says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too. In photos, Dita looks elegant and evokes high-maintenance glamour. In motion, the impression is so different. On Wendy’s show she did speak like a goofball, in a strangely horsey way with her mouth movements. It’s the same for some fashion models. They look great in pictures and underwhelming when talking and gesturing in interviews.

  25. Dahlia1947 says:

    She’s gorgeous! I love this girl!

  26. themummy says:

    I find her to be so bland. I look at her and just see her original self (blonde, mousy, and pretty but not above average). I know her makeup, hair, clothing, etc., is all to create an allusion, and that bugs me for some reason. Her face is uninteresting. I think her makeup always looks bad–it’s so overdone and kind of severe. And her look never ever changes. People make comments all the time on how Aniston has had the same hair since Friends (which is so true and also very boring), but no ever comments on how Dita (Heather, I mean) has had the same makeup, hair, and clothing for as long as anyone can remember. Borrrrrrring. She may be a lovely person, though. My superficial remarks on her appearance are only appropriate on a gossip site…otherwise I’d feel like an ass saying it. Something nice: every now and then she wears a dress that I’d love to steal from her.

    Wow. I’m a bitch today!

  27. MST says:

    I don’t see anything special about this woman, either. For some reason, I find her faintly repulsive, the way she purposely deformed her body. I wonder if it affected her respiratory system? Some of her clothes are pretty, but she has a long weird shaped face, a strange looking jawline,really tiny eyes, a flat azz, and fake boobs. And I didn’t like her comment about having to have alabaster skin to pull off that look, (not that anyone would want to — it looks contrived and tired after awhile). I don’t have anything against pale or white skin, but there were black, brown, and olive-skinned women in the forties who had that look and were beautiful.

    I’ve seen videos of her shows. She has no talent other than taking off her clothes, powdering herself, and sitting in a champagne glass. It loosk rather silly. I kind of get tired of hearing the “classy” stuff. A burlesque dancer is just a stripper with props — at the end of their act, they are standing on the stage with nothing or next to nothing on. What’s the difference between her and a Scores girl. really?

    Yeah, I took my beatch pills today.

    • bns says:

      It had to be said, and I agree 100%. She is as useless as a Kardashian and only became famous for dating a rock star.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      The difference between her and a scores girl is that Dita has many many millions and the admiration of kings, princes and ceo’s. You may not find her personally gorgeous but give the girl her due. Shes Fing brilliant. She made the most of what she had and made something of herself with her own unique ideas. Thats more than most have done with themselves. Shes world famous.

      • B says:

        I wouldn’t go as far as to call Dita brilliant and her ideas are far from unique. She’s made a career out of imitation. In fact, I would say that’s little about her that’s original-she’s modeled herself after actresses of the silver screen and vintage burlesque dancers. Nothing wrong with that, of course-but it hardly makes her unique.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        The fact that she took something very old and made it relevent in todays modern times and lucrative and made herself famous IS brilliant. Sorry.
        That she imitates old time pin ups doesnt detract from her accomplishment. All art is imitation. Look at GaGa imitates grace jones.
        Dita created a character, her own character and made it famous. I say great for her.

  28. Mir says:

    Soo am I the only one that clicked on this post for the corset whittling her waist??

    Coincidentally last Friday on 20/20 they aired an “extreme show” & this woman was working out in her corset& the anchor lady tried it and lost like 6inches in a week

    Dag! My waist is seriously 33″ & I workout Pilates all the health stuff

    …aside from squeezing in my lungs & liver where could I get one??

  29. Ginger says:

    I love her and think she is so beautiful and classy. She defies the norm and refuses to conform to certain standards of beauty (which is always in the eye of the beholder anyway) and how is a corset any different than wearing spanx or a push up bra? We ALL have our tricks.

    • Amanda says:

      Ummm… see above:
      “Among the multitude of medical problems women suffered to achieve these drastic measurements were cracked and deformed ribs, weakened abdominal muscles, deformed and dislocated internal organs, and respiratory ailments. Displacement and disfigurement of the reproductive organs greatly increased the risk of miscarriage and maternal death.”

      Spanx and pushup bras don’t cause DISFIGUREMENT. And she does “conform to certain standards of beauty”… just not modern ones. How is looking like a 1940′s sex object any more “classy” than looking like a modern sex object?

  30. Jayna says:

    She looks 40 to me, and it’s not like looking 40 is bad. But she has a woman’g face.

  31. Moi says:

    Wearing a corset daily is definitely not healthy, but I bought one on hourglassangel.com and I wear it about twice a week. I’m 5’8 and from working out, I started feeling like I was getting that straight bodied look. Wearing it has completely given me my waist back. It also burns fat around the waist area. I also bought it because I believe that the clothes you wear can most definitely determine body shape. I love Dita, she is fabulous.

    • berkeleybitch31 says:

      I was thinking about trying out a corset to help define my waitline. Its been 7 weeks since I popped out my first baby, and though I am down to 125lbs (5’1) and lost almost the entire 38lbs I gained, my waist is definitely not what it used to be :/

  32. lola lola says:

    Sooooo, she’s saying she takes care of herself by not drinking yet is shilling liquor in those pics and made her fortune splashing around in a martini glass….huh? Guess no one wants to see her splashing around in a giant carrot…

  33. Um, yeah. says:

    She says she wants to date more age appropriately, and that somehow means she would be wonderful with someone 14 years her junior? Yeah. Okay.