Spike TV lists ’7 Worst Guitar Solos of All Time’

Noel Gallagher, guitarist for British rock band Oasis. Apparently his guitar solo skills leave something to be desired. Photo credit: WENN.

While other media outlets this time of year are assembling their “Best of” lists, the music reporters at Spike TV have compiled their list of the “Top 7 Worst Guitar Solos of All Time.” I’m not sure what criteria or scientific methods they used to come up with this list, but some of the songs may surprise you.

Guitar solos are like an open book into an artist. Once you hear any musician try to get technical on their axe you can really understand what the person is all about. You get a true understanding of how talented the artist/band is and it helps you know how seriously you should take them. But even the best of songs can be ruined by a horrible guitar solo.

7. Oasis “Champagne Supernova”

Noel Gallagher is not a good guitar player. That’s right, I said it. Anyone who thinks Noel Gallagher is a good guitar player should simply revisit his Oasis catalog. I’m not saying the dude can’t write a catchy tune, I’m just saying he’s not as skilled as everybody makes him out to be. That’s why he went ahead and let former Jam frontman Paul Weller provide the lead guitar and some of the backing vocals on the track. I like me some Jam, but this one just didn’t do it for me.

Very few songs by the British supergroup are known for their amazing musicianship and the guitar playing in “Champagne Supernova” is no different.

6. Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Kurt Cobain was undoubtedly skilled at writing memorable songs and expressing serious levels of angst in his music, but it’s safe to say he didn’t really have guitar chops. The thing we all have to keep in mind is the fact that Nirvana pretty much killed off the guitar solo. After the glam scene took a dive in the late ‘80s, guitar solos weren’t really a necessity in rock tunes anymore.

The solo for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” obviously fits the song perfectly, but technically speaking, it’s just a few bars of tuneless nothing. RIP Kurt.

5. Twisted Sister “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

This is solo is so simple, it’s retarded. All guitarist Jay Jay French did was take Dee Snider’s chorus and copied it as the solo. Real creative, dude. Wee Neee Neee Nee Nee Nee…Wee Neee Neee Nee Nee Nee…

4. Lil Wayne “Leather So Soft”

This really isn’t a true solo, but whoever told Lil Wayne he was allowed to play a guitar should be shot in the mouth.

The last 15 seconds of the “Leather So Soft” video shows Weezy sitting down with his iPod trying to bang out a few riffs. The horror doesn’t last long, but it’s definitely enough to make your ears bleed. The guitar isn’t even in tune! Stick to rappin’ Carter, you seem to be really really good at it.

3. Lenny Kravitz “American Woman”

This dude sucks. He’s a wannabe guitar God who grew up trying to mimic Jimi Hendrix, but couldn’t play an original lick to save his life.

When Lenny decided to cover The Guess Who’s “American Woman” in 1999, no one could have known that he was about to butcher a true rock classic. The solo almost had potential, but it seems Mr. Kravitz was too busy working on his hairstyle instead of trying to play the freakin’ guitar. I hate how Lenny tries to make his guitar playing sound technical by using some fancy production tricks. This song is a perfect example of why Lenny Kravitz blows.

2. The Misfits “We Are 138″

I really really love this song, but it has simplest guitar solo in all of music. I guess former Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele wanted to keep things simple when he stepped into the studio with Glenn and Jerry. The solo is pretty much just one note and it only lasts about 20 seconds.

Even though this solo is one of the crappiest things ever, I will admit it does fit the song like a glove. Misfits f***ing rule!

1. Fred Durst Live Guitar Solo

Apparently, someone told Fred Durst he was a real musician and allowed him to attempt a guitar solo in front of a live audience. Idiots. This might be the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. The guy can’t even play one solid note! I can see now that Fred and his music are only here to ruin our lives. Thanks, buddy. Puke.

[From Spike TV]

You can listen to snippets of each solo on the list at the Spike TV website. I am a little disappointed that the list isn’t more controversial. This is Spike TV- I expected them to come out guns blazing, making outrageous statements like “Jimi Hendrix sucked” or something like that. I have to admit, I’ve never even heard the Lil Wayne song, and disagree about the Nirvana solo, but some of these are dead-on, including the Lenny Kravitz and Oasis songs. I’ll throw my own personal opinion in here and say that Eric Clapton’s guitar solo for Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” is a total ripoff of the song “Blue Moon” and doesn’t even fit in well with the song. I also think that former Guns N Roses guitarist Slash is one of the sloppiest, most overrated guitarists in history. How’s that for controversy?

Pictured below: Lenny Kravitz, Kurt Cobain and Twisted Sister’s Jay French. Photo credits: WENN.

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24 Responses to “Spike TV lists ’7 Worst Guitar Solos of All Time’”

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  1. stellapurdy says:

    Gotta agree on the Lenny Kravitz selection and David Grohl was the guitar genius of Nirvana, not Cobain. I like Oasis but despise Champagne Supernova.

    ugh, now it’s become an earworm. Crap

  2. daisy424 says:

    BB King, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Carlos Santana

    Keith Richards

  3. becky reed says:

    are u kidding me kurt was great guitariest he played left handed and usually had a right handed guitar and he would throw himself into the drums floor or stage dive and still be hitting the right chourds maybe they should watch a nirvana concert before u judge kurt
    we love you kurt
    thanks becky

  4. Mairead says:

    I thought it was impossible to get Nirvana tickets? :lol:

    I must say I’m not mad about Brian May either. Or Santana. I’m sure they’re technically good, but.. meh. And I cannot stand Oasis. That shaved orangutan Liam can’t fuc*ing sing and that howling he does has given licence to every sh*te pub band, busker and karaoke merchant to wail out that cod-Beatles drivel with impunity.

    You’re right MSat – your list IS very controversial. 8O

  5. angela white says:

    okay, now i have to bust in..slash isnt sloppy. there. i said it. i feel better.

  6. becky reed says:

    i meant for them to watch a nirvana concert a youtube or their bootleg dvds thanks

  7. shane says:

    I only really agree with him about Durst.

  8. Rio says:

    I will always say that Dick Dale is the best guitarist alive, period- and, even if he were dead, he’d still be best. Cobain might have played with a right-handed guitar despite being left-handed…so did Dick. And to compensate, he played it with his fingers reaching OVER the fretboard. Imagine the “Pulp Fiction Theme” (Miserlou) played in this way, and you’ll understand what kind of achievement THAT was.
    I love, love, love Oasis, have since I was a chillun’. I am not ashamed to proclaim that.

  9. ima says:

    Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana

  10. yo mamma says:

    Stella – grohl was nirvanas drummer not their guitar genius.

  11. Dingles says:

    They should’ve added “Jonas Brothers: every song they ever played.”

  12. stellapurdy says:

    there I go talking out my ass again :mrgreen:

  13. RCDC says:

    MSat – i have to disagree strenuously with you on “sunshine of your love”. not because i especially like the song (i don’t), but because the guitar solo is a metaphor for the evolution of rock and roll. it begins with a couple bars of an r&b classic, “Blue moon”, before devolving into a solo that shares key and style, but has shifted in substance. indeed it suits the song in style as well – it’s a roughed up version of the classic love story, and floats over the bass line like a 40s style crooner.

  14. Holly says:

    Nirvana killed the guitar solo? Pffft. yeah, cause, you know. Alice In Chains and Soundgarden weren’t doing it, or anything. Nope.

    Taking opinions on music from Spike TV is like taking opinions from Sarah Palin on foreign policy.

  15. CandyKay says:

    I’m with Angela – I’m also a Slash fan, particularly his early Guns work. The guitar break on “Think about You” always makes me smile – it seems to express exactly what’s so simultaneously wonderful and frustrating about loving someone. I think I’ll go listen to it right now.

  16. what is ever. says:

    Clapton is a musical genius, I’m not so much a fan of “If I saw You in Heaven”, but the man wails on guitar. I saw him live last year, and he was outstanding. He’s a poignant dude, I’m glad you chimed in RCDC. And Slash? Seriously? I hate to sound GnR cliche here, but November Rain? Sloppy? I just cannot agree.

  17. Bella Mama says:

    the only concerts where I was actually mesmerized by someone playing guitar were Clapton and BB King.

    no one else come close

  18. Codzilla says:

    You all need to acquaint yourself with John Neff of the Drive-By Truckers. I saw them earlier this year and was blown away. Seriously, he’s incredible. Mike Cooley, too.

    In terms of legends, though, Jimi Hendrix on “Live at Fillmore East” is all the proof anyone needs to proclaim him the greatest rock n’ roll guitarist ever. Period.

    Edit: Yeah, I know this is about guitar SOLOS. But wandering off topic is my specialty. I even have it listed under “xtra skillz” on my resume.

  19. moonfry says:

    Thank you Holly….I am so glad you referenced those two specific bands and not (***PEARL JAM***AHEMN**COUGH**) because they reallly are the absolute cream of the grunge crop.

  20. Sarah says:

    Slash is a brilliant guitarist. His problem is his attitude. If he’s not in the mood, he’ll screw the solo, but not because he can’t play it. It’s because he then doesn’t care. Then, you really have to hate him and want your money back…

  21. Monica says:

    No on has mentioned any of the guitarists, past and present, from Metallica? The solo from Master of Puppets will get my heart rate up in a heartbeat!

  22. leo_b says:

    this list did miss quite a few more guitarist… hear about THE MOFFATS? The HANSONS? these guys have no solo skills in all their songs…

    I love oasis. not because their solos contains arpeggios or taps but because they make songs that are unified in harmony,
    but NOEL has to leave the guitar solo responsibilities to his other guitarist (like GEM ) and he has to concentrate on his b.vocals.
    NOEL is one the great songwriters of this time.
    KURT drives angst to their music so expect rage to come out of the solos. i love his arrangements in all apologies. but smells like teen spirits deserves a better solo than it had.

    I say you missed two of the worsts of all:
    1. THE MOFFATS (all songs)
    2. THE HANSONS (all songs)

    They’re like the JONAS BROs.

    try to look for ERASERHEADS songs.

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